He Gets Kinda Crazy Up There

Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road

This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

There's really nothing special about the day. It’s just another like any other at Xanadu. The weather not too hot nor too cold, Seryth's clutch hardening more every day at its home on the sands, which finds Thea finally able to return home. All of which makes for a pleased D'had. The Weyrsecond is, on this occasion, sitting on the porch of the weyrbarn he and the aforementioned junior weyrwoman share checking over seams and buckles of his straps, while blue Siebith lounges nearby.

Early fall is known for cooler days than the ones summer brings and it is the relative coolness that Thea seeks as she walks, the breeze easing the sand-heated flush from her cheeks as she heads down the coastal road, aiming to combine a break from the sands with a visit home to see her babies and her mother. The light clothing she wears while attending Seryth are still sweat-dampened, but the slight breezes are remedying that. "Hey!" This is called as she's yet some paces off, noting D'had on that porch, pleasantly surprised. "Thought you'd still be in the office." She drops beside him after leaving a kiss on his cheek, tilts her head curiously, "Afternoon sweeps for you then?"

Natishen is somewhat dusty and more than a little damp - from sweat, naturally, but he seems to be chipper as he walks along the road, trailing a rope behind him. Above his head, Mikado and Chanteuse dart in dizzying circles, chasing each other with chirps and creels. The last thing it seems that he expects is to run into a clutching weyrwoman and her Weyrsecond weyrmate - and his dragon, but lo and behold, here they are. Or rather, over there, they are. Espying them, he lifts his hand as he wanders past. "Miss Thea, sir, g'day," the boy calls, though he makes no move to alter course.

D'had lifts a glance at that 'hey', a somewhat smile forming for his weyrmate. That's all the greeting he gives until she's beside him, a slight lean into that kiss she leaves him. "Nice ta see you too," he comments with a chuckle. "Mm, yeah," he goes on to reply to her question. "Nothin' too pressin' at the office, sweep later, figured I'd get this done." This of course being a standard check of flight gear. See! He can remember that sometimes. Another greeting, and the man lifts a glance towards Natishen sending a nod in reply. Siebith turns his head as well to send the boy a snort. That's hello in Siebith speak by the way.

The sands are a mighty boring place. Just ask any weyrwoman and she'll tell you. Ask her at the right time and she may even go into the minute details of how and why they are so void of entertainment. So it's perhaps not surprising that her attention is gained beyond a mere return wave as that rope is eyed while a dark brow lifts. Eyed and smirked at while glancing down the road from whence the boy came to see if he's trailed by pups and kittens. She'll forego huffing at D'had for that mild greeting her, though she does slide him a look as she settles beside him with a nod. She folds her hands in her lap, swings her feet off the edge of the porch as her sea-green gaze follows Natishen for a moment. Then, "Heya Natishen! C'mere?"

No need for a second invitation. At Thea's call, the boy adjusts his angle, pace picking up to a trot. "Yes'm?" he asks curiously, green eyes studying her and D'had. Skidding to a halt before them, he tucks his hands behind his back, surreptitiously curling the rope between them into a rough loop. "I was jus' helping the herders - I was grooming runners t'day, and they wanted to take 'em out for a ride." His grin is slightly self-conscious as he glances back the way they came. "I'm not so good at riding runners, an' they finally decided to send me back to the Weyr." The smirk in his eyes indicates he doesn't think that's the only reason he was sent back.

D'had chuckles for Natishen's explanation of his day. "Well that makes two of us," or three if you count Thea in there too. "Runners," he snorts not so unlike his lifemate, although his is one of distaste for the beasts this time around. And oh yeah, Thea's there now too isn't she. "They're up if ya wanna," he notes nodding towards the door. "And nice to see ya got back out here once." Teasing, yes.

Thea's smirk becomes more pronounced as that rope slowly slithers sneaky-like towards Natishen and shrinks, disappearing but she remains silent, leaving that singularly-worded 'yes'm' unanswered. She flickers one last glance back there, disappointed for the lack of pouncing critters perhaps. Oh, but isn't she the self-controlled one today? There's only a slight shudder at the mention of runners, her eyes crinkle, "Prettied them up did you?" Because if she's reading that smirk correctly… A breath of a laugh follows, "Did you get up on one today then and ride?" Elbowing D'had in the side for that comment of his, she asides, "Still wanna hear about that ride sometime." Yes she's here, but maybe there's more welcome inside - that's really who she came to see, wasn't it? She pushes herself up with a hand to his shoulder - handy that and slips inside with a "Be right back" to the two of them.

