In Hot Water

Xanadu Weyr - Wingleaders' Ready Room

Attempts have been made to brighten this windowless room by painting the walls white and installing overhead lighting, but the fact remains that it is rather a utilitarian, sparsely furnished and cramped room. The center is taken up by a large wooden table finished in a pale, natural hue around which a dozen chairs are pulled. Pen holders and stacks of paper are placed at intervals down the center of the table, while small locking wall cabinets provide a safe place for wing journals to be kept. On one wall is a large whiteboard with a calendar on one side and a corkboard on the other to which various notices have been pinned. Around the room's perimeter are another dozen chairs of the same make as those around the table - metal-framed and armless, the wooden seats and backrests finished to match the tabletop. They allow for the wings, the leaders who share this room, to take turns holding meetings inside, but leave little room for maneuvering.

With Alosynth in the clearing, it's easy to know that Kezi has indeed returned to the Weyr. And here she is, late at night in the room as she goes through the cabinet. The wing journal itself has been set to one side and she's removing personal notes that she had sitting in there as well. One the table is a ring of keys. With a couple of them removed and sitting next it. She's eyes some paperworks and then sets it in one pile, some in another and then one has her smiling. That one is set on the table. It's a bunch of scribbling from a little one's hand.

The sweep of Galaxy riders have returned with a victory, more or less. One of the expert hunters on the team has wrangled, ensnared, and successfully killed a feline yearling. There was a buzz between the riders of the wing, seeing on how they hadn't been able to track down the felines in which left proof of their presence so close to the Holds and Weyrs. So Alosynth would be able to see the reaction as the wing lands and the body of the feline hoisted above the heads of the excited. Ers'lan is not part of that. He's taking a couple riders, Kha'dum and Caitlin, with him inside, moving with only a brief flicker of a glance at Alosynth. There's talk between them as they head toward the administrative hallway, their pace steady. Kha'dum peels off at some command from Lan, while Caitlin continues to canter along with Ers'lan - right into the wingleader's ready room. Lan's eyes skim over Keziah's face and the desk, but he seems on a mission, muttering to Caitlin, "Ya know whar ta do. Mark out whar we been and where we be findin that animal. Reckon it be good we found no signs of that lost Techie. We be keeping up the heavy sweeps in Eastern's direction, overlap thar sweeps. Reckon if that boy be lost, he may be comin our way. Flow of the water 'n all." Caitlin nods and scrambles the maps together, as Ers'lan notes, "Get N'tor to help ya. He killed the 'cat, reckon he can give us some insight ta where the rest would be." Caitlin remains in the room until Ers'lan gives her a signal to leave, which Caitlin seems inclined to do - considering Ers'lan's eyes have been flickering to Keziah inbetween his orders. Finally, with the bluerider off to find her fellow wingmember, Ers'lan folds his arms over his chest, with an expectant look narrowing on Keziah. He wanted answers, that was clear.

Keziah doesn't seem to startled when they all come in, but instead continues on with her sorting of personal from wing. Once they are alone, she continues on in silence for a few moments "Good, glad yer back." she states quietly as she gets her small stack together and files the rest of the things back, except for the wingjournal. This she tosses Ers'lans way onto the table. "Don't forget to feel out the notes in there and also to fill out a report for Xe'ter and Thea both." she notes. There is still no knot back on Keziah's shoulder. "Just cleaned things up a bit here, organized it a little so it shouldn't be too hard to find things." And then she does turn to face Ers'lan. Her face is a mask, and there's really no hint of emotion there. "Xe'ter says he'll be evaluating your performance, but I'm sure you'll do just fine." she notes quietly. "Don't sweat the small stuff." Scribbles is picked up and placed with her personal notes. "If you do have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Xe'ter. He's young, yes. But he has a good head on his shoulders and I'm sure the other wingleaders will help you out as need be."

