Misguided! (Egg Touch Five)

Xanadu Weyr Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at humanlevel all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Another morning and the trend remains. Someone fetches a small group from the living cavern or barracks to join in a touching. Today Briana is sitting in the lower steps of the sands. The pregnant rider perhaps taking a small break from the heat of the sands. Sahazyth sits nearer the stands today, leaving the eggs clear for the candidates to touch. By now, none of the eggs are buried in their sand mounds, now full hardened from the heat. A weyrlingmaster ushers candidates to the sands after giving instructions for bowing and such.

Soriana is part of the group today, and she nods to the instructions as they're once more given, then bows as it's her turn to step to the sands, watching Sahazyth and Briana for a moment before heading across the sands to the eggs. Her gaze wanders over them, seeing what some already familiar to her look like now that more of the sand has been removed, and then she pauses next to Still Waters Run Deep, touching the warm shell.

Garawan is also one of those candidates that was gathered up for a touching! As he's ushered into the sands, he bows respectfully to the dam and sire as instructed. He was at Eastern's last, so he knows a little about what's going on. He sends a look to Soriana, a greeting wave. And then he looks around at the eggs. Picking at random it's the Fanning the Flames egg that catches his attention, and he goes to it, kneeling next to it. He removes a glove from one hand and gently touches the shell of the egg….

< Garawan touches egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

Soriana returns the wave from Garawan with a small nod before she stops by her egg, and then… okay, Soriana can't help it. She sends a little darting glance back to Garawan as he pulls off his glove. Is the gossip that he's horribly disfigured true? She must whoa. She barely has time to look, because regardless of what she may or may not see, her touch to that egg makes her eyes go wide, her fingers twitching against the shell's surface in a motion that even she's not sure whether it's supposed to be clinging on or pushing away. She shakes her head slightly then again and frowns, a considering expression back at the egg.

It's a sudden widening of his eyes as the mind inside seems to respond to the touch of his fingers. There's nothing unpleasant in his expression, though. In fact, after a moment he chuckles. "Good morning, sleepyhead," he offers quietly. He tilts his head slightly, leaving his fingertips in contact with the egg. It almost looks like he's afraid of putting too much pressure on the egg, if one is unfamiliar with how Garawan treats his hands.

Soriana was tempted to flee, but then, isn't life full of temptations? Her fingers twitch again, and her gaze turns to the surface of the shell itself still with a considering look, though now it shades more toward perplexity. There's almost too much no, there is too much for her to keep track of. She's swept along, and her eyes close as her fingers still, holding on to a single thought of a simple answer. Perhaps if she presents the answer, the tide won't rip it out of her. Then again, perhaps it's too simple to satisfy the occupant of this egg. Perhaps it's too simple to even be true.

< Soriana touches egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

Garawan seems quite taken aback by the influx of emotions from the mind in the egg. That… That's really…. "Goodness…" he murmurs. He has nothing to hide, really. Not as such. His past is pretty simple, his life now is pretty simple, and even his desires are pretty simple. He even has the audacity to run his fingertips over the egg in an almost caressing fashion.

Soriana takes a deep breath, a moment before her fingers finally make their decision to leave - or perhaps the decision was made for her. She casts her eyes across the blueswirled shell once more, and gives herself a little shake not quite a shiver, but… not quite not one, either. Her fingers reach partway toward the shell again, then stop, centimeters away. Soriana shakes her head, and leaves the oceanic egg behind, instead approaching This From Afar. It's with some hesitation that she reaches for that shell, her fingers delaying before finally closing the final distance with a quick motion.

< Soriana leaves egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

That was sickeningly sweet, wasn't it? But Garawan is happy nonetheless. There seems to be no further response from the egg, so Garawan pulls his hand back and curls his fingers into his hand, as if he's rubbing away a lingering sensation of something or another. He scoots back carefully, so as not to upset any of the other eggs, and turns a little. It's the Talons of the Storm Egg that he lays eyes on next, so he leans over to it and gently places his fingers against the shell.

< Garawan leaves egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

< Garawan touches egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

Soriana takes a deep breath as her fingers settle on the egg's shell, but a moment later she's regretting that decision as she coughs, her body hunching in against the egg's shell, her throat moving as she tries to swallow only to cough again, shaking her head before finally growing still. She stays like that a moment, then blinks, looking up across the sands, to the stands, then lowering her head to look at the egg for a long moment before splaying her palm and hesitantly reaching out her mind once more.

Garawan emits a choked "Ghn!" at the sudden 'illumination' of his mind. A little tact, perhaps… but oh. Oh! Suddenly he squirms slightly on the sands, as if under the gaze of an angry parent. C'mon, cut him some slack, he's a /merchant/. He can't tell the truth about everything! Nonetheless perhaps he's stupid for doing this, but he keeps his fingers in contact with the shell.

Soriana's uncertainty fades, replaced by a smile. "Oh," she murmurs quietly to the shell. "But why did you have to hide?" The question has the sound of a rhetorical one, and she finds no answer in the moments before she once more removes her hands from the shell, giving it a glance that's less hesitant now and more… contemplative. She lingers a moment, then moves on, approaching the Diamands in the Sky.

