Dare you to move (Proddy Evi)

Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered, in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company. Behind it are drinks for those not inclined toward ale, as well as a door leading to the small kitchen where snacks are made and a back room that probably holds yet more ale.

Junior Weyrling graduation is only a day past, the group of 10 having survived R'hyn, Risali, Ila'den and themselves. There were losses, the Weyrling Barracks was no match for the precocious hot mess group of young adults. On this day, Rukbat is placed firmly above the Weyr, and it's warmer than usual. Circling above the clearing, waiting for a moment to land is Neifeth. The smallest, sassiest dragon in the clutch has taken on a healthy sheen that shimmers off of all her busy stripes and spots. All the hallmarks of expert care, the giant felinic green arrows in and lands with swift efficiency, rumbling and shifting as Evi slides off. The perky girl is wearing a riding coat and a SHORT leather skirt. In a total change in wardrobe, the black dyed soft leather skirt makes it nearly impossible for her to dismount, and it appears that she was riding Neifeth side saddle in a way that mocks any safety regulation she'd of been taught. On top of the skirt is an underbust corset over a short-sleeved frilly black satin shirt. The outfit is all black, and her hair is down in curls around her ears. There's a chance no one will even know this is Evi. "NeiNei, if you don't like another dragon don't tell them. It's that easy." Advising while throwing hands in the air in exasperation.

The certainty of food for lunch drug Katailea away from her work at the docks for a short time, but its now that the blonde is leaving the caverns to return. Out of the way of any landing dragons but close enough to notice them, a glance is spared for the green and her rider, but little more. Neifeth might be at least partly recognizable but that's certainly not Evi, so given she's not close quite enough to overhear that comment from the young rider there's no way of knowing.

Neifeth grumbles, flaring her wings and snapping at a brown who deemed to land within a dragonlength of herself. «You GOT. ME. DIRTY.» Is loudly projected to anyone in the vicinity as she wheels around and flashes teeth, advancing three steps and crouching down as if to pounce on the brown. Evi steps forward, "NEI, come on. NO. NEI. I do not know what has gotten into you. COME. ON." Turning on her hind limb, butt facing the offending brown and his startled male rider Nei smacks him with whip-like tail, hard enough the blow makes a resounds crack. Evi's head shakes back and forth, one hand gripping the wide black straps as if she could drag her lifemate away. Neifeth's dark nose lowers, pressing into her rider's abdomen and nudging until released. Stumbling backward, hrmphing offendedly, the young weaver is a meter from the striped menace when she takes off. Evi spots Katailea and gives the barest wave, brown-green eyes unfocusing. "She is a disaster lately, she had a wild herdbeast this morning in Igen and ever since has been on a tear." Striding towards her friend, there's no smile, no real joy, and each stride is ground covering with a model swing to hips. The brownrider raises one hand, smiling appreciatingly at the form of Evi.

If nothing else were to catch her attention that exclamation from Neifeth does. A blink, almost a jump, as she looks back towards the pair. Evi gets a blink next, because as she comes closer it is indeed Evi even if it takes a second to register. "Right…" she replies because a) she's still trying to sort out Evi and b) what's she supposed to say? "Are you sure it's just her?"

"What do you mean?" Evi snaps a bit, head tilting and nose poking forward rudely. "No it's her, I'm fine. We are busy, we've been to igen, then fort, then high reaches, we delivered mail for my idiot cousin who managed to only do half her route before landing herself in a green flight at Benden. I had to go get those packages and take them on. I did her route entirely." All of this means that with the time difference, the greenrider probably has not slept since yesterday at best Xanadu time. "I have ten things to do today, and I've got cards to write, and curtains to make. I promised nana the kitties would move out." She's speaking wayy to fast, beyond bubbly and into the realm of exhausted mania. "But I need water. You want water? Lets go get water." Evi reaches for Kataileas hand, to latch onto her older friend. TAKING A HOSTAGE.

Katailea raises a brow at the greenrider. "Are you really?" At least she's trying to listen though, trying to follow that rambling, and a slow nod follows. "Have you looked in the mirror today?" Seriously Evi, have you actually looked at what you're wearing, because while cute so not something she'd normally wear. All those things to do are forgotten for the moment when her hand is grabbed and she's unexpectedly following the younger. "Water?"

The question gets about a two second pause from the too busy greenrider, a glance down and then back up. "Oh this? I woke up… yesterday? Today? WHo knows! I felt all wrong. I borrowed this from Onyxia and was off. No? You don't like it?" Holding her hostage Katailea out by the wrist she gives a feminine twirl, peaking over her shoulder momentarily with a wink. "But water! Or. Maybe snacks? Meat! Or a drink? Yes. Come on." With a skip of joy she will, if allowed drag Katailea into the Tavern. At Noon. On a workday. The male riders are paying close attention to Evi, one holds the door. The entire clutch is green, meaning madness is descending upon the Weyr. "Katailea, do you like games?" Said in a coyingly sweet voice, almost mocking in it's sing song fashion. "I was thinking, I never play anymore. I used to play games, i'm sure of it."