Ers'lan steps forward as the journal slides across the table toward him. His hand smacks the top of it as he keeps it from sliding off the table completely. The brownrider is smoldering with anger, as his eyes are teeming with hints of the rage making his one hand tremble. His stare is on the journal for now as she offers some advice, or lets him know that her intention had been to make it easier for him to function with her absence. Laera had just left earlier that day as well, which likely didn't help his mood. There is no one around to smother his flames. His jaw works to keep his tongue from wagging, his eyes languidly lifting from the journal, blazing into Keziah's eyes with raw frustration. The journal is scooped with his fingers digging into the pages as he puts it into his belt satchel, her last comments making him finally give into his anger. "Fine," a pause, speaking in a low raspy manner, "Iffin that be how ya want it. Dun tell me whar in the shadows of Rukbat be goin on! Jus sit thar like nothin has changed… ARRG…" he throws up his hands and stalks toward the opposite side of the room, hand on his hip, the other on a desk set over the side, cursing up and down the sailor dictonary.

Keziah glances at Ers'lan. There is still no yelling or anything like that out of Kezi. "You're in charge of Galaxy. I'm…" she does pause a moment there and then finishes "Xe'ter has put me on leave. He's worried about my baby. And you have no need to worry about that. He said I can tell people that it's his." Which is a laugh in some ways since the shy man is about as abstinant as she is. "What else more do you need to know?" she asks as she sits down at the table.

Ers'lan is staring into the corkboard, blazing holes into some of the notices hung there. "Aye… fer now…" he finally accepts it, surprisingly without enthusiasm touching his tone, instead, a hint of dread lingering there. Maybe he had not gotten over his lack of self-esteem. As for the comment about Xe'ter, he straightens and flashes his eyes over toward Keziah, "Reckon ya hate me that much ta go 'n do that? Ta tell lies? Ta take away the fact that I narh be damaged beyond repair?" He snorts at Keziah, "Yer something else… I dun know whar ta think of ya. Some days yer decent… other days I wish I could strangle ya." His neck is splotched red, angry to the core, "Xe'ter—" he spits to the side as if saying the name was distasteful, "I did narh make yer stupid list and he did. I get it… narh good nuff…He be the better man ta be a dad… Yer just a piece of work aren't ya?" He rolls his tongue over his teeth, pointing a finger at her, "Truth is as it tis Keziah. Zhaoth flew Alosynth… and how dare ya take that from us." Cause it was his first win and all. Something like that. He's beyond the point of talking now, shaking his head, quivaring with the restrained tension, and abruptly he's moving out of the room, meaning to slam the door behind himself.

There is a flash of temper "You're the one that was denyin' it. Sayin' it could be. That I was jokin'! Figure'd ya to be ashamed of me or somethin'. Figured I'd be takin' away a worry. You certainly weren't happy 'bout it. No concern or anythin' over the babe. You didnae wanna be obligated. He offered. I'd not accepted, but shells. You're not happy when I say the babe is yours, yer not happy when I say you dinnae have ta worry 'bout it. Get the sharden wherry outta yer house. You say I"m bad! She stands up hands on the table. "Make up your dung stuffed brain you ill begotten son of a vermin infested snake!" Ayup. She's pissed. She was trying to be good, she was trying to be nice. "I know that wherry stuffed brown flew Alosynth. She still has the fardlin scars. How dare you call me a piece 'o work. She slams her fist down on the table hard. There's a wince when she does it and she turns away.