Natishen has the rope coiled, but now instead of trailing rope, he's just… holding it. He pulls his hands out from behind his back and looks quizzically at the rope for a long moment then, with a shrug, tucks it in his pocket. "Well, I don't know as you can make a runner pretty," he replies, somewhat dubiously, "but at least I got all the dust and stuff off of them. One of the herders wanted to teach me how to braid the manes, but… that's girl stuff." He wrinkles his nose injudiciously before he recalls that there is, indeed, someone of the female persuasion nearby. "Er." He eyes Thea anxiously, especially once she heads inside. "Oops?" he says to D'had, transfering that guilty look to the bluerider.

D'had nods, "Well…" He has nothing to say on that note. He can completely agree with the idea of the inability to make runners 'pretty'. "Ya got a point, though guess it's gotta be done by someone." And its one of those things that's perfect for candidates to take on. He chuckles though for the braiding comment, nodding his agreement. "With ya there." Another slight nod to Thea as she stands, "Be here," he's got time before he has to go still. Eyes narrow at her however for the mention of that story. "Really don't need ta go inta that one." No, no stories please. For the boy he blinks, "Oops?" Did he miss something?

"Seryth would beg to differ. She thinks they're quite pretty going down her throat," Thea tells the boy. She pauses just at the door to glance back over her shoulder at him, faintly puzzled by his objection, "Were they girl runners?" Rather than wait for an answer, she disappears inside after a "Sure we do," and a snicker tossed towards D'had, only to return a few moments later holding Muir, who gurgles as he spies the two out there. She steps back to the edge of the porch to settle beside him once more, using the porch post as a backrest. "So did you ride?" Pleasant, interested, she directs her words to the one who'll answer in more than two words for the time being.

"N- nothing." Natishen shakes his head rapidly, still looking slightly guilty - unnecessarily, no doubt. Falling into silence, he toes at the ground, then peers towards the weyrbarn before letting his gaze slide back to D'had. "So." Look. Awkward silence. This could become a continuing theme between them. The boy clears his throat, purses his lips - in general, fidgets. Fortunately, Thea doesn't take long, and his attention sharpens as she reappears. "Oh! Hi," he says to the baby. "Did I ride? Kinda. Actually, I bounced. It was, apparently, very funny, though my backside sure didn't think so." From the abortative movement of his hands, it's clear he just barely resists rubbing that particular portion of his anatomy. "I don't think that runners are a very practical form of trans- transportation," he confides, using his best adult manner. Which, on him, just looks silly.

Well since Thea doesn't seem to mind and D'had is still clueless on what that guilty look is for it very likely is unnecessary. "No," Donn protests the idea of storytelling once again just before the goldrider disappears inside. "So…" he repeats, fussing with one of the buckles on the straps still in his lap. Awkward silence is certainly something the Weyrsecond is good at. A glance is turned towards the reemerging junior and there's even a hint of a smile for the boy she carries before he's laughing again at Nash. "Completely agree with ya there." Riding runners, no thankyou.

Muir's gurgling melds into a giggle-wriggle at the sound of his father's laughter - he's all spastic joy with arms wavering as his head turns from a wide-open baby grin for Natishen to lean towards his da. I'm heeeeeeere in mama's lap, but I want yours! Thea's arms curled 'round the lad tighten. If the babe could will himself closer, he would be over there, though 'there' is but a few handspans away. Thea tilts her head at Natishen, "Bouncing. I did that once too." A cool green glance flickers away from the obvious most-likely landing zone to the boy's face and she just smiles, "I landed on my belly." Silences. Awkward. Fat chance with her around.

Natishen grins broadly, but not at the goldrider. No, his attention is on the boy in her arms. His gaze, however, does slip away to the mother's. "On your belly? That musta hurt." Shaking his head, he offers her a sympathetic smile, then lapses into silence again. Tucking his hands behind his back, he drops his gaze to the ground again, idly poking at it with the toe of his sandal before lifting his eyes to Muir again, wrinkling his nose and making a face at the boy, trying to elicit a giggle. Someone likes kids.

So much for getting any work done on his straps. Between wriggling babies and conversation between weyrmate and candidate those, it seems, will just have to wait until after sweeps, or maybe even tomorrow. But then one day won't make a difference. "Come 'ere," he gives in, letting the leather and buckles drop to the ground at his feet as he reaches for his son. "Did ya now.." he comments back to Thea, "Don't think I heard about that one…" Or it might just be that he's since forgotten. Another chuckle for the pair as he settles the baby on his lap with an arm looped across in front of the boy's chest as he balances on a knee.

