Of Dresses and Dragons

Xanadu Weyr - Laundry Room
Aesthetically it's not very pleasing. Really it's just a giant room with wash tubs and ringers and presses and places to hang things. Xanadu, being somewhat technologically advanced, has some machines to help the washing and drying sequence, but much of the work is still done by hand. Which means lots of people at tubs and scrub boards working away at the tough stains on the weyr's clothing. Special stations are set up for special types of clothes, mainly for anything leather so that it can be cleaned and pressed without being ruined. There's also a separate room set aside for clothing repairs where apprenticed weavers or anyone who can use a sewing needle is put to work.

Hotaru is stuck at the worst job of the bunch, one of the wash buckets for scrubbing clothes. She hates it because it's tiring and wet and she's stuck inside. But it does have one saving grace: this is the central hub for the weyr's gossip as many of the old aunties work in this room or at least come here to visit and catch up. Hotaru is just listening intently as some of them blather on. "Oh yes, food shortages at Eastern I hear. We'll all be tightening our belts this winter, mark my words…" "My little H'ry says they've got starving children over there! Have you ever heard such a thing! At a weyr! Oh Faranth, what is this world coming to!"

Natalya makes her ways slowly into the laundry room carrying a large basket with her as she goes. While not a candidate the apprenticed Dolphineer appears to have been assigned laundry duty for her craft mates today. Her expressino one of displeasure as she moves to join the others at there task, ending up next to Hotaru ad the tubs. "Morning." is mummered as she begins her task.

Ugh, laundry duty! Kale can think of ten things no less fun that he'd rather be doing at this time: Reading a dictionary. Watching grass grow. Taking a test. Washing dishes. Mopping the annex. Counting sand. Cleaning the forges. Making beds. Clipping grass. Memorizing all known metallic elements and their properties (which, actually, he's on his way to accomplishing). But noooo. Instead, he finds himself clutching a basket of dirty clthing. Blouses, food stained tunics, muddy trousers and … worst of all … underthings. He should be wearing gloves for this! No, he should be wearing a HAZMAT suit for this! He holds the baket away from himself as if it held radioactive materials instead of garmets as he enters the laundry room. His eyes sweep the place, unsure of just wahtto do with this stuff now that it's here. Dump it on the floor and run? Probably not the best of ideas, but lo! A familiar face. Spotting Hotaru and the aunties near washtubs, he makes his way over there, mindless of the tongs that thump against the side of his thigh with each step he takes. "Here's…more." Hooray! He eyes Hotaru with faintly raised brows. Shall we burn these?

Muir tromps down into the laundry room with an armload of…girly dresses. Gowns, really. Fancy ones. /Really/ fancy ones. Red faced and panting, the boy staggers to a halt, arm grabbing to try and catch a trailing satin sash that's drug along the ground. "Help," he gasps, "I need help…"

Scrubbadubdub, some clothes for a tub… except Soriana doesn't actually, technically, have clothes in the big basket she's carrying. Instead, it's a heap of green-stained gauzy white cloths, because if she's already supposed to be seeing to laundry, the least she can do is take some dragon bandages to be washed and sterilized, right? Right, so here she is. Unfortunately for her, the basket is heaped rather high, and she has a bit of a hard time seeing where she's going, so at the same time as she hears a plea for help… she tromps on that satin sash. Oops.

Hotaru nods to Natalya. "Mornin." It's a grumble more than a greeting. Getting up at the crack of dawn for the relentless onslaught of laundry was not very fun. And the weyr seems to generate no end of it all, no matter if Hotaru washed fifty shirts an hour or five. Hotaru doesn't oddly enough seemed bothered by the fact she's got dirty undies in her hand, though she does give Kale a frown. "Hi sticky. Good, you can be my rinse buddy." She looks into her tub. "I gotta get fresh water." She hoists up her bucket and takes it over to dump it and fill it with fresh water and suds. Then she points to her rinse bucket with clothes already in it. "Pull those out and we'll get going on the next batch." Of the giant pile of clothes that have been assigned to Hotaru. She blinks as Muir comes in, toting lace and frill. "Oop, someone's brought his best gather clothes to be washed." She giggles. "My hands are all soapy." Excuses excuses. And there's another heaping basket. "It never ends in here!" Hotaru sighs. Despair! She wrinkles her nose a bit. Whatever Sori is carrying she's not sure she wants to touch.
Natalya glances up at the mention of gathers dresses and Muir's cry for help and giggles a bit but stands to move over to help, and of cource getting in Soriana's way in the process. "Oh sorry…"

