Mystified! (Egg Touch One)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

During breakfast it was announced to the candidates that the eggs would be ready for touching. Instructions were given to the small group chosen to go first. Since the clutching most of the eggs have been mostly buried in the sand by the ever dutiful Dersk but now they are mostly exposed for all the world to see. Each on their own little mound of warmed sand. Sahazyth lays at the far end watchful of her clutch, while Briana stands at the entrance to the sands to greet the candidates. The junior looks about well pregnant now. Some are starting to take bets on who will 'hatch' first, the rider or the dragon. "Welcome candidates, the eggs are now hard enough to touch, but still be mindful of their fragility." Briana says in greeting before motioning them on.

Mikal sticks close to Kale as they enter the sands. Clearly the youth is excited as he nudges Kale not so discreetly in the side. "This is going to be so cool!" he says in a loud whisper. "I was trying to describe when I touched the eggs at Fort to Muir but I just couldn't find the words." this is said as they enter and he cuts his words off in time for the rounded Briana to greet them. Ansty as he is he still manages to sketch a polite bow towards Briana then his gaze goes quickly towards the watchful Sahazyth. Remembering his instructions she too gets a sketchy bow in her direction before he even considers approaching the eggs. Once formalities are done he waits to see which egg his bud Kale might head too first.

An exciting announcement, though also one that prompts a little whispering voice of worry for one dragonhealercandidate. Associations are pesky things, even when the circumstances are different… there's a little voice that likes to murmur, 'What if?' Still, excitement is in the forefront for Soriana right now as she steps toward the sands. "Thank you," she says to Briana as she bows to the goldrider, then steps out onto them and bows again, this time to Sahazyth, before starting toward the clutch. She's watched them from the stands a time or two, but… it's different down here. They look different.

This is exciting! ka-el hasn't had too much oportunity to look at the eggs from the observatory. Craft duties and Candidate obligations don't leave much room for free time. But now … front and center, he and the others get an unobstructed view of the pretty eggs. And they are pretty! He glances over to the nearby Mikal and grins, nodding in agreement with him before looking to Briana. Woah. She got fat. .. He narrows his eyes a bit, thinking back to a conversation in the caverns. Now. He. Gets. It. Anyhow! He grins to the junior Weyrwoman and to Sahazyth too. Oh right. Bowing! Ok, Mikal totally has more experience at this than him, and so he follows his head and bows to both rider and gold. Now, to the eggs. "C'mon.." whispered to Mikal as he carefully heads forth, his eyes on one egg in particular. It isn't surprising that the young smith is drawn first to the egg that reminds him of his chosen craft. Fire and flame wrap around this shell and, after a glance to the mother gold, he carefully reaches out a hand, pressing his palm gently against the shell.

< Kale touches egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

< Mikal touches egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

Neither at the front of the pack, nor behind it, Qirin managed to keep himself in the crowd as he entered the sands. Silently, he peeks about, eyes wide with curiousity as he glances from egg to egg. The colors are more vibrant down here, leaving him to watch and observe and draw in. His toasty feet brings him to surprise at the heat of the sands as they slowly work to bake his toes, leaving him to shift from foot to foot. "Thank you," he replies to Briana, bowing towards the the rider and clutchmother with a careful ease. Careful tiptoes make their way towards the Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg, and he carefully follows the example of his fellow Candidates, touching his palm to the surface.

< Qirin touches egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

Idrissa is here, following after Kale and Soriana, a curious glance sent over the sands as she hangs back a few steps while she recalls what happened the last time she came to the sands. A soft breath escapes her and she soon moves forward following the others and looks to Birana as the junior speaks. She offers a soft smile, along with a slight wave to her. A few nods are seen showing that she understands what is being told. Once rules and so forth are told her gaze lands on Sahazyth and a slight bow is even offered to show her respect for the gold and to perhaps prove that yes she knows they are all being watched by big momma. With the respect shown she is soon there over near the clutch with the others looking over them all. So very different than last time. As for which egg she is moving towards it would seem the waters run deep egg, and thus she will going about touching that one unless anyone else is there first.

< Idrissa touches egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

Mikal merely bobs his head in agreement to Kale. Let's go indeed! With a quick look to the eggs Mikal seems so uncertain which one to go to /first/. Finally deciding to let fate decide he simply marches up to a random one. Approaching the colorful egg he tilts his head sideways a moment to really study it. Does he remember seeing this one clutched? Surely he did because he was there from the start but it's hard to remember. Taking a deep breath he reaches to splay his hand on the shell, being careful not to press down with any weight but simply to feel the shell beneath him palm. For now everyone else is forgotten as he breaths in slowly and just lets his hand feel the hardening shell. A wordless murmur escape from him, his mouth forming a single word of 'hello' though nothing is said audibly for anyone to hear.

Looking about the eggs, there's one in particular though hardly the brightest of them that draws Soriana's eye and makes her smile, and so she settles down next to that one, crouching a little by the Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg and putting her hands to a surface that seems to have had no shortage of other touches… even if hers may actually be the first.

