All Abooty Them Eggs (Jaelynn is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Do you know what time it is? DO YOU? DO YOU? Leirith thinks that maybe you do, but just in case: IT IS EGG TIME. THE TIME WITH EGGS. But wait, there's more! Leirith has further decided that is is time for these wondrous, glorious, bad-ass eggs to have their glory confirmed. Which does… at least something… to explain why she is crouched near the entrance of the sands instead of actually sitting near that half-dozen eggs (that's for Garouth to do, clearly), and why the BOOM BOOM BOOM of her mind is knocking right through the wall that separates the sands from the dragon infirmary. « BOOTYLICIOUS ONE. » That is your name now, accept it. Or don't. « DID YOU KNOW I HAVE EGGS? OF COURSE YOU DID BUT YOU SHOULD COME SEE THEM. THEY NEED … A VACCINATION. AND MAYBE ANTACIDS. » She's just stealing vaguely medical things from Risali's brain, this is fine. « COME CHECK THEM. » Or just admire them, that will be sufficient. Probably. Who knows, with Leirith? And Risali? Well, she could be trying to calm her mustard maniac, but she is instead doing some very important Sitting In A Dang Chair And Getting Her Shoulders Rubbed. By D'lei, just on the other side of Garouth where there's a bit of shade from his wings and also they can pretend they don't see Leirith misbehaving.

Misbehaving dragons? WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT?! Jaelynn yelps at the surprize voice. "Bootywhatie?" A few other dragonhealers look at her and just blink before one is pointing towards the wall that is closest to the sands. Jaelynn glances to the wall and then the rest of a certain lovely gold's message is caught and she ohs a bit with a faint giggle escaping her. "Ok ok.. Momment!" One dragonhealer just shakes his head before he dives back into what he was working on. After gathering a few things Jaelynn is appearing (well not really) on the sands, notebook tucked under a arm and a case clasped in a hand while she humms a soft tune to herself while wandering even confident like across the sands towarsd where a certain Leirith is and she peeks up at her. "Afternoon! Want me to take a looksee at your eggies do you?" A slight waggle of fingers is sent towards Risali, D'lei and even Garouth.

Risali might also be attempting to stretch her legs out far enough to plant them somewhere on Garouth's hide, except that he's too far away, and she's too lazy to move closer, and so she comes up short every time. She is also melting. Not just because of the heat of the sands, no. The goldrider is melting because her weyrmate is the BEST DAMN THING with the BEST DAMN HANDS (JAELYNN - SIGH - GET OUT OF THE GUTTER WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH THIS), and THAT MEANS grey eyes are lidded as she hums, head rolling to the left, right, forward while D'lei works away tension in knotted muscles and the heat ASSISTS because it's HOT. TAKE MY POSE. LIKE IT. Risali's hand lifts when Jaelynn appears, eyes still closed presumably because Leirith is sight-sharing as she abandons post and SHOVES HER SNOUT right up in Jaelynn's BUSINESS. « AHAHA. THE BOOTYLICIOUS BADASS HAS COME! MINION! IT IS STILL FIRM. » What is? JAE'S BUTT, OF COURSE. WHAT DID YOU THINK? That's why she's got her snout RIGHT UP IN IT, and Risali is sighing from her chair. "She's your child," Risali throws to Dash, because when they're good they're ours, and when they're bad, THEY'RE D'LEI'S. And then, a little stronger, "You can smack her, Jaelynn!" She will just… resume melting, thanks.

Garouth rumbles in answer to Jaelynn's greeting, his head lowering slightly as he observes the dragonhealer. Gotta make sure his eggs are safe from those stray antacids! …or whatever else might be going on here. There's a few long moments of inspection given to her, the shade of his eyes shifting between green and yellow as he does, and then he chuffs and sits back, sliding up first one paw, then the other to step back a bit from the eggs in a non-verbal permission for Jaelynn to approach… and also stop obscuring Risali and D'lei quite so much. It's time to face the music! …wait, no, that's all the time when Leirith is involved, never mind. It's time to face the Jaelynn! D'lei glances down to Risali and grins, "Does explain why she won't shut up," he says, then lifts his hands from Risali's shoulders - one of them to brush along Risa's hair, but the other is in fact to wave to Jaelynn. "When only the best will do!" he says, and grins. "Hopefully you weren't in the middle of something important." Like trying to sew up a dragon and stabbing them with needles. And then, D'lei returns his hands to the important thing they were doing, which is to say, tracing back down neck and rubbing in at Risali's shoulders once more. There we go, important duties being done, you don't have to bite him!

