Round Up!

Xanadu Weyr Region - Open Plains

Open plains stretch in every direction, the tall grass interrupted now and then by a group of rocks suddenly thrust upwards from the ground or a copse of trees gathered around a spring-fed pond. The high grass looks like an ocean as the wind causes it to ripple back and forth, creating the illusion of puddles here and there, even as the ground slopes gently upwards towards the mountains that can just be seen on the southern horizon.

Despite the remoteness of the southern stretches of the plains that stretch south all the way to the Southern Barrier Range, the northern edge of the plains begin but a half-days trek from Xanadu Weyr by foot, three hours by fast-trotting runnerback or ten minute's straight flight a-dragonback. There are signs that travelers pass this way - lines cut here and there amongst the grasses of the prairie, most in pairs as they track from one direction to another. The campsites of former travelers can be seen occasionally where a tent was once pitched, or a campfire once burned - and the remnants of some shelters remain.

Behind a knoll, within a small stand of trees, a hiddden campsite has been assembled while quite a distance away, out on the plains there is a large rail corral built, one entire side left open, wing-fences on either side to funnel whatever is driven towards it into the corral and swung shut afterwards by three or four people. Off to the side there are several pens and all are brush-covered to disguise them. A trap well-laid and ready to spring.

It is midday when people start arriving from the Weyr onto the Plains. Many are on runners, but there are dragonsriders as well that begin to fly in. Quite a few of the Beastcrafters from Xanadu Weyr have come on runners, as well as a few Healers (just in case), guards, hunters, cooks, and other volunteers from the Weyr. Tents have already been put up in an area hidden from view by those who arrived early, so preparations are underway. On the Plains there are several groups of bison that are feeding on the plains and several river bovines in the spring-fed ponds, so this is a nice spot for rounding up herdbeasts. Journeymen Beastcrafters are going around giving instructions to different small groups on what to do: break into groups on runners and herd the bison into the corrals as some others try to get some of the river bovines into the corrals as well. Safety precautions are gone over once again to make sure people don't get hurt, or at least minimize it.

D'ani has come from Fort Weyr, but he's on official Beastcraft business, his knot clearly visible on his flight jacket. Spring in the northern climes is so similar to Xanadu's weather right now that he hardly notices the seasonal change. Dremkoth eases in from the direction of Xanadu, skimming the terrain so as not to frighten the herds and lands smoothly, the bronze keeping silent for the same reason. As his rider slides down, he stretches out on his stomach, but his head is raised, his keen interest perked and he's planning on watching this unusual event. The Fortian rider has come to borrow… a runner, go figure. Leading it now, he draws up to the main group to listen to instructions.

The state of the Weyr's herds is a matter for the Steward to concern himself with. Therefore, Jethaniel is arriving to concern himself with things. Which things, in particular, is something yet to be determined. He comes in on a green dragon along with a load of supplies. Once they've landed, the rider places a large crate in Jethaniel's hands and points him toward the camp. Efficiently enough, he can deliver it and begin his evaluation of the situation at the same time.

Garait is among the Beastcraft Apprentices who came on runner and is helping get things settled, and straightened up. He helps one of the Journeymen organise the groups that will help herd the beasts and those left here to close the gates on the corrals once they are in there. The Apprentice seems both excited and nervous about this since it's definitely something different than the norm. Many of the Beastcraft Apprentices who came have expressed interests in herdbeasts and this is a 'special project' for them.

Hotaru has some experience with bovines, as her grandparents own several and that's where she was fostered. She doesn't really have experience rounding them up though. She's not really a cowgirl. Though she can ride a runner, it's not really her forte. Hotaru spots D'ani's bronze well before she's close enough to bother him, in fact from the air on one of the volunteer's dragon's that she's hitched a ride on. She doesn't want to interrupt the instructions, so instead just sneaks up next to him so she can take hold of his arm. She doesn't even look up at him, even if he shakes her off. Just stands there, grinning.

Thea is already here, Seryth reclining in the background lifts her head to watch other dragons appear, but the queen also keeps silent, mindful of the skittish cattle on the plains. The Weyrwoman keeps well away from the runners as she listens to the preparations. Whether she'll participate in the round up or is here merely to keep an eye on the Candidates unclear, but one thing is certain: she won't be riding a runner to do it.

Mikal is among the candidates who come to help but really have no idea what they are doing when it comes to actually handling the animals. So he'll be part of the group doing other stuff to help! He lingers somewhere, ending up at the side of Hotaru. "Oh heya Eda…D'ani." he greets the rider from Fort.

Soriana has already borrowed a runner, a placid bay gelding whose reins she holds as she listens carefully to the instructions given. Maybe if you put her and Hotaru together, you'd have one complete cowgirl? Oh, well. At least the beastcrafters have judged her competent enough to ride with one of the groups, so long as she follows all those precautions and the lead of those more experienced.

One of the healers arriving with the group is the dragonrider, Laera. Able to provide 'air lifting' back to weyr should someone get injured. She lands Kereth some distance away before striding up to the group and giving them a once over before she settles in near a couple other riders. It seems she is hear for the show, but she won't be doing any herding. As she is near the Weyrwoman she offers a salute to her. "Fine day it is, this should surely be entertaining to watch I reckon."

Once the instructions have been given out and everything starts to look organize, a couple of the Journeymen go around to each small group, making sure they understand the part they will be playing, as well as taking any questions people may have.

D'ani wouldn't be averse to a young woman taking his arm. Though the holder's son still has enough holder in him to be wary of little girls taking his arm. Especially the one holding it now. He's surprised when it happens, peers down… and gets an eyeful of those red locks. It can be none other than… "Hotaru?" Even if it comes out more like, 'Gak', he's far too polite to shake her off. "What are you doing here?" His brown eyes are definitely wary as he regards the teen, then catches sight of Mikal and waves. But then he must focus on the present task, so turns his attention back to the herd boss.

Once his burden has been set down, Jethaniel turns to listen to one of the Journeymen passing nearby. He doesn't ask questions - at least not yet - merely observes how things are coming together. This is, after all, a complex endeavor, and one in a field he is not terribly knowledgeable about. There is much to be learned.

Hotaru grins to Mikal. Look who's here! Hotaru plans to ride with someone if she can. That way she won't end up gored, right? Normally she'd be all over Sori and her runner, but the chance to ride with D'ani is just too great an opportunity to pass up. Plus she hasn't seen him in soooo long! Also she isn't little anymore! "Hi!" She says to D'ani, finally grinning up at him. "I live here now." She points to her candidate's knot. "What are you doing here? Come down to help? You have a nice runner. You'll let me ride with you, right? I can steer while you wrassle up some dogies."

