Ailath Rises

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Myra is seated in the sand, legs tucked in under her chin, a position quite at odds with her clothing - she's wearing a long red dress, not exactly skimpy, but it is a bit low cut, and flattering. She's fairly content, being a chef again seems to suit her, as she's regained her pleasantly plump form already. The woman's eyes are following Ailath as the green moves slowly through the water. She's taking care to avoid the male dragons, and her hide is clearly brighter than normal, which can only mean one thing.

Delynni is walking down the beach with Ryukith. The midnight blue is listening carefully to Delynni as the bluerider explains. "Well, what the law of conservation of matter means is that you can convert matter and energy to and from each other. However, the amount of matter and energy /total/ doesn't change." She tells the blue, who slouches along next to her. Then he perks up and spots Myra, and Ailath and warbles. The blue hurries ahead of Delynni and sits down near the two, reaching his head out delicately to inspect the two. He croons, and Delynni blushes, recognizing Myra. "Hi there. Nice dress. I'd wear something similar, but I'd tear it apart inside of a day."

Truly, when one has proddy radar, there are rarely long stretches during which nothing is causing a blip on it. However, sometimes blips can be ignored, if its truly not the appropriate time. However, when one's rider is busy flirting with some girl or another, it is in fact a perfect time. And so, as Ailath's glowing self is causing a blip on Dhonzayth's radar, the Istan bronze is backwinging on the beach to find out exactly what's setting it off. While Ailath may be avoiding the males, he's not avoiding the green, as he finds a place to perch and watch.

Erisith is visiting Xanadu's beach while his rider is off in the caverns, gallivanting or actually doing his job. Who really knew! The skinny dark blue didn't really have any place to hide, making him more agitated than he would usually be; all wings a-fluttering and tail cracking, his teeth poke out of his long snout towards the more friendlier dragons. He offers those a hiss or a grunt. But it's the form of the proddy green bathing that really keeps his attention, and the true reason that this blue was out in the open. His eyes never really take themselves off of her, distracted a moment but never truely long enough to miss anything.

It isn't a shiny green that brings Niah and Celiketh here today, the blue comes out of between and spirals down to the ground letting out a brassy bugel to all the area dragons. The purple tinted blue makes lazy circles, landing as gently as possible on the beach. Slowly dismounting, the rider looks to be rounding out in the front wearing a skin tight blue shirt and a light lilac riding jacket, tied with a belt just beneath her roundness. Looking around she bites on her lip and scurries towards Xanadu's living caverns, leaving Celiketh on the beach. Celiketh wastes no time, as soon as his rider is off safely, siddling over toward ailath and crooning sweetly. Arching his neck he puffs out his chest and stretches out, this is what a dragons supposed to look like.

R'miel is taking a leisurely stroll with his lifemate down the Xanadu beach. His destination is actually the weyrling barracks, to check on things with the little dragons. But Arinith has found something much more interesting! Shiny hide! The slender bronze gives a gentle croon in greeting to Ailath and sort of slides around her. R'miel blinks. "Oh shards. Arin! Arin, no!" Grumble. Too late, now. The bronzer fishes for his flask, taking a look at everyone around the beach.

Myra looks up suddenly as she's spoken to, by Delynni, and blushes a little. There's a pause before she responds, with a worried glance in Ailath's direction. "Ah, the dress, yeah. Not normally what I wear." she shrugs, but she does stand and do a little twirl, just to show it off. It's a fairly nice dress, not too skimpy, not too modest. The unusual part, for Myra, is that it is a dress. The fabric does actually bunch up slightly in places, but not too terribly. Ailath shies away from Ryukith, and stares at Dhonzayth for a moment, before moving further out to sea. « Go 'way. » she mutters, sullenly. This kind of attention always confuses the delicately dainty tomboy of a green, she can never remember as far back as the last flight, so she never knows how it's going to end, how much better she'll feel afterwards. She doesn't like this part, not one bit. Erisith's agitation is not exactly helping. Celiketh's brassy bugle actually startles the green, and she makes as if to fly, rising out of the water for just a dragonlength, maybe two, before splashing back down. She just sort of looks at Arinith, then around her. There's nowhere else to go, she's trapped. Myra groans, and holds her head in her hands for a moment, muttering. "Calm down, Ailath, calm down." Nope, won't be long now.