Jaelynn keeps that smile of her's even while Garouth is giving her the stare-down, she is use to such things so will not take offense to them. The eggs are important after all! A sharp squeak of a sound escaping her as a sudden nose is right up and pressed into her backside. Well that is an interesting feeling. She hops on a leg in some attempt to escape and perhaps save her booty thank you very much! "I'm rather attached to that… Can I keep it… Please?" Yeah she just said please to hopfully keeping her butt attached to her person. She does recall a certain moment when someone's BOOTY was in Leirith's maw, sharp teeth and the like. "No, not at the moment. After all /this/ is super important so this comes first." The thought to give a certain gold a bapping does cross her mind and she smirks. "Well… I don't think that is needed… Yet anyway." She will attempt to give Leirith's head a bit of a scritching, which from the angle may be oddly done really.

IS THAT DISAPPOINTMENT ON RISALI'S FACE? It is; the moment those hands stop, those grey eyes blink open and Risali shifts where she's seated - partially because sitting kind of hurts, and partially so that she can stare at D'lei with the very best MURDERPUPPY eyes she can manage. HOW DARE, SIR. WHO SAID YOU COULD STOP, EVEN TO DO POLITE AND SWEET THINGS? "It does," she agrees at some point in all of that staring, while Leirith just goes RIGHT ON WITH ALL THAT BUTT-TOUCHING even when Jaelynn makes it clear that she's attached to it. « FUNNY, MINION. SO AM I. » BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM! That's laughter, that maw gaping as she tilts her head to the side and — yes. There's a physical croon for hands on her draggo-bod, contentment giving her enough pause for Jaelynn to escape if she wants before Leirith is onto her next victim: GAROUTH. S'CUSE HER, PARDON HER, IT WAS JUST A BRUSH WITH HER TAIL, D'LEI, BE A LITTLE MORE BADASS and FLUMP. Right onto the bronze she goes, planting her head on top of his, watching Jaelynn with eyes that whirl blue. « They are BADASS. Well, the will be badass. » And there goes Risa, melting again because hands on her shoulders and soft sounds that escape her in contentment as she sinks back into a puddle of contented goo. "If it does come to that, Jaelynn. Have at it." But Risali is reaching up one hand to catch at D'lei's wrist, squeezing maybe a little too tight because SHE'S NOT NERVOUS, YOU ARE. Those eggs BETTER BE IN PEAK CONDITION.

D'lei is just as much a misbehaver as Leirith, see? His WILD and IRRESPONSIBLE ceasing of massage. Clearly this is why she is his child, and never mind GENETICS or TEMPORAL CAUSATION or any of that other nonsense that might make others question the truth of this obvious fact. Which is why he is undaunted by her bump, which is to say he sways and is glad to have the chair so that he doesn't fall down from it, which would make Risa sad because it would delay her D'lei-massage. BUT he survives, and so does Garouth, his wings flexing to make it look kind of like Leirith has two pairs of wings to go with her two heads. WHICH, as everyone knows, are better than one, so. "You'd think Leirith would be content with the amount of booty she has, and yet. She quests for more!" Or maybe just for the correct booty? D'lei squeezes Risali's hand back, continuing his rubbing with the other one because reassurance, he got this.