Thea nods at Natishen, a rueful expression settles on her face, "Yeah, my first ride, too." Muir's being tugged at has a swift glance of pleased surprise sent D'had's way and she loosens her grip on the child, relinquishing him over and lingering on the pair for a few moments with obvious enjoyment as a tender smile touches her lips. Back to Natishen, oh, she can laugh now, and she does with a sort of breathless wonder for having mounted the beast, "Was walking it on the beach and Rhasmir, the scamp, convinced me to get on." Chagrin colors the next words, and she spares a nose-wrinkle at her weyrmate, "He bucked me off when he spooked." And no, she doesn't say what spooked the runner. She lifts her chin to indicate the candidate, "How'd your ride go wrong?" And then D'had is included in that question as she tilts her chin to him as well. Confession is good for the soul?

"Jus' lots of bouncing," Natishen replies, with a bit of an envious grunt for not having anything nearly as cool as her to share. "They gave me some old runner they said wouldn't throw me. Guess I should be glad, wouldn't want ta' have broken something, s'pecially not with…" And here he trails off, but his eyes flicker in the direction of the Hatching Arena, leaving little doubt as to where his thoughts are. He eyes D'had and the baby for a moment, just the slightest flicker of envy crossing his face before it clears and he's once again trying to get Muir's attention with interesting contortions of his face. "Have you ever ridden a runner, sir?" he asks D'had artlessly, grass-green eyes flicking up from son to father. "Is that what Miss Thea meant by wanting t' hear about your ride?" At least she actually meant a runner ride.

D'had is not talking about that and he thought that point was rather clearly laid out. The narrowed gaze he leaves with Thea for asking doesn't last long however as her own amusement finds it hard for him to keep a completely straight face in the matter. "Nah, wouldn't want that," he agrees knowingly. "Still got plenty of time ta stand again though," he adds, idly bouncing the knee Muir is on just a bit. As for his riding a runner, "No," nice a simple that.

Thea winces, "Bouncing, ouch!" Sympathy for Natishen bourn not of experience, but likely some other source seeing she's just noted how short her own ride was. "Chicken," is muttered out of the corner of her mouth D'had's way even as her eyes lift and follow the candidate's gaze and she nods agreement to his sentiments. Muir rides happily, ai-ai-ai-ing while showing Natishen his gums for all those faces he's making while drooling on his chin. "So, did Siebith ever test your mettle Candidate?" Perhaps the question is as casually meant as it is asked. And then again perhaps not. She did call him over, didn't she?

"No, Miss Thea," Natishen replies, all the while making rediculous faces at Muir. And, apparently, at her, since he does turn to face her briefly as he answers - just in time to stick out his tongue while one eye is squinted shut and the other opened wide. "Uh. Oops. That was for the kid." Honest. Settling his expression back into normal - for him - lines, he straightens up, tucking his hands behind his back again. She may not have meant anything by calling him by his rank, but it does call to mind that he is, indeed, a lowly Candidate in rather exalted company. "I haven't yet had the honor." That phrase, spoken without his usual childish accent, sends a light of pride in his eyes. Miss Moyra seems to be beating some manners into him.

D'had shoots a glare towards Thea. Chicken he is not. They'll have a talk about that later though. There's a smirk, maybe a slip of a chuckle when the candidate turns that face from Muir to his mother. Well at least he finds it amusing. Hmm? "Nope, haven't gotten to that have we," he replies a bit after Natishen's own answer to the question. "Could go up later though, before sweeps." A suggestion even as he has a chance to make his own face. Switching arms that he's holding the baby boy with for a moment to wipe the other on his pants. Eww. Baby slobber.

It's perhaps the one time he'll ever hear her use rank rather than his name, but the twinkle Thea sends his way should say something. This is a tree-climbing weyrwoman, remember? Muir there on D'had's knee could die from joy, both hands stuffed in his mouth to seemingly contain it as he squints at the boy entertaining him. Thea shoots her weyrmate a little 'what' look in response to the Weyrsecond's glare, shrugging at his amusement over having someone make such a face in her direction with an amicable grin back at Natishen. She's not too stuffy see the humor there. But her attention is on the boy's reaction to the invitation, if that's indeed what it was.

