On the Sands

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

The groups brought to the sands tonight are smaller for some reason. Perhaps so many of them are tired of doing it or they're simply busy tonight. Whatever the reason, the AWLM with the group tonight goes through his regular spiel that they've heard a million times already and rolled eyes at before bringing them to the sands. Thea is there with Seryth, ready to greet them and then give them free access to the eggs.

Avani offers the usual curtsey to the clutchparents and their riders before turning to watch the eggs. She lifts a hand to partly hide the thin-lipped smile which crosses her face as Jammar moves towards the Clutch after his usual rushed bow. As far as she's heard, the lad hasn't missed a single Touching. With a slight shake of her head, and a glance towards the mostly empty Observation Level, Avani moves towards the Eggs herself, moving between them with a preoccupied grace as others begin selecting which Hatchling they'd like to introduce themselves to.

Satoris has had some free time this evening and often, he's been fairly busy during prior Touchings. He looks out across the Sands after the initial bow and greeting to the dame and sire. Once the candidates have moved off amongst the eggs, he goes forth as well. The miner-turned-candidate pauses by Timeless Monolithand approaches the egg steadily, reaching out to place his hand lightlyon the surface.

Avani's eyes settle upon the controlled chaos of The Left Behind Steps Egg as she finally moves towards it, resting her fingers upon the shell as she begins idly tracing the patterns she can nearly make out there.

Rio listens attentively to the AWLM, and follows quietly onto the sands. He bows to Thea and Seryth as he is led out onto the sands with the rest of the rest of the small group. Tired? Rio? Doesn't look like it. He views the eggs with the same smile that he's had all the other times he's been here. He's visited most of them, but the ones he hasn't are currently occupied so, for the time being he waits patiently.

Avani tilts her head to the side, another smile tugging at the corners of her lips before she slowly lets her eyes flutter closed. The way her eyelids continue to ripple suggest that those mud-green eyes are not peacefully resting despite this token of blocking out reality to better 'hear' and 'see' the Hatchling's message.

Satoris rubs at his nose with his free hand. Why do these eggs always make him want to sneeze? His hand runs over the surface of the egg as he considers, tilting his head just a smidge to the side. "I don't know," he murmurs to himself. Then a slight chuckle. "I'll find out."

M'gaal is here, if in a slightly distant way; he's far at the edge of the sands, with Zaqalekhth seeming to have not moved at all from the one spot he's all but carved out of the sands. Naturally, the bronze is watching the candidates — red-tinged eyes and gaped mouth, always — and just waiting, /waiting/, for someone to do something inappropriate. As for his rider? He's silent for the time being, hazed eyes indicating that he's quite lost in communion with the unmoving beast beyond.

Phylicia lets out a long breath, her lips quirking slightly at her fortune. "Oh, thank Faranth…" She mumbles as she lets it skip across her topmost thoughts. The simple luxuries that can brighten a day from a long hot soak, to a nice warm bed. Both of which are on her list after she's done here.

Avani finds a frown tugging at the edges of her lips as her eyes open and she gazes towards the place in the seats above where her family had failed to be during the last Hatching before letting her gaze move over the railing, finding no sign of Thor. "Not much to celebrate, little one…" she murmurs softly.

A slight rumble in the base of Satoris' chest is made in response to the egg. He shifts his feet slightly, circling the egg as he has many of the others. "Confusing," he states, as if unable to really manage much else. His brow furrows as he tries to sort it out.

Phylicia's first reaction to its change is to sneeze, managing to turn her head in time to sneeze into only air. She's never been one for answering the eggs verbally much, instead pulling up those memories that seem to make her who she is, though the sentiment is sent right back to the egg.

Avani shakes her head at the Egg, "I'm sorry. I don't understand what you're trying to say…"

Avani shakes her head again, regarding the Egg for another few moments before accepting that it has gone silent. "Odd…" she murmurs, "You'd best find yourself a Harper. No one else could make sense of you…" she offers with a gentle chidding before letting out a soft laugh and turning away.

Rio has been watching from the sidelines for some time now, letting those who haven't had a turn get to know some of the eggs. However, as he sees one of the eggs he hasn't visited is free, he makes a careful beeline for it. Kneeling down next to The Left Behind Steps Egg, Rio examines it carefully for a moment before reaching out gingerly to touch the surface.

Avani circles it for a while, the shell with a large portion of trapped sunshine upon its surface. Finally though, with a soft, somewhat hopeless sigh, the future Lady Holder rests her palms upon Under the Sea Egg, seeming to be testing its hardness without using any undo pressure in the process.

Phylicia's head cocks to the side now as she looks at the shell of the egg. "But what-?" She doesn't get more than that out as she feels the presence fading from her mind. And so her fingers slide from the egg, taking a few steps back. And she yawns then, barely able to hide it behind a hand in time. This makes the girl blink as she makes her way back over to the edge of the sands, once more bowing to the parents, excusing herself to the AWLM before she manages to fall asleep on one of the eggs. It seems she's done here.

