Here With All of Us

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.

When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Seated in the lowest row of seat before you get to the sands, is Mikal. Nothing exciting going on today, it seems he's taking a moment break from studying to simply day dream towards the eggs. His open book lay on his lap with brown Elidor sprawled over it which could be another reason for the break cause after all who wants to wake a sleeping fire lizard? Not Mikal!

From the beginning, Marel hasn't been numbered among the Candidates who like to sit and stare at the eggs for long stretches of time, and over the past few days, she's not visited the observation level at all. Today, a break in her duties brings her to slip apprehensively into the tiers of seating, her steps looking ready to carry her to the highest level of seating available. It's as she turns to begin her climb that she catches sight of Mikal in the lowest row; a sight that makes her hesitate and reconsider, just watching him for a moment or two. Decision made, she takes a deep breath and opts to head over and claim a seat next to him without even asking, a tight smile offered in greeting.

With Mikal keeping up his healer craft studies, infirmary shifts and Candidate chores, it's from lack of time that he's often out here. So he's not going to turn down a rare time in which his duties leave him free time. He's no qualms of day dreaming towards the eggs for having stood once and been left he's got some serious doubts on the results of this hatching. Doubts that, today in particular, are easy to read on his unguarded expression. The moment though that Marel sits he shifts his gaze from the eggs and a smile lights up those green eyes of his. "Oh hey there Marel!" he greets his fellow candidate.

"Hi," Marel quietly replies, folding her hands neatly in her lap. "Anything happened with…?" She nods down in the direction of the eggs, enquiry made just in-case they get up and do wild dances when she's not there. Ultimately, she finds it easier to study her knees or glance across at Mikal than truly watch the eggs for more than a few seconds at a time, her head tilted slightly to keep them out of her direct line of vision. In the course of looking over at him, her focus finds the little brown sprawled across the book, a softer smile curving her lips at the sight. "What's he called?"

Just then one of the egg lurches forward, does the jig then lays down again as if nothing happened!? No, not really. The eggs, when she does spare a few seconds to look towards them, lay stubbornly still upon the hot sands. If Mikal notices the lack of e.g. gawking that Marel does he doesn't mention it. "Naw, all quiet." he simply replies to the first question. The second one draws a lopsided grin as he looks at the sprawled young brown who's stomach is still quite lumpy from his latest meal. Which explains why he's sleeping so sounding. "Elidor. Recently hatched."

"Flynn's still trailing around after Brier like he's his big brother showing him the world," Marel murmurs, smile still lingering. "Not that there's much of an age difference between them. It's kind of cute to watch. They go everywhere together these days." Her left hand lifts to scratch absently at her right shoulder, subconsciously twisting and pulling at her knot en-route. "Is there one you like?" she asks, nodding in the direction of the Sands once more. "I mean, like more than the others."

Mikal chuckles as Marel describes the antics of both her fire lizards. "Elsie seems to think he's simply boring. At least that's the feeling I get from her. Perhaps when he does more than simply eat and sleep." he lightly caresses the sleeping one's headknobs before letting his gaze wander away from him and towards the eggs again. The question draws a bob of his head and instinctively his gaze goes straight to one egg in particular. "So many….feelings from all of them." he murmurs quietly before remarking in a louder tone "The one there." he gestures to the Fanning the Flames egg. "Kinda looks like it's in the middle of a fire. It was different than all the others." he admits with a faint blush. Naturally his next question is. "You have a favorite one over all the others?" now he looks to her, curiosity in his gaze as he asks. Perhaps it's more than simple curiosity. Perhaps he's wanting to ensure that someone else besides him is drawn to a particular egg for more then just the way it looks on the outside.

"Well, I guess thinking him to be boring is better than disliking him or being jealous, right?" Marel supposes, gaze dropping to her lap, fingers twisting into shapes that don't look entirely comfortable. When she looks up, she follows the line of Mikal's gesture to find the egg he mentions, distant focus lingering there as she neither acknowledges nor denies anything about feeling anything from any of the eggs. "How so?" she asks tentatively. "Did it pull at you? I was so sure I was headed to touch a particular egg one time we were on the Sands, then this other one /pulled/ at me. It was… weird." Safest word for it. After a moment's hesitation, she gestures to the Colorful Field of Flowers Egg, saying, "I think it's beautiful. It reminds me of the shop; of all the colours of the flowers."

