Horse Sense, Dragon Crazy (Zasheir is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves. The meadow continues with gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes, and eventually those hills grow higher and steeper, ending in a large rige that provides a fine view of that meadow and the rest of the Weyr, gazing out over the multicolored roofs of the houses and the cliff that holds the caverns.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, and a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing. Trees border the northern side of the meadow, and more of those low, rolling hills can be seen to the northwest. A road passes through the meadow, coming from the east and used by traders and crafters alike. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests or ore from the mountains are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

The meadows are home to all sorts of places, including the stables. Which is where one finds Zasheir this evening. It's been a long day of work, and one of the newest residents is thinking about setting off for home. Waving to a few stablehands, he does call out, "Keep an eye on Daisy. She's been a little off today so I wouldn't be surprised if she goes into labor in the wee hours of the night. If you need help, just send someone to my room." One last wave, and the lanky young man turns about and starts heading for the weyr.

There's people who live here on this meadow, there's people who work here, there's… D'lei, too! He's coming out from the vague direction of the forest, crossing toward the beach at a fairly leisurely pace. It brings him near the stables, and he pauses to nod at Zasheir when across ends up going past the stables just about as the other leaves them. "Good evening," he says to go with it, along with a friendly smile.

Hearing the voice, Zasheir pulls back before he runs the rider over, "Sorry about that. Evening." A quick nod of his head is given, words spoken in a polite tone. He does seem to ponder for a moment the path to the beach before glancing to the bowl, "Do you nkow if they still got food over in the caverns, or should a guy try and find something elsewhere?"

D'lei hehs. "Better to be run over by you than a horse making a bolt of it," he replies to Zasheir as he waves away the apology. "Besides, if I can't dodge in the ground, how could I ever hope to do it in the air?" He grins, then hmms as he considers on that question. "Don't know for sure," he says. "Should still be something, but it might be a bit… picked-over."

"There is that. I only got two legs, not four, and they got several pounds on me yet." Zasheir is quick to say, laughing as he does so. A soft 'ah' escapes as he hmms, "True, true. But up there, you have help. AT least I hope you do!" A joke made before sighing at the last bit, "I think that's the way it's been the last few evenings… someone did mention the treehouse place is good…"

D'lei turns his laugh along into a grin, and he nods. The mention of that treetop place makes him heh. "Yeah. Not sure it'd get you something to eat all that fast, though. It's around that hour when it's crowded with people watching the sunset." He grins wryly. "I do have help in the skies, it's true. My helper's right over there, in fact." D'lei points to a spot off to Zasheir's side and a little behind him, where darkness and bronze swirl on a hide that's a bit of each and so recedes against the shadows of the evening - though it's hard to miss the bright yellow eyes watching them. Was there a dragon this close before? Whether there was or not, Garouth is here now.

"I haven't had the chance to actually go there, but I guess.." His gaze swings to the sky that's starting to darken, and the lovely burst of colors that paints the sky, "I can see how it would likely be a popular place right about this time." Hmmph. As the rider points off over Zasheir's shoulder, the tall lanky beastcrafter turns to find himself being peered at by large yellow eyes. "Oh, hello to you." Polite is he as he dips his head respectfully to the shadowy dragon.

"Indeed, it's not like you have to go underwater just to know it's wet." D'lei grins. "And, yes, it's just a little more complicated than that, but who needs that sort of detail in their analogy when all they want is to find a place to get some food? D'lei tilts his head to observe as Zasheir's eyes meet the draconic ones. He hehs… then shrugs, just a bit, as Garouth rumbles in answer to Zasheir's words. The dragon rises from the stalking crouch in which he approached, arching his neck as he does. "So," D'lei says, and then he's interrupted by the beat of draconic wings, close enough to send dirt swirling in the updrafts as Garouth launches to the skies… and keeps D'lei's mouth briefly shut so he doesn't eat dirt.

"I'll find something. And if not…. well, bread and milk is just as good to eat. At least it's something, hmm?" Zasheir comments before turning about to meet the dragon. The rumble draws a quick smile from the young man, though as the dragon takes to the sky, he unconsciously ducks, closing his eyes as to not end up needing a trip to the infirmary with dirt in his eyes. Ouch. Once things settle, he slowly opens his eyes, straightens up, and turns about, "I'm Zasheir, by the way.. your lifemate is quite nice. Makes me think of a stallion back home. Swear that thing could sneak up on a feline and scare it…"

And so the wild Garouth vanishes into the night! Leaving only a trail of dust behind him. D'lei glares up at him - after the storm has settled, that is - but he doesn't seem truly upset, a grin back on his face as he looks back to Zasheir. "Ah, yeah!" He extends a hand. "I'm D'lei, and that there -" a jerk of his chin to the sky "- was Garouth." There we go, names all given and accounted for! Next up? Talking about people who just left! "Heh. They're not exactly like a runner," he says, though he still seems amused more than anything else. "Lot more than one… which does mean that they're a whole lot more capable of getting into trouble." He grins. "I'm not exactly sure I'd call it a net improvement, in terms of the trouble caused… and I'm pretty sure that horses do count as improvement. So they've got that up on the dragons."

