That Queasy Feeling

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Continued from Not-So-Mysterious Meats

Idrissa is not enjoying her day in the least, a few hours in the kitchen and the girl had to be dragged out basically with the help from Hotaru to get to the Infirmary. Though here she is, sitting on a bed while one of the healers is asking her questions and so forth, along with checking her vitals yet again. Rissa is not amused, she still looks pale and a nurse is making her drink some water which she does after a few pushes and pokes. "I'm fine. I just want to go lay down."

"It's the dehydration from the sands," one of the healers mutters to another. It's not meant for Idrissa's ears, but, well, voices carry oddly sometimes. "They get these candidates so susceptible to whatever's going around, and tell them they can't stand if they're sick - so of course they ignore things until it gets bad." The other frowns, and shakes his head, just glancing at Idrissa before stepping away again. One of them comes up to her, with a large cup of pale yellow liquid. It smelly vaguely… minty. But only vaguely. It's mostly water. "Go ahead and drink this, slowly. If you can drink it and keep it down for fifteen minutes, we'll let you go." And if she can't? Well, that's what the conveniently placed bucket by her bedside is for!

ka-el has had guard duty today. Which … entails a lot of standing around at different places that don't really need guarding. What's so precious besides the eggs on the sands? And Kale really isn't going to do any better than a watchful gold dragon, a brooding bronze, and…a blue wher. And so now he's been shuffled to keep watch over the craft complex. This really is just an exercise of 'how long can you stand without locking your knees?' But he's seem some interesting things come and go, and heard some random rumors. And it's one of these rumors that has Kale peeking into the infirmary, brows faintly knitted and eyes searching. He enters cautiously, nose wrinkling at the strong scent of disinfectant. He glances from cot to cot til, gasp. Idrissa! He nosies closer.

Idrissa so heard that by that way, a glance is sent towards the healers not really wanting to tell them it was because she got light headed from dealing with well cutting up meat, and the talk of things being made like chicken feet, pig ears and other things. Which the thought is enough to make her urp. A soft sigh escapes her while she eyes the ground. Then she is given a drink, she eyes it a moment before slowly taking hold of the glass, an yes she sniffs at it before takes a slow sip. "What is it?" Wouldn't that be a question for someone to ask before they drink it? Well she does do things backwards.

Definitely minty. Along with some other herbs that are a bit harder to identify. By and large, though, it tasts like extra-weak mint tea with sugar. "Slowly, now," the healer reminds - not that Idrissa wasn't plenty slow with that sip. "It's mint, bay leaf, a little salt and sweetener, and water. It's good for soothing the stomach and hydration." He smiles slightly, watching how she responds to the drink, and that other healer approaches Kale. Oh, look. Someone's trying to sneak into the infirmary. "Can I help you?"

What's that she's drinking? Some sort of medicine? Magic potion? Is she sick? Kale doesn't see any signs of trauma or gore, which is reassuring, but drinking things that a healer gives you never is a good thing. .. Well, technically it is. But, no. He turns suspicious eyes to the healer who's in his way. He doesn't have a very good track record with healers, the sneaks. They kicked him out last time he was here and Idrissa was injured! For good reason (to let her rest!) but not reason enough to Kale. "Yes. What's she in for?" he asks, as if the place were prison. "Is she alright?" He leans to one side, looking around the healer, trying to catch Idrissa's eye.

Idrissa nods a bit while she looks into the glass. "Alright, doesn't taste to bad actually." She ponders before peering up at the healer. "I'm fine, really… Promise." One ponders how many times she'll need to say this before they will understand. There is a voice of a healer talking to someone and she looks over. A tired smile is sent to kale and she waves a moment to him. "His… A friend, can he stay?" This questioned while she peers up to the healer that is still near her.

"An upset stomach," says the healer to Kale, and then takes a closer look at this teenage boy who's concerned about a teenage girl with an upset stomach. …a teenage girl with an upset stomach who's been remarkably uncommunicative about the causes of her digestive difficulties. Hmmm. "Now, you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" the healer asks Kale. "Any risky behaviors? I know, you want to protect her, but believe me, better to be dismissed from candidacy and have things properly taken care of than to try struggling through on your own. Hiding it won't work for long." The other healer, the one with Idrissa, nods. "Just drink that slowly and wait those fifteen minutes." And then maybe he'll actually believe what she's been saying all along! He looks back at Kale as Idrissa mentions him, and considers a moment. It might be infectious. Then again… they're all together in the barracks anyhow, and whatever Idrissa's got, it's not showing the signs of being all that serious. "Very well."

