Getting Physical

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is regularly scrubbed spotless and smells of disinfectant, redwort and other herbs that are - if sometimes strong - preferable to the scents of sickness. Cots are lined up against one wall, with a set of curtains that can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. They're mostly used for examinations of patients and the treatment of mild injuries that won't require long term care; near the back are some more private areas with folding dividers.
There's a number of cabinets that stand off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed, and a back room holds those supplies seldom required.
A desk with chair is set just off of the doorway to the caverns, meant for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long day's work or await patients. If things get too busy, the patients can do the waiting on a set of uncomfortable chairs set nearby. The other doorway comes directly from the clearing, wide enough for a team to carry a stretcher through.

So the recently minted candidate and Journeyman has been tasked with giving…candidate health exams. Next to the chore roster there would likely be a appointment roster for the candidates over the next sevenday. Kelani has been set up with a little station with a exam table behind a privacy screen and a stack of charts with each of the candidates name on them. While she has seemed at times quiet and reserved in the barracks, here she looks relaxed as she chats with an apprentice. This is clearly the domain she feels most comfortable. She is wearing is wearing a healer's tunic today, with the Half Moon Bay colours running through her Journeyman's knot.

Tyssarian is not really sure how he feels about healers, and this much is being said by the rather apprehensive look crinkling his eyebrows as he pokes his head into the infirmary. After a quick look around, he spots Kelani (who he recognizes even though he hasn't been formally introduced yet). At least her looking at ease seems to melt a little of the ridged tension from his shoulders as he slips the rest of the way into the infirmary and makes his way over to the healer. "Journeyman Kelani?" Pause. "Or is it Candidate Kelani? I'm always bad at correct titles." A nervous chuckle escapes his lips as he extends his hand in greeting. "Tyssarian, here for my checkup." If she takes his hand she'll notice it's cold and clammy and she may notice a few beads of sweat dappling his brow as his eyes dart around at the unfamiliar suroundings.

The calling of her name has Kelani looking up from her conversation with a smile, "Oh hello, I think Kelani will do. I am still getting used to the change in status…for both." There is a few quick words of farewell for the apprentice before he goes back to his own work. Kelani extends a hand to him in friendly greeting, "This should be relatively painless. Just quick checks to make sure we are all fit for the sands. I got to get done by the Assistant Weyrlingmaster…" She says with a raise of brows a she releases the hand, keeping up the friendly banter as she moves to the little exam area, grabbing his chart from amoungst the stack as she does so. "Its quite common to be nervous in here, I thought of doing in the barracks but figure some people would prefer the privacy for this at least."

"Privacy is good depending upon what is going to be done." Minty green eyes flicker up to her as she moves to the exam area. "Hopefully not too much poking or prodding or you know, taking of blood." Tys clears his throat and then reaches up to run his fingers through his hair. "Just let me know where you want me and what you want me to do. Never had an exam before. And I don't have any healer friends." And some of the younger candidates have been filling his head with nonsense and horror stories which really aren't helping his already shaken resolve at having to come here.

"Mostly I am going to take a medical history and just do a quick physical. No needles and I will try to warm up the stethescope." Kelani continues and motions him to sit on the table. "If you don't mind taking your shirt off, it will be easier, otherwise can reach under to listen to things." As casual as can be as she gets together what supplies she needs, namely that stethescope and thermometer. "So have you ever had any major illnesses or joint injuries?" She starts as waits to see how he handles her first request.

If Tyssarian is one thing, he's not shy at least. So in a few seconds he has pulled his shirt over his head and then plops down onto the table. "Okay, well not much in terms of history. Never been to a healer's before. Never even had a broken bone." He pauses and blinks a few times, "Wait, what's a stethoscope?" And then the questions start and he shakes his head, "Nothing major in terms of illness, my Aunt always was surprised when all the weyrbrats were coming down with things and I was always just fine. And no join inuries."

Kelani makes notes on the chart as he gives his history, before setting her pencil down and picking up the 'stethescope' and shows it to him. "I put this end of the tube on your chest and I listen at this end to make sure your lungs and heart sound healthy." She explains to him and proceeds to do just that as she leans in to listen to his heart, then his lungs. "Just take deep breaths for me." She instructs as she checks each lung field before setting it down and then proceeds with a neuro exam holding the pencil up for him to follow. "Sounds really lucky, I got sick a lot when I was younger."

Even if the stethoscope is warmed, he still jerks a bit when she pushes it against his skin. "I see…" He's still eyeing it a bit warily. But then he falls silent in order to inhale a few deep breaths for her. All the while if that thing is in his line of sight, Tys is staring at it. Once she's done with that and holding the pencil up his eyes narrow in on that and follow as it's moved. "I suppose in that aspect I am pretty lucky. Being sick never looked like much fun. I'm sorry you were sick a lot when you were a kid." Tyssarian's skin is pretty pale, but who's to say if it's from a lack of iron in his diet or is just his natural skin tone.

She holds out her hands towards his. "Can you squeeze my hands, don't worry I can take it." Kelani says with a grin and gives a little shrug, "If it were not for my time with the healers as a child I might not have become one. So in served a purpose." She says in a light tone before letting go and picking up a little hammer. "I am just going to tap your knees and if all is working well you will kick, so don't be alarmed." She explains and goes to do just that. "Have you ever suffered any dizziness or fainting?"

Tyssarian reaches out and squeezes her hands, not super hard but he also isn't exactly gentle either. "I suppose it's a good thing you were sick then that it brought you to your.. calling?" And then that little hammer is being watched as a solitary brow goes up. "I can't say I've found my place yet. My Aunt is always saying it just takes some people a bit longer than others, but I'm nearly an adult still and have nothing really to show for it." Then she taps his knees and on queue his leg pops out just as it should. "No dizziness or fainting. Well.. except at the sight of blood. Can't say I do too well with that." He laughs softly, reaching up to ruffle his hair again and look away as a faint red blush creeps up his cheeks.

Kelani finishes the exam with an examination of his lymphnodes, at least above the belt and a feel of his abdomen. "Sometimes sometimes a sickness shows up in the organs, but you seem to be all clear." She says and turns back to her chart, "You can shirt up again." She says as she writes the notes up on the exam. "Well that's alright, we even get a few apprentices fainting their first time with blood. So that is perfectly normal." She looks thoughtful for a moment and glances out the door then back again, "Well now you are here..and doing chores with various crafters, maybe you will find something that will appeal?"

Tyssarian squirms a bit as his lymphnodes are press on, poked at, and generally examined. "Glad to hear that I'm at healthy as my Aunt thinks I am." He swings off the table, retrieves his shirt from the floor - because he was awesome and just dumped it there like some college frat boy - and pulls it over his head and back into place. "And good to hear I'm not the only one that's a bit.. challenged by the sight of blood." With a shake of his head he glances around "And maybe, I didn't really think about that. I'll try to pay closer attention to each craft and see if any appeal after this candidacy thing is over." Just then a younger female candidate walks into the infirmary, looking as white as a sheet. Tys catches sight of her, clicks his tongue and then dips his head to Kelani, "Thanks for making it painless, I appreciate it. Let me know if you need any help with your chores." He flicks a few fingers up a wave and with that he's out the door.

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