Where Do We Go From Here?

Song - You Must Love Me from Evita

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Xanadu Weyr - Little Bit of Eden Garden Weyr
Enter your own personal bit of Eden, for that is what this just might seem to the one whose eye can see all the possibilities that it holds. Bright blooms add color to the whole area with a few precious fruit trees calling this area home. With the forest springing up all around the clearing there's plenty of shade but also plenty of space for a dragon or two to sun as well. A cottage resides in the western corner of the clearing with a good sized wallow residing in a spot just to the north of the cottages porch where it gets plenty of sunlight in the mornings while getting shaded in the afternoon. Just of to the east of the cottage is a series of small waterfalls that seem to pour right out of roots of one of the trees. The water weaves it's way down a shallow creekbed to small pool which bubbles up slightly in the center where a spring keeps the water constantly circulating before it leaves the pool to disappear into the forest via another small creek.
As you enter the cottage a few things will come into mind right away the first and main thing is that it is sparsely furnished. The main room is rather large, seeming to be Kitchen, dining room, and living room all rolled into one with a large hearth set between a pair of large windows that look out onto the garden clearing. Here in this area there is a large couch with faded green fabric that covers it's over stuffed cushions and a dark wooden table with yellow wood inlay along with a pair of hardwood chairs. One the walls are a number of feline pelts, and even one across the back of the couch. They are in many shades of colors and seem to add a wildness to the cottage. One door opens rear wall leading into a bedroom of average size, here things are a bit better furnished with large and very plush bed seated in one corner of the room with the mattress covered in a large feather blanket and a couple of quilts. Here too are a number of feline pelts, including on the bed as well. A set of large windows allow light to filter in during part of the day and a skylight over the bed allows for gazing upward at the night sky. Another door leads to a smaller bedroom with a single bed made up with light violet and blue quilts and walls to match. One more door leads to smaller chamber for cleaning up. The cottage as a whole has been outfitted with many electric lights from simple ceiling lights to wall scounces, though during the day all the windows throughout the cottage allow light to pour in.

Alosynth is in her wallow, basking in the sunlight that shines into the clearing. She seems to be well and truly asleep for her tail doesn't even twitch. The door to the cottage is closed, however, the curtains are drawn back letting the light in. There is a fire burning in the hearth to judge by the smoke coming up through the chimney.

The Weyrleader be damned. There were some things that avoidance clearly wasn't going to resolve. Keziah was one of them. She couldn't be avoided. The Turnover celebrations proved that point. Therefore a point was being made as Ers'lanhe swaggers himself toward her cottage, leaving Zhaoth somewhere back at the coastal ridge to make the trek here. With Laera being gone, the man could only think of the troubles at night, keeping him up to the waking hours, losing sleep over it and being unable to focus on tasks during the day. Without his wing duties to keep him going and occupied, he had been starting to get cabin-fever. Which, is why he is marching up to Keziah's cottage door, curling his fist, and knocking loudly upon it.

There isn't an answer for a long while, Alosynth is however watching Ers'lan, but that is all she is doing. Finally the door opens and Keziah is looking out at him "You're not supposed to be here." she notes as she holds a toddler in her arms. Mikaelya looks shyly at Ers'lan and then hides her face in her mother's shoulders. "Though I suppose you might as well come in." she says as she steps back and aside to let him in. Micaela peers at Ers'lan over Kezi's shoulder and then there is a small open hand closed hand wave.

Ers'lan regards Alosynth out of the corner of his eyes, but it wasn't the dragon he was there for. The long duration in between his knock has him hedging a foot this way and that, half considering the way he came over his shoulder. Then the door does open and he's regarding the greenrider with her toddler and that accusing sentiment. There's no return response, not yet, only a brief shrug that has him implying his rash decision to ignore the Weyrleader's order meant little to him at the moment. Micaela is given a brief look, though nothing to immediately hint that he's good with kids shows through. Instead he bobs his head and mutters his gratitude for letting him come in. Lan's eyes turn back to Micaela when he's following Keziah in, closing the door behind them. "How do yah be?" something to at least break the ice?

Keziah leads Ers'lan over to the living area and sets Micaelya down to go play with her toys, a stuffed firelizard and some blocks. "Umm, have a seat." she states as she settles down. "I guess I'm good." she notes and shrugs "Been working with my runners, I've a trio again. Nothing like I once had, but well. They're doing good." she notes softly. Micaelya is dragging the firelizard by the tail and sucking on the end of that as she wonders through the living room even stopping to stare up at Lan.