Anoryn has Rysith soar in with the others when the chance permits, the old and aged green keeping just as silent as the rest as she skims lower and lower until landing at a safe distance. Lifting her head, Rysith will keenly glance about, her eagerness and curiosity in the whole event only showing by the way she holds her body and the more rapid whirling of her eyes. Anoryn is much the same as she dismounts and then sets to unbuckling some of the supplies carried in on Rysith's straps. Setting them down to await pickup, the assistant Weyrlingmaster is more or less here as a Beastcrafter as well, even if her expertise lies more in runners than herdbeasts. Resting her hands on her hips, one at least lifts up to briefly salute Thea when she is is spotted, but Anoryn lingers on just to be sure those supplies are gathered, but she listens in as well for any discussion on the 'game plan'.

Thea turns to salute the healer-rider that has greeted her, "Ah Laera. I'm glad you're one of the healers. Let's hope these folks don't get themselves maimed. Or worse. I hope the Infirmary is on standby." Call it worry - she's already checked with the Infirmary before leaving the Weyr. Fine day indeed? Her sea green eyes lift and the Weyrwoman acknowledges Anoryn with a return salute. "Excuse me, I need to talk to the AWLMs," she tells Laera and slips away to find the ones she can. She'll surely be checking in with Laera multiple times though! Finding Anoryn and the others, she says, "Let's keep the Candidates from breaking their necks, shall we?" Nervous-mother-hen alert!

Or at least, if Hotaru ends up gored, she'll have a gore-buddy! Which makes it all better. Soriana glances around briefly, wiggling fingers to Mikal and then pausing for a moment to look at this guy Hotaru has caught herself. Huh. Not bad. So she gives the other candidate a thumbs-up and D'ani a flash of grin before returning her attention to the beastcraft journeyman's instructions. Safety tip zero should be Don't Get Gored. Everything else is just explaining how! Details.

Hotaru will always and forever be a little girl in D'ani's eyes seeing that she's ten turns his junior. Unless circumstances smack him upside the head and warp his vision sufficiently for him to see her in another light. Long-suffering, he chuckles at her chatter. "You do huh? Congratulations Hotaru!" Is that relief in his eyes? But no, he's fondly genuine in his well-wishes, "Good luck, Brat.” And then she's asking to ride on his runner? And 'steer' it?! He chuckles once again, "… Ride double herding cattle, really? Tell you what. I'll get you a mount and you can ride shotgun with me?" His gaze flickers over to Soriana and his fingers touch the brim of his leather hat. "Friend of yours?" he asides to Hotaru, waving her over. They’ll need a third.

More instructions are given by one of the Journeymen, "Those who are herding in the herdbeasts remember to stay with your designated groups. The groups will split up and bring in some of the bison and river bovines in. Don't overdo yourself or try to be hero, that will cause undo injuries. Don't dally in front of running herdbeasts, keep to the back and side of them, gearing them towards the corral. Those staying behind, be prepared in case there are any injuries to be taken care of. We'll have a couple of groups near the corral to close the gate after guiding in any stragglers. Let's get started."

Yes, yes it's an D'ani! Mikal's already greeting him but he grins at Hotaru's grin none the less. He returns the finger waggle greeting to Soriana by way of the same then his attention focuses fully on whomever is taking charge of this event so that he's sure he's not going to loose a finger or something.

Laera nods to Thea, "Oh yeah, a bunch of kids playing beastcrafter, you bet we are on standby. At least it looks like a fair few crafters are in the mix though." She says before looking over to the group riding out for the beasties. Her emerald gaze scans the group, watching out for any incidents that may need her assistance.

Yay! A gore buddy! Hotaru grins to Sori. Yep, this one is hers. Not really. D'ani is too old for Hotaru, at least right now. But she does love to torture him. "Well at least until the hatching I do." She glowers at the 'brat' name. Yes, she is asking to ride his runner. It is not a euphemism for something obscene. "You can get me a runner? Yes!" She fist pumps. "Sori, c'mere! I'm getting a runner, too!" Hopefully soon, or she will hop on Sori's. "Let's round up some cattles." Hotaru is getting excited. This is sure to end badly.

As Thea heads away, Jethaniel steps up near Laera. She appears to not be overly busy. This potentially makes her a source of information. "Good day," he says. "Are you familiar with the general procedures here? I have read an overview, but I am uncertain of the degree of my comprehension."

As a group of volunteers approach to take away the supplies, Anoryn turns her head from observing the preparations in time to see Thea making her way towards her and a few of the other assistant Weyrlingmasters. The greenrider moves then to meet the Weyrwoman about half way and she only chuckles for the nervous-mother-hen behavior. "Don't worry yourself so much," she replies dryly and with a light smirk. "Candidates are tougher than you think. I don't expect nothing than the usual scuff or bruise, really. Just remind 'em that if they do get gored or mangled, they're not Standing. That gets them keeping their wits and heads about them. Guaranteed every time." Confident? You bet. But who knows if it's just a cover for Anoryn's own worries and not just for the Candidates. Rysith will have moved aside now, the green settling down nearby to Seryth or any of the other dragons.

Laera looks to Jethaniel as he approaches and just laughs, "I figure it was collect some herdbeasts and try not to get trampled in the process. I came out in case some people forget the second part of that." She offers and glances over towards the group. She cants her head toward Anoryn, "Oh I remember the campout where I got clawed up, some candidates got themselves munch on a little. I may trust the candidates to try to keep out of trouble, but wild beasts are unpredictable things." The usually carefree rider at least in this at least one part wary.

So, this whole thing is like firelizards chasing glowbugs across the field! Except, uh… with people on runners and herdbeasts. At least there's one less dimension to worry about? As D'ani gestures her over and the talky beastcrafter finishes with his talking, Soriana heads that way, grinning up cheerfully. "Hiya!" she says. Hotaru already more or less did introductions, right? Ish. "I'm Soriana," she adds, just in case, then moves on to other things, like… "Oh, good, you're beastcraft," she says as she gets a look at his knot. "So you can tell us what to do!" Hey, maybe that even means she intends to listen!

Except no jars to put the glowbugs in. Thea mutters something about warnings going in one ear and out the other and then lets out a breath to release pent-up tension. "Thanks," she says to Anoryn, moving on through the crowd to do the futile: warn her charges not to do something stupid. Ah youth! She was never one of those, right? Her circuit complete, she winds up back near Laera and Jethaniel. "Steward," her greeting is cordial, warm… and somewhat amused. Why's that? Anyone's guess.