L'ton has had his fun ruined! But, well, there's always the potential for another sort of fun, at least when there's a flight, right? And so, he's jogging down to the beach, ruffling his hair as Dhonzayth is crooning to Ailath, staying where he's perched, letting her have her space now, until she's up in the air. However, L'ton's not alone, for he's caught a Niah on his way to the beach, and he's steering her back the way she came with a chuckle, talking to her in a soft voice. Brassy wings spread out, sending a shimmering spray of water upwards, catching the light before he's crooning and almost wiggling in his place. Is it time to play, yet?

Delynni nods. "I know what you mean. I only have one gather dress. They all get torn to pieces. Though I've asked my weyrmate to make me another one. She's really good at making them." While Delynni gossips, Ryukith blink blinks in confusion at Ailath. The blue begins creeping after Ailath, keeping his distance and purring in an almost feline fashion. Dhonzayth gets a dirty look, but Ryukith continues stalking Ailath like a feline after a bird rather than bother with him. "I'm Delynni, blue Ryukith's from Galaxy wing." She offers a hand in greeting.

R'miel moves over to give a nod to Myra. He's not sure they've had any extensive contact, though he has seen her on more than one occasion. There's a bit of a smile for her twirl. "Hello, Myra. Nice day out at least." The flask is unscrewed and brought to the weyrsecond's lips. There's a nod for L'ton before the bronzer falls silent again. Arinith moves out into the water a bit further, enough so that he can paddle around and show off his swimming skill a bit.

Erisith snaps his teeth towards a young brown that has bounded up too close to him, aiming for the water where the green was at. Nope, this blue was staying right where he is, opening and closing his large wings in anticipation. Somewhere further down the beach there's a loud woop and then the shirtless form of R'aul kicking up sand and leaving behind some poor confused girl he was failing to woo. "Hold on, Eri! I'm not there yet, buddy!" The blue pretends not to hear anything, digging his sharp talons into the sand and rumbling lowly like an engine just starting. Come on now…

Celiketh launches himself up, but soon realizes his mistakes and grumbles as he has to land. Diving back to the ground, he backs up and sets himself up so that he has plenty of wing room even if that means not being as close to the pretty green lady as he would like. Crouching down he pays no attention to the other dragons, eyes on focused on the green in front of him all of his muscles are tensed and ready for even a minute change in his prize. Niah startles, scooting close to L'ton and staying very quiet. The nervous bluerider stares at the ground, shifting from foot to foot and whimpering, eyes glancing up at the green. "Tonny, I don't want to do this." She stays as close to him as he will allow.

Myra nods vaguely along with the dress chatter, though when introductions come up, she joins in, by rote. "Ah, Journeyman Chef Myra, I belong to that glowing green, Ailath." she points to the dragon in question. Okay, it's not her usual introduction, she's usually far kinder in her introduction of Ailath, but her pleasant mood is evaporating rapidly with the green's increasing agitation. She glances to R'miel, then briefly to Arinith, as the man speaks. "Ah, yes, sir. Very nice." she agrees. Ailath hisses at the impatient brown that ran past Erisith, plodding right past him with a growl, heading up onto the beach and crouching in preparation for flight. She remains like that for a long moment, snaking her head around to snarl at any dragon that dare approach, before finally launching herself into the air. Myra sighs with … relief? Well, it will be over soon, that's a good thing, right?

Delynni rolls her eyes, then Ailath takes off and Ryukith pounces, beating for air after the green. He bugles cheerfully, flapping for altitude. Even his takeoff is slouched, arms and legs dangling for the first few dragonlengths like some vulture circling a carcass. Then he tucks arms and legs tightly to his side and suddenly the speed of his flight picks up. He sways and curls on the wind, turning back and forth in search of aircurrents strong enough to give him more speed. Delynni watches the takeoff for a moment before sitting down next to Myra and stretching out on the beachsand. Her eyes go blank as she attunes herself to Ryukith. "go get 'em tiger…" She mutters.

