Infirmary Invasion! (Kelani is Searched)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Half Moon Bay can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Winter in the North - Month 2 of Turn 2716

A wet morning at the weyr, such is the way of winter. It may not be the cold season here but it is certainly the wet season. Those that can are keeping to the indoors. Others have work indoors whether they wish it or no. Kelani is standing at one of the counters looking over the case files from the night before doing morning 'rounds' on the few patients in residence. She looks quite in her element here, in her neat healer's tunic and looking all rather serious.

"I told you, I know where I'm going and I don't need an escort." That would be Sephany, sounding just about at the end of her rope in the patience department. Hands loose at her side, but fists balled up and tense, she walks in from the soggy bowl and into the blessedly dry infirmary. "And I told you, that I don't care, I've got my orders." And that would be the greenrider, following Sephany and looking EQUALLY at the end of her rope in the patience department. She's a short thing; no more than five feet really, with shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Altogether rather monochromatic with the brown leathers to boot. "She didn't mean you literally had to stick with me. She meant 'don't leave her behind'." Grump. Growl. But clearly, they are not going to be in agreement. And since she can't shake her tail, Seph might as well ignore her. As soon as they are in the door, grey eyes are scanning the room for familiar faces and, without much surprise, land on Kelani. "Hello Kelani," spoken with a much friendlier voice as the weaver closes the distance, greenrider in tow. "You look… very professional," she offers with a bright smile that almost wants to be mischievous.

The argument near the entrance at least gets Kelani's attention and she closes the folder she was looking through quite intent to put an end to the rukkus. Well that is until she sees the source of the rukkus, "Sephany.." She calls out in surprise, "What brings you here?" She asks as she crosses the distance between them. The comment on her appearance gets a little shrug and somewhat self concious smoothing of the tunic. "Well I suppose I am doing something right then." She replies with a half smile and glances over to the rider and nods her head politely to her before looking back to Sephany, "So who is your guard?" She asks in a lower voice.

"You just looked very… studious," decides Sephany with a smile. "Very intent upon your work. It's a good look," she assures her. As for why she's here? "For you! Well… I mean, I did come to see Sev and check out his new place. And then I was hoping to catch Tanit now that she's back, but I suppose she's out with the dolphins or something…" in the rain? Maybe. "But I also came to see you, too." A few steps, and Seph plants her arms on that table to allow her body to lean into it. "I haven't seen you since… well…" Since she was pregnant and terrified. Ahem. "And I meant too, really. I wanted to thank you for… keeping my secret." MOOT POINT NOW, but ah well. As for her companion? Both Seph and Dragonrider roll their eyes at the 'guard' comment, but it's Sephany who deigns to answer. "She's not my guard; more like my escort? I mean, she brought me here. But she's only sticking to me like glue because she takes her job a bit too seriously," like someone else we know, (coughKelanicough). "And because she wouldn't stop calling Risali 'ma'am' and got herself assigned to shuttle-service." Sounds legit, right? But anyways. "Kelani, Nylca. Nylca, this is Kelani." There's a tip of the greenrider's head; brown hair dripping only a little with the motion, and a quick, "Ma'am" that more or less proves Seph's point. "But how are you?"

"Well it is work I enjoy. There has been a hint I will be walking the tables soon. I can hardly wait." Kelani says with bright eyes at the woman as if is her life goal. Well …it is. To be an independent healer! "Yes yes, she is back. I suppose they might be out in the rain..water is water right?" She says though with a wrinkle of her nose. "As long as there is no lightening." She smiles at the thanks, "It is part of the code of a healer..I was your healer and as such I could never have told." She offers professionally, "How are you doing now?" She asks in a more personal tone that suggests there was perhaps at least an undertone of friendship to all that happened. "Sev has been doing alright I think…you know him. He has been training me up, but has been a bit moody lately but he won't talk about it. Maybe a visit from his sister will be just what he needs?" She suggests before canting her head to the greenrider, "Thank you for your diligence."

"I wish I was that close," to walking the tables. The confession comes in a wistful tone, though there's resignation as well. "Taking the break for Jaspyr set me back. And now at Xanadu…" but Sephany shrugs her shoulders and lets her own woes be dropped. "And regardless of whether or not it is part of the code, I still appreciate it. I know he's your friend, and it wasn't fair of me to ask… he knows now by the way. Doesn't know you helped me, but he knows about Jaspyr." A bit of a longer inhale, and then a tighter smile. "I am doing alright. I'm down at Xanadu for a little bit, and it's so weird to live somewhere so… open." As for her brother? A slide of grey eyes to the side as she admits, "We haven't spoken as much as we used to… but it's fine. I think things are on the mend." But it also means she has no idea why he'd be upset, and the notion that he's tense has her chewing on her lower lip. It's the comment on diligence that gets her back, and she groans in good-natured protest. "Oh, don't, really… diligence… she needs to lighten up," and there's a glance for the greenrider who, after flashing Kelani a somewhat pleased smile for the compliment, has turned to look out the door of the infirmary and into the bowl with some intensity; arms folded behind her back. As if she expects danger or intruders or anything besides just patients and healers and rain. "See?" says Sephany, dropping her voice in a feigned whisper, "I told you she takes her job too seriously." But despite the protest, it's clear enough that the pair, weaver and rider, have some sort of acquaintanceship that allows for friendly teasing.

