Noises at Night (Warning: Mature Content)

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Continued from Three Hungry Mice

Zahleizjah figures the thick wick candle is better a soft light than the treachery of night terrors she's woken others up with before, but she will definitely rise from her cot near the sleeping-Sori, with Virikas in tow. A few careful steps will bring her closer to the late night cookie monsters, though Muir is settling back to bed so the Starcrafter will kneel somewhere near Kale so she's no longer 'whispering' across half of the Barracks. "Nothing like a midnight cookie.. thanks!" She'll take the proffered snack and nibble a few bites after setting the candle safely in a nearby holder. "Yeah.. was out there earlier for a good bit.." A hand touches the welt across her cheek "This ones from a fickle brush branch.. the rest.. r'from herdbeast 'wrastlin.. caught two sneaky ones tryin' to get away."

Idrissa blinks while looking to Zahle, well she is half asleep so she didn't really notice it until like now. "I'm sorry you got hurt. Your be alright?" This questioned while she shifts to sit up a bit more. "I've fallen off runners before, well been kicked by a few two so I can imagine how you feel." It isn't a good feeling!

Fruits under the bed, huh Muir? Well, that'll be interesting to see tomorrow. Just what kind of creepy crawlies are going to find his stash before morning? He'll keep his ears open for the screams. With the cookie handed off to Zahleizjah, ka-el settles himself on the foot of Idrissa's cot, leaving space for Zah as well, if she wishes to sit as opposed to kneel. As she explains her injuries, he shakes his head. "Sounds fun" he says, sarcasm evident in his voice and the words accompanied by a smirk. "I'll leave the rounding up to those who know how to do it. Seems to me like there's more'n a few who should've been beastcrafters instead. Did you go too?" he asks of Idrissa. "You two didn't want to rough it an' stay overnight out there? Camp by a fire. Roast…whatevers. Tell cow ropin' stories.."

Could be worse. Muir could have put them under someone else's bed. Maybe Lorelai's. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise come morning? But, at least they're just under his. Eventually, the sounds of conversation make Soriana start to stir again, and she opens one eye, turning her head to look around and… hurm. Her gaze falls on Kale and the others. For a moment, she frowns, then pushes back her covers and sits up.

Zahleizjah smiles at Idrissa and doesn't look really bothered by her injuries as she shrugs it off with a "Oh yeah, falling is no fun at all n'thanks, some salve and soaks I'll be alright. I've only fallen off a few times when I was learning at Western, but it was the jumping from runnerback when I had the herdbeast lasso'd that did it. Not my best move, but I got em though.. we should ride some day. I'd love to learn to shoot while in motion.." More cookie nibbling and she'll find a spot with Kale on Idrissa's cot. A soft chuckle has head wobbling and she agrees "Not as fun as kickball, but I realized how much I miss Star m'runner back at Western. Plus there's plenty 'sides the actual herding.. festivities and foods n'such.. I'll happily sleep inside though, getting so cold these days."

Idrissa smirks at Kale. "Well I had to do lessons today so that means I have to come back." She points out while leaning close to Kale and uses him as a pillow, well sort of at least. The cookie is long gone, though Hidalgo did help with the eating of it. "I plan on going back tomorrow though, RedFeather's is still out there actually."

"You could probably get her shipped or .. somethin' over here, couldn't you?" Kale asks, referencing Star, the runner. "I mean … your da's Weyrleader," said with a bit of a laugh, as if the problem (if it is in fact a problem) has such an obvious answer. "If you asked, he…or she would probably be here by the end've the sevenday, if not sooner." Right? Or perhaps things are more complex than he's imagining. His eyes shift to Idrissa as she leans on him, making him her human pillow. He smirks, playfully elbowing her a little. "Well the both of you lot have fun tomorrow. I'm happy to stay here. I'm .. slightly behind at the forge anyway. Orik blames Yokohama. Said he shouldnt've allowed me to go." Eyes are given a faint roll. "All I need is a day to catch up." Uh oh, is he talking too loud? He ducks his head a little, seeing someone else beginning to shift and awaken. But, oh it's only (a slightly grumpy looking) Sori, and he lifts up the last cookie he's saved for her. "Got you a cookie."