Thea's son he called 'little man' and ended up grabbing him by the leg when the kid clung to his leg, and he did spend time with Laera's kids when they were with her. So it's not like he was a stranger to them. In fact, as little Micaela stops to stare up at him, he bends down and points to the firelizard she's sucking on, "Whar ya got thar cutie?" He asks, giving her a broad smile, even minus the one tooth he still has a decent grin. His eyes track back to Keziah after sometime, nodding some at what she's been up to, "Reckon I be goin a bit stir crazy meself…" He needed to work, that was a simple part of keeping him steady, though it could be that Zhaoth was driving him insane. If he can, he'll pick Micaela up and take her over to the couch with him, speaking to Keziah, "Kez…" he sighs, shaking his head, "Be sorry tha this all be happenin…"

At the question Micaela holds the stuffed firelizard out to Ers'lan. The tail tip is quite soggy. "Nana" she says and she lets herself be picked up. Kez on the other hand his watching him. "My mom made it for her." she clarifies and then she shrugs "I brought it on myself." she states quietly. "Not your fault." She frowns a moment and then gets up and heads to the kitchen "Can I get you anything?"

Ers'lan takes the offered stuffie, hooking it in his finger while he carries her with one arm over to the couch. He sets her on his lap and starts to dance the firelizard around, making comical noises, "Arrrg. Be a firelizard." And he starts making it kiss her, "He be givin ya kisses." It's a tactic to hopefully get her to smile if not laugh. Then as per the work related topic he shakes his head, not mentioning any more than his first apology. What more was there to say over it? They both screwed up and had to spend many afternoons now with Healers. A great reward for them to fight afterall wasn't it? At the offer he murmurs, "Nay. Reckon I be ok…"

Laugh nothing, the child is squealing with glee at the kisses. It's a sad thing that Kezi isn't in the same room, or else Lan might have seen the smile that cracked her face. She comes back with a wooden tumbler of juice for Micaela and a glass for herself and a tray of snacks. Little slices of meat and cheese. "Well, if you want anything, let me know. Though, I don't have anymore hard drink." There's a pause as she thinks about the night that it was finished off. Ahem.

Ers'lan can't help but chuckle quietly to her reaction, teasing the stuffed firelizard a little more in front of her, making these noises that well… no adult is privy to. They're sound affects to make the youngins delight even more. The more she laughs, the more he is going to laugh back and continue his antics. No wonder Laera didn't kick him out when they first met - he's good at making the kiddies laugh. As Keziah returns to the room, he pauses the play of the firelizard to take an offered piece of meat and cheese. Food, food is good. The mention of having hard liquor makes him shake his head, "Nay, reckon I be narh wantin ta even iffin ya did. Narh with yer daughter bout." He even offers a piece of cheese to Micaela, putting the cheese up against the girl's lip so she could taste test it. "She be bigger than I be thinkin she were." A beat for his blue eyes flicker up, "Whar cha figure?"

Micaela is laughing and she grins at Ers'lan "You silwe." says the little tot. ANd has Ers'lan stops she leans against his chest and grabs the toy firelizard against her chest. She grins at the cheese and then reaches for it with her hand. She's a /big/ girl. She can feed herself. Course she can make a big mess too. AS for food, cold cuts won't poison anyone. Kezi's cooking skills aren't the best outside of a thick stew. "Appreciate that." she notes quietly as she sits down slowly. "Well, she's almost two." she notes and then she frowns a little at the last question "What do you mean?"

Ers'lan gives an aghast expression, "Silwe? Nawwrh…" A wink as the child leans up against him and watches as the girl plucks it out of his hand. A grin for her that is specific for the tenderness associated with children. His arm supports her so she doesn't fall off his lap when she's leaning to get more food, bouncing his gaze back to Keziah for a time. "Aye," is his acknowledgement to her appreciation, taking hold of some of the cold cuts to pinch-stack with cheese. He eats this before he answers the last, "Reckon we be both goin ta healers 'n all… Thea be givin me a knot back tho… so … I be askin ya whar we do next. Between us. Whar cha figure bout us?"

Keziah is silent a little "Well, I'm glad you have the knot back. Not good to leave the wing in a lurch." she notes quietly and then she shrugs "I dunno. I just don't" she sighs a little Micaela is happy though as she mmm's over the cheese and goes to grab some more of Ers'lans handful, but he eats it before she can snag it and she pouts. "MOre!" she says almost demanding and Keziah looks over at her. "Micaela, that's not how we ask." she says and Micaela grins up at Ers'lan with her bright blue eyes. "MOre, pwease." she then giggles. Kezi purses her lips a little though as she catches that tender look and then attends to her own bits of meat and cheese. "I guess we go on? What is there to figure about us?" She asks, almost forlornly as she looks more lost and adrift than she ever has.

Ers'lan gives a shrug in regards to the knot, as if uncertain about the whole gesture Thea made to give it back. It was her answer that has him sink into a pensive slouch, his second grab at cheese going to Micaela for her insistance of more. Another big slice for her and another smile as he nods for her manners. Still, it was Keziah's last that has him take a deep breath and sigh. "Is that'it then? We jus try ta go on?" his brows flinch some, considering her expression, "Whar is it that ya wan' Keziah fer us?" He says this carefully, with compassion in his tone, "I reckon I be havin 'nuff of fightin…"

Micaela watches the two adults a moment and then her attention goes to the cheese. "Dankoo." she replies as she nibbles on it now. Keziah is silent. "I dunno. I don't know what I want. And I guess that's the problem." she shakes her head a little. "I don't mean to be fighten' with you. I really don't." she lets out a breath as she takes her time with her words "I don't like feeling out of control. Course, the healer says when I'm yellin' and hittin' my hand, I ain't in control either."