D'ani wouldn't know a euphemism if it bit him. His mind simply doesn't work that way, being both literally-minded and a gentleman. Suggestive nuances in tone and body language though, that might be another story! He's off to find a runner for Hotaru because sharing is likely to harm the runner or get them both killed. Leading a pretty little coppery-red bay runner with dark mane, tail and legs back, he hands the reins to Hotaru. With a lofted brow, and a smirk, he asks her teasingly, "You can ride, right?" Hey at least it's not a pony, so he must think she can manage. He lifts brown eyes to Soriana as she walks over and a slow, lopsided smile tugs at his mouth. "D'ani, Dremkoth's rider," he offers her his hand, then squints slightly, "Weren't you with the dragonhealers that came to one of our weyrling lessons at Fort?"

As some of the more confident groups head out further into the Plains and a couple head towards the river bonvines on the ponds, Journeyman Pharse of the Beastcraft, with Garait beside him awaiting further instructions, look over those who are still there who plan on herding the animals. He asks in general, "Ready to head out? Any last questions before you go?" If there are none, they are sent out to a specified area where several herdbeasts are to bring them in.

"Yes, the first of those was part of the report," Jethaniel agrees to Laera. "I do not recall any specific mention of the second in the planning stages, though it does appear to have been brought up in the discussions here." He inclines his head toward one of the beastcrafters who's been explaining things. "Sensible, to have a reminder." He glances over toward Anoryn as Laera speaks, then returns his attention to the healer. "Unpredictable. Yes." His gaze sweeps out across the assemblage once more, then returns to Thea. He inclines his head to her. "Weyrwoman." The word may be formal, but the tone is pleasant and there's a smile to accompany it. Speaking of accompaniment, there's a small chirp, shortly followed by a tiny green firelizard head that peeks out from the breast pocket of his jacket to survey the situation for herself.

Hotaru nods. "Yeah he's a beastcrafter. That's how we met. He'd been kicked by a bovine I think. You better help us D'ani! I don't want to get injured and I want to herd me up come 'beasts." Hotaru isn't about to be more suggestive to D'ani. At least not with all these people about. Hotaru greets the coppery mare, holding out her hands and then rubbing her muzzle so she gets used to her. "She's a red-head, just like me!" She fixes D'ani with a droll look. "Yes, I can ride." Though her skill level might leave something to be desired. "Up we go." Is Hotaru's only indication that she intends to ride off with the rest of them, and hops up onto her runner. "Come on, group! They're assigning bovines."

Soriana takes the offered hand with a polite smile that turns into a grin at the recognition. "I was!" she says. "I've wanted to visit again, but things got busy." And it's not like a grade one has much say in where she gets scheduled, hopeful looks aside. Nevertheless! "How's Dremkoth?" she asks, then glances up to Hotaru again and grins. "Yeah, no getting injured. Not even for an excuse to swim in numbweed." With that, she turns back to her own runner, swinging on easily - she may not have had as much chance to ride recently, but it's not like it's something you forget entirely, and she started riding… well, back when her mounts were most definitely ponies.

Anoryn chuckles gruffly to Thea's thanks, giving the Weyrwoman a brisk nod and a look that almost seems to say 'good luck'. For all the words the greenrider spouted, she knows all too well how any advice or warnings can just fly over most heads or straight through the ears. She was young and reckless once (maybe still is at times)! But she's not about to delve too much into worries for now. Turning her head towards Laera, Anoryn gives the bluerider and Healer a cursory glance over and her frown is only from trying to recall her. "Well, a campout is one thing," she murmurs as she drifts a little closer, distracted for a moment as some folk on runnerback move past nearby. "But you do have a point. It is an unpredictable situation, but we can still try to look a bit on the bright side of things, right?"

Laera gives a nod to Anoryn, "Yeah, just preparing for the worst…and hope for the best. Healers are on standby…but if nothing happens, well it still makes for a good drill to make sure we have procedures in place. It is good for them either way.." She says with a nod towards the candidates, "They impress, they will be dealing with panicing herdbeasts for the rest of their lives." She says with a grin.

Thea is keeping half an eye out for the Candidates, focusing sharply on their behavior. One foolish move and they're outta here! The other is given over to her Steward and her amusement only grows when that green head pops out of his pocket. The dichotomy of expression is sure to be an odd mix. She's probably already heard something about that last egg she'd pawned off on a certain someone from the culprit herself, because all she says is, "Jethaniel. How is life bound to a flying stomach? And what did you name her?" Questions about business will surely come later, but right now, she needs to know these details.

Any groups on runners that haven't been assigned an area yet are being pointed towards a particular area based on the skill level of the group as a whole. They are encouraged to start heading towards that area as another group heads towards the corral. "Just remember to herd them into the corral, not towards people." No one shall be trampled!

"Partly why I picked her for you," returns D'ani equably, pretending not to see that droll look Hotaru is giving him. He offers her his linked hands to step into, meaning to vault her astride, but she manages on her own and he gives her an approving nod. "Good deal Missy." His fingers curl around Soriana's hand, the grip firm, palm dry and slightly calloused, a man not afraid of work. His handshake is gentle, but warm. "He's good. Come say hi to him when this is over, hmm? Nice to see you again, Soriana." And then he swings aboard his own runner, turning the head towards the herd. His eyes seek and find the 'boss, they're pointed in a direction. "Let's go!" He applies his heels to his mount, taking them at an easy pace to keep the runners fresh and by a circuitous route down through some shallow draws so they won't be seen by the skittish animals.

The Steward will surely have many answers about business, as well as questions of his own. For now, Jethaniel reaches up, his fingers brushing over the top of that little green head softly. It's a rather odd gesture, when one considers that his hand is large enough to block the view of the firelizard from some angles. "As of yet, the stomach is more pronounced an attribute than the flight," he replies. "However, I nevertheless enjoy her company." There's a soft, pleased smile there as he continues to pet the young green. "Ah… Stardust."

Coming out of one of the tents is Datsun, standing and stretching as the Woodcrafter's just taken a nap, evidenced by the tousled hair and just-coming-awake eyes. Yawning and stretching, the Woodcrafter notices that the people have come, which must mean the Round Up is in motion now. He wanders through the groups of people, nodding to those who know him, towards where the Corrals are located. He's curious to see if any herdbeasts have been herded yet.