Rio blinks, seeming confused for a moment, then a twitch shakes him slightly. Reflexively he rubs an ear, as if hearing something loud. But then he tilts his head, listening to the music…and after a moment, swaying a little with it. He smiles a little, his fingers running across the surface of the egg, almost in time with whatever it is that he hears.

Avani takes a half-step back and regards the shell before her evenly. "Easy now…"

Satoris frowns a little as he pulls back from the egg, patting it gently as he does so. "I wish I knew what you were telling me," he says quietly, before he moves to find another egg that he had been curious about. Or at least hadn't had the opportunity to get contact with. Beyond the Taboo. He studies the egg before reaching out to touch it.

"Of course," Rio murmurs. "You're soon to enter the world, that's what you should celebrate." He chuckles. Of course. Every egg has the right to celebrate! Someone's going to enter the world! Party! Party in your shell! Rio smiles as the sound changes, gentles, and fades, finding a different spot on the egg's shell to rest his fingers to wait for whatever else may come.

Avani narrows her eyes and straightens her posture, lifting her chin slightly as she offers the Hatchlingwell its Egg at leasta toothy grin. "That the best you can do then?"

Rio seems to be swaying a little, along with some melody that he can hear. His eyes drift closed as he listens, tilting his head slightly and smiling. "Quite the talent for…egg-music you have…" he notes. "Anything else?" He runs his fingers across the shell again.

Satoris moves in nearer, fingertips shifting so that his palm can press flat against the egg. His free hand comes up to touch the surface as well. Curiousity, certainly, and he shakes his head a bit. Perhaps in answer? Or maybe to just clear it.

Avani blinks a few times, her hands brushing over the shell three times before she finally steps back. "Odd," she offers turning just in time to spot Jammar moving away from the only Egg which remains to be introduced. Weaving around the ovoids between, Avani rests her right hand upon Face of Time Egg.

Rio twitches a little, closing one eye. It's a rather odd-looking expression he's got on his face now, like he's heard something that he's not familiar with, but at the same time doesn't think is too bad. Like someone trying new music for the first time, a style that's way outside what he normally listens to. Once it all fades, his eyes open and he chuckles. "Well, you're certainly a lively one," he comments with a smile. He pulls away, looking about. One more egg, he knows. Locating it visually, he moves over to it and examines it carefully. It's the Timeless Monolith Egg that he is last to visit, to get to know. He reaches carefully to touch.

Avani wrinkles her nose and raises her left hand to rub at her ear, even as the right maintains contact with the shell. "Hello?" she offers, her voice somewhat strange, as if she has a foul taste in her mouth.

Rio smiles and offers whatever answers he has. He remains quiet this time, though his nose twitches a little at something or other. He too is curious, and offers information as a lure. Come closer, so that he can see you too!

The hairs on Avani's arms begins to stand on end as the yound woman slips her left hand upon the shell for just a moment. A breath later, her left hand has travelled to her stomach, which had begun to rumble. "_That_ is not fair," she offers sternly.

Rio offers the most pleasant memories he has, to ease the mind out to share its own information. "Show me…" he breathes, gently petting the shell of the egg, as if the mind inside could somehow feel his touch. Whether or not it can, he doesn't know. But he offers the touch regardless.

Satoris twitches suddenly, one hand coming from the egg to smack at his leg. As if bitten by something. He swears under his breath and glances over to the egg, brow furrowing. "Was that you?" he murmurs… then there's more and he simply shudders a bit, unable to handle the whole swarm of sensations all atonce.

Avani blinks and gently sniffs the air, her mind trying to make sense of the conflicting impressions of the Sands' heat and the Egg's rain. Finally, she steps away and moves towards the AWLM and the exit. She offers the series of curtseys once more and then heads towards the exit where Thor appears, creeling with his sympathetic hunger.

Rio smiles slightly, and closes his eyes again. He is still. Tranquil. His breathing slows to a more relaxed, sedate pace. And he just enjoys a moment of whatever the egg has shown him. When it fades, he sighs, almost longingly, and pulls his hand back from the egg. He pauses…and notes some of the other Candidates are leaving. "Oops." He's visited all the eggs himself, so he stands, draws back from the eggs, and bows to the clutchparents and their riders. Then he walks slowly from the sands, leaving them to the other candidates and clutchparents.

Satoris draws in a long breath as he finally pulls from the egg, shaking his head slightly to clear it. A bit of a clearing of his throat and he steps away, staring at Beyond the Taboo for a moment. "I need a drink," he mumbles and gives his farewell, respectfully, to Seryth and the bronze that attends to her.

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