There's fear there, a healthy dose of wariness, but overshadowing it is the eagerness of a young boy for a promised treat. "I would like that, Weyrsecond, sir," Natishen replies properly, but he can't stop his lips from stretching into a grin. Ducking his head with a flash of white teeth, he toes the ground, swaying from side to side. "I look forward to taking a ride with you and Siebith, if you can spare the time for it." He may yet regret those words - but even if the promised flight is as turbulent as promised, no doubt he'll still enjoy himself. There's something of the daredevil in him, even if its burried beneath uncertainty. That much shines through as he peeks anxiously beneath his lashes at the pair.

D'had chuckles. "None’a that 'sir' stuff," he replies first off and then nods. "Sie'll like it, get to do some fancy flyin'," likely how someone else puts it and not himself, "before we gotta take things serious like for sweeps 'n that."

"He's somewhat like you, I'm thinking," Thea murmurs with a sidelong look at the Weyrsecond, a knowing smile playing across her lips at the eagerness Natishen shows. "I told him about that ride you gave me and he's still game." Admiration? Tacit suggestion there to take out all the stops and let Siebith fly his best maybe? She reaches for Muir, who is beginning to fuss, "Time for his nap anyway, hmm?"

Natishen, like D'had? Noooo. Where would you get that idea? Though, if the lad had heard Thea's murmured words, he might very well be pleased by her assessment. As it is, he lifts his head, staring hopefully at D'had before he nods enthusiastically in time with the goldrider's words. "She told me, but it just sounds like fun!" Perhaps to a thirteen turn-old boy who has yet to learn the meaning of 'mortality'.

D'had is nearing forty and apparently has yet to learn the meaning of that word. That or by now he's just grown to trust his lifemate that it just no longer occurs to him. As for Thea's murmured words he's not saying anything though there is a raise of a brow in her direction timed with her reach for the baby. Not that he's protesting her taking him. "Right," he agrees. He's not in charge of nap schedule, if she says so, it is. "Well then," he continues looking back to Nash, "You done with yer chores?"

If forty were old any similarities between a thirteen turn old daredevil and the Weyrsecond might worry Thea, but as it is she just smiles and raises a brow right back at him in response as she takes his son. She eyes Natishen for a beat, then winks. "I'll get you a flight jacket. Hang on." Muir's squalling is half-hearted at best - he's tired. Thankfully, this fades as she steps inside and there's the boy's grandmother in there to deal with him. When she returns, she's carrying an old battered flight jacket and helmet over her arm, which she'll hand over if he's free from his chores.

"I guess so. I mean, the herders didn't tell me to go back t' grooming - and I can't really do much when they're off… riding runners." Again, that sly smirk crosses Nash's lips as he widens his eyes and tries for an innocent look. What he gets is, well… not innocent. But it could be considered endearing in some, odd, circles. As Thea returns - sans child but carrying riding clothes, he gazes at the jacket and helmet with something akin to covetousness. "I had a jacket once," he murmurs. "Mother made me wear it the few times she took me riding. But it's way too small for me now, and I never got another." Never, it seems, had reason to.

D'had nods, "Well sounds good enough ta me." Then again, would he argue otherwise if it wasn't? "Thanks babe," is tossed towards Thea at her return. Hooray for grandmothers and not having to fight children to bed yourself. "Mm.. Jacket helps," he replies, "Cold up there," a nod towards the sky as if that weren't clear enough without saying. "Specially if ya gotta hit between." But then its likely Nash knows that already too.

Thea apparently is taking Natishen at his word, overlooking those sly looks of his. Don't all 13 turn old boys sport those on a regular basis? She hops down off the porch with the jacket, avoiding landing on those straps he's tossed on the ground. There's a small smile of sympathy for his comment as she offers them to the boy, murmuring, "Perhaps someday you'll have your own set." He'll find that the jacket and helmet are miles too big for him when he does put them on, so it's D'had's old gear she's handing over. Well-used, still carrying both his scent and Siebith's, they are still in very good shape. And she is minus the child, but doesn't make a move to leave just yet.

Natishen accepts the jacket and helm, looking them over critically before he places the helm on his head and shrugs into the jacket. Once he's clad in the castoff gear, he looks like a child playing dress-up in his parents' clothes. The sleeves fall well past his fingertips, and the shoulders add inches to his own. The bottom of the jacket flaps against his thighs as he pushes the helmet out of his eyes, grinning cheekily at the two riders. "When I Impress," he says slyly, "I'mma have to get gear." Arrogance - no. There's that usual undercurrent of uncertainty beneath the bravado. But he'll put on a brave face.

D'had chuckles at poor Natishen's expense. Well it is a rather comical thing how that jacket doesn't fit, not to mention the helmet (not that Donn ever wore that *cough*). "If," the Weyrsecond corrects, likely bursting the boy's bubble for the time before he turns a glance towards his weyrmate. "You comin' too?" She has said on occasion that she enjoys the ride so - the offer is there this time.