Jaelynn will indeed take the moment to free her booty from Leirith's maw when the chance presents itself! She even gives her rear a slight pat to make certain it is still there, just with some dragon warmth left by hard breathing. Oh that could be a interesting story… ANOTHER TIME. "I suppose minion will work…" She offers with a soft giggle while she watches gold and bronze become one, sorta like a super dragon at the moment. She will wander on over to the eggs once for certain all is well with parents, and seeing how Leirith is sprawling upon Garouth it must be ok. "Badassery all around! They will be known far and wide for such things." Humming to herself she will set her little case down and pulls out a measuring tape, and then a pencil in hand as she opens the notebook. "So who's first?" Yep she's talking to the eggs and even looking at them, as if expecting a answer, let's hope not one of them actually answers her. "Oh alright, you then." She goes about scribbling down a few things in the notebook before that tap-emeasure is up and going one way and then another and more scribbling. "How are you doing Risali, can I get you anything when I'm done with the little ones?" Hey good to make sure everyone is happy right? Sorry D'lei your get asked last it seems.

« OF COURSE. You will be my minion, AND I WILL BE YOUR FEARLESS LEADER! » AHAHAHA. Claptrap jokes from the CLAPTRAP QUEEN. BADUM, TSH. She takes after her father. The not bronze one. The D'lei one. « AND THEY WILL BE. » But maybe there's a little more interest than usual from the queen - something that surely could be attributed to those eggs that Jaelynn is (CUTELY) speaking to as if they might answer her. But before Risali answers Jaelynn, she's answering D'lei, turning her face into commandeered hands so that she can kiss the side of fingers and squeeze a little harder. "She does have a shapely behind, it's true. So do you for that matter. And Jaelynn." A BEAT, as grey eyes WANDER DRAGONHEALER-WARDS. "Stop looking, D'lei. It's rude. I need a fan." CALM DOWN SHE IS JOKING. But she's not joking when she gives Jaelynn a smile - fleeting though it may be - and shakes her head. "No. Not unless you can somehow speed up the recovery of birthing a human." WHICH… OW OKAY.

Given that D'lei has not pushed a half-dozen eggs or a healthy baby through any of his orifices lately, HE'S FINE BEING LAST. "I mean, it would be more rude to just try to change the subject on it." Not that he's actually staring at Jaelynn's butt. That is left for Leiriths, because she's got an entire Leirith-worth of doing it and a bonus Garouth to help things along. D'lei grins as Jaelynn starts asking around at eggs, and ducks his head to kiss the top of Risali's in a manner not entirely unlike what their dragons are doing. He's been such a good role model, right? No wonder Leirith is the charming creature she is, and Garouth… lowers his head, Leirith's carried along with it, to reach toward Jaelynn as she inspects the eggs. « You care for them. » That is not Leirith. It's a quiet voice, deep and confident and full of shadows and cold wind, and Garouth's gaze is a steady gold (a more proper version of the shade than Leirith's mustard hide) as he stares at Jaelynn with her measuring tape and notebook. « Stand for them. »

"Oh, alright. So as a minion what do I need to do for you as you are the most awesome and fearless leader?" Jaelyn is now talking to Leirith, and she is TOTALLY serious, not a crack of a joke in her tone in the least. She may not be looking at the gold but well, she can do at least three things at once. One egg done, then she is moving on to the next, tucking a bit of sand close to the second one's side as she didn't think there was enough to keep it nice and even. On she goes scribbling down notes, meassuring and perhaps talking to that one a bit more quietly for one reason or another. No judging, she is sane. As for Risali. "Well… My mom would always drink this tea. You like tea? I could get you some I bet. Been a while since I recall the name but I can find out for you. She said it helped, though I was sorta young at the time I could be mistaken on the matter honestly." Oh hey another egg! She is scribbling down upon the paper and blinks as it seems to sink in about her rear end and she turns to look at her bottom and then is left blushing and eyeing D'lei slightly after what Risali said. "I bet there is some tea for you too, not sure if it will help with the need to look at booties though." A grin is at least seen to show she's joking. "Also welcome to the Weyr, I was wondering when you was going to make the change and stick around for good like." She is a touch surprized at another voicee and glances back to the dragon pair, this time she is looking at Garouth. "Wait…What was that?" Perhaps she heard him wrong?

