D'had Does Something Special

Xanadu Weyr – Guest Weyr

The is one of the nicer guest weyrs, closer to the center of the Weyr and reserved for visiting ranking folk for that reason. It’s a spacious stone cottage near the clearing tucked back under the edge of trees that bloom in springtime with a sweet fragrance to drift into the large windows that flood the rooms with light.

The rustic elegance of cathedral cielings and pole beams and polished wooden floors lend warmth to the stone walls of the main room. A set of russet leather couches are arranged opposite a stone foreplace, while against the other wall sits a comfy bed and dresser with a coverlet in hues of russet, gold and teal. There is a small kitchenette with table and chairs and a private bath as well.

Either the twins have been very good, D'had had someone help him, or he left them with their grandmother or the nannies while he did the setup. However that all worked out the table of the guest weyr is set when Thea arrives. The dinner, kept warm under covers, proves to be a step up from what's being served in the caverns. A blanket has been spread out on the floor, the furniture moved back a bit to make room (and perhaps assure no heads bumped on table corners?). This is where Marella and Muir are, all dressed up to see mommy, not anything special, but they are dressed with diapers on right and everything. And Donn… well his wardrobe isn't that large, but he's found one of his nicer shirts and that bottle of cologne he had hidden somewhere apparently - just a light splash - but look, he's even down on the floor with the babies! Not that he's doing anything really other than being a climbing/chew toy, but he's down there.

Seryth has been in contact with Siebith, perhaps it is talking with her friend, perhaps the visiting Candidates have left her especially fatigued. Whichever the case, the young queen is relaxed enough to sleep deeply, curled about the same egg she kept the Candidates from touching but an hour ago. Thea has been able to slip away to the hot springs and bathe, taking the extra time to pamper herself and use special things to make her hair soft and shiny, leaving it to tumbled about her shoulders to air dry. After enduring the heat from both sands and springs, she's donned one of her light summer shifts, one he hasn't seen before. It's a simple sleeveless dress of emerald green, falling to mid-thigh where a ruffle of transparent brown fabric takes over to whisper about her knees, the sisal fabric shimmering with a slight sheen as she moves. She's made her way there with a light step, humming as she walks, enters the guest weyr and just stops. And stares, taking it all in with a bemused smile.

Quiet footsteps go unheared as she pauses. D'had having stopped glancing towards the door ever thirty seconds or so awhile ago as attention needs to focus on the twins least they fall over in their attempts to climb Mount Dad. At least they haven't started crawling yet or he'd likely be out of luck keeping them wrangled.

"Well, I wasn't expecting all this," Thea's voice is low-pitched so as not to startle all of them. She closes the door behind her, kicks off her sandals by the door (no sense in either of the babes finding and chewing on those), pads over to the blanket in bare feet and drops to her knees beside D'had, eyes twinkling as she tilts her head to watch him deal with the two. She's got a front row seat now and for the moment, just enjoys the sight of her family.

D'had does glance up at the sound of her voice, turning one of those smirked smiles of his on. "Glad ya could make it," he replies, leaning over for a kiss when she takes a seat. The twins might take a second longer, but they're no stranger to mommy's voice either, even if she's been kept busy on the sands far too much lately. "And that ya found time for a break," he adds. Yes, he's observant enough to notice she had her pamper time before coming - that or Siebith had told him she was going to.

"We aim to please," Thea quips, her smile warm as she leans to return his kiss, inhaling appreciatively. "Hmm, you smell nice-" eyes flicker over his shirt, "-look nice, too." Baby arms are waving in her direction and there's those little sounds she knows to mean, 'pick me up' and so she slides carefully to lie on her side and scoop Muir into one arm and prop him up against her. "I did, yeah. She was distracted." Just by who or what, she doesn't say. Amusement dances in her eyes as she looks over the top of Muir's dark hair to take in all his preparations and back to him. "Looks like you did too."

D'had chuckles. "So do you," he replies as he pulls back to finally take a good look at her. An appreciative, if flirtatious, wink sent her way for her own choice of attire. "When'd you get that?" Because he certainly didn't get it for her. Did he? As for Seryth being distracted, who or what doesn't seem to matter to him as long as it doesn't have her rider distracted as well. "Figured ya might be hungry.." he adds with a shrug for his own preparations.

Thea lifts a long leg to poke at him with a toe, laughing quietly at that wink. "I made it awhile back. Had some material and it was just enough." Because there's not a whole lot to it, obviously. "Just never wore it before." She lifts her eyes to the table once again, nodding appreciatively. "I am." She smirks then, "Did you cook it too?" Likely she knows the answer to that one, she's just being smart. Muir babbles quietly, wriggling back against her and she leans to kiss the top of his head.