Amazingly, Thea can exercise some self-control now and then and this is one of those times. She takes a step back as he struggles into that oversized jacket, managing to keep a straight face once the lad is swimming in it, shooting D'had a subtly sharp look when he chuckles, then admires the effect - or at least that's what it's meant to look like as she cants her head to one side and takes his measure. "You look like a Rider already." Another significant look shot D'had's way, "Doesn't he, Donn?" She holds out a pair of goggles for the boy, shifting her attention to the Weyrsecond at that question. "Hmm." It's tempting. "Gonna be gone long?" Of course she's watching Natishen's response out of the corner of her eye to the idea of her coming along.

Some boys might resent the idea of a girl tagging along - but not Nash. Not when it's clear he has an obvious affection for Thea - and none of your dirty thoughts! "Can Siebith carry all of us?" he asks, glancing towards the blue, then hastily changes tacks. "Of course he can carry all of us. You'll come, won't you, Miss Thea?" He does look rather rediculous - but D'had's chuckle earns him a rebuking look - or perhaps it was the "if". Ruffled dignity in every inch of him - though hidden beneath the folds of the far too large jacket and the helm which threatens to slip down over his eyes again, he reaches out to accept the goggles, studying them curiously before slipping them on - which, naturally, only serves to make him look sillier than before, not that he notices.

Ah, but its just too amusing not to laugh even with that look that Thea shoots him. A return look sent towards her to ask 'what?!'. He did nothing. "Yeah," D’had almost has to choke out his agreement with the weyrwoman on the idea of the boy already looking like a rider. "But na," he manages suppress his chuckles. "Shouldn't be long." That said he's ducking to pick up straps, Siebith meeting him halfway to be harnessed.

Well, when he asks her like that, how can Thea say no? There's a bemused smile for the boy's eagerness, "You sure?" D'had gets another of those narrowed looks for that choked answer of his too. Since Natishen is so pleased with the idea, she's hard-pressed to say no. "Love to. He's capable, yeah." Reassuringly casual about it seeing Siebith is not even her dragon, but in her tone is complete trust of the blue. "Here," she reaches to flip up the sleeve cuffs of that jacket Natishen is wearing, matter-of-factly deft in a motherly sort of gesture that she really doesn't appear to think twice about. Then she is striding inside to get her flight gear, giving her weyrmate a subtle poke as she passes him.

Natishen allows Thea to help adjust his jacket, though it seems to be more out of shock then out of willingness. At least, that's the expression on his face as he stares at her back - shock, and a little wonder. Soon enough, though, he shakes himself and wanders closer to the blue and his rider, owlishly watching D'had as the man puts the straps on the dragon.

D'had snorts for that poke he's given. Sharding woman. Mutter. But the majority of his attention is put to getting straps in place on the blue and checking them over, tightening a buckle here. "Yeah, he's good for a few passengers," he replies, confirming the junior's answer on that matter. A glance is sent towards the door and he waves her over when she returns. "Grab mine, will ya?" he asks, his own jacket still hanging over a chair near where they were sitting. Then to Natishen, "Well then, up ya go," he says, reading to give the boy a hand up.

When Thea returns she has her flight jacket thrown over one arm and 2 pairs of goggles dangling from her hand, but oddly, no helmets. In the other three pairs of gloves slap idly as she swings them against her thigh. A short nod follows that request of the Weyrsecond's and she snags his jacket by the collar as she passes by his chair. Her steps bring her up beside Natishen, and she waits, out of the way as D'had moves around harnessing Siebith. "Here ya go." One pair of those gloves is handed over to the boy - and they are a smaller pair, likely one of hers. "In case we go Between." Then there's a few moments for idle chit chat, so she cheerfully tells him, "You be riding a hero today, did you know that?" A fond look is bestowed upon the blue. She'll greet him when he's not busy standing still for his Rider.

Natishen accepts the gloves from Thea, tugging them on. Unlike the rest of the clothing, they're actually a touch tight on him - but he does have large hands and feet, an indication of height to come. Still, no complaints - nothing to give either of them any reason to call this off. As D'had offers him a hand up, there's just a momentary hesitation, as he's torn between gratitude for the offer and childish indignation that the man thinks he needs help, but in the end, he accepts it. "A hero?" he asks Thea. "Really?" He gazes at Siebith with awe, accepting her words at face value.