"So Jaspyr it is?" Kelani asks of the name of the babe, "And he is doing well?" She continues, having lost touch in the turn with her own focus on things. There is a dismissive shake of her head at the apology, "I am glad I could be there for you and in part because he is my friend. I know he couldn't be there for you then…so in a way I did it for him as well." Kelani responds with a little shrug of shoulders. "Yeah, I was a little delayed myself, but back on track now." She says with a bob of her head and grins at the teasing Seph gives to the rider, "I have a couple shadows here myself at times, your brother one of them. They mean well but at times…yeah it can be a bit much..even if I appreciate it. Though I won't tell them that." She says in a low conspiratorial voice. "There was this woman who was a bit weird and R'sner made sure I was safe..picked me right up and put me behind him. It just means they care I reckon."

A nod of her head, and Sephany agrees with, "Yes. Jaspyr," but gives no explanation as to the origins. "And he's adorable. Has my hair and—" a brief stutter before she continues with, "his father's eyes. My mother is fostering him in Igen." Again. No explanation as to why, though it doesn't seem a difficult decision for the weaver. "Delayed? What happened?? Did you get hurt?" and despite the fact that clearly, whatever happened has passed, there is concern evident in tone and expression as Sephany stands just a bit straighter in an attempt to look over Kelani from behind the table. But no; clearly all is well at this time. "Oh Faranth… has he been doing that thing that makes you feel like you're five turns old again? All hovering and overprotective?" Ugh. SHE KNOWS THE PAIN. "Nylca's not like that," she offers, and there's a twist of the greenrider's head at the mention of her name; a glance of brown eyes between Kelani and Sephany before she goes back to staring out at the bowl with an expression that gets more and more distracted as time goes on. "Excuse me…" and suddenly Nylca is making for the door at a quick pace as a shadow passes over it. It leaves Seph and Kelani at the table to chat, though there's a curious look spared her companion before the weaver is back to the topic at hand. "Wait… who's R'sner? And he picked you up?" Incredilous, and then mischievously… "Did you like it?" But before she can really get going, the commission at the entrance draws her attention again. Suddenly there is a hulking form in the doorway, a great green, tabby-striped dragon who's trying to shove her way into the infirmary. "No you cannot come in! It's just rain, you won't melt," is the answer from her rider, hands lifted to push at the snout of her dragon as she tries ineffectively to shove the creature back out. "And… that would be Laeth. And yeah, that's normal," and very quickly dismissed by Sephany. "But anyways. You shouldn't let my brother treat you like a child…"

"I am sure he is a very handsome fellow." Kelani assures her with a warm smile but does not press too much on the matter seeing that Sephany seems uncomfortable. At the concern she displays for the healer she gives a little shake of her head, "Oh nothing too bad. I was searched…then got a bad sprain right before the hatching so had to withdraw. I think I have caught up from my time and was a learning experience in itself." Well don't ask her friends how they feel about HOW she caught up. At the question of her brother there is a little shake of her head, "Not quite so bad now that I am 18. He is even teaching me how to fight…ok how to defend myself. You know I didn't have any siblings growing up, I guess I get to experience what having a big brother is like." Putting a good spin on overprotective friends. The question of R'sner gets a little shrug and she looks down at her paperwork, "Well he is old enough to be my Da..we are just friends is all.." She wrinkles her nose a little before glancing up, "Maybe a…" Maybe a touch of colour darkens her skin as she shakes her head, "But we aren't like that…" Then there is the the green shadow at the infirmary entrance and any further discussion on THAT can of worms is halted. There is a bit of a smile at the discussion with the dragon, "Do all greens dislike water?"

A fond smile flits across Sephany's expression at the thought of her son. But the subject of him is pushed aside when the nature of Kelani's brief craft-setback. "Oh! Oh…" because Search is exciting, but twisted ankles are not. That gets a sympathetic look from the weaver, who offers, "I've never been Searched… But I'm glad it was only something minor, and you've recovered. How terrible…" for the setback? For the injury? For having to drop out of candidacy? Unclear. But there's sympathy all the same. "Is he really teaching you… to fight?" And something about this knowledge has a frown tugging at the corners of her mouth; a bit of an unreadable expression passing over her face. For a moment, she's quiet and pensive, though does her best to hide it. "He is pretty nice to have as a big brother…," admitted after a pause, the pensive look fading into one of affection; smile once more curling at the corner of her mouth. It turns into a bit of a wrinkle-nosed grimace for the discovering that R'sner is not, in fact, what she had assumed, and there's a quick, "Ah, I see…" that turns into lifted brows for the second part. Mischief alights in those grey eyes as color blooms briefly across Kelani's cheeks, and Sephany can't help but to giggle and tease, mouth opened and breath taken for JUST such things before… well. A giant green dragon trying to cram herself in the infirmary is rather distracting. A twist of her torso, and she exhales out an exasperated sigh. "I don't know about all greens, but Laeth is weird. She'll beg you for food if you don't watch out…" and then Nylca is shooting the pair a desperate look, along with an equally desperate plea to, "Help me?? She won't budge. This is embarrassing!" shove-shove. Seph spares a glance for Kelani, looking about ready to dissolve einto laughter. "Do you want to help, or…" see what happens? But even as she says it, she's moving towards the door and that big ol' head, putting her hands on green hide and shoving at her. Cause that'll work. Not.

