Turnover Celebration

Xanadu Weyr – Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide, wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Tonight the motionless air appears breathless with wonder, holding that hint of Autumn crisp with the sort of clarity that seems to allow a person to see forever. As evenings dusk slowly fades to twilight, the purpled horizon deepens to a midnight-dark sky above where the stars twinkle as brilliant diamonds scattered by a careless hand. Go ahead - try to touch them; they're just beyond your fingertips. Below, the lake waters' shimmer of silken starlight on a glassy surface is their gift to the night.

On the widest expanse of sand a large bonfire has been set up to burn merrily filling the night with the snap-crackle of flames and the pungent scent of cedar, the sparks racing to mingle with the stars. Nearby a table is set up with all sorts of food appropriate for roasting over the coals, with basket of long-handled forks for use of the same. Baskets of rolls, condiments and sweets along with pitchers of iced fruit juice, plates, napkins and forks are there as well.

Food and fire! Hotaru likes these things. It's a bit cold, so she's wearing her coat, though it's not cold enough to close it up. First stop is the food tables of course, and she picks up a log fork on the way. Then starts loading it up with bits of food that are good for grilling. Sausages… sausages… more sausages… And then it's to the fire to let things cook. She can worry about the rolls later. Mmm, the smell of flames licking good meats. It even draws Volendrung, Hotaru's bronze firelizard, out of his hood-home. He sits on her shoulder and watches the meat cooking away hungrily. Yum!

Where there's fire, there's an Esiae, though luckily for the weyr, she's dressed too nicely to be causing mayhem at the fire's edge. She's back a ways, fiddling with hair that has been done back in a neat, even plait. Her clothing isn't fancy, per se (Esi can't have nice things), but she's dressed in a dark blue dress with sleeves appropriate for the oncoming autumn weather. Completely at odds is the plate of food she's holding that's stacked high with roastables, and a pointy fork she is shoving them onto in the awkward fashion of one trying to balance a plate and load a fork without dropping either. See previous comment about nice things. "Darn rassa-frassin'…"

So close, those sparkling stars, but Soriana's gaze is not on the heavens tonight. Her attention is on matters much more down to earth… or was that down to fire? Either way! She heads toward the bonfire with a grin, and the brown firelizard on her shoulder launches himself up to chase those sparks to the heavens and see if, perhaps, those stars can be reached by a pair of tiny wings. Soriana grins, watching the flames before turning back to the food… passing Hotaru along the way. "Hey," she says, then starts the important process of choosing her sausage.

Since Mikal's shot up like three inches in the last year; he's outgrown his old coat. Wearing a borrowed one that's a big too big on him the sleeves swallow his hands whole. Howevrer here's out here to enjoy himself with fellow candidates and friends. Shy Jikmyn is following in his shadow as the pair head straight for the bonfire. Elsie chitters happily from her perch on Mikal's shoulder. All is right with the world.

Already here is Datsun the Journeyman Woodcrafter, seeing as he's one of the ones responsible for starting and maintaining the Bonfire, adding split logs to the bonfire here and there with a critical eye. A good bonfire is vital to having fun! Smiling once he deems it satsifactory with a nod, looking down at his nice clothes and brushing whatever chips or dirt that may have come from the logs. Hey, it's just a fire. Not exactly backbreaking work. That done, the food grabs his attention next. It's hungry work being a Woodcrafter!

Where there's a party, there's.. a gol dragon landing almost too close for comfort? Young Tzenxineth of eastern has to be different, and instead of landing upon the clearing like the other dragons, she decides to land right in the midst of the party, at least she doesn't toss up sand when she lands so no food is put in danger. Once Eastern's youngest gold settles upon the shore of Xanadu, she pauses just long enough to allow her rider to slide down from her perch. Etzlix lands easily, straightening her skirt and blouse before casting a glance around at those gathered, hazel eyes seeking, well, seeking someone obviously, but she apparently doesn't spot the someone she was looking for and so attention is turned towards the bonfire. Upon approaching those gathered there, she offers a salute and a smile. "Eastern's duties to Xanadu and her queens."

Idrissa is out on the beach already, near the fire while her younger brown firelizard is there curled up upon her lap. A slight yawn escapes her and she lets her gaze drift up across the sky, smiling at the stars that are turning brighter with each passing moment. The smell of food all around is clearly making her stomach grumble, at some point she'll have to go wandering off to find food. Hidalgo seems to have other ideas, the little brown settles upon her shoulder, softly trilling out as he peers towards where the smells of food happen to be.

Drifting through the crowd is Thea, having been handed a roasted-something on a bun, she is plateless, but munching while mingling. Casual tonight, the Weyrwoman is dressed in a simple corduroy skirt of deep claret and a peasant blouse with loose-fitting, long sleeves. Her greetings to people are likewise lacking formality and accompanied by a warm smile.

It's evening, there's fire and food, so Garait is here walking towards the food table. He passes on the sausage or any of that type of meat where he didn't have a hand in raising, or at the very least didn't know the creature by name. The young Beastcraft Apprentice settles on some rolls and fruit juice for now. He's dressed simply in a decent long-sleeveed white shirt, brown pand and leathr boots.

Esiae peeks up from her stabbing and her muttering as familiar voices sound nearby, flipping a happy wave Soriana's way. "Hey there!" The rest of the people nearby look familiar as well, if not directly known to her, and a few smaller, more shy waves are offered there. Friendly, right? Yes. We're being friendly. And then a gold is landing right in the middle of the party, and the junior is fighting off laughter while trying to look all proper, one hand piled high with a food-laded plate, and the other holding a loaded fork. Regular Pernesian Gothic, over here. "Duties to yours as well!," she says with a grin, eyeing Tzenxineth. "Nice entrance, too." A once-harper /would/ appreciate such a thing. A jaunty salute is snapped to the weyrwoman proper as she mingles, but considering it's with the fork hand, well… it's not that formal really.

Hotaru blinks a bit at Esiae's struggles. "That's why I thought I'd deal with that after I cooked." She laughs. Since her sausages are loaded, she offers to help the goldrider by holding her plate in the meantime. On Soriana's approach Hotaru grins. "Hey Sori. Gettin' your sausage on?" Who wouldn't be? Hotaru is a little surprised to see the fire kicked up at the addition of more wood, but she isn't surprised to see who is tossing it in. "Hey Dat… any excuse to play with wood for you woodcrafters, eh?" She chuckles. "I'm teasing. Did you eat yet?" Hotaru smiles to the approaching Eastern weyrling weyrlady.
"Hey F-I mean, Xanadu's duties." There's a waggle of fingers to Idrissa.

Soriana waves back to Esiae. "Heya!" she says, then grins to Hotaru. "Of course. Start the turn out right, y'know?" She grins wide, and then… wait, what happened to those stars? Oh. It was a golden dragon soaring in for a landing. That'd do it. Soriana has a quick look at the new arrival, then looks back to the important foody bits. She snags herself a plate and picks and chooses a few tasty-looking things. Sausage, check. Tuber, check. Fork? Check. Thus armed, she makes her way back toward the fire. She waves to Rissa, then nods a greeting to Datsun. "Nice bonfire." Somehow, she's just assuming he had something to do with it. Somehow.

Datsun quirks a brow at Hotaru's jest, "Hey, Candy." There's a grin for his own teasing of Hotaru for her position, "Always. I do enjoy my wood. It's nice and warm." There's a laugh from the Woodcrafter, nodding his thanks to Soriana, fixing his own plate of food at the table. Returning to the fire while chomping down on a sausage to spot Garait. "Hey, Garait. I saw the plans for the Herdbeast station. It looks pretty great." Munchmunchmunch.

Mikal has obtained…food. Naturally. First things first and that's a sweetroll in one hand and a cup of iced fruit juice in the other. Tagging along behind him is Jikmyn and the pair of them mingle in the crowd but don't linger anywhere particular for too long.

Tzenxineth only remains there near the party long enough to see her rider move towards the bonfire, then the Eastern gold is wibble-wobbling her way drunkenly off towards the lake, her bulk disappearing quickly into the water while Etzlix watches a moment, hmm, now what's she supposed to do? The young woman shifts briefly, offering a slight smile to Esiae as Tzenxineth's entrance is complimented. "Aye, she, err, likes t'make an entrance." The Easterner offers. "Oh! M'name's Etzlix, and that was Tzenxineth." She offers in way of introduction, her first time representing her weyr as a goldrider and she completely forgets to introduce herself, hopefull she won't be tested on this outing. "Nice fire." She compliments with a light smile, turning to regard the foods offered for roasting, hmming quietly before snagging a sausage and one of those roaster things, lifting it towards the fire, offering a smile to the others doing the same.

