Visiting Ista

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns
Large enough to house the entirety of Ista's population at one time, the cavern set aside for the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandiose, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables surrounded by benches and chairs. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here. The long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, as well as bottles and flasks of drinks both hot and chilled. A pot or two of something is always bubbling upon the hearth, along with warming enough klah to keep weryfolk and riders going throughout the day and night. Although a high table is set aside for respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the seating here is not designated to any particular group - rather, all ranks of the population eat together, intermingled across the broad area.

Great tapestries have been hung upon the walls, orange and black borders proudly displaying the weyr's colors, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the area - the eruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propeller-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days, the only real sign of modernization outside the infirmaries and craft caverns. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the bowl.

A trumpeting bellow announces the arrival of a foreign dragon to the resident watchdragon of Ista. A bronze has made an appearance in the skies, and has landed upon the springtime weyr. His rider, knotted with the colors of Xanadu, has taken his leave from his lifemate and finds himself here, in the midst of a cavernous…well, cavern. Ka'el pauses, taking in the immense size of it all with an impressed look. Smirking to himself, he heads further in, beckoned by the aroma of food as he pulls his riding goggles away from his head and combs a hand through windswept hair, pushing it back and away from his eyes. He pauses again, attention taken by the tapestries on the wall, and his possible quest towards food is put on hold as he considers them and the scenes that have been etched in thread upon their surfaces. He doesn't truly mean to look like a tourist. Tourists probably do a better job at blending in than he is. But, wide-eyed and gawking as he is, he might as well have a 'Hi! My name is Ka'el and I'm not from around here!' sign on his back.

An equally loud bellow is in answer, but not from Ista's watchdragon - that poor beast is entirely drowned out by Nziekilth, lounging on a prime sunning spot along the bowl rim, and watching the comings and goings with lazy interest. At least the watchdragon manages a polite warble, anyway, the blue seeming almost tiny by comparison. The gold's lifemate, however, is definitely not looking like a tourist. But she's hardly looking like a rider, either, in drab and practical attire that could better suit drudgework than the fancy knot on her shoulder. All the same, Cenlia is striding through the living cavern, beige pants and tunic unremarkable amongst the actual tourists, her hair tied back into a messy bun, half-threatening to spill over her eyes and shoulders with every step. "First time in Ista?" is said as she passes by Ka'el, on her way to the drinks table, crooked grin quirking up on one side with some amusement for the apparent gawking.

Ka'el's eyes are stuck upon the volcano eruption on the tapestry, his head slightly canting to one side during his contemplation of it. Volcano! Eruption! Lava! (destruction) What's not to like? His reverie is broken by a nearby voice. No, make that a passing voice, which causes a blink and a turn of his body as he seeks the culprit. A culprit that is easily found: Woman in beige. "Almost, but not quite," he answers with a vague smirk, sheepish almost because … he probably shouldn't be gawking at tapestries in the middle of a cavern. Weyrleaders are held to higher expectations than that! Ahem. "I've been .. to a hatching here, and a day's vacation here turns ago. And sadly that ends my experience with Ista Weyr." His smirk grows to a grin as he begins to move, away from the artistry and towards her. Or maybe towards the drinks as well, which happens to be in the same direction as she. Fancy that! "Xanadu's duties," he greets, "to Ista and her Queens." Eyes shift momentarily to the knot on her shoulder, seemingly out of place in in grandeur in comparison to her plain clothing. "I hope a spur of the moment visit doesn't put you and yours out too much? I don't eat much." Not that it doesn't seem as if the Weyr doesn't have much to spare!

It's a busy time in Ista, it seems, for visitors as not long after the arrival of one guest, two more are emerging from Between. Velokraeth is quick to call out in his rich, wavering warble to the watch dragon on duty and likely echoed by the second dragon with him. The pale, misshapened bronze circles lazily to the ground below and lingers just long enough to allow his rider to dismount and strip off the heavier winter flight gear for more comfortable attire for springtime weather before launching up again to scope out a suitable spot to lounge on. Ahh, SUN! Fort has been lacking it, what with being in the heart of winter. Th'ero will wait for the rider joining him, his head lifted to scan the Weyr itself. It's been awhile since the Fortian Weyrleader last visit Ista Weyr, though he had been in attendance for Ista Hold's Gather. Where, or where to go first? Why, the living caverns! Couldn't hurt to grab a drink (or two) and some food. So it's to that direction that Th'ero drifts, pausing by the entrance to gain his bearings.