Hotaru's on a red runner! A copper mare, actually. She's waiting impatiently for Soriana and D'ani to quit their chin-wagging and get to business. And Sori is up! Hotaru is a bit distracted with her runner as she gets back into the hang of riding, letting her mare trot around as she waits. "What's the best plan of attack? Just try to keep them surrounded except for on the side we want them to go?" And… they're off! Well, Hotaru presses her heels to her mount as well and she takes off after D'ani at an exciting… trot. Apparently that's all she's willing to risk right now. "Maybe if we speak to each other in bovine, they won't notice up. Moooo. Moo-moo moo mooo mooo moo. That means I ate some plants this morning." Hotaru spots Datsun as they ride by and gives him a wave.

Garawan is here with the rest of the candidates! He is, uh, most definitely not a rider. Of dragon /or/ runner! And really, he doesn't /look/ like he could wrangle a wild, angry herdbeast anyway, scrawny little thing he is. Thankfully he's not too bad a cook, so he does have some use here. So! Anyone who gets hungry and finds his or her way over to the chuckwagon may find a trader in their midst! Don't worry though… he's only cooking! In fact, he's almost a humorous sight, with that apron on. And he's /still/ wearing those gloves!

"I will," Soriana agrees to D'ani, then grins. Onwards! Soriana follows the beastcrafter's lead. Her horse may not be as shiny, but he has a good pace. That's why she picked him! Advanced trick, that. She laughs over to Hotaru. "No, no, I think your accent was wrong. You said you were a feline made out of plants, instead." She grins, continuing to follow along. "Maybe we're better off just planning ahead of time. Like… do we each pick a side or something?" She looks to D'ani, the knower of things.

"You can never be too prepared," Anoryn agrees with Laera on the matter of Healers being on standby. The greenrider shifts her weight then to one side, crossing her arms loosely over her chest in a rather at ease and relaxed posture. But her eyes are constantly darting and scanning, keenly keeping tabs of the situation even though she is in mid discussion. Once the runner mounted riders begin to head out, her attention is drawn more and more frequently to them (and perhaps more towards any mounted Candidates!). Turning back to Laera, Anoryn laughs gruffly and her smile broadens, "So true! I'm always one for a bit of hands on experience when it comes to learning," she drawls. Never mind the dangers! Sobering a little, she adds, "If they Impress, they'll be dealing with a lot more than just panicking herdbeasts. Almost wish there was some foolproof way to get them entirely prepared for the next stage."

Several of the dragonriders mount and lift off skirting wide, wide of the herds closer in. They skim the landscape and disappear, heading in a southerly direction. They're going to drive the scattered herds further out on the plains north to this spots where the runner riders can manage them.

"Becaaaaaause?" Thea encouragingly prods Jethaniel to elaborate on his name choice for the iridescent green. There must be a scientific and technical reason for the name, right? Go ahead, lay it on her, she can take it because firelizards have no wiring and components to confuse her. Why she wants to know? She's just like that, interested in what people think. Holding out a finger to offer a scritch to that delicate head, she adds, "She's a cutie." Then, and only then, does she remark curiosly, "There are traps being built in the forest and along the coastal road." As if she finds it strange and disturbing.

The herdbeasts graze on the grass in the Plains, or cooling themselves off in the pond and getting a drink, all blissfully unaware that their peaceful day is about to be sidturbed and they are going to be herded up ans eventually relocated to the Weyr to be used as food for humans and dragons alike. Groups are starting to reach their designated areas to start this roundup.

D'ani's mount clatters downstream, hooves knocking loose shale with each step. He's slowed upon entering the gully and though they're out of sight from the small herd they're targeting, he knows right where they are. "We look for a mama with young," he answers. "We’ll ride towards the herd and they'll scatter. Hotaru, if you'll take the right flank, Soriana the left, I'll push from behind and we'll drive one of them back to the corrals. Then we'll go back for another." He rises up in his stirrups, barely able to peer over the embankment and settles back into the saddle. "This way," he says to the girls, cutting up a branch of that gully that leads back to the plains. For Hotaru's cow-talk, all he can do is chuckle and shake his head, amused.

Mikal has opted to be part of the group of candidates that is over at the chuck wagon. Mikal can dish out food as well as he can eat it. Which is a lot better than his skills on a runner or even around the beasts they are attempting to round up. As he spies Garawan here also he gives his fellow candidate a big grin.

Hotaru laughs at Soriana. "Oh sorry. My bad. I'm so used to the bovines up by Fort. My accent is atrocious." Hotaru puts on her game face then, and waits for instructions from D'ani as they draw near their assigned pack of bovine. "I'll take the right side, Sori takes left side. And D'ani takes point, got it. Just give the signal and then we'll drive them forward." Hotaru follows D'ani down towards their targets, heading around to the right side of him and giving a bit of space between them, but not much. She gives D'ani a thumbs up to indicate that she's ready to go

"Ah…" Jethaniel pauses for a moment. Are you sure there's no wiring? This is Jethaniel's firelizard, after all. The chirp she makes for Thea's scritch is, at least, an organic-sounding one. "Because her patterning is reminiscent of a nebula's diffusion." Another, smaller, pause, and his voice is quieter as he adds, "Also, there's a song, Lady Stardust, and she is a lovely lady." He hesitates a moment, as if he's about to add something more, then gives his head a small shake, returning his attention to Steward-type matters instead. "The traps are intended to resolve the feline problem," he says, and his tone is notably brisker now. "It is speculated the problem lies primarily with a few aggressive members of the population, and if we can resolve those, the situation will improve."

"It's the different continents, you know," Soriana agrees. Totally different accents." That said, she too waits for those instructions, nodding as they're given. She nudges her runner into position, taking the left side of him and ready to veer off once they spot a suitable target. The principle makes sense, at least! Now for actually doing it.

Garawan is bustling about here and there, but he does catch sight of Mikal! It does end up being a double-take, mind, because the trader didn't expect to see him there! But he does pause long enough to offer a smile and wave to the other candidate. And as he is able to, he makes his way over to Mikal, to assist him with whatever task he's undertaking. "Hello there. Do you need help?" he offers mildly.

Datsun surveys the corrals once he arrives, checking the gates and corral fences one final time to be sure it's secure. After all, the corrals are about to have hundreds of wild animals in there, running around, kicking, and mooing. Seeming to be satsifacted with his work, Thea along with Jethaniel are spotted, heading over to where they are. "Weyrwoman Thea and Techcrafter Jethaniel. I trust you're both doing well?"

Idrissa has been here the whole time, of course! She is sitting upon a large reddish furred and pale yellowish manned runner, one thing that sets this runner apart would be a set of claw marks across its flanks. She is making her way along at a slow trot heading toward the corrals to help when the other group has managed to separate some and drive them back to it. A glance is sent to the wagon and she smiles and waves to the ones there. "Hey Mikal." She catches sight of him first.