Dhonzayth is shimmying up and down the beach, not moving any further into the water lest it impede his ability to take off at a moment's notice. Thankfully, he has enough warning, as Ailath is growling and then moving down the beach and crouching. Sneaking just close enough, he crouches low to the ground, stretching is body out, wings extended in either direction. Crooning softly, he waits, and waits, and then as she's off he's following after, pushing upwards with his hind legs, getting that first downstroke to clear the ground. L'ton keeps his arm around Niah's, nodding with a grin at Ram, and a bow of acknowledgement to Myra, before Niah's protests catch his attention. Sighing softly, he shakes his head, giving her a reassuring squeeze. "Tis gonna be fine, sweets.."

Niah tilts her head up, shifting uncomfortabley, burying her boots in the sand. Everything about the blueriders body language reads stress, her hands are gripping the air almost like she is prepared to claw anyone who gets to close, lips are a flat line her bottom lip being gnawed on by her bottom teeth, eyes set to stare at the sand. Even L'tons presence doesn't seem to help, and she scoots away from him as Ailath launches, giving a half hearted wave in Myra's direction. Celiketh does not share his riders distaste, throwing himself into the air after Ailath as soon as she is in the air. Stream lining himself as best he can he stretches his neck out and flaps his wings, straining as fast as he can, no grace in his movement as he surges wave like after the testy gem.

R'miel gives a bit of a grin back to L'ton. Then he moves over to take a seat in the sand nearby Myra. There's a bit of a grumble from the bronzer. Flights were always worrisome, this could mean his weyrmate was mad at him later on. "Shardin' dragons…" Arinith however seems pretty excited. He follows the tomboy Ailath out of the water. When she rises he takes only a moment to shake free of some of the beads of water on his bronze skin, then unfurls his sails properly to get airborn. Arinith enjoyed being at the back of the pack anyways, especially with big bronze Dhon in the group.

R'aul arrives panting, hands on his knees once he stops right by Myra. Gulp, breath, pant… Eventually he's able to straighten up, sweeping a hand through his golden hair and pushing the long strands out from his face. With one last deep breath, he lets it out and then grins broadly at the greenrider in the pretty red dress. "Hello there," he coos out in what he expects is a low sexy voice. Flex. Erisith doesn't mimic his lifemate in anything, really, which was why he was waiting quietly on the sidelines for the exact moment that the green takes flight. With no hindrance from the water, the skinny blue powers off, beating his overly large dark wings furiously to gain altitude, and then soars over some of the slower dragons to take to the skies after Ailath

Ailath gets off to a strong start, wings pushing powerfully through the air, adrenalin screaming through her deceptively fragile body. This, this is what it's all about, the flight, the rushing air, the open skies, no limits, no boundaries. Free flight, pure and simple. Is there any greater thing? Her mood starts to sour as, one by one, dragons start to chase. Can she not escape? Is there no refuge? She roars in frustration, and her straight and powerful flight is suddenly switched for a far more acrobatic style, twisting and turning, dipping and diving, climbing and swerving. Anything to avoid capture! Myra sighs, and takes a step back, glancing towards the meadow briefly. She should head thataway soon, she knows, but she doesn't go anywhere just yet. She glances around at the other riders, eyes lingering slightly longer on the men than the women. In what may be an odd twist of events, it's the holdbred rider that is perfectly fine with flights, and the dragon that would prefer not to have them. "Mmm. Hello." she tilts her head at R'aul with a small smile, though she makes no move to get physically closer to anyone, not yet.