Muir walks down to the beach with a tray of rolls in his arms. And a few missing rolls, too, might bulge in his pockets. He's on kitchen duty tonight it seems, as he sets the tray down and scans the table. Everything looks good, great, so no one will mind if he lingers a bit to enjoy the party.

Esiae peers at Hotaru, calculation in her brown gaze. "Mmm, I suppose that would have been smart of me. I guess I was a bit overeager." That's admitted with a sheepish look, allowing Hotaru to take her plate with an added, "Thank you." She's quick to load up her fork and reclaim the plate, so as to not keep the candidate busy for long. It is stashed somewhere nearby, fork eagerly thrust into the crackling flames. "I hope you guys are enjoying being candies so far," she says, picking up on Datsun's use of the word with an amused nose-wrinkle. Her gaze flicks back to Etzlix for her introduction, head bobbing amiably. "I'm Esiae, Sonyxaeth's. Though she's… busy…" Probably wherever the fireworks are, and un-budge-able. "Very nice to meet you. And heh, yes. Xanadu: we do fire." Grin. As the rider moves off, Esi returns to her roasting, peering about at everyone that arrives, either looking for someone, or just generally being nosy.

Idrissa lifts a hand to rub at her eye a few times, must wake up, it is a must at the moment. A long day of working at the stables, lessons and other things have left her a bit sleepy it seems. Still she catches sight of Soriana, and Hotaru, smiles and waves offered back to both while she stands up, brushing her hands off and wanders on over towards where the pair happen to be. "Hey guys, great celebration huh?" Hidalgo seems rather thrilled that they have moved closer to the foodstuffs, the young brown is peering at the table, pondering what he can grab hold of without being seen.

Hotaru just grins to Soriana. "Heck yes. Sausage is key. And this stuff looks good." Once Hotaru is pleased with the cooking of her sausage, she gets up to make several sausage sammiches at the table, fixed with lots of condiments. Then she heads back to sit down next to Datsun, grinning at him. "I hope you're calling me that because you think I'm sweet, Warm Woody." Hotaru looks between Datsun and Garait. "What's a herdbeast station?" Little bits and pieces of sausage are handed up to her bronze, who devours them quickly. "Anything with a big fire and lots of good food is a great celebration." Hotaru says to Idrissa. "Plus I'm having fun being a candidate and all, so I can't complain about this turn so far!"

Thea pauses at Muir's elbow. Boo! "Why are you working? It's Turnover." She somehow expects the kitchen to run itself? But no, she afterwards adds, "The kitchens must be late in closing." She isn't pleased, but she isn't too upset as she eyes the group, waving to a few folks who call to her. Yes, cookouts at Xanadu, rife with euphemisms and flame. Xanadu does indeed, do fire.

Aahhhh! Ninja Mom. Muir jumps when Thea appears, giving her a look that's briefly guilty, and then filled with a crooked grin. "Because turnover parties need food, Mom." Duh. "Want a roll? I didn't make them." So they're safe, right?

ka-el snags a roll from Muir's tray, having scampered on the beach after sweeping most areas of the forge (though really, what's the point?) But even the strictest of Journeymen *coughOrikcough* didn't see much reason to keep the apprentices in tonight. It is Turnover, after all! They're supposed to find a small bit of trouble, right? "Aw, look at that. You brought my favorites. That was sweet've you to think of me so, Muir" he says with a teasing grin, taking a huge bite after. Er. How did he not notice Thea there? "Uffffy-uff.." Hm. Chew chew chew swallow! "Sorry," said with an impish look. "Happy turnover's eve!" Smile!

Garait looks in the direction of where his name was mentioned and sees Datsun, "You've seen the plans? really? It's going to be great!" He does seem excited about it. He blinks at Hotaru, "You haven't heard? They are building a bigger area for the herdbeasts so that when we round up some of the wild herdbeasts and build our supply back up since there's been a shortage the past few turns." Hopefully things will work ot well. The shortage can't get worse, right? Right??

Thea lifts her hand silently, her roll and… er… whatever protein inside it is at eye level while she smiles at her son. "Way ahead of you on that one," she quips with a grin for his not being the baker of it. "Have you seen your sister? I got a bill for cat food today. And when I asked the beastcrafter's about that they said to ask her about it." Dark brows lift questioningly and she pins her son with an ice green stare. While she's waiting to hear his explanation, because she KNOWS he knows everything his sister's been up to (heck he's probably in on it to boot), Kale appears. Laughingly, "Same to you Kale. Congratulations on being Searched." Pause. "What did you do with the goat?" How does she know about the goat? The Weyrwoman has eyes everywhere.

"It does," Soriana agrees to Hotaru, and spears her sausage to start it roasting. Mmmmm, warm fire. She's roasting a bit herself, not that she seems to mind overmuch. Listening to Hotaru's retort to Datsun makes her smirk, but she has nothing to add. Or at least, if she does, she keeps it to herself, just roasting herself a nice sausage… at least until she hears Kale's voice back there, saying… something or other. She grins, and peers back to look for him.

"Keeping the wood oiled is the most important part." Datsun answers Hotaru, nodding at Garait and his explanation to Hotaru, "Yeah, it's going to have all the new technology. There's the pens, healery, hayloft, even a diary area. The Woodcraft, Smithcraft, and Techcraft are going to be busy in the next couple of months building it. I'm looking forward to it. The corrals are almost done out on the Plains." More munching, turning to look over at the visiting Goldrider for the compliments on the fire, "Thanks."

Muir winks at Kale, "Always," he says sweetly. "No leeks, though. They've got spoons." He stares at his mother, mouth gaping for a moment, and then swings around to Kale. "How does SHE know about the goat and I still don't?!" he demands, much incensed. "And they were supposed to send that bill to me, Mom. I'll take care of it."

Hotaru gives Muir a look that says 'aww, how cute'. About him and his mother. Of course she might be looking at him differently since she's seen the undies. She blinks a bit at Garait's excitement and then nods at his explanation. "I hadn't heard. But I've been here that long. I thought it might be someplace you service the herdbeats. Er, like if they were sick or something." Hotaru coughs at Datsun's response to her nickname for him. "Heh. Well you keep at it. Maybe you'll get to oil someone else's wood one day." Hotaru blinks at Dat's description. "Wow, sounds fancy. Lucky herdbeasts."

Idrissa grins as she hears Hotaru and nods at that. "Well I'm glad you're having fun. It's a good thing after all." Hidalgo rocks back and forth on his paws trilling out while he sees the bronze over there eating something, /what/ about him? That seems to be the jest of how the little brown feels at least. Rissa finally goes about getting her a plate with some sausage on it, letting it cool off before offering a piece of the little brown, whom happily munches it down. "When are they going to start rounding some of the herdbeasts up Garait?" She's curious it seems.

Kale definitely heard nothing about catfood. And he definitely knows nothing about that! See innocent face? Definitely a sign of innocence. The congratulations brings forth a grin and humble thanks from the young smith before his eyes shift to the white knot on his shoulder. "It's been fun. Like last time, but different. I suppose they're all different though." And then there was going to be a quip, but he pauses upon hearing 'goat'. Eyes shift to Muir and he laughs. "Because your ma knows all an' sees all, don't you know?" Dun, dun duuuun! "I promise I'll tell ya the story! I haven't forgotten. I've kept her at the stables for now," he says to Thea, "but, I'm on a lead to someone who'll take her. Someone who really fancies goat cheese." The conversations of others are heard, and his eyes glance briefly, spying familiar faces. He grins, waving a bit to Soriana, and eeeying Hotaru.

Etzlix is quietly roasting her sausage, listening to the chatter going on around her and trying to settle on one of the conversations she might be able to jump in on, but she's been kept so busy with weyrlinghood she hasn't had a chance to keep up with other weyr gossip and activities. She seems to realize that datsun is speaking to her and blinks, cheeks pinking lightly. "Oh, yer welcome." She offers with another one of her practiced smiles. "Don't s'ppose ya know where th'weyrleader kin be found?" She asks of Datsun, curiously. "I was hopin' ta speak with him tonight." Hazels track the Weyrwoman's movements, but she avoids approaching Thea just yet, instead turning her attention back to Datsun since he's right there near her, although she's not got much to talk about at the moment, watching as a trio of firelizards emerges from between nearby. She gives a whistle and the blue, brown and gold and flutter over to land upon various perches on their person and immediately start begging for the roasting meat. "Shh, 'tis nay done yet." She hisses to her trio of troublemakers.

