Misconstrued! (Egg Touch Four)

Xanadu Weyr Hatching Sands
The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at humanlevel all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

It seems that the AWLMs have rounded up a few candidates for an evening session with the eggs since Sahazyth is in a relaxed mood. With the junior likely up in the observation level, the group is ushered in and given the oftrepeated caution to show respect for the clutchparents, not to run or fool around on the sand and to keep their voices moderate. They could probably recite them in their sleep by now! With the rules out of the way, the candidates are ushered out onto the sands, the AWLMs strolling around amongst them quietly, watchful and silent so as not to interfere with their communication with those eggs, but keeping a presence nonetheless to prevent problems.

Marel's footsteps across the sand are cautious, her little bow of respect to dam and sire a neat, steady thing, and her roaming gaze unsure upon just which egg it wishes to land. She doesn't immediately walk right up to one and lay careful palms to it, but wanders slowly through the clutch, arms tucked tight to make sure she doesn't inadvertently bump anything or anyone, until she reaches the Fanning the Flames egg and pauses to regard it thoughtfully. Decision made, she stops and gently drifts her right hand down to brush shell.

< Marel touches egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

When some might smile at what they find from the Fanning the Flames Egg, Marel frowns and looks distinctly unsettled, guilty, almost, and quickly reaches her hand back, knotting both her arms tightly around her waist as she retreats half a step. She stares at the egg not in fear, but with a regretful sort of sadness that turns her eyes faintly glassy and curves her shoulders into a defensive curl. All that any other Candidates wandering close might hear from her is, "…don't deserve…" and nothing more, her leaving of the egg's presence as quick as she can make it without hastening her step. Her next stop, the Diamonds In The Sky Egg, is offered an vaguely defensive gesture of both hands raised, palms out, before those palms slowly descend to make contact.

< Marel leaves egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

Marel draws one hand away from the shell of the Diamonds In The Sky Egg as though scalded, though leaves the other, something determined about the set of her jaw, a wary kind of stubbornness unwilling to let her be chased off (by rejection?) twice in so many minutes. Flexing her reclaimed hand, she takes a deep breath and sets it gently down again, parallel with that which remains.

< Marel touches egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

"No." Now that /is/ rejection. Or is it? "No." Again, this time in a firmer voice, as Marel lifts both palms away as slowly as she pleases, like she could make a statement that she won't be rushed. Or questioned. Or anything. "You don't understand," she tells the egg, though she bites down on the inside of her lip to keep herself from offering any further explanation, especially that which others might hear. She turns resolutely away, her path seemingly one with a planned end destination in mind, yet it takes her quite a while to slow to a halt and seek out the Colorful Field of Flowers Egg, fingertips drawn gently across its curves before her palm presses carefully against shell.

< Marel leaves egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

< Marel touches egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

Marel's head tilts, hands staying where they are for the time being, retreating not an inch, nor is a fingertip lifted away. She makes no sound, lips parting to speak without actually giving voice to anything, whatever she has to say kept between herself and the Colorful Field of Flowers Egg and noone else, unless anyone nearby is particularly good at lipreading. Closing her eyes, she shuffles a touch closer to the egg, blocking out the world and the sight of those that might make her selfconscious.

Features twisting, Marel's lips take on a faint grimace, her eyes blinking wide open again to stare at the Colorful Field of Flowers Egg as though it's gone and betrayed her. But still she stays, refusing to be chased off a third time, and so she tells it an emphatic, "/Yes/," stubborn line returning to her jaw. Yes, what? Well, she knows. She's standing her ground.

Being one of the candidates rounded up for another egg touching, Mikal's expression is simply over the moon at being able to head back to the Sands. In an excited whisper he's already telling his pal Jikmyn some of the rules before they even get onto the Sands. Once there though he does fall silent to listen to the AWLMs run through their precautions. Nudging Jikmyn in the side he does the polite bows first to those watching in the galleries then to the clutch momma. Then finally he turns his gaze once more to the eggs upon their own little mounds of sand. Glancing first to Jikmyn he awaits until the shy sandy haired lad is off to touch his own egg before he moves to an that appears to be incandescent in it's own right.

< Mikal touches egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

Sadness now, the tension in Marel's frame leaving her all at once. One hand lifts away from the egg to pass across her face, though there are no tears to be seen. Her other hand retreats more slowly, reluctantly, even, and she remains staring at the shell for a moment or two, gaze focused and not so. "…Bye," she says softly, finally turning her back on it to pace away across the Sands.

