Taking A Few Shots

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceilinged room opens off the entrance hall to the arena. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands, and candidates seldom need more than a light blanket.

The putter of tiny paws announces Rabbit's arrival to the barracks, the mini canine trots right into the elongated room as if she owns it. Not quite prancing, she seems to be inspecting her troops, sniffing with a headtoss to a couple of cots as Kera finally makes her way in. An amused snort for the old furballs antics and she stops by the board a moment before turningehr attention to occupied cots.

For once, Nikolan is actually in the barracks, kneeling at the foot of his cot as he sorts through his press. "I know you're in here," he mutters. "Where- ah!" Triumphantly, he snatches the small pouch from the jumble of clothing and bags shoved haphazardly in the chest and stands, letting the lid fall shut with a loud *slam*. Depositing the pouch in one of the many pockets of his pants, he swings around in preparation to leave - and instead nearly comes foot-to-face with a dustpuff. Canine. Whatever. "Whoops!" No squishing the pupper!

Rabbit pads over to the kneeling candidate, snuffling in curiosity like she is known to do. The sudden announcement and slamming noise causes the adorable furball to skitter back with a startled yip turned gruff! Kera, who was watching the canine laughs when she jumps "You silly girl. Come here Rabbit." The Awlm crouches down to pick her up when she trots over. "Don't mind this fierce little thing Candidate. She's just curious." Looking him over "Nikolan isn't it?" Her gaze drifts over towards the board, but not close enough to make some things on it from where she's standing now. "What duties do you have for the day?

"Rabbit?" Nikolan's expression clouds briefly with confusion as he stares at the yipping dog, trying to reconcile the name with the decidedly unbunny-like canine now safely ensconsed in its owners arms. "That's an… interesting name." He taps his fingers along the square pouch that rests just above his hip, suspended cross-body from a thin, leather strap, eyeing the dog - and woman - thoughtfully. "I'm Nikolan, aye. Niko, ma'am, if you prefer." His gaze follows hers, studying the board thoughtfully. "Looks like I've been assigned as a rider intern, today." Storm-blue eyes shift back to Kera, head tilting to one side. "Although I was planning to go get a few shots in on the beach, the intern thing almost sounds more interesting." Almost.

Kera tucks Rabbit under an arm, keeping the playful pooch quiet and entertained by playing with paws. A nod and grin when the Candidate questions her canine's name. "Yea, you heard right. Her name is Rabbit." Mention of the beach perks her interest and a curious lift of her brow "A few shots? Are we talking target practice or drinking game?" Kera ducks as flapping wings warnher of a flitter swooping in. 'brat' is muttered under her breath as an old brown flit settles on a wall shelf.

A pair of voices in the entrance hall may carry through to the barracks, bits and pieces more audible than others. "I -promise- Ma, I will be FINE. You didn't fuss like this over Cara.." Something goes unheard, and then there is a louder protest. "I'm -19-! Please just.." And then there is quiet and a few moments later there is a solitary figure slipping into the barracks, back straight and shoulders back, looking confident. But as soon as she is through the door, without a backwards glance, she droops a little, glancing around her, starting to skirt around the edge of the barracks and she eavesdrops on Kera and Nikolan.

Those long fingers absently stroking the square pouch pause, and Niko stares at Kera for a brief moment before breaking into a toothy smile. "While I wouldn't say no to a drinking game or two, I think I recall that being on the 'nope' list for Candidacy." And if he's wrong, please, feel free to correct him. "No," he adds, opening the pouch and slipping free the camera tucked inside, "photographs. Shots." He thumbs the lid off of the camera's lens and, in one smooth motion, lifts it to his eye and takes a quick shot of the weyrlingmaster and her dog. "Charming," he murmurs, lowering the camera again and offering an unrepentant grin. The commotion surrounding Ricki's entrance captures his attention, and blue-grey eyes dart towards the entrance to the barracks, trying shamelessly to catch the action.

