A pink Weyr & a clumsy-Candie

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks(#7528RA)
A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Full speed ahead, Candidacy is progressing quickly, studies continue, assignments continue rotating and Zahl is just doing what she can to stay on top of things while fitting in a little time for herself here and there. The bait-er potentials have been rounded up in to the barracks and tonight the Starcraft-candie is sweeping her way through the cots. There are some.. not very pleasing things found here and there, beneath the bedding of the less well kept "Eww.." Zahl will grimace as she takes a dustpan full of yuck to the garbage can. The seasons are changing and things near the windows are indeed starting to cool of, a few who chose to sleep there piling on another set of blankets. The day has faded away to a cloudy black night and people are starting to turn in for the evening.

Muir has just jumped on this roller coaster, and is bringing in his last duffel into the barracks. "Whew," he says, having finagled a cot near his sister's. Once the last duffel is dropped (the last of four), the boy flops onto his cot with a groan, and then frowns. "Ugh, this is as comfortable as it gets?" he mutters, tucking his hands behind his head and staring at the ceiling. He can't keep the beaming smile off his face either, perhaps looking rather stupid in his vacant grin.

Zahleizjah notices the disheveled teenager and all his dufflebags. Her honey-tinted eyes flutter that way, remember seeing the gent at the Gala and not having much time to say hello. A smile will be sent his way if they eyes meet, a shy one at least and she'll continue sweeping her way through the barracks. She's just close enough to hear his verbalization and shrugs slightly, adding her own two cents with an "I've seen worse.." A set of cubbies and drawers are pointed to and the young Starcrafter shares "There's extra storage in there if y'need.. we're pretty comfy in here.."

Mikal snores from his cot somewhere along the line of cots that line the walls of the candidate barracks. SNORE!

Muir pushes himself up on an elbow, watching Zahleizjah for a moment. "You're the Starcrafter," he says with a glimmer of recognition. "And yeah, I have too, but still. I'm going to have to see about fixing this cot…are they all like this?" Squirm. When Mikal snores, Muir grins crooked and mischievous, fishing in his duffel for a dirty sock to fling at his friend.

Idrissa is here on her cot, and sleeping it seems. Her days start early after all, crack of dawn down to the stables to take care of runners, then she is back for lessons and the like here with the others. A slight yawn escapes her, movement caught and she tilts her head to peer out curiously to the voices that she has picked up on around her. She slowly shifts upwards so she is resting up on a elbow and waves to the ones she catches awake. "Hey guys."

Zahleizjah tries to be quiet of course, but she's a little stumbly some times and may bump in to a thing here and there, one of which happens to be the corner of Mikal's cot "Oh shards.." she'll mumble "Sorry Mikal!" Turning as if she's been caught redhanded when Muir calls her out. Cheeks will tint a lovely shade of rouge, knowing he's talking to her she still looks around. Broom is held in one hand, the other pointing to herself "Me? Umm I guess so.. m'names Zahleizjah." A pensive and empathetic brow will be raised as she looks down at the cot. "Whats wrong with it?" As Idrissa stirs behind them she'll turn her direction with a smile and apologies "Sorry t'wake ya and hi.."
Muir shakes his head, "It's not comfortable?" he says with a crooked grin. Sitting up fully now, he tosses a jaunty wave Idrissa's way. "Hey! I'm here too, now. Maybe we'll get stable duty together, huh?"

The sock won't wake him but the bump into his cot draws a…."KKzzzzhuh?!" he sits up, eyes open. "S'okay!" mumbles the sleeping youth who then flops back down to sleep. Did he fully wake up? HARD TO SAY!

Idrissa slowly sits herself up, a hand rubbing at her eyes a few times while she still works on waking up, which will take a lot to do at the moment with at tired as she is. "Muir?" There's a pause and she peers at him before smiling. "See, I told you to not give up hope now didn't I? Great to have you with us." She looks back to Zahle and smiles. "Ah.. Thanks for the bow. I's beautiful, did you make it?" As for the bow it is sitting nice and neat next to her cot just no quiver to be seen.