She doesn't look so good. A frown tugs at the corners of Kale's mouth as he watches her, aware of what the healer is saying, but not quite paying attention after the start of it. An upset stomach didn't sound too bad. It sucks, but not life threatening. So whatever else is spilling from his mouth is probably unnecessary healer mumbo jumbo that wouldn't make sense. Until 'risky behaviors'. A blink brings his eyes back to focus, and he fixes him (her?) with furrowed brows. "What?" A moment. Then..wait, "What??" Cue a reddening of his face as he shakes his head firmly (and a few too many times at that). "No! I ..we… it isn't that" Thank goodness for that other healer, and upon getting permission he slinks by and to her cot. He sits. "What happened?" Pointed glare to healer 1 over there. "Eat somethin' bad?"

Idrissa catches a bit of the conversation, wait was hat 'risky behaviors'? A glance is sent to the healer next to her, before she looks back to the other healer. Another slow sip is taken from the glass, she is drinking is slowly, see? Once Kale is over a soft breath escapes her. "Somewhat I was in the kitchen cutting meat and Lydia and Hotaru was there talking about all this gross stuff" There is a pause; damn she just gave away what happened. Well darn! She peers up at the healers. "See, nothing happened. Ask them."

The healer is unconvinced by Kale, but nods. "Very well. Just remember, better to receive medical care than try to hide something like that." And with that, he lets Kale go by. The other healer, the one by Idrissa, goes, "Hmmmm," then leaves Idrissa to her drink, because as it turns out, they both have more important things to do. Somebody will be by in a bit to see how it's going… or sooner, if the sound of hurling summons them! But, y'know, try not to summon them like that. You won't like it.

Cue glare number two to that healer who keeps on with…it. Yes, it! He didn't do it! He hasn't even done —…well, he'll let that thought go. Kale's not sad to see the pesky healers go, good natured as they are, and with his face still a little pink, he focuses on Idrissa. Cutting meat? Grossness? His expression loses its edge a bit at that realization, and in its place a vague grin is seen. "Raw meat?" he assumes, leaving out the 'bloody, warm, gooey' adjectives that would've been tacked along. "Why's it things always happen around Hotaru?" he says, sounding a little amused.

Idrissa peers at the healers, not too sure what else to say to make them happy. SHE hasn't messed around, what is it with people at this weyr thing this? Isn't this how they met Ers'lan too well basically with that idea in his head at that specific time on the beach. She glances to Kale and a soft sigh escapes her. "Ya.. A big herdbeast leg, with.. Tendons and everything." Oh dear she is looking a little pale again, she sips at her glass once more. "Hotaru and Lyida wasn't helping with everything they was talking about."

Oh no, not the tendons! Kale grins a little. "Why were you in there anyway? You had kitchen duty?" he supposes with faintly raised brows. His mind conjurs up a bloody scene. Smears of warm, sticky blood oozing down the wall. An explosion of guts splattered everywhere. A maniacal candidate with a butcher's knife… and poor pale faced Idrissa stuck in the middle of it all. He shakes his head, not quite moving an arm around her, but moving it enough so his fingers can press and rub at the small of her back. "Hey, you survived!" he says, looking on the bright side. "Eh…mostly. It's good to empty the stomach sometimes, y'know? Uh…purify, or somethin'."

"Ya I had kitchen duties. I didn't think I was going to have to cut up things off a leg of a beast." Idrissa says with a soft murmur at the thought which still makes her quiver. At least the drink is making her feel better, and she takes another sip from it even. "I suppose so. Still I don't think I ever want to do that." She leans a bit closer to Kale at the touch of his hand, which does help her relax. She smirks at the 'purify' bit. "Oh harhar."

"Hey, it's true," insists Kale with his best 'I know what I'm talking about and am not totally making this up on the fly!' face. "Just ask any healer here, an' they'll tell ya. Studies show that a good vomiting every month or so keeps your stomach…strong. Right, stong! Gets rid've things that have been sittin' there too long and such. You were probably overdue anyway. It's a good thing you had kitchen duty," he says solemnly. His fingers continue to press and massage, especially as she seems to be enjoying it. He aims to please! "You don't have to stay here all day, do you?"

"…and causes irritation to the esophagus. In extreme cases, excessive vomiting can cause lesions, a loss of taste, and lead to ulceration." Oh, look. The healer came back. "Now, then. How are you doing with that tea? Still feeling all right?"

Idrissa nods slightly while she peers at her glass, there's still some left which shows she's been drinking it slowly at least. "Right, let me just remember that forever an all." She rolls her eyes and then peers up as she hears the healer. A soft um escapes her. "I'm feeling better. I haven't vomited again." See the bucket is empty even!