< Soriana touches egg 4 Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg >

Kale's touch is tenative at first, but…there's obviously something being felt considering the look on his face. A warm expression. A wondered look. His second hand joins the first upon the fiery shell, and a grin curls his mouth. He's not sure how long he lingers. Seconds or minutes, for time seems to melt away into unimportance. Gradually though, he begins to pull away, letting his hands slip from the smooth shell. Til next time, egg. He glances to his friends with that same lingering grin, wondering what they may be experiencing. His eyes stop on another egg. He moves to this one, scarred with lightning.

Qirin holds his breath for a moment, his short body tensing up as though unable to move. Courage takes over. As he regains his breath, his body loosens and he readies his stance, bringing his hand back to him as though to prepare, only to find the imagery fading away, his mouth twitching slightly at the unheard of experience he had just had. His eye is caught on Diamonds of the Sky, and he touches the hardening shell gently.

< Qirin leaves egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

< Qirin touches egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

Mikal's hand twitches slightly on the egg as if perhaps the wait was too long. Suddenly though he draws in a breath, a quick smile appearing on his expression. Despite the fact his eyes are open he's clearly not seeing anything else around him. Certainly he no longer notices the other candidates or the other eggs. Again a faint hint of a murmur is given as in reply to a question posed to him. After a moment he circles the egg that seems to sprawl out in the sands and squats down to run his fingertips along the shell.

Idrissa crouches down near that blueish egg, her hand slowly slides across it while her bright gaze rests upon it. Will this be different then last time, she certainly hopes so. Her eyes close and she half cuew on her lip before there is that connection that catches her by surprise. She pulls her hand back slightly, a soft breath escaping her while her eyes flick open and she just looks at the egg wondering how she could possible feel something like that from such a thing. Though soon enough her fingers settle back upon it as she is a bit more at ease for the feelings or thoughts that she may gather.

Soriana's eyes make a little flick to one side. Another little flick to the other. Maybe her peripheral vision is playing tricks on her. Maybe it isn't. Her gaze settles back to center, which is to say, the egg. Such complex little patterns, and… her eyes widen. One hand moves slightly, sliding further around the egg as her arm becomes a straighter line. "Hello there," she murmurs softly, her eyes growing unfocused. "What'cha doing?"

Mikal simply smiles brightly as he straightens up. His mood certainly has shifted from excited to a controlled curiosity. There's a hint of reluctance to his step as he moves away from his first egg. However he knows there are more eggs to see and feel! Everything looks so much brighter…so much bigger when you're directly on the Sands. The heat is hardly noticed as he steps towards another egg that he remembers seeing the day it was clutched; a certain egg with blues of all shades and what Mikal thought looked like a small river running through the woods. So he's determined for a closer look at the From Ground to Air egg.

< Mikal leaves egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

< Mikal touches egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

Qirin stands once again without breath, staring off at a wall with a squint as though waiting, watching. Gently, his head cocks over slightly, curiously, waiting with interest on what he will next see. But his hand stays gently on the surface of the Diamonds in the Sky egg and waits for what next the Candidate and egg will experience together.

"Wow," exhales Kale whose eyes linger upon the crimson streaks of his touched egg, eyes going unfocused as his mind roams elsewhere. A happy place. Wrapped in warmth that does not seem to come from the heated sands. He leans forward a little, cheek pressing against the shell now, not shying away from the thoughts in his mind. Are they his own? He welcomes them, forgetting his true setting of the sands momentarily and placing himself where ever it is that is painted within his mind. He likes this feeling of comfort that comes from this egg, and he lingers…just a little longer.

Idrissa coughs slightly, as if something has caused her to have a tickle in her throat. She tilts her head to the side as if attempting to listen for something which she is so very sure is there. Though her eyes flick open, gaze drifting around as if to check and see if she is indeed hearing something or if it is from the egg she is touching. A soft breath escapes her, fingertips slowly sliding across the shell along the serpent like patterns that caught her attention along with the coloring of this egg.

No no, not yet little egg. There's so much more! Kale's eyes open, alebeive a bit reluctantly, as he leans back from the egg. He smirks a litle, letting one hand slide off while the other lingers just a second longer before it too goes away. Is that what it's like? For all of these? So many eggs. This definitely isn't like last time. Last time, there was so much nothing. And now. He shakes his head and steps back from the egg. "Later guy. Or girl.." He grins and steps away, setting his sights on another.

< Kale leaves egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

< Kale touches egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

Curiosity changes to reflective, thoughtful. While Mikal momentarily missed the first egg he touched he's quickly drawn into the second one, a goofy smile crossing his lips. Was this egg made for him? Certainly it seems to call to him and to speak of many things he enjoys. Shells and rocks…he lets his hand simply rest on the egg that could come from the middle of a young forest. A look of 'ooooh, /that/ way crosses his features and another goofy, lopsided smile appears.

Soriana smiles, and then her head tilts to the side. "Just one?" she says, and gives a little shake, one that trails off into a questioning, considering look. This question seems to be one for herself, though or at the very least, she doesn't try to ask it of the egg. Her eyes have a distant look as she thinks back on the past and pushes thoughts forward. Soriana smiles. "Just wait until you see the others," she murmurs, and she gets a leg under her to rise again… but hesitates instead of drawing her fingers away promptly, not quite wanting to leave the egg just yet.