Only a little grumpy, and it's not even with Kale. Maybe what Kale symbolizes, but… Soriana swings out of bed and pads over to join the others, perching on the end of the bed and offering a smile. Before she takes the cookie, even. "Thanks."

Zahleizjah sighs softly, her breath making that soft flame dance and flicker off the barrack's walls. A nod of the head and half smile contends "I think m'gonna hafta. It will take some time, hopefully just a sevenday or so. I just.. kinda hate ships, bad experiences n'all. Which is why I didn't do that in the first place." Her cookie is now gone as well, but not a whole lot of leaning is going on on her account. As Soriana joins them, the Starcrafter stands and offers her seat on the cot "Oh Yoko.. m'glad we shared that experience regardless.." Rich amber hued orbits scan the darkness of the room in slumber and she'll say "Sorry if we woke ya Sori.. should prolly get back t'bed myself. G'luck catching up at the Forge Kale.. see ya out there tomorrow Idrissa.." The candle will be left, careful steps towards the back where her cot is, only bumping in to one grumble producing cot of sleepiness with apologies whispered along the way.

Idrissa hums and ohs while waving after Zahle. "Ya I'll be there. Have a good rest." She looks over to Soriana and smiles to her. "Ah, hey.. Sorry about waking you." This said with a soft tone not wanting to wake anyone else up it seems. "Sorry you can't come Kale. I bet you'd have some fun if you could be allowed." As for him being a pillow? She just stays put there, perhaps snuggling just a bit as well she's still half asleep so there.

Kale symbolizes awesomeness. How can Soriana be grumpy with awesomeness? He grins as the cookie is taken, knowing that no one can stay too grumpy with a cookie in their belly. "Welcome. Sorry if we were too loud," he says, not sounding a bit sorry at all. Hey, she's up and over here. What's to be sorry about? He lifts a hand in light wave to Zahleizjah as she heads back to bed, smirking at her well wishes. "Yeah, it's nothin'," he assures, glancing to Idrissa who is making herself comfortable. "I should charge by the minute.." he snickers, and his eyes are back on Soriana after. "Like your hair," bedhead! Mwuahaha "Should wear it like that everywhere."

"It's okay," Soriana says to the apologies for waking her, keeping her own voice low, then tilts her head. "You two're going back out to the roundup tomorrow?" she asks Idrissa, giving Zah a little wave as the starcrafter heads back to bed. Cookie is nibbled, and then she sticks out her tongue at Kale. "Yeah? I mean, it's no sticky, but I'm not up to your standards of fashion."

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale. "You like it, don't even deny it." She murmurs out softly and even pokes at his side a moment. She nods to the question from Soriana. "Ya. I told them I would wander back out. Figure it is the least I could do. If enough people show I can just tend to the runners."

"Nice," remarks Kale at crumb-tongue Sori. "The only person that could pull off sticky is me. Don't think of tryin'. You'll only be hugely disappointed." He clicks his tongue and runs his fingers through his non-sticky hair. "Those two are goin' back," he confirms, pointing to Idrissa first, then over to Zahleizjah's cot. "An' you are too?" he assumes, assuming that she even went a first time to be able to claim that she's going back.

“Probably, yes." Because at the end of the day? Soriana would just have sticky hair. She's no Darsce (who is?), but she's pretty sure that's not actually fashionable in any universe, real or fictional. Sori nods to the answer she gets, then shakes her head. "Nah. Probably not. I've got a shift and some studying to do." Though, she doesn't correct him, so that does imply she's already made it out there once.

Idrissa is going back, yup! She plans on being there doing whatever she can do to possible help out it seems. She tilts her head to peer over at Soriana to see if she is going as well. A soft ah escapes her and she nods. "Well, maybe your get to come over before we're finished."