< Marel leaves egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

Mikal's eyes unfocus and he inhales a slow breath. For a moment all are forgotten around him as soon as he lays his palm to the egg. Lightly moving his hand to let the contours of the egg simply guide his hand he pauses a moment, head tilted to the side. A slow smile of memory plays on his expression as he murmurs something quietly. His voice doesn't carry too far as he whispers.

Marel's arms knot around herself again as she skirts around the edges of the clutch, perhaps intending to back away and from the Sands entirely, yet the Anthem of the Ages catches her eye and draws her near, hands ghosting over it until it's with a far bolder move than before that she makes contact with the egg, hands curving to meet its shape.

< Marel touches egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

Mikal stays very still, his eyes closing as a memory spins to the forefront. With murmured whispers he offers simple explanations briefly before opening his eyes again. He lets his fingers trace the patterns of the egg before him, not quite yet willing to step away as he awaits.

Idrissa was snagged up for another touching of the eggs, as if she was really going to say no to such a thing. She looks over the ones here before slowly slipping forward, bows sent to the clutch mother and father as she shows good manners each time she has been allowed to come here. The eggs get her next attention and she chews on her lip a moment in though before moving over to one that is free. She crouches down next to the diamonds in the sky egg. For just a few moments she watches and soon lets her hands settle lightly upon the egg.

< Idrissa touches egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

/Finally/ Marel smiles, tremulous though it is. Taking a deep breath, she steps away from the Anthem of the Ages egg, but not before she gives it one final, serene look over, smile still lingering at the edge of her lips. Maybe she'd speak, though there's nothing but another deep breath, a shallow nod, and her turning on her heel to journey back the way she came. Enough for one day. She lingers to pay her respects once more, then moves to slip away quietly, back to her chores or some such task.

< Marel leaves egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

Idrissa lets her fingers slowly slide across that egg as something seems to take over so to speak. She clears her throat and she tilts her in thought head, is that a new scent? Yes just perhaps something is there lingers and tickling her nose. There is warmth, a lingering feeling that sweeps across her form and she seems unsure if it is from the sands or the egg that she happens to be touching. Still that doesn't stop her or get her to pull away as her fingers slide across the egg's surface slowly. Even when it seems the 'link' is gone she doesn't move away, no not yet.

< Mikal leaves egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

After a long moment Mikal draws away from the egg with a speculative expression. He simply nods at something before turning his gaze to find Jikmyn. After a moment he finds his sandy haired friend approaching the Primordial Philosopher egg. With a nod of approval since Mikal really likes that particular egg he himself moves for a closer look at another egg that has caught his attention.

< Mikal touches egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

Idrissa takes in a soft breath, there are soft touches, feelings from this eg which makes her wonder how these eggs can be so different, yet also close to the same in some of the way they act. Her fingers slide across the egg's surface a soft murmur escaping her "Because It just didn't make sense to tell them." Who though would he tell, Kale, Soriana? Her mind wanders a few moments and she bites upon her lip a moment. "Perhaps a bit of both." As the questions keep coming, the thoughts filling her head longer then she wishes she pulls her hand back, a soft breath escaping her as her eyes open and she peers down at that egg. Though she doesn't keep away for long and soon lets her fingers slide across it once again.

Surprise crosses Mikal's expression as he touches the flame coated egg. Tracing the lines of red that form the ribbons of ruby radiance, he looks happy at the feeling coming from this egg. "Hello." he whispers excitedly to it, unaware that perhaps his voice might carry a little ways past the egg. He looks up briefly to watch Idrissa a moment as she interacts with her chosen egg but it's only a momentary distraction before he's looking back to the red egg.

Lorelai has been here the whole time. Yep! She moves from one egg to the From Ground to Air egg, brushing her fingertips over the warm shell and tracing the beautiful blue pattern.

< Lorelai touches egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

Idrissa the last touch with this egg was a bit overwhelming, a slight shiver runs across her form even with her hand settling upon it once more. She has thoughts, wonders it seems while chewing upon her lip in a slight nervous movement. Her eyes slip close, movement clearly seen under them lids as she seems to be 'taken' somewhere and she is doing her best to take the area around her all in. A soft breath escapes her and she smiles, wherever this place is she seems to like it. "Oh So pretty." This is murmured out softly while she continues on with this little journey as it were. Her fingers slowly slide across that shell still, just lingering for a few moments more it would seem.

