We're Your Friends

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It is a nice autumn day, most are out getting chores done, working on having a bit of fun in the still warmish weather, everyone but well Idrissa. The beastcraft apprentice is sitting in a bed reading over a book. Her left arm is wrapped in bandage, and she is trying to sit rather still as if to much movement may cause her pain. A brown and green firelizard is curled up with her on the bed, the little brown cuddled close. Every now and then a healer buzzes over to see how she is doing, being a candidate seems to get her a lot of attention.

Hotaru had been lost in the commotion that was the round up. She'd not been able to really make out what had happened, and everyone there seemed to have their own story. She does know that Rissa is in the infirmary though, and this time not with an upset stomach. Which is why Hotaru has snuck in a pastry box, and waits until the healer that's keeping tabs on Rissa buzzes off before she slips past the curtains. "Rissa!" The red-head says quietly. "How are you feeling? I brought you some sticky buns… Usually they only want to feed you healthy things in here." And that was no good to lift anyone's spirits.

Idrissa isn't sure how often she has to tell the healer that she is fine, and that she wants to leave. This feels like a conversation she had not all that long ago actually. The answer is still the same she will have to stay put. Which makes her grumble, sitting here is getting to her. She eyes the book within her lap and soon looks up to Hotaru at the voice, a smile is seen and she waves over at her. "Hey…" Oh food that doesn't taste like wood? Yes please! "How did you get in here?" The healers are like hawks after all, swooping in on anyone that creeps too close!

It won't matter how many times Idrissa tells the healers that she is fine and can go home. They have a plan and they're going to stick to it, despite her protesting. "I had to sneak in. I told them I was here to give this to one of the other healers." Really the box is just a plain box, so there could be anything inside of it. "Then once they let me back I had to wait for that healer to leave so I could sneak in." Hotaru pulls a chair up next to Rissa's bed and opens up the box so she can take a sticky bun. "So… what's the prognosis? It's not broken, is it?" Her arm, she means. If it was, that would not be good.

Gossip travels fast around a Weyr. The stories conflict, sure, but there's still enough in common that Soriana's determined there's a potential she has to see this for herself. So, now that her shift at the Annex is over, here she is to see! She's got it easy when it comes to getting in, because the healer up in front recognizes her. That's one good thing about errands duty. One good thing out of… in any case, when Soriana says, "Here to check on something!" cheerfully, she gets waved past and makes her way deeper.

Idrissa shakes her head while she lifts her arm and wiggles her fingers an everything. "Naw, got some scratches and the healers was all worried about it. Wasn't even that bad I thought." Healers overreact with candidates, well they do sort of overreact with Rissa too seeing how she does come here more than some her age. She is clumsy alright. "Just bruised and bandaged up from the fall an all." She eyes that box and smiles while taking hold of it. "Thanks Hotaru. Did you make it?"

Sori does have it easier. Not that Hotaru was about to pledge her life to the healers just for better visitation rights. She'd just assume sneak in when she had to. Candidates needed to be relatively unharmed if they were to stand on the sands. And Rissa seems to invite trouble onto herself! Or maybe she just has bad luck. Hotaru nods to the beastcrafter. "Ah. Well it's good you're not too hurt. I guess they're just keeping you here as a precaution? I guess they probably know you by name around here now, hm?" She chuckles. "Er, not by myself. I helped, really. I wouldn't know where to start making sticky buns on my own. Well, I guess I have a better clue now."

Ah-ha! See? Soriana did have to check this one out in person. She hurries herself on over, and takes a peek at the chart while she's there. She may not be a human-healer, but healerese is much the same no matter what the species of the patient, and so when she looks up again, it's with a grin. "Heya, Idrissa. Hey, Hotaru."

Idrissa does indeed invite trouble for herself, though she doesn't see why she wouldn't be able to stand, it's just some bruises and scrapes after all, not like anything is broken! "Ya pretty much. I keep asking if I can leave, though they say I have to wait, still." This said with a faint grumble. The box of treats is opened and she peers within it. "Well you helped so that is a good thing. Thanks again Hotaru that was really nice of you to bring it to me." Another voice is heard and she waves to Soriana while smiling still. "Hey Soriana. How goes?"

Hotaru looks up as Sori comes in and gives the dragonhealer gal a wave. "Hey Soriana. Come here to visit the invalid?" She chuckles, teasing Idrissa of course. "That stinks. But at least you're free from chores and such. Though I guess you're probably bummed not getting to work with all the new bovines." Hotaru chuckles and shrugs about helping with the pastries. "Ah, don't mention it. I figured you might like this better than a steak or burger, right?" She grins.

"Gotta work on my bedside manner somehow," Soriana says to Hotaru, then turns her attention to Idrissa. "I," she says, "-am fine." Pause. Not a very long one. "So what happened? I heard you tried to ride a calf? And a runner panicked, and they still haven't caught him. And that a pride of wild felines ate the Weyrleader. Or tried to, anyway." Half-eaten? It'd be just like that guy to get half-eaten and not show up in the infirmary. Probably gone off to some Iernian infirmary he thinks is better. "… or… uh… something. Stuff happened." That, at least, must be true, because hey - Idrissa's here in the infirmary! So, stuff happened. At least to her.

"I don't mind you all visiting me, getting bored in here on my own after all." She shakes her head slightly. "It's alright, really, I'm sorta done with workings with them things at the moment." A glance is sent to Hotaru at the talk of meat and she urps slightly at the thought. "No meat." Her gaze flicks to Soriana now and she blinks. "He was attacked by felines?" There is a pause while she glances over the infirmary as if to look for him. "As to what happened, I was going after a calf and a feline wanted it as well. RedFeather's panicked and reared up and I fell off, hit the ground. The calf ran over me and then the feline got the calf." Some story right? "Darsce and Jethaniel pulled me outa the way and Ers'lan killed the feline before anyone got hurt." At least she doesn't sound sorry over the fact that the feline was killed.

Hotaru blinks, then laughs at Soriana's tale of Idrissa's adventure. "Shards and shells. Were you trying to ride a calf after your runner ran off?" Hotaru's dealings with the weyrleader have been brief, but he seemed like the type of guy who would bite a feline back if they tried to bite him first. Hotaru nods to Idrissa. "I guess I never really got the full story there. Were those bovines missing? Or are they wild? How do you domesticate wild ones, anyways? That seems pretty dangerous." Hotaru scratches her head. "I didn't see any of that. It was total chaos, the herd was scattering with the felines. Sheesh. They must be some hungry cats if they'd risk being out with the rest of us just to get a calf."

"S'what I heard," Soriana says of A'dmar, with that wave of her hands that means 'somewhere, and the source may not have been the most reliable or the hand anything closer than seventeenth'. Oh, rumors. But now she has something better than rumors, and she listens to Idrissa's story intently. It's all making sense, up until… "Darsce… and… Jethaniel." Blink. Noooot exactly who she'd think of as substitutes for Search and Rescue, either of them. Okay, sure, Jethaniel if it was shooting sparks of electricity, but wild felines? Hah! Moving on… "Aren't felines supposed to hunt at night, anyways? That's what they told us back when there was trouble before."

Idrissa shakes her head slightly at the thought of the Weyrleader getting maled. "I hope his alright, them feline bites." There is a pause while she eyes her right arm where the scars rest and her eyes close while she pulls Hidalgo more into her lap. "No, they wasn't missing. Ren and I was trying to round up a few more mother's and calves when one of the calf's broke off and got away. I went to try and pull it back in an all. So the calf was on its own, perfect target for the feline. This feline was all sacred up, looked sick, even has an ear tag with an id number on it and all. So it was like owned by someone."

In a weyr the rumors spread like wildfire once the first dragons came back from the round up most likely. There were probably hundreds of different stories floating around, and the one that gets accepted as true might not even be correct. "That's what I thought. But I'm sure they'd make an exception if they heard a stampede of bovines. Thought generally not if humans are about. Maybe if they happened on a lonely calf though…" Hotaru blinks. "Its ear was tagged? Strange. Maybe someone had it as a pet when it was little, then dumped it back into the wild once it was too big? Is there any way to trace the tagging?"

"I heard they're going to keep some of the bovines wild, because the dragons like the taste better," Soriana says of those gathered herdbeasts, then huhs about the tagged feline. "Really? That's… weird. I hadn't heard that part." Hey, maybe it was supposed to be a secret so as to not fuel rampant speculation. Welp… too late now!

Idrissa wasn't told NOT To talk about it, so as such there you go! "They don't like humans at all. I mean that one in the forest." She pauses and bites her lip. "Ya it was tagged. They're going to look into it to see if they can figure out where it came from and all." She soon opens hat box and points to the sweetrolls. "You guys gona help me eat 'em right?" They better, cause the healers won't let her keep them!

Hotaru nods about keeping some of the bovines wild. "Probably different feed makes them taste better. Or at least differently. They can't really graze like that in the weyr." Ooo, juicy gossip! Maybe someone was raising human-tolerant felines? Or at least felines that weren't afraid to hunt in daytime? The speculations are endless? Hotaru laughs a bit. "Yeah, we'll help you." Hotaru helps herself to one of the sweetrolls. They are sticky and delicious.

Soriana nods about the bovines, then moves on to felines again. "I've heard about people trying that before," she says to Hotaru. "Never heard of it working, though. Those stories always end with the felines turning on 'em and eating 'em." Speaking of eating things… "Of course!" she says, and reaches for a sweetroll. Time to make the evidence of unhealthy snacks go away. Besides, it's not like there's anything wrong with Idrissa's stomach, right?

"People have tried to keep them as pets, but it never works out and then let them go. So that may be it indeed." Idrissa nods slightly while eyeing the sweetroll and picks one up taking a bite from it before some healer comes over and attempts to take it from her. "Anyway, what have you guys been up to?"

Hotaru shakes her head. "No, I've never heard of it working, either. I don't think they'll ever be able to domesticate them." At least not easily enough to make it worth it. Hotaru shrugs as to what she's been up to. "Chores mostly. I see the guys made it safely back into the barracks the other night. So I guess someone moved the chair for them." She eyes Idrissa. "Was it you? I thought you might have not wanted Kale to get into trouble. And Sori seemed like she was willing to risk his hide to get Muir in trouble?" She looks at Sori then. "What happened with you two?"

Omnom sweetroll. Soriana pauses eating, as Hotaru comes back to questions for her, and licks her fingers before answering. They're sticky, see. Also, she kind of wants an opportunity to think about what she says before she says it. "I didn't want to get them in trouble. I just…" She sighs, in that way that says that okay, yes, maybe she did, except she didn't, too. "I asked Muir to do something, and he messed it up. And it's not just that, he didn't even try. So I was mad at him."

