Technology 101: How to Not Die

Xanadu Weyr - Technology Workshop
From the perspective of the technology crafter, the two most important features of this workshop are that it is brightly lit and well ventilated. Rows of electric lights line the ceiling, casting even white illumination across the rows of workbenches arranged with ample space between them and wooden stools for seating while at work. Toward the back, near windows that provide a view of nature, there are a few designated workbenches for Journeymen and Masters, usually with a complex and half-finished project.
Set between those lights are industrial fans, their whirring a constant low hum as they draw out the vaporized chemicals and particulate matter and send it through a filtration system. If necessary, they can be turned to high. For cases when the ventilation of the fans is insufficient, three fume hoods sit against one wall. The tolerances of each is noted on a small sign pinned to it, and the largest is equipped with a set of articulated plastic gloves for handling samples while the hood is sealed. The rest of that wall is taken up by a small counter with a sink, a water distillation apparatus, and a heating element. Nearby, there's a bright orange pull handle set over a drain in the floor.
The opposite wall holds an array of tools and supplies, from the set of gears stacked by size to a set of wrenches ranging from the miniscule to those necessitating two hands to wield. There's also glassware in abundance, coils of wire of assorted gauges and materials, and at least three kinds of machine oil. Additionally, there are two doors. Next to the rack of earmuffs and safety goggles is the door that leads to the machine shop, where metal machines grind and shape metal into cogs and sprockets. The other door, past the locked cabinet of chemicals, leads to a small room with a shelf of schematics and some drafting tables and computers.

The technology workshop is set up for a class today, and the whole Weyr has been invited… some with more strongly worded invitations than others.

Each of the lab tables has an array of materials. There's a battery wired to a light bulb with a pair of exposed wires extending from it, a set of random-looking objects - a wooden stick from outside, a rubber ball, a piece of reddish copper wire, some shiny aluminum foil, and a scuffed bar of zinc - and a neat row of beakers labeled as Saline, aqueous HCl, Acetic Acid, Ethanol, and the tiny one with an eyedropper at the end of the row is Sulfuric Acid.

In the front of the room is Jethaniel, wearing the knot of a Techcraft Journeyman. He has his own table of lab materials, and stands to await his students, whoever they may be.

The Weyrwoman is well-known for being technologically inept but that doesn't stop her from loving her electric lamps, the cooking unit she'd used in the Weyrbarn, the radio and the caverns cooling system. After the sands meltdown and the recent near-disaster with the main lines being damaged due to excavation, she's learning that ignorance is not the buffer she'd once thought it to be. Even the technologically-able Steward-buffer she's knotted might be down with the flu at some crucial point, leaving her to make a mess. Hence she is here to learn a little something tonight, entering the room with a wary look at the array of bottles, tubes and wires, but friendly smile for the host.

Arriving just barely on time, Garait almost rushes in and takes a place near the front of one of the tables. Confusion registers on the beastcrafter's face as he looks at the stuff curiously, wondering what it possibly could be used for. So, this is the technology class. Interesting. Might as well try to learn something since he saw firsthand what happened when the power went out the last time.

An ablative Steward can only go so far. Jethaniel gives Thea a polite smile and accompanying nod. As more people trickle in, he begins to talk in the lecture voice meant to draw in those dawdling in the halls. "Welcome to Technology 101. This is an introductory class; expertise is outside of our scope today." Jethaniel lingers on that for a moment, his smile seeming strangely… fond. "I intend to present a brief overview of some of the potential dangers of technology, as well as provide a rudimentary understanding of the reasons behind those dangers. This class has been adapted from a series given to first year technology apprentices before they are granted access to the lab. As we have only one session, it has been somewhat abbreviated, and much of the theory has been eliminated." He frowns at that, but then, some sacrifices of theoretical purity must be made for the cause of efficiency.

What was on Darsce's invitation? Or… did even she get one of her own? No matter! Like a lack of paper would keep her from strolling in, flattening herself against the doorjamb and blinking at the beastcrafter as Garait rushes by. From her appearance, one would never know of her hair-raising (literally!) (mis)adventure aboard the Yokohama. Silver-blonde hair falls around her in a silken fringe about her face, makeup in place, stylish short tunic in olive tapestry over leggings. She remains there to wriggle-fingers at Jethaniel from the doorway, perhaps waiting for serious students to fill those seats. Maybe she's just here to watch and flirt with the teacher over the heads of his students?

Idrissa has came out for this class, because it seemed interesting, and let's face it she knows nothing about this stuff. If it doesn't involve a runner or some other animal it is Greek to her. She peers within the room, blinking a few times and chews upon her lip before slowly making her way inwards. She clears her throat softly and a smile is seen. "Hello." Is heard once she is in the room a bit more. She has on a tunic top, pants, boots and there is that white candidate knot upon her shoulder, at the other shoulder is the young brown firelizard whom is curled up dozing it would seem. The little fella looking plump tired so hopefully he will behave for this class. Rissa moves on over to a table, which happens to be hear the front and settles there upon a seat as she goes about listening.

Thea moves quietly to take a seat at the table with Garait and Idrissa, greeting them with a smiled nod but otherwise silent as their teacher is speaking. She's come over from the offices by the look of her, dark hair still in that upswept knot and her calve-length skirt and jacket less formal that the dresses she wears to do hold visitation in. At least she looks like a student? Expertise is not the goal? Good, because she's pretty sure she would fall far short. And though danger is something she's come to know exists with technology, there's another wary flicker of sea green eyes towards all that equipment. Ah well! Her Steward will hardly let her kill herself in his class!

Listening as Jethaniel speaks, Garait give Idrissa a small quick wave as to not disturb the class. He nods and relaxes a little when the part about the theory being eliminated since he is not in the techcraft and is just here for application and safety concerns. After all, that's what a Beastcrafter needs and nothing more, right? He smiles at the Weyrwoman, but his focus is on the teacher and the class itself.

