Pie, With Cream

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

It's nearing a new turn and there are likely plans being made for Turnover parties on Xanadu, both Weyr-wide and private affairs. House party type deals. Ka'el isn't exactly on the party-planning committee, and probably for good reason (what more is needed other than an ample supply of booze?) but there is still a lot for him to do in preparation for the day. Rotations looked over. Requests for rest days approved or denied. That sort of thing. And it's probably these things that he should get getting back to this rainy autumn afternoon. But. Instead, he's lingering near the kitchens because the kitchenstaff are trying to perfect a pie for turnover! And who better to taste-test then the pie-loving Weyrleader himself? .. And it helps that he probably nominated himself to be the taste tester! He's being handed a plate of a warm fruit-pie. Strawberry, from the looks of it, with some sort of other citrusy something mixed in. He forks up a bite, chews thoughtfully. "Needs…somethin'. S'good," he insists, "but..maybe a dollop of cream on top? Y'know, the fluffy stuff?"

Kiena's not much of a party goer herself. Not of the large scale varieties and though she put on an appearance at the last Gather Xanadu held, it was mostly because of her rank. She'd much rather hunker down in her weyr with a few close friends and share drinks and just relax in a stress free place. No eyes, no ears and no gossip. Perfect! Having had her hands full for numerous reasons over the last span of days as well, Kiena is doing the 'escape the office' game again and would have cut straight through the caverns if it weren't for the one she marks lingering by the kitchens. What's the Weyrleader up to this time? Of course, she has to go and investgate and sneaking up, she waits until she can be overheard before snorting softly. "So this is what you're up to, while the rest of us toil away?" Kiena drawls, giving Ka'el a mock glare and a smirk. Well?

Mur'dah walks /out/ of the kitchens a moment later, nearly bumping into the leadership team with a meatroll in one hand and another already in his mouth. Halting, he looks startled and snaps off the best salute he can manage with the fist of food, before skirting to the side of the pair to grab a glass of water before he begins to cough on the mouthful he just choked down. "Sir. Kiena."

Is it too sweet? Too sour? And the crust, how is it? Ka'el's getting all kinds of questions from the cook. Baker. Whatever she is. But all he's worried about? Cream. Whipped cream. It needs that. A big ol' spoonful of it! Can he have some, please? "Really, that's all it needs. It's not too tart, no. It's sort've tart enough, you know?" he tries to assure while all the while giving out 'give me whipped cream' vibes from his mind. Kiena's arrival is noted, and he smirks at her, brows arching. "Hey, someone's got to do the dirty work," he answers coolly, forking up another piece of pie. "Want to try? It's called… Ka'el's Turnover Pie." Oh yeah. He just named that himself right now. Luckily that baker is off for cream, bypassing Mur'dah who nearly bumps into the Weyrleader. Oops! He takes an instinctive step back to avoid what near-collision, eyeing the meatroll in the mouth before regarding Mur'dah's eyes. "Don't choke on account've me," he says. V'dim would kill him. Or try to.

Whipped cream makes everything better? Kiena's oblivious to those mental hints Ka'el may be trying to drive home with the Weyr's bakers, focused as she is on rolling her eyes to the 'title' of that pie. The offered forkful is waved off with a dismissive flick of her hand as she promptly drawls in her best sarcastic tone. "No thanks. 'Ego pie' is not one of my favourites," she teases Ka'el, giving him a look. Really? That's the best name he could come up with? "And for now, I'm also done with that so-called dirty work. So what're you doing up here anyways… trying pies?" This was, literally, the last thing she expected to find Ka'el to be doing! Kiena is distracted as Mur'dah arrives from the kitchens and almost bumps into the Weyrleader. Snickering, she tips off a lazy salute in return to him and will try to sidle up a little closer to the brownrider. Not to be cozy, but to totally snatch that extra meatroll from his hand, unless he proves to be too swift for her. "Afternoon, Mur'dah. And like Ka'el said, please don't choke? Not sure if I remember the proper first aid procedures."

Mur'dah gulps the water, swallows, coughs, and then pouts when Kiena takes his ever so carefully stolen meatroll. Oh well. "I'm fine, thanks," he says, looking from Kiena to Ka'el and back again. And then he eyes that pie. "Oh, that looks good. Real Ka'el's in it?" Old, OLD joke from the Earth AIVAS files. Something about Girl Scouts and cookies…

"Remind me then to have you properly re-trained," Ka'el says to Kiena upon hearing of her lack of first-aid experience. "If I choke, it's expected that you provide all the assistance necessary to keep me alive! Watching me turn blue and die is not acceptable," he says with a small shake of his head, clicking his tongue a little. He grins afterwards though, showing his jest just before forking that bit of denied pie in his mouth. Mmmm! "Y'dunno what you're missin'.." he says around his food a bit, patting his stomach with his fork-holding hand. Mur'dah's lack of choking is nodded at, glad that no medical attention is needed. Hm. Maybe he needs to brush up on his first-aid skills himself! Mur'dah's joke, at first, is answered with a stare and a faint tilting of his head. But then, a light smirk is seen and a snicker heard. "Blood sweat and tears. It's what gives it its tartness."