A wry smile tugs at Mikal's mouth as he follows her hesitant gesture towards the Flowers egg. The very same egg that is a close second for him and one that he wouldn't have expected to like so much since it does look like it's a whole field of flowers. Her inquiries make his eyes go distant a moment as he remember the feelings towards this egg and what exactly pulls him towards it. "It didn't quite…pull at me." he finally replies. "At least not that I could really feel it. But I touched it by pure accident really. I was so..out of sorts after touching one of the other eggs. I felt so…hot from it that I just blindly choose another one. It was that one." he looks towards it again. "I don't think I really even noticed it before then but now it's the first egg my gaze is drawn too whenever I get a moment up here."

Unsettled by his last comment, Marel fidgets in her seat, brushing her skirts more firmly over her knees for no good reason whatsoever. Perhaps that very reason, of focus finding one egg in particular every time, is why she keeps her green eyes settled somewhere safer than the clutch nine times out of ten. "I wonder if the dragons hatch with the same sort of feel to them?" she muses quietly. "Say, if you didn't see which dragon came from which egg, and you Impressed, if you'd /know/, because you could remember how they felt inside the shell?" She shrugs her left shoulder, carelessly trying to dismiss her words or just reject sounding so fanciful.

Uncertainty flickers in his green-eyed gaze and subconsciously he lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck. "I dunno.." he finally answers softly. "I mean…I really liked this one egg at Fort when I Stood there. I saw it hatch and it was a bronze and…" clearly at that time he thought for /certain/ that the bronze would find him. However it's clear that he didn't so now he's here and he gives an unhappy look to the girl seated beside him. "I didn't expect to find any egg here that was like that." he admits with open honesty. "I really have no idea what's going to happen and if I Impress…" he lifts his other hand in a helpless, unknowing gesture.

"I suppose that… maybe they have to like us as much as we like them." Marel dares another quick look at the eggs, considering those closest with a stoic stare. "None of them suggested that they /liked/ me, they just looked and told and asked things." She takes a deep breath and holds it until the words she wants have arranged themselves into the right order. "And then who knows if they /remember/ if they do like anyone in particular?" Then: "Would you Stand again, if he doesn't happen this time?"

Mikal draws in a small breath at that, tilting his head as he regards the flame licked egg again. Despite his best efforts he's unable to peer through the shell into the little one hiding inside. "I suppose we can simply ask them once they are out what /they/ remember from inside the shell." a pause. "Even if they don't Impress to us. I mean I know I'd like to remain friends with you, Muir, Kale and even Soriana if you all Impress if I don't." he adds hastily. " Stand again?" he wrinkles his nose in thought. "I don't know…I suppose by the time there's another clutch here to Stand for…maybe?" long ingrained habit brings a hand up to rake through his short red hair. "For sure I would increase my knowledge in the healer craft and see if I can join the Search and Rescue wing." he's thought this out a bit.

"We will," Marel promises (remain friends, that is), more certain about that than anything else she's uttered so far, reaching out and intending to gently touch a hand to Mikal's shoulder. "…I don't know if I would Stand again. It would depend on what I was involved in at the time, if I'm… left this time. I don't know whether I would be Standing for the right reasons." Though the faintly miserable stare she aims skywards as she exhales slowly suggests that she doesn't know if she's doing it for the right reasons /now/. "But it must be nice, to know that there's a craft there that wants you. Somewhere you belong." Right?

Mikal offers a hesitant smile at the gentle touch to his shoulder. "Right reasons?" he questions softly, awkwardly patting her hand. "Because a Dragon sensed something different inside of you." he murmurs that answer after a moment. "I think though I would simply throw myself into my work and just see what happens." is his honest reply with a faint smile. "We're both still young, right? So much for us to do! Do what interests you!" a pause. "What /does/ interest you? Knitting? Maybe designing more clothes? I think you belong just fine right here with all of us."

"…If you all Impress and I'm left, do I Stand again because I'm hoping to catch up again? Or if Muir does and I don't, because I don't want to be the twin that didn't Impress?" And for many other reasons regarding her twin, says the biting down on her lip and her inability to verbalise them. "Or because my parents are riders?" Marel shakes her head, struggling to find what she deems a good, proper reason in all of them. As for what she's interested in, she can't answer immediately, and a hint of frustration tints her gaze. "I like to knit. And runners. And I like the shop and the flowers. Darsce's better at fashion than I'll ever be. I just… /don't/ want…" She squirms in her seat again before managing to compose herself. "I respect the crafts, and I really do think it would be nice to be a part of something like that, but I /can't/ have a craft telling me what to do and where to go." Yet despite that little outburst, something seems to ease within her at his latter words, of her belonging.