Katailea shakes her head, "No I like it, I'd just never expect to see you wearing it." The fact that it's borrowed makes more sense at least, it wasn't something in Evi's closet. She laughs at that twirl however and she just shakes her head, but then she's being tugged towards the tavern. "Evi, I have.." she should be getting back to work. Those looks she's used to, but not so much being sent towards Evi. "Games? Like…?" What exactly do you have in mind?

Briskly scampering into the tavern, still not as perky as usual her steps more elongated and predatory. The kind of no nonsense walking that people do when heading somewhere important, it's not your noon bar walk. There's two people at the bar, and both of them look Evi up and down and nod politely to the women. Evi is oblivious, having never recieved any attention at all most likely due to the fact that she's never been seen above the ankle or elbow. Plopping down in a seat, evi reaches into a coat pocket and pulls out a deck of cards. "Alright! game time!" Declared in a manner that a child might, the cards shuffled suprisingly well for someone who normally seems to avoid anything fun adjacent. "Pick one, and I pick one, and then whichever is higher, you get to pick truth or DARE."

A proddy greenrider is nothing new in this establishment, the bartender leaning in "What to drink ladies?"

Evi pipes up, "Water, lots of it, it's really warm. Does no one ever notice how warm it is? Who builds a Weyr in such a place." Eyes rolling and mouth ajar, as if it was done purposefully to bug her. "Also meat, like, fried? Or something, but not overcooked. Do not overcook it. Lightly cooked meat. In tiny chunks? Yes. Little bitty meat pieces!" Brown-green eyes flick back to the cards, indicating for Katailea to begin.

Katailea follows, her stride in part mimicking the greenrider's if only so she can keep up. When she's finally released she settles into a seat as well, a little while longer no one is going to notice her absence. "Water," she echoes that part of the other's request. She might like something stronger, even so early in the day, but not right now at least. As to the game, there's a hesitant "Okay.." as she flips over a card.

Turning over a card, the number on the well-worn firelizard themed playing card is 10. While katailea's is a 9. You'd think her turnday came early, eyes lighting up in sheer delight with a squeak. "I win! OK! Truth." Glancing upwards and tilting precariously back on the barstool, there are two taps of fingers on crossed knees before an idea hits her life a train. "Oooh! TRUTH! Do you like F'yr as more than a friend?" Leaning in, one elbow is planted on the bar. The water arrives, Evi pulls the glass over and sniffs it. Slurping up a tiny mouthful she spits it back in the glass, "No, no, no. This is all wrong." Turning to the bartender, water placed down hand in air she snaps her fingers. RUDE. Who is this person, where is Evi? Will she ever return? "This water tastes wrong." The poor man.

Green eyes glance up from the cards towards the young woman next to her who is far too excited about it. The question earns a look, surely she wants to ask something else. Right? Dare something. Yes? Arrival of the water brings a distraction if only momentary. Her glass lifted to take a sip, eyes narrowing on Evi over the rim. "It tastes fine to me. It's water, Evi." For Faranth's sake, it's water. "Its fine," she assures the bartender.

The water recieves heavy side eye, a deep frown and glare for the errant glass. "No it's stale, you can't put ice in stale water and call it freshwater." The snotty overtone is recognizable, it's Evi's voice but it's obvious that maybe the real Evi is on vacation. Or possesed. "You didn't answer your truth! You're turn! Rules are rules Katailea. It's what keeps society from breaking down into barbarism, fresh water and rules." Crossing her arms over her chest, head up with more self assurance then she's ever had in her life. If the Weyr has to put up with like this every 6 months, it might be a longer half a century. "F'yr, hot? Or not?"

Katailea snorts a that commentary from the greenrider. "Its water, Evi. It tastes like water." As if to prove her point she takes another drink, though it may also only be to continue not answering. Of course she wouldn't let that go though so its not unexpected when she's called out on the fact. Reaching across to pull another card she flips it over with her answer. "Maybe," the single word stated perhaps a more harshly than she might have meant.

The water is pushed far away from her in disgust, nearly knocking over the glass. The tiny bitesized fried meat chunks arrive, one is popped in her mouth and an overly dramatic disgusted face is made. "Overcooked. Today sucks." Pouting with a tiny shimmy of shoulders, whining with small fake whimpers. "A maybe is a yes, so you do like him. KNEW IT." Declaring while turning her nose up and smuggly wiggling in place. Ha. She knew it. Turning over her own card, Katailea has the Senior QUeen, while evi has the Weyrleaders bronze. "Ooooh! Your turn! Truth? Or Dare? You pick, and ask and I get to answer."