"The first class of dangers to consider-" Jethaniel begins, and then pauses for a moment as Darsce's arrival draws his eye. No, in fact, it draws both of his eyes, and they linger there as his lips curve into a smile. Long enough to be noticeable, but then he drags his attention back. "Actually, let us take a step back. Before addressing the nature of technological danger, let me state the most essential technique for avoiding it." Avoiding it, see? No killing yourselves, any of you. His grey eyes go between his students, sitting in a neat little row at that table. "Be alert. Pay attention to your surroundings, and most especially, pay attention to what you are doing." Does that mean he won't be paying attention to Darsce? Evidently not, for his gaze rises to her once more - briefly - before returning to those currently closest. "That said, the first class of dangers are those most easily averted by vigilance: the purely mechanical. These dangers include such things as sharp pieces of metal and large, heavy objects behaving under the influence of gravity. They result in assorted blunt force trauma and lacerations. The dangers here tend to be highly comprehensible, and so our study of them today will be limited to a warning that machinery may be stronger than it appears. Be wary of catching hair or clothing into a machine. If you are regularly working around machinery, I suggest you seek health and safety training if you have not already." He looks around the room gravely. "That said, our focus here is on less immediately obvious hazards, and among those, we will begin with electricity. Now then. Can anyone tell me what electricity is?" He said there'd be less theory, not no theory.

And just why do Darsce's sugar-pink glossed lips smile at the word 'expertise'? She's not saying. Drawing Jethaniel's eye(s) - cos one would be mighty weird - is probably what she'd meant to do and having accomplished her goal, follows that up with blowing him a kiss when he looks back up at her. Other than that the Iernian doesn't disrupt things further. And since some of those front seats remain empty - a peek out into the hall confirms the suspicion that they will remain so - the blonde strolls in and plops down into one. She's actually listening with a bright, rapt look on her face. Since she's had her gravity lesson firsthand, she can relate. Electricity? Oooh! Oooh! She knows this one! Raising her hand, she drawls, "It's partly chemistry!" And then elaborates, "Resulting when two people kiss at the right time and place."

Idrissa glances sight of Thea and offers her a warm smile and wave, which is sent to Garait, and soon enough Darsce as well. The gang is almost all here! Her gaze turns back to Jeth as he is talking and she is doing her best to listen and focus verymuchso on the conversation at hand. Her bright gaze drifts over the items upon the table before her, and she lifts a hand to give a small bit a slight poke. Touching most likely not a good idea, though she can't help herself at times. Hearing Darsce she glances over to her curiously at the bit on kissing, which yes makes her blush a moment and a soft cough escapes her.

Thea listens quietly but has nothing to offer. She has not a clue what electricity really is, though probably Jethaniel tried to tell her back when the sands heating generator failed. She hadn't noticed Darsce's arrival but when her former weyrmate's daughter speaks, she can only utter a long-suffering sort of sigh and give Jethaniel an apologetic glance. Poor techcrafter. But! He's in charge of this class and she will let him handle her.

Garait listens and nods since it starts out like one of the Beastcraft lessons on dealing with animals: 'Pay attention to surroundings.' Yes, blunt force trauma he can understand as well since that's what you try to avoid by not sneaking up on animals (especially the bigger one and ones that kick). Health and safety instructions are done since Apprentices will need to know that for the Beastcraft. Now then electricity? He raises an eyebrow as he glances at Darsce and adds, "Is it like the sparks that flew when Datsun stuck his shovel into the power line thingy?"

"Technically correct," Jethaniel says to Darsce, and it seems Thea's apology is entirely unneeded, for there's definitely a smile there of a sort that Garait doesn't get, though the techcrafter nods to him next. "Those sparks were electrical in nature, yes. In general, electricity is the movement of charged particles called electrons. These electrons are primarily responsible for forming bonds-" Is the pause here real or imagined? "-in chemistry." The glance to Darsce is certainly real. "We speak in technology of things having a negative or positive charge; when given the opportunity, electrons will flow from a negative to a positive. If the two people involved in this kiss possess a differing charge, the action will indeed produce an electrical current." 'Tink!' goes one of the beakers as Idrissa pokes it. Jethaniel continues. "However, lips are not the only conductive materials; some substances are better than others at conducting electricity. At your lab station, you will see a partial circuit-" he indicates the battery and light bulb apparatus, "-and some objects. Take a moment to test their conductivity. If a material is electrically conductive and completes the circuit, the bulb will light up." He demonstrates by touching the two exposed ends of the wire on his demo station together. On goes the light.

Darsce glances over at Idrissa at that cough. What? It can happen! Though the blush is telling that perhaps for the young beastcraft apprentice it may already have. She flutters a wink at the girl and thumbs up. And she looks pleased as Jethaniel speaks. She smiles pertly back at him She got it right! Well, partly right but she tends to live in her own world much of the time. He speaks of currents - who is she to argue? But her thoughts are plainly writ upon her face. An upcoming lab to test this theory might be in order. But they're going to do hands-on stuff now and after his demo, she directs her attention to the gizmos in front of her. Right, test this… she picks up her two wires and touches them to the wood. Nothing. The rubber. Still nothing. Her tongue. "YEEEP!" Ow?