Idrissa munches on another bite of the roll as she listens a glance is sent to Hotaru and she blinkblinks. "What? No I didn't move it, I fell back asleep." She sends a glance over to Soriana and tilts her head. "What happened?" This questioned even though she seems to be getting an answer. A soft ah escapes her and she ponders this. "Did you two work it all out then?"

Hotaru peers at Soriana as she sort of explains her feelings about Muir. Also while she picks apart her own sweetroll and gets her fingers all sticky. "I dunno. Muir strikes me as being a bit selfish. Maybe spoiled is a better way to put it. I guess when you're the weyrwoman's son though it kind of happens. Still, it's not very nice if him if you were asking for a favor." Hotaru blinks at Rissa then, chuckling. "No? Someone else must have taken pity on them then. Did they at least share their food?" They hadn't with Hotaru.

Soriana gives her head a brisk little shake to Idrissa. "It turned out okay." And, well, she's busily trying to repress the incident from her memory, so good luck getting more details from her. As for having worked it out with Muir, she blinks. "No… we haven't talked about it. Just… eh, it's kind of dumb to be mad at him when I probably messed up too." Also, she's kind of terrible at holding onto grudges. You'd have to, oh, say, shout tirades at her in the cleari- nope, actually, she's over that one now. Took her a good turn or two, but she's over it. She takes another small nibble of sweetroll, then tilts her head to Hotaru. "Yeah, maybe. I dunno. I mean, I'm a weyrwoman's daughter too. Just a junior, but…" She shrugs. "Wasn't me that let them in… but Kale shared." And it must have been a good cookie - or something - from the way she smiles.

Idrissa is the curious sort though, she wants to know what happened! She picks at another bite of sweetroll. She smirks an nods. "Ya he shared, cookie with me." She pauses, eyeing Soriana as she catches that smile. "So what else did he give you when I fell asleep?" As if she would /miss/ that.

Hotaru doesn't press the issue about Muir's transgression. That seemed like it was a can of worms! Hotaru shrugs a bit as to whether or not Sori ought to be mad at him. That was her business really. "Probably not much sense in holding a grudge. Just repay him back in kindness the next time he wants a favor of you?" Someone had been shouting tirades at Soriana in the clearing? "Oh right, someone mentioned that before. I seem to attract them. One of my friends from the kitchens was a weyrwoman's daughter at Fort." Hotaru at least seems satisfied with the fact that Kale shares. Though she does raise a brow at Idrissa's question. As far as she knows, Kale is Idrissa's boyfriend only. No one has yet filled her in on the details of their love-triangle. "What do you mean?" She asks of Idrissa. Spill the beans!

"Yeah," Soriana says to Hotaru. "My mom's Sorrin. Yumeth's." She might not go around introducing herself that way anymore, but she certainly doesn't try to hide the connection. As for Idrissa's question, well, they were on Idrissa's cot. It'd be hard for her to miss things entirely, asleep or not. Soriana's smile turns into a laugh. "A kiss." Which is true. It's just an incomplete version of events. Much like Hotaru's incomplete picture of the relationships.

Idrissa knews something was going on around her when she was asleep, she was just so tired that night that she couldn't make them leave. She glances to Hotaru and then looks back to Soriana and blinks, she makes a face and ewwws. "You guys was kissing on /my/ cot… Why didn't you go back to yours or his." She makes a face as she finshes that sweetroll not seeming to even know that Hotaru has no idea about the little love-triangle between the three. She peers to Hotaru and waves a hand to Soriana. "Soriana is also Kale's girlfriend." There, beans spilled!

Hotaru nods to Soriana. "Is it weird having your mom a junior? I've never really lived at the weyr my parents live at since I was fostered." And her desire to be off on her own has kept her from creeping back to Igen. Now she's further than ever from her family. Hotaru just blinks at Soriana's confession. "Why were you on her cot?" Hotaru blinks at the new bit of knowledge about Kale and Rissa and Sori. "Shards. I didn't know that. And… well obviously you both know. Well that's awful rude of Kale. Hogging you both to himself." She laughs a bit. Yeah that's right, blame the man! Glancing between the two of them then she stops for a second. "And are you two…?" Girlfriends? Or something. Hotaru isn't a prude, she's just trying to understand.

Soriana shrugs to Hotaru. "Not really. I mean… it's kinda frustrating she's always so busy, but…" Soriana shrugs again, then returns her attention to the pertinent questions about kisses. "Uh… because I woke up and he was there." Yeah, but why didn't they move? "Because… that would have required us to stop kissing." So, not just a kiss. Kissing, as an ongoing type thing. Idrissa may not have been the only one who realized something was going on in the barracks that night! …oops? Soriana doesn't actually look apologetic about it. Today seems to be the day for things that Soriana doesn't introduce herself as getting dragged out into the light regardless. "Kale's not hogging me. I can go after other boys if I want." That is, admittedly, untested as of yet, but it's still there in principle. Soriana glances to Idrissa, and shakes her head. "We're just friends."

Idrissa tilts her head while she nods slightly to the talk of parents and the like. "We was talking an all and I fell asleep during it The talk that is." This said while she smirks. She blinks and chuckles as she hears Hotaru. "It just sort of worked out that way you know?" There is a pause and she blinks while peering to Soriana at the girlfriends part. "Sori and I have been friends for turns, since Irene actually. I came here then Soriana and her mom did about four turns ago." At the bit on Soriana not moving as it would stop the kiss she just smirks. "Well… You could have sopped and then started somewhere else you know?" Like duh!

Hotaru nods to Sori. "Were you fostered or did you sort of hang out in the caverns?" Hotaru doesn't mean to be nosey. She's just curious. "I don't see my parents too often either. I used to see my grandparents a lot since they weren't too far, but not since I moved." And the plots thickens! At least from a kiss to kissing. Hotaru can more or less guess the rest. She wrinkles her nose at Soriana. "Ew. My cot is only a couple down from there! You guys must be good at being quiet." Hotaru raises a brow, then grins. "I see." Okay. The red-head would be lying if she claimed she hadn't led on any number of boys and not really gone after any seriously. "Well, I guess I'm glad I guess that I'm not a third wheel all the time." She chuckles. "Just more than I realized maybe."

"Well, I was twelve when we came here." And the plot thickens further, as one question leads promptly to the next. At least Idrissa's sorta answered the 'from where' question: Ierne. Soriana continues with her own answer. "So I could take care of myself, pretty much. I've got a room in my mom's Weyr." When she isn't being a candidate, that is! As for the kisses and moving in between them? "Yeeeees," Soriana agrees with the shifty eyes. These logical solutions are so obvious, afterward. During the heat of the moment? Yeah, uh, not so much. Soriana's gone after two boys. The first one ended in tirade! Kale is attempt two. "Aww, you're not a third wheel." Okay, yes, strictly speaking she is, but… "I like hanging out with you."

Idrissa rubs her hands a few times to work on getting them to not be all sticky an all. "Ya well how do you think I feel Hotaru? It was on /my/ cot when I was asleep Doesn't say much for me now does it?" This questioned with an amused tone before she peers over at Soriana and then she looks back to Hotaru and awws. "You're not a third wheel at all Hotaru. I like hanging around with you as well." She even leans over to give the redhead a quick friendly hug!

Hotaru is starting to piece together things. A gold can't remain long at Ierne. There was no sands there, so once she rises, she must move to a proper weyr. Why Sorrin had ended up at Ierne was another tale altogether. "Ah. That's nice though, that you have space in her weyr. Does she have a weyrmate?" A room in her parents' weyr might not be as useful to Hotaru. They had a bowl weyr and she'd need a ride up. "Wait a second. You two were going at it with Idrissa still in the cot?" Stare. "How did you not wake up!?" Hotaru looks a little bashful as both girls reassure her that she's not a third wheel. She returns the hug from Idrissa. "Ah… you guys are both sweet." She can see why Kale keeps them both around!

"Nah. Mom's never really had anyone." Never? Well, there are ways for a goldrider with no romantic attachments to end up with a kid. Okay, really, just one way. Hotaru's weyrbred. She oughta be able to figure it out. As for Soriana's own romantic attachments - and Idrissa's cot… "Yeah, well." Soriana is not actually being apologetic here. She does not regret her makeouts nearly enough for that. "I'm just hoping we don't get in trouble… we heard something at the door. If it was an inspection…" or somebody got woken up and reported them…

Idrissa rolls her eyes and soon shrugs. "I have no idea. Only that I was really really tired an so I just passed out maybe?" Ya sure that works! She smiles and nods to Hotaru at the hug and gives the girl a soft pat upon the arm. A glance is sent over to Soriana now and she blinks. "Really, on geezs I hope not." She frowns at the thought of them getting in trouble.

Hotaru nods. "My parents have been weyrmated for a really long time." She laughs a bit at the thought. "Though I've never met my biological father." She wouldn't even know where to start looking for him if she cared. Hotaru is indeed weyrbred. Sori doesn't need to spell out anything. Since Idrissa doesn't seem that concerned about the make out session in her cot, or more, as Hotaru is suspecting, the red head doesn't seems to care one way or the other. "Don't be doing that in my cot! Otherwise, we're allowed to have sex, so I don't see why someone would be tattling."

"Why would we be on your cot?" Soriana asks Hotaru with a laugh. She knows her biological father's name, at least! Probably because she was curious when she was six. That's about all it's ever mattered to her. "Sure, I mean, I'm not pregnant or anything," she grins. "But we're not really supposed to be up after lights out in the barracks." That would be the rule that might actually get them, not the makeout part. As rules to break go, a fairly minor one. Definitely not one of the Big Four.

Idrissa ahs a moment and lifts a hand to scratch at her neck. "My father died when he was off at sea and I was a little kid so I don't remember a lot about him. My mother, brother and I went to live with my uncle at a colthold near Irene Weyr after all that." A slight glance is sent to Hotaru at the whol um allowed to do something bit and she sends a faint glance to Soriana. "Don't you dare do anything like that on /my/ cot…"

Hotaru laughs. "I dunno! Why would you be on Idrissa's!?" Hotaru's not been that curious. Her mother told her so little it would be very hard to get anywhere without a name. One day maybe she'll know. But Hotaru's already got two parents and a set of grandparents she's close with. "I guess there's no real normal for those of us who end up at the weyr, eh?" She chuckles. "Sorry to hear about your da though, Rissa." She laughs at Soriana then. "Well that's awful good. I don't think they let you stand if you're pregnant, Sori. So don't go trying!" There's a shrug about being up after lights out. "Eh. I hear people talking and such every night basically." Hotaru grins to Idrissa. "It might be too late for that warning."

