Mistrusted! (Egg Touch Three)

Xanadu Weyr Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at humanlevel all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

As it was in the days before, a candidate group was alerted that the sands would be open after breakfast. Each egg remains on their own mounds, today even more of them revealed as they are even more hardened than before. Sahazyth remains a watchful guardian over her clutch, though she does not seem a wary one. Mostly curiously watching those that might touch her eggs. Briana has taken a seat on platform to the sides of the sands. A bit of breakfast set before her and some cold juice besides for the pregnant junior. A weyrlingmaster guides the current group to the sands and passes instructions to them before leaving them to the eggs.

J'yn the shirtless is settled upon the great bronzen Orionth's forelegs, the starryskinned beast watching over the eggs quietly. It seems the clutchsire isn't one of those wary types either, though he is quite alert as he watches candidates approach the precious clutch.

Hotaru has been off busy during other touching opportunities, so she's eager to get in on this one. She promptly abandons whatever else it was she had planned to follow the weyrlingmaster off to the sands. Hotaru gives a wave to Briana and Sahazyth once they're on the sands, then listens carefully to the instructions handed down by said weyrlingmaster. "I'm excited!" She whispers to anyone close enough to hear. Once they are set loose, she heads towards the Fanning the Flames egg and lays a hand down on its surface.

< Hotaru touches egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

Dersk has been on the sands with the pair of dragons ever since the eggs were clutched and the wher was helping to cover them, now the blue wher is settled nearby the entrance to the sands, watching and snuffling each candidate as they enter, though he remains pretty well behaved, allowing them to pass after an initial snuffle.

Despite having had some chances, Soriana is still pleased to have another chance. She grins at Hotaru's excitement, nodding to the other candidate before bobbing her head to the snuffly Dersk, giving the blue wher a grin and a bow just like the ones she gives the clutchparents a moment or three later. He's on the sands, after all! It sorta counts. After that, she's off to walknotrun to the eggs, leaning down to touch her hand to the tangled green of the Guardian of the Ancient Forest.

< Soriana touches egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

Hotaru's ate breakfast not too long ago, but something about this egg is making her hungry! Really hungry. Her stomach growls and if she weren't distracted by the egg she might be a little embarrassed. It's a good sort of hunger though, the sort that you feel when you can smell your favorite meal cookin'. The urge to give this egg a hug is rising! Hotaru will settle with some gentle stroking. She doesn't seem to be in a big hurry to leave, though.

Soriana closes her eyes, then opens them again. The motion is repeated, and her brow furrows as her head gives a small shake before going still in midgesture, cocking to the side in a listening pose. What's this now? She listens for something only she can hear, and her gaze flicks from side to side, looking for… well, she doesn't know yet. Not knowing yet is reason enough to hold her here, curiosity leading toward an anticipation that makes her muscles tense subtly, anticipating possible unknowns that might be coming.

Briana watches the candidates nearly as curiously as her lifemate does. Memories of her own touching no doubt coming to her mind as she watches the reactions of each candidate. "It seems as only yesterday, I was down there touching Sahazyth's shell." She says conversationally to J'yn.

Hotaru has chosen a loveydovey egg! A younger Hotaru might have been turned off, but this version seems to embrace such a feeling. After a few moments she lets her eyes close as she mentally drifts off with the egg in front of her. There's no stress in Hotaru's posture or body language but there's not boredom or listlessness either, she's easing into a silent conversation at this other mind's bidding.

J'yn is more of a guardian figure as he watches, his sword settled against his side as is always, muscular arms crossed over scarred chest as silverblue eyes turn from the milling candidates to Briana. "Aye, I dunna remember details from my candidacy, but I remember how strange and exciting it was. Th'group seems decent at least." He says as he considers each young person critically.

Idrissa has been there along with the others, jut over there waiting and watching it seems. It doesn't take that long that she moves on over near one of the eggs and goes about settling into a crouch. Her hand softly settles upon the lilies egg and she ponders what, or who may be within there and what could possible happen.

< Idrissa touches egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

Dersk is being a good wher, once he's snuffled every entering candidate, he moves towards Sahazyth, gives her a happy 'murgle', and promptly curls up right next to her, he's a brave little blue apparently. Afterall, daytime is supposed to be sleeptime for his kind.