Idrissa lets her fingers stay pressed lightly upon that egg, so many thoughts crossing her mind now, feelings of doing something she rather enjoys doing. It makes her smile a little easy one which from her is a strange thing with as nervous and stressed as she gets at times. A soft shakey breath escapes her once it seems the little one within the egg is well done with her. "Thank you." She murmurs softly and gives the little egg a soft pat before she is standing up and moving to another so someone else may have a turn it seems. Her gaze lands on the ancient forest egg and she makes her way over there to start the process over.

< Idrissa leaves egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

< Idrissa touches egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

Kale blinks twice rapidly upon the initial touch of this lightning streaked egg. So different from the other! He keeps his one hand pressed as his mind is searched, and he in turn stretches his thoughts to the egg. Who are you? Are we meant to be together? All that you see there, yes that is me.

Qirin's mouth curls up slightly, clearly comfortable with this egg. However, as things continue, his eyes close completely, letting a short sigh escape. His hand adjusts on the surface a bit more, intent on sharing more with the Diamonds egg.

Idrissa lets her fingers slide across the dark shadowy green egg, why she was so curious about this egg she wasn't sure, especially with the yellow like eyes upon it which makes her recall a times when she was in a forest and she has some issues with a few yellow eyed critters. Something makes her fingers pull back, a slight breath escapes her and she eyes the egg a few moments having to remember that this isn't real, well not /real/ like that at least. Seeming to take on a firm look she lets her fingers slowly slide back across the forest egg, a bit of fear still lingers within her though.

A slight shiver is seen from Mikal despite the heat of the sands. What could he be feeling to bring on such shivers. The smile slowly fades away, his eyebrows furrowing briefly as his unseeing eyes gaze across the sands then upwards towards the sky itself. Pulling back one hand he seems uncertain but a moment later he replaces the hand lightly upon the shell as if to tell the occupant he's still there.

Kale exhales a breath that's sharply followed by an inhale, eyes growing wide a moment, his hand still glued upon the electrifying surface. No words come though, just a wholly overwhelmed, aweinspired look that lingers for fat seconds before it disappears and is replaced by an expression of vague confusion. What just happened? A blink focuses his gaze upon the egg shell, and a slow smile follows as he draws his hand away. "Til next time.." He steps back, eyes lingering on that magnificent shell before he wills himself away. To another. Hello, potential friend. Encased in the sky.

< Kale leaves egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

< Kale touches egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

Qirin bites his lip as things drip away, a smile softly coming to the young teen's face. His hand falls away reluctantly. "Thank you," he whispers softly towards the Diamonds in the Sky egg, and he takes a few deep breaths, centering himself. The heat of the sands come back to him and he tiptoes across the Sands towards another, the Under a Watchful Sky Egg. He hovers over it a moment, glances over at the previous egg and back at Watchful, before pressing his palm against its hardening surface.

< Qirin leaves egg 9 Diamonds In The Sky Egg >

< Qirin touches egg 12 Under a Watchful Sky Egg >

< Mikal leaves egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

Idrissa gets that feeling again, the dark looming feeling, as if something is watching her from the shadows, it even causes her gaze to flick around her once more, checking to make sure that there isn't something to perhaps pounce on her. Her heart is racing, a bit of fear creeping in and she quivers a moment. Though there is something else, something that comes through at the right moment that makes her start to relax once more and her bright green gaze settles back upon the forestry egg. Her fingers slide across it once again and she swallow seemingly taking that plunge forward as she isn't gone yet.

Mikal shivers once more but this time he doesn't pull away his touch from this particular egg. For what seems like an eternity he stands very, very still. With a quick shake of his head he looks around him in wonder as if expecting to see something other than sand around him. The grin finally reappears and he moves away from this egg with steady steps. Seeking another he moves towards an egg that suddenly he notices Kale is at. This tosses him for a loop as he looks blindly to see what egg he's now closest too. A quick look is cast towards the Gold as if suddenly he is reminded of her presence. Drawing in a deep breath he touches an egg he never paid too much attention to before now.

< Mikal touches egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

Is there nothing? Kale's brows furrow in concern, and he slides his palm against the egg shell gently. Hello, are you there? What will you say to me? A moment passes, and he begins to lean in a little, as if searching…straining for something. And then. Ah, there! Concern slides from his face and instead a pleasant expression replaces it. What is this? His head begins to move, shifting from side to side, soon coupled with a gentle sway of his body. Side to side to a rhythm unheard, blind to the other candidates who may be nearby.

Curiousity sets in, Qirin's teeth trapping a corner of his lower lip as he experiences the personality within. His feet still continue to dance atop the hot sands, but is that due to the heat, or another reason brought on by the visions. His hand remains, brushing softly across the surface of the egg as he considers it.

