Misgivings! (Egg Touch Two)

Xanadu Weyr Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at humanlevel all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

It seems that the AWLMs have rounded up a few candidates for an evening session with the eggs since Sahazyth is in a relaxed mood. With the junior likely up in the observation level, the group is ushered in and given the oftrepeated caution to show respect for the clutchparents, not to run or fool around on the sand and to keep their voices moderate. They could probably recite them in their sleep by now! With the rules out of the way, the candidates are ushered out onto the sands, the AWLMs strolling around amongst them quietly, watchful and silent so as not to interfere with their communication with those eggs, but keeping a presence nonetheless to prevent problems.

ka-el has been excited sincegaining knowledge that there was going to be another one of these. Since his last, he's had egg on the brain! And so stepping onto the hot sands brings with it a feeling of anticipation. What will speak to him this time? It was so … strange, yet wonderful. He glances to those eggs, pausing on the familiar ones that his hands and cheeks pressed upon before while listening to the rules and warnings that have been engraved in their minds. Got it! And now, finally, they're set free. Sahazyth, as before, is given a smile and gentle bow of thanks before his eyes shift to his friends, smile trning to a grin. Then, it's all about the eggs. There was one he remembered. The shell so interesting, yet time got away from them and the rainbow was left undiscovered. But now, moving carefully, he approaches that cheerful looking egg and slides his palms upon its prismatic top. "Hey.."

< Kale touches egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

Zahleizjah is really working on getting her act together, but today seems to be doing the opposite as clumsiness consumes her. On the way down the hallway she tripped on one of the ties to her sandals, taking down some poor innocent Candidate who ended up in the Infirmary with a busted chin. It is a day for apologies apparently, and although she offered to go with him, he did not hiss, but instead pleaded for her to not miss it too. The poor thing has taken a few breaths, knowing she needs to regain composure before she'll be allowed anywhere near those eggs. Complete silence remains for now as she files in with the group, bowing to the clutchparents and those around with controlled reservations to save for her ability to do something stupid like fall face first in the sands right off the bat. She'll look around for a few bleary eyed moments while getting used to the heat from here.. who's first? She sets her sights.

< Zahleizjah touches egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

Idrissa wasn't sure to say or well do when Zahleizjah managed to trip someone on the way out here to the sands. She was well, a bit happy that it wasn't her at least. When it comes to getting hurt she manages to do that enough without anyone's help. Once more out on the sands and she listens to the rules that are given, a few nods seen showing she is listening even though she has heard them over and over. Yes she could most likely write them in her sleep at this point. As with the other candidates she pauses, bowing to the clutch parents before she lets her gaze fall back to the eggs. She takes in a soft breath and slowly shifts forward towards one of the eggs that caught her attention the other time but she didn't get a chance too. Now though she will be checking on that rather runnerish marked looking egg. Once near the afar egg she crouches down letting her hand softly touch the surface pondering what is to come.

< Idrissa touches egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

A nice one. For now. Kale's smile lingers as his eyes examine the shell, seeing upin it intricacies that were not visible before. "Hey," he says again, voice barely carrying. "You're different than the others to me.." His voice trails as he allows something to seep into his mind, touching thoughts and memories that causes that smile to grow just slightly. Good things. Happy things. Private things. Subtle. His hands slide upon the smooth surface, finding a new place to settle, yet not leaving the egg just yet.

Zahleizjah is enveloped as the mirage of being on the Sands, thinking distantly to herself about how's she's glad it was Idrissa too, or even Kale's egg eating affinity, but only for a moment before she's whisked away by Rukbat's very own solar energy. The burst of light that takes over is nearly blinding and the young Starcrafter is enraptured by that which she usually tries to avoid. There is some fear at first, intoxicating olfaction toying with her mind, but those hands aren't going anywhere. If she was slow to place her palms, maybe even slightly hesitant, it all fades away with the burn off as the connection is made. For as clumsy as she is, hands are steady on the smooth shell and she waits for anything further to tickle her senses. Potentially paralyzed for sure!