He doesn't quite make it to the door and the slamming part. His hand is on the door knob ready to yank it closed behind him. Instead, he does close it, to seal in their yelling so the rest of the Weyr doesn't hear them again. He frowns as he looks down at his hands as the door latches into place. The man fills his chest with air, inhaling as if to calm himself. Zhaoth is likely behind helping the man simmer down, as his eyes take on a distancing look for a time. Finally, he pivots back around to face Keziah. His anger seems displaced by a reluctant shame, his eyes lowering to the floor as he leans back against the door with a heavy slump. "Reckon I did narh believe ya… no… How could I be believin it when the evidence dun match up…" he gulps, "But now Laera be with child too… she be gone though, ta see her mum… reckon she be stayin thar for some time. Mum being sick and all…" His eyes keep to the floor boards, his hands moving to fold over his chest again, his breathing not so jarring as his temper is locked back down deep inside. "Whar ever ya wanna do or say with yer own is… yer choice… I can understand iffin I be narh good nuff…" He ignores the insults and the slights, just looks battle worn from everything, like he did when B'rdian was grinding him down. "Dun reckon I know whar I should be happy bout," an honest and sincere admission, while he lifts his eyes to her favoring her hand. He -sighs- loudly, "Reckon I should get a healer…"

Keziah doesn't turn around to face "I see. When it's Laera, you'll believe that it's yours." she notes "Well, that certainly goes to show your opinion of me. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm on leave. After all, bad to have a wingleader that you can't trust and who you think lies. At the word healer, she stiffens, not realizing he's likely meaning himself "I dun nee no healer." she notes as she pulls her hand in front of her. She sighs and just drops her head a little as she life goes out of her and she pulls out a chair with her off hand and slumps into it.

"Keziah…" he states her name with a little more emotional resolve behind it, "I…love Laera…" there, he said it! In the open, to someone else! Faranth forbid. He walks over toward her side of the room, "She dun have no reason ta lie ta me… Reckon she would tell me iffin it weren't mine. We talk Keziah… I tell her everythin… she tells me everythin… Thar be no secrets between us…" A difference between Keziah and Lan, for sure. "I… dun trust people to easy no more… It be takin a lot ta build whar I be havin with Laera. It makes me right 'fraid that she be leavin fer some time…" he does make it over toward her, his hand outstretched and gesturing that she should give over the one she hit the table with, "Yer narh like her. Ya dun narh trust me ta the level Laera does. I reckon I dun trust you as much either… Could be the skillet that dun did that…" a comical relief in all the seriousness, "I be sorry. I be sorry I can narh give yah whar I give her… ya jus dun let me." If she allows him, he'll inspect her hand and see if a healer is in fact needed, "I be puttin on me best but I still be 'fraid… but I reckon I will see this through…" If her hand needs a healer, Zhaoth will send for one and one will arrive in short order.

"You ain't trusted me afore that either. I may not tell ya everything, but I don't lie!" there's hurt in that now husky voice and Keziah turns her head away from him. "I don't want what ya give ta Laera, but shards just a little benefit of the doubt maybe?" She yelps a little as he takes her hand and tries to pull it back "It's fine!" sure it is. "I don't need no friggen healer. Why do you care anyways? I ain't nothin' but a nuscience ta ya. More than a nuscience. Someone who's worse than B'rdian. I be unfit as you've said. Just draggin down the wing."

"Aye… ya dun narh lie…" he reaffirms as if to repair the burning of the bridge, "Reckon I be sorry I dun narh believe ya… Jus, t'was hard after all that time gone by with all that talk. Even the healers could narh tell me yes or no iffin I was steril or narh.." He reaches behind him to drag a chair close, so that he could sit to her side. He lifts an eyebrow at her yelp at her defensive pull back, but it was more her words than her reaction that caused him to shake his head, "No. Tis narh fine." Eyes draw upward to regard her, trying to catch her look in his own, "Yer a right fine wingleader. I be havin no right ta say those things. Jus be angry is all. We need ta work on this…" he points to the spaces between them, "Else we be beatin eachother down… when we should be liftin eachother up. Reckon I be havin issues… as do yah. We need ta help one nother." He means to withdraw her hand again, "Let me help yah…"

There's a stubborness in Kezi's eyes as she looks at him. There's a trace of tears there, but there is now a hint of mirth. "Be that an order?" she asks, almost slyly. She still doesn't really want to let him have her hand, but she lets him have it. "It's fine. Don't need no shardin' healer." Course, she'd say that even if it was cut of and bleedin' ta death too. There is silence for a little bit and then she's nodding. "We do need ta be." she notes softly "Tis hard fer to be acceptin' help." she says quietly as she looks away again.