D'had ahhs, giving an appreciative nod for the workmanship that he has no eye for. He'll just say it looks good and that will be fine with both them. Yes? "I like it," he replies, turning his own glance towards the table then, chuckling as he looks back. "Would I be feedin' it to you if I had?" He's not terrible when it comes to cooking, he just has limited skills, but still the answer to that would be a clear no.

Appreciation works for most women and Thea is no different; she's satisfied with that simple sentiment. As for the food, "Yes!" She is smug with her comeback, smirking as she prods his side with her unnoticed (or is that ignored?) toe. "If you wanted to poison me and inherit my fortune." Muir twists towards her just then grabs a fistful of her damp hair and she drops her eyes to watch him, a gentle smile on her lips. He pulls it to his face, inhales and promptly sneezes at the jasmine scent of it. Thea can't help but laugh at the child's startled look, which causes him to blink at her and then he laughs also - contagious baby mirth, that, which gets Marella going too. Laughter. In stereo.

Noticed, but ignored that toe. "What fortune is that?" D'had inquires, one hand still keeping Marella stable while the other sneaks to grab that toe that's poking him and give it a playful shake. "'Sides, I poison you, don't have you anymore. Then what would I do with them?" A nod towards the twins, though he's still smirking. All in jest of course, but then there's that reaction from Muir which has him chuckling as well, and only all the more for the giggles from the pair of them.

"Why half of Cold Stone Hold's title and lands, of course." Thea breezily ignores the fact that she's likely been disinherited by now, squeaking as her toe is shaken and tries to withdraw her foot. "Buy another ship and hire the best of the best shipboard nannies and take them around the world?" She's caught up laughing with all of them for a minute, well-pleased with their laughter as it's really the first time they've done it. Marella over there finds her daddy's fingers. Yum! Muir's trying to chew on her hair, so she's beginning that fun process of disentangling baby fingers again.

D'had's laugher continues as he shoots her a grin. "Don't know that I care for that title. And land.." he raises a brow. What is -he- going to do with land? "I'd watch your brother on that one." Teasing still, but he does let go of her foot if only to pry his other away from Marella. "Here," he says, lifting the girl over to her mother and setting her down beside. "Help your brother," the thought is finished as he stands.

Smirking, "You could sell them?" Then, deliberately misunderstanding, "What would Tharen do with a ship full of nannies?" But wait! Does Thea even want to know? She curls her leg back then as she's got to balance on one elbow to free that hand to work on finger-hair tangle and Marella joins the fray at her daddy's behest. The little girl creeping to explore underneath the heavy strands that hang over the blanket. Muir might get his hands tangled, but she's aiming for her whole person. Help your brother indeed!

D'had laughs all the more for that. "The land babe, not the nannies," though he can likely think of a thing or two a guy Tharen's age would like with a pretty girl. Because we all know if Donn was hiring they'd all be pretty. *cough* But he's leaving her to her struggles as he turns away to head for the table and make sure things are set there, uncovering the food and setting said covers aside before going to her aid and scooping up the boy once she has his hands free. "Now eat," he says with that smile of his. He might not, but he's going to make sure that she does.

Psh! Tharen doesn't want the land, nor a ship full of pretty nannies either, to her knowledge. Ignorance is bliss? She eyes his preparations over there, but soon enough her attention is back on prying Muir's fists open to remove her captured hair. It's a losing battle, however because as soon as she gets one hand free and starts on the other, he's grabbing with the previous one. She tries tucking it back behind her shoulder, but the silky mass just keeps slipping back. When D'had does come snag the boy, he's drawn away along with her hair. Ouch? Thea rises hastily, mindful of Marella, there. As that dark tent the girl was under is lifted with her mother's departure, she is unveiled - curled on her tummy fast asleep.

"Sorry," D'had is quick to apologize once he realizes the boy hasn't quite let go yet. But at least he can hold one hand and let her work out the other. A glance behind her brings a smile though, and a nod to draw her attention to the girl. "Looks like someone else missed you," he teases.

Thea half-glances behind her and a tender smile trembles on her lips for Marella even while she's working on Muir's tight grip. "I've missed seeing them sleep." The words are whispered, but not because she's trying not to wake the little girl; they've gotten better about sleeping through noise being in the nursery so long. With him holding Muir and gravity keeping her hair away from further marauding, she's free in seconds. Moisture glistens in her eyes when she raises them to his, but she laughs to cover, teasing him, "You're not going to eat with me? I'm sure it's been tampered with now!"