Kera turns a mock glare to her brown flitter when the swoops too close, but it eases quick enough. The Candidate gets her focus again, grinning when she was wrong on both counts, "The Weyr won't begrudge a reasonable amount of drinking. But it won't allowed drunkeness. So be sure to pace yourself." A brief distraction as she hers a commotion by the door, and by the time she regards the candidate a again, he's already done the deed and clicked off a picture. "You shouldn't waste your film. But Rabbit is adorable, so not a total waste." And then another victim and trudging between the rows. "Welcome Candidate. Pick an unused cot and settle in. You've the rest of today to yourself." Meaning, no chores for her today.

Directions, woo! As Kera offers the next step, Ricki flicks off a quick salute and nods to the weyrlingmaster, "Thank you, miss… ma'am?" And then she is picking an empty cot off to one side, settling her bag down on the cot before she glances back to Niko. "I'm sorry but.. did I hear you say photographs?" Call her interested in *that*, to the point that she is shamelessly inching closer to the other candidate. "I'm Ricki.." And she is interested. In the camera.

It's perfectly okay if she's interested in Niko too. He gets that a lot. And gives that a lot, from the appraising glance the curly-haired young man gives to Ricki as she approaches. "It's never a waste of film," he corrects Kera absently, thumbing the film advance and raisin the camera again to snap a shot of Ricki's face. "Even a bad photograph can teach you something. You did," he confirms to his fellow victim, hefting the camera caught firmly in his hands. "Nikolan, journeyman Techcrafter and photographer."

Things like that take time.. well, usually. Ok, maybe not, given teenagers and hormones, but well, candidacy can really put a damper on things. As he lifts the camera, she makes a face, wrinkling up her nose at him - and then it is preserved for forever on film. Lucky, lucky Niko. The remainder of the distance is closed - perhaps TOO closed, and she leans in to get a better look at the camera in his hands. "What is your favorite photo you've taken?" Nosy nosy nosy.

"I never shoot and tell," Niko replies blandly, backing up a step and extending his arms a bit so that she can stare at the camera without crushing her nose into his chest. "I've taken so many over the Turns - I don't know. There's the waterfall at Nerat at sundown, or the dancer on the beach at Monaco. The old man at Fort who was crying as he watched his granddaughter marry. My little sister the first time she saw a dragon. I don't know," the journeyman confesses, gazing down at the battered old camera in his hands. "I don't think it's possible to pick a favorite."

As the camera shifts, her gaze shifts with it, and then she nods slowly as he mentions the different shots he's gotten, as if considering his words. "Do you have any of them with you?" Ricki asks after a moment, stealing a glance up at him. "Dad got a camera, few turns ago.. but its for ~work~ and not something to play with. I don't even know where he hides it." A loose lock of hair is brushed from her face as takes half a step back, giving Niko some of his personal space back.

One eyebrow wings upwards. "For work? What does your father do?" Niko's turn to be nosy. "And yes, I have some of my albums with me. If you're nice, I might share them with you." The wicked grin that accompanies those words seems almost automatic, but that fact doesn't belie the spark in his stormy eyes. Hefting the camera in one hand, he tugs the lens cover up by its tether and snaps it on tightly. "They're still relative rarities," he admits as he turns the camera over in his hands, studying it thoughtfully. "A lot of the components are delicate, and difficult to make and arrange yet."

"Him and ma are… Well.. Journalists, I guess. If you want to call it that." A cough, and she shakes her head. "Sorry, ma would remind me they are -investigative journalists-. Pretty sure it means a lot of time sitting around and watching for things to happen. At least, that's all I seem to get to do, if I convince them to take me along." So boring. "Most of it doesn't make sense, anyway. But I am pretty sure Ma made Grandma go get it. And prolly pay for it. I mean, no one says no to Grandma." Terrifying goldriders. "He says, sometimes words aren't enough, and you need *proof*."