< Soriana leaves egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 9 Diamonds in the Sky Egg >

Garawan seems to suddenly relax then, and the squirming stops. Maybe the mind was just playing with him. Oh but THEN! Then it plays /really/ dirty and points out something he'd rather forget. "…Mmf. I didn't have a choice." He's merely embarrassed now, not uncomfortable. So he had to be brave there, so what? Surely he can't have been the only one to have to be brave, right? He's not a /hero/, after all! At least it's not glowering at him now, so he can leave his fingers on the shell without trepidation.

Soriana takes a deep breath to prepare herself before touching her fingers to the diamondstudded shell, but what she finds this time is something that makes her smile. "Oh," she murmurs softly, and then she rests against it for long moments, her eyes closed as she takes more of those deep breaths but these ones aren't meant to prepare herself for anything; they're just the reaction of someone in taking in with all their senses what lies before them or at least, lies before their mind. At long last she blinks and stirs herself, glancing side to side before patting the eggshell softly. "Thanks."

Garawan's eyes widen… and then he suddenly goes /very/ still, as if frozen in that shocked posture. It's… kind of comical, actually. When he finally remembers to breathe again, he blinks, swaying for a moment, as though he's about to fall over. His fingers separate from the shell as he places both hands into the sands to steady himself. And he immedately pulls his ungloved one back, hissing slightly at the temperature of the sands. Sensitive hand is sensitive! He eyes the egg as thought wondering whether to touch it again or not. In the end he decides not to. And goes instead to touch the This From Afar Egg instead.

< Garawan leaves egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

< Garawan touches egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

Soriana smiles, and lifts her fingers from the shell once more, surveying the eggs around her. A moment's consideration, and then she bows once more, slipping her way off again to think on things… and get some of her chores done, while she's at it.

< Soriana leaves egg 9 Diamonds in the Sky Egg >

It's a sudden shift, one that has Garawan frowning darkly. The sense of aloneness is there, and then it's suddenly back to the Weyr with a kind of abruptness that leads him to shake his head, needing to clear it. What the…? How did…? Garawan blinks, and sets his fingers on that shell again, the same egg, wondering what all that was about.

Garawan coughs a little, his throat suddenly dry. He places his gloved hand over his mouth as he coughs. The tension is there, tension and trepidation. For a moment, anyway. He relaxes a little, coughing once more, then blinking a little. Sands again. What's going on. Now he's more curious than anything else, and his fingers trace over the shell of the egg he's touching, as if seeking some truth along the surface.

Garawan visibly relaxes at the last, and smiles. Once the faraway look on his face fades, he pauses, looking to the egg as if seeing it for the first time. He blinks again, and peers at the egg carefully. Anything else? C'mon, no fair teasing!

Nope, nothing else. Oh well. Garawan chuckles, pulling his hand away from the shell. Little bit more scurrying around and he finds the Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg, and scoots over to it, tentatively placing his fingertips on the shell, with a greeting in his mind.

< Garawan leaves egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

< Garawan touches egg 4 Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg >

ACK TUNNELSNAKES! Wait, no. Something else. ACK SOMETHING CRAWLING UP THE ARM! But then, it's not a tunnelsnake, spiderclaw, spider, or anything else unpleasant. It's. Actually, Garawan doesn't know. But it's looking at him. He blinks in a confused manner before emitting a curious "…Mm?" He still has his fingers on the shell, though he seems to have forgotten that.

'Adventures' is hardly a fitting descriptor for the life of a merchant. It's not all that glamorous, even traveling around. Though there was that time with the Renegades after leaving Fort, but you don't need to know about that, it wasn't pretty and you're too young for those kind of details. But Garawan has other things to show you! Like this, or this, or maybe that? That's a good one there….

Garawan blinks again, confused. It gets him to thinking. What /is/ his goal in life? Does he even know? Not really. Does he have to have one? Survive, maybe? Is that good enough? No, probably not. But that's what comes of having a directionless life, right? He blinks as he's suddenly aware again, and pulls his hand back from the egg. And he looks at his hand a moment, as if in thought. Bah. Think about it later. Garawan turns, to look for another egg. It's the Colorful Field of Flowers Egg that catches his eye, so he placing his fingertips on the shell.

< Garawan leaves egg 4 Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg >

< Garawan touches egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

Zahleizjah has finally broken free of the Healer's propensity towards poking, prodding and holding patients in their sadistic clutches. It's not that they're the worst or anything, but no one likes going to the Infirmary besides them, and the overnight holding was definitely enough for the Candidate who nearly passed out *again* on the sands during the last touching. Good news is, she was cleared yesterday and has been keeping up on hydration and breathing techniques to to circumvent the same occurrence this time. She's escorted to the Sands, staying quiet, not taking anyone else out on the way and bowing deeply with respect to the clutchparents and eggs. A few moments will be taken, though she can't seem to get her mind off of that sparkling Diamonds in the Sky egg who captivated her to no end. Thoughts are cleared and she heads for one that seems it will have lots of info to share.