Oh, let's hope that wonderful nickname doesn't … stick, shall we? Kale gives Hotaru a vague smirk that doesn't last very long as he's given instruction. That's exactly what he needs. Instruction. But he doesn't like these instructions. Can you change them please? He plops his basket o' clothes down and just peers at that rinse bucket which is now his to claim. But look, someone needs help! Hearing Muir, his attention lifts to the overwhelmed boy being eaten by garments of satin and lace, and he snickers. "Right. I'll get on to this," he says, giving Hotaru a mock salute. "But I cannot leave a candidate in need!" So the bucket is left and he takes a few steps to Muir, but then here comes a basket being carried by someone he can't really see, since all the clothes are in the way. And then Natalya, and then … well, he can only watch the train wreck that's about to happen!

Muir bumps into Soriana but manages not to fall, staggering a bit until he spills his armload of gowns across the nearest table. "I need /help/," he emphasizes again. And as the gowns tumble from his arms it's clear why. A huge dark stain is across most of them, soaking into the creamy lace lace of one bodice and the yellow sash of another, while the skirt of a third blue one is almost unrecognizable as being blue to begin with. Swearing, Muir pushes his hand through his hair and looks around frantically, grabbing a towel and starting to press down on the stain, attempting to soak up the liquid.

Thump. There's something stopping Soriana's forward progress. The basket wobbles in her arms as she tries to figure out what… did she walk into a wall? Nooo, walls don't apologize. Therefore: who! "Sorry!" she echoes back. Even if she's not sure what or who or… she leans side to side, peering around her basket and finding what looks like a safe route to dropoff! As she passes, she gets a sideways look at Muir's trouble and winces, but… there's the laundry heap. She'll be done soo- "Now don't you go mixing those with our clothes!" That's one of the aunties, to Soriana. "Get yourself a fresh tub!" …shardit. So much for the drop-and-run. "Okay," says Soriana. "But the guy with the dresses needs help."

Don't worry Kale, Hotaru will have a hundred nickname for him by the time candidacy is over. Though she is rather fond of Sticky. Hotaru is about to join the bunch, but then one of the larger louder old aunties is making her way over to the collection of teenagers. "Shoo, now! Shoo!" She yells at them. If they're not careful, she'll be grabbing ears. "You all have work to do!" Natalya is shooed to her tub and Sori is moved to a fresh tub. Hotaru is frantically scrubbing so she doesn't end up getting yelled at. Once the aunties retreat she peeks over at Muir. "You'd better rinse those in cold water, then soak them in one of the soak buckets. They're okay to get wet, right?"

Natalya reaches to try and help steedy Soriana' load before looking back about at the Auntie and blinking, 'I was just trying to help.." she tris to move back to towards her wash tub before lookins over to Muir, "you sure I can't help him?"

No one has fallen onto the floor with a heap of dity underthings. That's a good thing! Kale continues to the frantic sounding Muir, masterfully avoiding old folk who may be prone to pinching, and peers at the stained clothes on the table with an arched brow. He assesses the situation with a critical eye, then looks to Muir. "I'd hate to be the woman who'd have to wear these." Helpful? Mmmm not so much, but he isn't a laundress! Getting rid of stains? No clue. But before he can give any more unhelpful advice, he's shooed away and skeedattles back to his rinse bucket, plopping down onto a stool before reaching in to pull out the safest looking thing. A shirt. Rinse, rinse! His eyes draw to Soriana now that she can be seen, and he smirks. "You too?" And to the panicked Muir, a questioning, "Those aren't your mother's, are they?"

Muir looks up at the aunties, blank expression and pale face. "I don't know," he whispers, before he finally takes a deep breath and gathers himself. But not before swearing again. "They're my mother's…" he says, pained, to Kale. Dun dun DUN. "The Weyrwoman's," he adds for the auntie's benifit. "I spilled klah on them…Why can't they help?" he demands, frowning at the auntie. "I /need/ help, she's going to kill me for this."