Ers'lan pets the tot's head for her thank you, eyes on Keziah to ensure that he doesn't miss her response to his own inquiry. "Aye,…" he murmurs to acknowledge her plight, "Reckon it do be takin time ta figure all tha' out. Reckon I thought I be havin figure it'all out. T'was wrong. I see ya…" he gestures with his hand in a lazy flop, "'N I be thinkin of ya like durin Alo's flight… N' durin the dancin. I know we be snarlin at times…" he mutters to himself as he fails to form the words he is looking for, "Reckon t'was easier with Laera.. be knowin whar I be wantin ta say…" A hint that he's trying to broach that touchy subject. Finally he exhales, "Be the healers that be askin me, afta a time, that be makin me think…" a shake of his head, stalling some more.

Keziah blushes at the mention of the flight and then shakes her head at the dancing bit. "Those aren't me. That's me. The ones Alo and the other.. and I don't really like dancing. In front of everyone and then my feet. They hurt and it's just." She sighs a little. Micaela continues to lay back against his chest and then her eyes start to drift shut. And she's still holding a piece of cheese that's pretty messy and slobbery. Kezi tilts her head a little "The healers asking you? About us?" she asks, nearly squeaking. Seems as if healer hasn't broached it like that with Kezi yet. She swallows a little "What.. what do you want?"

As Keziah denies that those sides of her aren't really her, a glint of disappointment falls across his blue gaze, which is shifted down to the little gal on his lap with the slobbered on cheese. He carefully wedges the piece of cheese out of her fingertips, putting it at a safe distance aside, while he curls his arm just a little more to help her recline. "But ya did… T'was yah..ya did those tings…" he slumps his head to the side with his fist resting on his cheek, eyes left to watch Keziah's reaction. "Aye… Thea too… She be askin why I be pushin people away all the time. I be pushin yah away jus like all the rest." His eyes drift to the side, not really willing to answer for what he did with the healers, "Reckon it tis narh bout jus me Kez…"

Keziah shakes her head at Micaela "Did you want me to put her down?" she asks quietly. "That was the first I danced in Turns, not since Mirai was a baby." she murmurs "That doesn't make it me. Yes I did it, but well." She shrugs a little. "Flights. Flights are well, you can't judge a person on how they are in a flight." She pauses and then is silent "Thea talked with you?" she asks and then purses her lip. Not sure what to make of that. "No, I suppose not just about you. "But I guess. I guess I'd like to know where I stand. I've not been very nice to you." she murmurs quietly "I'm not a very nice person."

"Iffin ya wan," the decision up to Keziah since it was her daughter. For now he'll keep her in his arm until Keziah makes to do otherwise. As for the rest, he nods slowly, adding in about Thea, "Aye. Reckon I 'ad narh be talkin ta her since befer Zhaoth. T'was … different. I… am.. invited ta dinner at her place…" That notion still seems insane to him, something from the left side of the field. Then as it gets down to what is really important between them, he answers carefully, "Aye. Reckon I be narh nice ta ya either…" two way street this is, "…Guess ya can stand whar ever ya want ta stand. I figured ya did narh wan me ta stand anywhar but as Wingsecond fer a time thar… tis yer choice."

Keziah hehs a little and lets the child sleep. She'll take the blessing as it comes since there's no guarantee she'll stay asleep if she moves her. And at the very least, he's not likely to yank her into a kiss or something if his hands are full. "Invited to dinner?" she blinks and then hehs "Well, I've had a picnic with her I guess, sorta? The kids pulled me over." she murmurs "I've never been there for dinner." she bites her lips a moment "I dunno where I stand." she hehs a little "I guess. Well, I don't like mixing duty and well. I dunno what you would call this." She goes silent for a little "But well, I was trying to keep things professional. I failed. Miserably. I don't think I can work with you with leading the wing." she says carefully. "Not you. There's. There's too much. TEnsion?" She frowns a little and shakes her head "Not the right umm. I've been doing a lot of thinking…."

If Keziah lets the child sleep, so does he. As long as she doesn't wet on him! "Aye.. ta… ta see how it be ta have a family…" he admits that with a ducking of his head, as if ashamed for not understanding such a concept before, or for having to have the Weyrwoman drag him over. He lets that slide for a time, shifting his arm just a little as the weight on it hits a nerve, potentially putting it to sleep. Keziah's answer does seem to shock him some, as a slow understanding comes across his features, "Aye. A strange mix, is whar we be callin this…" a beat, with some intake of breath as if coming to a decision, "Iffin ya need me ta step down, reckon I will…" considering that he still recognizes her as the current wingleader despite the weyrleader's stance on the matter. The mention of tension has him half close his eyes, "Aye…" struggling to really formulate some response other than that.