Kimmila arrives with Th'ero, the bluerider dismounting just after he does, taking her time on the way down. Varmirth also seeks a sunny spot with his ledgemate, while Kimmila adjusts her loose clothing, checks her dagger, and follows after him. "Waaaaarm."

Cenlia's own gaze is drawn idly to that same volcanic tapestry, probably one she's eyed a thousand times but never really /looked/ at too closely. Maybe she just isn;t fond of the design, as her nose wrinkles briefly at it, though just as easily she's grinning again, "Yeah?" Her own head canting to one side in curiosity, she's then squinting almost at poor Ka'el, as if trying to place the face, or the knot. "Definitely not visiting enough, then," she decides, grin widening with good cheer, "I'm Cenlia - here, have some booze." A hand is waved at the drinks table, which she's still aiming for herself, nabbing a bottle of something amber-hued and chilled, not bothering with a glass, though on second thought, she'll pause and nab one of those too. "An' Ista's duties to yers as well," the weyrwoman chuckles, "Nah, Xanadu riders're always welcome to crash in, 'specially when there's a party on." What party? The living caverns aren't exactly empty, but they're not exactly bursting with festivity either. Nziekilth lets out another loud bugle from outside, rumbling a welcome to the Fortian dragons, while Cen peers back at the caverns entrance, distracted a moment as her dragon informs her of who else has arrived. Eyebrows life a second before she's raising a hand, probably to try to catch the attention of either Th'ero or Kimmila, while muttering at the air, "Shells, don’t sharding call /V'lad/ - ain't gonna shovel any of 'em." A pause and an eyeroll. "Yes, I /swear/."

Hm. Cenlia. Why does he know that name? Oh! Because he was quizzed and requizzed and triple quizzed on the names of current Weyrwomen and Leaders of the Weyrs, that's why! Lucky for Ka'el, the senior hasn't changed since, and thus recognition flashes in his eyes as he looks at her. Oh, yeah! "Weyrwoman. A pelase and well-met, finally." Ka'el grins, broad and friendly as he retrieves (yay!) a drink for himself. Something cold and frothy and alcoholic, just like he likes it. "I'm Ka'el, Xanadu's Weyrleader and … apparent tourist from the looks of it," he says with a laugh. "You're right. I haven't been here enough, and I've aimed to come to make my acquaintance but … I never realized how busy a Weyrleader could be before I became one." And what a rude awakening that was. As for the apparent party, he gives a look around. Uhh. Maybe it's a small party? Drink in hand, he too glances to the entrance, his eyes following hers to the familiar Fortians. He smiles, lifting his mug in greeting. "Xanadu's duties!" he calls cheerfully, eyes shifting to Cenlia at her mutter. A faint grin. "Dragon on the mind?" Ha, as if a dragon ever isn't on a rider's mind!

Th'ero hasn't done anything (yet) to warrant a shovel to his person, or so he'd hope! Noting that Kimmila checks her dagger, the Fortian Weyrleader chuckles low in his throat. "Relax." he murmurs, though wears a similar one on his own hip. Old habits, they die hard. "And yes, it's warm and a welcomed change! I'm starting to grow weary of snow and ice." Grumble. Spotting a raised hand, it takes Th'ero a moment to recognize Cenlia, thrown off as he is by her attire. That's definitely the right knot though! He lifts his hand up in a return gesture and smiling crookedly to his weyrmate, he slips an arm around her to gently rest a hand against her back. "Shall we?" he murmurs and begins to walk forwards and when a second greeting is called out cheerfully, Th'ero looks both surprised and faintly amused. He'll slip into greetings once he's within ear shot and does not have to shout to give them. "Fort's duties to Ista and her queens. Hello again, Cenlia. Hope you do not mind our, ah… abrupt arrival?" Smiling in a welcoming but reserved manner, he will dip his head politely to Ista's Weyrwoman and then echo the same to Ka'el. "And Fort's duties to Xanadu as well! How are you both?" he asks. "Hope we've not interrupted anything important?" Is this business or pleasure (or both)?