Having prepared for she knew not what, what Soriana actually finds (what actually finds her?) makes the tension turn into a laugh. Her fingers pet along the shadowed shell, caressing its warm surface and stroking over the bits of color hidden among the foliage without a care for the fangs that might lurk beneath those yellow eyes. What's a nip or three? After a moment, her head tilts to the side once more, her hand pausing. The fingers arch up, as if to let the egg move away from her, and then a moment later settle down again, her posture leaning forward into a position of readiness once more, anticipation at the forefront, with curiosity behind and now not even a trace of concern.

Hotaru sniffs a bit at the air, like she smells something but can't make it out. She opens up her eyes but sticks by the egg for a while. Sometimes they surprise you with a burst at the end. But not this one. "Aw." Hotaru says, finally pulling her hand away. The only consolation about leaving an egg you like is getting to touch a new egg that you might enjoy even more! Hotaru moves towards the Talons of the Storm egg and lays a hand down. Testing testing 1, 2, 3….

< Hotaru leaves egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

< Hotaru touches egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

Soriana laughs again, tossing her head in an expression of excitement. Her fingers press to the shell as if to hold on to it, to not be left behind (not leave it behind?) as she grins wide, and then oh. The excitement fades quickly, as she takes in a deep breath with a slightly ragged sound to it, like she's been running hard despite hardly having moved. "Oh," she says, and trails her fingers in another soft pet along the shell's surface before leaving it and going over to touch the dark, brightstudded surface of Anthem of the Ages.

< Soriana leaves egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

Idrissa lets her fingers slide across the egg a few moments, whispers There is a pause as she flicks her gaze around to see whom all is near her and check to see if they may be talking to her, or well trying to talk to her. Though no, no one is there so her attention goes back to the egg. Her fingers slowly slide down across the surface of the egg and she hums softly. Her eyes close, there is the play of water and she swears everything on the sands just disappeared though she knows that she is still safely on the sands at Xanadu so this does help her relax. As the journey continues she smiles this is a bit more her still an so she doesn't pull away, ever curious she stays there seeing where this may lead.

Hotaru shuts her eyes. Then squeezes them shut! She grunts a bit. "Rude." Not rude enough to make her take her hand away. No, in fact this one is becoming more tolerable. Then less. Hey! That's private! Hotaru's brow furrows like she's scolding some younger weyrbrats, then she relaxes again. Then she suddenly freezes in place, and peers around like she's been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Soriana's head tilts to the side as her fingers rest against that eggshell, turning like she's listening for something elusive at first, and then her head returns to center as the sound of it becomes clearer. She starts to hum something, then shakes her head, frowning and disatisfied with her tune though the frown soon fades, replaced by a smile as she holds that listening pose, and then… she hesitates. She bites her lower lip for a moment, thinking, and then swallows. "…okay."

Sahazyth lowers her head and warbles a greeting to her little blue wher. Her night guardian of the sands. Some might perceive that it is such an odd friendship, but for them it seems to make sense. Sorta like a big sister with her weird little brother. Briana watches them across the sands, a hand resting on her rounded belly. She glances back to J'yn and nods, "A good group indeed."

Idrissa goes along with this journey, ever curious around every bend and twist that there is as she ponders how far and where it may still lead too. She is surprised at how detailed things get, and for a moment there she fully believes that she is well not at the Weyr, and off swimming somewhere. A soft eep escapes her and she looks around as if someone was nipping or nibbling at her, her free hand waving away whatever could possibly be there. An then it goes onwards another turn and seems things start to get a bit darker, which thanks to it being so real make her a wee bit nervous, still she never pulls her hand away.

When Mikal heard there was another chance at getting to the sands and seeing the eggs again he jumped at the chance. Rushing through his chores he actually is delayed because he rushed /too/ much and didn't do them quite right. So finally he gets through them and races to the Sands. Slowing his steps as he grows closer he bows respectfully though his eyes sparkle with anticipation. Today he veers straight to an egg to revisit.

Hotaru looks grumpy. Yes, well. Isn't that nice, egg? Making her look silly in front of everyone! It's like those dreams where everything is normal… up until you realize you're naked except for your shoes. There's not much time to be grumpy though, and the redhead goes back to being pretty distracted looking. Then she blinks. "Eh?" Closing her eyes she focuses back in on the mind before her.

< Mikal touches egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

Muir steps onto the sands with some of the others, bowing to the dragons and casting a quick look around. Seeing Hotaru at his favorite egg has him frowning slightly, but as he walks through the clutch he gently lays his hand on another one that's caught his attention.