Keziah shakes her head softly "I'm in no position to ask you to step down." she notes softly "I /have/ no position." she notes quietly. "I brought it on myself. I've been thinking though. This time adrift. I've been spending more time on craft things. I was thinking. Maybe doing that more often." she frowns a little "I've also been enjoy time to Micaela. I really haven't had much time for Mirai and it's showing. She's seeing some guy and I have no idea who it is even." she sighs a little. "I'm a poor wingleader. It was. I was foolish of Thea to give me the position. I abused it worse than B'rdian did. Maybe it went to my head. I dunno. The healer probably won't clear me for a position like that either." She's quiet again as she watches him shift "Here, let me get her." she murmurs as she carefully gets up. "And this pregnancy. It's been hard on me as well." she notes quietly, a frown crossing her face and then she shakes her head a little.

Ers'lan frowns at that, "Reckon the knot be yers rightfully…" of course, not now with the Weyrleaders having taken it away, but he doesn't meant that. He falls quiet, a contemplative squint hardening his eyes. His features continue to darken as she talks down of herself, shaking his head, "Nay. Yah weren't! Ya were jus emotionally charged be all t'were. Yah did fine. Ya did good. I jus… messed it up, not ye…" He insists, "Keziah. Yer a good wingleader. I -would- step down and transfer wings fer ya." Of course the brownrider wasn't looking forward to delivery duty the rest of his life, but he could work with his clutchsib Fl'ynn. Then as she moves to take her child, he helps the transition, sighing, "Reckon I be sorry fer it… I.. did narh know.. t'was possible…" a beat, "N I be sorry fer it bein so hard on ya…"

Keziah is silent as she carries the girl who is a limp noodle of into the smaller bedroom and lays her in the crib. Tucking her in she comes back out and closes the door. "No, it's not my decision. And even if you stepped down does not mean that Xe'ter will allow me to take the position again." she notes softly "I did several things wrong. Not the least was yelling at you in the caverns. Thea's right. I shouldn't be wingleader. Think about it. I couldn't even visit my wingsecond in the infirmary. What kind of leader is that?" she asks softly "What if I need to escort a wingmember and let the healers know what happened? Or some other important person? I wouldn't be able to do it." She sighs a little, looking weary and then heads back for the couch. "DOn't transfer, I still stand by on my observation when you were a weyrling. Search and Rescue is the wing for you. I'm not so sure it's the wing for me anymore though." she notes softly "Maybe it's just not being involved in it anymore of late talking, but I can't see myself being able to return anytime soon anyways. So again, you should not step down."

Ers'lan tracks his gaze toward Keziah, muttering in a one-sided conversation once she leaves to bed down the child, leaning forward over his knees, with his arms crossing them. Zhaoth is likely the cause of the muttering, which stops when Keziah returns. He is quiet throughout her admissions, revelations, and stubborn insistence that he remain in search and rescue. Finally, he asks, "Whar are ya going ta do then?"

Keziah purses her lips a little. "I dunno. It's a moot point right now. Even if I hadn't been relieved of duty, I'm not fit for duty." she notes softly as she puts a hand on her belly, almost protectively "Search and Rescue riding really isn't the place for a pregnant woman." she notes quietly. "I'd be doing paperwork at the very most I'm sure." she sighs a little "I guess some of it depends upon the powers that be. I should just be thankful I've not been confined to quarters as well." she notes quietly. She looks up at Lan "I dunno what I'm going to do. Search and Rescue has been my life outside the time of helping with the Weyrlings."

Ers'lan nods some, leaning forward to fill the space with some absently hungry thoughts. Cheese is plucked up with the slices of cold meat. "Reckon ya could be always comin back, afta the babe…" he notes, "Likely be some other bloke in the 'lead by then." No, he isn't going to fool himself that the Weyrleaders would give him a chance at it. He figures the next experienced member will be picking up where Keziah left off and bringing on another 'second. Still, his attention darts up, "Iffin ya need company… be narh 'fraid ta ask… I reckon without Laera and yee in the wing now…" he drops his eyes.

Keziah hmms a little "Well Laera isn't really out, just not flying out so much. But she's better as a healer for the wing than otherwise." she notes "Still, you're acting. That says something." she notes quietly. "Do well and it may become permanent. Just don't. Don't make my mistakes." she notes softly. At the mention of company she is quiet. Almost as if she's not going to answer and then it comes. Quietly. "I'd like that." and that's all she says. As if the admission was scary enough.