From night to day, Mikal, who had small shivers as if the heat no longer worked now dances in place as if the sands were suddenly trying to sear the bottom of his feet through his sands. Almost immediately from the time he touches the egg he's swept up in a strong emotion that grips him and seems to shake him all around. In a moment he bites his lip nearly hard enough to bleed to keep from crying out with sudden relief at something! A surprise 'Oh!' does escape him, the first sound he's made out loud since stepping onto the Sands. Quickly he looks around as if to assure himself that the others are still here.

And Soriana's fingers continue to linger for a few more moments on that speckled shell. Her smile turns crooked or maybe it's just that with her head tilted to the side, part of it ran from one side of her face to the other. Either way. As for what will be… she'll know when she gets there. Or maybe not until afterward when she has a chance to think about it. For many questions, she has no answers right now, but there's one thing she can tell the egg. "You'll see soon." With that, she draws her fingers away, leaving that egg for the others to touch and moving on to try her Luck In the Water of Lilies.

< Soriana leaves egg 4 Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

Idrissa everything around her is ignored, voices, sounds, the warm sands and the others near her. Her mind is is lost for a moment, eyes closed yet shift under their lids as she seems to be following after something that only she can see. Then as quickly as she was getting into the feel of things as it were it all stops. A soft breath escapes her and she leans back while letting her fingers slide off the egg, her bright green gaze just settles on it, watching it a few moments longer as her thoughts are still running so to speak. She soon smiles, and stands, brushing her hands off as she slips towards another egg. Though her mind is still lingering on the last egg that she touched. Her gaze is off and her attention settles onto the flames egg and she is moving to that one now.

< Idrissa leaves egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

< Idrissa touches egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

Something changes. Something causes that gentle swaying of Kale's to stop. That smile to sort of freeze on his face before melting away. Brows knit, though this time it isn't in concern. Well, yes, but a different sort of concern. What is it? What's happened? His hand is nearly drawn away, but he keeps it still and rooted upon the egg's surface as he tries to decipher what swirls in his mind. He speaks, though he isn't sure why, and his voice even to himself sounds distant. "I'm sorry."

Muir is late? Whoops? The Candidate sneaks onto the sands, bowing to everything as he does so. The boy is splattered with firestone ash, hastily wiped from his face but streaking down his clothes and his neck. He'll wait for someone to tell him this is okay before moving forward, wide eyes sweeping the sands.

And then Qirin pauses in his steps, his brow furrowing again, and he can't help but keep his hand on the egg in defiance. A challenge to the dragon within? His unfocused gaze appears to narrow, and he waits to see what is to become of Mr. Watchful.

Mikal stays with this particular egg though his face is an unreadable cloud of emotions. He shifts his stance on the sands, squatting once more; in perhaps an effort to be closer to the egg? It's a comfort thing perhaps for both hands lay on the egg, unmoving but just resting loosely. He waits and he listens.

The creases of worry begin to soften, and Kale can smile once more. He exhales, body hovering over the egg almost protectively a moment before his head lifts and chin angles slightly upward. A look of resolve. Pride? Yes, pride. There's been much from this egg. From one end of the spectrum to the other. Is there more? He lingers, in case..

One of the AWLMs, keeping quiet so as not to disturb the Candidates already out there, is likely the one to motion to Muir to step onto the sands, as the junior is likely busy watching over the eggs and Sahazyth.

Muir nods his head in thanks to the AWLM, and shuffles slowly forward. He circles the eggs once, watching them with near reverence before he selects one to lay his hands upon.

< Muir touches egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

Idrissa lets her attention fall fully upon the egg she is touching now, her fingers s lowly slide across the crimson shell and her eyes close as her mind is thus open for what she may find with this new egg. Her nose wiggles as if she was taking in the scent of something new in the area; she tilts her head lowering it a bit as if listening for a sound that is soft and just barely there. Her fingers slowly side across it once more as she crouches down a bit lower pondering over the few things that this little egg has already shared with her. She isn't moving just yet it seems.

Scratching his head, Qirin stares at Under a Watchful Sky for a short while after he removes his hand from its shell. "Well then, another time," he states towards it, but his eyes turn to fall upon those he had touched prior. Shaking his head, intent not to disturb those he's already touched, he finds himself looking upon the Still Waters Run Deep Egg. Warily, he touches the surface, first a few fingers, and then his palm.

< Qirin leaves egg 12 Under a Watchful Sky Egg >

< Qirin touches egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

Soriana rests her fingers lightly on that serene blue shell, and her head tilts to the side, curious. Her hands curve, the fingers coming together. They make a slow sweeping motion against the shell, and then she stops them, looking down at her hands and blinking. "Not… not today," she says softly, and pulls her hands away, spreading the fingers carefully and peering down at them before stepping away and moving on to place a hand against the brightness of the Colorful Field of Flowers.

< Soriana leaves egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

Alright little dragon. We're done for now. Kale retracts his hand from the shell of the egg and steps back on the hot sands, eyes glimpsing all of the revealed shells. This process … how do they know? These little dragons inside. How do they know who is destined for them? Of all these people, so different from one another? He shakes his head a little, clearing his thoughts just a his gaze settles upon the coiled surface of a sinister looking egg. He approaches. "You remind me…" he says, moving near, placing both hands upon.