< Muir touches egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

Soriana frowns now, her gaze looking at the pattern of the Anthem's surface, the image emblazoned on it. Her gaze is fixed on it, staring as if she's expecting to find some answer there. "I…" she murmurs, "…I don't understand." And then her head lowers, gaze lifting up at the same time to keep her attention steady as sorrow vies with perplexment, both of those emotions shading her frown. "I'll try?"
Muir bristles and straightens, both in body and in mind. "Bring it, egg," he mutters, stubborn and challenging.

ka-el had to ask, very, very very nicely, to postpone his lesson on shrinking to instead go to the sands. And he got his wish! Though not without adding an extra chore at the end of the day for inconveniencing his journeyman. No matter, he's here now and shuffles onto the hot sands with those already present. He looks at those eggs with an eager gaze, though paues long enough to acknowledge Sahazyth politely. Briana too. Then, hello familiar friend. We met a few days ago, haven't we? And you. But wait, not you. He pauses near a brown egg and grins a bit. Let's see what today holds! He touches a hand.

< Kale touches egg 4 Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg >

< Mikal leaves egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

Muir tilts his head, shifting his weight in the sand, digging his toes into the grains as if ready to move. Where? Where are they going?

After spending several minutes with his favorite egg, Mikal slowly moves to a new egg that he's not had the chance to see close yet.

< Mikal touches egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

Hotaru sighs a bit and is quiet for several more minutes. Explanations are necessary. She looks surprised for a second then, then almost falls off the egg and onto her behind, stepping back suddenly. "Whoa." She shakes herself out a bit. And after a bit of stumbling around, finds another egg to wash out the images of that one. Oh look, there's the Still waters Run Deep egg!

< Hotaru leaves egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

< Hotaru touches egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

J'yn gives Orionth's leg a pat, the bronze tensing briefly as the wher boldly curls up next to the gold, he's still not so sure about that. But with that pat and a soft murmur from J'yn, the beast settles and just stares at the wher and his golden lady. The man perched upom the bronzen beast chuckles and shakes his head at Orionth, then turns to regard the candidates again briefly before turning towards Briana. "Ne'er shared the sands with a wher b'fore, does it happen a lot?" Because, well, it's not like he's been on many sands, likely.

Muir shivers as he withdraws his hand from the egg, peering at it for a long moment. "But I don't want to run away," he whispers. But still, he gives it a little pat before he steps aside, over to the egg that Mikal just left.

< Muir leaves egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

< Muir touches egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

The sorrow leaves Soriana's expression, but the uncertainty remains, that little questioning frown. It's not as pronounced, now. Not as… frowny. But it's still there, and after a long moment of thought, Soriana's fingers begin to slide away. "I… still don't understand," she murmurs softly. "I'm sorry. You… good luck." With that, she draws her hand the rest of the way away, regarding the egg for a long moment before leaving it behind and approaching This From Afar.

< Soriana leaves egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

Idrissa has plenty of interest to see where this made lead. The sounds and voices around her never make it fully to her, she is instead more interested in what is going on around her. There are little things 'floating' by, perhaps something swimming a bit close which makes her look one way and then another while she takes in a soft breath. "So real" Her attention drifts to something that is there, seeable but still hidden to some degree. "Let's see what it is." She murmurs to the egg and the one within.

This one has an interesting shell. Not exactly….pretty, per say, but interesting. Kale's eyes roam the egg's surface before his attention is caught instead by something else. "Huh?" He shudders a little, a slither of electricity running up his spine and he can feel his skin tightening in response. But he soon settles, and a slight smirk is soon. Sorry, he forgot to say hello like he's done the others. "Hey."

Mikal gives a bit of a startled gasp for as soon as his hand makes contact with the egg below he's surrounded by sights and senses that were previously not there. Taking several smaller breaths he simply lets his hand slide softly down the shell with a contented sigh as he makes no move to break contact just yet. He murmurs his greeting to the young one curled up inside.

Hotaru shivers when she touches this egg. From warm to cold she's gone. Though it was hard to imagine being cold on the hot sands. She takes long deep breaths. Nosey eggies. Now what? After the last egg this one doesn't seem to be quite as brusk though. Hotaru isn't quite relaxed, but she's not itching to leave either. No, she hangs onto this egg for now.