"Aye, but reckon Laera be narh back fer a while… her mum be sick 'n it be hard ta say when she be back," the brownrider starts rubbing his hands together as he hunches forward. "Aye…tis stressful ta think that a mistake could be gettin me 'n those bout me… hurt…or worse…" It was a lot of weight on his shoulders and it was hard to say if he had been prepped for it at all. Only time would tell how well he could cope. In a few lingering moments of silence, he draws himself up off the couch, turning a languid eye toward Keziah at her final admission, nodding as if it were no big deal to him, simply muttering, "Reckon so do I."

Keziah nods softly "It's hard when a parent is sick." she notes quietly "I can understand her needing to be with her." She quiet for a few moments "It is. Very stressful." she sighs a little "Still, even as a wingrider, a mistake can get those around you hurt or worse." she notes softly "Inaction can be jsut as bad as bad action." she murmurs "You can't leave Galaxy in a lurch, just because I did. You've gotta make sure the Weyr stays protected. And not just from wild felines." she murmurs softly. As he stands she just sort of looks a little defeated. "I'm scarying you off again. Aren't I?"

The brownrider purses his lips a little at the talk of parents, leaving his reaction to that alone. It was likely hard for him to not have Laera to go through, considering she's been there for him since he first came to Xanadu. As it is, the prospect of having to go on as acting wingleader without either Keziah or Laera there to help him, seems to be a burden on the man. It was all on him now, he could be as bad or worse than B'rdian. "Reckon Galaxy be fine… Weyrleader be unlikely ta leave me ta screw it up." He does shuffle his feet some at the comment from Keziah about being scared off. That makes his eyebrows shoot up on his forehead only to crunch back down, closing the distance to where she was sitting on her couch. A pointed look at the spot next to her before he sits there. "Nay… t'was narh goin anywhar… narh 'less ya be wantin me too."

Keziah listens to him and then looks a little startled as he not only doesn't just walk out but sits next to her as well. Her eyes go wide and maybe a little wary. That was not what she was expecting. But she doesn't tell him to move either. She swallows a moment and there's a slight squeak as she murmurs "You ain't." she clears her throat and speaks a little more normally. "You ain't gonna screw it up. You're too much of a person to want to do their best." she notes softly. She looks down at her lap a moment as she gathers her words and then looks over at Ers'lan "I believe in you." She takes a breath "I don't know what your da may have been like, but I'm sure yer nothin' like him. I think you'll do well by everyone." she notes softly. "I'm not Laera. And I know I'm not like her. She's a sweet and loving person and I dunno if I know how ta be that." she swallows and then takes another deep breath. "I, I want ya to succeed."

The brownrider leans back against the couch, his arms forward with hands in his lap lazily folded, legs parted and comfortable. He wasn't looking as if he was willing to get up any time soon. His eyes drift ahead of him, seeing beyond the interior decor toward heavily laden thoughts. Blue eyes dart back toward the face of the greenrider, for a time considering her words that she believed in them, not with a dumbfounded look, but rather with a studious consideration for her. Did someone tilt the world on its axis? Again, no comment regarding his parents, a subject that makes his lips press together all the tighter. Eyes track away from Keziah near her last remark, "Reckon thar be no point in tryin ta be 'er. She be unique in her own ways and I be lovin that. Yer unique in yer own ways…" he trails off, letting his eyes climb back over toward her, "Ya dun narh have ta be anyone but yerself. I be always likin ya, even when ya be hitting me in the face with a skillet." She'll never let that down, so says the charming little smirk that plays on his lips. "Aye…I be appreciatin that," an inhale, eyes bouncing toward where she put the child down and then back to Keziah, "Reckon I like yah fer who ya be… always have." A shrug and the ball is in her court.

Keziah is silent for a little bit as she listens to him. She seems to actually be trying to consider her words instead of just spouting off the first things that come to mind. Though at the mention of the skillet, she's hard pressed to keep her mouth shut about that. But she manages. But his words on him lovin' Laera and all, she lets out a slow little sigh. "Aye, I'm such a likable person." she murmurs under her breath. She then shrugs a little. "People like me well enough I suppose. Dunno why. But they do. I suppose should come as no surprise that ya be liken me too." There's a nother little shrug. It's almost as if she's trying to say something else, but just not coming out with it. "I ain't an easy goin person. I'm too opininated."

"Reckon I be needin an opininated women in me life…" that just tumbles right out before he has a chance to consider the impact, adding, shortly, "Laera be wonderful. She be tellin me whar I need ta know and bein protective iffin I be wronged. Tis great, but," his attention settles on Keziah, "sometimes I do be needin a kick in the arse." He shifts his hand over toward Keziah's, taking her hand if she lets him, "Tis… often a wonder, whar ya be doin so alone… tis narh right fer ya ta be livin that way when ya have people who be carin fer ya. Kez…" he means to catch her attention with his downward bob of his head, wanting to see eye to eye, "Yee be welcome in me weyr, as Laera be. Keep yer own fer yer own space as ya needin, but I be askin ya ta… consider…us." Us, as in Laera and himself.