Kimmila shakes her head at Th'ero's 'relax' remark. "It caught on the straps, just making sure it was okay." She doesn't expect to be attacked in Ista! Looking around, she smiles and returns both waves as they approach. "Hello! Ka'el, right? And hi, Cenlia! How're you doing? Congratulations on the win!"

Dragon on the brain indeed! "Sharding lump thinks I need a nanny, just 'cause some folks dun got a sense of humor. Is all Teo's doing, am tellin' ya. Only insulted /one/ snotty little Lord Holder.." leaning a hip against the table, she trails off, lifting that bottle she'd grabbed so she can use her teeth to wiggle the cap free, and then pour herself a drink. "Anyhow, well met, Ka'el - an' here's hopin' ya get more time in the Istan sun, yeah?" The grin widens again, "Always room fer more tourists. An' shells, I hear ya - thought goldriding was bad, didn't even /know/ half the workload till after I got handed the knot." There's definite sympathy there, "Seems like there's never 'nough time to do anything anymore. One good thing 'bout bein' in charge, though, is there ain't nobody to tell ya off fer taking a break now and again." There's a head-bob for Th'ero and Kimmila, Cen offers her own amiable, "Ista's duties, an' all that." As for abrupt arrival, she has to chuckle, tilting her glass to indicate Ka'el, "Seems like the day for it - think the good weather's just callin' to folks. Join us fer a drink?" Given the booze in hand, it's most likely pleasure this time, though with Cenlia, it might be debatable. "Been alright, hoping the spring storms hold off for another few sevendays, give us a good run of sunshine. How's things up north?" The goldrider herself is without weapons at all - or even guards at the moment. But then again, in the middle of the living caverns, it's a safe bet there are no terrible dangers hiding under the tables or anything. Hopefully. "Should hear the lads in the stables - shards, would think it was their own critter than won," shaking her head, Cen's grin becomes a little more lopsided, "Was kinda surprised m'self. Wish I coulda been there though, but got caught up in somethin' last minute an' had to go deal with it." Give nher expression, though, even the fancy dresses might have been preferable to whatever she'd been called into.

"Doing well," Ka'el answers to Th'ero. "And the most important thing here is me realizing that I need to spend more time here under the sun. S'getting too cold for my liking at home!" Although not in winter, the autumn chill grows day by day! The spring of Ista is a welcome relief. Cenlia's empathy for the extra duties the come with leadership is met with a nod. Hey, they all have that in common, don't they? More or less, even if Kimmila doesn't have a fancy Weyrwoman's knot. Being the weyrmate to the Weyrleader must keep her just as busy, yes? "Though I did come with the intention of speaking to the beastcraft here. A journeyman maybe..who could answer a few questions in regards to tunnelcats," said with eyes shifting Cenlia's way in question. The mentioning of the races has him perking, and he takes a swallow of his drink before commenting. "I heard! I double that congrats to you," he extends to Cenlia. "Xanadu ended up second? I missed it as well. Had every intention of coming. Even got Kanekith bathed and ready for a 'public appearance'," eyes are gently rolled at the phrase. "He was sore to know we wouldn't make it after all, but I heard there was a good turnout."

Th'ero chuckles at Kimmila and turns his attention back to Cenlia and his smile broadens a little. "So it would seem! Have to admit, I'd take this weather over most of the winter cold we get. It has it's own beauty but… that wears thin pretty sharding fast." Really fast. "We'd be glad to join you for drinks, of course! Wouldn't we, Kimmila?" he murmurs, gesturing for her to take a seat. As for 'up North', the Fortian Weyrleader only shrugs. "Can't complain. We've hit a quiet spell, which either means things are looking in our favour or… we're really in for it. Can't say what the wagers are on that." he muses, glancing sidelong to Kimmila. "Good. Glad to hear Xanadu, and Ista, are fairing well!" His eyes drift back to Ka'el, studying the Xanadian Weyrleader before he chuckles heartily, a look of understanding crossing his features. "I hear you on wanting more sun." As for the information that Ka'el seeks on tunnelcats, well… Th'ero cannot help there, but it's obvious his curiosity is piqued. When Kimmila brings up Ista's win at the races, Th'ero's smile slips into a grin and followed with a low laugh. "Can't hurt for them to celebrate? It was a good race!" Even if Fort came third. The Fortian Weyrleader never was one for the betting or the larger racing scene. It's all entertaining to him, no matter who wins! "That's right, Congrats to Xanadu too for the second place win! And it's a shame both of you were caught up. It was a good Gather all around, though quite crowded. Races and Turnover seemed to draw double the number."