Risali's laughing when Jae gives D'lei ACCUSING EYES, mirth and MISCHIEF dancing in stormy hues even as she tilts her head back and to the side at an awkward angle, pressing a kiss to along the bottom of D'lei's jaw before her attention goes to eggs, to Jaelynn, to dragons. "If you could ask, that would be fantastic." NO WORD ON WHY SHE ISN'T ASKING HER OWN MOM, but shhhh. Leirith, on the other hand, waits to answer until Garouth speaks, effervescent joy chasing after shadows and expanding back into sound with a thud, thud, thud in Jaelynn's mind. « You must stand! That is what you must do for me, minion. And for our badasses. » Is Risali SQUEEZING HARDER? Yes. Because now there's a potential for rejection.

D'lei looks innoce- wait, no, he looks like D'lei, never mind that. He does grin to Jaelynn, though. "Is that tea, or booze?" he asks, and then a moment later, "For that matter, is the one for her?" Because if not, he knows what's going to be getting mixed into it! "Besides, it certainly couldn't hurt. I've had the herbs to not get pregnant," don't ask, or do if you really want to know, "so now it must be time for the rest of them." And then Garouth speaks, and D'lei tilts his head up to look at his dragon, an arch of brows followed by a smile as he turns his head back to see Jaelynn and her reaction. He squeezes Risali's hand back, his other hand shifting to rest in over hers as he stands there. No need for words, because Garouth's already said them and is still waiting for his answer… and Leirith helpfully repeats, the thud of her mind traced through with the darkness against which her bright sparkles emphasized, underscored, Garouth. Care for them, stand for them, care for them; patterns of static that burst into images of the eggs, of Jaelynn in a white robe, of baby dragons - all fading, for now, but making intention as clear as shadows, the concept that is given as a mandate by dragons even if the humans know there's a choice beyond that of rainbow eyes. « Stand. »

"Of course I'll ask. When I find out I'll get some for you even." Jaelynn says with a smile and nod to Risali. As for D'lei he is given a curious look at the bit on him taking the herbs to 'not' get pregnant. "Isn't… That a bit backwards? Normally the lady takes it." Hello capt. obvious! "So… Did it work?" Sorry she is curious over the matter it seems. A hand lifts and to scratch lightly at her chin with the end of her pencil at the part on booze. "I suppose one could add booze into the tea. Could help with a few things a bit quicker that way." Liquor is quicker after all. Her gaze is back to the dragons though, hearing Leirith she does smile and with Garouth's offer of such images her gaze lowers to the eggs watching them quietly as if expecting a answer from one of them, which is a silly thought. Though that second egg does get a longer look then the rest, the decision is not a easy one as it has been in the past with her. The echoing word of 'stand' does grasp her attention back to the moment of here and now which sends her gaze up to both dragon and rider pairs and she is soon smiling and nodding. "I would love to stand for the chance to be with one of them. Don't tell anyone.. But I feel they are going to be a very special lot of dragons. It would be down right silly to say no to such a offer." After all Garouth pretty much asked her /twice/ right there.

ALCOHOL. EXCELLENT. Risali is Not At All Opposed to booze teas, or booze in her tea. "I shared my tea with him," Risali explains, for why D'lei had some of the lady-tea stuff. A wince. "On accident." HER FAULT. HIS BEING A GOOD SPORT. But Jaelynn says YES! And Risali lights up, not getting up because pain and perhaps not having to because THERE GOES LEIRITH. VICTORY CELEBRATION BOOT SNOOT. « THEY WILL BE BADASS. YOU WILL BE BADASS. » And… D'lei will have to do the rest, because suddenly Leirith is turning her head to look at her minion, even as she stays camped near Jae - for now. « YOUR K'VIR REQUIRES YOUR ASSISTANCE WITH THE SMALL ONE. He is TINY. And ANGRY. And BADASS. » MOOHAHAHA. Which… yeah. BRAINS WHAT ARE THOSE. So Risa is up, to press a kiss to D'lei's jaw, to awkward gait her way over to Jaelynn and hug her on an exhale of congratulations, and then off she goes to be a mom.