"Aye…" he retorts to her sly and mirthful reply, "Tis me first as an actin wingleader." He wrinkles his nose at the title, somehow a facade and his expression showed through. He didn't believe it was his right to associate to himself and that was clear. As it is, his eyes lower toward her hand, when she finally gives it over, "Kez…ya need ta put ice on it. Tis swellin… Can feel the heat…" He doesn't put any pressure on it, just keeps it in his hand for now, muttering, "Aye… tis…" he agrees. They're agreeing with one another. "A wise cap'n once told me, tis a strong man that can be lifting anchor, tis a stronger man that asks fer help from a ship mate 'n saves himself from going over." He shrugs a shoulder, his gaze haunted by something he does not speak of further. "Ya need a healer Kez… looks like ya dun gone and broke a knuckle…" his eyes travel up toward her face, "me own fault fer rilin ya. Up ya go lassy, I reckon I dun narh have the proper 'tings ta be fixing it. Healers do. Let 'em help ya. Quit yer fussin bout too, tis an order missy and I be seein ya to the infirm proper."

Keziah listens quietly and nods. It all makes sense. She looks down at her hand and sighs a little as she see's it. Turnin' pretty colors too. She seems about to say something about the look in his eyes but then he talks about going to the healers and she starts shaking her head. But when he says it's an order, she goes deathly white as all the color drains from her face. Her eyes are wide and the blue showing more against the paleness. She doesn't shake her head, part of her won't let he as that would be disagreeing with an order. She starts to stand to go, a wave of dizziness hits and she sways even as a whimper escapes her throat.

The brownrider obviously has no idea why the greenrider has an issue with the healers. He's never been informed of it and that's part of the communication breakdown! The fact of the matter is, while he might not realize her abhorrence to the infirm and the whole healer ordeal, he realizes her body language which suggests something of a fearful response - that or she's reacting to the pain from her hand! In fact, when she stands and sways, he's right there with his arms to catch her. He goes so far as to hook his arm underneath her legs underneath her legs and heft her up completely. "Yer ok…" he murmurs, already shifting toward the door as he holds her in his arms like some cheesy romance movie, the only difference? He's showing signs of embarrassment for it. Cheeks are red! Ears are red! He tries not to look down at her as he's stepping across the room. "We be gettin ya some help fer yer hand…" a mantra that he's used to saying for anyone he's helping during a search and rescue mission. The door means he has to shift her some and lean her against the door to get his hand down there and twist the knob… but he's successful with the door swinging open. It's the walk he has to make with Keziah in his arms that has that red in his cheeks showing even brighter. And he'll avert his gaze…

Keziah doesn't hardly let out any sound as she's picked up off her feet. But when he starts heading for the infirmary though, she starts to try to fight it, trying to flail her way out of it. "No…no…no…no…" she cries in panic. Course, there's not much strength behind her flailing and then she tries to bury her head into Ers'lans chest.


Xanadu Weyr - Administration Hallway

Neatly curved, this rough hewn tunnel that continues well beyond this section holds a rustic look oddly incongruous with the handful of doors that open onto it. Several, all on the north side, are single doors of polished fellis wood and carved with stylistic representations of knots, knots which give a clue to who occupies the office beyond. A more easily understood identification would be the delicately painted stone plaques fastened to the wall at about chest height beside each door, the lettering done in the Weyr colors of orange and blue.
On the south side of the tunnel, a slightly wider section is the home of an impressive set of double doors. Of highly polished fellis to match the others, these doors are each carved with a skillfully rendered depiction of the Xanadu Weyr badge and the big, fluted handles are brass. Those doors lead to the Council Chambers, a meeting room for all the Weyr's staff.