Idrissa glances to Garait and makes a slight face at the idea as she remembers when that happened with Datsun. "I remember that" It was not a fun day in the least that is for sure. At the 'tink' from the beaker she quickly pulls her hand back and settles it upon her lap while swallowing a bit. She didn't touch anything! Well at least nothing broke her zapped her out of her seat, right? Her gaze goes to the items once more once Jeth says that should look at them and she tilts her head hearing that some of the things will make the bulb light up. A soft oh escapes her. She goes about picking up the piece that is to be grasped and touches it to first the bit of rubber and curiously peer over at the bulb, nothing huh? Well that isn't a real surprise, the metal is done next and because of it the bulb flashes brightly. At the 'eeeeep' from Darsce she looks over curiously, though doing so she also lets the wire brush against her arm which makes her yelp at the sudden jolt that zaps her, though that bulb does have a slight flash of light.

ka-el is looking for the textiles room. And upon bustling into this one, he becomes very aware that … this isn't textiles. "Erp.." His eyes scan the people who are present, faces familiar and not. He starts to back out, but didn't he just hear yelpish sounds of alarm? Curiosity gets the better of him and he moves forward instead of back. What's going on here? Apparently, he misplaced (misread, or forgot about) his invitation.

Thea is intent on the lecture. Whether she completely understands it is debatable, but she's trying. She first copies Jethaniel's touching of her two exposed wire ends together and watches the light bulb flicker on with satisfaction. Okay, hmm. She peers at the ends of the wires then the items in front of her, touches the wires to the copper wire first. Her bulb blinks on brightly, yay! Next the aluminum with the same result. The zinc is next, with the bulb not quite so bright, followed by wood and rubber with nothing happening. The Weyrwoman gets it. "So metal is-" fumbling to get the right word here, "-conductive where wood and rubber are not." And she can correlate too, "Then I'd guess touching the radio antenna during a thunderstorm would be dangerous." Darsce's yip has her sitting up straight to peer at the girl in perplexity. What has she done now?

Not paying too much attention to other conversations and looking interested at the things before him, Garait tests some of the thing in front of him. Wood and rubber do nothing, but saline makes the bulb light dimly, while the metal makes it shine brightly. "That's interesting." He glances at Darsce when she eeps to see if she's hurt, but his attention turns back to what's before him. As he does so, he catches sight of Kale and nods to him.

Jethaniel watches with the benign professor expression as his students get down to experimentation. This is education in action. It does, however, appear that his gaze is lingering on Darsce rather more than the other students. She is, after all, an aesthetic place for it. However, it would not do to spend a disproportionate amount of time cross-crafting into aesthetics today, and so he returns his attention to Thea, nodding to her. "Correct. This is why, if you are to handle live electricity for some reason, you should wear rubber gloves. Otherwise-" And that right there is the moment when Darsce's yelp indicates her experimental progress, and his gaze darts to her only to be drawn to back the other way as Idrissa gets a shock of her own. "Ahem," he says to draw their attention. "As you have observed, different materials have different degrees of conductivity. The human body is a moderate conductor, due to a large number of ions. The method is similar to why saltwater is conductive." He demonstrates by putting his leads into the beaker of saline. Also demonstrated to at least some of the class: electrical shocks are painful. Jethaniel looks up at Kale, creeping closer. "Please have a seat," he tells the smither. "We've just been experimenting with electrical currents." A smile. Of course you're here for the class, right? "A mild current, such as the one this battery can deliver, is harmless; a major one can be fatal, either by cooking internal organs or by disrupting the natural electrical impulses of the body. Exercise caution around exposed electrical systems."

There's an abashed expression Mikal casts as he slips in late to yet another offered class. Smelling faintly of laundry soap, his hair is slightly damp which makes his red hair even spiker than usual. Without looking he slips into an empty spot at the closest table which ends up being the same table as Darsce. Lucky him?! He's quiet as not to interrupt anyone and his gaze sweeps the room to look at the lab tables with their array of materials briefly before looking quickly to Jethaniel in an attempt to get a feel of what stage the class is in.

Darsce has naught but an innocent look for the Weyrwoman. She was just checking the conductivity of her tongue! What? It's a valid pre-experiment for the future lab she has in mind about chemistry-induced electricity. She didn't even notice if her light bulb went on. Did it Jethaniel? And now the tip of her tongue is tender, she's busy sticking it out and going cross-eyed for a moment to peer at it. Sigh. She'll live. But she won't be doing that again. Not with wires anyway. What she's thinking? Anyone's guess as she props her chin in her hand and listens to Jethaniel speak with a dreamy expression that doesn't alter even when he mentions internals cooking, not even when Mikal and Kale enter, though she does give each a brief smile and pat the empty chairs at her table. Back to Jethaniel. Siiiiigh.

Idrissa gives her hand a shake as soon she drops the wire, she rubs across the area where she was zapped and eyes it a few moments as if the thing jumped up and bit her without her doing a thing. She coughs a moment and looks around sheepishly. "Sorry." Is said with a soft tone and she soon glances over to see whom else has wandered in. A smile and wave is sent to Mikal and Kale glad to see that they have both wandered on over it seems. Her gaze goes back to the circuits and she eyes them a few moments while pondering. "So, touching the wire to my hand caused the circuit to close?" A glance is sent back to Jeth. "How did I make the bulb light up though?"

Kale? Here for the … class? …. Sure! Sure he is! Jethaniel has assumed exactly right! "Uh, yes. Right." He nods his head a few times as he seeks a table. Huh. Why is Darsce all by herself? Perhaps she's in the time out table for students who aren't using their listening ears? Yes, perhaps. He eyes her long enough to see that invitation to join her, then glances to the other table of Idrissa and company. Classic school dilemma: What table to sit at?? A grin is given and a wave returned and he heads thataway, joining his friends. (He needn't interrupt Darsce's dreamy staring!) He sits and eyes the items on the table. Hey, not so unknown and sciencey! These are just everyday things, some of which are metallic! He visibly perks, though listens to get caught up.

