DOOM, DOOM, DOOM! (Tyssarian is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves. The meadow continues with gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes, and eventually those hills grow higher and steeper, ending in a large rige that provides a fine view of that meadow and the rest of the Weyr, gazing out over the multicolored roofs of the houses and the cliff that holds the caverns.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, and a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing. Trees border the northern side of the meadow, and more of those low, rolling hills can be seen to the northwest. A road passes through the meadow, coming from the east and used by traders and crafters alike. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests or ore from the mountains are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

KISS ME HARD BEFORE YOU GO. SUMMERTIME SAAAADDDNESSS. Okay, so it's Summer, but there's probably a distinct lack of sadness here. Okay, there's a little sadness here, but that has nothing to do with things that are actually sad and everything to do with stitches in places that Risali doesn't want to talk about. It hurts, okay. Everything hurts. Being awake right now, that hurts. But HERE SHE IS, because she's full of WONDERFUL (and PAINFUL) ideas, Leirith having snuck away after a thorough bullying (and by bullying, we mean showering compliments upon) her grandma dragon, or her Zekath dragon, until one or the other (OR POSSIBLY BOTH) decided that she was allowed to depart from the sands and hit up the world at large with her bombastic bombasticness. And we do mean world, because while that whirling blue eye is focused on the bundle of tiny newborn baby boy who is definitely awake, but not crying, her VOICE is stretching out THROUGH THE HILLS, OVER THE MOUNTAINS, ECHOING IN THE DISTANCE OF TIME AND SPACE AND RIPPING HOLES IN THE FABRIC IN REALITY AND - okay, we're getting dramatic. THE POINT is that if you are receptive to it, Leirith's all giddy bass and sunbright drums, a euphoric rhythm that rattles and shakes the windows of every soul (and you can definitely take that to mean YOUR EYEBALLS, WHICH ARE PROBABLY MELTING) while she bespeaks ERR'BODY AT ONCE. What is volume? DON'T ASK HER. SHE ONLY KNOWS WHEN SHE WANTS TO. « MINION! Look at his badassedness. I can see it in the way he keeps curling his fingers and pushing his tongue out - he is trying to FIGHT! » "He is trying to eat. Again." « AHAHAHA. LIKE I SAID, HE IS A BADASS. » And SO IT GOES. As a side note, Risali is probably here to let a weyrmate or two rest without the sudden discontent of hangry newbies disrupting sleep.

Tyssarian is a lovely shade of burnt umber, or at least he'd like to think that his skin has finally shifted from the angry shade of ruby to something more resembling a tan. But unfortunately for this particular teenager, he doesn't tan. He has two shades. White and red. So he still resembles everyone's favorite red skinned fruit. But that doesn't stop the teen from venturing back out to risk further bodily harm by the daystar. Tys may curse the sun's name under his breath but who can resist the lure of a beautiful summer day? NO ONE. And the teen slowly makes his way through the meadow, catching sight of his most favorite person in the weyr. As can be indicated by how his eyes roll right up into his skull at the sight of the weyrwoman and her new spawn. "Well at least you aren't fat anymore." The teen deadpans as he gets close enough to take a glance at the weyrwoman's newborn. Apparently someone didn't learn his lesson last time.

No, this is not an episode of Baywatch. Tanit just? doesn't have much in the way of other clothing. The Dolphineer making long strides up from the docks where a pod of sleek animals clicks and chatters away. "Wasn't that long of a swim, hush." Ok, so maybe it was. SHH! Of course the bombastic gold's press on her thoughts isn't quite instant but it's enough to leave a funny face on the dolphineer Even as she's adjusting the zipper on her wet suit, because holy hell it's summer here and not where she came from. Never mind the bikini or the ink beneath. The teen's words reach Tanit's ears about the time she makes her approach from behind and one lanky arm swipes out to slap him upside the head in CSI fashion. Sea-green eyes hold an edge though she smiles as her alto breaks in, "Never, ever call a woman who has just given birth Fat." Tilting her head to the side and appraising the youth she adds, "For that matter, be nice." Or else seems to be the glittering implication in her toothy smile. "I did not know you had spawned." Tanit then enquires with more softness in her voice for Risa, but the words still sound as if she's referring to a trout.