"Sure, can you cut up those." Mikal gestures to some fruits that need cutting up. He's got his hands full at the moment as a clearly recently hatched brown fire lizard is creeling urgently his dying hunger to anyone who will listen. Elsie croons with some sympathy for the young one. "Oh heya Idrissa." he greets cheerily. "I've decided not to attempt the runners. Never did get too comfortable in the saddle." he admits.

"Of course," Garawan notes to Mikal's request. He shifts over to where the fruits are — since there's probably not a whole lot of room — and gets to cutting up the fruits. Assumedly, if Idrissia is near enough to see Mikal, she is also near enough for Garawan to see her… thus he raises his head as Mikal says her name. He offers her a wave as well, and chuckles at Mikal's statement. "I quite agree," he states, with a nod. "I would hardly be of any use in rounding up herdbeasts if my concern is not falling off a runner."

As much as Anoryn does enjoy conversation, the greenrider grows restless and fast. She can only observe for so long before she's heading her own comment about 'hands on' interaction. Rysith must either be feeding her rider's desires or the source of it, as the green silently weaves her way closer before whuffling gruffly with her head still raised and pointed to where the others are now disappearing in the distance to round up the herdbeasts. Giving a few brisk parting nods, Anoryn excuses herself as she turns to her green and begins adjusting the straps in preparation to mount up. Once buckled in, Rysith will launch up into the skies and follow the other dragonriders already airborne, heading in that southerly direction and falling into formation as they await orders or cues.

A healer might beg to differ with Thea, pointing out the nerves (wiring), vessels (coolant), muscles (hydraulics) and intestines (plumbing) but far be it from her to come up with that analogy. "Ah, oh that's a pretty thought," says the Weyroman, admiring Stardust anew on the heels of the Journeyman-Steward's reasoning. His comment about a song earns a second look. "That's very… sentimental," she murmurs at length, her expression says she's seeing him almost anew. Definitely surprised by the man's comment. "Felines, yes. But I wasn't aware that they'd been seen this close in. I'm not sure those traps are safe around the Weyr's children. Did A'dmar ask to put them inside the Weyr?" Worried, perplexed but not upset with the Steward. No, she'll save that for the Weyrleader. She nods a casual greeting to Datsun, "So far so good."

D'ani's mount scrambles up the embankment and heaves himself over with a lunge. Now all three of them are not only closer to the small-ish herd, they are visible. The herdbeasts low and start moving off at a trot, uneasy but not alarmed. "That one," the bronze-riding beastcrafter points to a cow with a good-sized calf by her side. He kicks his runner into a dead run, leans forward intent on the animal. The rest of the herd scatters, though all run in the same general direction, their hooves thundering across the plains.

Yes, but the design decisions on those bodily systems are, to be perfectly blunt, atrocious. Whyever are the plumbing and air intake using the same pipes? That valve is definitely not up to code, to say nothing of the potential for cross-contamination. There's a reason industrial robots are not humaniform. Or draconiform. As Thea comments about sentiment, Jethaniel's gaze goes out across the plains. "It was not the most suitable semantically. However, the more technically correct song was unsuitable as a name." Aherm. About that business? Shall we get back to it now? "The traps within the Weyr proper were to be limited to live traps," he says, getting a look of concentration as he tries to recall the specifications. "Baited cages, primarily." If only he had the documents in front of him! Unfortunately, he does not. "I can investigate further once I return to the Weyr." To Datsun, he gives a nod of acknowledgement, though he's still got the furrowed brow of thought. "I believe so."

Hotaru sticks by to D'ani, looking serious and being quiet for once in her life. There's determination in those eyes! She directs her runner up the embankment alongside D'ani and Sori's mounts, and follows his fingers when he points. And they're off! She digs her heels into her mount and snaps the reigns. Off her mare goes at a full gallop, and Hotaru at first looks a little jarred, though she's staying on. Hopefully the herdbeasts don't get too close or spook her runner. "Ya! Ya!" That's to the bovines. Go that way!

Datsun nods at Thea and Jethaniel's answer to his question before hearing their discussion about the traps. "I was the one, along with a team of Apprentices, who made and installed the traps. Weyrleader A'dmar came to me and told me that he was concerned for people's safety here due to the wild felines. I asked him if he wanted live traps or lethal ones, and he said it did not matter. He mentioned pit traps with spikes at the bottom. A variety of different traps, both live and lethal, were put out, along with warning signs not to venture out." There's a pause, "I assume after the rounding up is done, the traps will be removed along with the spikes and the pits filled back in. I have a map with their locations."

Gotta be quiet! We're hunting bovines. Soriana's quiet, but she's grinning from the excitement as she looks over the herd. Where's the… aha! There's the one. The one D'ani's pointing to! She grins, and kicks her own runner into motion, leaning forward over his back. The grin only increases, and she guides him around one of the fleeing beasts, trying to angle herself in against the bovine's side. Oh, hey, she's got calf-side. "Go on!" she calls out as Hotaru does the same. "Moo!" Does it mean plant or wild feline? She doesn't know! …shells, it's weird to be trying to startle animals. She keeps wanting to look over her shoulder to see if her mom's going to give her a Look for spooking the runners.

Idrissa waves to Garawan once she catches sight of him. "Hello Garawan. Well if you two ever want lessons I do give them." She offers with a smile, her runner whinnies out slightly. "How are you guys doing?" This questioned while she peers out towards where the ones are that are starting to drive the herdbeasts around and she hums softly. "I better get over to the collar to try and give them all a hand when there closer. See you guys later." This said with a wave and she gives her runner a slight nudge forward to get him moving towards the corrals once more.

Muir is here, has been here, and all that I'm-late-because-I-was-RPing-with-the-sister stuff. So he's here, mounted on a runner, but hanging back. Uncertain where he's supposed to go for the moment, the boy just sits well on the piebald gelding he was assigned, patting the beast's neck as he watches the others fan out. When he sees Idrissa head towards the corral he gives the gelding a squeeze and gets him trotting over in that direction. "Need a hand?" he calls to her as he nears.

Mikal offers a quick wave to the retreating Idrissa. He'll consider the offer of lessons but thus far he's decided he's simply not /that/ comfortable riding in the saddle of a runner. Not yet anyways. So he is content to help with the food prep so this he does with unusual quietness. Every once in a while he stifles a yawn. Perhaps the baby brown sleeping curled up on the table near him is the reason for the candidate's lack of sleep recently.