Katailea sends Evi a look of almost annoyance. Between the comments on water being stale and meat over-cooked is there anything she's not going to complain about today? Of course maybe is yes, but she didn't say yes so there is no proof. Another light huff follows the greenrider's declaration. Eyes lift from the cards to Evi next as she considers. "Truth, have you kissed anyone, not family."

Obviously Katailea has never met Neifeth, or has been in some sorta oblivion state for a turn. It might help if it seemed like Evi had any idea what was going on, she seems to have accepted her new role as proddy judger with no thought to what it all means. ZIppidy doo dah Zippidy day. The huffing is notice, arms are crossed and Katailea recieves a scathing glare of disapproval. "It's not my fault the food, the water, everything is wrong. That's on.. Someone. Not me." The question brings a blush, head ducking before a loud stage whisper is used. "A sevenday ago, I was in Ierne looking for oil and two girls kissed me. They were naked on the beach, and they wanted me to join." WOmp. Womp.

Katailea has met Neifeth, for brief interactions. Perhaps she's just choosing to ignore the coincidence of behaviors. She sends a look right back towards the greenrider, she's the one crowing about things. Food and water will be ignored, for now. "Oh," curiosity piqued as a grin finds the blonde's lips with Evi's admission. "But did you kiss them back? Because the question, I believe, was did you kiss anyone, not did anyone kiss you."

"No I didn't, they were rude. I can get a kiss if I want one. " Evi scorns her two accidental companions, "They didn't deserve my kisses. Those are special." Duh, her eyes rolling and theres a defensive cross of arms over chest, as Katailea draws the second Senior queen, and evi draws the golden egg (ace). Somehow the egg is the highest card in the deck. "My turn, enough with yours." Tapping her fingers on the bar, hair tossed back on shoulders. "My turn." The bartender comes back, having made a drink and pushing it towards Evi. The drink is pink, and smells heavily of a variety of liquors. Evi sips it, scrunching her face but continuing to sip. "I dare you too, stand. For a clutch. I'll come watch. I dare you to not get trapped in living here, the misery is giving you wrinkles."

Katailea almost smirks, the hint of it is there with those additional details provided. "I'm sure they didn't," she replies flippantly. A roll of her eyes at change in turns, not that she minds taking them but its the way its pointed out. What comes next is hardly expected. "Fine," is said sharply, "if I'm asked to I will. But I'm not trapped, and I'm not miserable because I'm here," she adds, annoyance clear enough in her voice as she reaches to take a drink from her glass of water.

You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, Neifeth knows this and that knowledge has seeped through the rider-dragon bond and pressed itself into Evi during this hormonal flare up. A young bluerider, one of Leirith's last clutch, comes past Evi and writes his weyr's location on a napkin. Evi stares at it before going back to the cards. Katailea pulls out a 7, where Evi pulls a 4. With a shake of her head Evi says, "You're not happy, I know something about misery. You might not admit it but, if this is you happy maybe you need lessons." SO RUDE, and forward, and maybe.. not wrong? But not totally right. This version of Evi could probably take over the world. "Truth or dare?" The drink is sipped more, the alcohol maybe soothing the asshole that is now Evi.

"I said it doesn't have anything to do with being here," Katailea points out, trying not to sound as frustrated and angry about it as she might really be. "I'm not miserable. I might not be happy, but don't pretend you know everything," she continues, moving to stand and to heck with the game. "Let me know when you've decided not to be such a bitch." So there. She said it, called Evi out on her current behavior and with that she's headed towards the door.

"I might be a bitch but I'm not wrong, you don't love being a trader. You don't like your family. You sleep with random people, like W'ren. You don't love him, and yet you let him make you feel better." The straw in the drink is twizzled around Evi gathering the cards and then frowning. "I wouldn't waste my breath if I didn't care, I do. I care. It's my curse to bear." The bluerider from earlier has settled himself next to Evi, stealing a card with a wry, hungry, grin. Evi places the deck between them. "Katailea. You owe me a dare." Neifeth prods forward into Kataileas mind, it's similar to an egg touching. The dragon is SO annoyed, overwhelmingly over it. The smell of water, and blood metallic and cold in the mouth, a flash of a forest full of silver trees impossibly large. It's easy to forget that Neifeth's pint sized body holds a mind like this, swallowingly large. «We do not forget when people owe us, follow through. You keep ignoring fate, follow the path before it's sucked away.» And abruptly her mind pulls away, fast enough to cause discomfort. As if the floor is ripped from beneath your feet.

"You're wrong, Evi," Katailea replies roughly, but she doesn't turn back and instead continues on her way. Its not that she doubts she cares, more that this is not the time or place for the discussion. Neifeth's intrusion does give her pause, stumbling when she pulls back only to add back towards Evi, "You want a dare, go jump off the dock and cool off."

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