Sleep. Yes. There's a thing that's sleep. It was… that thing he does at weird hours beca- no, that was the before times. Back when D'lei lived in - okay, Xanadu, but he worked in Monaco. Now? Well, right now he's the human connected to one of the dragons who's got a stake in those eggs on the sands. Also one of the humans connected to that newborn in Risali's arms! But right now he… well, he was supposed to sleep, but SOMEDRAGON got hungry enough to go to the feeding pens, and that reminded D'lei's stomach that oh yeah, food, and so he had to get some, and he had klah on autopilot, and now he's awake. Which apparently means he's coming over here, but he's not exactly quick on his feet now, so there's just a D'lei in the distance. Garouth, on the other talon, shoved his meal down rather quicker - and also he can fly - which means that the brindled bronze is even now arriving. Darkness brushes out against Leirith's mind to give her a bombastic drop shadow as Garouth's wings dip to carry him to earth, the bronze sweeping his attention from Risali (and child) to … Tyssarian. The gaze lingers there, his eyes a yellow-green flecked with amber, and the bronze rumbles slightly physically as he speaks to Leirith. « He has a spark. » BY WHICH WE MEAN ATTITUDE, PRESUMABLY? « Perhaps fire would burn. » Better run away before you're made part of a bonfire, Tyssarian!

A TILT OF LEIRITH'S HEAD, too much amusement glaringly obvious in the way her maw gapes in what might have been laughter were she not of the draconic persuasion. « Minion. He has called you fat. Are you just going to let him get away with that? » FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Which Tanit does spectacularly, her hand finding the back of Tyssarian's STUPIDLY TALL head the moment the newborn-laden goldrider shifts on heels to GIVE HIM HER BEST TOOTHLESS UNIMPRESSED IMPRESSION and then stifle laughter when Tanit handles it - LIKE A BOSS. "It wouldn't be a fair fight, Leirith." FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. But Risali moves - into the teenager's space, into Tanit's, not caring even a little bit at all as she presses into Tyssarian's side and Tanit's, shifting slow-blinking babies so that they both can see WHAT SHE DONE. SHE DID GOOD WORK YA'LL. And okay, maybe the man appearing on the horizon like one of her wet dre - I mean — like a fantas - RISALI, PUT YOUR LADY GARMENTS BACK ON JAYSUS. (It was K'vir, ya'll, he done it but Dash still hot and it's a WHODUNIT RIGHT NOW OKAY.) AHEM. "His name is Kyriel." A soft whisper, a smile that's warm, and bright, and too much emotion as she looks at Tanit and presses her head to the dolphincrafter's shoulder. ARE THOSE TEARS IN HER EYES? SHUT UP. "His big sister seems to think he's pretty neat." OR AS NEAT AS A ONE YEAR OLD CAN. But GAROUTH. Leirith's attention shifts to the bronze, laughter greeting shadows even as she wraps herself in them and presumably saves the tendrils for dresses. « He is right, minion! WE WANT THIS ONE. » Remember when Leirith first met Tyssarian, and she put her face in his no-really-please-don't-put-your-dragon-teeth-by-that-because-eunich-is-not-a-good-look-on-me? NOW SHE'S SHOVING HER SNOUT IN HIS BUTT. EYYYYY. Risali is rolling her eyes, handing off Kyriel to Tanit while finding DISTANCE FOOT-TRUDGING D'LEI'S to point at ACCUSSINGLY because this was your BRONZE'S FAULT. TAKE HER BABY TANIT. SHE NEEDS TO FIGHT. Or… produce a white knot? Yeah, that one. And Risali is completely unceremonious when she PINGS IT RIGHT OFF THE SIDE OF TYSSARIAN'S HEAD. "Say yes or she's going to eat you." SEARCH UNDER DURESS IS FINE, RIGHT?

Tyssarian is wacked upside the head and the moment that happens minty eyes flicker away from the goldrider down to the person who gave him the smack. Blink. Blinkblink. "But she was very round. And it's only right to tell someone the truth." Anyone got tact? 'cause Tys definitely has nada. "Not sure how it wasn't nice. It's kind hard to miss one is as short and fat as she was." Can anyone guess who Risa's favorite person in the world right now is? And while one may think he may has 'spark', it's more of just a lack of self-preservation instincts going on here. "But look, she's not anymore.. well fat, she's still short. Don't think she's going to grow anymore either." The teen flashes a sheepish smile, reaching up to run his fingers through his hair before finally he adds, "Sorry weyrwoman Risali." Just shut up Tyssarian. SHUT YOUR BIG FAT GOB. But one would guess Risali gets her revenge as he gets a dragon snout in the butt, which causes those cheeks to instantly snap closed. What is /up/ with this dragon and her muzzle in his private bits?! "Ho there, that isn't really something you want to smell." He manages as he tries to skedattle away from the gold. Sadly he doesn't make it all that far before Risa's throwing something at his head. Thankfully it's not really something that can cause any damage. Blink. "Yes?" The teen is quite confused as to what exactly he is agreeing to though as he bends over and scoops up the knot. "Oh. Sure, why not?"