< Zahleizjah touches egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

Whoa whoa whoa, what's this? Garawan starts visibly, though his fingers stay on the shell. If it's possible to mentally stammer, he totally is. It's just him, uh… who are you? His fingers trace a vague circle on the shell, idly. He probably doesn't even realize he's done it.

Zahleizjah stands there for a few good moments, hands placed gently on the soft shell of Primordial egg and nothing happening. There's a slight sigh following a deep breath, and slowly the subtle presence slips in. It is elusive and she can't quite grasp the message. The frigidity finally reaches her, sending a shiver down her spine. She isn't really sure what brings her here, but is happy to share the connected company. She thinks and thinks and realizes she is here for this very interaction.

Zahleizjah isn't quite sure how to take the gesture exuded next, it's not every day the feeling of such shoulder pressure is flung over her. She may even gasp slightly, nearly wanting to pull away as a pit forms in her stomach. The curiosity is mutual and she feels a bit of relief, she too is wondering and thinking and contemplating. Everything makes her curious, reserved no doubt but driven to strive when it really comes down to it. A survivor, an outcast also struggling against that lovely counterflow. The Starcrafter is definitely up in her head now, going through the though processes with this egg, hands remaining steady.

Zahleizjah appreciates the beauty of this experience, all the thinking and processing setting in now and likely to continue provoking those internal questions until the hatching. Another sigh, maybe it's just her breathing techniques, but the feeling of coiling gives her instant claustrophobia. In this case, acceptance may not be mutual and hands are peeling away from the shell as she steps back to regain composure, that last lingering question leaving an imprint on her caged heart and she wonders the very same thing.

< Zahleizjah leaves egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

< Zahleizjah touches egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

Very invasive is this one! Garawan squirms slightly. But this is a different sort of scrutiny. In fact, one might notice a bit of a blush on his face, ever so slight pink coloration at his cheekbones. Still he doesn't draw back, but leaves his fingers in contact with the shell of the egg. He's still curious.

Zahleizjah apprehensively moved towards the Fanning Flames egg, those bright colors drawing her in, even if longing glances are sent towards Diamonds, unable to shake the impression it left on her, even as questions from the last egg are still being considered. One hand, then the other is placed and she's instantly warmed to the core, because the Sands aren't hot enough as is. Sudden hunger takes over, but this is not time time for that, the cheerfulness met with her own beaming positivity sent back. Colors swirl and bells jingle, so very different than what she'd felt just before.

Garawan is fairly sure an egg's mental touch is not supposed to feel like that! The blush on his face only increases, and he squirms again. This is likely amusing for anyone watching; Garawan is always so calm and composed. Here is a rare break in that composure! However, as he draws his hand back, he clears his throat, unnecessarily straightening his shirt. Ahem. Yes. No one saw that. Next egg? His eyes fall on the Still Waters Run Deep Egg and gently touches the egg.

< Garawan leaves egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

< Garawan touches egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

Zahleizjah works to understand this adoration sensation, a warmth she's not accustomed to. The bells fade in to the nearby background and that comforting feeling finally settles in her stomach. The mindscape zips by as she's whisked across tranquility's beauty. She's reaching for that warmth now, basking in the presence of this amazingness, excited for the adventure, even if all but hiding the fear that lurks below. "How could I ever even start to explain.." she whispers about the complexity of life to the fiery egg.

Garawan emits a choked gasp, as if he suddenly has trouble breathing! And he freezes! Appropriate descriptor, too, because he suddenly shivers, as if he's extremely cold! Though because he's frozen in place, his fingers stay on that egg.

Zahleizjah feels those borders and boundaries as even the most consuming of warmth may fade, and this is something Zahl is used to. She feels it slipping away, and as jubilant as the feeling was, there's something about the darkness and silence that not so surprisingly eases the night owl. A silent thanks is given as scents waft away, knowing some day, they will meet again, their fate unknown and the uncertain future still ahead of them. A few steps back, she's at least stayed on her own two feet and shows no signs of needing to be carted off to the Infirmary again. She'll look across the eggs, to Sahazyth, Orionth and Dersk.. life is so weird she thinks. "If you'll excuse me.. and thank you.." makes it out with her departing bow and slowly she'll be escorted back to the barracks, unable to help looking for that diamond in the sands just one more time.

< Zahleizjah leaves egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

This is ultimately what Garawan liked most about his candidacy at Eastern the touchings! Even if they were scary. He's finding this surprisingly entertaining! But, now that he's not in immediate danger of choking, so it seems, seems to relax. He pauses, now less freaked out, and waits. The smells, the sounds, the sensations. What brought him here? Well, it's a funny story, that….

Finally Garawan is released from… whatever strange freezing, immobilizing force has held him. And he pulls his hand back from the shell of the egg, looking at his hand again, rubbing fingers into the palm. It seems that's all, though, as there's a herding out of candidates! So Garawan nods, and stands up, replacing the glove on that hand, and bowing once more in respect to the dam and sire before he leaves with the rest….

< Garawan leaves egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

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