"Point," Soriana acknowledges to Hotaru, then grins. "Okay, okay. No makeouts on either of your cots. Next time, we'll make sure to move to one of our own." She reaches out and pats Idrissa's arm at the story, for she's heard it before, then nods to Hotaru. "I most certainly shan't!" Besides, then she'd have a baby, so no. It's true that there's plenty of people talking, which is why Soriana's not too worried. Besides, nothing yet! Not even a lecture to remind them of that no-pregnancy rule. Her gaze returns to Idrissa, and her grin turns wide and teasing. "Saaaay, Idrissa, are they going to be keeping you here overnight? No reason, no reason at all. Just wondering!" She beams with fake innocence.

Idrissa smiles some and nods to Hotaru. "It's alright, been a while after all." This said with a soft tone at the idea. She eyes Soriana a moment hoping there won't be any little Sori's or Kale's running around just yet! "may be late but I'm still gona try to pass on my words of wisdom!" She grins and then oys while peering around and then looks back to Soriana. "Um, well I don't know. I hope not. I keep telling them I'm /fine/." This said with a slight firmer tone as a healer walks by. "But they won't let me leave yet."

Hotaru laughs a bit and picks up another sticky bun. They can't just have them hanging around, or a passing healer might make them toss them out or something. "If I catch you on my cot I will tattle. I don't need anything of… Sticky's making my cot… sticky." She wrinkles her nose at the thought. Hotaru raises a brow at Sori as she asks if Idrissa is going to be in the infirmary overnight. "Do you want us to sneak you out?" Hotaru is always looking for trouble, it would seem. Or maybe to just be a rebel.

Nope. No mini-mes. Not one Sole Kari running around. No way, no how. "No sticky on your cot," Soriana agrees to Hotaru, then ohs to Idrissa. "Well, maybe they're just waiting for the attending to look you over. That's how it is, sometimes. If you've got something really wrong with you, they get to you fast because it's urgent, but if you don't, you gotta wait because the others can take care of you fine, but they aren't qualified to discharge you on their own."

Idrissa makes a face at the talk of waiting for the attending to look over her. "Ya I know." Is mumbled, like she hasn't had to wait for that before in the past or anything. She chuckles and grins at Hotaru. "It's alright, they would chase me down and drag me down if you did that I bet."

The thought of kids right now makes Hotaru cringe. She's just getting used to boys as it is. And how they… are. Kids aren't even computable for her. She takes her tea, even if she's not active in that matter. "Yeah, maybe. In which case you'll be let out pretty soon." No need to get into trouble! She chuckles at Idrissa. "Touche." She turns her attention back to Soriana then. "I haven't heard anything about Briana's baby shower. Were you still hoping to do that? I've gave Datsun a down payment on the crib. I think everyone will have to chip in a couple of marks for the rest."

Kids. Ugh. Do not talk to Soriana about ki- oh. Wait. Yes. The baby shower. She's the one who started that conversation. She'd better resume it, even if she does make a face momentarily. "Yeah, we're still doing that. I can help cover anyone who can't pay a share, too." She is a junior weyrwoman's daughter, for all she doesn't make a big deal of it. She may not have many marks to her own name, but she has the ability to fairly easily get more for the right cause. "I've got things nearly together, I've just gotta finish talking to Ocelara and then I'll let everyone know."

Idrissa makes a faint face at the talk goes on more about children, really? She coughs faintly at the idea and lifts her gaze upwards before there is talk of the baby shower and she ohs softly while tilting her head. "I've been working on a couple of baby blankets. I got this soft cloth and all. It's really cute. I also want to make some cookies, like baby dragon ones with colorful bits on them and all." She glances to Soriana and nods slightly letting them talk about the money bit, she doesn't have much Well there is them four marks that she had that Jarse didn't demand. "Great, I hope it'll be fun.

Hotaru nods. "I haven't had a chance to talk to Datsun lately about any of that. It seems like he's been avoiding me. Even at the round up, one second he was there, the next he was gone." Hotaru isn't sure what to make of that. Had she offended the woodcrafter somehow? "He was the same way at turnover." She sighs. "Boys." There's a nod about paying the way for anyone who can't. Hotaru herself was sitting on some marks that she'd acquired in Fort. "I can maybe help with the cookies. I don't really know how to sew though. Putting a button back on is about the length of my skills really. It should be fun! I've not really met Briana, but everyone seems to like her."

"Blankets are good," Soriana says to Idrissa with a smile. "And Marel's going to knit like… some mittens and hats and stuff." She grins. "Mikal says he'll draw a picture. Which I guess works, even if he is just doing it to get some cookies." But, hey. There's nothing wrong with strategic bribery. Or… she frowns a little at the mention of Datsun. "He's… weird, sometimes." She gives her head a little shake. "Very conservative. He and I… we're friends, but there's a lot of stuff that I don't talk with him."

Idrissa nods and smiles, pondering a few moments and hums at the talk of Datsun. "He does that, avoid people at times. I don't really talk to him that much either." She will whenever his around but she doesn't really go out of her way to find him. A smile is see and she nods to Hotaru. "Once we find a date maybe we can get to work on that? We could make some really cute cookies i'm sure."

Hotaru nods and laughs. "Draw a picture, hm? Mikal strikes me as something of a greenrider." Hotaru chuckles a bit. "He seems to be more comfortable around the guys." Which is probably unfair, but it's hard not to speculate what colors every might end up on, should they impress. Hotaru shrugs to Soriana. "I'm not sure what to make of it. He seems to flirt a lot… then does stuff like that. So I'm not sure how to take it." Maybe the woodcrafter was nervous in large groups? She nods to Idrissa. "Sure! I'm sure we can track down a little dragon cookie cutter someplace. It'll be fun!"

"Heh. Yeah, he might be," Soriana agrees about Mikal. "He's a good kid, though." Sorry, Mikal, you're still a kid to her. And will be for another few turns at least. Back to the other boy. "Datsun's got a girlfriend. Or he did, anyway. I think she might have left for another Weyr." She frowns a moment, considering. "Honestly… I'm not sure why he stays around here. He's so proud of being holdbred, and yet… here he is." She gives her head a little shake. "Like I said. There's a lot of stuff I don't talk with him about anymore."

Idrissa shrugs some at the talk of Mikal. "I like him, his not that little kid anymore an all." This said with a soft tone at the thought. "Green?… Well perhaps, but he is still a kid after all. The right one will pick him, color doesn't matter save for one for him I suppose." She peers to Soriana. "Ya.. Zaala I thought. Did she leave?" She idnd't know! "I'm not trying to be mean or anything but he is difficult at times."

Though Mikal and Hotaru are closer in age, Hotaru regards Mikal as a kid, too. Partially because he was a boy admittedly. "I've not talked to Mikal that much really." She didn't know him that well. "I guess she went to another weyr, Fort I think. I knew of her as a candidate there. She broke up with him though after she left. Maybe that's why he's skittish." She shrugs. "I dunno why either. The work is good, maybe. Or that's what it sounds like. He is pretty holdbred though, yeah. He's talked about traveling." Hotaru scratches her head. She'll maybe chat with Datsun later.

Boys are… boys. Though sometimes excellent things to have. "Yeah. I've known Mikal for a long time." Since she was a kid! And he was… an even littler kid. "Sure, it's up to the dragon. Always is." She smiles. "Doesn't mean we can't wonder about it." A shrug, then. "Yeah, Zaala. I dunno for sure, but I haven't seen her lately…" Soriana looks to Hotaru, then, and nods. "Yeah. S'what I heard, too." Independent collaboration! "I guess that might be it. Breakups suck."

Idrissa doesn't know the bit on Hotaru and Mikal being close in age. "You should talk to Mikal more, his not bad really." She hums and nods to Soriana while pondering this. "Datsun travels a lot, an I don't get why he thinks his better being holdbread. I'm holdbred." Don't see her freaking out over things now do you? Well… Not anymore at least!

True, boys could be excellent to have around! Not that Hotaru is terribly experienced with them. Seems she's always dragged into candidacy at the wrong moments. Hotaru isn't that close to Mikal in age. She's still two turns his elder, which is a lot when you're only sixteen. She chuckles a bit to Idrissa. "Maybe I will. What are Mikal's interests?" Hotaru nods to Soriana about breakups. Not that she can attest to any of that really. "I dunno. He acts superior? I knew he doesn't like the idea of fostering. But I guess it hasn't come up too much. He got his bird back, so maybe he'll be in a good mood next time I see him."

Soriana is sixteen too! So she's only got Hotaru beat by a matter of months. As for Mikal… "He's into drawing," well, duh, if he's going to do art like that, "-and history. Like, the old stuff, back when there was thread. Y'know, adventure and stuff." As boys are. Not that Sori's got room to talk on that one. Back to Datsun. "Why wouldn't he like fostering? I mean, that's a hold thing too. Mikal was fostered at a hold for a while." Soriana gives her head a shake, then tilts it to the side curiously. "He did? I hadn't heard about that. I wondered what happened in the first place, that Thea sent it away."

Idrissa nods at this and chuckles. "Remember when he was all interested and wanted a firelizard, and was trying to find one all over the place?" This questioned with an amused tone. "He does like history from what I recall." She hums softly and tilts her head nodding to Hotaru. "Yes Datsun does do that often. I've told him the past to get over himself." She actually did do that.

Sixteen was a popular age to be! "Drawing and adventures, hm? I like history too… to a point I guess. Maybe I'll take Mikal out on a date into the woods or something. I do remember him looking for a firelizard egg." Though from some reason Hotaru thinks that might scare the other candidate a bit, if she's that forward. Hotaru shrugs. "He just thinks you shouldn't have kids if you can't care for them. To me having a fostering plan was taking care of me. I was fostered up until I went to Fort Weyr by myself. And I was fostered on my grandparents' cothold." Hotaru ponders. "Well, I guess he had it in the caverns. Thea didn't like that. But birds like that don't really belong indoors. Even if they are trained." Hotaru chuckles at Idrissa about her telling Datsun off. "Ouch. You said that to him?"

"Hah. Yeah," Soriana says to Idrissa. "He kept saying how he'd find a gold," She grins. "Not that he wasn't perfectly happy when he got Elsie. And now he's got that new one." A considering expression for a moment, and then she shrugs. "Y'might have better luck if you don't call it a date. With Mikal, at least. Muir, on the other hand…" She trails off into a grin on that one, then tilts her head. "Not everyone wants t'take care of kids. Or can, I mean… people are busy sometimes. I've always lived with my mom, but plenty of my friends were fostered, and they turned out just fine." Sothere, nyah! Not that Datsun's here to hold up his end of the argument. She nods about the bird, though. "Yeah, I can see that. Ocelara complained, maybe."