"Investigative journalists." Niko's words are laced with amusement, and just a hint of scorn. "I've known harpers like that. They keep trying to go through my candids and find their next - what is the word they use? Scoop?" His lips curl in a well-practiced sneer. "Gossipmongers, most of them, and barely a one interested in sharing actual news." Sharp eyes flicker over Ricki's face, and then his expression softens and he sighs. "I don't mean to offend. It's just…" He trails off, shrugging lean shoulders. "You know." She probably does. "Your father's right though," he muses. "I've got more than a few photographs no one would believe if I didn't have the proof in living color."

Lips turn down in a frown, and a stiffness appears to Ricki's form as her arms cross in front of her chest defensively, and she shifts onto her back food. "Well -my- parents are very careful to make sure it is all real. And right. Without trusted sources, you don't publish it." And her words are firm, punctuation practically heard in her tone. As his tone softens a bit, she slowly starts to relax, though her arms remain in front of her. "No one is going to believe the Holder is destroying the crops himself, and not his neighbor, without a photograph showing it." Her words seem to both give more insight into her parents' activities, as well as agree with his statement.

Her reaction is clearly not unexpected, and Nikolan is very careful to show he takes no offense to her automatic - and understandable - defense of her parents. "Not every journalist is in it to make a name," he agrees obliquely. "I've probably read some of your parents' work - are they harpers, or…?" He is, after all, not exactly native to this part of the world. He nods thoughtfully. "I've turned a few photographs over to the guards in my time, when I've managed to snap something someone would rather I not have."

"Not.. formally. O'ric, and Nicca. Dad.. he well.. He learned on the job." If you call a secret newsletter 'on the job'. "Ma does more of the.." Ricki pauses for a long moment, chewing on her lip as she considers the right word, sparing a glance towards the open door back to the Arena entrance. When she speaks again, her voice drops to be barely audible. "Infiltrating. Information gathering.." She waves a hand a bit, and then she is back to talking in a normal tone. "Have you ever looked at a photo after you developed it, and found something that you didn't see when you took it?"

Jaelynn has spent her day at the Dragonhealer's Annex, well she was given the Option so was busy with stuff that she knows needed to be worked on. Though even she didn't work the /whole/ day if given the chance she knows how to have a bit of fun. She is making her way into the barracks tucking a few papers into a notebook while humming a faint tune to herself. A blue firelizard is perched on her shoulder, he looks a bit sleepy with eyes half open and a faint chirping noise escaping him on the trip towards the cot that Lynn has taken over. Voices are caught and the dreagonhealer glances over to the two talking, a smile an dnod seen. "Hey there." Is offered with a friendly tone.

Spying. Nikolan's quick on the uptake, and his quick, conspiratorial grin shows that he understands exactly what Ricki's mother gets up to, although he doesn't quite say it outloud. "More than a few times," he murmurs. "Usually, it's just something in the background that shouldn't be there - clothing, toys, people. I've, uhm - learned a few things about people I never really wanted to know. And yes," he answers, as though hearing an unspoken question, "I have found things to later turn over to the guards or whoever. It's rare, though. For the most part, it's not my business and I just ignore it." Jaelynn's entrance steals his attention, and he gives her a slow grin. "Hey-lo."

"What fun is -that-…" Ricki asks softly, arching an eyebrow. "I mean, I'm sure you could get something out of it." Suggesting blackmail? Her? -Never-. And then there is another voice, and Ricki is jumping, blushing a bit, though she mostly recovers before turning to offer her own greeting to the returning candidate. "Hi.." She offers, perhaps a bit hesitantly, as her eyes slip over Jaelynn, taking in details. Ok, so maybe there are some things she learned from boring hours sitting on a news story with her parents.