"Darcse isn't as nice as you'll ever be." Mikal points out quickly in an attempt to get a smile from Marel. "Design for fun because you like what /you/ design. Surely as you get more experience then your designs would change, right?" he thinks. He's not so much into the whole design things. After all look at /his/ wardrobe choices. Too baggy clothes with little actual design upon them. "So many what if questions." he finally declares after contemplating her first words. "There's no way to plan how you'll feel after Hatching day until you know what happens hatching day? For now though isn't it nice to dream and imagine the possibility of you and Muir being in the same Weyrling class?" again he tries to coax out that smile! He falls silent a moment, reflective until an idea strikes him and his shifts in his seat to face Marel a bit more. "I know, just check out the crafts. Find the craft that's less telling you of what to do!" it seems so easy to him. "Like the Healer craft is kinda cool. I like knowing that someday I'm gonna be able to really /help/ someone who needs it. And really I'll be able to go anywhere on Pern and be able to work, right?"

That /does/ get a smile, though it's a rather wry and self-deprecating one. "I might be safer designing bouquets at the shop," Marel says dryly. "At least then, whatever I make will eventually be gone and no evidence of any disasters." Joking? Trying to, a faint glimmer of humour in her green eyes. "I don't… want to dream too much," she says matter-of-factly, accepting sigh following in its wake. "But I'll still cheer loud as anything if you Impress." Said with a flash of a grin and quick flail of her arms in the air as a brief, silly demonstration. "We're always going to need Healers, wherever we are," she agrees. "People trust Healers. /And/ if you Impress, you'll be able to get wherever you're needed really quickly." That wry smile returns as she confesses, "I don't think I've got the patience to be a Healer. No pun intended."

Mikal ponders that a moment. "I bet that's why you like that one then so much. It's like a bunch of flowers just sitting and waiting to be picked and put into some fancy bouquet." yup, that sounds good to him even if it's a bit mushy. "Well then if you Impress I'll be your loudest…well maybe not as loud as your mum or Muir but I'll cheer just as loudly for you too." he grins at her brief but silly demonstration of flailing arms. "No patience eh?" he smirks faintly at the pun however accidental. His glance goes to the still sleeping brown then back up to Marel. "You gonna come down to the beach later this week for sand sculpting? I gave away all my eggs I was gonna use for prizes." he admits a bit sheepishly. "But it'll still be fun nonetheless to make a big sand sculpture of the Weyr!"

"You have to worry if you're a Healer with no patience," Marel insists, nodding sagely and aiming for deadpan, but she can't help but smirk too. "I'll try and be there," she assures. "I've been thinking I've had quite enough of sand recently, but the beach is an entirely different sort of sand, right? And I don't know who would dare make sandcastles on /the/ Sands." The ones so near. "Just don't," she says with another grin, "start everyone building too close to the waves. Blink, and we'll lose the caverns, then the weyrbarns and all sorts." The thought of the prizes sobers her a little, before she suggests, "You could always ask around for some more eggs? I'm sure there must be someone with more eggs than they know what to do with."

Mikal shifts, restless in his seat. This is evident by the tapping of his feet against the floor in which it rests. "Oh but the beach sands are /way/ different." he insists. "Though…building a sand weyr out there…" he ventures a look out to THE sands and chuckles a bit. The gears in his head they be spinning. "Huh? Oh..well I guess I could look for someone with eggs…actually need to anyway to give one to that drudge." he realizes. "Thought I think perhaps just an event with no prizes would be just as fun. As long as I wheedle out some food and drinks from the kitchens. But then it's good that my foster parents work in the kitchens, eh?"

"I don't think anyone would get very far, building a sand weyr around the eggs…" Marel's gaze drifts back to the clutch, eggs regarded for longer than she's otherwise looked at them today, perhaps trying to envision it. "As long as everyone has fun and no-one gets hurt, I don't think prizes would be absolutely necessary. Maybe if we were going to build lots of weyrs, or holds, but if people have to work together to make one sculpture…" Maybe best not. "Unless you wanted to put /real/ eggs on the sand weyr's Sands," she teases gently. "Definite advantage, that." Foster-parents working in the kitchens. Unnecessarily straightening her skirts, she begins to get to her feet, saying, "I should go check on the kittens-that-don't-exist."

Mikal offers a crooked grin as he stands as she does. "Want some help with 'em?" he offers. Such a gentleman!

“Come on then,” Marel accepts, offering a smile of her own in return, in far better spirits than when she arrived. “Careful with Elidor. I’m not sure that kittens and firelizards get on, and I don’t think he’d appreciate being nibbled or pounced on!” And so she’ll natter on about the kittens for most of the journey, which are much easier to cope with and figure out than eggs.

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