Dhonzayth's taking advantage of his size, each long wingstroke carrying him further than a similar motion carries either the trail breaking Ailath or most of the other males that have dared to accept her unintentional challenge and take to the skies after her. With the open skies before him, and the wind at his back, the bronze Istan visitor is settling in for an enjoyable flight. However, as she roars, he's trumpeting in surprising, fighting to gain altitude, as much as he can as quickly as possible - relying on a warm rising thermal for a bit of a boost. He'll watch her tricks, and enjoy them too - he'll let her show them all how a true woman flies. L'ton, meanwhile, has lost the girl at his side, wrinkling up his face and pouting just a bit, before he's shaking his head and shrugging, hands stuffed in his pockets as he meanders down towards where Myra and the others are amassing, smiling at her with a wink. "Hey there, lil'bit." He says pleasantly, lifting his gaze in the direction the pack of dragons vanished.

Ryukith is nothing if not a blue meant for capture. He tries to follow Ailath like a bloodhound after a fugitive, more or less succeeding in following her move for move, though he zigs in a couple of places he could have zagged. He flicks his tail to test the air and catches an elevator current that shoves him straight up. The blue begins to twist and turn, trying to predict where the green will go rather than follow her moves. He turns a dive into a barrelroll, spinning into some stunts of his own. Oops, did he almost collide with one of the bronzes? He didn't notice, cause he changed direction a hair before collision and sticks up his tail in the draconic version of the middle finger salute before blazing after Ailath twisting left and right in an effort to mimic her pattern of flight.

Celiketh beats, powerful wing muscles straining to pump faster the body betraying his will as he revels in the excstacy of the chase. Crooning his approval to the lady he uses the agility his color is known for, following her every dive even if he looks less graceful than she does. Swooping down he uses a thermal, though staying on the outside and towards the back of the pack. Not getting caught up or to close to the other chasers, instead moving around the pack and wasting precious energy. Celi gives an occasional croon, complimenting the lady on her every move. Niah finally looks up at Myra, taking a step forward, and a deep breath. With a small, quiet stutter she says, "I-I like your dress." Blushing and smiling, hands being stuffed in her pockets. "I.. My name is Niah." Introducing herself, eyes glazing and head tilting back as she stares at the sky.

Erisith doesn't smother. That's just his motto when it comes to everything, including flights. He stalks, he creeps, and then he takes them! They might fight him along the way, but when he eventually claims something as his… but first, the blue has to gain height, keeping behind the pack since he was further behind. His wings push aside the air, his lithe form slicing through the sky to inch his way closer and closer towards the shining green. Unlike the larger dragons, his body easily doubles in half, folding and curling to follow when she turns suddenly. All the while aiming higher! Not quite the guardian from above, but a watchful predator waiting for any sign of weakness from Ailath. R'aul slides up just a bit closer, almost blocking some other male rider's view of Myra, as he shows off his bright white teeth in a face-hurting grin. "Yes, /hello/," he says again, in that ever so intelligent way. "Lovely dragon, you have there," he continues, lifting his arm in a subtle flex to point back where the dragons are flying.

Arinith is happy just to be in Ailath's wake. He can spot the green up there through the could of chasers, and continues to berate the air under his wings to gain on her. There's a trumpet from the smaller bronze, just so that she's sure he's still back there. He can't seem to catch a break as far as the thermals are concerned today. Maybe it was too calm for them. So he relies on his own muscle to work him up to her altitude. Up and up, until of course her flight pattern changes into a more erratic style. He can't match her move for move, but he's at least nimble enough to stay close by. He takes a seat in the upper back of the pack, an optimal hiding spot for now. R'miel peers at R'aul. He recognizes him from flights before. Was he… showing off? Gag. Ram sticks to drowning himself in the bottom of his flask.

Ailath starts to fly in an unnecessarily wasteful manner, flying straight ahead and up, but rolling over and over as she does so. She's just showing off now, forgetting for a moment the urgency of escape, though she stops as soon as she notices Dhonzayth is looking at her, and takes a more zig zag type path, heading inland. Myra looks up as Ailath flies overhead, then turns to watch the green, though she does notice the riders, very much so. She blushes at L'ton's wink, raising a hand in a kind of wave, momentarily speechless. Well, she *does* have a lot on her mind right now, after all. Repeating though, that she can do. "Niah… I'm Myra." she introduces. Keep it simple, yes. Too many distractions. R'aul, now. "Ah, Ailath, that's Ailath." she notes, blushing again at the compliment, even if it's not at her specifically. Though, she does take a step back, glancing again towards the meadow, then up at Ailath. Already the green begins to tire, thanks in part to her crazy and mostly pointless stunts.