Kale closes his eyes as the feeling begins to change. It wasn't enough, what he gave. Does this deem him inadequate? What are you looking for, dear thing? Unknown thing. Mysterious thing that so many pine for. He inhales a deep breath of the hot air, filling his lungs with it, holding it and keeping himself still. Poised. Why is a difficult question. Why? To answer them he'd have to search deep within himself right along with you, mysterious egg. "Maybe together … we'll find out," answered aloud, though nowhere near loudly. Even has a difficult time hearing his own words, for his focus is not on himself but instead on the searching feeling within himself. Why, indeed.

Idrissa lets her eyes close tightly for a few moments as her fingers stay upon her egg, everything is once more changing and she still can't get use to the idea that the little ones within those eggs can do such a thing. Wherever she happens to be at the moment there is a slight look of worry across her face as she takes in a faint breath while seeming to look one way then another with a few turns of her head caught by the ones around her. There's a sound and she tilts her head and for a moment her fingers slip free from the egg. Though it doesn't last for long, biting her lip to calm her nerves her hand settles back upon it, nope she isn't given up that easily.

Zahleizjah is good at hiding, too good, and her innerworkings revolt as the presence from within that shell expose her deepest darknesses one by one. The questions arise and swirl around in her head, wooziness settling in her stomach as she swallows the effects of overstimulated salivation with a bit of a *GULP* A slight tremble plagues her for just a moment as palpitations surge, another deep breath taken as she searches for the comforting sunshine again. It is hard to tell what is going on, her own inner turmoil uprooted and sloshed around, murky sediment at the bottom and all. This type of feeling cannot be maintained for long, and sidewards glances to Kale and Idrissa pull her momentarily from the wishing well of thoughts that were trying to eat her alive. Another deep breath, that's all she really has as the Sands swirl about her, hands stay planted and although churning on the inside, she stands firmly on her own two feet as eyes close again.

Kale's somewhat stiff stance of anticipation begins to melt now, and his palms gently caress the egg's surface. It's gone somewhere. Where is that feeling coming from? Some unheard of place. A secret cavernous place teeming with things, including this one thing that has him relaxing so. He wishes he could give that thing a name. He wishes it would stay with him there and bring out what treasures its holding. But he can feel it slipping away from him, and he grasps for it. Just wait! He'll come with you and true selves can be discovered! He can hear his own voice in his mind as an echo, and that thing, so close, yet waving a goodbye. His eyes open, gaze clouded and unfocused for a while until rapid blinks clear his vision which settle again upon that cheerful surface. His hands slip away. "See you," murmured with a slight tilt of his head before he backs away, eyes lingering a moment before he walks, drawn to another, so opposite the first. A brown shelled egg. So ordinary looking from afar. One hand is touched, curiously.

< Kale leaves egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

<Kale touches egg 12 Under a Watchful Sky Egg >

Idrissa is starting to think someone is messing with the heat of the sands, what if it is breaking down again? Or or.. No she has to remind herself that everything is fine and it is not a repeat of before, that the little one within that egg is messing with her head so to speak. A soft breath escapes her before she is coughing, as if suddenly having a dry throat and needing a drink, not that she is leaving to try and fine one. A hand lifts as if trying to brush something away from her face, her other hand is unmoving from that egg.

Look left. Look right. The eyes of Kale's mind glance around him. Suspicious. Searching. There! They open wide, pupils dilating beneath a bright whiteness. Too bright. Too loud! Can a color be loud? Should he be so open? Memories surface. Lessons long ago forgotten or dismissed beneath the new rules he's adopted in this new life of his. A life so different than the memories that are now creeping back to him. This is wrong. That was the one truth that he knew, and now his hand retracts from the shell as his head shakes, bringing back the sands and the heat and banishing away that too bright light. The memory lingers, but he frowns at it, stubbornly replacing his hand.