Idrissa there is pausing moments as she tries to take everything in, darkness is clearly picked up and then there is movement, quick and almost predatory like which makes her take in a quick unsure breath. "Oh no" A half squeal escapes her and her breath quickens for a moment, something is so following her. She crouches down a bit closer to that egg as if that would help, though a moment later it has stopped and she takes in a soft unsure breath. Her eyes flick open; she looks around her as if making sure here is nothing creeping out from the shadows about to tackle her. "Maybe we're get the chance another time.." With this touching session over she leans back slightly rubbing at her neck before shifting back, taking a breather before going to touch another one it would seem.

< Idrissa leaves egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

Muir is not afraid, even when he probably should be. He shivers, fingers twitching against the shell. "Shards," he mutters, inappropriately to the egg. "What the…. what was that?"

Soriana's fingers touch the sandy eggshell, and concern moves to sharpen her features for a moment. "What… oh." Relief sets in, but it proves to be shortlived. Her eyes make small, darting movements, seeking back and forth as if searching for something… anything, but the figures of the other candidates and the eggs with them fail to satisfy her. If she even sees them. She frowns, and her body tenses, her breathing quickening slightly before she all but yanks her hand away. "Oh!" She stares at the egg for a long moment, then shakes her head as she steps back. No more of that for her. She looks around, and when her gaze falls on Idrissa, she heads over that way gladly, offering the other girl a smile and a touch for her arm before moving in to touch the egg Idrissa just left, the coollooking shell of Luck in the Water Lilies.

< Soriana leaves egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

Muir blinks. "What, did I offend you?" he mutters to the egg. "Is…that possible? Do you even have feelings right now? Uh…I'm sorry?" He's apologizing to an egg.

Kale's thoughts are brought to the surface, bobbing up beneath a foggy film and then disappearing again to make room for the next. Familiar faces. Voices of laughter. A merry fire. Fields of gold. His smile is as warm as these memories, and his palm rubs gently against the shell. Are these harder now than before? A sturdier surface now to press onto while the crevices of his mind are touched and prodded, though the look on his face shifts after a moment, to one of thought. Such deep questions..he's not sure of the answer.

Mikal basks in a warmth that only he can feel at the moment. It's a different warmth than the heat of the sands surrounding him. A small sigh is heard and once more he murmurs his answers to the egg, his voice only carrying so far before it fades away with the rest of the sounds upon the Sands. So many questions! He answers each with deep thoughts. As he does so..his words slow and eventually he takes his hand off the egg. Staring at the egg a moment he slowly replaces his finger tips first then the palm back to the shell.

Hotaru looks pleased with herself. Though she still feels cold, and her skin is covered in goosebumps even though it's hot on the sands. She sniffs again at the air. There's no fighting in Hotaru's face, no she seems to be more listening, maybe having a silent conversation as minds explore one another.

Soriana smiles. Yes. That's what she wanted. The coolness, the feeling of being surrounded… she gives herself up to it willingly, this time. She lets it carry her deeper, her breathing becoming slower and more even, her eyes drifting closed as her fingers press next to each other and curve slightly, cupping the egg between them delicately, like a soapbubble she's caught for just a moment. It's lifting her up, or else dragging her down, and either way her smile widens. For a moment she relaxes, but she doesn't intend to relax for long. Her fingers flick against the shell's surface, her head tilting down as she dives deeper into what this egg has to offer.

Muir just stares at the egg and shakes his head, stepping away to survey the clutch again. That one looks good! And over he goes.

< Muir leaves egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

< Muir touches egg 12 Under a Watchful Sky Egg >

Kale has gone through this egg without closing his eyes. A first, if he remembers correctly. And the look on his face is … unsure of what his mind felt. Unsure of the questions. Unsure of his own answers..if he likes them or not. His hand is pulled away. "I've got things to think about," he says, head nodding slowly just once. "Thank you." He steps back and looks around, heading for one untocuehd by him. But, oh! It is occupied. But that one over there is also unfamiliar…and also occupied! That's alright, there's that pretty one over th.. He can't help but laugh as he reaches strike three! He steps back to patiently wait, then catches sight of one more he hasn't yet met. He steps towards another blue egg, smirking. "Finally, huh?"

< Kale touches egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

Muir crouches down beside this egg, and puts his ear to the shell. His finger goes tap, tap, tap, like what you're not supposed to do to a fish or reptile tank. Hey. Wake up in there.