Idrissa nods a moment and chews on her lip. "Well he was talking down to Zaala and then to Derin for no reason at all. So ya I did." She peers at Soriana at the talk of kids. "How did it go the other day with the kidlets? You had to watch a bunch of them didn't you?" At the talk of the bird within the taverns a soft ah escapes her. "So is that why Thea sent it away then? I think he got it back though. I thought I saw him with it last night actually."

Hotaru chuckles. "Golds are pretty hard to come by. Lots of greens make for lots more greens I guess." Hotaru grins. "Well, I might do that. I don't think Muir likes me enough to go anywhere with me. Plus he doesn't seem like he'd like a walk in the woods as much." Hotaru nods about kids. "My parents just didn't have the time. Not that I didn't see them, I still saw them a whole lot. Just not everyday." Soriana won't get any arguments from Hotaru. But it could be jarring to a holder who wasn't used to the idea. Hotaru looks from Idrissa to Sori as she asks about the kidlets. "You get stuck on nanny duty?" She looks back to Rissa then and nods about Datsun's bird. "Mm. He's got it back."

What. Soriana's attention jumps to Idrissa. She knows! She knows about the children. "Who told you?" Not that there weren't three candidate boys there being useless. Not to mention anyone who saw them crossing the clearing and being delivered (all in one piece, she promises!) to the nursery. Nevertheless, all else is forgotten as Soriana gives the other girl a look like Idrissa's been digging around and taking compromising photos. Makeouts, she'll do on Idrissa's cot. This? She was trying to repress the memory, thankyouverymuch.

Idrissa nods to the talk of the golds and the greens bit. She peers back over at Soriana and just peers at her. "I was told you had it for chore duty. Dono how you got picked with that so quickly becasue I didn't even see your name on the list an all." She nods to Hotaru. "That's what I thought."

Idrissa is not going to let Sori live it down! And now Hotaru is curious, so she's doubly boned. Hotaru blinks at Soriana's accusatory tone as Idrissa mentions the notion of nanny duty. Maybe Idrissa has been digging about! Or talking to a chatter box or two. "Did you switch with someone?" For nanny duty? That seemed unlikely. That's one of the worst sets of chores, in Hotaru's opinion.

"Oh. No. I haven't had it for chore duty. Well, I had it once, but I swapped with Reina." Which is true, and might even be believable - swapping to get out of nanny duty is totally a sensible thing - except for the way Soriana is not meeting anybody's eyes about it, and the fact that, yeah, she was kinda crossing the clearing in broad daylight, carrying one small child and with two more trailing beside her.

Idrissa didn't really no, why would she go digging for such things? A soft ah escapes and she nods to Soriana. "I see." Is said while eyeing her friend. "Anyway… What else have you all been doing today while I was stuck in here?" This questioned while she peers at the two. As for Rissa she is sitting up in one of the beds talking to both Hotaru and Soriana. She seems fine, her left arm has a light bandage around it and she is sitting a bit carefully thanks to brusied up ribs.

Hotaru pouts at Sori. "I've had it a few times. I don't like it, since you're stuck in the caverns all day basically. Some people do, though." Hotaru raises a brow at Soriana. Was there some sort of extra story they weren't aware of? Hotaru has snuck in to visit Rissa while she's laid up, as has Soriana. There's a shrug from the red-head. "I've just been doing chores. I might wander around later, since it's still sort of warm out." She means wander around in the woods, probably.

Again. Why is he in here…again? Wasn't he just here last sevenday? This place is bad news, and each reason that he's given to set foot in this disinfected hellhole makes ka-el like it even less. But just because he doesn't like it doesn't mean he's going to hesitate to enter after having caught wind of dangerous mishaps during the roundup. And what makes it even worse is that they're rumors. So between "five people were attacked!", "Idrissa was mauled by two, no wait, three wild felines! I heard she's just barely hanging on…", "No, I heard it was renegades. The whole thing was a trap!" and "Yeah, I heard she broke both legs when her runner was accidentally shot", Kale doesn't know what to believe! So please excuse his coaldust as he barges into the infirmary like a raging bull, eyes wide with trepidation as his mind already braces for what he expects to see: Blood! Guts! Dismembered limbs!

Muir has had much the same experience as Kale, the rumors getting to him during his kitchen duty. So while he's not covered in coaldust, he does have flour on him and a meatroll clutched in his hand as he darts in after Kale, trying to say, "Hey, what have you heard?" as he stumbles into the infirmary.

Yes, there is a story. No, Soriana is not going to be the one to tell it, not if she has any choice. Repressing it, see. She's glad enough to change the subject. "Oh, just another shift, that's all. S'where I heard people talking about what happened." Yeah, all those crazy rumors that Kale's also heard. The ones that send him crashing in to- blink. Soriana takes a step back, and waves a hand to him and Muir. "She's okay!" she attempts to get in before the healers descend en masse.

Idrissa is indeed fine! She is breathing and everything that you. Upon hearing the voices of others she blinks and peers up while tilting her head. "Uh.. hey" Is offered to both Kale and Muir while she peers at them curiously a few moments. She looks back to Soriana and nods with a smile seen.

Hotaru has at least been spared the fear that Idrissa has broken both her limbs or is dying on her bed. Since she was at the round up she knew no one had been mauled. Even Hotaru would have been squeamish to visit Idrissa if she'd been horribly mauled. No, instead the girls are chatting and munching on sweetrolls. Hotaru jumps a bit as Kale barges into the room. "Whew, shells you gave me a start, Sticky. What if she were naked or something?! Or uh… in the middle of surgery? But yeah… she just a little roughed up."

"Shardin' nothin' but idiots spoutin' out the mouth any lil half truth they've heard," growls Kale in reply to Muir, grumpy as ever. Or perhaps the poor guy's just extremely worried. Either way, it makes him a very cranky fellow! He nods him to come along, glancing from cot to cot with growing anxiety before the day is saved by a few voices of reason. Hearing Soriana, he beelines towards the girls, all of whom look very much ungorged and intact by the way. His eyes shift to Hotaru a moment, but he doesn't have a witty response for her. Not now. He stops near to them all, eyes on Idrissa. Not bloody! With all limbs! Heavy relief is felt but not immediately seen as his face remains stoic.

Muir snorts, muttering a quiet agreement to Kale as he hastens after his fellow candidate, looking up eagerly at Soriana's call. Her words calm him (somewhat) before he reaches the bed by Kale's side, looking down at yes, an intact Idrissa. "Sharding wherry-ass rumors," he mutters darkly, before holding out the meatroll towards Idrissa. "I brought you food." Because that's what folks do, right? And he didn't have time to go bug his sister for a flower. His brown eyes flick to the other girls, noting their health as well, and then he looks back at Idrissa. "What happened?"

"Which is probably why the healers usually try to keep people from coming back here without asking," says Soriana with a bit of a grin to Hotaru, then reaches out and pats Kale's shoulder lightly. See, all's well! She lets the others explain and answer questions, because, oh look, there's a grumpy healer coming, and after another pat for Kale, she slips out behind him to start making apologies on his behalf. Yes, she knows this is a place of rest. Yeah, he does too. She'll remind him. He's just worried. It is visiting hours, isn't it? Of course it is. …and so on.

Idrissa smiles to Kale, clearly glad to see him, her gaze turns to Muir as she hears him and she keeps that smile. "You did? Thanks Muri" As to what happened she is quiet for a moment, a soft ah and she ponders. "Well there was a feline, is spooked RedFeathers and I fell off of him, a calf tripped over me and well.. I'm here. Darsce and Jethaniel pulled me outa the way of the feline and Ers'lan killed the animal. As for mad healers she looks after Soriana a soft breath escapes her. "Be so happy when I can get outa here."

Hotaru chuckles. "Well, I didn't see anyone being airlifted during the round-up. So I figured no one was that badly hurt." Though in the chaos she may have missed things. Really no one would be here if they weren't worried about Idrissa. Being stuck in the infirmary was never a good thing. Hotaru will let Idrissa explain the details of what happened. Hotaru gets up to help Soriana fend off the healers. Also to press them about when Idrissa was going to be seen, so she could get out of the infirmary altogether.

Good thing Muir asked, for Kale seems to have lost his ability to talk, and staring is all he's capable of accomplishing. Staring and listening to the actual retelling which seems far less tragic than anything he's heard. Bah! Stupid, chatty, gossipy people. Still, his silence reigns as Soriana takes over damage control and attempts to soothe over healers and Hotaru meanders a little as well, trolling for information. His eyes roam to her bandages on her arms and whatever minor cuts an abrasions there may be. Then, finally. "..Felines must really dislike you."

Muir winces, his eyes doing another quick once over of Idrissa, even though there's probably a blanket blocking some of his view. "Is RedFeathers okay?" Figures he'd be worried about the runner. "Glad you're alright," he adds, reaching out to awkwardly pat the side of the bed. Pat pat pat. "How long are you in here? I'll bet we could sneak you out," he adds, eyes darting around thoughtfully. "I could create a diversion…" Glancing to Kale, he leans over to give his friend a little nudge with his arm. "She's okay," he murmurs, low and hopefully comforting.

A part of Soriana notes that the unbelievable part of Idrissa's story remains the same. The rest of Soriana is still busy saying that, no, of course Kale won't touch anything and get it covered in coaldust. Especially not those bandages, certainly not. Nope. And, yeah, good point Hotaru. When is Idrissa going to be seen? They could all do a lot less worrying if the beastcrafter were released. In fact, that would be the absolute easiest way to get this gaggle of teens out of their hair, it really would. Sooooo. How about that? The healer grumps back at them, of course, but finally is convinced to trundle off and get the right person to take care of things. Soriana turns back to Hotaru, and grins slightly. "Thanks," she says in a tone hopefully too quiet for that healer to overhear.

Idrissa is fine, of course she is fine, she is just sitting here after all. She watches Kale a bit longer, smiling to him before just giving up and shifts up so she is able to give him a hug. Forget the fact that he is covered in coaldust. "Ya well, that is what I'm starting to figure out." The only bandage is has is on that left arm, and she still doesn't understand why it is there for some minor scrapes and cuts. "Feather's is fine. He wouldn't leave me side actually." Darn runner is lucky the feline didn't turn on it. "I'm getting the feeling there going to get me out of here soon with you all visiting me after all." Totally works for her! One of those healers seems to be in the process of finding the attending to get the beastcrafter outa here.