Thea just rolls her eyes ceiling-ward after that unrepentant look from Darsce, then returns her attention to Jethaniel's answer. She visibly blanches when he mentions cooking internal organs. See? She knew approving construction orders could be hazardous for the technologically inept. She has brought a notepad with her and jots down the words, 'Give Jethaniel a raise' and underlines raise three times. And of course she glances at Mikal to see his reaction to what the physical hazards of playing with electricity to do the human body. He ought to be familiar with what those natural electrical impulses are, right? Shells if she knows. Kale winds up at their table and the Weyrwoman scoots her chair over a little bit to give him room, at the same time she whispers to Idrissa, "Your arm is alright?"

Garait is trying to be the ideal student and pay attention but not cause any trouble. He smiles at Kale as he arrives at the table, but his focus is on Idrissa and her response to the WeyrWoman. His mind is going though… can this be applies to the Beastcraft outside of safety precautions?

Darsce can certainly turn …the lightbulb… on with her tongue. This is most likely why Jethaniel is quite deliberately not looking at her for a bit. He is, after all, teaching a class. In order to teach a class in technology, he must avoid becoming distracted. No distractions. Idrissa has a question, good. He can answer that. "Your body is a natural conductor of electricity. The current went from metal to metal through your hand. This is why wires are encased in plastic for protection before most applications." He smiles, and for all that the electrical shocks here may be painful, they're not strong enough to do any real harm. "Now, if there are no further questions, our next group of hazards are chemical in nature, and before we get started, I'd like to warn everyone. The experiment we're going to be doing next is capable of causing actual, permanent harm. Please follow instructions and do not ingest the components."

Mikal never much played with electricity when he was younger but really perhaps he should of. An interested look crosses his expression as he watches closely. This could be right up his alley now! Despite Kale going to sit elsewhere he decides to slip into the seat next to the Darsce who's luckily oogling Jeth and therefor won't be able to embarrass him! Right? Right. Maybe. Still though he casts a quick look to ensure his basic healing abilities won't be required for Idrissa. Or even Darsce's tongue. As a question is posed and answered he listens closely. It wasn't thought by him to bring paper for notes so he merely has to use his memory. One hopes it's not too bad. He bobs his heard at Jeth's next comments on not eating the components. Luckily he's already eaten this hour.

Kale smiles to the weyrwoman as he settles into his seat. "Hello weyrwoman Thea," he whispers in greeting, because that is the polite thing to do when one chooses to sit at a weyrwoman's table. And now, an experiment! Cool, experiments sounds fun. He reaches out to poke at the side of the battery before retracting his hand and paying attention to Jethaniel. Oh wait, not just an experiment. A dangerous experiment! "No drinking chemicals, I do solemnly swear," he bobs his head once. Yes, that was a serious promise. He doesn't want to grow a third arm or extra eye!

Zahleizjah received that strongly worded invitation, and would definitely like to survive whatever encounters may lay ahead. This apparently wasn't a good enough excuse to slip away from Craft duties and Zahleizjah is late… again.. and still bumming about missing the first egg touching for very much the same reason. Those Starcrafters sure have been cracking the whip on this apprentice lately and it's a frustration she swallows silently. Stumbling in to the Tech Workshop.. she's not a graceful as the recent time spent at Yokohama, bumping right in to Darsce's table while her own little experiment is being conducted. "Oh, Shards! M'sorry.." so much for Jethaniel being distracted. The clumsy-candie will find her way towards an open seat, smiling to Thea and group nervously as she sits next to Darsce and Mikal. "Sorry, Jethaniel, no more disturbances.. I'll just sit quietly.." yepp awkwardd.. she's definitely not jumping up to test the power of conductivity first and tries to sink in to her seat quietly.

Normally Darsce might pout a bit when turned down in regards to her invitation to sit by her. But she's with it enough to have noticed who Kale hangs out with and that previous blush of Idrissa's when kissing and electricity had come up. She merely smirks knowingly as the smithcraft heads for the other table and gives Mikal a normal (gasp) smile and returns her attention to their (dreamy) instructor. With a little blink to the items at her station she realizes that yes, she has chemicals at her station. Thankfully she's been too preoccupied (ahem) to stick her finger in any of them before this. As to sipping them? Ehhh yeah, she's actually picky when it comes to what she allows to touch her tongue, wires notwithstanding. She had an ulterior motive there. "Watch it!" she hisses to Zahleizjah, hands reaching to steady the table, as the liquid in those beakers slop dangerously.

Idrissa offers a smile to Kale, glad that he has made it to the class. "Was wondering where you was off hiding at." She points at the wires. "Don't let them touch your arm. It'll hurt." Trust her on that it'll hurt! At the question from Thea a smile is seen once more and she nods. "Yes ma'am. I'm fine." This is said with a soft whispery tone back to the weyrwoman. Her bright green gaze turns to Jeth as he goes on to explain why she got zapped. "I see. I suppose that makes sense." A hand lifts to scratch at her head a moment while pondering this. She won't admit it but dealing with runners is a lot easier for her then trying to understand all this. As the next part of the class is talked on and thus listens closely. A quick nod is seen. No drinking strange components, the weyr doesn't need someone 'Hulking' out after all. Hearing Zahleizjah she smiles and waves over towards her, glad she has joined in as well.

Thea eyes the chemicals. Nope, not even tempted to ingest those, especially after finding out that electricity can cook a person's insides. All she had to hear was 'permanent harm'. She adds to her notes: 'Apprise A'dmar Steward decision was well-founded' and underscores the last word also. Hmph! So much for his mutterings about her decisions. "Hello Kale," she returns quietly, then nods in relief to Idrissa upon hearing that her arm is alright. Zahleizjah is given a benign smile from an expressionless face - her attempt to not draw attention to the Starcrafter's stumble - and returns her attention front and center.