< Mikal leaves egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

Mikal draws his hand away with some reluctance to depart this particular egg. There's a peaceful look to his expression as he drifts away. For a moment he simply stands and surveys the various eggs. Then with a sense of purpose he strides to a colorful egg.

< Mikal touches egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

Soriana strokes along the surface of the egg, her hands moving with a paired motion that sweeps back and forth against it slowly. She smiles, nodding her head occasionally or laughing briefly, but then the laughs become less frequent. The smile lingers for longer, but it grows less certain of itself as she remains. She frowns, and her fingers pause for a moment in their stroking of the egg's shell. Uncertainty looms, and then she lowers her head in a determined pose as her fingers pet down, down the egg's sides once more.

Muir goes tap, tap, tap again, waiting, but his patience is wearing thin for this egg. Expecting something grand, perhaps?

< Hotaru leaves egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

Hotaru suddenly realizes she's been holding her breath for a while and takes in a long breath. It's all left her a little lightheaded though. She pulls herself away and scratches her head a bit. Whew. It was always weird to think that she could end up impressing to one of these dragons. Also a little scary. "I should probably run and get my chores done." That was enough eggs for now. She gives a quick bow before heading out.

Mikal peers intently towards the egg with so many colors splashed across it. He traces the greens, scarlets, azure and golden hues lightly with his fingertips. Having thought this egg to be a bit too full of flowers before he touches the egg lightly to get a good feel of the habitant inside. "Heya inside there." he greets.

"Hi," greets Kale gently, bringing a second hand to the shell's sealike surface. Gentle. Then stronger. He can feel the pulsations beginning to grow and he tentatively opens his mind. Or at least, he thinks he is. How can one be sure one is doing this correctly? He must be, for his ears become deaf to voices around him and opens to sounds heard only by him. Are you finding what you're looking for? Louder and stronger, his eyes close and squeeze a moment. But then.. fading. "You can't go away already, can you?"

Soriana's hands hesitate again, though the fingers keep moving, little motions that seem almost… anxious. They're ready to move, but which way to go? Soriana isn't sure, and the flailings of her fingers don't seem to do her any good. Her breath comes quicker as she makes those restless fingerwiggling motions, and for a moment it seems she might pull away until she forces herself to take a deep breath, and stop searching just long enough for her fingers to sweep down over the egg's surface in unison once more and then it's suddenly all okay again, and her breathing steadies as her fingers stroke the smooth shell again, her posture relaxing and her expression turning into a smile of pleasure once again.

Mikal tilts his head in thought as questions rise to the surface of his memories that perhaps he never considered. "I don't know…maybe." he murmurs quietly. Such reflective thinking! He listens, absently running his hand up and down the egg shell without realizing his hand is even moving.

Muir abandons the silent egg and steps back, walking to the edge of the sands. For now he just watches and waits, arms crossed in front of him and a thoughtful frown on his features.

Soriana draws her fingers away from this egg's shell, and she looks down at them slightly dubiously, splaying the fingers apart and giving them a little shake before she does the same with her head. Her mouth opens, then closes again, and she turns away from the lilypads to touch her fingers to the Diamongs in the Sky.

< Soriana leaves egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

Kale should know better than to believe he's anywhere other than here. Here presently, on hot sands. But for a while, he isn't. He's wonderfully somewhere else and his body feels light and warm and things below seem smaller and smaller until they are too tiny to be deemed important. Is he soaring? Goosebumps rise on the backs of his arms, but he seems not to mind. His mind continues to smile, arms outstretched against the prickling sensation. Then, danger. Can he welcome it? Is he ready for this? He begins to shiver, and the relaxed lines of his face harden. What happened? Where is everything? You can't desert me…

Mikal's eyes close briefly then open with a snap as a part of him is revealed that he never knew was even there. For however briefly this revelation is he looks a bit awed. "No…wait." he murmurs, reaching his other hand to the egg as if that might draw back the presence within. It does not though and too soon he draws back from the egg.

< Mikal leaves egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

< Mikal touches egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

Muir steps forward again and this time he rests his hands upon one he HASN'T touched before. For reals.

< Muir touches egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

Kale can think of a word. Intense. The feeling of falling. Intense. The sensations to his face. The bitter cold. The imagined wind that causes him to slightly hunch. Too cold. It's freezing! Or so it'd seem. That's why people shiver, isn't it? Or is there another cause behind the trembling of his body? His eyes open but his hand remains, still entrapped within his mind, enduring it all without complaint. And then, an exhale, and dull eyes again sharpen to stare at the egg's shell. He gives another light shudder, pulling his hand away, rubbing his arms. "Alright, then.." He hates the cold and steps away from that egg happily, approaching another. Will you be summer?