Let the boys fuss over Idrissa. It was their turn. Though Hotaru hadn't wanted to come in and cause a scene. Idrissa seemed to be her usual self more or less, other than being stuck in the infirmary. She had suggested sneaking the beastcrafter out as well, but they'd decided against it as it was likely Idrissa would be released soon enough. Hotaru grins and shrugs to Soriana. "With all the commotion they'll be sure to send a healer to get rid of everyone. Or they'll have all the candidates in here soon." Hotaru turns back to see Idrissa reaching to hug Kale and glances over at Soriana, then to Muir. Well, at least she wasn't a complete third wheel.

The touch to his arm turns Kale's attention, and….yeah. Muir's right. She is fine. He can banish away morbid thoughts of gouged eyes and shredded flesh now, can't he? "Yeah.." he says, giving him a light smile. Sometimes, that's all one needs! A little nudge. But a hug doesn't hurt either, although he protests as Idrissa reaches up. She may not be knocking on death's door, but she is bandaged and in the infirmary. He hugs her back, gentle as ever, giving the faintest of squeezes before pulling away. "Now. … What was that about causing a diversion?" questioned to Muir. His grin is beginning to return, though after a moment, he blinks a questioning look back to Idrissa. "Wait. You said Darsce pulled you away? She was there?" At a roundup? Outside. In the dirt. With animals?? Gasp.

Muir takes a little step back so Idrissa can hug Kale without bumping into him. "Glad Feather's fine," Muir murmurs, heartfelt but quiet as he looks away from the hugging pair towards Soriana and Hotaru. And he tries to catch the eye of the Healers as well, giving them his best impatient 'son of the Weyrwoman, trained for four whole months to be a Holder' look. They'd better obey that, right? He catches Hotaru's eye when she's looking at him, and the boy shrugs. Yay, fourth and fifth wheels? That's a stable cart! Or something. Maybe one of them's the spare. Then something else is clicking, and he looks back at Idrissa with a blink, at the same time Kale voices his own question. "Is she okay?" he asks, scanning the beds as if his older sister could be there too, groaning away or, more likely, being sponge bathed by handsome shirtless Healer Journeymen. Stupid pretty sister.

Soriana chuckles to Hotaru, and nods. "Yeah." A moment's pause as she watches the disgruntled healer, and then she adds in a contemplative tone, "Y'know, I'm probably going to get a horrible patient for doing that. Like, spewing at both ends or something, with a rider who wants to take him between tomorrow and won't take no for an answer." Still. She's gotta do her part to get Idrissa out of here! And, okay, yes, Kale just got coaldust on the bandages, but he won't do it again! …until after they're out of here. …probably. Anyway, it's not like the healer was watching, so it's all good. Oh, hey! And here he comes again, scowling attending in tow.

Idrissa smiles and keeps that hug with Kale a few moments before letting go. She nods to the name of Darsce. "Ya she was there seeing Jeth I think." Though hey she isn't sure! She brushes some dust off of her and she peers the other others before glancing around. "Darsce wasn't hurt, not that I saw anyway. But Jeth was taking care of her at the end there so I'm just assuming." Yep Darsce and Jeth, it was rather cute. She catches sight of the healer and the attending in tow and a soft oh escapes her. "He Doesn't seem happy." She nods to Muir and smiles. "Ya I am to." The 'diversion' bit is caught and she eyes Kale and Muir with a raised brow.

Really the reason Hotaru is feeling uncomfortable more is that she'd only just now been told the detail of the whole Kale-Soriana-Idrissa thing. It certainly was a stable cart! Hotaru grins to Soriana and then laughs. "Maybe. Though that does indeed sound pretty horrible. Ew." A spewing dragon… that for sure would make a terrific mess. And.. here comes the healer with a scowling attending. Hotaru is inching out towards the door. "Well, hopefully they let you out of here, Idrissa. If not I'll come back later to check up on you." She waves and disappears. Hopefully before the lecture. How rude to leave everyone else there!

Mikal slips in, flashing a bright smile to the healers and attending people in here. He's here on business? Maybe, kinda sorta? Having heard through the grapevine that Idrissa was in here he finally finds a moment to pop in and peek in on her. Spying several near her he simply slides over to Kale and Muir. "She okay?" he whispers which ends up being louder than your average whisper.

Kale is still mind-boggled that Darsce was even … there. Much less did some heroic act! Good thing though, yes? It'll take some time to wrap his mind around the cow ropin' Darsce image, complete with dirty jeans with manure splatter. Haha..haaaa. He shakes his head a bit, banishing away the thoughts. Unaware of his PigPen-like assault on Idrissa's bandages, he glances to that incoming healer, he takes a vague step back to give room. Hey, if this is the guy that could possibly get Idrissa out of here, he'll play nice! Eyes follow Hotaru momentarily as she skitters off before the healer can do much reprimanding, then alight on Mikal as he too arrives in the infirmary. Idrissa can never claim that she hasn't any friends that care! "Think so," he answers to him, voice kept low. "Less worse than I heard. That guy," a nod to the healer, "is the one who'll have the final say, I think."

Muir blinks. "Jeth?" Now he's distracted, thinking about Darsce and Jeth, and he has to shake his head firmly to bring himself back to the present. "Yeah, diversion. I could do something…" But then he shuts up because the Healers are there. "Hey, Mikal," he says, scooting out of the way.

The mess is indeed horrid. Soriana… has had to clean it up. And yet she balks at dealing with small children… at least dragons don't pick their noses. Anyway, she's allowed to be irrational, sothere. Ah, and here's the healer - also Mikal, to whom she gives a slight nod. Healery powers of skulking around infirmaries for the win! That done, she just steps back, letting the attending step in and sweep the assembled teens with a stare. "Hmph," he says. "I suppose you'll have no lack of people to help you make your bed. Now then, does it hurt when I do… this?" Poke. Prod. He's watching her face, just in case she's going to try to lie about it.

Idrissa smiles and waves after Hotaru. "I'll see you soon, thanks Hotaru!" She calls out after her friend before she looks back to the ones still, well around her. She didn't think this many would actually come and see her. Mikal is caught sight of and also given a wave. Though her attention is back to the healer that is now looming over her, which makes her meep, yes she just meeped. "Hello" Is said with that unsure tone of her's, also a spewing dragon is not something she really wants to see, thank you! Then there is the poking and prodding. A faint ow escaping her when her side is poked or her shoulder. "It's just sore, bruised" She wants to say more but just stops. Her gaze flicks over her friends and she then looks back to the healer nodding to the big on having help with the bed making.

Once Mikal sees that the healer is doing the pokey/prody things ( official medical terminology there!), Mikal refrains from any of the other questions he may have and simply watches. Perhaps he's taking mental notes on the official way to poke and prod a patient.

Kale glances to Muir, though doesn't question. Jethaniel is … well, no one to him, anyway. His focus returns to Idrissa and the healer, making it a point to not touch anything else, as if fearing a doom cloud of attention grabbing soot to form and gobble up everything in sight! Dooom! He too watches Idrissa's face as she's poke and prodded likea specimen. He glances to Mikal and leans closer to him. "This is what you did all day before Candidacy?" he asks in a slight tease.

Muir shifts his weight as his eyes glance from one of his friends to the next, and in the end he just shoves his hands into his pockets with a thoughtful frown.

Prod. Poke. Prod. Very official. Very medical. Fortunately for Idrissa, she probably won't be required to provide any specimens for the lab today. The healer continues, watching those reactions, then nods. He steps back again. "Lift your arm over your head." As the human healers inspect things, Soriana steps up to beside Kale, offering a sidewise smile but being quiet. For now.

Idrissa wait, lift her arm over her head? She glances to the healer and seems a bit unsure at first before a soft sigh escapes her. Her right arm is lifted over her head just fine, but her left shoulder is what took the brunt of the fall and she is slowly lifting that one up. At least she is able to move her arm, just not very quickly. She peers up at the healer once more.
Mikal just offers a quick snort of laughter and an eye roll to Kale's tease. "Oh no..it's usually much more fun in here with patients dancing all night."

"Well, liven this place up a bit then, will ya?" remarks Kale to Mikal, smirking. "Where's the food? The drink? The music? It's too droll in here. It's as if someone's died." Which, who knows, somebody might've this month! He snickers but quickly adopts a straight face again as the healer continues his examination of Idrissa. With an audience of Candidates staring him down. Soriana is given a subtle smile in return, and the seconds tick on. And on. And he can't wait any longer. "What's the verdict, healer?" he asks, his voice dripping with politeness. "Will she be able to walk again?" Two broken legs, don't you know!

"Dancing? Isn't that bad if you're hurt?" Muir asks, and he's clearly distracted because it takes him a second to get the joke. "Oh. Ha ha," he says with a wry smirk, glancing back to Idrissa and frowning a bit at her difficulties. His eyes flick to the healer and he straightens his posture, running his fingers through his hair with a little tug.

"All right," says the healer. "You may go. However!" He lifts a finger, as if to forestall any cheers, whether from her or the others. "Until further notice, you will be back each morning before breakfast to have the bandages changed and the injuries checked. You will keep them clean-" a stare at Kale "-and dry. If you experience any redness, burning, or itching, you will come here immediately. Understood?" Idrissa can probably recite these instructions in her sleep by now. The healer turns back to Kale. "There is nothing wrong with her legs, candidate." A glance to Muir. "Nor my ears." Did he maybe hear something about the escape plan?

Idrissa eyes lighten up as she is told that she can leave, a glance flicks towards her friends and then she is looking back to the healer. There is a pause and she clears her throat slightly. "Yes sir I will. If I feel anything wrong, or anything like that I will be back. Promise." Her gaze flick over to Kale and Muri, and she seems a bit amused as the healer has caught what they was saying.

"Only hard to dance with broken legs." remarks Mikal right at the same time the healer makes his comment. Mikal flushes quickly and ducks his head in hopes that healer doesn't favor him with a Look. He does, though, listen to the instructions as well, peeking towards Idrissa to really get a good look at the injured candidate.

Absolutely nothing wrong with her legs. Kale opens his mouth to reply, but thinks better of it. A closed mouth gathers no foot! Besides, the good news has already been shared. Idrissa is free! Free, like an avian! Kale grins, turning a look of triumph at the other boys. Yeah. They totally got her out…some way some how, they did this! As the normal spiel of 'take care of yourself and your bandages' is given to Idrissa, he's busy making silent cheer faces at her. Woohoo! Hooray! Yahoo! All the while careful to look normal if and when the dragon healer's eyes are on him. "We'll whisk her back straightaway if anything comes up, sir," he assures, nodding, leaving out the fact that if anything comes up, they'll likely try their own methods of healing before dragging her back here. They do have a healer amongst them!