Garait nods. No drinking strange liquids. Seems logical and almost redundant, but who knows? Maybe some of the techcraft apprentices have done that, so a warning is needed? This isn't so bad, and definitely much more interesting than being weightless. Zah is noticed as she enters and he waves at her, but frowns a little when she doesn't sit near him but of course she did stumble…

"Strictly speaking, chemicals are all around us; everything from the water we drink to the air we breathe is a chemical." So, good luck with that promise, Kale? "However, while some chemicals are essential to life, others are dangerous to us. They may burn flesh, irritate or burn the lungs when inhaled, cause nausea, drowsiness, or many other effects. Everything a healer uses is made up of chemicals." He pauses a moment to watch Zahleizjah stumble to a seat. Slosh go the beakers. Fortunately, only a small amount of one of them splashes out. Unfortunately, it's from the hydrochloric acid, and the table where it landed rapidly develops a new gouge as Jethaniel strides over to inspect it. "Do be careful," he says, looking up to Zahleizjah with a frown - though he can't quite leave before giving Darsce a glance as well, and this one comes with a smile. "Chemicals can help us, but they can also be deadly. The insidious element of chemical hazards arises from the fact that chemicals react to form new chemicals, sometimes with properties dramatically different than the reactants. For instance." Jethaniel steps back to behind his own lab table. "Pour the acetic acid," he lifts the beaker, "-into the ethanol." He lifts that one. "Then, carefully-" If spoken words can have triple underlinings, that one definitely does. "-add a drop of sulfuric acid." The smaller bottle is lifted. "Stir with a glass rod."

Mikal frowns at Darsce's hiss towards Zahleizjah. "S'okay!" he whispers quickly, working to put extra warmth into his tone for her. Just as quickly his attention returns to Jethaniel as he's speaking. Without thinking he blurts out a question. "Are healers able to heal up the burns and other injuries given from chemicals?"

Zahleizjah furrows a brow as the hissing blonde tongue lashes her like she just knocked the whole darn table over, but speaking up for herself isn't this wall-flower's forte. Maybe she should have sat at the other table? Oh, well! A lackluster in-her-shell "Sorry.. I didn't mean to.. yessir" will escape as she internally grumbles about nothing even coming closer to spilling… mostly. Darn that HCl! She'll send a shy wave to Idrissa and Garait and a shameful bow of the head to the Weyrwoman and that benign smile that spares any extra negative attention towards her charming savoir faire. She will do as promised, sitting still and quiet, listening to Jethaniel explain the dangers giving Mikal a warm smile for the reassurance and whispering a "Thanks.." back.

Kale's eyes flit to Zahleizjah, smirking at her arrival and looking rather interested at the liquid that's burning a slight hole in the table. Shouldn't they be wearing some sort of protective gear if that's what could happen? … Eh! Live life on the edge, he suspects. He doesn't have any questions. The directions are pretty clear. Pour one in the other and watch what happens. He grins a bit, leaning towards Idrissa. "Bubbles, maybe?" Science and bubbling things go hand in hand, right? "Maybe they'll change colors. Or spark." Or maybe nothing at all will happen! But his money is on … color change. He looks at Jeth, making note on which one he lifts up first and second. Bottle one into bottle two. Got it. Then a drop of acid. Nice. And stir! It's like a recipe. … Let's see if he can cook. One thing he is is careful as he lifts up the first bottle to pour into the ethanol.

Darsce's eyes are riveted to the tabletop where the small puddle of spilled liquid is EATING a hole in the surface. Well, okay just maybe dissolving the finish or wood or whatever. Her hissed warning was hardly a tongue-lashing, though the timid starcrafter may well have seen it that way. She can be a brat sometimes, but she's hardly hostile. To Mikal's frown and Zahleizjah's mumbled apology, she points wordlessly to the damage to the tabletop, lifting shapely brows. See? That bungle merited an urgent warning. What if that had splashed into their eyes? Jethaniel's words of warning about the chemicals being deadly only serve to underscore her point and emphasize her own caution, although it doesn't prevent her from returning his smile. This time she follows his instructions to the letter adding acetic acid into the ethanol. "It smells delicious but I don't trust it."

Idrissa listens closely to what Jeth says while she watches, pondering and hums softly. "I never have to worry about stuff blowing up before" Maybe she should try and take some more of these sort of classes as she never knew there was all this stuff! Her gaze settles on the beaker that is picked up and then there is something else added and she is working on paying attention that is for sure. Her gaze urns over to Kale now and she curiously watches what he goes about doing. "Just don't blow up the table alright?" Though she doesn't let him have all the fun and looks over to Garait with a smile. "Did you try to mix them yet?" This questioned as she goes about adding the ethanol and acetic to one another (like it was shown) and gives it a slight stir with the glass stiry thingy and catches the smell of fruit? She ponders this while looking to Jeth. "So, how does it make that fruity smell?" Color her curious now.

Thea is focusing back onto the lesson at hand, so she misses the interplay between darsce and Zahleizjah and the shameful bowing directed at her. The complexities of chemicals mixing and forming new chemicals - ones that could be deadly - prompts her to add to her notes: 'Chemicals abound in the environment' and then she circles her formerly-written 'raise'. For some reason she is smirking as she draws an arrow from 'abound' to 'A'dmar'. This class has indeed been rewarding for the Weyrwoman. She watches the demonstration and then carefully works on her own mixture and sighs in relief as nothing foams, boils over or explodes.

Pssh. Blow up the table. Kale .. hopefully won't. He can only grin in reply to Idrissa and nod. But now he's focused. He saw what happened with Darsce's table, and definitely does not want to leave here with a hole in his hand. So! With that thought in mind, he watches as the two beakers are slowly mixed. Nothing so far, though he's watching intently for that color change he's hypothesizing. Now for the scary stuff! He gives his hand a wipe on his trousers (no need dropping the thing!) before he lifts up the sulfuric acid and gets a drop in a dropper. With his eyes close to his work, he veeeerrry carefully puts one drop and braces! .. Nope. No explosion. Phew. But no bubbling either. Aw! He stirs the concoction and.. brightens. "Hey. Smells like juice." A very sweet, fruit, yummy juice! But like Darsce, he's not going to sneak a taste. He did promise, no tasting chemicals!