Risa, teary-eyed? Whatever comment the dolphineer has doesn't have a chance to emerge because she's being handed an infant, and that takes precedence. Tucking the child into position LIKE A BOSS, or at least like someone who knows exactly what to do with an infant, already humming low in her throat, at the little tyke. Of course, she's trying not to snicker at the poor kid whose getting fough- er searched. "Congratulations kid, you've effectively sold your self into indentured servitude possibly for life. or at least the foreseeable future. All work and no fun, and possibly, lots and lots of glitter." Her attention shifts back to the Xandian weyrwoman. "He's adorable." The baby, not the teen. And probably not D'lei, though Risa does have good taste in menfolk. Some exceptions notwithstanding.

Here comes D'lei to bring common sense and - okay, you know what Risa? We're just going to take a break from that while you COMPOSE YOURSELF. We can wait. Now then, Garouth rumbles again as he settles, his posture quite relaxed - like a feline at graceful repose - even though his eyes retain their yellowed tinge. « Variety is good, » he deems of Leirith's demand and Risali's compliance. « More prey to chase means more happy hunts. » Wait, which of these is supposed to be the safe option again? Probably none of them, and to make things worse (better), here's D'lei! "Thank you for holding him," he says to Tanit. Not even greeting a weyrmate first, RUDE. At least she's second, and he hands her a sweet bun with icing. By which we an shoves it into her dang hand if he gotta, and puts his arm around her after. No words, but hey. Then it's Tyssarian's turn, and D'lei smiles to him. "What she means to say is, thanks for agreeing to stand! The barracks are next to the sands." So, doom, but nice and warm?

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE REMIND RISALI WHY MURDER IS ILLEGAL IN EVERY WEYR AND HOLD ACROSS PERN? Because she about to commit it. Which excites Leirith, because if you ask her, she picked Risali because of the tiny woman's ability to be tempestuously furious and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! (Are you tired of that yet? TOO BAD.) "It is Risali," comes with MUY EXASPERATION. "Just Risali, and — Faranth help me, is that a sweet bun?" LUCKY YOU, TYSSARIAN. Risali's enamored with food (BECAUSE SHE'S FAT, JERK), leaning into D'lei's side as she takes deliveries and promptly shoves them RIGHT INTO HER FACE. Pause mid-bite, and the goldrider is squinting at Tanit inappropriately not high enough, tilting her chin so that grey eyes can find D'lei and then shifting to Tyssarian (WHO GETS A GLARE AND A DEATH THREAT WITH EYES) before Risali hooks one arm around Dash and llllleaaaaannnnsss into the dolphincrafter's space using him as leverage. One finger that might be sticky with glaze is extending from sticky buns, and then being pressed WITHOUT PREAMBLE beneath tiny baby boys right to Tanit's TATTOO. ALL IN HER TATA SPACE. SWALLOW. "Tanit." And there's amusement in her gaze as it jumps to her dancing partner's eyes and she outright smiles. "When did you get this?" And she's ducking around D'lei, shoving her food into her mouth, twisting fingers into D'lei's tunic, and leaning in EVEN CLOSER. Don't mind her. MIND LEIRITH, who is opening her maw just a little and trying to maybe nipnipnip that white knot of Tyssarian's. DRAGGO SLOBBER, GOOOOO! « GAROUTH, MINIONS, HE SAID YES. MOOAHAHAHAAHAHA » DOOOOOM. SO. MUCH. DOOM.