D'had assumes everyone needs help. Even Thea, who's own lifemate is far larger than his own. "Ain't no hero neither of us," he comments a bit rougher than he perhaps even meant the words to sound. "Just cause you…" But no. He'll leave it there and not finish that thought least he get hit by a certain goldrider. How would that look in front of a candidate. He climbs up, settling himself into place behind the boy and reaches down to offer his weyrmate a hand up next, swinging her into place behind him and setting to task of securing them all in place.

Thea nods emphatically to Natishen even while she is pulling on her jacket and slipping her gloves on. She ignores that rough denial coming from the Weyrsecond. "Yep he is!" She smiles as she steps closer to the blue and gives him a loving pat while the boy is preparing to mount. "Saved my life, didn't you, huh Siebith?" And here she shares, as if D'had weren't standing right there, "Seryth is partial to him." She's ready when he pulls her up, waits until he's checked all the buckles to hand him his goggles and gloves.

Natishen squirms slightly as he's hoisted onto the blue's back and he grabs at the neckridge in front of him, twisting his spine to peer over his back as D'had comes up. He eyes the bluerider for a long moment, then breaks into a broad grin and faces forward again. Almost, for a moment, he can pretend that this is not another's dragon, but his own. But only for a moment, then he rememebers his manners and pats the blue's neck. "Thank y' for lettin' me fly you, Siebith."

D'had just shakes his head, Siebith turning his head back towards them to send the others (and not his rider) a whuffle of approval and appreciation. At least SOME people are giving him the attention he deserves. "He says thanks, and your welcome," he replies to Thea and Natishen in turn. Straps secured there little to no warning of the blue's sudden launch from the ground, though Thea might recognize it coming from the pat D'had gives her knee to assure she's ready as he himself turns to face forward.

Thea grins to herself at the boy's enthusiasm. "Front row seat for your first ride, Natishen. Brace yourself for a…treat." And no, she doesn't say 'near-death experience' though there was that hasty word substitution there, so whatever was on the tip of her tongue is left unsaid. She knows what's coming and so snugs her arms around the man in front of her. She'll still try not to give a squeak as they take off and nearly manages to stifle it.

Natishen does squeak, an octive higher than even his childish treble, and grabs for the straps, fumbling at them before he manages to get a handhold. No, he wasn't expecting that take off, but once they're airborne, he lets out a gleeful laugh. Maybe not his first ride - but his first Siebith-ride, which is, no doubt, in a completely different ballpark than anything he's experienced before.

D'had chuckles. He's rather used to it all by now, but then there's that mental link between him and the blue that might just give him a split second warning of what's coming as well. "Best hold on tight," he comments primarily towards the boy in front of him before he tosses a smirk back towards Thea. After the initial takeoff though the flight is smoother as the blue gains altitude.

Thea tilts her head, resting her chin somewhere in the vicinity of D'had's left shoulder, returning that smirk of his with a knowing smile. "You're terrible," she chides him with a twinkle as they climb. Oh yes, she knows what's coming. Natishen's squeak is tactfully ignored and she doesn't warn him to hang on, nope. She can see him grabbing the straps, besides there's no need to echo the Weyrsecond. All she says is, "Yeah, I laughed too, Natishen. At first."

Natishen is clearly having the time of his life. Perhaps an older, wiser man might show some wariness, especially given the plentiful warnings - but not him. He prudently keeps a tight grip on the straps, but he leans forward, away from D'had as their speed levels off, his eyes drinking in the view ahead before he leans - carefully! - over the side, trying to catch a glimpse of the ground below.

Leaning. Now there's a precarious move. Or at least some would see it as such. Donn, well he's been know to do worse than simply lean. There was one time… But that's a story for another day. But leaning brings movement in a different direction than up from the blue, dipping a wing to turn, catching the currents of the air to make the movement that much faster.

Ho hum, Thea's been here before, although she is enjoying it, yes. Mostly because she's observing Natishen's reaction as they fly. She chuckles, "Tame, Siebith." See, her mother never warned her not to tease Weyrseconds and dragons, so… She's daring enough to unwrap one arm from D'had's waist and give the blue a pat. Note she puts that arm right back where it was, though as Siebith's speed increases.

Natishen is hardly considering safety right now - but that could be his unending trust in the Weyrsecond and weyrwoman, and in dragonriders in general. As Siebith turns however, he straightens up, giggling again as he feels the way the blue picks up speed, fingers tightening convulsively on the straps before he relaxes them, keeping a grip but not quite so hefty. Tame? Noooo!