Dhonzayth does his best to stick with Ailath, though as she begins spending her energy in an entirely wasteful manner, he's crooning at her, trying to get her to reconsider. A great show is a must, definitely, but not at the cost of one's own safety! As Ailath takes off inland, zigging and zagging, Dhonzayth is hover for a moment, attempting to decipher her intentions before he's off, like a bullet from the barrel of a sharp shooter's gun, flying straight in ever way that the little green is not. Brassy hide glints, wings back at his sides as he speeds after her. She's not to the end of the trail yet, and he's not going to give up the struggle now. L'ton just chuckles at her blush, folding his arms over his chest, one hand ruffling his hair for a moment, rolling his eyes at the other male riders, yes, even the drinking Ram, just waiting now, quietly.

Delynni sticks her hands behind her head. "Lovely sky." She mutters to Myra, then sits up, staring blatently at Myra's shirt. "Lovely." She says in a slightly loopy tone. Ryukith cheerfully bugles, responding to the stunts by sailing straight upwards to get a better look at her patterns. He watches the show, eyes whirling amathyst with curiousity. For the barest moment he hovers, watching Ailath from above as the green goes this way and that way, guaging the patterns of her flight before he dives in again like an old earth swallow in flight. He twists and turns, trying and missing each attempt to snatch at the green. Frustrated he creels and falls dangerously silent. The amathystine glow in his whirling orbs intensifies and he begins to circle the pack, green, chasers, the terrain below, the weather above. He flights a tight circle around the flight area waiting for exactly the right place to pounce.

"Lovely Ailath," coos R'aul at Myra, unable to keep the grin off his face. He runs his hand again through his hair, trying to slick it back. Looking to the side he seems to catch R'miel peering at him, and the bluerider can't help but wink at him as well before his attention falls back on Myra. "As lovely as the rider in front of me. That one's my Erisith." The next arm goes this time, to show off the other's twin muscles! Maybe it's a show for everyone there. Erisith cannot quite match each of her stunts, but his giant sails fold back as he barrelrolls, using the opportunity to try to aim his missile-like body into another male chaser and shove him off course, before snapping his wings open again and soaring upwards. Another gets his tail nipped that way, and finally the blue's head jerks to attention at the tired Ailath completely. Not mistakes can be made now! Erisith's tail tip lashes and he puts every bit of strength into his flight, keeping her in his sights.

Celiketh flirts while he flies, meduim sized with the violet tinge to his hide he serenades the nice lady with small croons and appreciative rumbles. Every move watched and imitated, adding a twist to his own motivations. He is no longer chasing, but attempting to court the lady acrobatically. His path is less wasteful, making small changes to get back behind her, not zig zagging as harshly and keeping his path pretty straight, though he does throw in a twist for effect. Niah scoots back, giving herself some room and watching L'ton curiously. Looking up, her only response to Myra is. "Nice to meet you." Sinking to the sand she rocks back and forth, eyes glazed over she humms to herself and wrings her hands. Undoing the belt to her jacket, she slips out of it and tucks her arms in, head is as close as she can get it to her knees. Assuming crash position.

Arinith's head can be seen rolling a bit as Ailath does all her midair flips. Around and around… How was she not getting dizzy? He's enjoying the show, though! All those twists were making things exciting, and at least if she did lose herself there were plenty of rescuers? The bronze seems to be interested in participating in the zig-zag a bit more, instead he sways a bit side to side in the air like a hammock. He croons a bit at the top of each swing. He has to make a bit of effort to catch up now and then, but it was worth the fun! R'miel is keeping a close eye on Myra, and when she looks like she's about to bolt meadow-wards he gets to his feet. There's a bit of a throat clearing from the scruffy bronzer, and he furrows his brows at R'aul's wink.