< Kale leaves egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

< Kale touches egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

Muir gasps, shaking his head firmly, but his fingers remain lightly brushing the egg's shell despite the thudding of his heart. He looks around, and then frowns when he doesn't see his sister. Shaking his head firmly, he looks back at the egg.

Mikal again greets the egg he has picked out which turns out to be the only egg he's not touched yet. So he lingers with a soft word of greeting that trails off to a surprised 'oh' as he touches the egg. "Whoa…" he sounds breathless as he seems to be dragged into the whirlwind of thoughts and sensations.

Muir swallows and coughs into his arm, peering at the egg with a deep frown creasing his brows. "That's not nice," he quietly scolds the egg. Hey, someone's got to teach it, right?

Kale allows the sands to warm him up as he touches this quiet egg. Solemn egg? He doesn't say anything aloud or mindwise for that matter, allowing himself to just feel and enjoy this one. If he can. Where is he? Left and right give watery views. Vision interrupted by captured air and broken beams of light. And something else? He can't help but wonder as he follows.

Muir withdraws his hand from the egg's shell and then gives it a little pat. "You're strange," he says, though amused, as he goes back to his retreat against the wall. This time he crouches down to watch.

Soriana blinks, as if she's trying to clear her eyes. Why are they playing tricks on her? She sniffs, blinking again, but she can't seem to get her eyes to focus. They keep blurring, like what she's looking for keeps moving on whenever her eyes track it to where it was. Maybe it wasn't actually there at all. Maybe it was a shadow cast… but that's silly. How could there be a shadow in this much light? Her hand lifts away from the egg, and she rubs her eyes, then reaches out to touch it once more. Time to try again.

Mikal smiles faintly from the feeling of approval emitting from the egg. He does stay and listen to the one inside. Standing very still he sees nothing but the egg before him and what images the egg brings to his mind.

Kale wonders what this is. Where this is? Before there was familiarity. Things recalled. This? He's not sure about this, but he continues, wide eyed. He continues despite obscured vision and a wariness of the unknown. For where there is wariness, there's also excitement. Is that normal? Is that wise? He could turn back, and for a moment his fingers do twitch, as if reminding him they are there. But he does not draw away. Show me more.

Mikal finally breaks contact with this last egg and steps back. His eyes are a bit glassy as he regards the clutch as a whole. Biting his lower lip he bows once more to the dragons present as well as their riders. This done he moves to depart the sands. He doesn't go far though for he goes to take a seat in the front row in the galleries.

< Mikal leaves egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

Kale frowns. "Not so…" The phrase is broken and lost. He hesitates, eyeing that place. What is that? Does he dare? But things there are not as good. He can feel them seeping from himself, these dark thoughts. Undesired feeling. But is this not his own self? How can he be afraid of that? There is none. There can't be. That would be nonsensical! The fear is swallowed. His hand stays steady.

Soriana smiles at first as she touches the shell again, but after a moment, she ducks her head. Perhaps she's just trying to shield her eyes from the light? Perhaps, but then again… that doesn't explain her frown. "That's… because it's… it's not important." Her frown deepens, and her gaze is angled toward the sand at her feet instead of at the egg itself. "I'm not hiding it." There's a hint of defensiveness, though she keeps her tone quiet. "I just… haven't told anyone. That's all." She gives her head a little shake, and her fingers soon fall away from the egg, though the frown lingers on her face. Another moment of regarding the egg, but this time, she doesn't reach out again, simply leaving it be to continue hardening in the warmth of the sands. She bows once more to the clutchparents, then slips away from the sands with the frown and a tumble of thoughts lingering.

[[span style="color:darkred"]]< Soriana leaves egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

Kale's hand is pulled back, heartbeat quick. What was that? Was that in him? Inside the shell? All that noise, but in the end.. he grins. Faintly. Coyly, almost. "That's what you wanna do?" He can dig it, little dragon. Are the two of them meant to live life on the edge? Maybe so. Maybe not. Only time will tell, and for now Kale is left with just the thought of possible things to be as he moves away. The sands have lessened. Where is everyone? There's only a faint glance around before he notes one of the two eggs left undiscovered.

[[span style="color:darkred"]]< Kale leaves egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

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