< Kale leaves egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

< Kale touches egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

Muir shudders, his fingers curling and twitching a bit against the shell. "Shards," he whispers, which might not be an appropriate curse to use while on the sands. Color rises to his cheeks and he shakes his head slowly, back and forth. "Is this what it's like? And that was totally not my fault. That was Kale." Way to throw someone under the wagon.

< Mikal leaves egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

< Mikal touches egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

Mikal inhales a deep breath quickly, his sudden thirst fading but still there in another form of wanting. As he pulls his hands from the shell and stands there is a look of longing across his expression as if he had something so pleasant and enjoyable for so brief of a moment and then it slipped away from him. He opens his eyes and merely slides a hand along the egg one last time with a murmured. "Goodbye for now." to the egg. Clearly someone's been affected by what he felt from inside the egg. In a daze he steps away and once more takes a layout of the sands. So many eggs…so little time? Something like that. With no one calling for an immediate halt to the Candidates he draws a deep breath and simply strides to the egg that caught his attention some time ago. Once he's there he peers to the egg first before touching as if simply studying the darker egg. "So different." he murmurs as he kneels down. After a moment he blinks, tilting his head sideways to press an ear to the hardening shell as if listening. Suddenly he simply smiles at the strongest emotion that simply washes over him and he accepts it and listens harder, straining to hear what only he can hear.

The egg occupant's mental touch is enough to help Qirin forget about the heat of the sands for the moment. He takes in a rather unneeded breath, and his hand seems to brush along its surface as though gently through a liquid. Shaking his head slightly, he does maintain those careful sweeps over its shell, but his expression is rather unsettled.

Muir shifts again, lowering his face more closely towards the egg so the words are only heard by it. "If you must know," he whispers, "my grandfather…is a horrible, horrible man. I hate him and what he's done to my family. One time, when I was there learning to be heir, a servant dropped one of the expensive platters and broke it. I took the blame, and the beating. I knew it'd be easier for me than for the servant…my grandfather fears my father. So I got a black eye but that was it. He probably would have beaten the servant to death." Or so the boy believes. Caressing the shell, Muir shrugs. "So yeah. Don't tell anyone, okay? Even Marel thinks I did it…"

Kale's brows gently knit as his hands move slowly upon the surface of the colorful egg, following the swirls of colors that, to him, are not cheerful ones. Though that does not make them unbeautiful. There's something there. His mind reaches for it, but it eludes him til it's good and ready. A vague shiver rolls up his spine, but he keeps his hands put. "Like metal," he murmurs. "Cold and hard. .. but colors are hidden inside." With enough heat. With enough guidance. "Your shell reminds me of that."

Idrissa smiles a few moments as she continues to touch that lovely little fiery egg that has her attention for the moment. A soft breath escapes her, little visions getting her attention and she tilts her head from one side to the other as if she is looking at some scene, or following after something that has clearly caught her attention. She doesn't fight the attentions from that one within the egg, allowing it to linger and proving that she too is curious about the one within. For the setting she has be 'given' she is rather relaxed, her mind wandering over what could possible come next.

Muir blinks and staggers a bit, hand lifting from the egg and rubbing his temple. "Wow," he whispers, a lightness to his eyes and his spine straightening as he holds himself upright. He stares at the egg for a few more moments, longing, desire, excitement causing his heart to beat faster. And then he moves off, to touch another.

< Muir leaves egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

< Muir touches egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

For a moment, Soriana's expression is questioning. She adds a second hand to the eggshell… ah. There it is. She smiles or is that actually more of a smirk? "Well?" she asks it softly. Her fingers remain on the shell, spreading to touch spots of color, unconnected and linked together now by her touch. Points of light, color, all the bright things that are part of life… even if the things that hold them together only last for a moment.

Mikal tenses a bit, shaking his head in sudden denial of something. His gaze flits across the sands quickly then back to the egg. He's still here. He believes. "Loved." he murmurs simply that one single word, his voice a mere whisper. He draws in a breath, caressing the egg. So many emotions flicker within his deep green eyes. He whispers more to the egg though his words never raise above a whisper for the promises of love and believing aren't heard by anyone but the egg before him.

Muir shakes his head firmly, frowning at the egg. "Hey," he says, his pride pricked a bit. "Leave off." Stepping back, he lets his fingertips linger against the shell to see if there is more it has to offer, but he feels like he's been stolen from, and looks longingly back towards the egg he touched first. He wants /that/ presence in his mind again.

For a moment Mikal looks like he would like to simply park himself right /here/ on the Sands and await the birth of the one inside this egg. Surely this one is meant just for him? Or perhaps not. Slowly the fog of emotions that embrace him lifts but is not to be forgotten. Another whispered promise is given to the egg then he's departed from it.