Soriana does not fumble the basket. You can all be grateful. Especially Natalya, who would be in the line of fire. Also Muir, but Soriana will not be adding to his doom today. And… Here's a washtub. Soriana found it with her shin! Oww. She bites her lip to keep from yelping, and peers to the side to make sure it's empty before dumping in the basket of bandages. Some of them are sticking to each other, and there's a few sticking to the basket that need to be tugged out and dropped into the tub. Now that she's no longer got a big basket in the way, she looks around. Kale gets a smirk back. "Deliveries." If only someone had been willing to accept this one! But all the aunties are studiously avoiding accepting responsibility, so Soriana starts filling her tub with soapwater. She nods to Hotaru, "Hey," and then returns her attention to Muir. Thea's fancy clothes? Ouch. She winces on his behalf.

Hotaru is a bit disappointed that there wasn't a terrific crash and underwear flying everywhere. Scrub scrub here, scrub scrub there! Eventually Kale will have to touch some cleaned undies in the rise bucket. Hotaru finishes one thing and tosses it right in, then starts on the next. Things go quicker when there's two people to a station. The aunties all look at each other and the alpha auntie moves over to tower over Muir. She's huge, at least the size of three normal women. "You best give those here then, boy!" She'll pull one of the dresses away unless Muir is going to fight her for it and tsk tsks at it. "Have you gone and done this then? All over your mother's pretty dresses. You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Like your mother doesn't have better things to worry about!" The scolding continues, but at least she's taking the dresses off his hands to treat them. Hotaru just blinks at Muir. "Your mom is the weyrwoman?" She wasn't aware, apparently!

Natalya drops down at the wash tub and moves to slowly begin to begin scuring items again before tossing each of the washed garments into Kale's rinse tub, "Thankfully someone is helping him." she smiles over to Muir. "Everything will be ok, they will take care of them.."

Klah on Thea's fancy dresses? Kale makes a pained face at the news and … oh Muir, it was nice knowing you. Kale is done with the shirt, and moves on to the next thing that he can pull out that's not small. Small things are dangerous things. This is another blouse. Nice and safe! Dunk, dunk, rinse, rinse. Eyes follow the auntie as she 'takes care of' Muir and the soiled dresses, half grinning. "Hey, it's alright then Muir!" he calls over to him. "Y'know Xanadu's got the best laundresses on Pern. I heard've their talent even before I stepped foot on the weyr some turns back. Not a bit've that stain'll be left." A bit of flattery never hurts, yes? Plop goes another piece of clothing from Hotaru's bucket to his own, and he picks up the pace… a little as Natalya adds more. Soriana's tub looks gross. Are things supposed to stick like that? He shudders. "Don't put your bloody an' puss filled things in my bucket."

Muir bristles at the auntie, straightening up a little bit as his pride is pricked. "Of course I'm ashamed of myself! Didn't you see me running in here hollering for help?" He bites back anything more he could say, watching with some relief as she takes the gowns to be (hopefully!) cleaned. "Yeah," he answers Hotaru, turning around to lean back against the table, hands in his pockets. Not going to offer to help, it seems, while he waits. Glancing at Natalya, the boy shrugs a shoulder and then runs a hand through his hair. "I hope so," he murmurs. Brown eyes flick to focus on Kale, and the boy frowns. "They'd better." Flattery fail.

Soriana leaves her soapy tub to go back and get a bottle of one of the alternate soaps, which she adds a dollop of to her bandages, then gives it a brisk stir before letting it soak as she returns the extra supply. For all she was hoping to avoid doing it, she has washed bandages before, and recieved from older grade ones the knowledge of what makes the job go easiest. Chemicals, go! Break down those stains. She gives the bandages another swirl, keeping things moving as she smirks at Kale's attempted flattery. "Or else get Darsce to help replace 'em," is her own suggestion, and then she rolls her eyes to Kale. "They've already been rinsed," she says. So uh they used to be even more gross? Way to sell it, Sori! "Mostly it's just stains." Mostly. Partly. Kinda.

Look at how full that rinse bucket is getting lots of little things, floating around all over, just waiting to give Kale the cooties. Panties… socks… is that a jock strap!? Hotaru rolls her eyes at Kale's attempt to flatter the laundry workers. Then she grins. "Oh yeah, I remember you told me just the other day that you wish you could have -every- chore assignment be doing laundry, isn't that right Kale?" See, she does know his name. The correct one. Not 'Sticky'. The auntie who took the dresses hands them off to someone else. Apparently the stain expert, or the woman who normally handles the weyrwoman's clothes. She points Muir towards Soriana's rince bucket. "Go make yourself useful." Hotaru meanwhile is snickering. "I'm sorry Muir. Maybe someday, several months from now, when your mother has moved past this and you no longer have chores twenty hours a day we can all hang out again." Hotaru wrinkles her nose at whatever's in Soriana's bucket. "Maybe that's where the hair goo came from."