Myra is indeed about to bolt for her weyr, which is just beyond the meadow, but she lingers for a moment. She eyes R'aul, taking another step backwards, then feels Ailath's wings miss a beat, senses Ailath's tiredness. There's only one thing for it. She bolts! She's not really paying attention to who might be following, it's just a race against time now. Ailath cries out in annoyance, why won't her wings do what she wants them to do? She wants to go higher, not lower! Up, up, up! No, that's down, that won't do. She screeches, and thrashes about, managing to gather some feeble measure of altitude, but not for long. She's falling, falling, struggling against it, but falling nonetheless.

Delynni blinks a beat as Myra gets up and runs away. "waaaiiit." She whines pathetically as she runs after her. "Wait for meeeeee!" Ryukith squawks as his rider deserts him, but her flight now mirrors his as he divebombs Ailath and snatches for the green. Heedless of who is in his way he ploughs through the chasers, barely missing them as he makes a desperate bid to catch the falling female.

Dhonzayth understands that not everything always goes as planned. After all, you never know when your burden beast will die, or you'll lose your balance trying to ford a river. However, Dhonzayth does know that you don't have to do things all by yourself. And so, as she's screeching and thrashing, the Istan bronze is attempting to lend her a hand, to get to the end of the trail in the sky, and to enjoy the peaceful serenity. And so, as she slows, and starts to lose her battle with gravity, that's when Dhonzayth is making his move, attempting to drop down on her from above, to snag her wingjoints in his talons, and to twine his neck with her own to save her from the battle she is quickly loosing. A soft croon - he'll be your favorite fan! L'ton, for his part, isn't about to let Myra get away either, and he's not even hesitating before he's taking off after her at a run - even if he's not lucky, there are other options.

If R'aul was only encouraging the greenrider's need to run, he doesn't seem to notice at all! He just grins all silly-like, leering at the greenrider after dropping his arm. He would leer at R'miel too if it weren't for the fact that Myra was the proddy one, and he just couldn't look away from her. "Don't want you to get her on the way, lovely, I can take you" But she runs! And the bluerider is fast on her heels. Erisith seems to gain a spurt in speed just as his rider below takes off, roaring loudly at the angered green. She fuels his own desires with that thrashing, his claws stretched out far before he is within sights to claw at any of the other competitors, his wings tipping just enough to loose air to dive after the falling green dragon. Every lanky bone of his is outstretched to their extent, hoping to gain every inchcentimeter and claim what is rightfully his, tossing out his large wings to catch the air as he levels out. There's enough wing here for both of them, and he was sure to help her soar higher.

Celiketh watches the struggle, eyes whirling distress as the prize he is after is begining to faulter. Diving down beneath the pack he shoots himself through a thermal, just chasing isn't going to work he is going to stop talking and start acting. Flapping quickly he swoops underneath Ailath, speeding up answering her cry he bugels and attempts to grab her from the sky and into his embrace. Wings extended he is prepared to support her, a wave coming to wash all her troubles away. Niah lays down on the sand, limp as a rag doll with her arms out. Hands full of sand she jolts up as Myra runs away, as L'ton leave she starts to run as well. Though not as fast, as she is carrying some extra weight.

Arinith is pretty attune to the green's flight rhythm by now. He's been watching her since they first arrived at the beach after all! It only takes a tiny falter to know that Aialth is tiring. The bronze doesn't waste a second as she starts to lose altitude. He makes his move! Folding his wings back a bit Arinith intends to push though the crowd as much as he could, wriggling around some of the other dragons if need be. His talons and neck outstretch to rescue the damsel in distress, and soothe her thrashing by carrying her to safety. R'miel, having expected Myra to make a run for it, almost starts running before she does. At any rate, he makes sure to stay right at her heels as the flight culminates to a close.