< Mikal leaves egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

Idrissa smiles at the sights continue within her mind at least, they are very eye catching to her. Once more there is a sound of something, a light little thing that makes her head lifts, a soft breath escaping her and she ponders the reason for it. Then once more there is something there, something that soon enough makes her stomach grumble. She swallows and her eyes open once it seems the ones within is done pocking in her mind and sharing. "Sleep well." Is murmured out to the little egg before she slowly stands and slips over to another egg. Her gaze for once drift over the ones here see whom all has made it, and she lets her attention settle upon the scurrying egg which is the one she has picked next.

< Idrissa leaves egg 2 Fanning the Flames Egg >

< Idrissa touches egg 4 Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg >

< Mikal touches egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

Kale glances to the left, as if looking for something, but in a moment what was missing returns to him and his eyes lower to the egg again. Ah, there we are. A faint grin. Not as wide as his others, but still present. Curiosity meets curiosity. What lies within? How do you know, dragon, what you're looking for when only just born? Here he is, sixteen turns, and the world is still such a mystery. How can you be so sure of anything?

Muir shudders and jerks his hand back, frowning at the egg for a long moment. He resists the urge to curse at it, shoving his hands into his pockets and simply staring for a long moment. Then, with a slightly jerky movement, he turns and strides for another egg. That one, for some reason, irritated him.

< Muir leaves egg 13 From Ground to Air Egg >

< Muir touches egg 12 Under a Watchful Sky Egg >

Qirin gently leans down, his hands still swirling about the shell. He starts to speak, but shakes his head slightly, feeling that the touch he receives back already knows what he was going to say. The brow doesn't move, as though studying the egg intently as he continues his interaction with its occupant. But his breath has slowed, and each swirl is becoming more of a caress.

Mikal doesn't approach another egg right away, instead he takes several steps and stops. For several minutes he's content to watch the others though that only lasts a moment as it's hard to sometimes disconcern what they are feeling/hearing/seeing from their individual eggs. Letting himself wander he doesn't choose any egg simply from looks but lets the egg draw him to it. He finds himself at the Guardian egg and he lays both hands upon it loosely, running his palms to feel every contour of the egg beneath his hands. He inhales suddenly as if a particular scent has enveloped him suddenly. His eyes move quickly around, alert to something nearby. What is it?! He stays on, waiting with the egg.

Too much to think about. Too many questions with complicated answers. Who'd know such things? It leaves Kale wondering as he pulls his hand back and away. That was an interesting one, and he steps away from the thoughtprovoking egg with one last lingering look. There are others to touch. More little dragons to get to know. There's one there he hasn't given attention to. Cheerful. Is that..a runner? He touches the muzzle.

< Kale leaves egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

< Kale touches egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

That smirk leaves Soriana's face, replaced by a slight frown. She looks down toward the base of the egg, her fingers stretching out again, flattening against its surface with a disregard for those blotches she sought out mere moments before. "Because… because they're…" She shakes her head, sharply. "I don't know. I just… of course I do. I don't care what he says. That's not why. I wish she would too!" Her voice has gotten a tone or too louder than she meant, and she glances around awkwardly before lowering her gaze to the egg once more.

Muir squirms a bit and then hesitantly offers up a memory. The one that comes to his mind first. Here, he puts it forward, to the front of his mind, to try and push it at the egg and share, fumbling with the link that's still so new to his thoughts. With a headache beginning on his temples, he shares a time he ran away to be a pirate. Just down to the beach, but he had his whole sack packed, and was waiting on the docks for a ship to come and pick him up and take him on a grand adventure. He got distracted of course, by the sand and building and digging, and by the time evening fell, he had forgotten why he left in the first place and went back home.

Idrissa lets her fingers slide across the egg, her eyes open this time while she peers at it curious and she is then leaning back fingers just barely touching the egg while something seems to have gotten her attention. Her gaze flicks around and she is blinking as if trying to find something that she is rather sure is running around her. As she isn't able to 'find' anything she feels a little unsure, a slight eh escaping her and she is soon looking back to the egg and lets her fingers press upon it once more. A slight smile is seen. "Hi there" Is murmured softly to the egg.

Muir mutters under his breath, trying to push back against the egg with his mind. "Stop," he murmurs. "Slow down. You don't have to rip through things, this is my /life/ you shelled wherry. Slow down."

Mikal's eyes open wide. "Adventure!" the lad mouths, excited. This he can do. Quite willingly too would he go on adventures with the occupant of this egg. But first he must be born. Then raised! Oooh, slowly becoming overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings, Mikal closes his eyes once more to really feel the inhabitant and listen. Restlessly he lets his fingers caress the shell, urging the creature inside to wait for him…wait wait wait to have adventures.

Muir shakes his head firmly, about to answer when the presence is gone from his thoughts. Snorting softly, Muir takes a step back and peers once more towards Talons of the Storm Egg. "You're the best," he murmurs to that egg as he meanders by it again, feeling a fondness for it already. Okay, he's ready to try again, and rests his hands against Anthem of the Ages Egg

< Muir leaves egg 12 Under a Watchful Sky Egg >

< Muir touches egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

Idrissa blinks and smirks a moment while peering at the scurrying egg that has her attention at the moment. "Well.." There is a pause pondering and her eyes close while her mind drifts to the stables, and then to her friends. So it seems there are a few things that are high on her list that she enjoys and perhaps this will be a good answer to the questions that she is being asked. She is rather curious as to how this egg is able to send forth messages that seem to be asking her questions. Her fingers slide across it once more, pondering what may be asked next.