Natalya blushes a bit as she finishes scrubing a little lace number and drops it into Kales rince bucket, 'Why can't people take care of these things themselves." she looks between Hotaru and Kale.

Kale glances back at that hefty auntie, to whom his words were meant for. Eh, Muir definitely needs a lesson on how to get what you want and still leave the door open for future favors from old folk! But eh, Kale has offered his help with the situation and gets back to his rinsing. That lesson can be given at a later date. Blouse. Rinsed and wringed. Same for another shirt. And pants. And a sock. And another sock! And … His eyes shift over to Soriana. They've been rinsed already and they're still all…yuck? "Glad that's yours an' not mine," is all he says to that, but a look back to his bucket shows now that with large things gone, lots of…little things are left. Out come his handy dandy tongs! Crafted for this very reason when he saw the chore chart. He doesn't care how clean these things are claimed to be, he's not touching some strangers knickers. *snap snap!* Using the tool, he stirs the contents of the water and fishes out the lace panties Natalya tossed in. "Good question," he says to her as he holds them up like a caught fish. A very sexy little fish. "Probably Darsce's."

Muir snorts, but at least he doesn't argue with the auntie as he heads over to Soriana's bucket. "What'd'ya need?" he murmurs, sobered by his traumatic klah experience. Smirking at Hotaru, he doesn't seem to be in the mood for jokes. Glancing over at the panties Kale holds up, the boy nods. "Yeah, those are." And then promptly blushes and looks VERY interested in what he's doing. Soriana. Give him something to do. Like maybe drown himself in the bucket.

"Nah. I'd've recognized ichor." Soriana grins, stirring away at her tub-o-yuck. And aren't you all grateful now that healers of all sorts practice good hand washing? Yes, yes you are. Or you should be, at least! She looks back over to Kale, and smirks at the undies… only for it to widen as Muir comments! Ha! But, oh, she's got a helper. And so she says nothing about those panties, just… "Start a tub with hot water and bleach? We've got to boil these once they're scrubbed." And they're about ready to start the scrubbing, sooooo… in she reaches and picks up one to start with. Kale's ick may be metaphysical. Hers is more physical.

Hotaru wasn't about to go flattering the aunties in the laundry room. She'd rather be considered rude and not have to come back as often. Plus her parents didn't live at Xanadu, and it wasn't likely she was going to be in dire need of stain-removal any time soon really. Hotaru blinks as Natalya throws something into the rise bucket Kale is standing at. "The real question is, who would wear something like that?" Hotaru wrinkles her nose at said lacey panties. "Who is this Darce person?" Hotaru blinks and holds up a wet pair of men's underwear with little pink hearts on them. "Are these yours, sticky?" Hotaru is rather glad she doesn't have to go through any boiling process.

Oh are they. Are they really? Kale smirks over to Muir, a brow lifting at his confirmation of the owner of said skimpy lace panties. "And … y'know this because you've seen her in 'em?" he asks, giving his tongs a little shake, in turn wiggling the garment in question before he plops it down to get wrung out and sent off to the dryer. The underwear presented by Hotaru are eyed, and he shakes his head. "No. Far too small for their purpose," he says dismissively while supressing a smirk, fishing out another sock. Eh, boring. Wring out and moved on. Oh, here we go! A grin widens a his tongs catch hold of a pair of underwear that would belong to Darsce's complete opposite. Not lace at all. These are obviously made for function, and not fashion. 'Granny panties' they'd be called on some other world in some other time. Extremely overlarge and in need of a patch (or possibly just tossed out!), these definitely don't fall into the 'sexy' category. "But I think I've found yours," he says, holding the drippy garment out to Hotaru.

Natalya looks up and smiles as she sees the garment and says softly, "Are you sure, I don't think those looks like Hotaru…no more oh I don't know, maybe Soriana.."
Muir nods, going to find a bucket and filling it with hot water from the faucet and then adding some boiling water from the kettle to raise the temperature that much more. The bleach takes a few moments to locate, and he sloshes some in with a grimace, turning his face to the side to try and avoid smelling the fumes. Then he gags, though that might be because of Kale's comment. "NO," he says firmly. "She's my /sister/. We just traveled together once and she took up half of one of /my/ drawers with /her/ stuff…" And then he avoids looking at anyone else's underwear. Nooooo. Faranth help him if /his/ are in there. The ones he still wears with his name stitched into the waistband. And the blue dragon on the butt. Please, Faranth, don't let those be in there.