Garait grins, "Lucky herdbeasts, yes. Lucky for those of us who work with the herdbeasts. Hopefully we'll be able to get better with the breeding program with the new area. Plus, some of us Apprentices working with the herdbeasts are going to get the safety and cleaning training for the new equipment right off." From the sound of it, it seems that he's one of those Apprentices. He hears Idrissa and nods at her, "I believe it will be here soon. Maybe a few days? Will you be coming along?"

Her son has been wandering around the barracks in his underwear??? Thea's unannounced barracks inspections might prove rather… spectacular should he do that frequently enough. "The goat? I just do," she chimes in with a funny little look for Muir's ire. Her toe is tapping by now though. "What. Is. It. For?" she asks again. Well, not again, but it's clear she thinks she shouldn't have to. "I get report," she adds with a chuckle on the heels of Kale's comment, eyeing his cherubic face with a faint skeptical snort. She has yet to see Etzlix but the crowd is large.

Muir rolls his eyes at Kale. "I'm her son, I know she knows everything." Even when he tries his very best to hide things! This is how he got to be sneaky. Good Faranth no, it was a laundry thing. He looks back at his mother and (perhaps unwisely) mimics her tone. "It. Is. For. Cats." Duuuuuh, Mom.

"That's what the Apprentices are there for. It's one of their jobs. Gotta learn how to handle wood properly before you can work with it." Datsun has another response ready for Hotaru, "And yes, I do think you're sweet. Like a pastry roll." A beaming smile is given to her until he's addressed by Etzlix, "Weyrleader A'dmar, you mean? Nobody knows where or what that one's up to. I'm sure he'll turn up, though, it's the Turnday. By the way, I'm Datsun, Journeyman Woodcrafter." Introductions are made, making sure that his face is clear of any susage before doing so. It wouldn't do to smile at a Weyrwoman with food stuck in his teeth. Back to Garait, nodding in agreement. "I'm actually a bit jealous of you. You get to work in a brand-new place with brand-new equipment. Some of the Shop's equipment, you have to know a specific way how to get them to work."

Soriana waves back to Kale, with the hand that has the plate. Better that than the forked sausage? Maybe. She grins, nevertheless, and glances away from him to inspect her roasting progress. Hmmm… eh, good enough. She removes it from the fire and lifts it about halfway to her mouth before she realizes that, oh hey, sizzling means hot! Maaaaybe that means she shouldn't stick it in her mouth yet. She frowns at the hot sausage, then tries to shake it off onto her plate. Shookashooka… uh… it doesn't want to go. It likes the fork. She nudges it off with her thumb, and winces. Yes. Definitely hot. "…ow," she mutters, then shoves the thumb in her mouth while she stabs the tuber. Hah. She'll show you hot. In… the form of a fire. And roasting. To bring out the flavor.

Hotaru smiles to Idrissa. "You're having fun, too, right? If not we should hang out more." Apparently the red-head brings the fun! Right to your cot, if you happen to be Idrissa. Hotaru spots Kale. No escape. "Oh, hey Sticky." Nope, that hasn't gone away yet. And won't probably. Not until Hotaru picks out a new one. Or he yells at her or she feels bad and calls him Kale again. "That'll be good. Can't have a weyr without herdbeasts." What would the dragons eat? Thankfully Hotaru hasn't seen Muir wandering about in his skivvies, no. But she has seen his undies on laundry-duty. Hotaru grins at Datsun, but looks a little sheepish. Okay, that seemed to shut her up for a bit. "Use a roll." Hotaru suggests to Soriana. Though it comes out more like "ooz wa old" since her mouth is full.

Idrissa nods as she hears the date for when the roundup may happen. "Well. I have the experience with the runners. I was asked to come along but I'll have to make sure it's alright seeing how" Well how she has that white knot on her shoulder at the moment. "I haven't worked much with the herdbeasts, done some classwork and a bit of hands on stuff. So I'm rather interested into tagging along, even if it is just for me to watch from the sidelines." Her gaze drifts over to Kale and she smiles while waving to him, her attention is turned back to Hotaru. "Sure I'm having fun. Get to hang out with my friends, make some new ones and everything."

Kale looks over to Muir and bites his lips to unsucessfully try to supress a grin at his answer to his mother. Well. It is true. Cat food is for cats! Kale's not providing any help in the situation and nods to Thea. "I can let you know when I've placed her, if y'want," he offers. It is a very special sort of goat, you know. Not every goat gets asked about by the weyrwoman! And not everyone gets the honor of being referred to as Sticky in a crowd either. He glances back at Hotaru and makes a face at her, eyes crossing and nose scrunching. A smirk ends it though, just in time enough to see Soriana murdering a tuber over there. The poor veggie! Kale better watch himself.. "Heya," he waves to Idrissa as well.

Garait nods at Datsun, "I was a bit suprised by all the work they are putting into it, but I'm excited about it. He nods at Hotaru, "Well, herdbeasts are important, but really just a small part of the Weyr." Dragons after all can eat fish, runners, or other thingss too. "Well Idrissa, your help would be appreciated, so I hope to see you there."

Like father, like son. And thanks to D'had's oft-evasions, Thea has well-honed instincts that warn her when the truth is being evaded. "I know that," she says evenly to Muir, ignoring his mimicry while her toe continues tapping and her eyes narrow ever so slightly. "But I have no cats to be paying for their food." Gimlet-like, her stare bores into him (his soul?) "Do I?" A glance is spared for Kale, "No. That's alright. I will know." Then why did she ask him about the goat in the first place? Maybe to get his goat (ha). "Where's Marel?" Again.

Muir sighs. "/I/ am paying for it." Yeah, he's going to get in trouble soon. "And I don't know where Marel is. And no, you don't have any cats. The Beastcrafters have cats. That I'm paying for food for. I don't know why they sent you the bill, I specifically told them…" Mutter. He looks at Kale with a 'why isn't she getting this?' look.

Esiae glances over for the conversation about the new heardbeast, recognition flickering in her eyes. "Ah, I've seen the paperwork for that floating around. Sony is most pleased with the idea of having a larger offering of 'beasts," she says in a droll tone. And speaking of… A random firework does PWIIIIIIIINGing off into the sky, explodes, and goes silent, the lack of any other sparks in the sky very obvious, and very awkward. Suddenly the muddied gold is at the fringes of the party, looking really rather much to innocent for her own good, totally pretending she was here the whole time yep fireworks what fireworks? Esiae literally facepalms, then tries to make it look like she was wiping something off her face in order to cover up the obvious gesture.

Yeah, Kale better watch himself, or else… uh… Soriana grins to Hotaru's mumbles, and pulls out her finger from her mouth now that she's sure it's not going to fall off or anything. "Yeah, well. It'll cool." Maybe she likes her sausage unrolled! She's certainly smiling to Sti-Kale. To Kale. And she keeps roasting that tuber, eyeing Idrissa a little. "Good," she says. Maybe Idrissa's finally getting the hang of these social event thingies! Or maybe she's just using the excuse to ask about beastcraft stuff. "Yeah, but if we didn't have runners, we'd be stuck with having to get all our milk from… goats, say!" She grins wide, with just a glance back to Kale. Juuuust a glance. That's all.

Datsun finishes his sausage, licking his lips clean as he places the empty dirty dish next to him to observe the bonfire. The quick cursory glance tells him the bonfire is going well, blinking at Garait, "Small part of the Weyr? With all of the facilities they're planning for the complex, I'd say that the Weyr thinks herdbeasts are a big investment." Nope, herdbeasts aren't small. The fire is again regarded before deciding on something. "Marshmallows. This fire needs marshmallows. I have a stash hidden away. Want some?" He offers to those sitting around him.

Mikal is still here…but quiet? Yes, it's unusual for Mikal who usually has something to say for everything but…there is just soooo many people here that he's fallen unusually quiet. Never fear though he is still eating normal amounts of food. Which for Mikal is a lot. He's on his third roasted by fire sausage. Yum!

