Trian's Turnday

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

The tavern is quietly bustling this fine evening, people coming and going to and from the caverns, carrying things into the tavern, but leaving empty-handed. Flyers have been posted about the Weyr, and gossipy transport riders have carried the news further. Leaning against the bar is Myra, still more than a little sniffly, but barking orders, between barking coughs, to the people in the tavern. "No, no, that goes on the desert table…" She corrects, then moves over to help another person set up another trestle table. "Like this, you do it like this, you see?" she instructs, as she works.

Gossip travels fast - and when you spend a good portion of your free time at Xanadu as it is, you don't even need a special invitation to know that something fun is going to happen. Nearly getting run over as he pauses in the doorway, L'ton has appeared at the Tavern, and after an opening is heading inside. Looking left and right, he finds the one doing all the order barking, and its to go lean against the bar next to her that he heads. "Hey there, lil'bit."

Myra blinks a little at the greeting, and spins around to face L'ton, half panicking that it might be Trian, half about to bark an order. She seems confused when she notices who it is, but only for a moment. "Oh, uh, hey. Setting up for Trian's birthday thing. You haven't, er, seen him, have you?" There's a pause, and she thinks about it. "No, of course not, you wouldn't know if you had, probably." she shrugs it off, and hops up onto a barstool for a rest. "It, see, it's supposed to be a surprise." she says, with a frown. Yeah, that'll work. Half of Pern already knows about it.

"Well, ain't no one asked me where ya are, at least, if'n that makes ya feel any better." Though probably almost everyone knows exactly where to find her. Grinning as she settles on the stool, he shakes her head a bit, lightly patting her shoulder before he's leaning back on his elbows. "Looks like its gonna be fun, Mys… Lots of food.." And L'ton is licking his lips as he looks hungrily at a tray that passes them by, before back at the greenrider. "Ya doing okay?"

Myra smirks at L'ton's reaction to the food. "Well, cooking does run in my family. My brother did most of this." There's a pause, and she has to admit, "I'll be putting in a word for him for promotion after this." But only because she /has/ to, of course. She coughs a bit, then nods at the question on her wellbeing. "I, I'm okay. The stuff the healers gave me is working wonders." "Healers?" comes a voice from the doorway. Myra jumps, slipping off the stool and running over to the man. "Oh, Trian. Hi. Um. Surprise?" Yeah, not even Myra is buying that.

"Well, then Ah have ta envy yer family. Yer brother done good." L'ton punctuates his statement with a nod of his head, and a grin. "Well, that's go-" And then there's a voice, and Myra's running off, leaving L'ton to blink a few times mid-sentence. After a moment, he's straigthening up, tugging his jacket straight, joining her with a grin for the young man, offering his hand. "Happy Turnday, Trian." He says, a grin on his face.

Trian eyes Myra, with a frown. Surprise? "I'll say it is. Healers?" he repeats, hands on hips. Myra blushes a little, and scrambles for an excuse. "For, ah, my cold. You know." she mumbles, and it seems acceptable, because Trian shrugs, and drops the matter. Desperate for a distraction, she glances to L'ton. "Ah, Trian, L'ton. L'ton… Trian." But he already guessed that. It /was/ pretty obvious. Trian just grunts at the turnday wishes, though he does shake L'ton's hand. He'll be nice… To a point. "So, how do you know Myra?" he asks, a little defensively. Myra elbows Trian gently, a firm suggestion to drop it, /now/. "So, how about that food?" she says, a little too loudly, waving over a lingering chef and taking a platter of finger foods from him, sending him off to get another, or do something else. It seems that the in and out procession has stopped now, the few that remain are carrying trays and running drink orders to and from the bar.

"Shardin' colds.." L'ton says with a shake of his head, if anything trying to lend weight to her comment about the Healers. That is why she went, no? As he asks about their background, he grins, and shakes his head. "Well, a good cook tends ta draw attention." L'ton says discretely, even as he turns to follow after Myra and Trian, though he does give them a bit of space, even as he's nabbing a drink from a passing server.

Myra takes a moment, exhaling slightly when L'ton answers discretely. "I /told/ you. Crafts are a great way to meet people." Wait, no, that doesn't sound right. "…you know, high ranking people. People that can lead to better jobs, better marks." she tells Trian, then shakes her head. "Look, nevermind, it's… nevermind." she frowns a little, and glances around. "So, yeah. Happy turnday. I… Oh. I got you something! I'll be right back." she promises, shooting an apologetic glance at L'ton, before dashing off. She'll be back. Trian watches her leave with a bit of a smirk. "Mmm. Greenriders." he murmurs, then turns to L'ton, "You know what I'm talking about, right?" Nudge nudge, wink wink. He must have bought that excuse then, he might not be so chummy (in his mind, this /is/ chummy) if he knew the truth.