Hotaru isn't sure Muir was talking to Kale on the confirmation of whose panties those are. And Hotaru doesn't know any Darce, so she cannot confirm nor deny the fact. If this were some other world and some other time Hotaru would be asking Kale why they're too small. Perhaps he's got too munch junk in his badunk-a-dunk? Hotaru wrinkles her nose at the granny panties. Then she whispers. "I think those are hers." She covertly points to the alpha auntie. "You could fit me -and- Soriana in those." There's a bit of a blink to Muir. Well, at least now she knows who Darce is? Those undies might be in there! Just waiting to pop up and ruin Muir's life forever. Thankfully for him Hotaru is more focused on doing the job than examining the undies. A couple of the srubbing girls start to scrub to a beat, and one of them suddenly kicks up a song. "Rub-a-dub-dub!" A lot of the women, including Hotaru, join in by repeating. "There are dresses in the tub!" Dresses in the tub! "For hatchings, meetings and gathers fair, for little girls with flower in their hair. We scrub them off at a gentle pace, to refresh ruffles, bows and lace!"

Kale laughs. "I didn't say you were hopin' to see her in her undergarments," he replies, tickled by Muir's gag and answer. "But you've gotta admit that she's the type that'd likely walk around her weyr in'em with company over. Isn't that what she does for a livin'? Show off clothing?" Or something like that. Natalya is grinned at, and he shakes his head. "These are definitely not Soriana's. But Hotaru," heh, he remembers her name as well! "has the right've it." He lowers his voice. "They probably belong to her." A gesture to big momma auntie over there. "All three of ya could fit in." He doesn't manage to suppress a snicker this time as the mega panties are sent off to be dried, though before he can continue on, the sound of singing surprises him to pause. Huh? He blinks at the echo sun by Hotaru, then to the scrubbers and dryers and washers who begin to sing a merry washing tune! He blinks owlishly, glancing to Muir with a look of question on his face. He's apparently missed rehearsal, for he doesn't chime in. But he does listen as he plucks out yet another pair of underwear to be rinsed. Oh, look at these! Pink hearts were nothing. What is that blue splotch on the back? Is that is that a dragon?

Oh crap. There's singing. Muir is genuinely startled as he helps Soriana with the new bucket and bleach water, and then he edges back to doing nothing. Over there. Staring warily at the singing girls and looking a bit out of his depth. He looks at Kale, eyes widening slightly. What are they /doing/. Is this some weird woman ritual he's never heard about? Most likely. And then, while he's looking at Kale, he sees The Underwear. Well sh-. The boy turns and bolts for the exit, hollering back behind him, "Have them send up Mom's dresses! I've gotta go clean up the rest of the mess!" ZOOM.

Welcome to the laundry room! There are wash bucks and such around, and no one is happy to be here on a fine morning like this. Right now Kale, Hotaru and Natalya are clustered around doing some laundry and Muir has just gone running out in a huff. There's some singing going on by some of the laundresses, too. Hotaru blinks at Kale. "Shards and shells. This Darce girls sounds like something else. Is she a model for the weavers or something?" Specializing in underwear? Was there even such a thing? Hotaru waves the granny panties away. "Put them down!" She says in a hushed voice. "Before she sees you!" For some reason the idea of three people trying to fit into one pair of undies makes Hotaru giggle. Singing just makes everything more fun. When Kale holds up the next pair Hotaru squints at them. And then Muir goes bolting out! She misses a round of singing in the meantime, because she's too busy laughing. "I guess we know who those belong to. Aw, look at the blue draggy. Those look like something I wore when I was six! Give them here." Hotaru tries to snatch them from Kale. What does she plan to do with them? Nothing good, probably.

Kale is just as lost as Muir, it seems, and even more so as the younger boy flees! Perhaps he's adverse to music? Or maybe… The garments in his tongs are eyed again, given Hotaru's quick conclusion. Does she mean… Noooo way! Blue eyes flit from blue dragon stitched underwear, to her, to dragon…and hey, what's that stitched on the side? "…You've gotta be kiddin'.." There's a moment of dumbstruck silence, and then… laughter. Much laughter! Ah, he doesn't want to laugh at his friend, but the image of dragon butt underwear is too much to bear! His free hand is slapped to his forehead, music and laughter filling the busy room. "Hey, no!" As she moves to snatch them, he tries to pull them away, perhaps wanting to spare Muir a little (a small tiny smidgeon!) of his dignity, but alas. The laughing has consumed too much of him and he's slow. There go the undies in Hotaru's grasp. "C'mon. Maybe…maybe he's jus' savin' for them for…childhood memories?" Snerk. His cheeks bulge a little. Not even he buys that excuse.