Uh oooh. Kale has a feeling his friend Muir will be in hot water. Or at least warm waters. He looks from Thea, to Muir, as the mystery of the catfood is pondered and prodded by the weyrwoman. Muir's eyes are met and he returns the look with a miniscule shrug. Don't drag him into this! "That's generous of ya, Muir. I bet the beastcrafters think the same." And, topic change! "I bet Marel's around here somewhere. She needs to have some fun, huh? Wanna find her?" asked to Muir with raised brows.

Idrissa would have a problem if Dragons at the runners, so would the runners. She smiles to Kale glad to see him out an about, and not having to slave away at the forges. "I'll be there if I can how's that?" Social event what? Rissa is not even thinking about it. There are ones around here that she knows after all and if she just pays attention to them maybe that will help her out? Possible! She clears her throat a moment while listening in and glances over to Soriana. "Well ye could get milk from runners just would be a interesting thing to go through I image."

Where there's suspicious booms, there's — oh, wait, Alzanbri actually is innocent. Right? Maybe. Well, he's staring wide-eyed at the booms like he might actually go into transports of joy, but that's probably not too surprising. The hunter, previously pausing by a spit to turn one of the beasties and smile down at it the roasty toasty beast in a proprietary kind of way, really doesn't have to look around. Actually, best if he doesn't. Instead, he points, beaming delightedly at the sky and asking of nobody in particular, "Fireworks! Will there be more?" The young man's perfectly innocent, and okay, maybe he's avoiding the thick of the crowd and edging around it, but c'mon. It's a good-sized crowd. Lots of people. Never mind the not-so-subtle kick-spray of sand towards innocent draconic parties as he passes.

Hotaru chuckles to Idrissa. "Good. All work and no play makes Rissa a dull gal." In a similar form of maturity, Hotaru sticks her tongue out at Kale. Giving him a nice view of all her masticated sausage, roll and condiments. "I would be very sad if there was no more herdbeast stew, or milk, or any of that. Even if they had replacements!" Hotaru jumps a little when a firework goes whizzing off. Whew! Heart in throat! Unrolled sausage is also good, but Hotaru needs something to hold everything else on her sausage. Hotaru blinks to Datsun. "Marshmellows? Uh… sure. Why do you have some stashes away though?"

"…I've never had runner milk," says Soriana. She considers it for a moment. "Is it… is it any good?" Then the burst of a firework across the sky makes her twitch. She looks up to stare, and her tuber… falls off the end of her fork and into the bonfire. "Nice," she says, grinning up at the sky as if hoping for more, but… nope. She looks down again, only to find her fork empty. Tuberless! She frowns at it.

Thea isn't getting it because, like his father, her son uses as few words as possible when explaining things to her. This is the woman with a hair-trigger finger on the jugular-pulse of the Weyr and sees all, but is in the dark concerning her own family, go figure. "You don't have any cats, either," she sounds very sure of this. "In fact, neither does Ma-" Whistling overhead draws her pale green eyes skyward. POP-CRACK-BOOM-CRACCCCCCCCCCKLE!!!! Magenta, green and blue flickers reflect on her face and she's open-mouthed for all of 1.6 seconds. "Esiaaaaaaaaae….!" Thankfully for her Junior the crowd is hiding her, but the Weyrwoman KNOWS where you live. She'll get you, my pretty and your little dragon too.

Muir takes a step closer to Kale. "Yeah, let's go find Marel." And when the firework goes off, Muir tries to make a grab for Kale's arm and haul him into the crowd. Escape!

Esiae knows that voice - would know it anywhere - and turns to give Alzanbri a look. "Let's hope not." Oh wait, she was pretending her dragon /didn't/ do it. "At least, uh, not yet?" She recovers admirably with a grin, sidling over to where the hunter is tending the spits. Sonyxaeth gives him an arch look, and then issues the draconic equivalent of the laugh as people react flinchingly towards what was totally not her accident nope whatchoo talkin' about Willis? Her innocence is belied when, mid-sand-scoop, the weyrwoman drawls her rider's name. Sonyxaeth hits the sand in a second flat. No one's hoooome. "Hide me!" Zan is stepped behind, a perfect disguise. At least it let Muir make his great escape?

Zahleizjah is, as usual, among the later of the party goers to arrive, and what a beautiful night for Turnover's Eve. The Starcrafter's eyes glisten at the sight, the perfect ambiance of the landscape, sparkling stars and a roaring bonfire calling her to the beach despite a sleepless night and another hectic day. She plasters that smile on her face, the one she's been working on for that whole social interaction thing. The group is slightly overwhelming, and somehow she's the complete opposite of what was seen during the last 'beneath the stars event'. Where the social butterfly took over, her typical introvert self has returned. The outskirts of the group will be crept up to, a glass of redfruit juice in hand to start. When eyes meet with those who's are also wandering she will smile and wave.. so many people,where does one even begin? Redfruit juice.. that's where. That is until that explosion in the sky, Zahl jumps with fear quickly inching towards the group and asking with great concern "Shards in the sky what is that?! Are we under attack?"

Garait nods at Idrissa, "Okay then." Honestly, if dragons ate more fish or other meat than his job would be easier. Then a firework goes off and he winces a little, "I hope that doesn't scare the herdbeasts…hate to see a stampede at the Weyr." Then Zah is notices and he sstarts moving towards her.

Run! Run for it, Muir! Kale sees their window of escape just as his friend does, and it doesn't take much hauling for him to move and zigzag out of the weyrwoman's line of sight. Freedom! He laughs as he jostles through arms and elbows, stuttering half heeard apologizes between snickers. His eyes lift to the sky as fireworks boom, and he lifts his hand to point. "You're welcome from smithcraft!" Courteousy the explosives department. "C'mon, I saw Sori and Idrissa. And we have to hook you up with someone. It's /Turnover/ eve, besides. And, I've got the perfect girl for ya."

Mikal's eyes light up at the colors that light up the sky. Looking upwards at the sky as he walks he doesn't notice anyone in front of him until he walks right into Zahleizjah. Ack! He stammers a hasty apology!

Thea's eyes return to Muir. Muir? MUIR! Thankfully his mother seethes quietly, behind a serene, if forced smile. She knows where HE lives too. Prowling now, rather than simply mingling, she is on the hunt for her son, her daughter AND a junior. "They'd BETTER not stampede," she says of the cattle in the feeding ground as she bypasses Garait. And one might imagine the Weyr holding its collective breath while listening for the thunder of hooves. Oh Kale. You are SO lucky the Weyrwoman's eyes and ears are not hearing what you just said!

Zahleizjah seems prone to collisions these days, and while looking Garait's direction with a smile as he approaches, Mikal bumps right in to her little space bubble, which pops as red juice goes sloshing everywhere. "Oh arggh.. Mikal.. your shirt! Eep.."

Muir whistles in appreciation when he can actually appreciate the fireworks. "They're awesome," he compliments, before he coughs. "Long as it's not Hotaru," he mutters, flashing Kale a crooked grin. "Keep moving, keep moving," he hisses. "Mom's really pissed off." Whoops?

"Come, now!" Alzanbri's probably just a little bit biased on the side of things that go boom; he turns his gaze back to the sky wistfully. "Wouldn't be so bad. Right! Not yet." The hunter give a feline kind of smirk, flashing it cheerily towards Sonyxaeth at the look — but just as quickly, his attention, too, is drawn to the flinchers. Plucking a hunk of meat off of the roast beast and tucking in cheerily, the lad definitely-doesn't take a moment for amusement at them, no. See, that look? Perfectly pinchy-faced. Yes. Well; right until Thea starts calling for Esiae and he's got a Weyrwoman hiding behind him. Then he's snickering under his breath and puffing out like some sort of scrawny balloon — failing miserably, too — in an attempt to stave off the Weyrwoman's wrath. "Sshhh!" He adds, just in case, likely to get a toe stomped on or no, before falling pin-drop quiet. It doesn't last, though: never does. "Wasn't it beautiful!" The hunter does call to the attack-worried parties, scanning the sky again. No more fireworks. Sad.

Datsun looks up at the loud single fireworks, blinking. "Was that fireworks?" He's not sure if it was because there's no more coming as he scans the sky, looking back down at Hotaru, "Marshmallows aren't easy to get around here, so whenever I'm eating them, people come. But it's a Turnday. Might as well share 'em all."

Mikal's light green shirt now has red juice splashed all over it. As does his borrowed jacket. He stifles a groan at the prospect of more laundry in his future but manages a grin as he scrambles back away from Zahl's little space bubble. "Oh Zahl! I'm sorry!" he babbles.