The door of the Wingleader's Ready Room opens with Galaxy's current acting wingleader carrying the 'on leave' wingleader. It's late at night with the brownrider's sweep having already reported back with minor success of landing a kill of a feline, a yearling but one nevertheless. Now it appears as if the brownrider is involved in carrying Keziah like some cheesy romantic - or - it would be cheesy romance if she wasn't flailing and crying with some form of panic. The man's face is red, embarrassment etched on his face, yet a stern determination too, "Shhh…. Tis ok Keziah. Yer hurt. Yer goin to the healers… reckon they be fixin yer hand up real quick…." He doesn't understand the fighting or flailing bit, clearly not realizing it was a fear, even as she burries her head into his chest, "Kezi… stop…" he juggles her some to get a better grip on her now that he's free of the office door. He averts his eyes from any curious on-lookers, including the Weyrleader. He tromps on by as if everything is a o.k.

Keziah is whimpering, her skin has lost all it's color "No!!! Let me go.. let me go.. let me go.." she whimpers softly. Her right hand flials as she doesn't bring it in close. It's nice and swollen and a lovely shade of brusing and red. "Please… please.. I don't want him to get me.. please no…" Ayup, nothin' but pure panic in her voice.

Xe'ter's voice is strong, "Ers'lan. Put the greenrider down…what part of no aren't ye aware of?"

Ers'lan does stop, not because of the Weyrleader or any other on-lookers, but because of the obvious panic that Keziah has drawn in her voice now. He was averting his gaze from her prior to now, yet her pleads have him regard her in a way that he's never done before. Compassion? Concern? Something like that. He actually drops his arm from underneath her legs hand holds onto her to let her find her own feet to the floor, still keeping his one arm hooked around her to prevent her from fleeing him just yet. He blinks in confusion at her, "No one be gettin ya… Whar be the matter?" Yes. It's the play to ignore the Weyrleader. Cough. Then he does settle his eyes back to the man, it's a look of 'screw off' … no doubt about it. He eventually comes back with a formal response, "She be needin the healer sir. She be swayin on her feet as iffin she be fallin over. Jus be takin her thar…or was…" he looks down at Keziah, very concerned for her fear now that it registers, "We can be gettin a healer to ya then… iffin ya dun want ta go…"

As soon as her feet hit the ground Keziah tries to run. Course, it doesn't help that she runs herself into Ers'lan. "No…no…no…no…" she whimpers "He's there.. he's there.." Her breath comes in gasps as she near about hyperventilates, she's worked herself up so much. "I'm fine, I'm fime, I'm fine, I'm fine." she stammers out, hardly taking a breath. She tries to push at Ers'lan though, trying to go through him, away from the direction of the infirmary.

Thea strolls into the administration hallway with a sheaf of papers in her arm, just going to put these in the right pla- she double-takes at first the tone of voice she hears coming from Xe'ter then the words dawn on her at the same moment what she sees hits her brain. For a moment she just stands there, before she simply leans on the doorjamb with a very interested look on her face. Into the pause of voices, she comments, "Never a dull moment around here, is there?"

Xe'ter is the next one to move, closing the distance to offer his arm to the greenrider, his voice firm but not as hard as it was for the brownrider, "Keziah…come here." But his glance towards his Weyrwoman's thankful, "Thea…" No, it's never dull, but he seems to miss the potential sarcasm.

Ers'lan has held onto Keziah because of the wounded hand, though the woman starts to panic further and thrashes against him, that hold loosens. His arm slides away from her at Xe'ter's tone, releasing her, even if he wasn't holding onto her all that hard in the first place. He says nothing. He surrenders to authority and the obvious need for the greenrider to be as far away from him as possible. There is a glare in his eyes, that hits the floor and stays away from either of the Weyrleaders.