Keziah startles a moment and she looks at Ers'lan. I mean really looks at him and before she can even ask him what he means by that, her hand is taken. She's in shock at the former that she doesn't even object to the latter as she has a tendency to do. Her mouth opens and shuts a little and she looks just plain and utterly bemused. And silent to boot. Her brow knots a little as she even frowns a few times. and then she finally gets out "Why?" It's spoken very softly and that bemusement certainly colors it.

Ers'lan looks down at her hand, at which point his thumb is tracing over the tops of her knuckles. The response he gets is unexpected as well. He was thinking she'd kick him out and tell him what a joke he was for even asking. The mysteries in life continue whenever the woman is present. Even so, her question as to why has him pause, searching for an answer. The best that he could provide? He actually shifts upward and leans toward her, drawing his free hand up toward her chin to hold it there. If she doesn't do something absolutely crazy again, like kick him or hit him or jerk out of his tender grasp, he'll lean in and place a kiss upon her lips. Maybe he's trying to see if there are any sparks involved? Checking to see if he's on the right path or if he could be out to lunch.

Maybe it's the shock that she's still in, or perhaps it's the soft touch of his thumb on her hands or just the tenderness of it all. Whatever it is. Kezi doesn't kick, fight, bite or scratch. In fact she doesn't do anything right away. They kiss is a little surprising. However, her lips do part a little and a soft little sigh escapes, though it could be just a breath, but whatever it is. She does lean into the kiss, though a little tentatively.

No kick! NO scratching! No biting or anything at all that suggests he's way out to lunch and swung when he shouldn't have. He even has to peek to make sure she wasn't going to nail him in the balls when he didn't immediately stop due to her unresponsive return. Only, after the soft sigh does he have a good indication of where he's at, some starting point, a positive reaction. Thus, he fixes a firmer touch of his lips against her, letting his hand creep back behind her to draw her closer, encouraging the kiss that is all soft, warm, and tender.

Keziah doesn't resist, in fact she leans into the kiss more. However, when she brings her hand up and places it on Ers'lans chest she goes still and then she's pulling back, a look of panic on her face. "What am I doing?" she almost squeaks and shakes her head a little. Her eyes are wide, not really fearful as in scared, but seems more than a little unsure of her footing.

Ers'lan definitely lets it slide into the more passionate territory when Keziah doesn't resist, letting his hand drift away from her own toward her lap where his hand rests, gently sliding back and forth on her upper thigh. As she pulls back, he regards her with half opened eyes, noting the look of panic on her face. He reaches up and combs his finger through the hair at the side of her face, tucking some pieces back behind her ear. "Reckon ya be doin whar ya feel be right… Tis ok… I be wantin it…be wantin yah…"

Oh the conflict of emotions that run through her eyes. Keziah takes a deep breath, and then another, or two. She licks her lips a little "I…" She searches Lan's eyes. She hasn't protested the touch on her thigh, but to judge by her ragged breath, she likely has noticed. "I…" she swallows and then she shakes her head a little. More at herself and her loss of words and just leans into his hand a moment and then shifts to lean against him. Using actions in place of words.

Ers'lan can not read minds but he has the instinct to read body language. His eyes do not break away from her own, a quiet look in his stare, one that isn't as frothing with anger as it usually was when he dealt with Keziah. He waits for her words to come, to form, before he tempts this moment further. His hand near her face does cup her cheek some when she leans into it, the other drawing up and away from her thigh to wrap around her in an embrace. The hand upon her cheek comes up to the top of her head, resting there, saying in a low voice just above a whisper, "Tis fine. Ya take as much time as ya be needin."

Keziah is silent, her eyes closed for the moment as she actually starts to relax into the embrace. She had stiffened, but only for the briefest of moments. Tis not a familiar position for her. She leans there, not moving at first, but after a moment she places her hand back on his chest again, feeling the muscles under the shirt as she quietly explores a little. "I" a swallow. "I am not used to.. to this." she says finally. Breaking her silence. Course, it is likely helping that Lan is not pushing, and letting her take her time. Course the hand on her head, is a whole other sensation as well. She's still debating on if she likes it or no.

Ers'lan eventually lets his hand drag down behind her, fingers combing through her hair and tickling the top of her shoulders. The other arm continues to hold her, curled around her with fingertips playing down near her hip. He lets her do whatever it is she wants to do, deciding to have taken it slow and not force her into something she would end up hating later. Instead, at her words which break the silence, he makes a grumbling sound of acknowledgement, "Aye… reckon I be knowin this… Reckon I should be wantin ta change it." He drops his chin to maybe catch her eyes with his own, "Ya can be takin whar ever time ya be needin ta get used ta it." His hand lifts to glance down her cheek with the back of his knuckle, shifting to settle her more against him, in a comfortable position against the couch with his back in the corner crack and her lean underneath his arm that curls around her. A very comfortable cuddly position for couch sitting.