Idrissa nods at the talk of runner milk. "It's not bad, nothing like the beast milk though. Tastes more like hay I think." At least that is her idea. She blinkblinks a few moments and peers up to the sky at the talk of fireworks, oooo.. Hidalgo lets out a few sharp squeals and trills before trying to hide down in his person's shirt, sharp claws on skin. Rissa squeals out and winds up dropping her plate while trying to fish the young brown firelizard out from her shirt collar. "Hidalgo!" Hopefully she won't be offering a show to anyone, at least she isn't yanking her shirt up to far.

Something about runner milk makes Hotaru wrinkle her nose. Runners were for riding, not really for any part of the food process. It just sounded… weird. She'll stick to whatever the sausages were made out of. Now that the initial shock of the fireworks is over, she can go back to eating. "I think it was." Hotaru blinks as one of Idrissa's firelizards starts going bonkers. "Whoa! Whoa!"

Kale blinks. Not Hotaru? The namer of names? The gracious giver of titles of which all are unworthy? He pauses. "Why not?" A smirk follows. "It's not because've that who-know-what incident in the you-know-where when we saw someone's you-know-who's, is it?" Clearly specific. No way to confuse the guy, right? "Aw, that was like, a sevenday ago. It's probably all forgotten. Plus, m'pretty sure she said it was cute, and she was rather impressed. You didn't see it, but I lingered a little. In fact, she was so spirited by it that she was moved to a song!" Now how about that!

Esiae hisses when Alzanbri continues to talk about the fireworks, hands flicking in a rapid neck-level ixnay! IXNAY! It's a good thing she can't see his amused expression, or he'd find himself added to the alarmingly long list of Most Wanteds at this party. As it is, Esi peeeeeks up over the boy's shoulder, brown eyes scanning the crowd and then — WOOSH!! — disappearing when Thea goes on the prowl. "SHH." A punch is aimed at the man's kidney when he draws attention by speaking loudly, this time peeking under his arm. "I swear, if you draw her attention…" Sony grumbles nearby, as if to say yes, beware the wrath of the golds! KHH KHH!

Etzlix had managed to sneak off with her sausage and her three troublemakers, and now that the trio of terror have been fed, they settle contentedly around the bonfire. The Easterner has settled her plate and fork down somewhere and now takes the occasional sip from a nice cool glass of juice.

Muir shakes his head, leaning over to quietly mutter something to Kale, "… of… girls…"

No, no sign of a stampede…yet, which is good. Garait does offer a greeting to the Weyrwoman as she passes, but his attention is on Zah. When he gets to her and Mikal he looks a bit worried, "You okay? Anything I can do to help?" He seems genuinely concerned, just unsure of what to so.

Soriana hurms to Idrissa, then blinks as at the firelizard freakout. "Hey now, settle down…" she tries to say to Hidalgo, then reaches for a sausage to wave it at Idrissa's shirt. Er, at Hidalgo, buried down in it. "How about something to eat, huh? Taaaasty snaaaaacks!" Firelizard bait! Awyeah.

Zahleizjah grabs Mikal's arm gently in her apology "No.. really, I'm sorry. I'll have it professionally laundered, please, otherwise that stain may set forever." Most of the juice that went her direction landed on her dark pants that are thick enough to repel most of the spill. The tiniest of green firelizard squeals from carrying pouch tied to hip, it's loud and ear piercing. As people turn she'll send a shy wave to Soriana as she dangles a sausage at Idrissa's brown that is also demanding attentions and food. Kale's tongue twisters confuse her brain as she reaches for a snack to feed the little green and a napkin for Mikal. "Hi.. m'alright how are you.. and what are those fireworks things?" She'll ask Garait with a bow to Thea when she passes by.

Datsun disappears for a bit, returning some minutes later with a large bag slung over a shoulder and a pile of long whittled sticks with slightly pointy ends under his other arm. Walking back to where he was, he begins to stick two marshmallows on each stick, sticking them upright marshmallows-end up into the sand for anyone who wants to roast some. For the moment, he's busy doing this task he's set for himself until he comes to the last stick left, taking that one for himself and going about to setting some 'mallows on fire. There's way too much stuff going on for him to focus on one thing.

Kale grins and hooks an arm around Muir's neck, nodding in agreement to him at his first hushed words, ready to comment, but he pauses and leans in to hear more of what he has to say. Say whaat? "Ha!" that hooked arm unhooks enough to shove at his shoulder, though the gesture seems done more in play than with malice. "No!" A grin is flashed. "C'mon.." He quirks a brow at him expectantly. "Plus, that's not an excuse. What happened to that kitchen's girl?"

Mikal says "Nothing hurt!" Mikal says cheerfully to Garait though his ears are still a bright red from embarrassment at bumping into Zahl. Elsie mantles her wings briefly at the initial bump but other than that she's cool. "No no…I'll figure it out. It's just an old shirt anyway. Honest!" he hastens to reassure Zahl. "Aren't they pretty?" he gestures up to the sky as ZAhl asks about the firework things. Even if the question was directly to him. He follows Zahl's gaze and bow to Thea and he too inclines a respectful bow to the Weyrwomen. Always good to stay on her good side!"

Muir is pushed, and he's thankful it was in play and not serious. He /did/ suggest something a little…risque? "Can't blame a guy for trying!" he protests with a crooked grin. "Seriously though, hands off, I remember. And eh, she's probably around here somewhere." Shrug. But he does look around a bit.

Food seems to be what catches Hidalgo's attention, the little brown firelizard lets his head poke out from the collar of his person's shirt, eyeing the food. The food is enough to make him clamber out from the shirt and he leans over to try and get hold of the food that Soriana is dangling. "Shards" Idrissa grumbles out while rubbing at her chest and neck a moment, which a few red welts are seen. "I don't think he liked the fireworks."

Thea is pretty much oblivious to bows and other kissing-up sort of gestures, though she does notice Datsun returning with a pile of long sticks. "There… weren't enough roasting forks?" she asks with a blink. She'll have to have a word with the kitchens. Where her son is SUPPOSEDLY working. Now where HAS he gone? Her eyes sweep the crowd, halting on Alzanbri for a long, suspicious moment. Was that? Nahh. Couldn't be. A worker taps her on the shoulder then, whispers something to her and both turn and walk off the beach together. Looks like Muir, Kale and Esiae are all off the hook.

Hotaru gives Rissa's back a pat. "Might want to clean those off." She wiggles a finger at the red marks. "Did he break any skin?" Between the fireworks and the other people talking, it was hard to hear. Hotaru gets up to get herself some fruit punch and a cup of water for Idrissa, if she needs to clean out any of her scratches. She notices Datsun get up, but leaves him alone for now to tend to his marshmellows. She's mooch off him later.

Kale rolls his eyes and nods to where most of the other candidates are located. "C'mon, let's go," is said to Muir, half dragging him along if he doesn't comply. Upon naring Soriana, Idrissa, Hotaru, and the others, his grin widens. "Happy turnday's eve!" he greets jovially to them all, getting the tail end of poor Hidalgo's fretting. Is that firelizard coming out of Idrissa's shirt? Why yes, yes it is! "Playin' hide the firelizard?" he snickers. And then around him, his spidey senses stop tingling. Could it be because Thea is no longer on the prowl?? Too bad he doesn't notice.

"See?" says Soriana, and extends the sausage further, letting Hidalgo nibble off the end. She'll share her food! "Well, they are kind of loud," she says of those fireworks. "Can't say I blame him. You'd better get a hold on him before there are any more, though," she suggests, then glances up to grin to Kale and Muir as they approach. "Oh, you know we are," she replies to Kale with a smirk.

Garait nods, "Glad nothing is hurt. Stains can be gotten out and if that's the worst that happens, it's fine. He's a little unsure of what to do then and glances at Zah, "So, how is your little green doing?" he gives a wave to Kale then, but he's going to stand there next to Zah for a bit.

Muir is hauled along and rocks to a stop once they've arrived at the group. "Hey," he greets, gaze flicking from girl to girl. "Who gets to be the firelizard next?" he asks, grin crooked and a bit cocky. Putting his hands in his pockets he brings out a roll to munch on.

As the hours pass the fire is allowed to burn down to a glowing bed of coals, the embers nearly black now relinquish their dominance back to the stars. The clamor and laughter has given way to quieter contemplations and an occasional sprinkle of light laughter, couples and small groups scattered here and there, sipping wine or hot drinks while sleepy children sprawl upon blankets.

