Visiting the Infirmary

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Moria is pacing the small waiting area just inside the infirmary doors, a very agitated Nova perched on her shoulder. The rest of her fair are absent, probably at the insistance of the On Duty, since five antsy firelizards would be absolutely unbearable. Nova is a baby though, and thus gets to stay. The crafter is walking a small, tight circle in fron the chairs, pausing now and then as if she's going to sit and then changing her mind. Round and round Moria goes, glancing frequently toward the doors and in general irritating the stuffing out of the On Duty.

Thea hasn't been visiting the sick and injured in infirmary as oft of late with the recent additions to her family and being bound to the sands with a broody gold, but she is here now. As she slips into the waiting area, her glance around to see if the place is empty finds a pacing Moria. She hesitates, brows twitching up in marginal curiosity, takes a breath and enters fully, a determined smile on her somewhat pale face. It's obvious she's come straight from the hatching grounds, for she's wearing the thinnest, lightest tunic and trous she possibly can. "Hey Moria." She greets the glasscrafter easily enough as she slides into a chair while lifting her heavy dark hair off the back of her neck with one hand and fanning it with the other.

Early-afternoon usually means a bit of a lull for the infirmary as all the people who felt ill in the morning have (usually) been seen to, and those who are developing their ills haven't decided to come visit the Healers yet. So the infirmary is quiet, the majority of the beds vacant. It's into this that Phylicia walks, a baby golden firelizard dozing happily on her shoulder, the small belly bulging from chunks of meat. However, the two people in the waiting room makes the girl stop and stare. "Thea? Moria?" There's a touch of apprehension to her voice as she looks from one to the other, taking in their states of being.

Moria starts when someone enters from the hall, but since it's clearly not who she was waiting for she goes back to pacing. "Hi Thea," Ria says, detouring around the goldrider's path to the chair. "How's Seryth?" she asks, voice tense, clearly inquiring more for politeness sake than anything as she continues to walk a ditch into the floor. And then, thank goodness, Phylicia arrives! The look of relief on Moria's face when the healer says her name is short lived, however, and her anxiety reasserts itself. Nova chitters a soft scold to her human and departs, winging out the door, as if to say Moria's in good hands now and can be left unattended. "Ah, hi," Moria manages, voice rougher than usual and tight with anxiety.

Thea's hand stops midfan, her brow wrinkles as her eyes lift to see Phylicia without lifting her head. "Heya Phy." Casual, "How've you been?" Her smile somehow doesn't change the faint unease about her, but she's not making anything of it. Instead, she answers Moria, "She's… nervous?" Yes, it's a question as the junior follows Moria's path with her eyes, noting that anxiety. Not going to ask, not. It might lead to questions sent her way. She tilts her chin towards Moria. "She was here first, Phy." She'll be quite happy to wait!

Phylicia might not be a mind reader, but she does know how to read people - her friends especially - to know when something is off. Thea is also given a bit of a look over. The unease the junior emits isn't unnoticed, but then again Phy remembers Thea's dislike of going to the infirmary when its for herself. "What are you two doing here?" No, Thea doesn't get to escape Phylicia's questioning, though her eyes are currently for the glasscrafter, ignoring Nova as she wings out the door. It's a terribly cliche question, but cliches had to be spawned from somewhere. "What's wrong, Moria?"

Moria blinks at Thea when she actually answers her, and it takes several moments for her to make sense of what was said. "Ah, oh. Because of sharing the sands?" she asks absently, glancing sideways toward the rider. And then her attention is fully back on Phy, and the crafter blushes. "Uhm, could I talk to you for a couple minutes?" she asks, not meeting Phy's eyes. "Alone?"

Oh, it's not comfortable being given a look over by a healer, even if she is your best friend and Thea's response is to steel herself and meet Phy's scrutiny with nonchalance. She's fine, just fine! Or so her attempt at affecting a relaxed posture. She drops her hair, flicks it back over her shoulder and leans back in her seat, hooking one ankle over her knee. One arm is draped across the empty seat next to her as she waits for Moria to speak to the healer first. "Just need something for the heat," she tells Phylicia with a 'see to her first' sort of wave towards Moria. The glasscrafter's question sinks in after a few minutes, "Hmm? Oh, no. Well," she amends, "maybe it's partly that. Her eggs are soft yet. She wants me with her to keep watch."