Soriana frowns at the egg. "But… no, it's all… all…" She has not even the words for it, or if she does, she certainly doesn't actually say them. That would be far too much like acknowledging things. "It's not like that," she insists, and the tone of it is nearly plaintive. Another moment with the egg, and at least the frown has receded by the time she finally draws her fingers away, giving the egg a long look and standing for a moment before drawing in a deep breath before making her way to touch the Talons of the Storm.

< Soriana leaves egg 5 Colorful Field of Flowers Egg >

< Soriana touches egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

Muir sighs, relief pulling down at his shoulders. Thank Faranth this one is nice. His fingers softly caress the shell and he tentatively opens his mind to the egg, sharing a few thoughts and memories with it. Here, this is who I am, this is what I look like and what I do. Who are you?

Sigh. Qirin's hands slide off the egg like water as he returns to his current surroundings. "We'll meet again," the boy comments to the dragon within before turning away. Still rather unsettled, he comments to the group, "Are they always so… uh, inquisitive?" He hopes that the tone he gave doesn't imply any rudeness on his part. Curiousity hints at it, even if he keeps giving glances to each of the eggs he's visited thus far, some extra time spent on Diamonds. The harper youngster dares not rouse it again. Instead, he tiptoes towards Luck in the Water of Lilies Egg, whispering a chant of "Gentle, gentle, gentle…" Question is, was it meant for him or meant for the dragonet?

< Mikal leaves egg 7 Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg >

< Qirin leaves egg 6 Still Waters Run Deep Egg >

< Qirin touches egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

Confusion dominates Kale's face from the first touch of that egg. His feet shift on the sand, and his eyes dart left. Right. Up. Or, is he really looking, or is all of this happening in his mind? His lips part and remain that way, brow knitting as he stares off into a vast nothingness, peering past the walls of the annex to places unseen. And then, a jerk of his head at some unheard thing. Loud to his ears, and then a sinking feeling that's seen on his face. An expression of soulwrenching sadness. And then it's gone. Replaced by too real heat and the feeling of doom releasing its suffocated grip. "Shards.." he exhales, pulling his hand away as he takes a breath after having unknowingly held it for so long. He peers at the egg, frown returning. "It needn't be that way." He has to touch again. It can be different, little egg.

Muir blinks, staring at the shell as if he could peer within it. "Did Marel tell you this?" he whispers, stroking the shell tenderly. "I…Uncle Tharen went for me. He's there in my stead…"

Idrissa is not surprised as more questions are given to her, this little one is clearly curious about everything and she doesn't have a problem trying to offer up answer. "I'll do everything I can." Her voice a soft low little whisper as she speaks to the egg that has her attention. A few moments pass and she smiles once more, a nod seen while she is leaning back while her attention sweeps the area around her. She clears her throat and then shifts moving over to another egg that isn't all that far away. The primordial egg having caught her eye now.

< Idrissa leaves egg 4 Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg >

< Idrissa touches egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

Mikal murmurs promises again of adventure and other such fun things to be had. "From whomever you find upon the Sands soon." he murmurs. So many personalities out here…so distinctive. He draws in a deep breath to clear his head. So much emotions he's felt and heard. Still he wonders has he touched the one that houses his life mate. Is his own life mate out here yet or does it await to be clutched on some other sands. A frown and a shake of his head sends those thoughts scattering away as he blindly touches yet another yet, one that is once more simply there without him looking too closely upon it.

< Mikal touches egg 4 Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg >

Muir shakes his head. "He's not. No. He's still there," he protests, frowning at the egg. "I…I can't… I have guilt," he whispers. "I want to just…" And he shakes his head, because his wants are things that can not be voiced here. Or ever, perhaps.

< Muir leaves egg 10 Anthem of the Ages Egg >

Soriana blinks, and then blinks again. Her eyelids flutter before she finally manages to keep them open. Her mouth quirks up, a bit of the frown, a bit of a shrug, and then she pauses. She stares for a long moment, then sighs. "I was dumb?" she says with a quirk of her lips. "I should have paid better attention. I didn't think. I mean… I thought… yeah. I did kind of make a mess. But it turned out okay?"

Mikal seems surprised to be at the slightly odd shaped egg. Immediately once his hand touches the warm shell he's all smiles. "Hello!" he whispers quickly to the egg he's at..

Idrissa is once more watching this egg that she is touching, fingers sliding across it and there is something that catches her attention. She tilts her head peering to the floor and then to the other side but still there is nothing there. A soft cough escapes her and she looks back to the egg wondering how this egg is able to full off such a feat. "Wait" There is a pause and she bites down onto her lip, just a wee bit of fear is settling in once more as she works on trying to control it and push it to the back. It takes a few moments but she is soon able to control herself, fingers rest upon the egg and she rests unmoving once more. "Because it seemed like the right thing to do." This offered with a soft murmur to whatever question she has been asked.

