Moving on Up!

Here, There and Everywhere
Here… still in the tent the weyrlings had been calling home. There… still to be discovered.

After the initial surge of enthusiastic weyrlings rushing to move out of the temporary barracks-tent, it quickly slowed to a trickle of dribs and drabs. Some might be too indecisive. Another needed to wait on a repair before fully taking possession of the new weyr. Some crazy smith may have decided building his own weyr in a tree was a good idea. Whatever reason she chose to voice, Rhodelia was in no particular hurry to join the exodus out. Maybe it was just one last desperate attempt to ignore that Inasyth was indeed growing up, a fate that was inescapable along with all the responsibilities that would come with it for both dragon and rider. Rhody skillfully avoided any visits to the proposed weyrs, ducked out just as anybody official might be coming by to check on any preferences, manufactured probably a dozen other ways to delay, but all that stubborn feet dragging could only delay for so long. Eventually a weyr assignment came despite the complete lack of input from her and so fate must be met.

Never one to have many things, Rhodelia has even less after the barracks fire. All her worldly belongs can be shoved into one seabag. It is a rather large bag, but still just a single bag. Inasyth's belongings are a bit more bulky, but the gold wears her own straps with all the other accoutrements of dragon-care carefully stowed away in various bags or crates strapped on her. All packed up and off they go, although not without Rhodelia stopping to give one last look to the now-empty tent which earns a nose-boop to her shoulder from her ever boisterous lifemate.

« I know you're sad we didn't get to have a MASSIVE bonfire before we left… » Tiny champagne bubbles are rising up, merging into bigger and bigger bubbles as Inasyth's excitement builds and Rhodelia's attention is now fully off the tent and blinking up at the dragon. "Who said anything about…."

« But we can have PLENTY at our new home! But we gotta get some pillows first. Gotta have somewhere for everybody to sleep… Do you think we can hire a harper? And like one of those big pits of coals with the roasting meats. I think I'd like a roasted bovine! And we could get folks in grass skirts. You'd look great and and and…. »

Rhodelia snorts and cuts her off. "Let's find out where we're living first and see if we even have room for all of this?" It's a practical concern, but somewhat effective. The pair at least moves forward, following the instructions on that slip of paper, Inasyth narrating all the way. Eventually they work their way through the forests and when it's beginning to look like they just might be reaching the feeding grounds, there's the path they turn down. The trees clear out and there…


That's a pretty strong statement, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all and Inasyth's eyes are bigger than Rhody's own. The dragon rushes towards the building, circling and inspecting from all angles with a steady stream of ohhing and ahhing. Rhodelia's own approach is much slower and much more skeptical.

"It's a barn. An old one." This is fact. Apparently the Weyr's herders must have moved to newer facilities at some point, leaving behind this. At least they left long ago that any scent of manure has long since vanished. The barn is clearly old, the paint weathered and flaking, but the structure is in tact and certainly large enough.

« We can paint it. You can paint it. » Inasyth will amend. Managing a paint brush might be more than her talons are capable of. « WE COULD GET A COW!!! Oh, look! » She carefully nudges at the high-up door that must have once led to the hayloft, opening it up. « There's a floor up here! You can sleep there and every morning I can greet you eye to eye with a big helllooo!!! » She practically crows this, practicing her effort to be either pern's biggest alarm clock or rooster, but still Rhody can't help but laugh, enthusiasm catching. "Let me see!!!" The bag is dropped. She'll fetch it later. Right now she has more important things to do, like running to get a lift up to see her new hayloft bedroom. Maybe she'll come to like moving on up…

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