Zahleizjah leans the broom against a wall and reaches in to a lower drawer, pulling out one thick blanket and passing it Muir's direction. "This'll serve for a lil extra padding eh?" She's glad Mikal is a hard sleeper and that her mild episodes every few nights have gone unnoticed thus far. Broom will be grabbed again and the Starcrafter will work on being a little more comfortable. Only when Idrissa says the brown eyed gent's name does it lock in to memory, placing name to face though she had a hunch when their paths crossed last. A flick of the wrist waves a hand towards Idrissa with a smile, blush and nod of the head "Yer'welcome.. n'it was nothing Datsun is an excellent teacher.. I've some quivers on the way, they just take a lil longer to harden or something."

Muir leans forward to take the blanket with a smile. "Thanks. That'll do for now." Until he raids the storeroom. Standing, he sloppily adds the blanket and then flops back down again, propping himself up on his elbows. Glancing over, he looks at the bow with brows lifted. "Wow, that's good work."
Zahleizjah wanders off sweeping the nether regions for a few good moments.

Idrissa smiles and nods while sitting upon the cot. "I didn't know he gave lessons. Though I suppose he would seeing how he is a journeyman an all. Quivers too? Nice." She smiles and nods to Zahle before looking over to Muir. "The work is lovely. I never had anything like that made for me before."

Zahleizjah nods to Muir and smiles with thanks at the compliments for the woodwork. A shrug relates to Datsun actually 'teaching' and she's talking it away with a "Well I dunno if he's formally giving lessons but.. y'know.. and yes quivers. Thank you for the praise, it's really all about the wood and he did the fine detail work after we bent them and waited for them to take shape.. it's a rather fun process.." The Starcrafter has finished up her sweeping task and puts the broom and pan away, trotting over to her cot and plopping down for a little break.

Muir nods. "Nice to be able to…/make/ something, isn't it?" he asks with a little grin. Then he stretches out on his cot again with a loud exhale, that is nothing more than a sigh of happiness.

Idrissa nods as she hears Zahleizjah, a smile seen. "Maybe your get a chance to show me how you did it sometime?" This questioned with a curious tone. "That was a great Gala that you put together Zahle. I think everyone had great fun with it as well."

Ugh. Candidacy and crafting sure takes a toll on a person. Kale had candidate duties in the morning, and then smithing things this evening. And all that work has made a very tired teen. He moves into the barracks, dragging behind him a bag of books he'll need to find some time to study. He's claimed a cot somewhere in the middle, not close to anyone in particular, but near everyone at once. And it's to this cot that he drags himself, releasing the strap of his bag when near. *foomph!* down he goes, collapsing boots and all on the sheets, hugging his pillow. "Mmnargh."

Muir sits up when Kale arrives, the teen holding his silence until the other teen has settled. Then he grabs his pillow and flings it towards the other. "Hey."

Zahleizjah isn't quite sure what that means, but a brow is raised for one brief moment before she nonchalantly retorts "I make viewers too.. and glass.. and pendents n'such, but yes making something so useful is definitely wonderful. Her gaze will catch Rissa's as they chat, a nod and confession "I've just chopped another two saplings, they're soaking and I'll be meeting with Datsun soon to bend them. Anytime, you're always welcome.. and thanks! I'm so glad it was a hit and everyone had fun, it was truly a wonderful night and it wouldn't have been possible without everyone's input. That tank you had was pure entertainment!" Kale and his books are regarded with a bow of the head and a soft chuckle. She realizes she doesn't have much with her one medium sized bag of clothes and another small bag of viewers.

Kale is attacked by a pillow. Who'd do such a thing? A oh so dignified sounding "Mrf" is sounded in reply as the pillow lands squarely on his head, and he lifts his arm to grasp it while opening his eyes. Who dare rouse the bear!? Eyes flit. There's Zah. Some sort of grunted greeting there. Idrissa. A smile and warm (yet exhausted) look. And…huh? He blinks, sitting up upon spotting Muir. "..Muir?" Blink blink. "You made it! Flippin' prat." He grins, flinging the pillow back at him. "Congrats, man. We need more guys around here. Jus' the other day I heard one've 'em talkin' about painting this place pink." His head falls back onto the pillow.