Hand shaken, Zasheir grins, "Nice to meetcha both. D'lei and Garouth." A pause, and he peers, "Wait… " There's a furrow of brows as the man thinks. "Didn't he win the last gold flight? Or… or do I have it wrong?" It's different living in a wery versus a hold or ranch. Still, he laughs, "Not sure which could be more trouble.." Dragons or runners, "Dragon would have them on size and ability to get around faster and further." Wings and betweening go a long way.

D'lei nods, something that might be a "Likewise," going along with it, and then… he laughs. "Yep. He's that Garouth, the one who caught the Leirith who should be on the sands with eggs." It's followed by a grin, one that lingers as Zasheir meanders the question of trouble. "Well," he says, and the grin widens a bit as he goes on. "I think we're missing some data you'd need to really make the decision. I mean, you know about runners -" D'lei gestures back to the stable. "But you don't really know dragons, not in the same way. Ruins the comparison! And I'm no good for it, I don't know horses well enough. We'll never be able to figure it out!" A moment, and then. "Unless…"

"Yes, that's the gold. I heard about it when I arrived. You and he are new to the weyr. From another, right?" Zasheir asks before a brow lifts upwards, a hand to pass through the messy curls atop his head as D'lei goes talking about comparisons and all. "Well, that could be rememdied quickly enough if you ever want to take a ride. We got some fine runners in the stables…" But then, that word is left to hang there, teasingly so, "Unless?" He had to ask, right?

"We are and we aren't," D'lei says of his and Garouth's tenure here, with a sort of shrug that ends up shaking his hair at the same time. "It's a long story." And if he goes through all that now, he'll never manage to get through the crucial (not) research. He puts on a playfully mock-somber look at the (required definitely!) question Zasheir asks, and shakes his head. "Ohhh… I don't know," he says, hunching down and pushing his hands down into his pockets. "It might be dangerous. But… if you insist," not that Zasheir did, or was even given a chance to, of course! "-then you could stand," D'lei straightens up out of that hunch with a quick motion, one that brings an earnest grin to his face - and his hand, outstretched, offering Zasheir the white candidate's knot he just took from his pocket.

"Is that sooo…..?" The word is drawn out and another look given to the rider. Curious is the beastcrafter now! But it seems THAT story will have to wait. For the moment. Don't think he will forget to get all the juicy details sometime later! And so the question is asked, and as the answer is given in the form of that white knot dangling from the bronzerider's hand, all he can do is stare. Blink. Stare some more. Green eyes swing upwards, "You want me to stand?" Cue the surprise. Big time.

Many stories, much long! Also, very white. In the form of a knot, see, and being a symbol of a very particular role in the Weyr. D'lei grins, taking in that reaction of shock and surprise, and nods. "I do," he says, then tilts his head. "Well, Garouth does, and I agree with him." But order of operations, here! "He apparently has been keeping an eye on you, and tonight was a good opportunity." D'lei shrugs, because what does he know about the ways of dragons? (More than Zasheir, presumably. (At least, for now!)) "You might impress, you might not. Either way, it's an interesting experience." He grins. "At least, I think so." He might just be dragon-crazy!

The idea that the dragon has been keeping an eye on him as Zasheir's gaze sweeping upwards to the sky, as if he might spy the bronze in the deepening twilight sky. "I.. " Surprised, yep. Completely speechless as well. But the rider's grin has his own slowly appearing, along with a hand to accept this newest knot, "Sure. I'll give it a go. If it doesn't happen for me, there's always the runners." What better way to gain an honest comparison between the two in the end! Leaning forwards, he mock whispers, "Should I be worried that he's going to keep watching me though??" Surely the dragon won't be following him around in the days ahead!