"Water, water, and more water." Phylicia says absently towards Thea, even as she raises a finger to point the junior to the on duty. "If you want something besides that, you'll have to talk to him." But Moria isn't directed towards the on duty. After all, it seems like Ria was waiting for her. Phy's chocolate eyes scan the infirmary for a few moments and spot one of the corners hosting the cots, that doesn't have a living soul anywhere near it. And handily enough, the curtain-rack near by. The young healer holds up on finger to the on duty as if to say 'just one moment' as she sets the curtain up around the bed, and beckons to Moria with a finger. "It's as alone as we can get." She offers her friend with a little bit of a grin as she keeps her voice pitched low, pulling over a stool for herself and perching on it.

Moria nods as Thea explains her lifemate's preference. "I can understand that," she says softly, waiting, though not patiently, for Phylicia to be ready for her. Ah, finally, a bit of a corner haven! "Excuse me," Moria murmurs to Thea as she moves around to the newly curtained bed, perching on the edge of the cot. Her voice is kept low and the crafter leans in to murmur her issue in Phylicia's ear, blushing the whole while.

"Yeah, been doing that, Phy. Lots of iced water and juice." Thea is only too happy to wait for the On Duty, though. She's not paying a lot of attention to Moria other than to note she seems distraught; she's not one to pry. After the screens are placed around that bed, she is beckoned and there's a quiet conversation between the junior and the healer with the words 'tired, dizzy and nauseas' among her complaints and questions following from the On Duty. "No, I'm not doing that. I'm sure it's just the heat." Firmly from Thea.

"Just listen to him Thea. He's a Healer. You're not." Comes Phylicia's voice from behind that curtain. The conversation held between the senior apprentice and the glasscrafter is even quieter than the one Thea is having, which is why Phy could hear Thea's statement so well. After all. Why would a person come to the infirmary only to shrug off the advice of a Healer? But Moria will notice Phy's face is vaguely conflicted, and her voice is at that confidential murmur.

Moria's tone remains low, though the anxiety in her murmuring may be audible. The crafter fidgets, causing the cot to creak as she shifts. Moria asks and answers several quiet queries in that little cubicle before she starts to relax. "Oh, good," is loud enough to be audible to others, and the crafter soon emerges from behind the screen looking much less distressed, though certainly not completely at ease. "Thanks, Phylicia," she says as she steps around the curtain. "I'll let you know how things turn out."

There's some rebellious muttering from Thea at Phylicia's comment, but she doesn't argue with the girl. "I suppose it could be your electrolytes," the On Duty concedes reluctantly. "Sweating and too much water flushes your own out. I'll send you with packets to add to your water then." Footsteps move towards the back of the room, the rustling of paper packets as the doses are drawn up and parceled into paper packets. As Moria emerges Thea is receiving them with a murmured thanks and a nod about 'coming back if this doesn't help.' She's turning then to make her way out.

Phylicia takes a little time as Moria leaves the 'privacy' of the curtains to put them back where she found them. Same goes for the stool she was perched on. Much less distracted is good enough for Phylicia as there's a slightly pleased quirk to her lips. At least friends with Healer phobia's are willing to come to her. It's a start. "You be sure to do that, and you're welcome." Thea gets the girl's attention now, as she notices the paper packets being handed over and Thea starting to make her way out. "He give you a little something else?" It's not a prying one, just a curious one that almost says 'don't leave me alone with the filing, please'.

Moria nods, absently tugging her hair back from her face as she begins moving across the infirmary. "I'll get out of the way now so you can grill Thea as aptly as you did me," the crafter says, smiling at Phylicia and Thea in turn. "I need to get back to work, though I'll make sure I take more time to relax," she assures Phylicia before ducking out the door.