Alzanbri is maybe slightly paranoid — he jumps a bit at the fussing firelizard, shooting a curious glance in the direction of that crowd before he's back to scanning for threats. Or, he would be, if his protect-ee would stop flailing and hissing and punching. As it is, he has to crane his head around and pinch his lips together so as not to giggle like a girl, pinning Esi with a wide-eyed and vaguely-confused look. "What?!" He hisses, oblivious, shooting broad grins at those nearest to them. Yes, food! Food is good! Nothing to see here. "OW!" Muttering something about dirty-fighting wherries, he aims a poke back at Esi with a bare foot, though he does at least stop looking back. Bless him. "She's not even looking over here!" Oh, he's noticed! Of course he's noticed. "Busy. Talking to somebody. Stoppit!" Squirm, whine, glare. Though, the glare disappears as soon as he realizes that it looks like he's glaring at the others around the bonfire — not very sociable, Zan. So the something's-eating-my-spleen grin returns. Friendly, see!

Zahleizjah smiles and reassures Mikal "Same here.. no harm done.." As for those fireworks things she says "I've never seen anything like it.." They are pretty cool, but frankly they sort of scare her. There are plenty of distractions, Virikas continuing to chatter and warble loudly taking the most of her focus. Nibbles are passed the little green's way until she starts to settle down. "She's quite the lady I have to say, and a beauty indeed, but I still have no idea how you got that egg past those healers Mikal." A few glances around the fire and Zahl remarks "I think some marshmallows are definitely in store if you gents would like to join me?" She'll head Datsun's direction with a grin and bearing "Thanks for setting up some 'mallow sticks!" Digging in her side pouch, a few bars of pressed cocoa are pulled out along with two boxes of grahams "S'mores anyone?"

From the Caverns a silent parade of drudges bearing cartons enter the beach, leaving the boxes with a group of nannies who will supervise the distribution of the contents - paper lanterns with a balsa wood base, each of a different pastel color – to whomever wants one. When lit, they glow softly and the delicate designs painted on them flicker in bold relief. Instructions are given that they are to take them to the water's edge and simply release them to the skies.

Idrissa ehs softly and shakes her head while eyeing Hidalgo and lets him munch on the snack before she shifts and takes hold of the brown and sticks him into the pocket of her coat, with his foody treat. At least for the moment he seems content. Her gaze flicks to Kale and she smirks slightly. "I bet you'd like to be the one hiding huh?" She peers at Muir, and soon just blushes. "Ah well.." No, no comment please, she is really clueless how to answer Muir it would seem. Soon enough she looks to Hotaru. "A few of them did. I'll be alright I'm sure. Just some cuts, nothing too bad." She looks over, curiously watching as the paper lanterns are set lose. "Oh.. Those are really pretty."

Mikal simply offers Zahl a smug grin. "Well…I wasn't always such a good little candidate!" meaning he knows some tricks to use to get past things. Comes in handy when hiding eggs. "Isn't she cute." he leans in for a better look to the young green. "Another one of here eggs hatched a brown that an apprentice Dolphineer impressed." his attention is drawn to the silent parade of drudges and their cartons that are being geared across the sands. He blinks as the paper lanterns are passed out and instructions given. "Neat…" he murmurs.

Kale gives Muir a look that is nothing but humored. Where does he come up with this stuff? "Sooo you all know each other, right?" White knotted shoulders would cause one to assume so! "Muir, Hotaru. Hotaru, Muir." Meet dragon butt! Officially and all. He grins, then raises his brows. "Oh yeah! I come bearing gifts," he proclaims, though before he can retrieve those gifts, his attention is turned to .. nannies? No, cartons. What are those? Lanterns! "Oh hey, look a that," he awes, watching as the first few lanterns are lighted and rise up. "Let's all get one."

"Eww, get your feet off me!" Esiae squeals this, aiming slappy-slaps at the young man's back, but reassurance that the weyrwoman has moved off has her peeking hopefully out from behing him again. "Has she?" She is skeptical, voice pitched as though she doesn't believe him. "Mmm." A squint is given as she squints up at him. "Quin bein' a sissy." This is murmured with a trace of affection though, one hand reaching up to fluff his hair. "And quit grinning like that. You look like you're planning a mur… der…" She trails off, going all silly for the procession of drudges and their pretty lanterns. The junior sighs, slouching one elbow onto Zan's shoulder as the first lanterns are sent aloft. "Oh wow…" Cue doe-eyed wonder. "C'mon!" And whether or not he's ready for it, she drags him down the beach to pick and choose between the colored lights.

Once Hidalgo is done eating, Soriana has the rest of the sausage herself. She does not worry herself about firelizard germs. She grins to Muir. "Depends. Are you volunteering?" she asks, then gives her greasy fingers a lick before blinking to Kale. "Gifts? Oooh." But, wait! There are other neat things as well. "Yeah, those are neat. C'mon, we can have them race!" If by race she means set them all down and see how fast they just so happen to go.

Datsun blows out the afire marshmallows on his stick, smiling at Zah when she approaches, "Sure thing. It's hard to roast them properly, though." The cracked black marshmallows ooze white, waiting until they're cool off then they're promptly eaten by Datsun. However, the procession of cartons soon draws his attention after he does another round of marshmallows. Sticking his own stick into the sand, he walks over to the cartons to look confusedly at a nanny who hands him a paper lantern. Quizzical looks are given to the lantern in his hands before following the instructions by walking back over to the fire and using a stick to light it up again when it goes out, heading over to the water's edge and releasing his latern. Hazel eyes follows the rise of his own latern high up into the sky until it becomes lost among the other lanterns being released.

Garait walks with Zah, his attention focused as usual until he hears people muttering about approaching crates, "Interesting." That's all that's said and nothing more. He settles back and watches for a bit.

Muir whistles softly as the crates are brought, though the boy casts a wary glance around for his mother. Giving Idrissa a grin that's only slightly apologetic, he then motions for the girls to go first. "Let's go do that," he suggests, almost at the same moment Kale does. Rolling his eyes at the official introduction, he nods to Hotaru with a smile. "Hey." Then he just grins at Soriana. "Always!"

At first there are but a few rising slowly, fluttering shadows dancing with light - pink, yellow and pale green rising as ethereal as soap bubbles to slow dance in a majestic aria encircling each other.

Hotaru raises a brow at Muir. What did that mean? She clearly didn't make the connection. She nods to Idrissa. "Ooo…" Hotaru watches the lanterns float off. Hotaru blinks as Kale… introduces her to Muir? "Uh, yeah. Hi Muir. I think we've met before, Kale." They were intimately familiar! Well, somewhat. Also, did Hotaru just call Kale his proper name. "Heh. You guys go ahead. I think I'm going to head back." She thumbs in the general direction of the barracks after standing up and stretching out. "I'm beat."

Zahleizjah will gulp, knowing the second Mikal moves in Virikas will screech and nip at him with swirling eyes that show she's having a great time being demanding "Oh awesome.. Natalya ya?" she will say to Mikal, grabbing both a stick with marshmallows and a lamp to construct after a s'more as been gobbled on. "I dunno.. properly is in the eye of the beholder?" She likes em blackened and oozing with a *CRUNCH* as she bites in to the sweet treat. She'll rub stickiness on to cloth napkin

Mikal doesn't show any interest in the whole marshmallow on a stick thing. The colors though continue to catch his attention mostly. Elsie watches too with a soft croon.

Firelizards seem enthralled by the lanterns, wing their way into the sky to glide and loop lazily around and between them without disturbing them, their hides flashing in the lamps glow as they pass by.

Alzanbri s appropriately highly amused by the lack of joy at his sandy foot — so obviously he brings the other one up and wiggles a toe threateningly. "Make me." He harrumphs and does-not-grin, before nodding in an at least semi-calm kind of way. "Looks like it. Dunno, she wouldn't really have your head, would she? Seems nice enough." The lad ventures dubiously, then shoots a glare towards the big gold lump nearby. Never mind that he's still eyeing the sky with wide-eyed hope of more fireworks. The hair-ruffling gets a flaily hand and a well practiced glare that probably doesn't actually look all that threatening since it quickly flits away into a grin. "You're the one hiding behind /me/." It seems pertinent to remind her, before he's whirling about like ballerina to spot what's got her going all googly-eyed. Might be fireworks, right? …but it's not. Still. It involves fire, and he has to grin, at the look on the crazy goldrider's face, shaking his head. "Aw, c'mon, it's just…" The token protest doesn't even get a chance to form, since he's being dragged off, laughing. "Lanterns…" Right, he's not gone a bit doe-eyed himself. Definitely not. Probably just the shiny firelizards flitting about among them, right?