"You're on your own, Idrissa," remarks Kale upon hearing Sori's answer. "Rope a herdbeast for the both've us. .. That means you'll need to rope two, y'know," he grins. "No one's broken a leg yet? Been dragged by a runner? Stepped in herdbeast poop at least?" He's surprised by the lack of accidents from this open call for help. He'll knock on wood tomorrow. He's quiet a moment, eyeing the subtle dancing of the flame. "It's better this time, isn't it?" asked quietly.

Soriana at least knows how to ride, if not rope! Though, the last time before this that she spent any significant time in the saddle… well, maybe that's a contributing factor to why she's not going back. Rounding up cattle leads to different saddle sores than quick pleasure jaunts. She chuckles at Kale's litany of doom, glancing to Idrissa as the most likely to have heard these things. None of the dragons got hurt, anyways! When Kale speaks after that moment of quiet, her gaze goes back to him, and she regards him for a moment in equal quiet before saying, "Yeah. It is."

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale and rolls her eyes a moment. "Ya I'll get right on that." She says with a shake of her head. She then ahs while pondering this. "I don't think anyone got to hurt… I mean not that /I/ know of at least." Her gaze turns to Kale and she shifts to let her head settle against his shoulder for a moment. "Yeah…" Is murmured out softly.

"I was hoping it was.." Kale says, nodding once to Sori. "I know there's been one clutch since, but .. I dunno. It was still a lot of deja vu when we all got searched again. And then movin' in here. I think it only started feelin' different after we touched the eggs for the first time and felt…something." There's no word for that something, but he needn't be too specific. They all felt it on all those eggs. Eggs that were not hollow or lifeless. His eyes stray from Soriana when Idrissa's head settles against him, and he smiles a little. "Sleepy?"

"It's like… it's the same things, but they're different now. We're different. And… yeah. The eggs." Soriana smiles a little, and then, her voice softer, she adds, "…and… I got searched this time. Like… really searched, not just asked to stand. That's better, too." Her own gaze falls as Kale looks away, then drifts up to settle on Idrissa. "S'no wonder, with some people making fusses in the middle of the night and waking everyone up." There's no particular rancor to her words, though, just a bit of a smirk.

Idrissa nods slightly to the talk of the eggs. "There so different than before. An ya we are all older and stuff too so many that has something to do with it." It's possible, right? A soft hum escapes her and she peers at Kale and smirks faintly. "Gee, I wonder why I'd be tired. Was just up at the crack of dawn down at the stables, though I could get some sleep. Funny thing an't it?"

Kale nods slowly a few times as Soriana speaks, agreeing with both what she and Idrissa have to say on the matter. Age. Experience. It's all different. And better. Will the end be the same, though? Will one or more of them be left standing on the sands? "I wish it'd hurry and happen. Waiting around an' wondering what's in those eggs and who they're for is the worst bit of this," he sighs, but his sigh is followed by a smirk about fusses being made. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Candlelit and ruckus. I was woken up by it too." It wasn't him! He grins at Idrissa. "And you chose to do it all over again tomorrow."

Older. Wiser. And far more mature. …right? Yeah, Soriana's not even going to say it, because there's no way she could keep a straight face through all that. "They're not ready yet," she does say of the eggs with dragonhealer certainty, because while when exactly they hatch is a mystery to everyone but their occupants, the fact that they haven't on the sand near long enough yet is not. "We still haven't made those bets, either. Wonder if maybe we should have done that before the touches. It feels a little weird, now." She reaches over to brush her fingers lightly along Kale's leg, then hehs. "Not that it stopped you from going along for the cookies."

"Oh riiight… the wagers." How did Kale forget about them? That was his idea to begin with! Candidacy and craft chores have eaten up all of his free time! Free time is now. At one, two something in the morning when usually he's asleep. Sleep is for the weak! What a waste of his free time…He'd better take advantage of it now. "Doesn't feel weird. We've just got some insight. It'll make it even better. Let's wager." He grins at her, eyeing the touch of her hand before he leans towards her, careful not to jostle Idrissa too much, and reaches for Soriana's arm to grasp, tugging at her, trying to pull her closer to him while exhaling a breath towards that candle to extinguish the flame.