Ailath does not need saving, really. She does not! The exhausted green still manages to find the energy to snarl at the first to approach her, that impatient young brown from the start, satisfied when he backs off with a whimper. She narrowly avoids Ryukith, and swerves away from Dhonzayth, deliberately losing altitude to avoid Erisith, and by luck also evading Celiketh and Arinith with that same action. Wait, what? In the end, her precious sky betrays her, a thermal carrying her back upwards, right into the waiting clutches of Arinith. But she gets in a parting shot even as she's caught, shooting at the bronze, « I don't NEED you. » though it's rather obvious that she does, or she'd be proddy forever, and no one wants that. Meanwhile, back in the weyr, Myra simply latches on to whoever's closest. Then she realises that was R'aul, and latches on to the next closest rider instead. She doesn't care who rides which dragon, though in the back of her mind she might at least be hoping to wind up with a male rider. A male rider who is not R'aul.

Delynni staggers to a stop and falls to her knees, staggers up, then does an about face for the beach. "RYUKITH!" She cries as the blue opens his wings in a parachute. He comes to a neat stop above the water, and rather than landing in it flaps slowly over the glistening surface, limbs dangling beneath him again. He comes to a neat stop on the shore in front of Delynni. "You were beautiful love. But I wonder if Dryssa is busy."

Its a sad trumpet from Dhonzayth as the bronze is evaded, as he flaps his wings, circling back to the Weyr. While L'ton is reaching for Myra, he's not expecting to be all that lucky, though atleast he's not R'aul.

Celiketh misses his prize, spiraling back towards earth and landing on the beach. Niah is standing there, looking very confused and not sure what she's supposed to do. Watching L'ton and then Myra, she seems to be indecisive about where she should go.

Erisith just shoots above the little green, hissing in anger at the bronze that got lucky. His tail gives a good lashing as he passes over Arinith too, hoping to get a strike at him before he circles down towards the meadow where R'aul's run left him. He never made it to the greenrider's weyr, so he's left to mope out in the open, waiting for his lifemate's return to take him elsewhere.

Arinith scoops up the tired green and looks down at her with his rackish grin. Then he floats her down someplace secluded for romance. R'miel for his part is still right on Myra's tail, he follows her straight through the meadow and wherever else she's taking them. No time to waste! Who was she going grab for?

Myra finds herself alone, alone with L'ton and R'miel. On the one hand, she's heard a lot about L'ton, but on the other, R'miel's Arinith caught… She reaches for Ailath's mind, but that doesn't help at all, it just makes the choosing a more urgent matter. Ah, L'ton is closer, he'll do!

Xanadu Weyr - Ailath's Ranch(#11779RJ)

Myra was the first to emerge from the bedroom, smirking to herself and feeling *much* better now. Ailath is asleep in the wallow, or perhaps down on the beach, she's too deeply sleeping for Myra to sense a location. Since waking, Myra has managed to throw on the dress from the night before, and is now in the kitchen, cooking up a nice breakfast. Or rather, reheating last night's leftover stew. It's very good stew, as the scent will attest, filling the weyr with rich aromas. There's also a pitcher of klah on to boil, but Myra's main focus is the stew.

When it comes right down to it, L'ton is feeling much better as well, though he's slower to wake up. However, the chill left by Myra's leaving is enough to get him up, and he's slowly stretching finding his pants, pulling them on, even as he's headed out into the kitchen. Tugging his shirt over his head, he stops in the doorway, taking an appreciative breath. "Smells wonderful.." He says, as he ruffles his hair.

Myra looks up, and blushes just a little, nodding to the stew pot, "Ah, my own recipe. I got a promotion over this!" she notes, quite clearly bragging. She seems fairly well at ease, though she doesn't really know L'ton yet, not personally. She knows of him, of his reputation, of his, ah, family, shall we say. "Good meal, filling, and versatile. Usually I cook it over the spit, but cooking in the kitchen is easier." Especially when you're not really awake yet. Myra yawns, then glances to the klah pot. "The stew will be ready shortly, how about some klah?" A pause. "Er, if you can stay, that is? You … don't have to. Probably busy…" she shrugs. But the stew is right there, and smells deliciously like it's almost done.

"Ah guess Ah owe you a congratulation, on yer promotion, then." L'ton chuckles, grinning at her, running a hand through his hair, again, taking another deep breath. "Oh, Ah think Ah can wait. Smells ta good ta pass up." He is moving hover closer to her than probably is normal, considering their only brief acquaintance, and he's going so far as to rest a hand lightly on her shoulder. "Klah's be awesome… Myra, right?" He says, peering past her, still entranced by her stew.