Kimmila smiles with a curious tilt to her head at Cenlia's rambling. What's all that, now? "Fabulous weather," she agrees with a smile. "A drink? Ah, no thank you," she says, eying the booze with a shake of her head. Sorry, Th'ero? Then she grins. "I'll bet they were. And they should be! They've got connections." To Ka'el, the bluerider smiles. "Yup, second. You having issues with tunnelcats down there?" Then she glances around again. "Be back," she says, squeezing Th'ero's arm before she vanishes into the kitchens. She'll be back eventually.

"Oughtta speak to T'eo 'bout a beachside gather, sounds like," Cenlia grins at both weyrleaders and Kimmila, "Shells, setup some sand races an' surfing, and we'll have everybody warmed up in no time." A pause, before she tacks on, with a nod to the Fortians, "Y'know, Ista could always use shipments of ice. We get it now and again from Reaches and Telgar, but might be worth setting up somethin' with you as well." Because goodness knows, Ista can get sweltering sometimes. A brow quirks up at Ka'el's mention of tunnelcats, the weyrwoman considering a moment, "Huh, ain't much fer critters m'self, but can have Serri show ya down to the craft caverns to speak with what beastcrafters we got. Ya got problems with 'em over there?" echoing the bluerider's question, and then making a face as she recalls, "We just got rid of all them crawlers some idjit was sellin' on the boardwalk - might be worth askin' the harpers too. Was them that finally found us a right proper solution to gettin' rid of 'em." The double congrats earn a grin and a raised glass, Cen replying back, "An' congrats to ye as well. Think Trolessi's still sore 'bout his prized beast fouling up in one of them races, but was a good show, will give it that." She plops down in a nearby seat, setting bottle and glasss on the table before her and nodding to the others, "Here's hoping the weather's calm all round. Would be nice to have a turn without havin' to worry 'bout the sky fallin' on us." She watches Kimmila head off the the kitchens, head tilting to the side briefly, before she adds, "Actually, got the all the holders askin' when the next event's gonna be," eyes going back to the two weyrleaders, "Did a lotta good to have folks lookin' forward to them gathers, an' not seein' pirates off every horizon fer once."

"I'll take you up on that offer," Ka'el says, looking gratefully towards Cenlia at the mentioning of being shown to a beastcrafter. "Though, no it isn't because've any problems," he assures all in attendance, head shaking twice. "It's more … I'm seeking information on whether or not Ista is home to any breeders. I'd planned on seeking one in Keroon, but having missed the races I fear I might've missed my opportunity. And now that I'm here, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Keroon can't be the only place that breeds the animals for sale." Or maybe it is. He doesn't know much about tunnelcats! Beasts aren't really his thing, and his interest in the creatures seems more personal than business related. The Weyrwoman's mention of crawlers has him quirkinga brow before he takes another swallow of his drink. "Dare I even ask?" he says with a smirk. "Glad you got'm under control, by whatever means!" He grins a little, his mind wandering to gathers and pirats. Pirates? His smile slips a bit. "Had there been a problem before?" he asks, though pauses after the words have left his mouth, brows furrowing in remembrance. "…Turns ago, not sure if it was pirate-related, there was trouble at a Western gather. Attack on the Weyrleader. Haven't heard of anything happening since." He knocks on wood. "If ever Ista hosts a beach party, consider this Xanadu's advance RSVP!"