Idrissa is anything she is determined to not let this egg 'win' so to speak. The sounds, feelings and sights will be something that she clearly remembers though. There is new sights now and she blinks, looking a bit confused how does it go from one scene to another and so smoothly. Her hand slips free from the egg and she lets her gaze rest upon it once more, she looks a bit amused and smiles. "Thanks for the trip." Is mrurmured to the egg while she shifts back to allow another candidate another turn. She lets her gaze fall upon the blackish colored egg of another gets her attention and she turns to touch that one now.

< Idrissa leaves egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

< Idrissa touches egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

Zahleizjah is far from perfection, but could maybe learn a thing or two from this captivating orb. She does however know how to trudge on against any hurdles that may come her way and sticks around to see what other boundary pushing experiences are to be offered. Her middle is still in knots, though a new level has been reached as the momentarily connected pair explore new realms. The young Starcrafter obliges to whatever may come next as consciousness floats in to dreamland. The thrill of this travel is zipping across Zahl's existence as the far reaches are ventured to. There is no more fear, just trust and things become like just another walk in the forest. She feels warm, then again they are on the Sands, and just as reluctant as she was to touch, she is to pull away, hoping for just one more breath of that sweet air, that shimmering sun, that transcendental peace.

Idrissa is a bit surprised at the sudden attack into her memories so to speak. There are a few pulled forth that cause her to grumble as she seemingly watches them go fluttering by. Her eyes closed yet clearly moving behind her eyes and as one is stopped and perhaps questioned a soft sheepish meep escapes her. "Ah.. well…you see…." This is how everything starts that could possibly be something bad or perhaps embarrassing right? Of course. Though instead of trying to escape the pressing thoughts her hand stays settled upon that egg.

That replacement of his hand is like a jolt, and Kale visibly winces, as if shocked by an unexpected spark of electricity. Fast! What happened there? He's caught but does not struggle. You needn't be so rough, I'd've given it to you… I only had to think on it a moment. A brief moment. There's no going back now, no matter what memory resurfaces deep down there, wherever you are. He turns his head to one side, feeling hot breath on his neck. Or is that merely the warmth of the air here in this chamber?

Zahleizjah is taken all the way back to Yokohama as she's shot out in to space by the jovial sharing that is exhumed from this mindnumbing egg. The last glimpse of the potential within is shared and clung to, surprising herself when the smothering is secretly reveled in. She cannot help it, a beaming grin and wide eyes as she slowly pulls away. Maybe she couldn't handle it!? A healer is quick to approach her on the sands, just as the dizziness is recognized and sets in. He says to her "You don't look so good.." right as she's wobbled a safe distance away and knees start to go weak. Another healer is by her side in a flash "Let's get her to the Infirmary and hydrated.. then back to the barracks.." which means she'll be fine.. though she's unlikely to admit this isn't the first time she almost passed out on the Sands. So much for composure.

< Zahleizjah leaves egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

Could, nothing. Soriana's pretty sure some of those in the candidate barracks do mutter it in their sleep. She's a bit late, because as the AWLMs led them past the Annex, one of the dragonhealers had 'one quick thing' to ask about one of her assignments, but she arrives now and pauses at the entrance to give that familiar bow before walking across the sands. She considers for a moment, then sidles up next to From Ground to Air and touches it.

< Soriana touches egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

Idrissa smiles a bit, though who knows to what really, there is something there at the back of her mind that she finds amusing and perhaps wondering if these little ones will remember any of this when they are hatched. More of her thoughts are ran through, some picked at, others tossed and then there is that one that is grabbed that makes her slip still and she has an unsure look. "I didn't have a choice I had to or Or one of us would have been hurt worse or else." She doesn't go into much more detail than that, her voice just a low little whispery thought while her free hand settled against her forearm to hide the scars that she knows are there.