Muir grins crookedly at the healer. "Can't blame a guy for wanting to look after his friend's health and well being!" he says jauntily. "I think this calls for a celebration. To the barracks? I'll go st - /borrow/ things from the kitchens." And he looks to Kale and Mikal, to see if his fellow Kitchen Raiders are up for it.

Pff, it's not the dragonhealer Kale has to worry about. Soriana's grinning too, never mind the fate she's likely brought on herself by badgering healers today. The healer does not notice Kale's funny faces, though he does hear Mikal… and gives him a look. "Apprentice Mikal," he says, and gives it a pause to let the boy mull over what might be coming next. "You will conduct an observation on this patient. As you are both candidates, you should be able to observe her degree of discomfort and range of motion day over day. I expect to see regular reports." That said, he turns back to nod to Idrissa. "I'm sure you will," he says, then turns away to get back to whatever important thing he was doing before getting dragged over for this. He pretends to have heard nothing about about raids on the kitchen, because… more important things to do! He's not their nanny.

Idrissa smirks a moment as she catches sight of those faces from Kale, he is really trying to get her in trouble isn't she? As for Muir she peers at him and is then looking to Mikal. Great now she has a babysitter? "Thank you sir." She is free! Hidalgo is picked up and is allowed to rest on her good shoulder; luckily she has her own clothing on as someone was nice enough to fetch herself a pair. She goes to get her shoes on. "Let's go before he changes his mind." She is sore, movements slow but she is so outa here!

Mikal swallows back a gulp. He was heard! Though it's hardly unexpected so he gives a quick nod and a "Yes sir! Of course sir!" he offers no outward reaction to the extra work. Muir's raid suggestion is given a nod and grin. Evidently he's up for it. He does have to add. "They had soup with supper tonight." what is with him and the soup lately?! "Oh hey, Soriana…you guys do that top secret thing for you know who?" yes, that's descriptive.

Kale flashes a grin towards Soriana, then turns his eyes to the healer again as special instruction is given to Mikal. Nurse Mikal! Well, it's good someone will be watching over here who can like … do something if she starts feeling bad. Someone who is not one of these stuffy healers that'll just want to trap her in the infirmary for days on end. He smirks a bit at Mikal and his special assignment, and the look grows as he hears Muir's plans. And Mikal's soup fetish strikes again. "You've an obsession," he notes, humoredly, quick to move and help Idrissa with what she may need. Mostly, he's a brace for her to use as a crutch, if needed. SuperKale to the rescue! A questioning look is given to Mikal though, as he inches along with Idrissa. Uuuuh.

Muir gives Mikal a curious look, stepping forward to offer Idrissa a hand up, and then stepping back when Kale moves forward. "What secret thing for who?" Is he getting a present?! zomg. "C'mon, Mikal, let's go get you that soup, you weirdo. And some other stuff. Meet you guys back in the barracks?" he asks, edging towards the door.

Very descriptive, Mikal. "No, not yet," Soriana says. "I'm talking to Ocelara about it. Gotta ask her again. You still gonna do your thing for it?" See? She can be descriptive too. And then, since Muir's dragging Mikal away, she tells him, "You explain!" before returning her attention to Idrissa. Time to trundle for the barracks! Maybe the boys will beat them there.

Mikal gives a thumbs-up to Soriana though it's hard to say if it's an answer to her question or in agreement on explaining. Who knows. He's being drug away though so he goes off with the other musketeers. To the Kitchens!

Idrissa is thankful for the help from Kale, but at least she is able to walk. "Let's get back to the barracks." She offers. Walking for her is going to be a bit slow though. A glance is sent to Mikal and then Soriana and she soon ahs as she figures out what they are talking about. As for Kale, she gives his arm a soft squeeze.

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Mikal is doing a thing for a top secret thing? Kale is wondering about that all the way to the barracks, and it's halfway there that it dawns on him. Oooh! That thing! He ttally forgot about that thing they were doing that he's supposed to make a thing for. Hm. Hopefully no one asks! He babystpes his way with Sori and Idrissa all the way to the barracks, stopping when she needs to stop, patient as ever. And they finally arrive! So what it took them ten years to get here? Kale's mood is back on track and he's jabbered away the whole time about random things. Orik's temper. The new firelizards. Wondering how much longer it'll be before they take to the sands for the last time. And now, they've arrived at the barracks and he leads Idrissa to her infamous cot. "Wonder if Mikal's gonna manage to snag soup without spillin' anything," he snickers, sounding doubtful.

Muir didn't get to hear about the secret thing for the thing with that other thing because they had to be quick thinking and put on a great pity show to convince the cooks to give them some food. But the boys do return triumphant! Muir's got a whole platter full of sandwiches and cookies, and two skins of juice over his wrist. Mikal…might have soup, or he might not. It's unclear as Muir nudges open the door of the barracks with a "Ta dah!" of triumph, walking down to set the platter on or next to Idrissa's cot with a flourish and an exagerated bow.

The wayward Idrissa hath returned! And there shall be much rejoicing… but maybe not of the active and jumping around sort, at least not on Idrissa's part. Maybe more the sort that involves sitting and appreciating the fact that she's not in the infirmary anymore. Soriana is perfectly willing to chatter back to Kale along the way, and as they get Idrissa back, she laughs to Kale. "Maybe if he steals the entire pot?" she suggests, then turns to look at Muir, the leader of the food procession!

Idrissa doesn't want to know how Mikal is going to manage to grab soup. "I hope he doesn't burn himself." That would be /bad/. She settls upon her cot, yes this is HER cot no matter who may be making out on it. Darn crazy kids and there making outs, if she was an old granny she would shake a cane at them for sure. She smiles to Kale and thanks him once she is sitting and getting comfy. Muir has returned and she blinks before chuckling. "Woah, nice Muir. Look at you." She is not about to ask how he managed to get that out from the kitchens, not at all!

Indeed there is soup! Insistant on getting the soup, Mikal is thusly forced to improvise on carrying things. With soup on a tray and bowls stacked beside it, he's stacked cookies within the bowls. There. Soup…cookies…even a ladle /in/ the soup for serving. He's remembered everything. Right? Spoons? Perhaps not everything. And while there was /some/ sloshing onto the tray; most of the soup has arrived intact. "I brought soup and cookies." he announces proudly as he comes in beside Muir. There's not so much of ta-dah but he attempts flourish as he lays the tray down next to Muir's platter.

"Woah." Kale is obviously impressed with the spread that Muir managed to snag. Thievery … er, persuasion is indeed his thing! "What'd you do? Threaten the kitchen staff with deep dark dirty secrets if they didn't load you up?" he snickers as he helps to settle Idrissa. Hm. Perhaps Mikal isn't the nurse after all! He applauds Muir theatrically and continues to do so when Mikal arrives…with soup! "You didn't.." he laughs, eyeing the stacked bowls. "Amazing. We'll feast like weyrleaders and weyrwomen!"

Muir grins, wiggling a finger as he grabs a sandwich and offers it to Idrissa. Mikal forgot spoons, and Muir forgot plates. Oh well? "I'll never reveal my secrets," he says mysteriously, offering the next sandwich to Soriana. Ladies first? Grinning crookedly at Muir, he can't help but laugh as the other boy managed to get his soup at last. "So what is this secret thing for someone? Can I get in on it?"

It's totally Idrissa's cot. Yep. And tonight, she'll be sleeping in it, and so it can't possibly be put to any other uses. And here's Mikal, with, yes, soup! …and also cookies. Double cookies. Excellent! This is a fine and proper meal indeed. "Suppose soup is like the most traditional thing to give sick people. It must be all that healer training sinking in," Soriana teases Mikal. "But this all looks good." She grins to Muir, accepting the sandwich with her best impression of a gracious nod, then nods. She does not seem shocked that the secret didn't get told, because, first, they must have had a lot of effort to get this feast together, and second, Mikal's a boy. "We're throwing a baby shower for Briana. Us candidates. And you can come as long as you bring her something. We're going to have cookies, too."

Idrissa chuckles and grins as she hears Muir and eyes him a moment. "Now I'm really curious." She hears Mikal and blinks. "How How did you do that?" She looks so confused but she won't complain. Her gaze drifts over the lot of them and she smiles. "Thanks guys. Best homecoming back I've had. Also thanks for you all coming to visit me." Oh an now cue the tears. She sniffles while picking up a sandwich to munch on it first.

"And it is not, I'm told, a showering of babies from the sky," remarks Kale with a 'then why on Pern is it called a baby shower??' look to the other boys. He doesn't get it and probably never will. "It's a girl thing," he explains drolly. "But, there'll be food. An' maybe drink. Even possibly wine," he says, pointing a sandwich at Muir. "So I'm goin', and I'm bringing…" Huh. Blue eyes shift to Soriana, "..not a cage, but spoons was it?" At this point he'll bring metal rods and nails if it'll get him to party food and drink. "Speakin' of drink, were you serious when you sai-…" He pauses at Idrissa's thanks, and he begins to smile at her. Then come the tears. He blinks, brows lifting. "Hey. .. Hey, c'mon don't do that." Because crying girls are kryptonite!

They have vays of making you talk! Or in this case vays of making you give up food! It doesn't hurt that Mikal's spent the last several turns in and out of the kitchen with both foster parents working in there so you get to know the staff a little bit! Mikal merely waggles his brows as he helps pass out the spread of food. Bowls for everyone though he does ask them first before filling it with a ladle of soup into the bowl. He looks relieved as Soriana explains the whole baby shower things since really he still doesn't quite understand it all. "I need to find something to draw the picture on." he says in sudden memory of his lack of canvas to draw on. As Idrissa's tears start to well it he pauses mid ladle. "Hey now…um no crying." he tries to sound comforting. "Here..soup?"

ACK. Crying woman! Go, Kale, fix it! Muir's wide eyed and startled look just /stares/ at Kale. Fix. Her. "Hey…uh. Don't…cry." Here. Have cider. He thrusts the cider skin at her. "A baby shower? Yeah, that's for the women." His nose wrinkles. "I don't think guys are invited. But I'll…I can do something, I think. I guess. What do babies need?" Ugh. Babies. "Sweetsticks, maybe?" And he looks hopefully at Soriana. The sweetsticks went over so well with that other kid!

"S'right," Soriana says to Kale after rolling her eyes at the mockery of the baby shower name (probably because she's be doing itself if it wasn't her idea). "Spoons." And there will be party food in exchange! … and then, once more, there are three boys and a girl crying. Soriana is having flashbacks. Muir's mention of sweetsticks is not helping, and she gives him a fractional look as she sits down next to Idrissa and puts her arm (carefully) around the other girl. "Course we did. We're your friends. Now eat, your soup's gonna get cold."