L'ton flicks his gaze momentarily to Myra, turning his head enough to hide a wink, before he's nodding. "Aye, best way ta get ahead in yer craft, is ta know people." And, apparently, to not sleep with their young, impressionable daughters. As Myra runs off, L'ton chuckles softly, leaning to rest lightly against the bar again, resting his elbow on it, as he turns to Trian. "Aye, sometimes Ah think their brains are even more flighty then their dragons.." L'ton chuckles shaking his head, watching the young rider dart off for a minute.

Trian snorts a little, though he does have to admit, "I, well, I've been looking into things. You know. Been doing odd jobs since… Well, the past three, four turns." Since he became too old to remain a candidate. "I reckon I might have a shot at tending bar. Haven't told Myra yet, I want to surprise her." he notes, glancing briefly towards the door. "She's not so flighty. Well, in the dragon sense, she is." he brags a little. "I always pegged her for a greenrider…" What was he doing? Oh, right, 'defending' Myra. "She's smart enough that she could be anything though." Just that Ailath got to her first.

"Woodcraft ain't ta bad, if'n ya have any interest in that." Not that you know, L'ton's biased or anything. "Tending bar ain't ta bad - if'n yer good, ya even make a bit extra, then ya can give yer girl all sorts of pretty things." Or, you know, blow it on alcohol for yourself, either works. "Didja now? Ah think ya can always tell them greenriders.. though, there are a few blueriders who Ah'd have thought were greens." At the comment about how smart she is, he grins. "Sounds like yer a lucky man, Trian."

Trian nods, and glances to the door. "The luckiest. I'd be happier if I could be around when Ailath rose, but Myra doesn't want me around then." he snorts, but he's accepted it. Sort of. "I'm weyrbred, I could handle it." No, really. Well, not really. Not if some other man got to Myra first. It's tolerable when he's not there to be rejected, but he probably couldn't handle it so easily if he /was/ there, and got rejected. "Well, not everyone fits colours so neatly, I guess. I mean… I could've sworn I was for bronze. But, nope, no dragon for me." He shrugs, though there's a hint of bitterness in that last bit.

"Shards, Trian, it ain't no fun ta watch yer girl get hauled off by someone else. Worse when they go willingly." L'ton shakes his head, smacking the younger man on the back in a friendly manner, and another shake of his head. "Ain't no fun at all." He murmurs again, with a soft sigh, before he's giving the younger man an encouraging grin. "It ain't the end of the world. This way, ya ain't gonna wake up ta some wherry, just cause yer dragon got lucky. And, ya have the fun with Myra, but ain't none of the work." Best of both worlds?

Trian snickers then. "You raise a good point… The post-flight is always the best." he has to note, with a smirk. Myra returns then, tapping Trian on the shoulder, making him whirl around and momentarily adopt a defensive posture. "Easy, easy. It's just me. Good reflexes, though." Myra chuckles slightly. Trian steps back sheepishly, suddenly falling silent. He switches gears after a moment, and asks, "What'cha get me?" with exaggerated greed. Myra snorts. "Hope he wasn't a bother." she apologises to L'ton by default, though Trian was actually not too bad.

"Mmm, when they feel bad fer it, and they make it up ta ya?" L'ton chuckles softly, noticing the smirk, and he ends up with one of his on as Trian whirls around. "Not at all.." L'ton grins at Myra, winking, and leaning back on the bar, tilting his head to peer around Trian at the greenrider, to see what she did get him.

Myra hands Trian a distinctly bottle-shaped gift, and the man opens it, then grins. "Aha, beer, just what I always wanted." he smirks, leaning over the bar to grab three mugs. Myra goes along with it until the mugs come out, and then she frowns, putting one back. "I, ah, none for me." she mumbles, not making eye contact with Trian. The man frowns, and turns to L'ton, perplexed. He does raise the second glass to the bronzerider, kind of an unspoken offer to share his birthday beer, but it's obvious Myra's reaction has thrown him for a bit of a loop.

"Mmm, beer." L'ton says with a grin, looking at the bottle, tilting his head to try and see what it is. As the glasses come out, he has no qualms with nodding, accepting the invitation. "Thanks, man. Happy Turnday!" He says again, even as he glances at at Myra, giving Trian a hit on his shoulder, with a chuckle. "Women, ya never know what they're gonna do." He waits until the man is looking away, before giving Myra a bit of an encouraging smile.

Myra glances over to L'ton and his encouraging smile, and frowns in response. But, she takes a deep breath, then blurts out, "I'm pregnant. I can't drink because I'm pregnant." Only after saying it does it occur to her that she could have claimed it would clash with some healer medication, and she swears under her breath that she didn't think of that sooner. But, he'd find out soon enough, anyway. Trian is in the midst of pouring the second glass of beer when Myra blurts it out, and he just /stares/ at her, letting the beer overflow out of the mug. Myra chews on her bottom lip and glances helplessly to L'ton.

Well, one would hope that he'd figure it out soon enough - after all, in an intimate relationship, there is a certain amount of nudity that goes with it. And, well, if the guy doesn't notice it, he should probably be beaten. Or, as was Tonny's case, dumped. As Myra blurts out the news, L'ton looks almost as surprised at Trian - though he's recovering more quickly, and as the beer begins to overflow, he's hurrying to tip the bottle up, reaching for a towel to wipe up the mess. Lifting his gaze, as Myra glances at him, he bites his lip, shaking his head slightly, not sure what to say.