Th'ero almost places the palm of his hand to his face when Kimmila turns down the offer of drinks. Idiot! "I could see if there is something non alcoholic?" he says in a lowered tone to his weyrmate but it will all be for naught! She's clasping his arm and he's quick to return it before she vanishes. A frown settles on his brow, concern in his eyes but swiftly vanishing. She'll either be back or he'll catch up to her. "Sand races?" Th'ero queries to Cenlia, clearly out of the loop. Fort is… lacking in sandy beaches, at least around the Weyr. They have lake shores! With rocks. Not the same. "If you're wanting ice, Cenlia, you can take it. Though we tend to vary from Turn to Turn in how much we get and for how long." So it'd be a spotty and unreliable trade? Th'ero's mouth twists to a grimace at the mention of the crawlers and if he scans the caverns then, it's for his searching of his weyrmate. Honest! "I recall you mentioning that. Fortunate that a solution could be found… And hopefully this Trader won't find luck selling his ah, "pets" elsewhere." Shaking his head, he focuses back on the conversation and gives Ka'el another lingering, curious look. "Could try Beastcraft Hall in Keroon?" he suggests as he too takes a seat. Th'ero snorts his agreement to Cenlia's remark on quiet and lack of pirates, though his expression and tone darkens slightly too. Lots of memories there. "Same goes for Fort. After all that happened, even Turns ago, so many of the Holders and holder folk… weyrfolk even, are still jumpy. Wasn't even pirates! And I hope never to deal with 'em too. So here's to more Gathers and I'll second Ka'el in saying that Fort would attend! Same goes if Xanadu hosts," he admits with a brief half-grin, only to glance sharply to Ka'el. "I believe that was. Didn't hear much else of it, but at the time… we had our problems." Knock on wood that all have passed!

A curious look might be given to Th'ero for the lowered tone there, but gasp, Cen seems to have acquired tact! Maybe V'lad really is rubbing off on her, horror of horrors. Eyes briefly distant, Cenlia sips her drink while leaning back in her chair, one knee lazily crossed over the other. She's not having to work right now, and is enjoying every moment of it, it seems. "She'll be up here inna bit," is said to Ka'el, likely having had Nziekilth notify Headwoman Serri for her. Eyebrows sneak up toward her hairline as the Xanadu weyrleader explains about the tunnelcats, "Huh, dun really know, truth be told. Ista's got.." nosewrinkle briefly, "..a lotta chickens. Buncha folks breeding runners an' ovines, and some that're trying with caprines, but beyond that, if it ain't something Zeek wants to eat, I dun really deal with it." Beasts definitely aren't her thing either, apparently. As for the crawlers, "Ugh, had this trader awhile back sellin' the things as pets. Bred faster'n firelizards, and were worse'n tunnelsnakes. Sent the whole lot between or poisoned 'em outright, but still got a few folk who're keepin' 'em in the cotholds. /As pets/. Sharding nutters, if ya ask me." She'll grin at Th'ero wryly, "Send as much as ya can - we'll send back some booze an' fruits." Is that the arrangement they have with the other northern weyrs? Ice can't be /that/ wanted a commodity in Ista, can it? Her own smile falters a tad as she says, "Yeah, was some turns back, been awhile now really. We had somebody hiring mercenaries to attack ships, tryin' to make things bad fer Ista Hold." Her expression doesn't change, but there's an /edge/ to her voice, and a slight shift in her demeanor as she states, "P'rel took care of 'em." Shaking her head, Cenlia has to admit, "But the holders, them lot're still," agreeing with Th'ero, "aye, jumpy 'bout trouble comin' back. Lookin' to the weyr to make sure everything's still good. Don't blame 'em, was a whole mess that, but does folks good to relax, have somethin' else to focus on 'stead of worryin' all the time. Local gathers always got more guards than we really need - think mebbe the constant reminder weighs on folks, 'specially around Ista Island." V'lad would probably never believe the weyrwoman capable of being so observant, but then, she doesn't often share drinks with /him/. "Western?" This catches her interest, "Didn't hear 'bout that one, but aye, what we need," seeming much more enthusiastic about this suddenly, "is a beach party. Shells, get all you lot down here fer some sun fer awhile," grinning at the bronzeriders, "Though, when it gets humid here, gotta admit.. all that cold starts to sound sharding nice too. Istans're always ready fer a party, should see if we can organize somethin'."

