I Miss You

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

By the time Thea reaches the bottom of the stairs, she's sped her steps, urgent in her need to reach Seryth. She trots across the sands towards the queen, who has her neck outstretched towards her and upon reaching the dragon, she clings to her muzzle, burying her face in the soft hide there. She said Seryth needed her, but anyone with a dragon can see it is the other way around as the quiet croons coming from the gold are comforting in nature.

D'had might not be meant to follow, but follow he does anyway. His steps on the stairs quick enough to keep up though he slows as she reaches the sands. A wary glance turned in the direction of the gold settled there. He pushes on however, hesitating for her reaction, waiting to see for certain if she'll let him nearer. If she does, or doesn't either way the question follows Thea, concern tinging the words, "You alright babe?"

Seryth's eyes shift to watch Siebith's approach, but there's no irritation in her for the man, oddly enough, with soft, fragile eggs on the sands she might normally be so. Thea turns around, aware he has approached - having another pair of eyes comes in handy like that. She presses her back against Seryth's muzzle behind her, meets D'had's eyes with a shadowed expression in hers and nods silently, then drops her head and shakes it no.

D'had steps closer as he's allowed, still keeping half an eye on the gold as he reaches to pull Thea to him, curling his arms around her. "What's wrong, hmm?" he asks, leaning his cheek against her head and giving her back a light rub with one hand. "And don't say the heat." If that's really what it was she would have said it already.

The heat is enough that it has already caused Thea to break out into a fine sheen of perspiration that glistens where her skin is exposed and her once-damp hair to begin drying more quickly. There's a quick glance towards the observation level as she allows herself to be drawn into his arms. Empty - good! No prying eyes at the moment and no listening ears, though she knows likely they'd not hear a word said down here from all the way up there. Her arms slide around his waist as she leans her forehead against his chest with a long breath out. She's miserable, but cannot seem to form an answer, instead a long silence follows the question. Beneath his hand the tension of her back muscles surely can be felt. Behind her Seryth nudges gently at her rider's back. "She says we should go see Siebith," the muttered words are muffled against his chest.

D'had does notice that glance she gives the stands. "I get not sayin’ with them candidates around, but it’s just you and me now…" he points out. He will concede however, to simply just holding her until she's ready to talk. Even if the heat is more than enough for him given at least she's dressed for it. It’s not what he was looking for when she does finally say something, but he nods all the same, turning to walk beside her on the way out.

Thea is silent on that walk across the sands, head down watching where she's putting her feet, although there's really no need for it - there's certainly nothing to trip over. When they reach the relative coolness of the clearing, her hair is nearly dry save for sweat-damp near her hairline where beads glitter in the afternoon sun. The short time on the sands is enough that it's brought a flush to pale cheeks and her thin linen tunic and trous are sticking to her, dampened though. She breathes a sigh as they step into shade, glances around to spot Siebith. Still no answer to his question. Instead, she gestures to the blue with one hand while tilting her head to indicate the sky. "Take me aloft?"

Siebith isn't so very far away, of course that could be in part due to knowing they were coming. There's a simple nod from D'had, the blue stretching and padding the few steps over to sink down for mounting. While she might not need as much assistance as someone not accustomed to dragons - particularly since she's used to Seryth - D'had offers it all the same before settling into his own place. This time he's put her in front, wrapping arms loosely around her middle once straps are secured. The takeoff is smooth for once, rather than the sudden launch into the sky the blue usually favors, but given no destination he slowly circles upward.

Thea greets Siebith with a fond pat, but no words this time. She accepts D'had's help, her smile of thanks, even if strained, is genuine. Once they're strapped in she leans back against him, closes her eyes, and wraps her arms over his rather than gripping for the neckridge in front of her. He is all the stability she needs. Once they're in clear air, and circled a few times, she tilts her head back so her lips are close to his ear and her loose hair won't be whipping him in the face. She hasn't a flight jacket on, but she makes the request anyway: "Now Between and hang there?" Perhaps the residual heat from the hatching grounds will suffice? Expecting him to just do so, she finds that hollow between his shoulder and neck, tucks her head there as she turns her face towards his neck and shuts her eyes tightly, the fingers upon his forearms tense.

And two and two finally add up to be four for D'had. "Wait. What?" he starts, blinking at that request before shaking his head. "Ain't gonna do you no go to catch a chill," he states firmly. Its not going to do him, the twins, or Seryth any lick of good if she gets herself stuck in the infirmary for going between in what she's dressed in. Loosening his own straps enough to give him some range of motion he pulls himself free of her grasp to lean over the side. No one ever said he had good judgment. Its one of the bags lower down on the blue's straps that he's after, unhooking the clasp to pull a blanket free from inside. The getting up part proves to be more difficult than the nearly falling off part of course.