Rysith is far to the south with some of the other dragonriders scouting for those scattered herds. When they are spotted, the commands are given and they break off into groups. Anoryn shifts in her straps a bit, preparing for action as her green drops into a steep dive with two others, a blue and a brown, flanking. They won't need to make sounds, just the sight of the shadows and the sound of wings and their scent is enough to get those herdbeasts into moving. Not looking to cause a stampede, after all! Once they have them stirred, Rysith and the other dragons dart up again, only to swoop down to 'steer' the herds in the right direction: back north to where the others are being slowly rounded up.

"Oh? Which song would the more suitable one be?" Ever curious, is the Weyrwoman. She can, however take a hint, so that is her last question about the firelizard. Back to business, she frowns, "Did. He. Really." There's a storm gathering on her usually serene brow that does not bode well for the Weyrleader. Rysith lifts off and she absently watches the green glide away with the other dragons. Turning back to Jethaniel, she remarks dryly, "Good thinking on your part, Steward. At least if we catch weyrbrats they'll live to be spanked for messing with the traps." Her ice green gaze falls upon Datsun. Pits? With spikes?! "There'd better not be any of those within the Weyr proper." And then her eyes drift out onto the plains where there are people and runners moving willy-nilly across the ground. Sounding very patient (but that is an illusion!) "Tell me there are no pits out here either?" Oh, A'dmar, you might want to consider a long vacation far, far away.

Learning to ride a runner? "Ah, perhaps. It could be useful." He /does/ travel with a caravan, after all. Perhaps if he could ride mounted instead of in a wagon or just walk, it would make the trip easier? And then Idrissa heads out to help with the roundup! "Do be careful!" Garawan calls in response, and returns his attention to his task. When everyone gets hungry, they'll have food made, at least! In the meantime, he looks to Mikal and his brown firelizard, chuckling at the yawn. "They are difficult to take care of when that young, hm?"

Herdbeasts are moving! With dragons and people on runners guiding them, some of the herdbeasts are definitely moving towards the corral. The closer the animals get, the more sound there is. People near the corral are to prepare for the arrival of the herdbeasts.
She had to ask. Ah, but the ultimate responsibility for her asking lies with Jethaniel. He did, after all, mention that there had been an alternative. Not only that, he's the one who made the decision to name his firelizard that way. Although… well, if it hadn't been for certain circumstances around his obtaining of her, perhaps he wouldn't have been thinking in the direction of that song in the first place. A few chance (or rather, intentional) words… It would be convenient if the sun was brighter today. It might provide an alternate explanation for the slight redness of his ears. He does, however, answer the question, even if his voice is barely audible. "I Would Be Your Slave." Perhaps the sound won't carry. Then again, if it doesn't, perhaps he'll get asked to repeat himself. He's certainly not looking at anyone when he says it. Sentiment, sentiment… practicality. He nods at the matter of live traps and Weyrbrats, though his voice takes a moment longer to come back to proper functionality. "As of when it crossed my desk, no," he says of pit traps within the Weyr - but it's not like the Weyrleader couldn't have made adjustments after that point. The final signature on these things is not the Steward's.

"Watch out!" D'ani points to an odd dip in the ground that Hotaru's runner is headed for. The ground is rough, uneven terrain that is studded with odd brush and rocks here and there. The cow flat out runs, the calf bawls and does the same while D'ani's mount snakes his head behind the fleeing herdbeasts keeping his eyes on the beast's hindquarters. Shifting his stride to weave to this side or the other, the trained 'beast runner needs no real guidance from D'ani, a feat that brings a pleased smile to the beastcrafter's mouth. They angle towards the corrals and are joined by a couple of other groups doing the same. Here they come, thundering up to the corrals! Who is there, ready to close that gate?

That ice green gaze has Datsun shifting from foot to foot, uncomfortable under the Weyrwoman's stare. "No, those ones are further away. Deeper into the forests. None out here. We made two lines, the first one with lethal means and the second line closer to where people pass through are live traps." The Woodcrafter had that much common sense, at least. "Out here, there are only snares. We thought baited cages would bring the felines too close to people, and there's always the chance the cage will fail or not go off." There's a glance at Jethaniel, "The Weyrleader came to the Woodcraft because he thought we could make and set the traps quicker than the Smithcraft could. Our snares don't have teeth on them like the Smith's would, so if anyone does get caught in one, they'll be only stuck there… He also told me that if we did not have the time to show him our designs, we had his permission to go ahead and make them then set them."

Muir wheels his runner around and looks towards the approaching D'ani + beasts. The boy's eyes widen for a moment and then he steels himself, making sure he and his runner are well out of the way. With a hand on the gate, he keeps the animal steady between his legs, ready with the gate whenever the last one is through. It takes courage though, to stay there and not run screaming in the other direction!

Hotaru overhears Sori mooing at the bovines and starts to laugh. "Sori they're going to start thinking you're one of them!" Hey, it's a controlled startle. Or something. "That's right you cows! I'm hungry, so the last one into the corral gets eaten! I'm good with a cleaver!" Yes, because threatening them is such a terrific plan. When D'ani is yelling at her she jerks the reigns of her runner so that there's no broken legs. The mare whinnies and veers off course, which might mean a beast or two goes running in some other direction. Perhaps tent-wards! Instead of into the corrals. By the time Hotaru is able to get her mare calmed she's not of much use anymore.

Idrissa glances up at the voice and smiles to Muir. "Hey there Muir. Sure I don't mind the help." She points to the corral. "Just waiting for the others to herd the group this way. I'm going to help make sure they actually enter into the coral." The movement is heard long before it is seen and she looks towards the area where the sound of running herdbeasts is. "Hope you're ready." Not that she knows fully what the heardbeasts may do; hopefully nothing to crazy will happen. She shifts on her runner, the stallion shifting on his hooves and seems a bit nervous once hears and catching the herdbeasts on the move. If Hotaru pulls out a cleaver Rissa is fleeing out of the area.

But, there's no scolding mother/beastcrafter, even if it does give Soriana a bit of a transgressive thrill to be doing this. Fortunately, the cow's looking to run, not try and make a break for it, because she's not honestly sure what she'd do if it did lunge for her, and she keeps the runner in position mostly with nudges of her knees and little flicks of the reins - not that he needs more than nudges. He's well trained! She grins wide to Hotaru. "Then they'll follow me!" she calls back, before directing her shouts at the cows again. "Cooome to the pens! We have hay for yoooou!" And on she charges, driving along with D'ani to get those cows penned by… someone. Please? Otherwise this'll get interesting. Oh, good! Muir's there.