Garait nods as he mixes the chemicals together and raises an eyebrow. Well, others have asked how it's done, so he doesn't need to repeat that question. He looks at Jethaniel then, "Is there a way for those of us in other Crafts to take extra classes with the Technology Craft to possibly help benefit our own Crafts?" Just trying to look ahead and better the Beastcraft after all.

Mikal follows the directions to the letter, being careful to simply add one drop of the second acid. He frowns in disappointment as he sees no visible reaction. "Nothing happened." he peeks over to Zahl to see if she's faring any better.

Zahleizjah is watching that sizzling chemical singe through the table top, a permanent mark, compliments of the Starcrafter who arrived and did this very first thing. Guhh-reatt! she thinks to herself, and yes the hyper-sensitive gal quietly takes Darsce's warning to heart.. yeah that one she wears on her sleeve. The convicting finger pointed by the Iernian only makes her retreat further in to that shell, turning to Jethaniel and offering "I can pay for that.." Which many will think is dependence on her WL father and few will know is actually from marks she's saved up from her own hard work. "..and again, I'm sorry.." There is some surprising emphasis as this is directed to both at her table and Jethaniel as well. The Starcrafter will wait until almost everyone has started, very slowly and very carefully addinc acetic acid to ethanol, and pausing while she hesitates to drop in the sulfuric acid.

"They are treatable, yes," Jethaniel answers Mikal. "However, chemical burns are often challenging to treat, since the reaction can continue for as long as reagents are present. In some cases, a healer's first reaction may actually do more harm than good. For instance, attempting to rinse an area contaminated with sodium hydroxide would cause an exothermic reaction and worsen the problem." He looks around as some of the others begin to do their labs, keeping an eye on things. "If you wish," he says to Garait, "We can speak about that after class." As for protective gear, well, this is still the relatively safe end of chemistry. The acids are dilute! "As you can smell, the two chemicals have reacted to form an ester." And thus, the room is full of the smell of sweet fruit! Good thing he already told everyone not to eat it. "Esters are one of the compounds responsible for flavor," he says with a nod toward Darsce. "In this case, the final product is harmless. However, consider the lack of visible change, and consider that some reactions might have a less pleasant result but be similarly difficult to perceive. Do not mix chemicals unless instructed by a professional." Jethaniel glances around the room once more. "Now then. For our final experiment, we're going to take a look at hydrochloric acid." He pauses there, giving his class a look. Two shocks and one splash before they even got to this part of the experiment. Maybe letting them do this isn't such a good idea. At least… not unsupervised. "I'm going to come around, and you may each select one of the same objects we used for our circuit experiment to be exposed to the HCl." Reusing lab supplies is efficient!

No, Darsce isn't even tempted to taste the fruity-smelling chemical because she saw what it did to the tabletop and she needs her tongue for future chemistry experiments, among other things, thankyouverymuch! The Iernean rolls her iceblue eyes at Zahleizjah's continued apologies. "Give it a rest, will you? It it was that bad, the guards would have hauled you away already." It's given with more humor in her voice than the hissed warning was and the smirk curling the corners of her lips is a telltale sign that she's kidding. And then she almost melts as Jethaniel talks techs to answer Mikal. Wow. She doesn't understand a word of that but he sure sounds knowledgeable, which is not hurting his image in the slightest. Siiiigh.

Idrissa is thankful that the table dos not blow up from whatever kale was doing, if it had she would have so blamed him for it would have totally been his fault of course! She nods slightly while listening to Jeth, a soft hum escapes her while she peers back at the chemical's that she had mixed together and ponders for a few moments. A soft oh escapes her and she nods as Jeth is going to come around, and they are going to add stuff to the chemicals? Well yes that sounds like more chances to blow stuff up now doesn't it? She glances back to Zahle and offers her a smile. "Your fine, really. I'm more of a klutz then you are and I haven't done anything bad…" Yet, but she doesn't say that, nope.

Mikal wrinkles his nose. This isn't as easy as he thought it would be. When it comes time to do another part of this he seems determined. He doesn't look to Darsce on the off chance her dreamy sighs and ogling eyes on Jethaniel will distract him. So once more he does as instructed and tries to see how zinc reacts to the hcl, in which it starts to bubble quite vigorously after a moment.

Thea is also among the thankful that Kale doesn't blow up their table. Exploded-ness could definitely ruin her day. She too waits for Jethaniel to make his rounds. When he is beside her, she cautiously drops - well lowers actually, to prevent splashes - the copper wire into the hydrochloric acid. Nothing. Interesting.

Zahleizjah can't seem to win with that fashion model chick, and though she hardly knows her and isn't quick to form opinions is thinking she may actually not be too fond of eye rolling matter-of-factness. So, she'll do something she's good at.. ignore it, turning her shoulder slightly as she shrugs off the idea of being hauled away by a guard for such a teensy little accident. When Mikal's question is addressed, focus will be on that, rinsing chemical burns, and exothermic reactions sound like important topics to store in the memory bank. The Starcrafter will finally add that drop and stir gently, wafting and getting nothing. She is at least smart enough to go no further, setting the stir rod aside and looking around the room for an opportunity to ask for help, but the lesson moves on quickly and a late start works against her. When Jethaniel comes around she will admit "My reaction didn't work.." hiding any glum-tones from Darsce-judging. Fortunately, Idrissa and Mikal share some comforts, but the bubbling that froths in front of the healer has her pushing back in her seat with a "Woah!"

Garait is waiting patiently until it's his turn and he gently places a piece of Aluminum into the hydrochloric acid and watches it bubble. Interesting. He smiles then. One can get used to this.