Like a panther, this one lept and claimed and disappeared in the shadow so quickly and silently. Was it merely a dream? Kale's mind is left to decipher truth from fantasy as the pressure on his mind backs off and backs off and backs off until it is gone. Who was it that he saw there? "Was it mother?" whispered to the silent shell, but there is no answer. Maybe there never will be. Or maybe there will be a lifetime to answer all of those questions that were so rapidly thrust at him. Kale's hand is retracted and lifted through his hair, moist with sweat from the heat of the sands. The excess moisture is wiped on his pants, then given an extra wipe to his shirt as he moves to another. Just one more? Maybe there's time for this one, like a jungle.

< Kale leaves egg 12 Under a Watchful Sky Egg >

< Kale touches egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

Soriana smiles slightly, her fingers tracing a line of blue along the egg's shell, a slow and sweeping sort of motion. Back and forth, back and forth, and her eyes close as her fingers keep up the motion. "Huh. Maybe," she murmurs back to what's inside. "I didn't think of it that way. I'm not sure if it'd be better or not. S'worth a try." She shrugs, smiling, and her head is swaying now to that same rhythm as her fingers make against the eggshell as she drifts against it for more moments until the smile turns into a little laugh. "Don't you know, it's back and forth?" she asks teasingly. "But it's climbing up the shor oh, wait, don't go." After the tide comes in, it goes back out, and yet her hand stays to hope for another rise.

Idrissa smiles a moment and nods to whatever she has been shown or told. "You're welcome." This said with a soft murmur to the egg. Though it doesn't seem done with her just yet, and her fingers lingers for a few moments as she is given some images that makes her take in a slight breath. She has questions though before she can ask them the one within the egg is 'leaving' so to speak and she ponders while leaning back slightly. While she can't ask the questions that run through her mind at the moment she smiles. "Thank you." Is murmured out once more to the one within the egg. Her attention turns to another egg, close to one she was just at and she lets her hand settle upon the field of flowers egg as no one is there.

< Idrissa leaves egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

< Idrissa touches egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

Blue eyes grow black, seeking light. Where is he? .. Kale's been here before. Somewhere in another time in another place in another body, he's sure. In his ears he hears a cadence. Time kept by a drum whose rhythm does not falter, and the expression seen on the candidate's staring face is not one of fear but instead one of focus. Sounds. Scents. Sights. .. No sights. But other senses are on overdrive to compensate. The drumbeat skips as he looks left. There's something there! Soon. Almost. His hand shifts, almost pulling back. But his fingers slightly curl as if to grasp the surface, not allowing himself to disengage. Come find me.

Soriana smiles once more, and her head slowly tilts back, closed eyes angling toward the lights overhead as her fingers grow still against the egg for a moment and then drift back up along the course they zigzagged down. After a moment, she shivers, then takes a deep breath before opening her eyes again, looking up at those lights without really seeing them. There's got to be something there. Something. Somewhere. Even if her senses aren't willing to show it right now, she keeps looking. Listening. Searching. Hoping. Where are you?

Idrissa feels light touches upon her, mostly upon her thoughts than anywhere else. "I… Well..I have." Wait why does she have to do such a thing? There is a pause and she ponders what to say for saying it. "Perhaps I am, though time will tell for sure." This is murmured out to the one within that egg that has her attention now. Once more her memories are shuffled through and she smirks a moment while working on trying to keep certain memories there to be looked and picked through then others. She needs to have some control her, or well at least attempt to have some.

Kale exhales a very slow, very long breath. "Hey.." is said aloud, a lopsided grin accompanying the word. Yes, hello there! Thank you for not attacking. His smile lingers as tenseness shifts to vague relaxation. This is better. This one probes not so much and questions in ways different than all the rest. Sometimes it's better like this. Not giving too much. Not taking too much. Being in the present, teeter tottering on that line that separates right from wrong. Predator from prey. Excitement from vapidness. Leaning this way and that. Back and forth. That relaxed look hardens, etching towards mischief. Let's go.