Well it's obvious that Keziah is having some sort of panic attack, that much is clear the moment Thea hears her whimpering gasps. Flicking first Keziah, then Ers'lan a truly puzzled look, not accusatory by any means, she steps more fully into the hallway, allowing the door to swing shut behind her so the entire caverns doesn't hear what's going on in here. Quietly, she asks, "What happened, Ers'lan? Calm down Keziah. If you aren't bleeding to death and you're breathing, no one's going to force you to the Infirmary. Deep breaths now. Come on."

Keziah is loose! And she's moving away from all of them, heading towards the south end of the tunnel. She doesn't go all the way down though as she slows. Thea's words have her glancing over at her. She does take a few deep breaths. She doesn't come closer though and instead leans up against the wall. "Not bleeding." Not externally at least. She just stays there against the wall, though she's poised to flee if need be. Not that she's sure where to go. But still.

Xe'ter draws up, showing more sense than some have given him credit for, and then he asks in a very polite voice, "Thea…can you speak to Keziah? I'd put her on as much leave as she needed…I might need to talk to the acting Wingleader to find out what's gone on from his point of view." There's a pause, "I'm rather worried for the stability of Galaxy at the moment, and it'd be good to know what might help improve that."

"She done gone punched a table 'n I reckon broke her knuckle…" that a flat tone in answer to Thea, still keeping his eyes averted, "Told her we be seein a healer 'n she started swayin on her feet. Picked her up.. 'n here we are…" His chest was starting to rise and fall a little quicker than before, keeping a lid on whatever else was at the bottom of his sudden need to keep his eyes on the floor. He doesn't even watch where Keziah flees. Xe'ter's continued comments don't seem to help the matter, as there's a little twitch of his lip and a tweak of his brow.

Thea is almost toe-tapping by the time Ers'lan finally speaks. Her arms cross over that folder she's carrying, exchanging long looks with Xe'ter between giving the pair of Search and Rescue a keen searching assessment. "You know, I don't know what's going on with both of you. I thought you'd both work towards a more cohesive leadership, but I see it's not working. At all." She sounds both troubled and concerned as well as a little disappointed, "But you are both relieved of duty until the healers - or a mindhealer - declares you fit to return to it. Because if you can't work thorugh this with each other and with the help of your lifemates, I honestly don't know how you can lead." There's really no condemnation in her voice, "I'm really very worried about both of you. And that baby."

"Baby's fine. I'm fine. I just. Do not. Want. To go. To. The Healers." Keziah states. She does hold her hand in front of her. "Why is that a problem?" She eyes them all. "The Wing brought down a feline. I've cleaned out my personal effects." She looks at Thea "I've already been relieved of duty." she notes and then she just sighs and shakes her head. There's silence for a bit and then Kezi adds quietly "We were talking just fine."

Xe'ter pauses for a moment himself, and then looks to the Weyrwoman thoughtfully, "I agree with Thea, at the moment. But I think perhaps there needs to be one more layer…that you two try and avoid each other at least until the baby's born." It looks like the glowbasket's opened over the young Weyrleader's head…as he's put two and two together. "Consider this a manditory sabbatical. You can still both drill…but no more duties. Not until I get an all's clear from the healers…for both of you."

Ers'lan rolls his jaw from side to side when the accusation comes down to an instant judgement and he is now relieved of duty. GREAT. "Remind me next time narh ta care bout a broken hand then…" He notes with some wry sarcasm that he can not contain, the bit of irritation bubbling up to the surface. To the formal side of it, he remarks to Xe'ter, "Report bout the felines will be drawn up tonight. Reckon it t'will let ya and the rest of the wing find out whar be the den, iffin there is one. Caitlin 'n N'tor be working on the maps." The restrictions have him glare. Oh buddy, you just made an enemy - is what that look radiates. There's a crisp nod at the end, "Fine…" a look to Keziah, then back to Xe'ter… as if he knew exactly what the bronzer was up to. "Tis my child Xe'ter." Oh yes, he knows about the intention of Xe'ter claiming Keziah's child and there's ire in the brownrider's voice. "Reckon I can be excused? I jus spent the day leadin sweeps…" which went just fine and caught a feline! How's that for being appreciated. BAH.