"But…" Thea's argument dies right there as his arms leave her and there's enough movement from the man behind her that she sits up to give him space to move. But then there's the loosening of flight straps while in the sky. And leaning over the side. "Ooh, be careful!" She reaches for his belt, curls her fingers around it - as if she could keep him from falling all by herself! Perhaps it's the tone of that 'wait, what' of his that finally loosens her tongue. Her lower lip is caught between her teeth as he's pulling that blanket out. "Donn, I… uh… the healers want to examine me." A deep breath in and she continues, "They think I'm pregnant." She winces, "Again." All this said while facing front and looking straight ahead.

D'had leaves the blanket to her while he settles himself back into place. Lalala! He's not listening to any of that. Or at least he's trying not to. "And..?" he prompts once his straps are tightened again. He's then reaching for that blanket, draping it over her shoulders and tucking the rest around her against the cool air of the altitude if not her request of between.

Thea's arms accept that blanket from him automatically; it remains balled up as she stares ahead unseeing. There's a wince for what seems to her to be distance in that single-worded question of his, "And…" she whooshes out a breath, dropping her head. "It may not be yours." This quiet admission, laced with dismay is uttered as he pulls the blanket from her arms. She is silent while he's wrapping that blanket around her, hunching down into it.

"And…?" D'had repeats his previous question. Siebith continues to circle, making lazy loops across the sky as he waits for rider and passenger. The Weyrsecond’s arms slide back into place, wrapping about her waist. There's nothing judging about that one word of his, simple pressing for her to continue with whatever she might want to say on the subject.

Thea is confused by the repetition, perhaps expecting other questions. She turns within his arms, lifting a hand, places it on his chest to brace herself as she seeks his eyes, trying to read him. "And I… it might be from the flight, but I can't be sure." Her lips tremble, "I don't want a flight baby, only yours- ours. Ever." It tears at her to say it and she can't keep looking at him, but addresses his collar. "But I can't be sure whose it is and I'm fairly sure you don't want another baby, even if it is ours." By the way she says that it might be clear something else has been bothering her.

"I guessed," D'had replies gently. If it were otherwise the conversation likely would have started differently. "If you're sure this is what you want.." he returns with a sigh, giving her a light squeeze of reassurance. "We'll go, but only if you're sure. Can't undo it babe. Maybe should just take a day and think about it… Come home tonight?"

Thea shakes her head, baffled. "I know it can't be undone. You… don't care then, if I between yours, if it is?" Her head thuds against his collarbone in defeat. The man simply refuses to discuss things with her! "I'm not sure about anything anymore," she admits. "I'm not sure if it's what the healers think or if it's the heat, really. I'm not sure you like having the twins and I'm not sure if-" she bites that off with an audible snap of her teeth. Clearly something is troubling her and she's reaching her limit. Into a sudden silence she blurts, "And why aren't you saying anything about how you think?" Within his arms he can likely feel the tension in her body. And then, "Come home? Why do you want me to? My mother is there to help."

"If it's really the heat, maybe it'll help." D'had tries to reason. As for why.. "I miss you," he whispers, "They miss you," louder than he might if they were on the ground, but it's still a whisper. He leans in, a ragged breath ends with a sigh. Sounds she wasn't meant to hear. "I care," he finally replies to that first question of hers. "If it'll make you happier than not knowing…" Well then he'll live with it. If she could do it without him likely he would have never know as far as he knows.

Thea nods, her forehead moving against his collarbone, "Might help, but…" Yes, getting away from the heat would surely be a test. His whispered words cause her to lift her head, fighting both joy and sorrow, her lips smile but her eyes are sad as he leans in. "You miss me?" Oh she knows, but to hear him say it! "I- I miss you too. I haven't been sleeping up there." Which might be a contributing factor to the stomach issues. And he can guess, knowing her as well as he does that she didn't divulge her sleeplessness to the healers. As to the other, when he says he cares, she is visibly relieved. "No… I… I don't really know if it would." Emotion ruled rather than logic in her decision today. Par for the course with her.