Qirin's expression lightens, his gentle mantra calming to a complete stop as he's drawn in by this dragonet. A smile peeks at his mouth, then brightens, and his eyes closing as he enjoys it. However, alas, out of the blue, he loses physical connection with the egg as his hand slips off. Eyes opening, he curses himself and begins to place his hand again, hovering it before the shell when the rest of his fellow Candidates catch his attention. "I'll be back, and we'll spend more time together," he tells the Luck egg as he stands to his feet. The heat of the sands are on him again, sweat beading at his brow, and he wipes at it gently with his arm.

Soriana shakes her head slightly, but it's with an amused expression. "I didn't think," she repeats, only now she seems close to laughing. "I didn't. It just happened." She tilts her head. "I guess… that's how. Just… do it." The laugh has receded, replaced by a wry expression. "I guess I don't have any good answers for you. Sorry."

Mikal runs a hand through his shortened hair suddenly as if trying to feel the presence that's rummaging through his memories. He tries to concentrate hard on one or two particular but it's so hard to remember something when pressed on the spot too! Perhaps the occupant resting inside the egg will know which thoughts he's trying to share. He murmurs indistinguishable sounds to the questioning egg.

Muir steps away from the eggs, lingering near the exit with his hands in his pockets. Eyes closed, he ponders what he's felt, placing the eggs into small categories in his mind. So far, the first one soars (pun intended) far above the others for him. But that other one…a shiver runs down his spine. It was so eerie, how much it knew about his family. So eerie. Coincidence? Somehow he doubts it.

Where is he now? Kale's eyes close, his frown returning. This egg is maddening. Or maybe it's just him? Maybe the whirlwind is his own fault. Uncomfortable. Lost. He pants out a breath as his shoulders hunch. Too loud. Too confusing. But there's something there. Is that his? Was it all done for this? It must be, and his expression softens until his eyes reopen. His lips are wet and the egg stared at. Is there more you need to share?

Mikal doesn't move for several moments with this last egg, standing unmoving as he simply rests his hands against it. Finally he opens his eyes and steps back, all bright smiles for the curiosity and childlike quality he senses. "Soon." he murmurs. Breathing deep he becomes more aware of his surroundings and steps over to the other candidates near him. He looks quite like he got knocked in the back of the head with a board.

< Mikal leaves egg 4 Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg >

< Qirin leaves egg 11 Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg >

Sahazyth has been patient and watchful during the touching, inspecting each candidate as they touch her eggs. Only now does she start to get antsy and starting to shift some of the sands with her tail. Briana looks over to her Dragon and gives a little nod. "I will have to ask that start to make your way off the sands. We will make sure you have more opportunities to touch soon, but we wish to take care since they only just hardened." Briana explains as she looks over the candidates, looking a little flushed from the heat of the sands herself.

Apparently it was enough of a brush to pull him in again, and Qirin is left with a slight fit of laughter after his interaction with the egg. "Oh, you tease," he comments towards it. "Another day. I promise." Then finally with his hands free, he heads over towards the rest of the candidates for the instructions and guidance by Briana.

Idrissa is not fully sure if she enjoys this 'feeling' around her it is something that strange, though a moment passes and it seems more of a comfort. A soft breath escapes her; she is attempting to keep her nerves in check, too keep from getting worried as she gets the feeling that may not be a good idea. The touch that stays seems to be enough keep her put. The feeling so real though she knows it really isn't. "Well, I just had to find out for myself how things were, and the best way is to find out myself." A slight nod is seen to any around her as she seems alright with the answer that is even. Her gaze lifts up as she catches the movement from Sahazyth, and then hears Briana. A quick nod is seen before she looks back to the egg and she slowly shifts back, letting her fingers slowly slide away as she goes. "Another time for more questions." Is murmured out.

"I knew it'd be alright.." murmurs Kale whose hands slide around the egg a little, his eyes again focused. "It had to be. It .. it will be." A small smirk follows and the shell is given a very light pat before he moves away. "Thank you." The thanks is spoken to the gold and the last egg that he interacted with, and carefully he moves away from the clutch and back to where the other candidates may be.

< Kale leaves egg 1 This From Afar Egg >

< Idrissa leaves egg 8 Primordial Philosopher Egg >

And Soriana's eyes widen, her fingers pressing firm to the eggshell as her mind whirls and spins and… "Oh!" she says, blinking again before giving her head a little shake. "I… thank you. But I still don't… I don't see how." She laughs a little. "I guess you'd know, though… wouldn't you?" Still smiling, she leaves the egg behind, glancing to Sahazyth as she hears Briana and then heading away after a final glance over the eggs.

< Soriana leaves egg 3 Talons of the Storm Egg >

Mikal is quite willing to depart the Sands before said Queen gets too anxious. Besides he's on brain overload here!

Muir looks up when the others approach, shaking his head slowly. "Now what? Are we dismissed or…" he asks, running his hand through his ashen hair. "That was…" And he shakes his head again.

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