Thea counts to ten. Under her breath, but audibly. When she's got herself under control, her voice is quiet but a touch wobbly with the effort to keep it pitched low. Through her teeth, slowly and so that each word is distinct, "It is a problem, Keziah, because as Search and Rescue wingleader, you're going to have to insist on your riders and those you rescue going there. And you are not fine. You just punched a stone table and broke your hand rather than go there." Her eyes rake the pair of them, "I want you both to report to Fraille at the Hall. Just go… talk to her." Her hand makes a fluttery motion. "You can take a walk in the woods with the old bag for all I care." She looks very, very tired when she belays Xe'ter's order, "Actually? I think they shouldn't do anything with the wing until after they go to Fort." Because, man. Her chair. Payback! As for Ers'lan, she merely gives him a long look. Cooly, "Wing management is about knowing how to bring out the best in the people you work with, about understanding and being kind and gentle at times and firm at others. I don't know why the pair of you brings out the worst in each other but if you can't get to the bottom of it, then you aren't going to be able to work together."

Keziah blinks and shakes her head a little "No.. I didn't punch the table about going there." she murmurs quietly "I was emphasizing a point." She sighs a little and then shakes her head. "It doesn't matter now anyways though, does it?" She just looks helplessly at Thea, but she's not going to argue to point. "He made some valid points, but again. Well." she blows out a breath and moves away from the wall. "Well I guess as soon as I'm cleared for Betweening." she mutters under her breath. "Bollocks. This is what being reasonable gets you." she also mutters. She then eyes Ers'lan "Oh stuff it already. My baby. You're the one that denied. No sense in getting uppity about it now." In for a penny, in for a pound.

"Just… making a point." Thea regards Keziah gravely. "I'm worried how making a point with your hand affects your lifemate. I'm worried how it affects you, Keziah. I don't know how to help you." Her gaze flickers to Ers'lan. "And I can't undo what B'rdian did to you, either. Only you two can decide not to remain prisoners of whatever is holding onto you, I guess. But I honestly don't know how to help you do that. I tried it once, mindhealing with Seryth's help…" Her voice trails off, a stricken look flickers over her face and she shakes her head. "We made it worse."

The brownrider looks resigned at Keziah's last comment of not wanting the babe in the first place, even if he already told her he was wrong! He merely stares at the floor now without anything further to add that could make him look even worse in the eyes of those who are judging. The Weyrleaders are being Weyrleaders. It's their job to be judge and jury. He's just the guy always in the wrong. Maybe the B'rd-man was right after all. Thea even brings it up. "May I be excused…" he tries again, adding, "I will see that all yer requests are fulfilled."

Keziah listens quietly as she stares at the ground and then she nods a little. At mention of attempting mindhealing she blinks and looks up at Thea, a little bit of shock in her eyes. She doesn't say anything however, and is trying to keep her mouth shut. Her gaze flicks towards Ers'lan a moment and then back to Thea. She looks down at her hand and then lets out a breath and then leans back on the wall and closes her eyes. "Understood."

Thea looks pained enough to wince at the listlessness coming from Ers'lan. Scrubbing a hand over her face she finally nods wearily. "It'll be up to the counselors to decide whether to bring the two of you together or not. I- keep losing chairs every time I try it." It's a very weak attempt at humor that falls far, far flat. She looks totally drained and she's only been standing here for all of five minutes. "Send me in your replacement recommendations, please," she finally says crisply and heads on into her office leaving them and Xe'ter in the hall.

Ers'lan leaves after Thea does. There is no point in pursuing anything further. He's been told not to go near Keziah… and the only way to resolve it now was to get in a healer. First things first… since he's now off duty… time to console himself over ale - and plenty of it.

Keziah slowly makes her way out after the others do. Makin' sure to keep her distance. She just sighs a little and heads fer home and a little toddler time.

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