Eggs in the Morning

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

By mid-morning in Xanadu clouds have moved in and rain is coming down in sheets, leaving the ground sogged and mucky and a chill in the early fall air. Several Candidates have been assembled, as small groups have been doing for several days now, to familiarize themselves with the eggs. Meeting them at the entrance to the sands is Seryth's rider, who greets them pleasantly and, as always warns that they are to be careful and respectful before leading them out to the clutch and then stepping aside. Thea stays nearby to keep an eye on them and perhaps Seryth, who crouches off to one side with a bit of tension in her twitching tail.

Jessamin holds back near the entrance to the Sands, brows furrowed as she casts her gaze out over the eggs and their very protective dam. The familiar sight of Thea, though, does draw a bit of a smile to her face, even as the sight of her dry clothes get dirty looks from fellow Candidates who weren't so fortunate as to escape the rain. Though she does bow to Thea and then to Seryth, she does not step out quite as easily onto the Sands as in times before, hesitating a moment longer.

Avani is a late arival as she had to drop of a snoozing, stuffed and freshly oiled bronze firelizard to her cot. It would seem that the young woman also took a few moments to change her clothing as there is no longer an oil stain on her lap as there might be expected from allowing Thor to doze there while Egg-watching eariler. She offers both rider and dragon deep curtseys and pauses to watch as Jammar and a few other Candidates (both male and female) offer the pair bows instead. As she finds herself the only one remaining near the edge of the Sands, Avani does move forward, but her gaze doesn't quite seem to take in the selection of shells but rather that spot where the female Candidate was mauled during the last Hatching.

Jessamin moves foward, finally, allowing her steps to take her towards one of the more striking eggs. She takes a deep breath, tilting her head as she approaches the Under the Sea egg, looking at it with as much the eye of an artist as anything else—for the moment. Gingerly, she brushes her fingertips across the curve of the shell, following the dawn-like swirls of buttercream and azure.

Avani is finally brought back to the present as Jammar tugs at her sleeve. She frowns at the lad, but when he nods his head towards the Clutch, she follows his lead. Still not quite paying attention, she just blindly reaches out, brushing her fingers against the nearest shell, that of Mountain Citadel Egg.

Jessamin rocks backwards on her heels slightly, peering curiously at the egg. A mixture of amusement and wonder gradually replaces the residual worry and hurt that dominated her features just minutes before, leaving her eyes sparkling instead of glistening. "Well, hello there."

Avani blinks and, yes, even shivers as her mind processes what has been deposited within it by the still growing Hatchling within the shell. "Shh…" she whispers, "You won't be along much longer, and I'm sure there are those willing to pay you a visit until that time."

Jessamin tilts her head the other way, resting her other hand on the shell now as if ruffling the hair of a child. Her eyes remain locked on the shell, as if she could peer through it to the hatchling within, and somehow see the young dragon which, by her expression, seems to communicate with her now. "So very much like a child…."

Avani blinks and glances towads Faded But Not Forgotten Egg, a frown playing on her lips for a moment at the similar traits that the two Hatchlings seem to share between themselves. She shifts her stance slightly, and places her other hand more firmly upon the shell, both palms cupping the still hardening ovoid gently.

Avani staggers slightly, taking three steps back from Mountain Citadel Egg only to to find the hand she pushed out to steady herself now rests on the Timeless Monolith Egg.

Jessamin 's eyes glisten, the smile on her face fading as she winces with the sudden loss. A single tear trickles down her face, and she whispers, "We'll meet again soon." Reluctantly, she pulls away, taking a deep breath to steady herself. As she steps backwards, her hand accidentally rests upon the shell of Lady's Delight Egg.

Avani blinks and tilts her head upward where she knows rain falls. "Are you reflecting the weather, or is it reflecting your mood, I wonder?"

Jessamin blinks, only then looking down at what's underneath her hand. "So you're the one who was singing." For the moment, she allows the song to carry her, turning to face the egg fully and cupping both hands over the shell.

Avani closes her eyes, her pained expression partly hidden as her roughly cropped hair falls about her face. "I've had enough of guessing games," she murmurs.

Jessamin whispers softly, "Are you a Harper or a dragon?", as she lets her eyes close. Her head is tilted as if to catch the notes of some far-off song, her smile returning at the shifting tones within her. Or is it within the egg? "I know that song well. I've sung it." Any remaining hurt fades as she continues to listen, humming a snatch of freeform melody.