Risali provides the facts of why D'lei drank that tea, but there's still a question of whether it worked. "Well, I mean. Now we've got Kyriel," D'lei says in answer to the efficacy of this administration. "So… no, but also yes." Downside: baby. Upside: …also baby. These things are complicated, okay? Just like it may be a complicated decision whether or not to stand, a choice that sometimes seems simple and at other times… well. Garouth has made his dragon-simple decision; Leirith has clamored her approval. D'lei and Risali wait, the eggs slowly mature and harden on the hot sands, and Jaelynn… agrees. D'lei grins with the same emotion that shades Garouth's eyes to spring green, the bronze giving voice to a soft croon before he lifts his head. His celebration is more, uh… reserved… than Leirith's, but it's still clear he's pleased. "Good," D'lei says, but of course this moment cannot be simple. Leirith interrupts, and then D'lei is returning a hug and kiss to Risali and asking her in the silent way if he needs to help, but he doesn't, so… he makes his way to Jaelynn, instead. "Yeah," he says, a soft smile as he looks down at the eggs by them. "I feel good about them. Like… I don't know, it feels special because I actually did pull myself together and come here, and there's Kyriel, and…" A shrug, and a smile that's almost an apology for his self-indulgence. "It just feels like it's right, somehow." He tilts his head, looking over at her. "I'm glad you're going to stand." And he'll have a knot for her, too, just as soon as he remembers which pocket he put it in.

Jaelynn tucks the pencil behind her ear, a move she's done a few times while she stands up brushing a bit of sand off her as she goes. "Well, I'm not going to lie I always wondered if it worked the other way around. I mean… It could be possible." RIGHT? Anyway back to the point at hand, she blinks at Leirith as she is rejoicing so to speak, and can't forget the snoot to booty and she laughs now. Honestly she is getting use to it, maybe. As for Risali she'll give her a hug back. "Thank you Risali, I hope you feel better soon." Maybe she will take extra tea and the like from now on. As for D'lei she chuckles and nods. "Well Leirith and Garouth are rather special dragons… Bue please don't let other dragons know I'm saying that or I'll never get a moments peace." As for D'lei she grins. "You did good, Xanadu is a good place to live, and raise a child. Let's face it, Risali isn't going to let you leave now." She blushes a moment there and clears her throat, an when the knot is found she'll take it once it is offered to her. "Thank you, and them for the offer to stand. I am glad to do so." Her gaze goes back to the egs, which she needs to finsh with. "Hard to say no when asked like this." She holds onto that knot before tucking it into her pocket. "Let me finish with them, I don't want to be a bother, plus I have to tell the other Dragonhealers as well." Won't Grunkle be thrilled!

"It could!" D'lei agrees. "It was for science." Okay, actually it was an accident, but so were large amounts of science as it has been done over the centuries, so. STILL COUNTS. Kinda. Sorta. Ish. And while Leirith may be D'lei's metaphorical child, he does not apply anything to Jaelynn's booty. Propriety, it's… a thing he's kind of sort of heard about at some point, didn't pay that much attention to, but hey, it exists in his universe somewhere. As do a pair of special dragons, and he tilts his head to look back at them and grin before returning gaze to Jaelynn. "I shall assure all the other dragons that you said every single one was a precious creature of pure joy." A sage nod, for he speaks the truth and he knows it, and then he grins again. "If I tried to leave… she'd have Leirith sit on me," he says, with a moment's pause before he adds, "Again." Because it didn't take the first time or seventeen. He grins as she actually takes the knot, offering a hug to go with it - because bonus hug with every (or at least this) knot - and nods. "Yeah. I'll stop distracting you… this time." There will be others, oh will there be others! WELCOME JAELYNN, CANDIDOOM AWAITS.

Jaelynn grins and nods. "Perhaps it should be up to science again. Never a bad thing to try it a few times." Try what a few times? She refuses to answer. She'll give her booty a slight pat to make sure it is still there once more. Thankfully dragon breath doesn't melt things, is just hot. She smiles at the hug and offers D'lei one back. "Thank you D'lei… An I'll try to keep Leirith from sitting on you if at all possible." NO promises cause well, it is Leirith we are talking about. Pencil back in hand she chuckles a nods. "Thanks." She'll get back to work, scribbling down notes, measuring the eggs all while her mind is swiming with possiblities that could or could not happen. Only time will tell now. Once done she'll take her leave and will be finding some tea and perhaps even some booze for Risali if able.

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