Idrissa is totally allow to cry, look at the past day she has had and she didn't cry /once/ thank you very much! She swalows a moment and waving a hand slightly. "I'm fine.. Sorry, go back to eatting." Oh soup… and cider. Well this is sorta nice getting well, feed and watered? She looks amused for a moment before taking that bowl of soup, she'll eat it.

Hooray for Soriana! Kale was about to thrust a cookie in Idrissa's face and hope that that'd work. Hey, don't look at him, guys! Consoling weepy girls is not his strong point! He makes it a point to not do things that'll start the waterworks for this very reason. He reaches out to pat at Idrissa's leg, because patting may help and cookies might not. "We weren't going to leave you in there to rot, if that's what you were expecting," he smirks. "Who'd take over your duties? Not me.." A grin follows, and he makes a mental note to get on those baby spoons soon. He looks at Muir. "Babies need things to catch their poop." Poop catchers!

Mikal sees that Idrissa isn't going to cry for long at least so he settles back and works on eating his soup. After all he's been craving it for days now so he may as well enjoy it before it gets cold. The lack of spoons doesn't seem to bother him as he simply slurps it up from the bowl. Mmm! He's slurping happily until…*splutter*. Soup goes spraying from his mouth. "Eww Muir! Who's catching baby poop?" clearly he wasn't listening to /all/ of the conversation.

Muir is /so/ glad Soriana is here. She gets his next offer of cookie, and then he just grins innocently at her. "And yeah, we weren't going to just leave you in there…" He grimaces at Kale, visibly shuddering. "Poop catchers? I…ugh." Then he's springing off of his cot, a sudden idea striking him. "I'll be right back," he says, bolting for the exit. And he might be back, or he might not be. Who knows, with Muir, where he'll end up?

Babies also need pacifiers. However, Idrissa does not need a cookie pacifier. Fun fact! "Yeah, I mean, I'm not gonna muck the runners." A quick glance to the choreboard to confirm that, and then Soriana grins, accepting the cookie from Muir. "Thanks." She keeps the high ground here and does not discuss the catching of poops, in part because she's repressing that part of things from her memory. Having to take kids to the bathroom was bad enough. Actually… why on Pern is she coordinating a baby shower?

Idrissa does not need a cookie pacifier at all, alright? She blinks and chuckles as she hears Kale and Soriana, a smile seen. "Ya I got it. You all just want to keep my around to for work. So nice of you all." She is so joking, evening grinning. Her gaze turns to Kale at the talk of poopy things and she peers at him. "Oh you mean like diapers?" Like duh. She waves after Muir as he is flying this rather strange conversation it would seem.

Mikal wrinkles his nose. He's so never having kids. He takes the soup, a cookie and perhaps some cider and returns to his cot to munch away. Elsie perks up as Mikal sits down and then she's right there. She wants some! Elidor is also right there so Mikal has to figure out how to share soup and cookies with two hungry firelizards.

"I certainly am not," remarks Kale, shaking his head at Mikal. "I'm makin' spoons." He's standing on the safer end of the baby spectrum. "Somebody else can deal with that." Baby poop … gross! At the official term dubbed at 'diapers', he nods. "Yes, those things. Diapers." Shudder! "They smell awful." Experience from his one stint in the nursery. That was time enough for him! And even with this talk of poop and diapers, he has no problem chomping his food, watching Mikal as he heads back to his bunk. He doesn't blame him. Too much baby talk! Let's turn the subject, shall we? "What's the first thing you think you'd do if you Impress?"

"Briana can get her own diapers," Soriana determines. Because she's definitely not doing it! And there's really nobody else to pawn it off on. Not who'd, y'know, actually be willing to do it. She consumes sandwich and cookie, pausing to smirk to Kale. "Feed my dragon." Chomp chomp sandwich.
Idrissa doesn't want any part of this diaper thing thank you very much. "Ya.. I agree with Soriana on that one. We can get her stuff that isn't well… Diaper like." She nods at this before glancing to Kale she chuckles hearing Soriana. "I dono… Other then feeding them just have to want and see if I get luckly enough for it." There is a pause. "What about you Kale?"

"Feed the dragon." comes Mikal's answer to Kale's question. He's all for non baby talk here folks.
Exaaaaggerated siiiigh. "Other than the obvious," remarks Kale with an eyeroll to Soriana. "An' you know, I was going to say 'other than feed your dragon' because I knew I'd get that answer." He smirks and grabs a few sandwiches for himself before moving away from Idrissa's cot to sink onto his own, propping up a leg while the other hangs off over the edge. Eyes shift to Idrissa, equally unimpressed by her answer and Mikal's. "You're all unimaginative rocks," he proclaims. "Me? Other than the obvious," he prefaces, "I'd sit. I'd sit and I'd watch and I'd… listen, I think. Not for anything or any words. I don't know how much they…talk. Or if they talk at all at first. But like.." he trails, searching. "There's a sound that things make. Iron sounds different than brass, which sounds different than copper, even in your hands. After a while, you know their sounds, and they're as familiar to you as your own voice. I think I'd sit and I'd listen to my dragon's sound, so I'd know him as well as I know metal."

There are so many topics that aren't babies. Including, apparently, baby dragons. Hey, at least baby dragons don't wear diapers. Instead, the weyrlings get to muck out their couches! … is maybe not so much of an improvement. Soriana smirks to Kale. "You asked. But, I mean… it's kinda true. You know what a baby firelizard is like. A dragon's going to be just as hungry. Your first day… you're basically going to feed them and talk to them, and that's it. So… yeah. The obvious answer's the right one, and so's yours."

Mikal is finished eating (including the bits he shared with the two flying stomachs). Bowl goes onto the floor beside his bed. He'll deal with that in the morning. For now he slides under covers and gets settled all comfy like. "I think after I get over the surprise of Impressing, and he's fed, then I'll sit and just talk to him." yes, Mikal has no doubt it will be male. "And ask him what he heard while he was in the egg." he is sounding quite sleepy as he talks. "Metal. Huh. Maybe your dragon will like metal too."

Idrissa peers at Kale, pondering this it sems. "Really… So… You would sit there and listens to his sound like metal?" She never thought of that. She peers down at what is left in that bowl of soup, which Hidalgo is busy lapping up. "I just have to wait and see. Be amazed if I'd impress one." A glance turns back to her friends. "Though I hope if I do, you guys do as well. I have to admit I'd be sad of I got left behind."

Mikal makes a sleepy sound that could be a sound of agreement towards Idrissa. "You'll impress some nice dragon who'll keep you all safe and stuff." says the Mikal from somewhere under his covers. The sound of his boots thudding to the floor indicate he's close to calling it a night. The shirt follows soon after. Seems he's not much for changing too much for bed. Or perhaps he's too tired for that currently. Regardless, soon snores are heard instead of any contribution to any conversations still going on.

Poor Alloy, missing out on this meal because he's too busy doing firelizardy things. Not for long though. Kale wants the little bronze, and his mind reaches for him. It doesn't take long for the firelizard to pop into existance with a small flurry of wingbeats before settling on Kale's cot with a questioning look. Oh food! He clambers to his buddy's side with pleading eyes, though he needn't beg. He's soon fed pieces of sandwich. He's quiet as Soriana talks, eyes gazing at Mikal through his answer. "I wonder if they remember that," he muses aloud. "What they heard in the egg. I wonder if they remember all've us, or just what they got from you." To Idrissa, a vague grin. "Sounds weird, I know. But it makes sense to me." And, as for being left behind, a slight tug is seen on his lips. "Yes, but… no matter what happens, we're all still friends."

"Well, if you get a dragon… you can ask him," Soriana says to Kale with a smile, then gives Idrissa a slight hug before nodding. "Of course we're still friends. Just getting dragons isn't going to change that. I made friends with Jessi before she impressed, and we stayed friends after. Doesn't matter who gets dragons and who doesn't. We'll stay friends if we want to… and we'll want to." Sothere.

Idrissa isn't to sure about that while she tilts her head peering at Hidalgo while he finshes what is left of her soup. "Oh I know, just had to ay that an all." She smiles and nods to Kale. "Of course we're all still be friends."

"Mm, I dunno.." says Kale, giving them a shifty eyed look. "On second thought, I dunno if I'd want to stay friends with you." Just who is he talking to? He doesn't specify. Leaves the comment nice and open to interpretation! The grin that slips is a grand indication that he isn't anywhere near serious, but he tries to fix his face again to an indecisive look. "Some riders I've met are very self-centered. Especially the girls. I could see you gettin' real pompous and arrogant…"

"Oh, yeah, you're right," Soriana says with a smirk. "Better stick with just Idrissa. You know me, I'll probably get a swelled head or something. Poor meek you… well, you'll be better off without me. It's true." She turns to Idrissa. "You'll have to take care of him, because I'll forget it entirely!"

Idrissa blinkblinks a few times and peers up and over to Kale and then Soriana and is so confused looking. "Wait… Who are you talking to Kale?" Hidalgo chitters out once he catches sight of Alloy, hey another lizard!

Kale nods sagely to Soriana, the edges of his mouth downturning. "Swelled head. Big mouth. All are very real symptoms," he says sadly. To Idrissa, he nods. "Yes," he answers, which makes absolutely no sense to her question! "Yes, I am talking to one or both or either of you, and I'm so very sorry it must be this way." He pauses, theatrically, and exhales a slow breath while feeding Alloy another piece of sandwich. The firelizard gives a distracted sound back to Hidalgo. Sorry kid. Eating now! "The knot has doomed us." Dooom!

"Mikal agrees," Soriana says of the snoozing healer-candidate. "That's why he went to bed. He couldn't bear to see us - to hear us discuss the potential of being like this. He understands. And, Kale…" She reaches a hand for his shoulder. "He supports you in this. He wanted me to tell you that." Lies. All lies. But she's managing to avoid the grin… for now.

Zahleizjah is still all scrapes and bruises, though the welts are nice an shiny right now as the Candidate returns to the Barracks from the Infirmary. Virikas just talks, and talks, chitters all the way, and the Starcrafter is attempting to quiet her as they wander in and head towards their cot in the back. "Hey guys.. how's it going?" she will ask, a large smile for Kale and Soriana as two perfect little daffodils are held out towards them. There's one large yellow sunflower in hand, passed Idrissa's direction when within reach. "Glad to see you out of the infirmary and doing well dear.. I picked these up at the Gardenshop on the way home from cleaning. Just wanted to say that m'grateful for you three.."