Yeah, those. The wagers Kale was so enthusiastic about, and now it's the middle of the night and… nah. It's not too late. For wagers, or for other things either. "Well, all right," Soriana agrees, and she shifts her position, leaning in toward Kale. As the light goes out, her body presses to his, and while there may yet be wagering, the first things her lips do as darkness falls is not to propose a bet, but to seek a kiss. There's time enough for wagers, but first, she intends to take advantage of this free time… very quietly. It wouldn't do to have anyone wake up and notice.
Alright! Time for betting! .. Soon. Eventually. But first, it's time for kissing, and Kale has absolutely no problem whatsoever with doing so in the middle of the night, in Idrissa's cot, with Soriana. Perfectly legit situation! It's a super silent kiss. A soft meeting of lips whose touch grows slightly urgent the longer they linger. Part and meet again. Still quiet, despite the warmth creeping up his neck and the arms that slip around her. It's tough being a teenager. Tougher when you're a teen with a white knot and a girlfriend with one to match.

Kisses aren't against the rules. Being in someone else's cot after lights out? Okay, yes, but that's why they're being quiet about it. So long as they're quiet - and they stay awake enough to creep back to their own beds before morning - nobody has to know, right? Besides… life is very tough when you're a teenager and you're being kept too busy for kisses, even if they're not technically against the rules. That hand of Soriana's that slides up under Kale's shirt is not technically against the rules either. It's just making up for lost time, that's all. They've got a few hours yet before down. It might be nearly enough time for kisses. She's definitely intending to make the attempt. Who needs sleep?

It's an overrated thing, sleep. Necessary, but so overrated. Kale would much rather do what he's doing now than laying, snoring in his cot with the imaginary women that his dreams had conjured for him. Why seek the imagined when flesh and blood are in front of you? And he's been so good! If one hadn't already known, one wouldn't be able to tell they were a thing. He's got the art of keeping his hands to himself mastered! Granted, it was a tough lesson, and one that he's paying no attention to now as he reciprocates her touch, not at all minding the exploration of her hand to his stomach and chest while his own grip and slide up her waist and hips, then back down again. The silent kiss can't be called such any more. Not with the soft sound of lip smacking interrupting the quiet stillness every now and again. Shh!

Imaginary women aren't nearly so good in bed. Nor are the imaginary men. Soriana knows this. Her hands can also be kept to herself… when she wants. Right now, she most certainly does not want, and her body presses down against Kale's… except for the part where she flexes her hips up as his hands stroke over them, leaning into the touch before settling back down against him. Her fingers trace up over the smith-strong muscles of his chest, her head tilting for more kisses, deeper kisses… okay, so maybe they're not silent anymore, but they're still quiet, right? That little moan she makes is being muffled against his lips. That makes it quiet. So quiet. She's definitely trying to be quiet, anyhow.

The feel of curves beneath a film of fabric is not enough. Annoyingly unsatisfying. And so Kale's hands grope at her shirt, bunching up layers beneath his fist til the hem is caught and both palms slip beneath. It's instantly better, the warmth of her skin against his hands has him smiling against her lips. It's a brief curvature that's swallowed up again as he leans up against her, locking her lips to his, feeling the gentle vibrations of her voice against him. Somewhat quiet, right? It's the effort that counts, yes. They're not doing such a fantastic job anymore. He doesn't pull back to end it, just to take a breath, and his grin returns on its own, though the look behind it is downright predatory, although with the blanket of night, it may be difficult to see. Words aren't forthcoming though, but there needn't be any words to show or tell just what may be running across his mind now. Dream women be damned. Lips meet again, far too gently. A teasing touch that's retracted, then followed by another, this one stronger, a little hungrier. And if she'll let him, a third, ravenous, with closed eyes and warm tongue.

Zahleizjah is usually a rather hard sleeper, never waking during one of her 'episodes' though surely people are talking about them now. Tonight is a pretty quiet night for the night-terror plagued Starcrafter, fortunately this Candidacy has been less rough on her than the last. Some kissy face and rustling sounds, heavy breathing and whispers in the night rouse the girl "Hmmnahh.. wha?" It's dark and she may be sheltered but she knows what that means. Sleepy eyes will be rubbed and she'll wander out of the Barracks, making it all the way to the door before tripping in to a booby-trap of a bag left right near the entrance. A quick stumble and she's falling out the doorway in a daze.