Mikal lets himself get drawn into the feelings from this egg, perhaps more so than some of the others. Surely he lingers at it longer with contentment to stay here.

Lorelai's eyes widen as the consciousness within the washes over her, "Oh…" She settles her hand more firmly against the shell, her eyes drifting closed as she gets lost in the ebb and flow of the developing mind that's washing over her. She smiles a little, her hands still on the warm surface.

Mikal lingers still before drawing away slowly. A faint smile tugs at his mouth as he lets his fingers slide from the hardening shell. "Soon." he murmurs in promise.

< Mikal leaves egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

< Mikal touches egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

Idrissa smiles there is something there that catches her attention on the thoughts that are running through her head at the moment which makes a slight breath escape her. "Thank you." I murmured, she's been saying that a lot to the opens within those eggs. Her fingers slowly slip free and she is let wondering. Yes it was time to leave, but still there is a wonderment of what else could possible find out from the other within. Still she doesn't go back in for another touch. She turns moving o touch another egg that is close by, her fingers settling upon the anthem of ages egg now.

< Idrissa leaves egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

< Idrissa touches egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

Mikal moves once more to inspect one of the eggs that had caught his eye but he had yet to approach up closer. The luck in the water draws him closer and for several moments he merely looks at the egg to take in the colors and the picture they seem to draw on the shell. Lightly touching with just his fingertips he squats down to murmur a greeting to the one growing inside. Then there is only silence from him as he breaths in slowly…taking in the feelings. There is no hesitation he simply stays still and lets himself be drawn in deeper.

Idrissa eyes the egg that she is touching now, she hears music? Perhaps she is just hearing things but she is rather sure there is some music somewhere at the moment. Her eyes flicker closed and she keeps her hand put now moving away just yet. Though while she can't see everyone around she is rather sure that they are still there. The visions are still there, but the sound, the sounds it what catch her attention and she hums along to the tune in her head. Then there is nothing, wait did she lose her hearing? For a moment she pauses, looking a bit worried and then no, there it is again, a soft breath escapes her. As for trusting yes she does trust, and to prove this she does not pull away from the egg.

Lorelai sighs softly and kneels to rest her cheek against the hardening shell, shivering a little as a drop of sweat runs down the back of her neck. Slowly, her brows pull together and she shivers again, though not from the ticklish feeling of sweat, this time, "What are you showing me?" She pulls away from the egg slightly, leaving her hands resting as an anchor on the blue shell as she squats beside it. She jumps, gasping at the sudden rumble in her mind, and almost falling on her backside.

Mikal's hand slips off the egg briefly to run through his hair. SLightly surprised he looks at it as if having expected it to come up damp. He lightly touches his arms where perhaps a feeling of nibbling had been felt. Finally though he replaces his hand back to the egg and awaits the next step of the journey he's ready to travel to.

Idrissa seems unsure while her hand stays settled upon the egg before her. So much is going on now, to many thoughts, pictures and she swallows a moment worried what may happened next it seems. She follows along to the tune that is seemingly playing out in her head. A soft murmur escaping her to questions that are being asked, or perhaps pictures that she is seeing before her. What will she believe indeed… She isn't sure for the moment.

Lorelai wrinkles her nose, leaning gently against the egg, "I hate storms…" Her voice is soft and barely carries beyond where she kneels, but she just hunkers down a little, ducking her head and making a small sound of protest. As the storm gets worse, she shivers, bringing one arm up to shield her head. She whines softly, shivering from cold, despite the warmth of the sands. Finally, as the freezing sensation fades, she slowly lowers her arm, still shivering a little, and blinks a couple of times as she rocks back and sits down for a couple of moments. She shakes her head, nose wrinkling as she watches the egg for a moment and finally sighs, shaking her head. She pushes herself up to her feet, brushing the clinging sand off of her hands on her hips and moving on to the Fanning the Flames egg.

< Lorelai leaves egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

< Lorelai touches egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

Mikal seems reluctant to depart this egg, lingering at it perhaps a bit longer than the others. He hardly moves now, caught up in the feelings the egg projects to him. His expression changes from one of contentment to a flicker of worry in those green eyes of his. Something dark approaches. Does he dare stay? He hesitates but in the end does remain firmly planted where he is.

Idrissa ohs softly as the scenes or well music in this sense go on. She is a bit surprised at how moving the music is, and thus the pictures that are given forth from the egg. She smiles once something seems to be freed and a soft breath escapes her while she soon leans back. "I hope to I truly do." This said with a soft murmur to the egg for what reason who knows.

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