And a much easier position on a bulging stomach as well. Kezi lets a soft little sigh of contentment. She might hate to admit it, but she might actually get used to this. But there is still one little thing worrying her. "I, I'm still not sure." she murmurs softly as she looks up at him. "I." she sighs a little and then at the soft touch, "I don't wanna be hurtin' Laera. " She frowns a little "I just, I'm not. She is lovely. I.." she trails off, her cheeks red and just leans her head in.

Ers'lan looks down as he notes the movement beside him, listening studiously to her concerns with an acknowledging tilt of his chin. When he has a chance to speak, he does, in soft tones, "Reckon she be havin no problem with it. I whar first with her 'mate D'len 'n he be introducin her ta me, we be livin as three. Tis narh so different now. I reckon Laera be likin ya 'n she be frustrated with me fer holdin back on me feelins… I reckon iffin yer narh sure… ya can be talkin ta Laera yerself. I dun wan' ya ta think I be ever treatin her bad, since she be someone I nevar want ta give up…"

Keziah is quiet and then she sighs "No, I'm not thinkin yer gonna be hurtin' her." she murmurs "It'd be me. I. I dunno. I'm just not comfortable with umm, well I." she sighs a little "Later. I 'll worry about it later. Shards. I could use a drink." she mutters.

Ers'lan lifts his brow at her mutter of needing a drink, making him chuckle some, "Nay, ya dun narh need ta drink over it…" he does sigh softly, asking then, firmly, as if needing an answer, "Ya should let me know iffin ya would rather narh be with me 'ere like this… Reckon I won't be giving up Laera, she be a part of me. Iffin that makes ya uncomfortable… be it best we jus keep it ta friends."

Keziah is silent and she sighs. She shakes her head a little "I dunno what I be wantin'. I be. I be. I be likin' ya." she admits softly. Hard to say? Perhaps. "I not be wantin ya to be leavin' Laera. I won't be havin' that. Not over someone like me." she states and looks up at him "I'd not be liken ya iffen ya do somethin like that." she states and there's a mock glare there "I just, perhaps I. I dunno. I just be weird thinkin' about it."

"Laera has me heart fer as long as she be wantin it, but it dun narh mean I can narh be sharin the rest of it with another…" The brownrider keeps his arm loosely wrapped around her, propping the other up on the couch arm. "Ya dun narh understand it… ya be narh takin anythin 'way from Laera." But with a quiet sigh, he seems to allow her to come to whatever conclusion she needs to. There's no need to beat in the truth if she wasn't willing to listen and accept it.

No, tis not an easy concept for Kezi to understand. She who has a hard enough time coming to terms with one person, let alone sharing the love. "But Laera, she be wantin' ta well umm. Join though, won't she? I mean you be sayin joinin ya and Laera." she frowns a little "THe gorls they be, well it's well awkward?"

"Hmmm…" he starts, glancing down at her again, "T'was narh so bad was it, when she be with us last?" Even if it was a flight, "Tis ok… I reckon iffin ya narh be comfortable with it, tis as it tis… Ya dun narh have ta share a bed with her or nothin. Like I be sayin, she be havin her own weyr as do I, as would ya. But I do be havin a loyalty and affection fer Laera. Would be likin ta share that with ya…" he shrugs his opposite shoulder.

Keziah blushes a little as she things back to that night. "Umm." she coughs a little and then actually refuses to even answer that question. "Aye, I know you do. Tis something special ya too be havin. I, I envy ye that." she notes softly "I, I won't be saying no. I just not bein sure about it. It's umm. Tis. Well. I was nae expectin' it." she admits softly "It was a surprise."

Ers'lan levels his gaze at her, "Ya dun narh have ta be envyin' nuthin iffin ya dun narh want ta… Ye can hav it…" a relationship, the loyalty, the love of another. Though it doesn't sound as if he's pressuring her, instead, that he's giving her the choice and the information to make whatever choice she needs to. He does kiss the side of her cheek after a moment of thinking, "Jus… think bout it…" and he's moving to get up, sighing quietly, "Reckon I be needin ta get back ta the wing."

Keziah blinks a little at the kiss on her cheek and she's looking up at him with a touch of wonder in her eyes. How strange how something so simple can be so.. so.. something. She has no words to describe it, even to herself. She saddens just a little as he gets up. "Aye, likely shouldna be leavin' things ta be sittin' too long." she notes quietly "You be lookin' after the wing fer me now." she notes softly, having seemed to moved on from thoughts of leaving the wing. "I will be thinkin' on it." she notes softly "Aye, I'll be thinkin on it." she murmurs. She places a hand on her stomach and then she nods "I will be thinkin' on it. I think. I think maybe. Maybe I'd like the babe ta be havin' a dad."