Idrissa just smirks and shakes her head, she soon tibbit out at Kale. "Whatever. Your be the same way I bet. Thinking your all mighty rider. we're have to get a room just for your ego." She chuckles and shakes her head once Soriana starts in. Hidalgo finally gives in and flutters over to the bronze HEYHEYHEYHEY! This is totally what he wouldbe saying if he could talk. instead he warbles out eyeing what Alloy is eatting it seems. Rissa looks to Zahle and she smiles. "Hey here. How are you feeling?" As for the beastcrafter she looks alright, left arm in a bit of light bandage, and she is careful how she moves thanks to all the bruises she has. At the flower and she blinks before looking to Zahle, a flush runs across her cheek and she lifts up a hand to take hold of it. "Oh… It's so pretty. You didn't have to, but thankyou."

"Wise kid," muses Kale, whose eyes have now lowered to the bedsheets, unable to hold the gaze of his once close friends. Or maybe, it's just easier for him not to laugh if he's not looking at them? Is that a twitch of his mouth? Hold it together, Kale! "He understands. He knows… it must be this way. I can only hope that he…" He pauses, choking up (or is that, snicker-coughing?) and lifting his gaze to the ceiling in silent agony. "I hope that he never knows this pain of big-headedness. I wish it upon no one, but this parting of ways?…It's the right path." All that's needed is a sad, somber violin solo. And cue Zahleizjah! Bright eyes shift to the starcrafter and her flowers, and he blinks in wonder. A flower for him? Brows lift a bit. "..Really? No one's ever given me a flower before." And so cheerful looking! He reaches for it, holding the stem carefully. "Grateful?" Shifty-eyes. "What'd we do?" Or specifically, what'd he do?

Soriana's smirk cannot be contained. It grows - and grows faster when Kale is looking at her, so it's a good thing he doesn't do that much - until… wait, what's Zahleizjah doing here? Okay, obviously, she lives here too, but… Soriana stares at the flower as if she's never seen anything of the sort before. "Uh," she says, and glances up to Zah, then back down again, before carefully taking it. "…thanks?"

Zahleizjah is already a lovely shade of rose, then again, it could just be the welts across her face. Virikas will warble to Hidalgo and Alloy, spreading little greenie wings just for show. "S'nothing.. really. I know I didn't have to.. but I wanted to. I truly have the utmost appreciation and hope that no matter the outcome, friendships remain.." She flashes a warm smile as the beautiful blooms are given to the fellow Candidates. "Really.. it's no big deal. This place could use some brightening up and I figure.. everyone likes flowers.." right?? The expressions are difficult to read, surprise and hesitance. "I just figure.. life can be so fleeting so if something as simple as flower can brighten a day.. everyone deserves that some times.."

Idrissa smiles still as she watches Zahle, she nods and gives a slight pat to her cot to see if the other wants to sit down. "Well I still think its really nice of you. Of coruse we're all be friends, no matter what happens." Hidalgo looks up at the green and sends out a happy warble of his own.

Alloy is getting his full of sandwich, fed by Kale and so now the other firelizards are getting his attention. Hidalgo, who he even goes as far as to share a bit of his meal with. The green is given a chirrup of greeting, tail whipping from side to side. Kale listens to Zah, eyes bouncing from one girl to the next before finally settling on his flower. Well, so he didn't do anything, and this flower is jus .. that. A flower. A gesture of friendship. Well, he'll take that! He grins brightly and rises to move and head to his small trunk, lifting the lid to rummage. What's he got in there? A bunch of junk, from the looks and sounds of it, mostly metal pieces and scraps, but he does come up with a dented looking pitcher with a triumphant, "ha!" He closes the trunk and puts the pitcher on top of it, setting the flower within. "Just need water. Thanks. We were .. sort of, just talking about that, actually. Impressing or not, and where we'd be after."

Soriana laughs. "Sure. Of course we'll stay friends, Kale's nonsense aside." She reaches over and gives his shoulder a little shove, playful, and then sets her flower in next to his. Hey, he's the one who has a vase! …ish. She doesn't. "Dragons don't change something about you. They're just gaining a new friend. Any friend that tries to take your old friends away… well, that seems like a pretty stupid friend to me." She comes over to offer Zah a hug.

Virikas is distracted by her human quickly, knowing at any moment the little green may emit one of those ear piercing screeches, a small meat snack entices the firelizard's attentions. Swirling eyes will pair with the croon towards Hidalgo and Alloy before turning to *GOBBLE!* "You've all ben really great.. welcoming me to your Weyr and reassuring that making Xanadu my new home was the best choice possible. So.. thanks, and you're welcome at the same time I guess.." She giggles and shrugs, taking the patted offer to cop a squat next to Idrissa on her cot. "Perfect.." she says about the 'vase' with a smile before wrapping her arms around Soriana for a solid squeeze. "I like how you think.. with the hatching not too far off I'm sure anxieties are teeming.."

Hidalgo wiggles about and is eager to munch on that food that he is given from he bronze, little happy brown lizard! Idrissa smiles to Zahle and gives her a hug to after Soriana. "Well, why not? We do this with everyone that comes to the weyr. We hope your stick around Zahle." As for being getting stressed and anxious, naw, why would that happen?

"And Soriana's violence notwithstanding," retorts Kale as his shoulder is shoved, overreacting to the push (of course) and rubbing his poor, abused arm. He grins afterward and and drops his act as the girls hug it out, eyes turning to his flower. Hm. Water or klah? Klah may give it an extra boost! But … he'll do water to be on the safe side. "If I were a visitor to another weyr, I'd wish to be treated the same way. And you're alright, compared to some we've had pass through." A grin is offered to the starcrafter, and as much fun as hugging looks, he suffices with just that grin before he juts a thumb towards the door. "I'm gonna find some water for this thing. Dunno much about plants, but I know they need water or they'll shrivel." He plucks up his makeshift vase. "You all can put yours in here if you'd like when I get back? And keep it by your cots." It'd be more reasonable for a girl to have flowers by her cot than a boy!

Soriana grins. "Idrissa gets the flowers," she determines. "She's the one who got hurt. And we'll all appreciate them." So it is said, so it shall be! …unless anyone decides to argue. "I dunno, there's some people I don't like. You, on the other hand, I like." There's an extra bit of a squeeze for Zah, before she disentangles and goes to sit down again. "Yeah, I guess so. I'm… I guess I'm not as worried, this time. It's hard to be worried, when things are going right… mostly." A pat for Idrissa's unhurt shoulder, and an apologetic grin.

Zahleizjah embraces Idrissa with a warm cuddled hug after the Sori-squeeze is complete and she replie "You're quite the peachbubbly yourself… it's definitely mutual!" AS for the general concepts she adds "I'd definitely like t'think I'm more than passing through. Xanadu is more home, in less time, than any place I've ever known.." The hold is released, though the Starcrafter stays in the spot on 'Rissa's cot, nodding along with a smile as she looks to Kale "Aye, one would hope every Weyr would be so kind.. though I'm certain s'not always the case, but thanks.." she says in reference to being alright in comparison with a matched grin and a friendly wink. "Water for plants.. yes! Good call.." A soft thoughtful sigh escapes "This time.. I'd say it's different for sure.. but the pangs still have their way with my thoughts some times.. I dunno if it'll ever get.. easier.. being out there.. things so uncertain. It's like all of Pern is standing still y'know?"

Idrissa smirks at the talk of her getting the flowers because she was hurt. "Ya well, I suppose I can handle that. The flowers an all." She glances back to Zahle and nods with a smile. "I hope it gets easier for you though Zahle." Would be nice if it got easier for all of them really.

Kale gives a little salute at Soriana's proclamation that the flowers shall be housed near Idrissa's cot! No complaint from him at that, or anyone else it seems like. Thus, it shall be! With his pitcher and single flower in hand, he waves his free hand to all of them, lingering just long enough to consider their last words with a lasting look to each one of them. Words aren't forthcoming though, and instead he gives a warm smile before he turns and strides to the door in search of water. Questions can come later. He only has them for one of them, but for now they can wait. His flower is thirsty..and now that he thinks of it, so is Alloy. Chirrup! Wait for me!

Soriana laughs to Zah, and nods. Rissa's cot is the happening place tonight! Again. "I dunno," she says more seriously. "I mean… I've been a candidate before, but… it wasn't like this. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel once I'm actually out there."

Zahleizjah watches as Kale departs in search of water for the flowers, a nod agreeing "Great idea Sori.. they're so bright and such perfect blooms we can all partake in the appreciation. Plus the yellow color will serve to induce further elation which should help with the healing!" No arguments from the Starcrafter, though the subject matter at hand is a bit heavier than the former related to florals. There's a bit of a shoulder shrug and she confides "I 'ppreciate that.. guess it just.. bring up old stuff or something.. we live and learn and do what we can to survive right?" A nod of agreement is shared with Soriana "This is.. definitely not like the last experience I had either. I just hope I don't pass out again.."

Idrissa smiles softly as she hears them talk about the flowers she peers over after Kale and shakes her head. She looks back o the pair and nods. "Sure, we learn everyday after all. How we get by." How she gets by at least. She gives Zahle's arm a soft pat. "Just keep close to Soriana and I when back on the sands. We're keep an eye on you."

"Sure, I guess that makes sense," Soriana says of the bright yellow color. She's never heard of that, but it's plausible enough! As for more serious things… "And drink lots of water." Practical type advice, that.

Zahleizjah leans in to Idrissa when she comforts with that sweet pat, a gentle sigh and head bobble. "Lots of water.. definitely.. and steady deep breaths.. don't lock your knees.. and I'd love to be near you two. Thanks for looking out for me. You're really two of the best friends I've ever had.. I mean it! Flowers hardly do your awesomeness justice!"

Idrissa nods at the bit on drinking plenty of water. "Sounds like a plan to me." She glances back to Zahle. "Aww, I'm glad we're all friends. Don't worry, I love the flower." A glance is sent to Soriana. "Maybe Kale should take some pointers and get us flowers sometimes huh?"

Soriana grins, and steps over to give Zah and Idrissa both hugs. "Awesomeness aside… I should go check on something." She pauses, then. "Kale only gives flowers made out of metal," she says with a grin, then waves before she heads off.

Zahleizjah chuckles and says "I'll make sure to drop some nonchalant hints next time I see him.." She will also glance towards the Dragonhealing Candidate, arms opening for a warm embrace and understanding nod "See ya later Sori.." A lean in to Idrissa has her considering the same as she says "I should probably try t'get some sleep tonight m'self. Another long day tomorrow.."

Idrissa oh sleep, yes well that does sound like a grand idea at the moment. she waves after Soriana. "See you later." As for this beastcrafter, sleep is high on the list of things for her now. "Have a good rest Zahle."

Zahleizjah will snuggle Idrissa with a hug before standing and wandering to her cot, Virikas chirping with almost ever step.

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