Pets and Pieces

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceilinged room opens off the entrance hall to the arena. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands, and candidates seldom need more than a light blanket.

Kera heads into the barracks with a bundle of folders in addition to the clipboard she normally carries. She's by herself this time, no furry canine escort to terrorize the candidates. The Awlm pauses at the board and adds a couple of announcements and removes another one here or there from the space. While she works, the woman glances about her her typical smile, nodding greetings to the candis scattered among the cots. "Morning Candidates."

Kelani is seated on her cot with some textbook that well the pictures no doubt more..detailed than most would be comfortable with. Pitty the person who is bunked near the healer. She is already dressed for the day and looks up at the cheerful greeting of the AWLM and places a bookmark in and closes the book, rising to put it away in her trunk. "Where do we meet for the dragon washing? The shoreline looked pretty long.."

Jaelynn was given the night to finsh things and then move in to the barracks the next morning, thankfully she didn't have to go that far. She is making her way in carrying a bag over a shoulder along with a pillow and blanket tucked into her arms. A bright smile seen as she catches others here. "Morning." Is offerd with a friendly tone while she moves to take over a free cot from what she can tell that isn't that far from Kelani's either. Oh hey book! She zeros in on said book looking at it curious like until its out of sight.

Kera does a quick visual count among the occupied cots then consults the clipboard with a little humming to herself as Kelani approaches. "Ahh, I think there are some dragons needing a good scrubbing along the stretch of beach just before the Treetop Cafe." She glances to the candidate with a grin. "When you finish, be sure to wander up the stairs and visit the cafe. Can't miss it, only one around in the top of a tree." the woman chuckles and shuffles the folders on top of the clipboard "Before you get to that though, there is a small matter of health checkups for you and your fellow candidates." An amused wink flashed from the greenrider "Think you can handle the checkups?" Footsteps announce another face and Kera looks the woman over and copares to the clipboard again, nodding to herself. "Morning Candidate Jaelynn. Pick a cot and store your things away."

The book is a very detailed human Anatomy book, with fine drawings of human innards. Few types of people would consider it pleasure reading, Luckily she is a healer so its not so creepy as it could be. There are little nods to the directions given about her chores for the day. "Yes Ma'am.." Then health checkups? Her eyes actually brighten a little and there is a more assertive nod, "Yes Ma'am…I could handle that if the local healer don't mind." There is a look up at the newcomer and notes her dragonhealer badge and gives a little wave and motion to a nearby cot. Because Healers should stick together right?

Jaelynn glances to Kera hearing hername and offres a nod while setting her things down and a few are tucked away. "Morning Ma'am." This said while she closes her locker. As forthe detailed book that Kelani has it does little to bother her, she is a Dragonhealer, which is handy to have around an her knot sowing that is next to the white knot she has tucked on her shoulder as well. Of course healers should stick together, at least they will have plenty to talk about. "Checkups.. Ma'am?" She questons with a curious tone.

Kera nods to the agreeable recently knotted JourneyHealer with a grin. "I had a feeling you wouldn't mind handling those." Referring to the infirmary files she passes to the candidate Healer. "Good. See to them as you can catch your fellow candidates. When you've done, see me and I'll see about your checkup." Kera grins and makes a couple of notes on one of the clipped pages. Peering to the DragonHealer turned Candidate, the Awlm greenrider grins "Yea, Each one of you will need a to be given a clean bill of health before you'll be allowed to stand for the eggs." Conferring with her notes again, And while I have you hear." And she raises her voice for those others still in their cots "Everyone pay attention. In addition to being given a clean bill of health, you'll need to make sure you meet with the Weyr's Tailors. They'll need your measurements for the basic robes that are being prepared. Any questions?"

"Yes Ma'am. I will start on them after the chores." Kelani says as she takes the files and settles them in her footlocker as well. "Yeah, they don't want them getting attached if you aren't fit to raise them. I got signed out of my last candidacy over an injury." Kelani says the last in a lower voice and so knows quite well what is at stake. The mention of the tailors has her smiling a touch as she knows one of them. "Are we allowed to have pets in the barracks?"

Jaelynn ahs a bit and nods while brshing a bit of hair from her face. "Makes sense." She ponders that before lightly tapping a finger to her chin. "Oh.. We won't make them ourselves?" Hey she is actually a bit good at sewing! At her grade of dragonhealer that is just a given. "But of course.. No questons on any of that." A curious look is sent to Kelani at the pet bit and she looks a bit amused.

Pets? That's not the sorta question Kera meant, but she'll go with it. "Firelizard are always welcome, provided they are trained and have manners. But we're currently not allowing other kinds of pets to live in the barracks." She glances among hgte faces "For those that already have them, I don't think occasional visits would be a problem though, as long as it doesn't interupt your chores and the lessons in the afternoons. They'll need to be gone by lights out though." Jaelynn's meniton of making the robes gets a headshake. "Not this time. We had been reusing old robes but they were finally deemed beyond the help of another patch, rehemming. So they will be fittings for all of you. Pass th eword along to your fellow candidates that are already out doing their chores. And about the health checkup with Candidate Kelani as well."

Kelani kneels down to lock her trunk with its precious cargo before rising and looking to the others. "Oh, happy to help well I can do a good continues uninterupted stitch that should suffice." She says with a half smile glancing over at the other healer types. The answer on the pet is met with a nod, "Of course. She is being well looked after, just had to ask."

Jaelynn smiles andods to Kera at the talk of new robes being made for everyone it seems. She glances to Kelani and looks amused before grining. "Guess I'll see you sometime for that checkup and the like." She ofers with a nod before a soft oh escapes her as she seems to figure out the time. "I better get to the Infirmary before it get's much later. I know Gunkle hates when I'm hate for lessons." She offers a quick wave before she isheading back out thedoor. "Have a good day everyone!"

Kera nods to the assembled candidates, double checking her notes again after making the announcements. "Everyone have a good meal after chores and report to the classroom for lessons after you eat." Messeges delivered nad candidates sorted, Kera waves to those still lagging about before stepping out quickly to see to another task. "Don't be late for the WLM's lesson, he won't be happy with stragglers." Wit that, Kera is gone.

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