Slave. Flying stomach. It makes sense to Thea and she's simply nodding in a matter-of-fact way, missing the pink tinge to Jethaniel's ears. On to business, she nods again, "You did well," both of you. Thankfully the Weyrleader chose people with common sense and for that she is vastly relieved, but A’dmar's not off the hook for his loose handling of the matter. Or for having been cavalier where the safety of her weyrfolk are concerned. "Thank you both. I'd like a copy of that maps showing where the traps are, when you have time." With that she smiles, though it is a touch strained and her lips form a flat line moments later. She steps away to check on something, leaving them to breathe easily once more, no doobt. Beware, oh, beware A'dmar.

Oh, yes, it makes sense, and Jethaniel is quite happy to leave the matter at that. For once, the Weyrwoman's lack of facility with technology works in his favor. She's unlikely to find a recording. Back to business, and he adds, "The live traps also require more frequent checking." Just because the felines are meant to be killed, that does not necessitate inhumane treatment. Also, there's that small child possibility to consider. Jethaniel glances back to Datsun, then to Thea once more. "I shall make a copy, and provide it to Journeyman Datsun for confirmation." A glance back to the woodcrafter. "Unless there is someone else more qualified to confirm the actual locations as modified by on-site conditions?"

Rysith remains aloft with the other dragonriders still, as their task isn't quite over yet. But with most of the scattered herds now heading in the right direction, they keep their distance high up in the skies unless required to dive down to control a few escapists or break aways. For the most part though they keep their interaction minimal, so as not to spook the herds into a stampede and set off a chain reaction of doom — or something of the like. Anoryn is enjoying the work, though it does not compare at all to the hunting she and her green usually partake in on their free time. In fact, the greenrider is probably wrestling mentally right now with her lifemate, having to repeat over and over that no, the herdbeasts below are not ALL hers to eat, they are not to be taunted and teased either like a feline playing with it's prey and that no she cannot sample and sacrifice one right this second to be sure of their worthiness as food and so on and so forth. Oh the demands of one's dragon!

"She doesn't look or smell like them," calls D'ani with a quick grin over to the other two. His runner veers of its own accord to take the slack in the space Hotaru's runner leaves, D'ani twisting in the saddle to check that the redhead is okay and not in a tangle on the ground back there as they thunder on towards the corral. Just as the three groups of herders seem like they might collide, their pairs of beasts merge into a mini-herd and they all go through the gate, the seasoned riders peel off to the sides before they reach the gates. The rest, well, they'll have be let out by those gate-operators.

Muir urges his gelding forward when the herds are in, navigating the complex task of closing a gate while runner-back. He holds his hand on the latch, ready to free anyone that needs freeing, his grin wide and face flushed with pleasure at doing something right. Flashing a grin to Idrissa, the boy nods. "Done!"

Datsun blinks at Thea's words, "Thank you, Weyrwoman…" Heaving a sigh of relief as once he's been released from the patented Weyrwoman's Icy Green Gaze. A'dmar is definitely not envied at the moment, nodding at her request, "Of course." Her back is gazed at as she steps away, turning to Jethaniel. "No, I can make a copy of the locations myself and have it sent to you. Aye, the Apprentices were assigned that task. They check every half hour, and I asked a Beastcrafter who wasn't helping the round up to be with them in case anything happened. If any modifications are needed, they can do it."

"Very well," Jethaniel says to Datsun's proposal to generate the copy himself. "Thank you." That said, he looks out at the beasts again. "The round up seems to be going well," he says consideringly. "There are significantly more beasts in pens, now." It's one standard for assessment. The little green in his jacket pocket chirps again, and Jethaniel resumes petting her, according to his duly allotted role in her life.

Herdbeats enter the corrals without too much trouble, guided in by dragonriders and people on runners as well. The may still be a few herdbeasts about, butt that's what hungry dragons are for as well as tomorrow. Seems to be a productive day with only a few scrapes and scratches thus far for the healers like Laera to do baic first aid on.

Datsun inclines his head at Jethaniel's thanks, "I'm staying here in case anything happens with the corrals or the traps." There's a vague wave back towards the tent that he came out of, his eyes moving over to the herdbeasts being brought in, "Aye, it does seem to be. I have to admit, though, that seeing them here now put some pressure on us to build the complex quickly. Or at least for me." It's now that his little brown Oak chooses to make his appearance, flying over from a group of nearby firelizards and settling on Datsun's shoulder to peer down at Jethaniel's Stardust, chirping at her.

Y'know, if Soriana just turned some of those words around… well, it's a good thing D'ani said she didn't look like a cow. A very good thing. Also, she's in a good mood, so she just laughs at it anyway! She manages to peel away before the gate closes, but only barely. It's the runner that did it, not her. He knows what he's doing better than she does. On the way past, she gives Idrissa a thumbs-up, her runner slowing down to a walk as Soriana looks back over the beasts now gathered in the pen. "Nice."

Hotaru is alright. She's alive, if a little frazzled. Once her runner is back under her control, she heads back towards the group. There may be some other beasts about, but Hotaru is done being a cowgirl today. She is excited to see so many in the corrals though. "Whoo-hoo!" She yells as she hops down from her runner, handing it over to one of the beastcrafters or maybe whoever owns it. "Lookit all those bovines! Whew." Then she waves to Dat and Rissa and the rest of the people who have gathered for the fun bovine time. "Where's D'ani? Did he fall off his runner?" Hotaru grins to Soriana. "Man I am pumped. I feel like running or swimming or beating someone up."

"Sensical," Jethaniel agrees to Datsun, then hmms consideringly. "Moving quickly is good, so long as the end product is still of high quality. I would, however, prefer to see the complex behind schedule but solidly built. If there is too much pressure to cut corners in the name of speed, please inform me. I am willing to espouse this stance as necessary." Arguments: they're not just for the Weyrwoman, anymore. "These herdbeasts having been living outdoors for turns. They may continue to do so." Stardust tilts her head up at Oak, and chirps back to him as she tucks one claw against the corner of Jethaniel's pocket and clambers a little further out. The Steward's fingers pet along her neck lightly, a distracted but affectionate motion.

Muir makes sure the gate is latched before he moves his gelding away, walking along the fence towards the others with a wide grin. "Well that was thrilling! Nice job," he praises, as if he knows what he's talking about.