"So come home tonight," D'had tries again since she hasn't yet agreed. "Spend the night? Or we'll come up to the guest weyrs. They're closer." To Seryth at the hatching sands. "Talk to your Ma if ya need to. Decide tomorrow. If ya still wanna go then…" He might not say but she should know. If she still wants to, he'll take her between then. "Course I missed ya," he adds, chuckling just a bit, "Why you think I came up there today? Weren't for the eggs."

Thea nods about tomorrow. Yes, she can wait and see what's what. As to come home: oh, she wants to! But, "I… can't!" The words are laced with distress and the hand that rest lightly against his chest clenches, crumpling the fabric of his shirt. "Seryth gets agitated if I'm gone long. The eggs. It's my responsibility if something goes wrong." She drops her head again, muttering, "I keep it from her how hard I'm finding it this time, don't want her to feel it's her fault." Her own breath is ragged this time as she whispers, "They'll hatch… eventually." She's conflicted, torn… and miserable without him.

D'had shakes his head, "Ask her?" he suggests. "You aren't helping her being there if you're hurting." Surely if he can understand that she can. "If you can't…" he concedes, "Come for dinner and I'll stay up on the level with you. Like ya said, your ma can watch the twins." He's quiet again as Siebith turns for another lap above the weyr. "You know.. one of Asher's ain't mine." He's hoping that'll help. "Never mattered.."

Thea blinks at her hand, realizing it is still clenched, she releases his shirt and smoothes the wrinkles she's made there. "Donn," there's wry irony in her voice, "I can barely go bathe or feed the children and she's up pacing." She pauses to touch the queen's mind. "She's sleeping now." She brightens, "I can sneak out for dinner when she naps this evening, yeah." Then she's tilting him an arch look, "You'd join me up there?" Her lips curve in a wicked grin, "Can you get Siebith to sleep in front of the door?" As for his other children, she just shakes her head. "It matters to me. Ours alone. And Muir….giving him to you… means a great deal to me." Perhaps with her flights being the way they are for him, he will understand that her children are, for her, a way to keep something for just them in a life where little choice is left.

D'had nods. He understands her point. Doesn't want to, but he does and he'll leave it as she has. "But yeah, if your ma'll keep 'em herself tonight I will." A grin quirks his lips for that smile of hers. "I'll see what I can do about that," he adds about Siebith's sleeping place for the night. "Okay." He leans down to press a kiss to her lips, it might be a bit awkward with current seating arrangements, but that will have to do. "Love you."

Thea's still sitting twisted half around to face him, so it's awkward, but not so much, really. She satisfied to return his kiss and contents herself with a one-armed hug for him. "I'm sure she won't mind. Tharen and I broke her in turns ago, you know." Her head finds its way back to his shoulder then. "I love you too, Donn." She laughs lightly, "Seryth is awake and asking how I feel." And the answer to that? Well, she hasn't lost her lunch on Siebith?

Siebith hasn't been flying like Siebith either. D'had has a chuckle at her mother's expense on that one. "Sure you did," he teases. "I still ask," he adds even as the blue beings a slow decent back towards the clearing. He smiles to himself as she settles back, arms wrapping back aground her again. "And..?" he prompts, "How are ya?"

Pity Thea wasn't up to that, really! She'll take a rain-check, though, Siebith? She coughs, "Well maybe it was more Tharen breaking her and me breaking him for doing it." Oh it won't take their ma long to send for her son. "But yes, I can ask her. Might be she'll have some help." She snickers quietly, then considers his question. "I’m feeling alright," The note of surprise in her tone changes, "although maybe tonight will have me feeling even better?" So maybe it was the heat, or knowing he'll be there… or both.

D'had chuckles. "I'm sure you were both a handful." Knowing her stubbornness and having met her brother… There's no doubt about it. "Good," he replies about how she's doing. "I'm glad, didn't look so good earlier." Not that it’s the best thing to say, but at least he's truthful. Siebith meanwhile is touching down back in front of the entrance to the hatching grounds. "Just take a break if you need it. Alright?"

When they land, Thea unsnaps the harness holding her, throws one leg over Siebith's neck to sit for a moment, holding up her fingers in a pinch-like gesture. "Can take teeny ones." Like she's been doing. "Though if anything changes with her," she gestures to the arena with a tilt of her chin, "you'll be the first to know." Because she'll be sneaking her (literally) hot self into their bed where she can really sleep. Leaning to brush her lips across his she murmurs, "See you tonight." Ice green twinkles close to his brown eyes for that brief moment, then she slides down and hastens back to the queen inside and those eggs baking in there. And this evening if late night egg-viewers complain they can't get in gawk at the clutch? Oh, well. It may just be too hot in there for them!

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