"Anytime." Is Tanit's response for D'lei, content to hold and hum for the little boy in her arms. "He's less fussy than Veylin and Vesta." Not really thinking about the words that pop out of her mouth because Risali is leaning and sticking a sticky finger right over the lotus on the lower portion of Tanit's breastbone. The smile that follows a little faded at the edges, but still full of mischief. "I didn't tell you? Jae's brother did it." Let that sink in. " I've probably had it for over a year and a half now. " Not that anyone usually sees Tanit completely out of the wetsuit. "It would figure I'd wind up visiting right in the middle of your search period. I remember your dad mentioning the kid, but it didn't really sink in until I saw you with this little guy." Her mouth slants up as green eyes shift over to D'lei, "You look like you could use a month's worth of naps. Feel free to call if you need someone to keep an eye on the guy while you guys rest, though I imagine you have no shortage of help already."

"Cardamom spice," D'lei says by way of answer to Risali, which are really the first words he has spoken to her thus far in this encounter. This is what babies do to your relationships, kids. THIS. This bun-shoving thing where she leans in against D'lei and he holds her with a semi-circle of his arm, and a bun OUT of the oven and now in Tanit's arms. Where he can be and burble and stare at things and be NOT HELD BY ONE OF THEM, THANK FARANTH. They may have had his elder sister to practice on (and… continue to hold and dandle and feed and change while they also add Kyriel), and they may have three sets of hands, but still. It's nice to get a chance to hold Risali without someone else in there. He listens to the part about tattoos with interest but nothing much to add, and then… "Heh. If Leirith has her way, we may need to build a second barracks." All for just six little eggs. Who will then hatch and have to cared for by one human all alone. Who thought this was a good idea? D'lei laughs at Tanit's observation, lifting his non-Risali-holding hand to brush back his hair. "Three adults to two babies seems fine in principle… until you remember that when baby wakes up and needs something, everyone wakes up." He grins, a bit crooked but also full of pleasure at the cause for his lack of sleep, if… maybe not the lack of sleep itself. "We could sneak away, though." His head turns to Risali now, tone speculative. "Abandon Tanit with Selene and Kyriel, slip off to… Hannista, maybe. They'll have good pillows." Or at least, they export cloth and have a large weaver presence, CLOSE ENOUGH. Garouth, meanwhile? He is (for now) sedate, calm, quiet, and… pretty much everything that Leirith is not. SUCH A PAIR THEY MAKE.

Tanit says, "Leirith has always been excitable though." Tanit laughs, "In principal but the reality is even four to two wouldn't feel like enough. It gets better as they get older or so I've heard." She smirks, "Do I have to get you a piano too then?" This aimed more at Risa than D'lei, while her gaze shifts back over to the youth and his knot. "How many candidates have you found so far?""

"Oh," Risali says softly, intelligently, because she caught that expression on your face. "You didn't." Awkward, awkward, and the goldrider is trying to grasp at topic changes with GUSTO. SHE'S NOT RELIEVED, YOU ARE. "It still hasn't really sunk in yet. I have two perfect babies." But there's another smile on Risali's lips, too bright, too joyful, too many things that only parents can manage when they are this sleep deprived and probably up to their ELBOWS in dirty diapers. "You should come just to visit sometime." A beat, and then, "How are they?" THE TWINS, SHE MEANS. But she's leaning away from tattoos, sticky buns back in her BUSINESS seconds after she exhales, "I knew there was a reason that I love you," to D'lei. And back into the bronzerider she tucks herself, tilting her chin to watch amber eyes as he speaks to her, to Tanit, at all in a way that's probably GROSS because there's a whole lot of adoration behind that attentive expression. "My Dad already said he and R'hyn will come watch the babies overnight, and bring Ibsy, Hery, and Ciardyn with them. They could have a playdate. And when they're older, we can take them to them." STILL. There's a look for Tanit, and then she's pulling D'lei to the side. "Quick, before she changes her mind!" CUE LEIRITH, whose big HEAD is suddenly over Tanit's shoulder so that she can LOOK AT A BABY AGAIN. And possibly wuffle all over the dolphincrafter and her hair. FOOF. FA-FOOF. And yes she is extending claws towards Garouth, trying to touch him too. TOO. FAR. AWAY. "I already have a piano," Risali offers, rocking forward on her heels and WINCING FOR THE MOVEMENT before steadying herself with hands catching the fabric of D'lei's shirt on either side of his torso, just under the ribs. "And anyway, I saw that lime green monstrosity you gave Dad."