Lesions? Ulcerations? And … worst of all … loss of taste? No more tasting wonderful foodstuff? Kale peers at the healer. "Good thing the cleanse is only once a month then, right?" So nyeah! He oh so smoothly pulls his hand away from Idrissa's back then and scratches at his elbow, looking over at the patient as she's assessed. The bucket is glanced at, as if to confirm it's clean, and upon seeing no gut vomit in there, a cheerful look is given to the healer. "She's well then. Can she be released? I'll keep a close eye on her when we walk back. Any signs've retching an' she'll be back here." Scout's honor!

The healer frowns to Kale. "I do not recommend it. Once a month or otherwise." As for Idrissa's condition, well, at least he nods his approval for that. "Go ahead and finish the drink, and then you can go." He nods to Kale. "Yes. Do that." Back to Idrissa. "You're on light duties for the rest of the day. I suggest studying. Your name will be put on the sick list."

Idrissa eyes Kale a few moments and shakes her head. "Are you just trying to get me in more trouble?" There is a pause and she glances to the healer once more. Oh she can leave?! She nods and sipssipssips at her glass soon fishing the bit that was left in it. "Sick list?.. How long for the sick list?" Is that a bad thing to be on? It sounds like it..

"See? You should trust me more," says Kale smugly as the healer confirms that Idrissa is free to go when done with her drink thing. The decision was all his doing, of course. He listens for further information, nodding at the light duty bit (lucky her!) though pausing at 'sick list'. He rises from the cot as Idrissa inquires about it. "And she can still have egg touchings, right?" he asks, brows lifting a bit. "She's not infecting them with anything because've a sour stomach."

Being on the sick list is only bad if you're faking it. "Just the rest of the day," the healer says to Idrissa. "Unless you're feeling sick again tomorrow, in which case I expect to see you back here." He gives the two candidates a look. "Remember. It's better to get things dealt with properly than try to hold out on your own." At the talk of the egg touchings, he frowns. "Brief egg touchings are acceptable. And keep yourself hydrated!" he admonishes. "I don't want to see another fainting."

Idrissa does indeed finish the drink and sets the glass down while listening to the two talk. She turns a glance to Kale and then towards the healer and she blinks. "Do something on my own?" Ya she isn't too sure she wants to know whyfor on that comment. "I won't stay long, and I will keep hydrated. If I'm feeling I'll then I will come back." She stands up and clears her throat a bit. "Thank you sir." At least she knows how to be polite!

Kale isn't sure why the healer's warning has such an effect on him. Again. He can feel it creeping up his neck and claiming his face for a second time as he glances over to Idrissa. He tries to shrug of the feeling of … huh. He doesn't quite have a word to describe this feeling. Embarassment, perhaps? That's not an exact enough word. Whatever it is, he pretends to be immune to it while coolly shrugging. "Sure. If that advice is ever relevant, we'll surely remember to take it, sir," he says with a nod and half scowl. He touches fingers to Idrissa's wrist once sh's up. "Ready? I'll walk ya out?"

Maybe the healer was just talking about illness? After all, being sick can stop you from standing just as sure as… other reasons. Whatever his motivations, the healer nods to them now, and lets the two depart. "You're welcome," he says to Idrissa, then goes to make his notes to check her out.

Idrissa isn't sure that she wants to know, after all if Kale is having an issue with it, she doesn't want to know, right? She gives Kale's arm a soft pat. "It's alright, his just doing his job." This said softly before she nods and follosws along with him towards the entrance to wait and make sure the healer is indeed done before they flee! "Thanks for being here Kale." It means a lot to have him around at the moment.

Kale is glad to get out of there! Too clean and too stinky with disinfectant. Quick, somebody roll him in ash! Her thanks is met with a smirked look. "Sure. You don't have to thank me," he assures. Being There is totally part of the boyfriend manual that he's just now starting to skim. He reaches for her hand and, after a brief glance, pulls her close and plants a kiss….on her cheek. Cuz you know .. she threw up and despite her drinking mint water, there may be remnants of vomit there somewhere. But it's a lingering, warm, and affectionate cheek kiss! Followed by a neck kiss, just as lingering. Followed by a .. meh, step back with a sheepish sort of grin. "Heh..yeah. I can walk ya back, but I've still guard duty to finish, so I'm back here."

…and maybe Kale's currently demonstrating why the healer jumped to a conclusion or three. Just a little. There's no comment from them just now, but… well, don't be surprised if there's a bonus lecture from one of the candidate coordinators about just what exactly the rules of candidacy are. Just… coincidentally.

Idrissa spent to much time in that place when she was attacked by the felines so she would rather stay away from that place as much as possible. A soft meep escapes her as she is pulled close, can they at least be out of sight of the healers before this happenes? She smirks though isn't actually pulling away from those kisses. She leans close and give him a firm hug, though no she doesn't kiss him back, at least not yet. "Sure, that'll work." Once they get to walking an happen to be further away from the prying eyes of healers she will sneak a kiss in to Kale's cheek!

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