Muir grins crookedly, grabbing the pillow out of the air as it's (thankfully) returned. "Yeah whatever," he says, but there's no mistaking the joy on the boy's face. "Thanks. Pink, for real? Ugh. Black would be cooler. Black with that…that bright green paint they make now." Neon, anyone? Pern needs blacklights. Candidate rave. And glow sticks. /ramble. "Anyway. Going to go grab food. Later." And with a wave, Muir is off, whistling happily as he goes.

Idrissa totally fell back asleep, right in mid talk it seems. She'll be lucky to remember what she was talking about, or too hen she wakes up. Though for now sh is curled up on her side dozing back off, a faint little snore escaping her at times.

Zahleizjah couldn't even imagine a rave-Weyr painted pink and black with crazy lights and glowing stuffs. Could be kinda cool, but we all know how much of a party animal Zahl truly is. She may have done pretty alright with the Gala, but she's definitely keeping to her cot in the back avoiding pillow fights for now. As Muir departs the Starcrafter goes for one of her viewers, fashioned in a pretty fine way with seamless edges and lens attachment, a finely reduced lens. The pressed metals are a deep shade of black, slightly matte and textured. It was a gift, she has no idea what kind it is, but she brings it to Kale and says "So.. this is one of my pieces. It's only right to share them so if you're interested you could add it to your collection or something?" It's a genuine gesture no ulterior motive or an anything of the sort.

Kale smirks while watching Muir leave, glad that he's within the ranks of candidates. It's no secret that the boy has a thing for dragons, and … well, after the underwear incident today… Kale begins to laugh at the memory, eyes closing as he does so. "See you, Muir," he says in departure, unveiling his gaze. He's content to lay there, noting that Idrissa is no longer within the world of the conscious. He's not sure which bunk is Soriana's. Either an empty one or one containing the lump of a sleeping person, but he's not concerned with that. Zahleizjah earns his attention next, and as she approaches he sits up, eyeing that viewing lens as it's offered to him. He takes it, examining the metal. "Brass?" he asks, running his fingers over the surface. "For me? Hey, thanks … You're sure?" he asks, looking up at her with a quirked brow. "I didn't go to your thing." Maybe reason enough not to receive any gifts.

Zahleizjah notices that Idrissa has fallen back out of consciousness and figures she should probably be following suit here pretty soon as well. Her new home has been comfy in ways she's never known, but she's still worried that any night now those rattling nightmares will return. As it is not something outwardly asked, Zahl won't share that Sori's bunk is in the back near hers, but ya, it's there somewhere, kinda bad planning for the nightowls who will have to bob and weave past the cots at night. As for the viewing lens, there is at least one replica of it, so passing it on is not a reward for attending some Gather or not. As a Smith, she figures the fun aspects of crafts should be shared and that it be a suiting gift to pass on regardless, and in the name of Starcrafting. "Umm I guess so? It's such a dark color.. but I like the way the fuming melted on to it.. I perfected a process where you use the metals that you can fume on to glass on to metals instead.. anyways it's yours. I should get to bed." Only one random cot is bumped in to with profuse apologies on the way back, settling in and passing out herself.

Kale places the lens atop his trunk at the foot of the bed, just as Alloy pops in from Between. Charr! It's bedtime, and any bed is far more comfortable than leaves and trees outside, especially now that it's getting cooler. The firelizard nips Kale in fond greeting before he curls up upon the sheets at the foot of the bunk, his long tail curling around himself like a feline. Fingers are rubbed along the firelizard's back as Kale gazes at the lens once more. "Likely brass. It isn't always golden like people thing, but there are some others it could be." He'll investigate, as he wants to know. Not to mention now he has a cool new lens to call his own. "Thank you," he says again, nodding as she heads off for bed. His boots are pulled off finally, belt unlooped from his trousers, and shirt pulled off and folded. All of it is set on his trunk neatly, a habit formed through the expectations of the smiths' dorms. He slips beneath his blanket and nuzzles his cheek against his pillow, falling into comfort easily, and to sleep before long.

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