"Yeah…it was all a bit complicated. How I felt about it, how I feel now. Like..a task left undone?" Kelani says with a little shrug perhaps still uncertain about the experience and her feelings on it. Clearly she is goal orientated so perhaps that more than anything is what bugs her. She can't help but smile at the reaction to the fighting, "I think its something his weyrmate taught him…but I think it would be weird to learn from him. At least I know S'van won't hurt me…not really. Some bruises are to be expected but I know I can trust him and it makes me feel safe while we are training." She says with an awkward little shrug. Then there is the greem road block and well we just can't have that. Kelani makes her way over to where the rider is standing and looks up to the green, "I know its wet out there but patients can't get in if you sit there." She says with hands on her hips as if telling on an errent patient. "You really must move…I believe there are some guest weyrs around if you really must stay out of the wet."

It is good that there is a giant green dragon distracting Sephany; all this talk of fighting, and self-defense, and weyrmate (her brother's weyrmate, at least) may have resulted in a further round of twenty-questions as the weaver sought to know each and every detail of information she clearly was not privy to. But she does offer a cheerful, "I'm glad you trust him," and a slightly less cheerful and almost bitter, "Bet he'd never train me," that tries to be playful but sorta falls short. Anyways. Dragon. Invading the infirmary. Nylca and Sephany with their hands pressed into that snout, and having about as much success as they would trying to move the stone walls instead. And then Kelani, who's decided to adopt her Healer-Voice and attempt reason with the dragon instead. Or firmly tell her to get the <bleep> out of there. One whirling eye fixes on the hip-handed junior journeyman, whirling green and blue, and a whuffle that sounds so pitiful it could break a heart. Seph groans. Nylca growls, and Laeth just… stays put. "She says it's not about the rain it's about… Oh." And there's a sudden cessation of pushing on the part of the dragonrider, and a very distinct look leveled at her lifemate. A look that is clearly disapproving. "Next time, just say so. Now get out." And this time when the dragonrider lays her hand on that face, Laeth obeys and withdraws, leaving Sephany to stumble forward and skip a few steps to catch her balance. "What the fu… Faranth was that all about?" demands the blond, who looks just a little bit stressed at having nearly face-planted into the floor. But Nylca looks worse; thoroughly embarrassed as she turns to Kelani, dragon-pushing hand suddenly shoved into her pocket "She… wants you to come to Xanadu. To Stand as Candidate. That's why she wanted in. She thinks… well. Do you want to go?" and she offers over a white knot while Sephany just stares.

"Maybe now he might?" Kelani says with a sympathetic look to Sephany. "I don't think he would have even entertained the thought a turn ago." Then there is this dragon to deal with. Blocking her Infimary. A sigh when her words were not headed and then a wide eyed look at the question from Nylca. A glance at the the now departing dragon then back again and then to Sephany. "Why must they always invade the infirmary to ask?" She finally responds and the hands go back to her hips as she looks back into the infirmary for a moment. Already there are a few knowing looks and giggles from some apprentices, "No no, none of that from you lot this time." She looks down at the ground at her feet for a moment as she ponders the question before taking a breath and giving a nod. "Yes…I have to see it through. Impress or no, I need to know." She finally answers as she looks up to the rider and Sephany. "Do you mind if I finish out my shift? I…have to settle some things here and I have a friend who can bring me."

"Probably because you are in the infirmary?" supplies Sephany, mischief glinting in those grey eyes as the shock and surprise (and near-death experience) fades. There's a look on her face, something she conceals with pleasant smiles and anticipatory glances between Kelani and Nylca, but lurking under the surface. But when Kelani decides to go for it, there's nothing but joy. "Good," and Nylca thrusts the knot at Kelani more firmly. "Thank Faranth, because I don't think she'd leave if you said no. Really. You don't know Laeth…" and there's relief evident in that face of hers, tension melting away now that that has been settled. As for waiting? "I don't see why not? We weren't going to leave just yet," and there's a glance to Sephany, who nods in confirmation. "If you're not ready by the time we are, just catch a ride or ask one of the dragonriders to call me and Laeth, we'll come and get you. And just ask the Assistant Weyrlingmaster, Kera, once you arrive. She's been herding candidates and knows where to take ya.— OK I have to make sure she's not causing a fuss," and Nylca ducks out into the rain to ensure Laeth isn't invading any other inappropriate spaces, leaving Sephany to jump in with a quick, "I can show you, once you're there. I'll be working with them… you… the candidates. I'm assisting with the robes," is the explanation.

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