Darsce likewise is dismissing the starcrafter, only grateful that she has at long last shut up. And thus when she is matter of fact about her experiment failing is able to offer a sincere, "Hey, it happens." After all, her own gravity experiment was a major fail… if one were to discount her being caught by Jethaniel, that is. To her it was a win. She meanwhile is beaming prettily as Jethaniel approaches - this now, is what she's been waiting for - interaction with the teacher. When he is by her side, she has reaches for the rubber, holding it in her well-manicured fingertips over the beaker. She closes one eye completely, barely peeks out through her lashes with the other and she braces herself as she eases it into the hydrochloric acid then closes the peeking eye and waits for the KA-BOOM.

Around Jethaniel goes. Zahleizjah's questions get only a slight shake of his head. "See me after class," The words a student doesn't want to hear! But, at least they're followed with, "If you want." Not a mandatory extra study, just… an option. If she actually wants to know. For now, no more talking, because there's science to do… at least for those who've been keeping up with the class. There's bubbly zinc, and he nods for Mikal's studious concentration. Thea's copper is nonreactive, but he gives her a slight smile because that's the expected response. Garait's aluminum, on the other hand, is certainly reactive, though less so than the zinc was, and finally… Darsce has the rubber ready for him.

The world doesn't move. In fact, it's rather disappointing. Nothing happens! Jethaniel smiles nevertheless, then turns to point to Kale. "Please, turn off the lights."

Idrissa isn't that eager to go dropping stuff into the beaker, though she is about to do so up until when Zahle has well a attack of the foam across her table so to speak. She peers over and jus blinks and a faint ah escapes her. "I think I'll pass." She is fine without it really! There is a pause and she looks over to Jeth once he is next to Kale and she ponders as it seems he is the one picked and she ohs softly while leaning back slightly to wait and see what happens. "Hey, your teacher's pet." This said with an amused tone.

Him do what now? Kale's been paying attention to all the cool reactions that have been happening to everyone's stuff. Well, except for Darsce's, that looks like total fail right now. But now he's being given some sort of instruction. What? Something technically difficult and complex and and! … Oh wait, lights. He grins and makes a face at Idrissa. "Don't be jealous." He slips out of his seat, heads to the lightswitch, and flips it off. He gets an A!

As Kale heads for the lightswitch, Jethaniel returns to the front of the room. "As you can see, different materials - even those with similar physical properties - react differently. Additionally, organic materials are adversely affected by acids. There are many other kinds of chemicals, and it is advised you exercise caution around all of them. There's one more thing I'd like to demonstrate." Jethaniel sets out two fresh beakers of HCl. Once the lights are off and the room is only dimly lit from outside, Jethaniel lifts a piece of metal.

"This is aluminum." He drops it into one of those beakers, and as it begins to fizz, he strikes a match and sets it to the top of the beaker. An eerie blue-white flame appears, hovering over the top of the liquid. It continues to burn as Jethaniel lifts another piece of metal.

"This is zinc." Jethaniel drops it into the second beaker, and strikes another match. This time, there's a quick fwoosh of blue flame, over in a flash as the other one continues to burn steadily.

"Exothermic reactions and flammable materials are another potential hazard around technology," Jethaniel says calmly. "I hope you've learned something today, and will treat technology with caution and respect. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or any member of the Technology craft. Class dismissed."

Mikal looks impressed indeed and murmurs towards Zahl. " I guess Technology is more than just keeping the lights running." her peeks back towards the front as they are dismissed. "Hey Zahl, wanna come get your egg? I need to check on them still to see how hard they are now." that said he raises his voice to add towards the Journeymen. "Thanks for hosting the class." he remembers his manners.

And to her notes, the Weyrwoman adds, a triumphant, NO ONE WILL BURN THE WEYR DOWN WITH JETHANIEL AS STEWARD!!!!!! The exclamation points should rightly go on into infinity but she hasn't the space on her notepad. So it seems that while she lacked the technical know-how beforehand when she appointed Jethaniel as Xanadu's steward, her instinctive impulse was right on target. "Thank you, Jethaniel, for this informative class," says Thea smoothly and to be truthful smugly. To be thus confirmed is icing on the cake for her and she sallies forth from the class to serve the Weyrleader a large slice of humble pie.

Garait nods towards Jethaniel, "Thank you for the class. When you have time, I'd like to talk about those cross craft classes, especially for Beastcrafters. He watches others leave and once he talks to the Steward, he'll leave as well.

Oooo fire! If nothing else has caught Kale's attention today (which is has!) flames surely do. And colorful ones at that! From where he is near the lightswitch at the back of the room, he oogles at the blue fire with a grin on his face. At class dismissed, he applauds from the back. Not because class is dismissed, mind you, but because the class was kinda cool. He flips the lights back on once instructed to do so and scampers back to his table. "That was pretty cool!"

Zahleizjah sends a small smile Darsce's way as her sincerity shines through, shrugging with a nod, those same shoulders slumping as she's assigned to stay after class for a one-on-one with Jethaniel. Although some might jump for joy at the opportunity, the Starcrafter is broiling in her failed experiment regardless of the fact that she will indeed stay late. The option given has head nodding "Yessir.. will be there.." she does want to know, and doesn't want to be known as the girl who burned a hole in the table and couldn't even conduct a simple reaction. She's on board with Idrissa, sitting back and watching as various things happen across the shop. "Ooo.." she says of blue flame.. not running out at the dismissal but sticking around instead. To Mikal she says "Well.. I should catch up on this lesson but I'll come by after K?" giggling softly as he comments about Technology. "Catch you for another meal soon Garait?" She'll ask when he's done talking to the Steward and before he heads out.