D'had turns the boy around once he's free, holding him against his shoulder like he's been taught and she's seen already not so very long ago. "Will," he replies. "Was gonna see if couldn't get these two settled first." Yeah, good luck with that all on his own. "But since we're down one…" Given that Marella's gone and fallen asleep on her own.

"You're getting good at that." Thea pauses, reluctant to leave his side as she admires the way he holds their son, who is perky enough with his head turning this way and that to see the room now that his vantage point is improved. But oh! distracted by daddy's ear again. Who needs chew toys with him around? The mouth-watering aroma of food arising from those steaming dishes reaches her then and she's drawn to step over there, peek and sniff. "Ooh, what's all this?" She lowers herself gracefully to a chair, but really. Who wants to eat such a nice dinner all by themselves? "It's late enough he should be sleepy soon." If he gets bored enough. But that ear…

"Thanks?" D'had replies. He's getting good at what now? That was a compliment right? Ah well, thanks works all the same. "Dinner?" he replies for what's this. "Just told 'em wanted something nice for ya." That's what he got, he didn't think to ask what it might be so they're just both going to be surprised. A nod for the boy's supposed sleepiness, which also works to duck his head (and ear) away from the boy for a second or two. "Be right there." A look! He even thought (or someone did for him *cough*) to bring their little hammocks one of which Muir is settled into. Now stay. No crying? He waits, hands ready least he did something wrong.

Thea eyes him for that dubious thanks, "Holding them." She smirks, teasing him, "Maybe time to plan another?" And the baby beds. She hadn't noticed that. He gets a look of frank admiration for his planning, watching him as he settles Muir with a look that might fluster her if he turned and caught it. She props her chin in her hand, waiting for him to join her at the table. Thankfully Marella sleeps soundly curled on that blanket.

Well if the plan was to spend the night… And he's clearly had plenty of time to plan. Muir seems content enough with himself and while he could move Marella to her bed now too, D'had just isn't going to tempt fate with that one just now. When he turns back it's towards the table that he heads, sliding into the empty chair across from her only to blink. Wait, rewind. Did she say what he thought she said…? But he doesn't comment, just shakes his head. Okay, he's good.

As D'had turns, Thea ducks her head and makes a pretense at studying the food, eyeing the stuff there with bemusement and so misses his blink. "Ah, sooo…" she drawls, "Did you -ask- them to make this stuff all bite-sized for a reason?" For if he hasn't noticed each and every bite has been enthusiastically prepared for them and created as if they were going to admire artwork rather than eat. It's all really pretty party food and ohhhh look! Someone who remembers old gossip - a platter of mini cupcakes. Hardly the type of food a seafaring trader would be likely to eat and obviously someone in charge up there in the kitchens has a sense of humor along with being a hopeless romantic to boot.

D'had blinks, looking down to his plate when she says that. "…" He has a reply somewhere there. It just takes a while to surface. "..No." Simple but straight forward. Just like Donn there. "Just said special." Beat. "Looks good at least..?" the question there more a prompt for her approval than any hesitation that the food might be bad.

Thea is having a hard time not laughing at the look on his face as he actually takes a moment to notice the array laid out on those once-covered dishes. "Looks pretty special to me, but-" And that does it! She starts snickering quietly and can't stop. At least the twins are likely used to hearing nannies giggling and gossiping while they're sleeping? She shakes her head, finally getting it under control, her tone almost mournful, "Can't eat this stuff."

Embarrassed. Yes, that'd be D'had over there across the table when she starts laughing. That look of 'what did I do now' crossing his face. Its hidden soon enough as he drops his forehead to his hand with a shake of his head, elbow on the table. "I'm sorry babe," he starts, getting to his feet. "Can go get somethin' else." Which means the same old caverns food that's there every night and not the 'something special' he'd had in mind for her.

Thea rises hastily, her eyes are still dancing as she steps over to his side of the table, placing her hands on his shoulders to keep him from rising. "Don't be sorry," she almost growls the words as she plops down on his lap while hooking one arm around his neck. "You know-," her attention is on the food, a hand hovering over the stuff there as she tries to decide just what to pick up, "-this sort of stuff cannot be eaten." She chooses a flaky pastry filled with a tender bite of loin steak. It should just melt in his mouth. Her smile is almost mysterious as she turns back to him, eyes glimmering with mischief. "It must be fed to." And she grins as she offers to do just that. Gotcha!

D'had blinks, but he sinks back into his chair when she gives that little push to his shoulders. "But," he starts in protest before suddenly he has a Thea on his lap. Not that he's complaining about that, oh no, but he is a bit surprised. Oh, well in that case… Why didn't someone tell him that before!? He might have figured it out on his own, but really - not the type of food sailor (or this rider for that matter) would have picked up on his own. Though now that he knows about it… "That so.." he replies, a smirk finding its place on his lips. And when she offers that bit, he takes it, fingertips and all.