It wasn't as if he was in a state of frenzie to get back to the wing. No lives were at stake today, no one lost, no one missing, ships doing well in the choppy waters. Nothing out of the ordinary and while he shows a hint of disappointment for having to leave, there is good reason for him to leave. She needed to think. "Aye, reckon I be seein no one be screwin it up fer ya…" he says with a determined voice, brushing his hands down his pants in absent thoughts. As for her last remark, he smiles over at her, "Aye. T'would like ta be givin a chance with ya…ta be the babes paps and fer ya ta be its mum…"

Keziah smiles softly "Good, ta be tellin' 'em I can still swing a skillet." she states and then sighs a little "I still being sorry fer that." she notes quietly "Mirai nor Micaela be having one. I may not be easy at lettin' ya play a part, just ta be warnin' ya." she notes and smiles "Though I suppose maybe I'll be sharin the babe with Laera too." she hmms a little and looks thoughful on that.

"Yer.. family be ours…" he does add in, "Reckon Micaela be too young ta know the difference… Mirai, aye, too late fer her ta be thinkin of me in that way." Ok, cue the bit of awkward roll of his head, since he knew of the crush that Mirai had upon him at one point. "Jus, I would be likin ta be thar… ta… be part of it…" A little look to the side, then back to Keziah, a nod, "Let me know iffin ya want ta be with us… as a family…"

Keziah can't help but smirk a little "Aye, I think Mirai might not be wantin ta look on ya as a father. Though She be needin' one I think now. She be seein' someone. I know she is." she sighs a little "But I guess she be growin up." she notes quietly "She ain't much older than I was I guess when well. I do hope she fairs better." she sighs a little and then smiles "Ers'lan." she says her voice turning serious as she reaches out for him. "I do."

Ers'lan frowns at the mention of Mirai needing a father, "Aye, reckon I can jus be a friend ta her.. at the least…" there wasn't much he could do about her seeing someone else. It was her right as a woman to go experience that sort of thing when she was comfortable with it. Afterall, people were considered adults, or old enough to apprentice, at twelve, so it's not a surprise for him in any way. He stalls there in the room, as if hoping to hear some decision so he knew which way to move. The last does have him pivot toward her again, a smile forming on his lips that was soft and likely only seen by Laera before. Closing his gap, he steps back over to her and moves to lean in for a kiss as if that would seal the deal.

Aye, Mirai be her own woman, Keziah is just possessive and has a hard time letting go. Course, all thoughst of Mirai go out of her head with the kiss and this time she doesn't draw back or just sits there. She leans right into it, having made her decision, she is going with it. For better or worse.

His one hand goes behind her to rest on the top of the couch backing, the other resting on the arm of the couch as he leans in to kiss her, whiskers tickling and all. It was something that he thought of doing and did since he was a weyrling, but to have her return the touch without that resistance or hesitation, it created an electric buzz between them. He makes a pleasing noise with his lips drawn into a soft smile. He does let the kiss part after a moment, lingering there with his gaze keeping to her own.

There is something to be said for whiskers, and none of it bad. As the kiss ends, she follows for just a second and then she's sitting back, her lips parted, swollen and a little smile on her face. "Wow." she says simply as she looks back up at Ers'lan and then she blushes. To have such an experience. What does one say to that? Certainly not a thank you, that would seem to trite. So again, it's actions instead of words and she reaches up to touch his cheek, a tender caress.

Ers'lan remains there, chuckling very quietly at her response. It was a nice response, that single word. Her actions better as he half closes his eyes to the touch, giving her a private smile that again will never be seen outside of private situations. It's a loving smile, a touch of compassion with the charming curl. "Do ya reckon I should spend the night…?"

A blink. Oh my, oh dear? Oh wow. Kezi is silent and there's a little nibble on her lips. Does she say yes? Does she say no? What will he think with either answer. And then she thinks. A kiss like that. Well. Hmm. The flicker of emotions crosses her face quickly with her thoughts. Worry, consternation, thoughfulness and perhaps a touch of wow again. That smile though, how can you say no to such a sweet and tender smile. A side of him she's never seen him show her. A smile that is for her, not just Laera and then she's reaching out to him with her other hand "Stay. Please?"

The man waited patiently with those blue eyes looking into those grey-blue pools of Keziah's, waiting for some decision that he'll allow her to make. It was at her pace and he made that clear earlier. It had always been at her pace, perhaps a reason for his frustration all the time with her. At least now, as he watched her weigh the options in her mind, he knew where he stood. The fact that her hand is reaching out for him makes him nod, putting out his hand in an invitation toward her, to help her up out of the couch. There is a fleeting look around the weyr until he notes the location of the plush bed. "Come…" a simple word that he hopes will encourage her to follow him and most importantly, trust him.

Carefully rising up off the couch, the offered hand a great help Keziah stands a moment and gazes into his eyes. She smiles softly and she does let him lead her to her room and then she's quietly shutting the door and locking it. No being disturbed in the morning. Mirai can handle Micaela after all. Keziah needs this chance to… get to know Ers'lan a little more….

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