Oh, there you are! Soriana smiles, keeping her head lifted to the sky as her fingers rest atop the egg. The smile fades for a moment, and then her jaw sets as she lowers her head slightly, pressing her fingers more firmly to the egg as her posture turns into one hunched toward it, putting her body between the shell and that sky she was staring toward just before. Her teeth are clenched, not about to chatter. Nope. She holds on for moments, ages, she doesn't know, until her body relaxes again, her head tilting up to stare up once again, her expression turning into a wondering smile as she peers at the lights overhead until finally she rises to her feet, lifting up her hand from the shell to reach toward the sky and blink. Ow. Why does she have spots over her vision like she's been staring into bright lights? She rubs her eyes before glancing back at that egg and giving her head a rueful shake. "You," she says, and just leaves it at that before shuffling over to warm up at Fanning the Flames.

< Soriana leaves egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

This is amazing. This is fantastic! The beat of that drum quickens and quickens, trying to keep up. With what? With feet? Claws? Paws? A racing wind? A lost echo? What is being south and hunted? It matters not, for the glee Kale feels is written on his face as plain as day. There's something about this one that has taken him wholly, and his chest heaves was he tries to catch his breath. Faster and faster, racing together. Racing alone. Racing! And then, suddenly, it stops, and his eyes look at something that he can't reach far from him. Wait. Don't go yet. Come back and let's do that again. Please, wait! "Wait!" he calls out verbally, voice loud enough to echo. His hand is pulled away from the egg shell abruptly, expression embarrassed. Why is he still out of breath? He steps back from the egg, but his eyes watch it with wonder.

< Kale leaves egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

Idrissa hums softly once the questions are asked and she tilts her head pondering the answers. Though does this little one already know the answers that she is about to give? Who knows? "There's Soriana, Kale, Zahle, Garait…" A few more names are softly murmured. "There my friends, we have fun so why wouldn't I?" Yes she is having a conversation with the one trapped within the egg at the moment and she has no problem with that it seems. "I love doing those things; the runners are like family to me too. I wouldn't dream of doing anything less other then work with them."

Soriana starts with a touch of just one hand, and then her other hand touches as well, cupped like she's warming her hands in front of the fire of that shell. She smiles, settling into that touch. "Oh, hello. I hope you don't mind. But the door was open…" Not that there's anything actually open about that shell, luckily. Perhaps Soriana's mind is still a bit muddled, but her smile is warm and earnest. "I'm glad I came by too."

Idrissa bites down upon her lip once that part is found that was seemingly hidden until this little one pulled it out. "No..I do and I rather not." She is unsure about this now, her tone showing it a bit worry filled at the questions and thoughts that run across her mind. Though soon enough the thoughts are gone with a soft breath escaping her. "Maybe with time, anything is possible." She offers with a soft tone while she leans back slightly and just looks at the egg wondering. A slight shake of her head is seen and she has to take in a few breaths before she turns her attention slips over the ones here and the eggs presents. She slowly shifts backwards a few steps, seemingly needing a few moments, or perhaps just some time after that last egg she touched.

< Idrissa leaves egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

Soriana smiles, and it seems like she's finding new muscles she didn't know were tensed to relax, melting away in the heat as her smile grows easier, more contented. Her thoughts wander, touching this, that going along with nowhere at all more important than the journey. She offers thoughts back, a specific leaf that might go on that tree a hollow just beyond that hill, and the people who might visit there. Always just suggesting, using that landscape to arrange bits of her own memories for that curious gaze in a rambling, hereandthereandbackagain path. There's no rush, is there?

Oh, but perhaps she should have there's more Soriana could have thought. More possibilities. More hills beyond which… but not today. She smiles still, but it's with a touch of… regret is too strong a word. Regret implies that there's something she's sorry about, and there's nothing she's sorry enough about to displace the pleasure of this meeting, limited in time as it may necessarily be. "Good night," she murmurs softly. "Sweet dreams." She leaves it to those dreams and wanders on, to where the night sky seems to watch waving grasses. "Hello," she says as she reaches Under a Watchful Sky.