"Pft. A race so mine can beat yours? Sure, Soriana. If you wish to begin your new turn amongst the ranks of Losers With The Slowest Lantern Ever," airily remarks Kale, who is (obviously) an expert at lantern racing. … It's a real thing! But his banter is paused as even he is surprised to hear his name leaving Hotaru's lips. Was he just getting … used to Sticky? His expression wilts a little as she heads off though, but he nods and waves to her. "To bed with the Auntie, then!" he grins in her wake. "C'mon. No excuses, an' no backing out," said to the others, arm hooking Idrissa then Sori to pull to the lanterns. No arms are left for Muir or anyone else who may be coming too, sadly. "And then, gifts!" Because he does have them.

Muir watches Hotaru go and looks back at Kale with a 'see, I told you so' look. And then Kale is off arm in arm with his girls, and Muir is once more the fourth wheel. Oh well. With a crooked grin and undying spirit, he tromps on after the trio, looking a bit more carefully for that girl from the kitchens. He'll find her!

Idrissa smiles to Muir to show it is alright. "See you later Hotaru." This said after the girl before her attention is pulled back to Kale and Soriana. Wait, where are they going? Before she can stop them, or /think/ about stopping them she is tugging along with kale. "Alright alright." A faint chitterling trill escapes her pocket as Hidalgo peers out to watch the other firelizards fly around the lanterns.

"Oh, we'll just see about that," Soriana retorts to Kale, linking her arm back to his and then waving to both Hotaru and Muir. "Did you forget to shower today?" she teases Kale as she heads down to the shore again, selecting a pretty purple lantern for herself. Totally pretty, because she's capable of identifying these things! Also, it's brightly colored, which helps.

Datsun watches as the firelizards circle and play among the lanterns, still standing at the water's edge and admiring the mirrored view. Something with a brown glint comes flying towards him, snaking around the lit lanterns as Oak passes by them to come to Datsun's shoulder, perching there and watching the scene together. Laying a hand on top of a hilt of his decorative knife, Datsun returns to where he had been before to resume roasting marshmallows.

Zahleizjah says "Happy Turnover everyone.." to Hotaru and those who are leaving. The really adept girl will struggle with the purple lantern she's attempting to put together, breaking at least one piece that needs replacing before she can hope it will take flight. Eyes will flicker towards the skies as lanterns and firelizards mingle, Virikas crooning and flapping like she's ready to go or something. Once she's finally got her very own lopsided lantern put together she'll head for the trio on the beach to set hers off too with a "Hi guys as she approaches.." and a "See you guys out there.. or I'll be back in a few.." to Mikal and Garait, maybe not so introverted right now after all.. then again, plenty of people have left by now making it a bit more manageable for this one."

Mikal stifles a yawn. He's not tired. He can stay up until dawn! However he's managed to put together his own lantern and offered to aid ZAhl with hers if she needs. But it looks like she's finally gotten it so he slips over to the edge of the water as instructed. Once so released he steps back and moves over to hover near the slowly dying bonfire.

Poor Hidalgo. Just along for the ride! Soriana's quip earns a snicker and exaggerated eye roll. "I'll have you know I've been here for hours with Muir before he had to go. Secondly," he glances over his shoulder with a grin, "I don't think it's coincidence that she "was tired" an' he "suddenly had to leave" soon after. If it was me, I'd've been a bit more .. subtle. A lot more unassuming. He'll learn." From a master? Upon reaching the lanterns, arms unhook and he chooses a golden one for himself, looking up at Zah as she approaches. "Hey Zah. Come to join the epic race of lanterns?"

Sonyxaeth likely clacks her jaws for that toe-waggle of Alzanbri's, picking up where her lifemate leaves off. See? Esi might not do anything, but she'd be after his toesies. Gnar! "You obviously haven't been around her angry," Esi drawls as she tugs him along. "I mean, there's worse. Our moms, for example. But still." Her eyes widen dramatically. The idea that she hid behind him is dismissed with a 'mmmhmmm' that means he won't be able to count on that to help him in the future. What hiding? His protests, too, are largely ignored. She finally releases his hand, lifting one lantern up and launching it gently into the air. She watches it go with a pleased smile on her face, thoughts clearly far away for one long moment… And then she smirks, catching Zan's doe-y look before tilting her head back towards the beach. "C'mon. Sony says we can go down the beach, wait for them to get way out to sea, and then fly with them." There's a flicker of Esi the Pirate Princess there, flaring up with a bright, mischievous look. Zahleizjah is given a pleasant nod. "Happy Turnover indeed!" And then she's off before anyone can stop her with a giggle and a prance and a flick of blue dress. Sonyxaeth waits long enough for Alzanbri to come if he's coming, then launches into the sky, headed out along the water.

More and more lanterns are lit, while children watch with wide-eyed wonder as myriad colors rise in lazy pursuit of the first trio far aloft. Golden, purple, red, blue - they eddy to bump softly, harmlessly against one here, another there, drifting higher over the lake which reflects them as a mirror would.

"Yeah?" says Soriana, and glances back after Muir and Hotaru. "It'll be fine. So long as his mom doesn't hear about it." She grins. "And I'm sure not telling her, so!" …it'll all be good, so long as Thea's Mom-Sense doesn't start tingling. Which is probably already has. Poor Muir. "They're kinda cute together, anyhow." And that's all she has to say on that before setting her lantern up, grinning to Zah and Mikal. "Yeah. It's a race. Last place has to… let's say, clean the winner's cot before next inspection." She glances around at the others. "Who's in?" After waiting to see who's up for it, she gives a countdown to the launch and sets off her own with the rest of them, watching the skies until the burst of light and sound that is the fireworks bursts across the heavens and hides those stars behind its vivid display.

Datsun smiles as the fireworks explode in the sky, watching the sky scene until the fireworks die off and the gray smoke floats off into the distance by the wind. When the people around him start kissing each other and giving gifts, his eyes drop back to the bonfire for a moment before turning and heading out of the Beach and disppearing into the darkness.

Idrissa ahs at the stakes are set forth for the game. "I dono.." Why? Because she will most likely lose that is why! Not that she really gets a say in the matter as she is given a blueish green colored lantern and she just eyes it. Hidalgo chitters out and nipnips at it a few times while the two follow after the others. Soon enough she is there and chews on her lip and she ponders before just following along, seems she is game for it now. An once there she lets her lantern go watching it with a warm smile as it floats upwards. As the fireworks go off Hidalgo squeals out and leaps out from the pocket and clings onto his person's arm, claws grabbing hold and thus makes Rissa yelp and dance around trying to make him let go. "Not again!"

Alzanbri may-or-may-not flick sand back at those snappy jaws on purpose as he kicks off after the dragon's rider, tossing a bright grin back at the dragon. "True," He has to admit, glancing back towards the Weyrwoman with new consideration. Hmmm. At mention of angry mothers, though, the lad looks half-cowed for a moment — but they're not /here/. Ha! And anyways, there are more important things to focus on, like getting one of those lanterns into the air without lighting it or himself or anybody else on fire. The hunter may miss any moments of contemplation, but he /does/ manage to not send anything up in flames, and shoots the Dread Pirate Esi a bright grin for it all. "Oh," That idea widens the smirk into a face-splitting grin, impish as he glances briefly up at the most recent lanterns. "Think she can fly fast enough?" He wonders with perfect innocence and steps a bit aside in case of retaliation, tossing Zah and the others a thousand-watt grin. "Happy Turnover to you!" Zan laughs, bouncing along after Esiae. "Oi! Wait for me!"
There is no kissing for Mikal though he does offer an enthusiastic "Happy Turnover Xanadu!" he is all smiles. "There's no place better." seems like this lad who's moved around so much has found a home! However he doesn't go for the race. "I gotta get to bed." he informs Soriana. "Been up since dawn." it's his excuse and he's sticking too it. He starts to head off the beach slowly.

Garait watches the fireworks ans turns to Zah with an upraised eyebrow, waiting for a respose to what he whispered and see how she's feeling.