Jaelynn sets her books down upon her cot and the blue firelizard hops down to curl up on the blanket there. The dragonhealer gives his head a ight petting. She glances back to the pair, friendly smile still een. "I'm Jaelynn, Dragonhealer here at Xanadu. An well… Canadiate now I suppose." This said with an amused tone, given she is here with the rest after all! "Don't think we've met yet?" Well it is possible they did and she might have forgotten or her mind may hav ebeen off on other things. The bit of hesitation is caught and she blinks almost owlish like. "Ah… Did I come in at a wrong time?"

"Is there such a thing as a wrong time when it's your own room?" Nikolan asks Jaelynn, his grin quick and cheeky. "We were simply discussing the finer points of photography and reporting. I'm Nikolan, techcrafter, photographer, and dragon-bait. This," and he jerks a thumb at Ricki, "is a Ricki. I'm still trying to decide exactly what that means." Yeah, he's a brat. "Well met, indeed. And fun is such a versatile term," he adds, this time to his previous companion.

"As he said, we were just talking about.. surprises that sometimes happen in photographs." Ricki's explanation supplements the one given by Niko, and as he introduces her, making a face at him. "Wouldn't you like to know.." She murmurs, before she's turning to offer a bob of her head to Jaelynn. "And yes, I know its a boys name. And yes, I just got here. Like, literally." She waves a hand at the cot she has chosen off to one side, that is still very much not settled into at all.

Jaelynn ahs a touch, a hand lifting, fingers scratching at her neck in thought before she lowers her arm and smiles. "True that." Is offered back to Nikolan. She smiles and nods to them both once more. "Nice to meet you both." As for Ricki's comment on her name she tilts her head. "Ok… I wasn't going to bring that up, didn't even think of it. Half the time I go by Jae or Lynn so no worries from me. An welcome to Xanadu." Her smile stays. "I hope you enjoy your time here."

Those who have been in the barracks might have seen Zasheir arriving late the night before with a trunk in hand. He picked out a cot, and promptly fell into it, zonking out within seconds of his head hitting his pillow. A quiet stablehand woke him up sometime during the early morning, no doubt, around the same timea certain gold got busy on the sands popping out eggs. Not that Zash was in the galleries or anywhere's near the sands. Returning, the poor guy looks tired as all heck, and is carrying a large tray of sandwiches half balanced upon a large pitcher carried in his other hand.

Having spent little to no time in the barracks himself - daytime, night time, or any other time, Nikolan does not particularly recognize Zasheir, and merely offers the incoming Candidate a nod, the interest in his glance spared for the sandwiches. "Food? For us?" He's not the only one to have noticed, and there might well be one or two hands from nearby cots that reach out to try and snatch a bite. Ricki's commentary on her name earns her a scathing glance from the journeyman. "Really?" he asks dryly. "Boy's name? Is that written down somewhere?"

"Oh, sorry. I meant, uh, here." And Ricki waves a hand around at the barracks. "I grew up here.. I, uh.. My grandmother…" Something unintelligible is murmured then, and she is quickly pushing on, seeming to change the subject at Niko's smart remark. "It sure -seems- to be. Or at least every little boy ever thinks its funny to tell you you have a boys name. Or the Harpers call roll and think you are lying to them." Her tone is sharp, and she is falling back into her defensive pose - though thankfully for Zasheir and his sandwiches, they go unnoticed for now.

Juggling the platter and pitcher, Zasheir nods to whomever raised the question, "Yeah. Was told to bring them on to the barracks when I stopped by the caverns.." He'll find a place to put them down, making sure to snag a couple of them for himself before they dissappear. The pitcher is put down as well, "Some cider, in case anyone wants some." From his trunk, he'll fetch an old battered cup that he'll dust out and fill for himself. Finally, after a bite is taken of one sandwich and washed down with a sip from the cup, he looks to those gathered, "Name's Zasheir. Or Zash, if you want. "

Jaelynn ponders it seem while still peering at Ricki and leans forward a bit on her heels. "What was that last bit?… I didn't catch the name." Oh ye betcha she is going to call out that one. "I grew up at Xanadu… Well here and back at the Dragonhealer's hall mos tof the time but either or." She offers with an amused tone and slight wave of her hand in thought. "I suppose I never gave it much thought on the name bit though. I mean… Not like being called Sue and being a boy?" That makes total sense smewhere. Sh ehums and glances over to another, a smile and nod is sent to Zasheir. "Hi there, nice too meet you. I'm Jaelynn." She chckles a bit andsmiles. "Nice of you to bring it out for the rest of us."