Ka'el gives a nod to Th'ero at the mention of the Beastcraft hall in Keroon, chuckling at the banter regarding ice. Eyes drift in the direction in which Kimmila drifted off to, but he doesn't question her disappearance. He focuses on pirates and the troubles they caused in the past. "Xanadu's been lucky then. We weren't plagued by pirates, but I understand the feelin' of wariness. For a long time people were afraid of a rumored madman on the loose somewhere on our Weyr. A kidnapper. Murderer. I was only an apprentice at the time, newly arrived. Never learned what came from it, but he hasn't been heard of in turns. We've been able to rest easy and gather without worry." Except if that worry is random explosions… -.-; He drains the rest of his drink, setting it on the table with a small clunk. "We're all fortunate! Ista, Fort, Xanadu. Troubled times are behind is and clear skies ahead. Definite reason to gather our people together and celebrate. We'll plan something," he agrees with a grin. "I'll whisper the idea in Thea's ear and see if she'll take it. I don't see why not. Winter'll be on us eventually and even with your humidity, we'll all be craving the sun." He grins broadly, though his eyes shift towards the exit. "Will you have your woman meet me outside? Kanekith's beckoning for something or another.." A smirk, then he dips his head to the both of them. "Was a pleasure to finally meet you, Weyrwoman Cenlia. It'll happen again soon, I hope. Weyrleader," spoken to Th'ero of course, "S'always good to see you."

Th'ero is likely inwardly relieved that neither Cenlia or Ka'el inquire to Kimmila's abrupt departure or her turning down drink. It would have led to crypticness. Awkward crypticness, though perhaps an explanation as to what brought them here to start. For now though, he remains engrossed in the conversations, silent on the most part on the inquiry's on the tunnelcats. The concept of 'pets' has always gone over his head, but given the cothold he was raised in that is no surprise. "Chickens make good eating though and so do their eggs." he points out to Cenlia with a half smirk. So… not so bad? There's a subtle shiver for the crawlers and woe to any who are foolish to try to bring them into Fort's territory! Th'ero won't have any of it! Nope. Chuckling softly, he dips his head in a quick nod. "I'll pass that by Nyalle, if you truly are seeking ice. We could always do with more fresh fruit, since we usually fall back on dried and preserved pretty fast." Turning back to more grim topics, Th'ero exhales and runs a hand through his hair. "No, don't blame them at all. Give them time, they'll recover. As for the Guards, well… it doesn't hurt to keep their numbers up?" he remarks to Cenlia, only to sit a little straighter and his focus settle on Ka'el from beneath a heavily thoughtful frown. "That'd've been Laris." Th'ero almost spits the name and there's a steeled edge to his voice now, until he forces himself to relax. Sighing, he sounds almost embarrassed to admit the rest. "We'd misjudged his cunning and he escaped Fort before we could catch up. Dunno how he did it, but he hauled himself and his ragtag band over the water and down into Xanadu territory. We worked with Thea and… ah, I believe it was Xe'tre? Possibly A'dmar as well in trying to find the man. Wasn't till a Turn or so later we did. Back on Fort territory or close enough too it." There's a grim and bitter smile. "He's dead." And from the finality in Th'ero's tone, he'd know. Personally, as it was by his own hand. Clearing his throat, he shakes himself out of that morbid tale and back to lighter things. "I'm all for seeing to happier times. Many, many Turns of them. And if that means Gathers in the sun and by the water? I don't think any of Fort would be willing to miss that opportunity, be it Istan or Xanadian shores! We'd host too, though our summers tend to be milder." And they lack beaches! They have woodland? As Ka'el prepares to leave, Th'ero will dip his head in return and offer the Xanadian Weyrleader a wide smile. "Always good to see you too. Perhaps sometime again soon, even if I am just dropping in to harass that Weyrsecond of yours." He means that in a teasing manner, of course! He won't start trouble, but one never knows between siblings.