Darsce watches the flames with an expression akin to awe. Definitely she's learned something, though whether it sticks in her head is another story. She won't be mixing chemicals and drinking them or touching live wires though, if that's a plus. How not to die, indeed! Questions, now. She definitely might have some of those up her sleeve and waiting after class to ask them sounds like a plan to her, so Jethaniel shouldn't be surprised to find her loitering after the rest leave.

Mikal bobs his head towards Zah and heads out of the room to go check on eggs!

Idrissa leans back as she watches curiously, a soft oh escapes her and she leans against the table a moment, pondering such things. She nods and smiles and looks to Kale and then over to Garait. "That was great wasn't I Garait?" She offers her own clap along with the other applauds of others while standing up. "Thank you for the lesson." It was something very different then she was expecting that is for sure! She leans close to Kale now. "Hey maybe you can go as a blue fire for the next costume party." She pokes at Kale while standing up to follow after the others now that the class is indeed done. "Want to go get a bite to eat. You want to come too Garait, Zahleizjah?" Mikal would have been asked but he darted out of here rather quickly.

Garait blinks as Zah catches him, and when he has a moment, he responds, "Yes, a meal soon. And a chance to talk as well?" He looks a bit serious now when he speaks and when Idrissa asks, his gaze rests on the Starcraft Apprentice, "Eating is good, but I'll leave that decision up to Zah."

Blue fire, huh? "Uuuuh I'll think about it," Kale says with a mild smirk. "An' don't breathe a word of that to Xanthius," he says, glancing left and right as if afraid the guy may be lingering in the shadows, just waiting to cling onto any excuse to get his hands on a needle and thread and facepaint and glitterdust. -.-; "I'm always his guinea pig when he's around" He smirks, heading with her fingers lacing between hers as he sneaks for her hand. "Hey, how ab-" he begins conspiringly, but pauses as she brings up eating. He glances to Garait and Zahleizjah, then returns his eyes to Idrissa with a smirk. "Sure."

Zahleizjah will stick around and set a time with Jethaniel to review today's experiments, and she's definitely not trying to encroach on the model's interest, so the Starcrafter will thank Jethaniel before heading out as well. The conversation and understanding with Garait agrees they should talk "Yes.. definitely.." as for the offer, her tummy grumbles and she looks from Garait to Idrissa and Kale "I umm.. am hungry.." she'll ask the Beastcrafter "A walk on the beach afterwards maybe?" before turning towards the other two and at the offer of dining together says "Sounds like a good plan.."

As if. Darsce isn't even worried about encroachments. She wants her questions answered, is all. They might, admittedly, have little to do with class. She's friendly enough to flutter a wave at Idrissa and Kale as they make plans to head out and even calls a musically-sounding, "Nice to meet you," to Zahleizjah. See? She can be nice. She didn't even add, 'thanks for not killing us' to that.

Idrissa chuckles softly and grins to Kale. "Maybe maybe not." She says with an amused tone and chuckles softly. "Come on, it'll be amusing I think. You look good in blue too you know?" She lets her hand slide back within Kale's, her fingers rest within his and she tilts her head to peer at him. He wanted to say something else she is rather sure of it, though for the moment she won't poke at it. Later though she will hat is for sure! Her gaze turns to Zahle and Garait and she nods once they agree. "Great, you all ready to go?" Awww Zahle and Garait want to go for a walk? She looks to Darsce and waves after her. "You want to come with us?" Yes Rissa is nice to everyone!

"See you, Darsce!" calls Kale to the model-like gir- … no. Model, period. He speaks as if they were old friends! Which, they possibly could be now that Kale has seemingly grown out of being tongue tied around her. And sweating. And panting. And somewhat hyperventilating. >.>; And oh, Idrissa has a grand idea. Invite her, too! He nods in agreement, apparently having no qualms about it. The more the merrier! Though 'the more' is soon to be minus a smith, as something dawns on him. He wasn't even supposed to be here. "Shards.. I have to go," he says with slightly widened eyes. Blast you, science! For being so cool and making him forget his former task! His brows knit as he looks to Idrissa. "Maybe I'll catch up with you all later," he says giving her hand a squeeze before letting her go. An apologetic smile offers before he nods to them all. "See you all!"

Darsce will keep her blue-comments to herself though it's awfully tempting to wise-crack when Idrissa mentions Kale and blue in the same sentence. "Later," she calls to Idrissa with a smile for the beastcrafter's invitation. She'll probably be there… more or less…sooner or later…with a dreamy expression still on her face and distracted answers to comments sent her way. So un-Darsce-like. Unless Jethaniel is mentioned and then she'll light up like a lightbulb, proving that there are many aspects to electricity, chemistry and science.

An appointment with Garait is made to discuss the possibilities of cross crafting and technology as it impacts the beastcraft - though it's scheduled for the Steward's office, not the tech workshop. Perhaps that's mere convenience, since one of these places is a private office, or perhaps it's a more meaningful statement about where Jethaniel sees that discussion as falling between his ambiguously balanced roles of techcraft journeyman and Xanadu Steward. There have been comments from some of the other journeymen, after all; questions (though none of them, likely, carried far enough to reach non-tech ears) of whether the elevation to Steward is giving Jethaniel a degree of influence and control over the workings of his craft here that he isn't qualified to have. After all, the tech knot he wore for this class is only that of a journeyman.

Another appointment is made with Zahleizjah, and this one will be here at the technology workshop. There will be step by step instructions and most likely diagrams. Even she, Jethaniel assures her, will be capable of understanding and reproducing these reactions - at least, if she applies herself. His smile to her is the polite one of the instructor, the one which is encouraging and rather distant.

The smile Jethaniel gives to Darsce is a different one entirely. Once all the rest have left, her questions… oh, yes, her questions will be answered, though he'll likely be cleaning away the lab supplies at the same time. There are, after all, consequences to the exploration of chemistry and electrifying experiences.

A damaged wooden table, for one thing.

A burnt tongue, for another.

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