"Score." Nikolan is quick to stretch out one long arm, juking around the sudden stampede of ever-hungry Candidates to snag several sandwiches. He doesn't even bother with the cider - he's all about the food. Hey, he's a growing boy. Or something. "Thanks, man." Stormy eyes sparkle at Zasheir as he bites down into the first of his stash. "Hey," comes the muffled protest at Ricki, before he swallows and tries again, "boys are stupid. They like to tease girls, and if they can't find something valid, they'll make something up. Names is names, they don't care what dangles where. It's a nice name."

"Weyrwoman Niva." Ricki mutters a little bit more clearly this time, as she is called out by Jaelynn. "Well, retired, I guess." And then she is suddenly *quite* interested in the sandwiches brought by Zasheir, and she is moving to grab one, finding it quite a lot more interesting than she would at any other point in time. "Thank you, Zasheir." And -he- get a bright smile, before she turns to peer at Niko, perhaps a little suspiciously. Mouth opens, closes, and then opens again, this time to take a bite of sandwich, the young woman just shaking her head, clearly not sure what to say.

Jaelynn will be one to pick up a mug of something to drink and she takes a sip from it while listening to the others curious like. "Niva?" She ponders a moment and ohs before nodding with a smile. "I recall my mother speaking about her. All good things of course." Well what else would she say?

Nikolan doesn't even bother with exasperation at Ricki's reticence. One might think his radical ideas have been similarly received before. "Think what you will," he shrugs at her, "it's your chip." He shoves the rest of the sandwich in his mouth, then tackles the next, clearly *starving*. Then again, with his lean, unfinished frame, he probably always is. "I just think there's bigger things to worry about then whether my name stands or squats. Like whether or not I can get better lighting in here," he adds, polishing off the second sandwich. Snack done, he dusts his fingers against his pants, then raises his camera, snapping a picture of Candidates in their natural habitat - scarfing sandwiches and slacking off.

"Haha, all good things." Ricki actually rolls her eyes at that. "Don't worry, she is my grandmother and can still be a real pain." The teenager doesn't seem to mind too much, whatever is said either way, and then she glances again at Nikolan, shaking her head. "Shards…" She murmurs, before polishing off her sandwich instead of commenting further. And then, there is another picture being taken, and perhaps this time, it will feature Ricki without a silly face. Of course, perhaps not.

Jaelynn is taking a bite from a sandwich during said photo taking and she blinks and looks over towards Nikolan. She coughs a moment before brushing off a few crumb bits. "So you take photos of everyone then?" She questions with a curious tone over to Nikolan. A grin is seen and she nods to Ricki. "Well… I do't know her, can only go with what I've been told after all."

"I take pictures of everyone and everything," Niko replies as he advances the film, studying the small counter to gague how many pictures are left on that particular roll. "It's kind of my job." Lifting his head, he grins at Jaelynn. "If you don't want your picture taken, all you have to do is say so. I try not to take pictures I'm not supposed to." He glances sidelong at Ricki, nose wrinkling in a smirk, before capping the lens of the camera again and sliding into his bag. "In fact, if you ladies will excuse me, I've heard there's some nice scenery here at Xanadu I should take a look at." With a jaunty wave, the young man strolls off - though Faranth only knows what he considers 'nice scenery'.

Does that mean Jaelynn and Ricki *aren't* nice scenery? A soft huff at Niko's back as he excuses himself, and Ricki is shaking her head and making her way back towards her cot. "I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing.. I should…" a hand wave. "Unpack, I guess."

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