Tanit just laughs. It's not that awkward, though Risali could probably make it so. "I'm truly happy for you Risa." A rumble of laugher starts somewhere in the dolphineer's chest, "It's been a crazy year, but I thought that was what I was doing today. " Visiting she must mean. "I imagine between the lot of you you could probably field and entire wing in another year or three." Of the twins, Tanit chuckles, the line rehearsed but no less accurate for it. "My brother and sister are doing well and mom couldn't be happier." Of the Lime monstrosity Tanit sobers. "They planted lime trees, Risa. In my Doorway." WAR. War. "Do you know how long it took to get into my room?"

Yessss, Dad Power! D'lei grins for that idea, because two adults to five small things is great when you are not one of the adults in question. "That'll be great. We'll get the whole family together, everyone'll…" A moment's pause, because maybe he's just looking for the right words here, okay? How do you even describe this family? "…have a great time." D'lei grins widely, because of course this is what will happen! (For them. As for everyone else… ehhh, we'll see.) "We can hide behind Leirith," he tells her, and he should have looked behind him before he said it because there is a Leirith, right there, and he tilts his head up to grin at her - and then a hand up to scritch behind a knob. "Okay, fine. We won't try and hide behind your magnificence today. He's our little hatchling -" baby "- and we'll keep him." Even if he is going to let Tanit keep hold of Kyriel for now, because it is nice to have his hands free and to get to appreciate the view that everyone else gets. At least, as best he can through the haze of tired. As for Tanit's question… he hmms. "I think… of the ones that actually qualified… uh…" He's a tech-crafter. He's supposed to be good at numbers. WHERE IS HIS BRAIN. A shake of his head, and then a grin. "Bout a dozen, maybe? But there's some still thinking about whether they want it." I mean, Leirith is involved. Who wouldn't want this? D'lei certainly scritches her, and Garouth… chuckle-rumbles as Leirith tries to claw him from afar, then flops over onto his side in a way that is certainly dignified and not at all silly. « She stirs. » Not much context, but it's enough to make D'lei sigh. "Should probably get back there," he says with wry smile.

Eyes lid halfway, the queen rumbles her contentment in a physically audible sound WITHOUT failing to keep reaching for Garouth (though maybe the movement is a little more sluggish now, as she turns her maw and snout into D'lei much like a cat demanding MORE LOVE, RIGHT MEOW). "They did what?" But Risali is laughing, and then regretting laughing because BELIEVE IT OR NOT, laughter does HORRIBLY PAINFUL THINGS TO YOUR BODY after you've just had a baby, and there's a huff that might be an attempt to stop laughing without complaining even if her fingers are digging into D'lei's sides because ABUSING THE WEYRMATE IS REASONABLE WHEN HE IS HALF THE REASON YOU ARE IN A STATE OF RUIN OKAY. "Cita will be there too, probably. It won't be so bad, and I'm pretty sure she'd be mad if they made off with all of the kids and didn't include her." IS IT WEIRD TO HAVE SIBLINGS THE SAME AGE AS YOUR OWN SPAWN? YOU BET YOUR ASS IT IS, but Risali manages it well; it's always a risk, when one is born to dragonriders. But Risali lets D'lei go when Garouth sends cryptic messages down the vine that DO ABSOLUTELY MAKE SENSE. Enough so that Risali is stepping around her weyrmate to Tanit, gathering the dolphincrafter into a hug before gently, gently taking Kyriel from her. "We have a spare room if you want to stay in it. K'vir and D'lei might still be rowdy with each other, but I'm off the market for at least another six weeks." AND IS THAT MISCHIEF? IT IS. MORE ABOUT HER SEX LIFE THAN YOU WANTED TO KNOW. NO SHAME. NO REGRETS. A careful shift of bundles who screw up their faces in ways that say I AM ABOUT TO SCREAM ABOUT A LACK OF BOOB, and Risali's making another face as she tucks back in against D'lei. "Selene's not the only one about to be unhappy." BUT SHE RESTS A LOT OF HER WEIGHT ON D'LEI because… well… walking is painful. It's there in her gait, slow as it is when normally the goldrider CAN'T BE STOPPED. "I mean it, Tani! The boys can get stuffed if they disagree!" BECAUSE SHE DOES WHAT SHE WANTS. FREE ROOM AND BOARD FOR EVERYBODY. For now? HOMEWARD BOUND! There Risa and Dash go, off into the sunset to tend the demands of tiny people.

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