Jessamin lets her hands slide away from the shell, looking more at ease than she has yet today. It is in this better frame of mind that she turns now to the Faded but not Forgotten egg, to trace the blurred, yet intricate ebony designs upon the shell.

Avani shakes her head slightly as she realises that the presense has been gone for some time. She steps away from the shell. Turning, she spots Jammar leaving Patterns in Parchment Egg, and moves to take his place there.

Jessamin lofts one eyebrow at the strange feeling of this egg, murmuring, "What are you…?" Silly question, for it's self-evident that a dragon is within the shell. Yet it seems to bear far more meaning than is immediately apparent.

Jessamin 's brows knit as she looks more closely at the egg. "Now, now, I don't laugh at you…" She does take a half step backwards, while yet letting her palms rest against the shell.

Avani blinks and shakes her head as she first makes contact with the shell, but soon, a shiver runs down her spine and bumps run up her arms. She maintains contact nevertheless, awaiting further contact from the Hatchling in turn.

Jessamin clenches her teeth, hissing softly. "I'll hear you out. I'm not afraid." Resolute, she remains right where she is, determined to see this through to the end.

Avani's eyes shift about for several moments before coming into final focus. She shakes her head, frowning, her mental defenses attempting to spring up as her mind is invaded, her memories opened like so many record hides. "Stop that this instant!" she hisses, her mud-green eyes fixed upon the shell in a glare.

Jessamin lets her hands fall away from the shell, and steps back. "You won't be alone for long." For a few minutes, she seems lost in thought, considering each remaining egg carefully. Should she go foward, or back? Finally, though, she seems to settle on The Left Behind Steps Egg, touching the shell perhaps a little hesitantly.

Jessamin finds herself tapping her foot on the Sands, in time with a beat shared only between her and the hatchling yet trapped within the shell. She does not move away, instead leaning in just a little bit more as if she could somehow hear the beat a little better.

Avani shakes her head and steps away from Patterns in Parchment Egg, rubbing her hands over her arms and looking at the ovoid with a mixture of annoyance, disbelief and anger. She wanders aimlessly around the Clutch, keeping to the side furthest from the brooding gold. Perhaps it is her distraction which leads her to one of the Eggs which was the source of such discomfort during the Clutching. Or perhaps it is the lingering memories of the kindness shown by the one within the other 'faced' shell. No matter the reason, it is Beyond the Taboo Egg which next gets the ex-Holder-turned-Runner-turned-Holder's attention next.

Avani blinks and tilts her head to one side as she regards the Egg. A moment later, she closer her eyes and awaits the discovery which is to be presented.

Jessamin lets out a sigh she didn't even realize she was holding back, the seamstress-turned-Weaver-turned-Candidate relaxing visibly as the melody continues. She shifts back and forth on her feet, swaying in time with a tune no other can hear. "You play well." She doesn't move away, letting a smile play across her features once more, perhaps echoing whatever it is the hatchling is sharing with her.

Avani presses her lips together, her nose wrinkling with the memory of half-forgotten scents from her tropical home and some of her Southern Runs.

Jessamin is most definitely tapping her foot now, to whatever beat throbs within both the shell and herself. There is only the moment, and the music. The here and now is all.

Avani blinks her eyes once more before finally moving away from the shell, the Hatchling seemingly done with his 'world tour'. "You'll have a chance to see all of those places," she murmurs, almost to herself, though the Egg remains nearby.

Jessamin looks more than a little puzzled at what she hears, peering curiously at the egg as she steps back. "You're a strange one. But a good strange." She looks back at Lady's Delight egg, the smile returning in full, along with a mildly bemused expression. Sometimes, the greatest gifts come from the most unexpected of places. It is in this frame of mind that she moves from the eggs entirely, awaiting direction to continue or to leave the Sands, from Seryth and her rider.

Seryth moves restlessly and Thea is, as always aware of her mood. "Lets head on out folks," she says as she wanders through the group helping to shoo them off and back to their chores. "Heya, Jessa," she calls, waving to a few others she knows as she steps out into the clearing with the group for a bit of cooler air. Behind them, Seryth settles into a disgruntled slumber.

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