Tame? Hardly. That sweeping turn is only the start of Siebith's aerobatics, after all, that's what he's all about. A twist, a turn, speed gaining as he follows the currents. Catching the next he rises, turning upwards and perpendicular to the ground to gain more and more altitude. For his part D'had is relatively quiet, one hand on the straps, the other resting on one of Thea's.

Thea knows what's coming, even though she's likely not done this a ton of times. Her arms tighten - he doesn't need to breathe does he? For now she keeps her chin on the Weyrsecond's shoulder, peeking at Natishen through her lashes while her hair blows in disarray behind her. Girl really ought to wear a helmet.

Natishen can't help but lean back into D'had as Siebith goes straight up - sheer physics demands it. But he's too enraptured with the experience to beg the bluerider's forgiveness, his hands tightening convulsively on the straps as he fights against the natural sensation of panic.

Panic? What is this panic you speak of dear boy. Going up is the easy part. Its coming down that's… well he'll find out soon enough. High in the sky people on the ground look like ants, perhaps just little specks that dance across the ground as they move. And it's there that the blue turns tail so to speak, dipping his head turn downward same as he was going up in one smooth movement.

Thea is ready and that might make it all the worse for her, perhaps. Added to the fact that she is not in the secure place she once was - in front and in his arms. She tries, she really does, to keep her chin on his shoulder, but nope - she can't do it. As they begin that stomach-dropping descent, she buries her face in the Weyrsecond's shoulder, tucking her eyes somewhere near his neck. As if shutting out the view will help.

"Aieeee!" The scream - half of fear, half of delight - is ripped from Natishen's throat as Siebith dives. His spine stiffens and his breastbone digs into the ridge in front of him, and his knuckles, if they were visible, would be whitened with the power of his grip on the straps.

At least she can hold onto him and hide her face there? D'had's hand on Thea's tightens a bit in reassurance. He's not, nor is Siebith, going to let her fall. The blue beings to twist only seconds after the decent begins, spinning corkscrew-style with wings pulled in to gain maximum speed straight down and towards the quickly rising ground.

See now, what Natishen does? That's what Thea might have done the first time - plastered herself to Siebith's neck - but that would have meant leaning forward and nearly standing on her head. She just… yeah, wasn't brave enough to do that. Thankfully D'had is in front of her this time. She knows she's not going to fall, but the sensation of already doing so? Has her squeezing his mid-section even harder. And yep. Has her screaming again in harmony with Natishen (or is that a dissonance?) Oh, no! And with D'had's ear so close, too!

Fortunately, there's no ear but Siebith’s to be deafened by Nash's shrieks - or his laughter. Yes, there's definately laughter mixed in with his fearfully gleeful screams. His eyes are wide open behind the goggles, fixed on the rapidly approaching ground. Oh yeah - there's definately a daredevil in this child's blood - he's having the time of his life!

D'had winces, but at least with her hiding her face in his shoulder that scream, at least the one from Thea, is muffled. Down and down and down they go. The ground continuing to rise up to meet them. Too fast perhaps. But it's at the very last second before it's too late to stop that plunge that Siebith unfurls his wings, catching the air in his sails and drifting aloft once again.

Thea screams all the way down, too. Someone's going to have a sore throat come tomorrow. And yes, lucky for D'had her head is still buried in his shoulder when she does it. When they do that final swoop she lifts her head and tucks her chin back over the Weyrsecond's shoulder. And so now he must hear her adrenalin-giggles in his ear. And can he breathe? She's hanging on for dear life. A reflex, that. Natishen is grinned at and offered a breathless, "Ya still alive?" between giggles. And breathing.

Natishen eases up, releasing the straps long enough to rub his breastbone; going to be a heck of a bruise there tomorrow! But he's grinning like a loon as he twists his neck to glance over his shoulder at D'had and Thea. "Yeah!" he shouts, voice carrying back on the wind of their passage before he straightens up and stares ahead again, almost vibrating with excitement.

To say no one ever accused Siebith of being a showoff would be a complete and utter lie. The space between rising again and the next set of aerial tricks is but a few short seconds. The blue twisting into dizzying display of loop-de-loops and spiraling spins as he heads back up into the sky space above the coastal road. And then, when all is said and done there's one last drop, just as death defying as the first. His wings catching the air at the last moment again before the last few dragonlengths to the ground are glided down and feet hit soil with a hard thud.