If they hadn't been in the caverns, and if she'd had more drink inside her, Cen might have braved the crypticness. She still might, given that she's been sipping the amber liquid for awhile now. But it's the comment on chickens that has her wrinkling her nose, "Grew up with the critters, think I had too much of 'em. Just my luck I got a dragon obsessed with the things," though the exasperation for Zeek's quirks seems to be less than serious. "Ista's always got more fruit than we know what to do with," she does tell Th'ero, "We'll sit down sometime and work somethin' out - got too many pubs an' not enough ice to go around." There's a curious look for Ka'el, "Madman?" Eyebrows go up again as Cenlia takes another sip of her drink, "Shells, that'd be all any weyr needs, crazy folk runnin' about. Figure we got 'nough of the usual crazy - proddy riders an' drunks - dun need any worse'n that." A more sober look crosses her feace at Th'ero's explanation, Cen gnawing at the inside of her cheek in thought, "Shellshards, good thing that is over with," genuinely glad Fort's troubles seem to be over. Ista's own areas aren't too far from the northern weyr, after all! She's then grinning again however, "Aye, here's to clear skies," raising her glass to Ka'el, and doubling it as a farewell as the man heads out, "Will send Serri to find ya - be sure to stop by the boardwalk b'fore ya leave. Is always a good sight on a clear day." As for whispering ideas, Cen snickers, "Will have C'lom send ya some cakes, special-like, might help with the convincing," looking entirely too amused for a moment. Taking yet another sip, and draining her glass, she thunks it on the table as she sets it down.. to pour herself another drink, waving over a drudge as she does so.

Laris. Ka'el repeats the familiar name, one that had escaped his memory. It was so long ago. Or at least, it seems so to him. Before Kanekith. Before Candidacy. Before any real substantial milestone in his life. Just a boy from Black Rock hoping to make it past apprenticeship in a craft no one wanted him to persue… How time flies! "Xe'ter," he corrects gently while nodding. "Is that what happened to him then? … Not sad to say I'm glad for it. It was a nightmare of a time, not knowing if and when he'd turn up again." But anyway. On to happier thoughts of gathers between friendly Weyrs. Happy times for all! Ka'el's glad for it. It's far easier to be a Weyrleader in times of peace, where the most he has to worry about is organizing the correct flight formations and signing off on the correct papers before a deadline! Murders and pirates? Yeah. Thanks for handling that Xe'ter and A'dmar! Ka'el grins crookedly to Th'ero as he mentions Xanadu's Weyrsecond, giving him a salute in answer. "I'll be sure to give her fair warning," he replies to him. To Cenlia, he nods a thanks. "I'll keep an eye out for her. Tell her to seek the vainest looking visiting bronze, and she'll be sure to find me nearby. Thanks for the tip about the boardwalk! I'll definitely stop there before I'm off." He gives one last nod to them both before he turns to depart. To the warmth! Ahhh .. he'll miss this.

"Chickens are so small though!" Th'ero muses and then coughs. "Not that I'm saying Nziekilth is a glutton or anything." Nothing of the sort! Back to talk of trade, the Fortian Weyrleader makes a hasty mental note to run the idea by his Weyrwoman. "Fair enough. I'm sure Nyalle would be up for discussing reasonable and fair trade." That is if she isn't spooked within seconds of the meeting! Th'ero's working on that with her… bit by bit. He grimaces, "It was a difficult handful of Turns, for certain. Seems though that Fort, Ista and even Xanadu have managed to persevere though." And he may be wishing he had had insight to grab a drink before he sat down! Both so he could toast to all their health and also for that mellowing buzz of a good, hard drink. "Mhm. You'd not be the only one who was glad to see Laris dead." he mutters to Ka'el, only to swiftly grin. "My thanks. Clear skies, Weyrleader!" Th'ero will quirk a brow as Cenlia has another drink poured and his temptation for one increases. Should he? No, he made a promise (mostly to himself) to be fair to his weyrmate who cannot partake. Speaking of which. "Don't mean to cut our talk short either, Cenlia, but I really should see where Kimmila has got to." How long can a trip to the kitchens last? The Fortian Weyrleader doesn't seem overly concerned yet, but he's a touch puzzled by the blue rider's behaviour. Standing, he nods politely and grins. "All this talk of beaches too has made me want to seek them out, once I see what has my weyrmate delayed. Provided you don't mind another foreign Weyrleader prowling about?" Shouldn't be an issue, right? And it's not like she couldn't join them later for further chatting! Though Faranth only knows how much time Th'ero will have before something calls him back home. "We'll talk again soon, or at least Nyalle will be in contact with you. Enjoy the rest of your day!" he adds, lingering long enough for further formalities to be exchanged before he too departs.

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