Zahleizjah hurrumphs at the fact that the race must have bets placed, looking at her rickety, patched together, purple lantern with low expectations. A smile and wave will be returned to the goldrider with mischievous looks and a sure-footed departure, as well as the following mega-watt smiles known as Zan. "Great.." she says to Kale and Soriana "Guess I should just resolve that I'll likely be cleaning one of your cots then.. I'm in" she's a good sport about it and says this lightheartedly. It takes some time before she'll be used to those fireworks, jumping at almost every one. She'll wait for the start of the race, waving to Datsun, but not in time to catch him for a Turnover hug before he departs. She'll reach for hugs with those around, smiling at Mikal as if in silent gratitude for his unspoken offer of assistance "See you in the barracks Mikal!" She'll be whispering back to Garait briefly before Virikas joins in the torment and starts screeching at the brown who's scratching at his pet "Oh no! 'Rissa you ok?"

Mikal gives a wave to Zahl and the others as he goes!

Hundreds of lanterns now adorn the night sky, casting light that while faint, is enough to illuminate the beach in a gentle aura of soft color. The muted colors swim together on the water's surface while the lanterns overhead hang almost motionless far above where they will remain until the flame consumes the candles within. Then they will fall harmlessly into the water and sink to the bottom and decompose, nourishing the aquamarine plants growing there. Later, as the new Turn begins, fireworks blossom in the skies while well-wishes are shouted by revelers, kisses are bestowed and gifts exchanged.

Happy Turnover Xanadu!

Kale nods, going along with the terms of the wager. "Deal!" With a grin, he lights Idrissa's lantern before his own and setting it up in the air. Wow. Hundreds of lights! It's sort of .. epic in its own way. And he gets lost in them all, watching them lift and colors glow and blend and … uh oh. Which one was his again? And, for that matter, Sori had a purple one, right? Well, there one over there, and .. three over yon, possiebly Zah's? and a blueish one that may or may not be Idrissa's. "Er…we could call it a draw?" He laughs. Maybe it was only he that lost track. And then there are fireworks! He marvels at them, a bit proudly, and waves to Mikal! "Happy Turnover!" he calls to him, then gets and gives a hug to Zah, and Sori, and Idrissa!

Hey, think of it this way? Idrissa and Zah can't both lose, right? Riiiiiight? Uh…. uh…. "Maybe we'll just… uh…" But, hey, never mind that. Fireworks! Hugs - hugs? Kale's not gonna get away with just a hug to Soriana. She requires a kiss from him! So she takes one, albeit one modest enough to not get 'em in trouble with anyone watching. "Happy Turnover!"

Idrissa ehs softly and sighs while peering at Hidlago which finally calms down after a few chomps and lashes to her arm. "It's fine. I should have left him in the barracks I didn't even think about the fireworks an all." She is able to pull the little brown off her arm and eyes him a few moments before letting the firelizard settle upon her shoulder once he seems well, more relaxed. At the hugs she smiles and offers Soriana and Kale a hug back, though Kale is also given a kiss to the cheek if she is able. "Happy Turnover everyone!"
Tzenxineth watches the treasure in the sky that are fireworks, crooning softly in appreciation, she's totally going to suggest to her rider that Eastern gets some fireworks, ayup. The gold had snuch out of the water and settled nearby the treetop cafe's position to watch the lanterns and fireworks happily.

Garait smiles, "Happy turnday all." He turns to Zah then, "Meet me up there when you can?" He waves to the others and heads to the cafe.

Zahleizjah was shamefully wishing that everyone's would get lost in the mess of lanterns that flood the skies with multicolored lights. Off goes her purple one, tilted and wobbling, moving pretty slow, definitely distinguishable from Soriana's, but eventually finding its way towards the beautiful Turnover show floating overhead. "Yay a draw! We all win!" is said thankfully as she returns the celebratory hug to Kale with a good squeeze before turning to Idrissa and Soriana for a cuddled exchange as well. It will come around to Garait and an I'm ready nod is shared. "We're gonna head in for a snack.. see you three later?" A smile is flashed for the lantern racing trio as she turns to head down the beach. That shimmery, crooning gold cannot just be passed by though, a flat palm offered, and if accepted, she will give some good scritches before heading to the Cafe.

Tzenxineth considers that offered palm, and she shoots a glance around to be sure no one is watching. Once it's confirmed no one is watching, Eastern's pirate gold does allow the scritches, but only briefly, before she's turning back towards the pretties in the sky.
Hugs are all the rage, don't you know? The latest and greatest thing for the new turn! Kale could've sufficed with that, sort of, chaulking it up as a sacrifice made to Candidacy. But then he's kissed, and such noble thought are gone, cuz hey, it's the new minute of a new turn! He grins at the both of them to press lips to Soriana, then the same to Idrissa as the black sky is painted with colored sparkles. He seeks both of their hands, enjoying the view til Garait and Zahleizjah's voice turns his attention. "Sure," he says, nodding. "See you later." .. "Aw. My gifts," he says, realizing that all his buds besides Sori and Idrissa have gone!

Zahleizjah giggles softly from the darkness in which momentary headknob scritchins occur, scampering away towards the Cafe.

Soriana gives hugs all around, and waves to Zah as she heads off after Garait. A brow is raised to Kale, and she smirks. "Seems like it's a night for that, huh?" she says, then grins before tilting her head to the side. "Oh yeahhh, you said you had gifts." Hopeful grin! "Or I mean I suppoooose you could wait until tomorrow and hand them out in the barracks."
Idrissa waves as she watches Zahle follow after Garait, a soft oh escaping er before she turns her attention back to Kale. Oh kiss! She leans back into the kiss for the moments that it is there. "Gifts.. What sort of gifts do you have for us?" There is a pause. "Wait, am I suppose to have gifts?…."

"'Parently," replies Kale to Soriana before he cracks a grin. "No, they won't be as cool tomorrow." So! He releases his hands andd puts them behind his back, reaching for his rear pockets while eyeing Idrissa. "Huh? Oh, no I don't think it's a tradition or anything. But it was fitting! Sooo.." Drumroll please! *badumbadumbadum!* Tada! He pulls from his pockets a handful of sparklers! Ready to be lit and .. well, sparkle with colors. "Guess who knows how to make these, huh?"

"S'okay, I don't have any gifts either," says Soriana. "Though I'm sure I could come up with something…" Buuut not right now, because there are now presents to be unwrap- oh. They aren't wrapped. Okay! She grins. "Nice," she says, and reaches for one.

Idrissa is glad to hear that she wasn't suppose to have gifts, she would feel so badly if she was and didn't know about it after all! She blinks and peers at the sparklers a few moments. "You made them?" She is curious to say the least. "How did you make them?" Well she is at least wondering how it ws all made.

Color him smug. Well … just slightly smug. Kale isn't always a prideful person unless it comes to his work. He has about seven of them on hand and gives three to each of the girls, keeping one for himself. "Makin' them isn't too hard," he says to Idrissa, ushering them towards those sleepy coals. A few might be left burning! He'll find them. He toes through the ash. "It's the batter you have to get just right. Aluminum, titanium, iron…" He grins. "It's not important. What's important is I hope they work as good as the test ones we did." Ah ha! He knew there had to be a few warm ones left, and he beams upon uncovering a glowing coal, gesturing. Have at it, ladies!

Soriana grins. "If they don't, then you'll just have to try them again!" And if they do? Well then, she'll probably still get Kale to do them again, because hey… sparklers! She grins, moving two sparklers to one hand and dipping down the remaining one toward that glowing coal. "Let's see!"

Idrissa watches and listens rather curiously it seems as she takes hold of the ones that she has been handed over. "Thank you Kale." She offers while glancing to him and leans closer to give him a quick kiss to the cheek once more. With the gift given she lets one of the sparklers lower down to touch the bit of burning coal, waiting to see what all it might do.

"Welcome," he offers to Idrissa, smiling warmly before he steps back a little as the sparklers are guided to that one coal. The one coal to ruile them all. And …eventually….they… light! Woot! Kale beams (though really, he wasn't worried. Really he wasn't) and watches as reactions occur as that concoction burns. Sparks of bright white and vibrant yellow gold and orange spark from the burning end like the little fireworks that they are. Each stick burns a bit differently. All bright but different hued which Kale can't help himself but comment upon when colors are seen. The three linger on the beach, drawing shapes in the darkness, teasing each other, and overall having a great time til the sparklers are no more and they head off together to continue their merriment elsewhere. It's getting cold out here.

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