Thea pauses, dark hair sways as her head swivels towards Phylicia. "Hmm, yeah." She steps aside as Moria passes, gives the crafter a smile. "Hope you feel better, Moria." She looks down at the handful of packets she's got, squinting to read the tiny handwriting on them, "Sodium, sugar, potassium, calcium, magnesium." Back up to Phylicia, "He said maybe too much water?" She's not sure, really. But then, before she can (hopefully) be grilled, she takes a step nearer to her friend. "Heya Phy…" There's an earnest, almost shy expression in her eyes indicating it's really not an attempt to dodge the questions that might be coming. "Something I've been thinking about. Would you," She draws a breath, shooting a glance towards the On Duty to make sure the man is busy, "Would you do me the honor of standing for Seryth's clutch?" And then she waits, the look pleading her not to say no.

Moria gets a broader grin from Phylicia as the glasscrafter mentions taking more time to relax. So many people don't bother to enjoy themselves, it's shameful. A hand is lifted in a fairwell wave as her attention turns back to Thea. "Too much?" She ponders that a moment. "Well. Water does tend to flush stuff out of your system, and it takes both the good and the bad with it." A thought is given to those packets and their contents. Thea does indeed interrupt the grilling before Phy can get more to than inhaling a fresh lung-full of air before she's blinking as Thea takes a step closer. "Yes?" There's confusion as to what Thea's playing at, her own chocolate eyes flicking to the On Duty just moments after the junior's. "Why are you being so…" That thought doesn't make it any further as she listens to the question, her eyes widening. "/Oh./" Question answered. The only thing that keeps her from questioning Thea's sanity about asking her to Stand is a conversation she had the evening of the clutching. Her brows furrow very slightly for a few moments as she thinks. But the time to give Thea an anxiety attack is not now, and the girl nods her head offering a grin. "I think the honor would be mine, Thea."

Thea isn't going to have an anxiety attack; she's perfectly sane, thanks. She is calm and her manner isn't secretive. Rather, the expression on her face is that it means a great deal to her what her best friend decides. And she doesn't seem to want to put the girl on the spot in front of the On Duty. She reaches into her pocket and withdraws a white Candidate's knot, holds it out to her solemnly. "Only if you want to do it, Phy." And then she smiles radiantly.

Phylicia has had her moment to think, even prior to Thea asking and the healer's fingers close around the knot and start working her healer's one from her shoulder so she can replace it. "Of course I want to do it." And with a little bit of work, that white knot is sitting on her shoulder. And since there's no need to go into the workings of a Phy-Brain, she leaves it at that. Though… "Am I going to have to start 'ma'am'ing or 'weyrwoman'ing you now?" Again?

Now, see… this is something Thea hadn't thought about. She huffs a resigned sigh, blowing her hair off her forehead, "Shells, yeah, I suppose it does. Auggh!" As to discussing the decision with her, there's a sort of sad, wistful smile - an understanding of sorts that their conversation isn't going there. "But you know, maybe only when we're in front of other people." She means that and she'll keep her friend to it too. "Congratulations, Candidate. I'm supposed to say do your chores, no drunkenness, no fighting, no sex and move into the Barracks." She smirks, "And…have fun?" Then she offers the girl a quick hug, "Need to get back to Seryth, she's calling for me." And with that she takes her leave - at a respectable pace.

The only problem with having the rider of the clutch mama asking one to stand is that they get called away rather unexpectedly. By this point in time the On Duty has noticed what's happening, and there's a little bit of a grin to his face as he watches Thea scoot out the door, and Phylicia's resulting look of confusion, especially as she turns to him. "Did she mean now or after my shift…?" She asks of the on duty, who silently lifts his shoulders in a shrug. Phylicia looks back towards the door, and then settles herself by the filing cabnets to do what she was sent here for, for at least a little bit: filing. It'll give her a few more moments to think. Although instead of the usual not-quite-frown found on a person's face while thinking, there is a little bit of an upwards quirk to her mouth. Right. She'll just see how this all works out!

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