Soriana's body lifts up again. Just a little. Just enough to let Kale's fingers slide under the shirt, though she doesn't want to lose the fabric-muffled contact for long enough… oh, but it's worth it, especially because she takes the chance to press up his shirt as well, and the touch of stomach to stomach, skin to skin… yeah. That's worth it. It's hard remembering to be quiet, right now. Her lips touch to his… gently? Softly? She makes a small noise of complaint, leaning her head down again. The second kiss is better. Firmer. Fiercer. The third… oh, the third is exactly what she wants, her fingers roaming eagerly, constrained only by her body's unwillingness to part from his, and her hips sway against his, her legs trying to twine with Kale's as her tongue curls and takes and gives, all at once. It's perfect, eager, she's ready for it to last forever… thud. …thud? Why was there a thud? Soriana freezes. Is someone at the door? Are the AWLMs coming by for a 3am inspection?

For a moment, just a short moment, Kale forgets where he is. He forgets his surroundings and the rules and expectations that come with it. For just a few precious minutes, he's just a guy with a girl that his body is raging for. It's easy to forget. The meeting of skin to skin, stomach to stomach. It stirs thoughts that have been stirred before, awakening every cell in his body. Her every minute sound is a sound he wants to hear more of. Each muffled moan and even that protested noise tingles his nerves and pinpricks the skin. More. He wants more of this, and his urgency is felt in his kiss. He drinks her in, all of her, squeezing her body, fingering groping skin, pressing hard against her back. His body moves with hers, pressing, grinding, the beginnings of a roll, forgetting that there's another body present here. And then, that thud. He freezes right along with her and his eyes open, his hold on her tightening, possessively or protectively? Difficult to tell, but then … he remembers where they are. "Fuck.." the word is exhaled more than said, and his arms fall from her, releasing her from his hold. Inspection?? "Go, hurry…"

There's something to those kisses that reaches down past the brain and reminds you that inside every person, there's an animal. Something that crouched in a jungle, once. It's with those eyes that Soriana looks to the doorway, the tensing of her muscles making her position over him into a crouch. Who's coming? Whoever it is… they can't have him. Hers. She's got him. He's got her. The thought only lasts a moment before her brain engages again. This isn't the jungle. This is the barracks. Whoever's at that door isn't going to steal her boy, just give them both potato peeling duty for the next five weeks. Fight isn't an option. The only one left is flight, and quickly, unwillingly, she disentangles himself from him, running across the floor on bare feet and diving for her bed. No time for words. No time for a final kiss. No time for any of that, not anymore. Time to pull the covers up high and pretend to be asleep; to try to calm her breathing even as her body longs for more panting, breathless things.

The weight of her off of him is a depressing thing. He's too light. That comfortable pressing weight to his chest and hips and legs felt as much of a natural part of himself as any of his own limbs, but he can't dwell on that now. He can't dwell on anything. There isn't the time. Her weight is gone and he moves a split second after, sliding off of the bedspread, pausing long enough to assure Idrissa is still in place beneath the covers, then he too makes for his cot. Socked feet quiets his footfalls, but the soft thudding of each step is impossible to silence totally. He quickly slips into his bed, cursing as feet and legs meet firelizards, who he has to push aside before he can fully slide down beneath his sheets and close his eyes. He waits. Listening. His heart beats in his chest from the thrill of Soriana and the anticipation of being caught. They both heard that thud. There was no imagining that. Someone's out there, but it matters little now for if they enter now, what will they see? Nothing. Nothing but lumps in cots and breathing bodies, with at least two of them calling for the other's. Kale curses, curses, and curses again in his mind before he holds his breath, trying to fend off that ebbing feeling of excitement that still courses. He turns his head, eyes half opening to stare in the direction of Soriana's cot, his held breath slowly exhaled through the nose. Candidacy…sucks sometimes.

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