"Aww, but that'd ruin my entertainment!" Kiena says in a mock-whining tone and an equally as teasing pout follows before she snorts and smirks again, expression sobered and serious. "I do remember how, Ka'el. Have to… as a rider and a smith." Equally as hazardous occupations! Her nose wrinkles a bit, "Mhm. Not overly fond of sweets." she informs him, only to grin as she successfully grabs Mur'dah's meat roll from his hand. Promptly breaking off a piece, she'll take the smaller half for herself and offer the rest back to the brownrider. Hope he doesn't mind sharing? Because he is now. As for that AVIAS-referenced joke, Kiena can only blink and stare between Ka'el and Mur'dah as though they've just grown two extra heads. That went right up and over her comprehension! "… what?" she mumbles around a mouthful of food, only to promptly swallow and look a touch sheepish for her lack of manners. Oops?

Mur'dah ahhs, nodding a bit between bites. He pauses chewing at Ka'el's stare - shit - and then relaxes at the light smirk. "Ah. Tart Weyrleader Pie. Gotcha. And did I hear it needed something sweet and creamy added to it? Something to soothe that tart bitterness?" Is he talking about pie? Or is this a metaphor now? Impossible to tell, as he's stuffing his face again. "And as a mother," he remarks to Kiena as he takes back the rest of the meatroll with a surprised smile. Food returned! Most of it. "Ka'el pie. Made of Ka'el. Like citrus pie. Or apple pie. Only it's Ka'el pie."

PLOP! Out of nowhere, that baker is back with a heaping spoonful of cream, which she plops down upon the pie. Mmmm, fluffy goodness! "Now that's a pie," he says, looking rather pleased. He loves his whipped cream! Apparently. "Mm, we'll see how much you remember when an actual incident happens," Ka'el says to Kiena, forking pie with cream this time. "Then you'll get my seal of approval." Grin. Then .. chomp! Mmmmmm. Piiiie. "Perfection," said to the kitchenstaff woman, nodding to her as she bustles off the spread the news! But maybe just a dash more sweetener, yes? "Also," said to Kiena, "I knew that about you. Not a fan of sweets. Never could wrap my mind around it. They're so … sweet. And good." And sweet! His eyes shift to Mur'dah and.. snerk. "Anyhow, yes. This is my duty for the the day. Pie taster, extraordinaire. You all want to sit as opposed to standin around?"

Kiena snickers for Mur'dah's mention of sweetness and tartness about the pie and then smiles crookedly. "Doubly as much as a mother, I'd suppose?" she drawls. Though she stole his food, she wasn't going to be as cruel as to eat all of it on him! Just a bite. "I think you lost me?" About the pie. She's still puzzled over it, but chalks it up to her lack of understanding in most things humorous. She's Irondell, remember? "So what're you up too?" Kiena asks of Mur'dah, only to glance back to Ka'el as he finally receives the cream he'd been wanting! "You'll see that I am not so clueless about first aid!" she promises with a smirk, only to snort. "What's there to be surprised on? Just don't like sugar and sweet. Fruit, now? Any day. Fruit and cream. Or just fruit and nothing else. And I'll leave the pie tasting to you, Ka'el." Chuckling, Kiena will then flop into the nearest chair and gesture for Mur'dah to do the same if the brownrider wishes to. Break time!

Mur'dah shakes his head at Ka'el's offer. "Afraid I can't. Just grabbing some food before I get back to the barracks and get more work done. Enjoy your pie, sir. Kiena, enjoy your stolen, pilfered meaty goodness." There's a grin, and the brownrider is striding out into the rain, shoving the rest of his food into his mouth. One of these days he /is/ going to choke. Might as well add first-aid review to this afternoon's lesson.

Ka’el slightly nods to Mur’dah as he takes his leave and plops down to sit as well. With his pie, of course. He probably should’ve gotten some water, but .. eh, later. “Fruit is sugar and sweet,” he points out knowingly, pointing his fork at her teasingly. “But, eh point.” He grins while poking at the crust. Warm, flaky, pie crust! “You don’t know what you’re missin’…” he says in a sing-songy voice. He turns his head, watching Mur’dah disappear out to the rain. Brrrr, it’s cold out there. He watches a while longer before turning his attention back to Kiena. “That wasn’t so bad, huh? I can be civil. Polite. Nice even.” A smirk and he leans back in his chair a bit, getting comfortable. “Turnover. What are you plans? Going to Keroon for the races, or celebrating here?”