What D'ani hasn't said is that Soriana doesn't sound like one. But she can blame Hotaru for influencing herr there. And he hasn't said anything about Hotaru not looking or smelling like a herdbeast, but hopefully the firecracker redhead hasn't noticed that in the melee. The Fortian bronzerider emerges from the dust from the other side of the corrals, where his mount had circled around and draws up his runner just as Hotaru speaks. "How about lunch instead and more herding afterwards?" What? She didn't think it was that easy, did she? Come sundown she'll feel more like beat than beating someone. He though, has things he needs to do back home and so for now, he dismounts and hands his runner over to one of the handlers. Shortly thereafter, he's lifting off on Dremkoth and winking out *Between*. With luck, he'll be back in an hour or two to help with the next run.

"Nah, he's uh…" Somewhere. Soriana looks around… aha! "There!" she tells Hotaru triumphantly, though it's not like the redhead couldn't figure it out at this point. Ooh, and not only is D'ani here, he has a good suggestion. "Lunch! I could go for some lunch." Please tell her somebody's been making lunch! "Maybe roast beef sandwiches?" She grins to Muir as well, "Thanks! You should give it a try. It's great!" As long as you don't fall off the runner and get trampled. Y'know.

With the herds now being penned in the corrals, Rysith breaks away from the other dragons still airborne. The "fun" part is done now and the green's interest is wavering, along with her patience at being told she cannot do as she pleases with the animals below. So the aged green will land again, not far from where she originally took off and Anoryn will dismount, lingering only to loosen the straps for Rysith's comfort but also to mutter a low, "Just behave, please? Act your age." Lingering until she's certain her dragon is actually settling in, the greenrider will then venture away and back into the crowds as she takes on her role as a Beastcrafter for awhile and lending a hand where she can or is needed.

Datsun waves back to Hotaru, chuckling at her enthuasism as well as others'. "Well, this round up appears to have an unexpected side effect: boosting morale." Judging from the smiles and cheers from people having successfully herded the herdbeasts into the corrals, morale is at an high right now. "I wouldn't expect anything less, Journeyman. Quality is something the Woodcraft tries to instill into all of its Crafters. I'm in complete agreement with you about the schedule. You're right about the bovines, but these same bovines have been living wild for as long as they've been born. A few are bound to turn restless. Our corrals are secure, but you can never be too sure with something that weighs as much as they do. We do have an advantage over them: we're smarter." There's a grin for that, Oak notices Stardust starting to come out, so the little brown starts to climb down Datsun's shoulder and arm towards her. Maybe he can get her to come out and play?

D'ani better not be calling Hotaru a cow. Or she will send her guard to beat him up. She just grins to D'ani. "Is that a date?" Of course then the bronzer is moving off to head back home. "Lunch! I could go for some lunch. We just cut some fresh meat yesterday so I'm sure there will be roast beef!" Hotaru will get out her cleaver! No one has gotten trampled and they caught some herdbeasts. All is well! After lunch Hotaru might come back out if she's not feeling too beat and sore from runner riding. Hotaru wanders Datsun-ward, mostly to get a look at his firelizard. "Are you guys talking about wood?"

A focus on quality is important. Jethaniel nods slightly, then turns his gaze over the penned beasts once more. "It is my understanding the temprament is one of the things to be selected for during the quarantine period. Those beasts unsuited to domestic life will be returned to the wild, or else be culled for the dragons." The ones like Rysith that appreciate a challenge, at least. "However, I will be sure to follow up with the beastcrafters in this regard." Little Stardust creeps further out of her pocket, and Jethaniel glances down to offer his hand for her to climb onto. The green does so, spreading her wings in a flutter as she chirps to Oak once more. Jethaniel looks between the pair of firelizards with an expression of vague bemusement, not looking up at Hotaru as he says, "Only indirectly."

Datsun huhs at Jethaniel's words, "They do that? I wasn't aware, but that makes complete sense." Clearly Datsun isn't all that familiar with herdbeast practices, "I'm sure the dragons' bellies will appreciate that consideration." He smiles at the thought of the dragons enjoying the herdbeasts as well. Morale isn't up with just the humans but dragonkind as well! Hotaru gets a greeting chuckle, "What he said. Just discussing the complex, the corrals, and the herdbeasts. Did you learn anything out there chasing them down?" Oak comes down to Datsun's arm, chirping again at Stardust, reaching out with a talon to paw at the green, though he's nowhere close enough to touch her.

Hotaru giggles a bit. "More about wood. Well I hope the corrals are strong, a lot of those beasts are pretty big. And some of them aren't too happy I would guess." She looks out at the pens for a bit, then back to Datsun. "Heh. I dunno. Maybe? it's been such a long time since I've ridden a runner, so I was glad for the practice at the least. Anyways… I think I'm going to catch a ride and head off for lunch. I'll see you guys later!" Hotaru runs off to snag one of the riders that's leaving for a ride back to Xanadu.

Jethaniel nods to Datsun. He isn't all that familiar with those practices either, but he read a report. He's been reading a lot of reports lately, and going down to ask followup questions when the reports prove insufficient to satisfy him. There's a great deal of everything to know about everything. To gain expertise in every field a Steward is required to interact with is, well… impossible. He looks up at the pens once more, as Stardust chirps and leans back from Oak's paw before sneaking in closer and extending her own paw in a little poik. "I believe the beastcrafters and the woodcrafters who built the pens have that under control." He does, he does, he does have faith that a giant beast won't come rampaging straight for them. As Hotaru runs off again, Jethaniel blinks after her.

An Apprentice comes over to Datsun, whispering something into his ear as Datsun leans off to the side to listen. Nodding at the Apprentice, he's sent off as Datsun turns to Jethaniel, "We do, indeed. One of the baited cages attracted a large wild porcine and it destroyed the cage trying to get out. I have to go survey the damage and see if it's repairable or if a new cage is needed." Oak is put on a close by post, leaving him to play with Stardust if she'll allow him. "I'm sure we'll be colloborating more often once the complex's construction begins. I'll have that copy to you as soon as I can for the Weyrwoman. Good talking with you. Take care." There's a smile for the Techcrafter before he follows the Apprentice to the location.

"I am certain we shall," Jethaniel agrees with Datsun, giving the woodcrafter a wave as he departs and a polite smile. As for Stardust… she plays coy, at least at first, but the little green slowly warms up to playing with the brown Oak. Jethaniel, for his part, watches with a bemused and affectionate smile, petting Stardust when she flees back for a moment and giving her space to interact with the other firelizard when she so chooses. It would be more efficient to focus his attention on monitoring the roundup. He could doubtless receive several reports from various beastcrafters in the time he takes to let his firelizard play. He does not seem overly concerned about this failure, though eventually he does pick her up again, to nap in his pocket as he makes his rounds.

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