"That's so." Thea answers smugly, her smile becoming a smirky-grin back to him. Trying not to tease him about the food, but really. It's such a temptation. She pops the pastry into his mouth careful not to smoosh it on his lips and thus create a cascade of messy crumbs on his nice shirt. Special, yes?

D'had chuckles around that bite-sized bit of food, catching her fingers in his lips and slowly easing back to let them fall. He can chew and grin at the same time. Lookit that. He's not exactly watching what he grabs in the meantime, picking up one of those little treats from the plate in front of him to offer it over to her. "Not what I was expectin' but…" Hey, it works.

Thea acks in feigned alarm when her fingertips are caught, eyeing him with a slow smile as he eases back. Someone learns fast! "Oh no, Weyrsecond? And just what were you expecting?" She opens her lips to accept that morsel, nipping his fingertip. Sassy. But she's kind enough not to draw blood at least? She chooses a small tart filled with cheese, chopped mushroom and garlic, offers it, draws back a few times when he does try. Playful.

Swallowing first, D'had then replies with a shrug. "Dunno, just somethin' different." But hey, if this earns him extra points with the junior in his lap he'll go with it. He shakes his hand when he gets it back, inspecting his finger, but there's still that grin on his face through it all, he's teasing right back. "Watch it there, you got teeth." Unlike Marella. He's trying for that next morsel then, and she's being 'mean' about it for which he pouts. Just doesn't have the same effect with him though. "Hey now."

Thea leans, drops a light kiss on his fingertip, "At least I left you two joints?" She snickers softly, then patpats his shoulder with the arm she's got around his neck. "Well, Weyrsecond, if this isn't different, I don't know what is." At least they've never had it before as a shared meal, anyway. And it absolutely earns points with her having him feed her - and the food's not bad, either! Grinning at his pout, she pulls the bit of food away entirely and presses a kiss there before offering him the bite again, this time he can have it - no sense starving him now, is there?

D'had scoffs when the food is pulled away, but a kiss… a kiss is good too and he returns it before taking that bite when it’s offered back. "Glad you took some time off the sands now?" he asks around that mouthful. Well he hasn't learned all his manners yet. Oh well. "Or you ready to run off already?"

Thea is having fun with this meal! She'll linger as long as he'll allow her to with that kiss and while he's chewing she's searching for something else to feed him, nodding while sliding him a sly look, "Might have wooed me from the sands long before if you'd tried this sooner." Okay, that might not have flown if Seryth didn't allow her to leave. Back to the food, and she's trying to pick just the right thing. His question has her hand pausing over the trays. She turns back, airily, "Oh, maybe. If I run will you chase me?"

"Really now?" That little bit of information certainly has his interest. He glances towards the plate to find her next treat, picking one up and holding it up for her. Yes, he is going to make sure she eats and doesn't just feed it all to him. As for running, he chuckles. "Well I might if they weren't here," he says with a nod towards the sleeping Marella and Muir. He does not need to get back only to find something happened to either of them.

Thea laughs lightly, waiting to feed him what she's selected until she's nipped the bite he's holding for her. She nods while chewing, swallows, "Creativity works wonders?" And if he doesn't have it, there are plenty of people around who will be happy to help him in that department as evidenced by those plates he's gotten from the kitchens. Who knows what creativity applied to Seryth might do? She smirks at his 'might chase'. "I'll have to remember that for another time then. Might even let you catch me." Smug.

D'had chuckles, "Think I already have," he teases, giving her a squeeze around the middle where his one arm wraps around her waist. He takes a bite of what she's holding leaving half in her fingers. "Am glad you're feelin' better though," he adds, leaning down to rest his forehead on her shoulder.

"Think so, hmm?" That arm of Thea's around his neck returns the squeeze. "Then you might not mind catching me again." Still smug. She's left to blink at that half-bite of food she's left holding, then down at the top of his head when he rests it on her shoulder, confused by what seems like a sudden mood change with him. The food is placed it back on the plate, her head tilts to rest against his. "I am." Feeling better. "You can tell, hmm?" She's quiet, running her fingers through his hair. "Were you that worried?"

D'had shifts just enough to leave a short kiss on the hollow between neck and shoulder. "Mmm.." he starts, taking a deep breath and breathing in her scent. "Missed havin' ya around," he replies. He just might have lifted his head for her if she weren't petting him. "They missed ya too," he adds what she already knows. "But yeah, was worried bout ya too."