Thea finds that if she tightens her neck, she can hang on with her chin too and since they didn't do loop-de-loops before, poor D'had has to endure her scream-laughing -in- his ear this time as she merely shuts her eyes and leaves her chin where it is. Poor them - he might have a headache, she might have a sore throat when all is said and done. This is a wilder ride than she's ever had and so is unable to note Natishen's reactions, but when Siebith touches down, she's more breathless gasp-laughing than screaming. Her arms, however, may have to be pried off. Call it reflex, self-preservation, revenge…

Natishen will have absolutely no voice tomorrow - but that doesn't stop him from shrieking all the way through the loops, even through the shock of the sudden turns and twists, enjoying every last moment. Even when Siebith lands, he's still gripping the straps as tightly as possible. He stares down at his hands, arms shaking as he tries to force muscles made rigid by adreneline and fear relax. "I can't let go," he says hoarsely.

D'had can only chuckle. "You, my dear," he starts turning a glance back to Thea. "Are loud." So there. Take that woman. He's reaching to pry her hands from his waist in order to unhook his straps. "Now let go." Once he's free he can reach for hers and then Natishen's buckles. As for the boy, "Well then I guess you're just stuck," he replies teasingly giving Thea a hand down in the process. Once she's safely on the ground he's leaning over the candidate to help him peel fingers back if he still needs the assistance.

"Be thankful I'm not a screamer then," Thea retorts sticking her tongue out in a childish fashion at her weyrmate. She obeys him, dropping her arms with a snicker, peeking over his shoulder at Natishen when the boy says he can't let go. Reassuringly, "Oh, hey. I was that way also only it was his forearms." A tilt of her head indicates the Rider. "Think I did him some permanent damage." Or she wanted to? She slides down and yes, she's shaky-legged from all that, leaning against Siebith while he helps Natishen if he isn't recovered by then.

With D'had's help, Nash pulls free his fingers, wiggling them with a bit of wincing. "Thanks," he says, cheeks flushing a little in embarassment. He pats Siebith’s neck gently before stiffly swinging his leg over. "Thanks to you, too. That was fun!" He pushes down, sliding down the blue's shoulder and landing on his feet. For a split second. Then he's on his rear, laughing helplessly as he leans back against the dragon's foreleg. "Whoops! Guess my legs aren't steady yet! Wow, that was so fun!"

D'had chuckles again, sliding down himself a moment later, leaving straps in place for the time being. Its not much longer before he's going to have to head out on his sweep so no point in taking them off and on. "We're both lucky," he comments back to Thea. "Glad ya liked it," he adds for them both but a bit more so to Nash. Siebith conveys the same sentiments himself by sending the boy an amused snort.

Thea smiles a slow smile at D'had for that comment, twinkling a look at him. Yeah, he wouldn't be sticking around if she were, would he now? "True," is all she says to that one before she's pushing off Siebith with another fond pat of thanks, stepping over to give his eyeridge a scritch if he wants one. "Seryth misses you," she whispers, though whether he listens to her is anyone's guess. She turns to grin down at Natishen then, agreeing with his sentiment whole-heartedly, "It was, wasn't it?" Then she's shedding her jacket, gloves and goggles, handing them over to D'had, rising up on tiptoes to brush a kiss on his cheek. "Need to head back," she tells them both giving them a cheery wave and heading back to the sands.

Natishen struggles to his feet, still swaying slightly, and reaches back to dust off the seat of his shorts before begining the process of pealing out of the borrowed riding gear. "Thank you, Miss Thea," he calls after her, before glancing almost shyly up at D'had. "And thank you, sir, and Siebith," he adds, glancing briefly at the blue. "I really appr- appreciate your letting me ride with you." He bundles the gloves, jacket, helmet, and goggles into his arms, then looks about, clearly trying to decide where best to deposit his burden.

Siebith nuzzles the hand that gives that scratch, he's always on the look out for lovin' too you know. D'had simply smirks, returning Thea's kiss with one of his own. "Later babe," he says before she's on her way. Then turning back to Natishen he nods, "Well, glad ya liked it, not everyone's so good bout ridin' him. Gets kinda crazy up there. Ya did good. I should get goin' to though, you wanna throw that up on the porch there'll be fine."

Natishen obeys, still a bit wobbly as he staggers to the porch and heaves his burden onto the deck, panting slightly. It seems his adreneline rush is coming down. Once the bundle is settled, he pats it into some semblence of neatness, then turns around, eyeing D'had with something akin to regret. "Yeah, you got sweeps, right? An' I should get back to doin- well, whatever it is Candidates do. Thank y' again, sir, and I hope your sweeps go well." With a childishly sweet smile, he sticks his hands in his pockets and begins to wander back towards the road - still staggering every few steps as he slowly regains his land legs.

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