Trian barely acknowledges L'ton's efforts to clean up the beer, though he does relinquish the bottle absently. "I… you… How? When?" he stammers, then frowns. "Whoa. Pregnant… Whoa." he mumbles, still kind of staring at Myra, though now his gaze has shifted down to her still flat stomach. Myra ignores the 'how' question, and avoids the 'when', just nodding. "Yeah. I'm going to have a baby." she says, with a nervous little laugh. Trian tilts his head at her. "You mean /we're/ going to have a baby?" No answer. "You meant we, not I? Right?" Nope, still nothing. "Myra?" Again the woman glances to L'ton, really not sure what to say.

L'ton finishes cleaning up the beer, setting the bottle aside as they talk, before pushing the man's mug into his hand, nudging him, encouraging him to drink. "Drink, Trian. Congratulations man." He says, glancing towards Myra, before nodding slowly. "Well, yer her weyrmate, so, Ah think its safe ta say that ya'll are having a baby. Ah mean, ya'll be its da no matter what.." Of course, that doesn't necessarily come out like the bronzerider is meaning to, and he's quickly hiding behind his own glass of beer.

Trian seems doubtful about L'ton's quick congratulations, though he does grab the beer that L'ton is handing to him, before turning back to Myra for an explanation. Myra can't take it anymore, she's battling a cold and morning sickness, and she's been run off her feet all day preparing this, so she's more than a little tired too. The greenrider finally confesses. "It, er… The … flight." there's a pause. "Come on, you had to notice. /Four turns/ and no baby. We're not exactly sleeping apart, here. I… I … it's not yours." she says, the last part in a tiny voice. She does at least avoid saying whose it is, Trian doesn't need to know that, or at least Myra doesn't seem to think he does. The man just stares, then finally shakes himself, downing the entire mug of beer as quickly as he can. "Trian? Um. Say something?" Myra near begs, though he stays silent, either deep in thought or in shock, it's hard to tell.

L'ton, for his part, manages to avoid looking like the guilty party. At least, he tries very hard to, as he stays pretty calm for the most part, sipping at his beer as Myra stammers out her confession. As Trian stands there, silent and seemingly dumbfounded, L'ton sighs and shakes his head. "Shards, man.. She's still yer weyrmate, ain't she? Ya still love her right?" And then he's lifting his glass up to the greenrider. "May not be yer… stuff that made it, but yer her weyrmate, yer the one that its gonna think is its da."

Myra chews on her bottom lip, just waiting for Trian to respond. Yep. Any minute now… Surely? There's a lengthy pause, silence, finally broken by Trian's angry outburst. "That… that… She /lied/ to me!" he cries out, and then starts pacing. "It's … If you're … And it's not … then… I can't? Then it's not my sharding brat, the … Oh, she'll… When I see her…" Huh? He's rather upset about something, but with some 'her' that apparently isn't here? Myra frowns at him, making brief eye contact, after which he stops dead, apparently not aware of his wild ranting until just now. "Er. I need … time. To think." he mutters, darting back to the bar to grab the bottle of beer, before running out to the clearing, leaving Myra sitting there, bewildered. "I… I don't know what to say… He'll come around. Eventually." She hopes.

L'ton stares at Trian with wide eyes as he begins to rant, and his angry outburst is turning more than just the bronzerider's head. "Uh.." But then, he's stopping mind thought, and then he's turning and taking off. Staring after him for a moment, L'ton continues to blink before he's just shaking his head, and then looking back at Myra. "He.. He dun have some other girl, do he?" The Istan asks cautiously, even as he's sliding to Myra's side to put a comforting arm around her shoulders. "Tis gonna be okay, he'll realize it dun matter."

Myra frowns at the exit, still clearly perplexed. "No, there's no other girl… That I know of." The last four words are as cold as ice. "Shard it, shard it, shard it, shard it all." she mutters, glaring at the exit. "He'd better /hope/ there's no other girl." she remarks, before turning away from the exit finally, back to L'ton. "…I don't /need/ him." Took her long enough to wake up to that. He's always been kind of a jerk really. A jerk with charisma, but still a jerk. "I… I have my brother, brothers, in the Weyr at the moment. They can help." she muses, trying to convince herself more than L'ton. But, odds are, she'll forgive him eventually. Maybe even raise that other not-his kid as their own, it'd make a lot of sense, really…

"Well, maybe t'was something else.." L'tons says hurriedly, trying to steer the subject away from the obviously stressful one. As she turns back to him, he gives her just a little bit of a smile, moving to give her a hug. "It'll be okay, lil'bit.. And, Ah'll be here ta help, if'n ya want me around. Ah mean, Ah can't always be here, but.. if'n ya need me.." He gives her a smile, and a tilt of his head. "Come on, lil'bit.. lets enjoy the food - ya worked hard enough of it, afterall."

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