Datsun enters the Store Room, pausing as he hears the singing from the laundresses to try and identify the song before smiling and humming along with the music. Today it seems the Woodcrafter's in a good mood, wearing his usual work clothes but there's significantly less wood chips visible on him this time around. Perhaps that's why? Datsun steps off to the side towards the shelves, walking along until he finds the leather section and begins to rummage through the selections of various sizes, color and quality of hides. One is found and pulled out, laying it down on the ground then standing up and walking around it to check it out better.

Like everyone there isn't thinking the same thing. As in 'please don't let my undies be in that pile'. Hotaru is also laughing, so it shouldn't be hard to keep the underwear away from her. It's not like she can put up much of a struggle. It probably doesn't matter too much anyways, Hotaru will still tease him about it. She laughs at Kale. "Yeah right! First of all, they're down here to be washing, so clearly he's wearing them. Second of all, look at the way he bolted out of here. Thirdly, who keeps underwear for sentimental value?" Hotaru spots Datsun and waves to him. "Ooh, Datsun! C'mere! I have something to ask you!" As the singing dies down, Hotaru can't help herself. She starts up the next round. "Rub-a-dub-dub there are undies in the tub. For boys and girls both big and small. Polka dotted, striped and I'll tell you what, some even have blue dragons on the butt. We scrub them off until they're nice and clean, scrub scrub scrub until they look pristine!"

Yes, all signs point to Muir possibly having worn those kiddie underwear as recently as yesterday. That gives him two things to discuss with the boy now! But even Kale will have to think about just how to bring up the 'Dude, you've got to stop wearing themed underwear' topic tactfully. But sometimes … tact is over rated. "I know, I know, you're right," he relents with a shake of his head, unable to banish the grin from his face. "On all accounts, you're right! Shards, who knew laundry duty would be so … revealing?" He laughs at the word as he pulls out a shirt to rinse and roll through the wringer. Things are going along nicely, and he can only shake his head as Hotaru continues with verse two of the what would be ended song. And oh, what a verse it is! "Were you a Harper before y'came here? If not, it's somethin' you should've considered." He rises then, slipping his tongs back into a belt loop and shaking his hands a bit to dry. The basket he came with, now emptied, is lifted and held beneath an arm. "Believe it or not, there's more to gather." His nose wrinkles, but at least it gets him out of here for a bit! He waves a hand to her.

Datsun hears his name being called out, looking up and seeing who it is. The leather piece is rolled up and shouldered before he makes his way over to the others, blinking and letting out a laugh at the new song Hotaru produces. "Nice song. What did you want to ask me?" There's an amused look on his face as he stands by the tub full of laundry, looking down at the clothes and noticing that the majority of them seems to be underwear. Kale gets, "Hey, Kale. Haven't seen you in a while." When Kale appears to be leaving to go and get more clothes, a wave is sent after the Candidate, even if Datsun wasn't greeted by Kale. He'll still be amiable.

Poor Muir. This is what happens when your friends are old enough to work laundry duty. It was better to have inconspicuous underwear that could go missing than to have themed underwear that would eventually get found out about. "He made fun of us for getting lost in the fog, this is retribution! Maybe. He looked pretty embarrassed." Maybe now Hotaru is feeling a bit bad for Muir. He was already in trouble for those dresses probably. Hotaru laughs. "No, but the song is easy and there are a ton of different verses. One for each clothing type. You'll know them after a while." She blinks then as Kale runs off. "Sheesh! What were you doing here for so long then!" Hotaru smiles to Datsun. "Hey. So Soriana wants the candidates to throw a baby shower for Briana. It's a secret. But we were wondering how much it would cost for you to make a crib."

"Entertaining you, of course," replies Kale. "Aaand you demanded me to help. I'm a helpful sort, an' it isn't lke the laundry to pick up is goin' anywhere." If it wasn't already picked up by some other candidate sap, which he's hoping for….along with hoping that he doesn't have this chore often enough to learn any sort of washing song. And then he's off with his laundry basket in tow, sparing a nod to Datsun on his way out.

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