< Soriana leaves egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 12 Under a Watchful Sky Egg >

Soriana leans in closer to the shell, her expression questioning as her gaze goes across the subtle patterns, testing if they're the same time over time. Perhaps they've begun to hide something new, or else something there all along that she only just saw no, wait, that wasn't… was it? And for that matter… if there is something looking back, what's it actually looking for from her? "Well, I definitely can't if you keep hiding!" she finally says, her tone exasperated.

Well. It's definitely not hiding anymore! On the other hand, Soriana's not actually sure if she's happier this way. Her eyes widen with a moment of surprise, and then her head tilts down slightly and her chin firms as she tries to hold her own against that pounce, against the raking that seeks through her thoughts. "Because… Xan looked at me funny." She smirks slightly, then shakes her head. "I wasn't… that's not why I did it." A frown. "Maybe I thought he'd listen. I dunno. I guess… yeah, I learned how to keep quiet. Sorta. I'm not very good at it." The smile's back, tinged rueful now, and then she gives her head a shake. "But what're you looking for?"

Closer to the present, and if Soriana still has no answer for the what and why, she's at least having an easier time keeping up with it. "Who?" she asks, tone surprised. "Zah? She's… well, I just do. She seems so… lost. Less now than when she got here. And that's good." Her tone is firm, almost demanding it more than just saying it. "She… yeah." One corner of her mouth twists, and her thoughts go to other Persons. Her mother. Her boyfriend. A crowd of others standing behind them. "That I'm lucky. Really lucky." A shrug, almost apologetic, and then she blinks at the egg before drawing her fingers away. "Still dunno what you're looking for," she says. "But good luck." With that, she leaves it behind and moves from sparse colors to many as she touches the Primordial Philosopher.

< Soriana leaves egg 12 Under a Watchful Sky Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

Soriana is quiet, her hands cupped against the multicolored nay, multipaletted eggshell. What's quieter still is what comes back at her, and she blinks as she discovers that the thing she was waiting for was already here. The mental call is coming from inside her mind. Oh, she thinks back for there's something about that presence that makes saying words out loud seem taboo; a disruption of the peace beyond her mere presence. Hello, she thinks to that coiled pressure, with slow careful thoughts to try to make them clear enough without using any words out loud. I'm here to say hello. To show you me. Us. All of us and there are mental images of the candidates, there showing ourselves to you.

There is, it must be admitted, a moment of relief; the moment when a small breath is let out by Soriana. Only a small one, because there wasn't room to hold a large one, somehow. More relaxed now, she nods to the egg as her hands rest on it, her face relaxing as well, a soft smile that lingers even when her head tilts, her expression growing more intent. Thoughtful. Thinking hard, seeking for the right answer, because the simple ones… just aren't good enough, somehow. She thinks hard, and in the end, she shakes her head, and the thoughts she gives back aren't even words; just emotions, like the ones she might share with her firelizads. Exhilaration; the feeling of diving off a cliff or the wind whipping her hair. Love; the feeling of arms twining around another warm body, of heads pillowed together to watch the stars. Regret; eggshells small and empty, the sense that something more could have been done, should have been done. The sense that she wishes she had a better answer to give.

Soriana may not be satisfied with that answer, but after a moment she smiles again, lowering her head slightly and tilting it once more to the side before straightening her arm, looking along it as if she expects to find something there instead of slitheringslipping just out of sight. Her brow furrows, and she bites her lower lip gently as she tries to think though perhaps it's for the best that the presence is receding. She's not sure she can come up with an answer without taking untold ages to do it. Still, she has something to ponder now as she retreats from the shell and into a solitude of her thoughts and silence.

< Soriana leaves egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

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