Kiena looks a little put out when Mur'dah claims he's heading back to the barracks. "Have a good afternoon, Mur—" she begins, only to gape at him for that quip about pilfered meaty goodness. Now who's choking? The Weyrsecond is. But not on food, but from inhaling the wrong way in her shock, coughing on her own sputtering laughter. "… damn it, Mur'dah!" she gasps out at one point but by then he's already gone. Ooh, she'll get him back for that! Cheeks flushed, she'll continue to clear her throat, pushing her hair back behind her ears. Cough. Yeah, nothing implied there. Nope. Ahem. "I know fruit is sweet but it's different!" Kiena finally replies to Ka'el with a smirk and another faint cough. A brow quirks and then she grins faintly. "Won't convince me." she drawls. Try harder? "No. Not bad at all. You were polite," she agrees and then in a lower tone she adds, "… thank you." On to Turnover! Kiena shrugs her shoulders and slumps in her chair. "Still undecided. Might go to Keroon for a bit. Maybe stay here. Depends on my mood. Big and grand and chaotically social? Or small, personal and comfortable?" Hmm, decisions, decisions! "You? Any plans yet or are you lookin' to hold down the Weyr?"

Ka'el lightly rolls his eyes but keeps his thoughts to himself. Pie is eaten. Plate is set aside. It was a small piece, besides. "Probably expected to go to Keroon whether I want to or not," he answers. "Never been before, so I'm up for visiting. It's the last of the races so I'll probably celebrate the new turn there. If Soriana is up to going, I'll stay a while. If not, I'll see most of the races through, shake hands and socialize a while, then head back. Thea doesn't much care for large gathers, but she'll be there I'm sure." A smile, then after giving his palms a slight brush together, he rises from his seat again. Not much time given to relaxation, was there? Feels like he barely sat down! "There'll be a celebration here too, so no matter where anyone ends up, there'll be a party to go to." A smile, then nod to the office. "Pie eating was only half of my duty for today, I'm afraid. The rest I need to get to before too long so I can get out of here and if when the rain lets up. If anyone comes out with a slice of pie needing to be tasted, you'll send them my way, won't you?" A smirk.

Kiena does not bring it up either, save to still quietly clear her throat as she regains some of her composure. Ahem. Tilting her head, she gives him a curious look to start, only to smile crookedly as he elaborates. "So it's a tough choice between business or pleasure then," she points out and chuckles. "And a busy day and night regardless. Ah well, no matter what you choose to do… only thing I'd say is I hope you have fun. Even if just a little." And she'll hold her forefinger and thumb to a certain distance. See? A little. "I may go to Keroon. Thinking I'll have the girls stay here though. I've no idea how… distracted I will be." Kiena shrugs her shoulders. "I've time yet to decide. So we'll see. I may just remain here, too. Join the party here or… go to my weyr." Or she'll see if a certain Fortian greenrider is around… Or not. She seems entirely undecided! "Could just leave it to fate! Go by the seat of my pants. That could lead to some fun." Hooray random? Kiena laughs low in her throat and slips off her chair when Ka'el is standing too. "Who said I was lingering here? I've… something I should check on. In the forges." Literally? Hopefully not. "Have them bring it to your office? Part of a Weyrleader's day is to multitask, right?" she teases him.

"Same to you," Ka'el offers in response to fun. Whatever she does for it and with whom. The mentioning of the forges has him glancing to the exit. A project? Maybe. He doesn't ask but does nod in reply to her. "If you see…" he begins, but pauses on second thought. "..Eh, nah. I'll tell him myself. S'been too long since I've visited the forges.." Sad fact, but well, it can't be helped. At least he has his priorities straight…kind of. Most days. Sometimes. He lifts a hand to her in a wave, chuckling at her latter comment. "Sounds like a plan." Those pie stains on that official document? Oh, don't mind those! Just sign on top of them. The paper is still valid. "See you," he says to her as he walks towards the administration hallway, sending a glance to the kitchens. He'll send a note or runner that way with the message about the pies. He really could use another slice.

Kiena dips her head and grins to Ka'el. "Thanks." Again, she pauses as she fastens up her jacket and sets the collar to rights, curiosity having her watch him closely. See who…? But he changes his mind and she only smirks. "You should come by! Why not later today if you can escape? Things will be less chaotic then," she murmurs. So there is a project underway! Or is she trying to keep a secret? Dun dun DUN. Priorities? Kiena has hers straight… to a degree. She's trying to keep that balance and apparently that balance includes a brief stint to the forges. Probably, at most, a handful of minutes before she's back in her office and back to her work as a Weyrsecond. "See you around, Ka'el. Take it easy!" Kiena will give him a half-wave, half-salute then, followed by a grin before she's stepping out into the cold, wet rain. Brr is right!

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