Is Garouth there, against the darkness of the coming night and the streaks of the last of Rukbat's light in the clouds? It doesn't seem like it, but… who knows? D'lei grins wider as Zasheir accepts the knot, passing it over with a nod. "And you'll get to keep working with them during candidacy," he assures. "Not so much if you impress, at least at first," baby dragons take all time, "but at Xanadu the idea is, if you have a craft, you should keep it… at least a little, don't expect to be working anything near your usual hours in the stables. There'll be other things for keeping you busy." As for the question of Garouth… D'lei gives his head a shake. "Nah. He's found you now, he's done. You'll get no more watched than any other candidate, I expect." Which may still be a lot, given that those eggs are his!

Just you wait! Now, Zasheir is going to be one of those paranoid types, looking over his shoulder into the shadows, wondering if some dragon is WATCHING him. He can feel those eyes on him! Or something. With the knot in hand, accepted, he pulls it towards hima nd gives it a look, chuckling, "Mum's going to be surprised to get this letter…" Shaking his head, he looks back upon hearing he'll be able to keep working in the stables, "That's good to hear. I got a few mares that will be foaling soon I'd like to keep my eyes on. " Of course, if a baby dragon decides to take on the beastcrafter, there will be plenty of work to deal with then. "That's good to hear." Both being able to stick with craft work AND the fact the bronze won't be following him. Hopefully.

Maybe somedragon is. Maybe RIGHT NOW a dragon is staring at him from across the field, tiny glowing eyes from a great distance that swoop in - wait, no, that's just a firelizard bumbling along, false alarm! The knot, though - that's for real. D'lei laughs at the mention of a mother's surprise, and nods. "Mine were, for sure," he says of the response to that letter. "Could almost hear it from the Weyr." Almost. He nods about the mares, though. "Yeah, that's another part of it. If you don't have to drop the things depending on you… don't!" So meaningful, or maybe nonsense. Either way! "The rest of it's pretty simple," D'lei says. "If you're drunk, fighting, or we have to know about your sex life, you're doing something wrong. Don't do things wrong." He grins, after that last.

The eyes. Oh the eyes! Even little ones are going to make him jump. Maybe. Poor Zasheir. Here he thought runners were bad enough at times! Gulp! "I'll have to write ehr and let her know. My uncle as well.." Many letters to write later. Clutching the white knot, he laughs a little more as the rules are laid out, his head given a shake, "Don't drink that much to begin with. The only fighting I've done is with an onery stallion, and well…" Don't mind the poor beastcrafter's cheeks pinkening a little at mention of a sex life.

D'lei takes both words and blush as answers, of their sorts! As for him, well, he is somehow immune to the embarrasment. That probably happens somewhere around the third flight! Or maybe D'lei is just like that, but either way, he nods. "Good! More time to focus on what you're doing, when you're not worrying about just meeting the rules." A grin, for that. "There's barracks up against the hatching sands, just on the right after you go into the building, and…" Hmm. He could've sworn there was something else, but… nope! A moment, and then a shrug. "Any questions?"

Good thing it's getting darker. It'll help hide the color on his cheeks. Ahem. "Good. Yes." As for the new living arrangements, there comes another nod of Zasheir's head, "Got it. I'll see about moving my stuff over there then." And he'd just gotten his things all perfect in his room! "And?" The question asked before he slowly shakes his head, "I don't think so, no. Keep at my work, move to the barracks, don't cause trouble. Think I go it, sir."

The secret advantage of a boring life? Or… maybe not. D'lei's grin seems cheerful enough, and his nod is an approving one. "Yep, it sounds like you've got it," he says. "Though, my name's D'lei. Y'should try and remember that." That's with a grin too, as is… "And Leirith's rider? She's Risali." Just a perfectly normal mention of a perfectly (ab)normal dragon! "You'll be seeing both of us around, I'm sure. Not to mention some of the weyrling staff, helping out." A smile, and then a tilt of his head to the side for a thoughtful look followed by a quick grin. "…Garouth tells me there's a tray of sandwiches in the caverns that's waiting to go to those barracks. Seems they just haven't found anyone who could be the messenger, yet." How terrible a thing. If only, the arch of his eyebrows asks Zasheir, there were someone - anyone - who could possibly help out here. If. Only.

"D'lei and Garouth. Risali and Leirith. Got it." Won't be forgetting those names any time soon. Zasheir reaches out to shake the rider's hand again, "Tell Garouth thank you for the honor of wearing the knot." Said white knot is still clutched in his hand. Speaking of sandwhiches, he grins a little more, "I think I could do that.. Easier to carry a tray of sandwiches than my trunk."

D'lei returns the handshake once more, and grins. "That I shall… and that you shall too," he says, accepting a task and approving of Zasheir's acceptance alike. "Be seeing you!" And then he too heads off to the rest of his evening.

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