Thea’s fingers continue though his hair, fingertips just barely grazing his scalp. Soothing movements meant to draw stresses from a person so worked by weyrseconding and being a relatively-new father again, not to mention putting up with her! The smile on her lips about being missed is sadly sweet and she starts to speak, her breath catching with that kiss. A breath in then out, "I went back to the healers. Took their stupid test. I… I had to know." So she didn't have the courage to just hang Between not knowing.

D'had sighs, content to just sit with her as such. Breath in, breath out. Otherwise the room is relatively silent but for little murmurs of one of the two baby sleeping not so far away. "Yeah..?" he questions uncertainly, turning just enough to cast a look up at her while he waits the answer to that question.

Thea nods slightly, her fingers making regular, slow strokes through his hair still. She's staring off across the room towards that blanket with Marella on it. "Yeah, I just… couldn't… Got to thinking about carrying them-“ she glances over towards the blanket where Marella lies sleeping ”and…" She swallows hard, silent for a moment. When her voice is back in control, "Anyway I'm not. It is stress, they say. Maybe the heat made it worse. But I'm to work at… relaxing." Yeah, he knows how not great she is at that.

D'had nods, his head still resting on her shoulder. "Well maybe knowin' will help," he replies with a quiet exhale. A sigh of relief perhaps? Hard to say one way or the other. "And gettin' off the sands for awhile too.." And being here? "You need anythin', you let me know."

Thea's fingers move, trailing down the back of his neck as she lowers her hand to let her arm just drape over his back. "Helps me not to have bad dreams, but really I think what's bothering me is not being home with you." She leans to prop her chin on his shoulder. "We'll see. With the eggs harder, she'll be better. She usually is." Being here is definitely helping her and with his head on her shoulder, he should be able to feel that the tension that could be there just…isn't. "We'll see how tonight goes and if she's alright, I'll sleep at home until the eggs hatch." Anything she needs? "Just you, really." The words are out of her mouth before she can think. Oh snap! He'll never chase her now!

D'had will chase her if he needs to. He's done it before, he'll do it again. He nods once more, giving her another of those light squeezes for reassurance. "Sounds like a plan," he agrees remaining where he is for a moment longer. He leaves one last kiss in the hollow that's right there before he straightens, "Still hungry?"

Thea shivers for that kiss. She can't help it. He's straightening and so she lifts her chin from his shoulder to peer at him in concern now that she can finally see his face. "Not really, no. You?" Because if he is, she'll sit there and feed him until he's satisfied. "Are you alright?" Perhaps because she thought he'd be a little more enthusiastic about her coming home. "You'd tell me if something was bothering you, right?"

D'had shakes his head, "Not really, no," he agrees. He will be later, but right now he can wait on food. "Fine," he replies for that question, a short nod following for the next. "Ain't nothin' botherin' me now," he adds, that boyish smirk finding his lips again. Oh he is enthusiastic, just quietly so. "So…?" he continues even as he slips an arm beneath her knees to pick her up.

She may be later as well, but appetite-sapping heat has apparently made a nibbler out of her; something she'll have to unlearn once off the sands. "Only now, huh?" She half-smiles for that, eyes on his smirk. She does like his smile! She can guess it was any number of things from their past conversation - it's a good thing she's learned to read between the lines as well as non-verbal cues, now isn't it? "So…?" A prompt for him to continue even as he seems prepared to cart her off somewhere.

D'had chuckles, "Now," he agrees already on his way towards the bed when she echoes that so. "So.. much as I like that dress, think I might like it better off.." he says, that grin still clearly on his face as he drops her onto the mattress. Hey, it's not that far down and she's a big girl.

"You -might-?" Amused by his phrasing, Thea is mid-snicker after that tease. One moment she's in the place she most loves to be, the next falling through the air. It's unexpected, oddly enough, to be thrown in bed by him that she squeaks, bouncing just a bit as she lands, leveling herself up on her elbows to mock glare at him, then ruins it by laughing. Thankfully it's not enough to wake the twins. And she's not -that- big, thankyouverymuch.

Not big, no, but she is an adult. D’had isn't leaving her lay there for long though, as once she's down he's sliding in beside her. One arm reaches over and he's propping himself up above her. "Might," he agrees with a chuckle of his own before leaning down for a long kiss. Hey, he missed her. In more ways than one.

And there shall be no escaping and running off cross-weyr with him propped over her like that, either. Though what would you bet he'd chase if she scooted out and ran now, babies or no? Then again… she's not about to test the theory right now. Lips accept his, giving an answer for that unspoken thought even as she making sure he doesn't decide to run off himself by snagging him around the neck. She missed him too.

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