Myra nods quickly, bobbing her head up and down, answering, "Yes, Myra. Journeyman chef Myra." Well, since she mentioned her promotion, it's only fair to say what she was promoted to… "I was working as a journeyman chef before I impressed, and I'm working as one again now." she notes, with pride. So, not exactly a recent promotion, though she accepts the congratulations on the promotion, pouring two mugs of klah before another yawn hits. She's not really a morning person.

L'ton takes the mug with a thankful grin, taking a long sip of it before he's resting his hand on the Chef's back, moving to steer her into a seat. "Ain't no reason ta sit there and hover over it.. Ya look like ya might fall asleep - and then the cook would become the cooked, and that ain't no good." He chuckles as he's settling his mug on the table to pull over a second chair, still surprisingly hover-y.

Myra raises an eyebrow at L'ton's hovering, but allows herself to be steered into a seat. One with easy access to the stew, but a seat nonetheless. "I've cooked through worse. My apprentice days were a haze, I barely remember much about them." But then, she was just assisting more experienced cooks, and making only the most basic of things herself. She does sip at the klah, and it seems to be working. "So, ah, L'ton? What brings you to Xanadu?" she asks, idly.

"Well, Ah still ain't gonna let it happen on my watch." He says with a chuckle, leaning to slowly rub her shoulders as he is also keeping half an eye on the stew pot, shaking his head with a chuckle. "Ain't nothing special. Had a meeting, and was gonna go check on Eiriana, see if'n she ain't gonna bury me no more, but then yer Ailath.. Ailath, right?" He pauses for affirmation, "Yer Ailath had other plans."

Myra nods, with a wry smile. "Yeah, Ailath makes her own plans. Life has never been dull when Ailath was around, that's for sure." she notes, though she does chuckle softly, "Ailath herself was more upset than anyone, flights confuse her, poor dragon." She is sympathetic to her dragon's plight, but she can't help but find it amusing. "I'm holdbred, and I find flights easier than she does." The stew smell starts to become a little crisper, a little the-stew-is-burning-er, and Myra jumps up, moving over to salvage what she can of it. Which, actually, is a fair amount. She fills two bowls with only slightly burnt stew, handing one to L'ton before sitting back down with the other. "I, er, sorry about the stew…"

"Least she only goes up every so often. Dhon's decided that any green or gold that's going, he's gonna go ta, no matter what's going on. Shards, Ah was in the middle of a meeting with the Lord Holder of Ista and his wife, and a green went up, and so did Dhon." Obnoxious bronze. WIth a shake of his head, he's looking a bit guilty, as if he's responsible for the stew getting a little extra done, and he's taking the bowl with a smile. "Thanks, My.." He says, eagerly blowing on a spoonful, before chuckling and shaking his head. "Ain't no think, lil'bit.."

Myra smiles a little at L'ton, though it's an odd smile. She shakes her head, tries to put whatever thought out of her mind, and turns her attention to her own bowl of stew. "Odd thing to be having for breakfast, I know, but it was handy…" she notes, with a shrug. "I … I should have cooked something fresh. That usually works best." she's making excuse after excuse, just because the stew got burned a little? "Oh, oh dear. I don't think I'd like to be Lord and Lady Ista in that instance." she notes, with a slight bit of a cheeky grin. "My own flights have been … relatively okay. Couple of odd wins, one was a weyrling, back when I was on the weyrlingmaster staff." That was awkward… Not as much as when the other co-Weyrlingmaster caught, though.

"What?" L'ton grins over the rim of his bowl at her, catching that odd little smile. And then she's fussing about how she should have made something fresh, and so on and so forth, and he's shaking his head, shoving another bit in his mouth even as he's leaning to rest his hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Hey, lil bit. Myra.. Its great. Don't ya worry about it. Sides, Ah'm the one that followed ya home, Ah should be lucky ta get anything but a boot." He chuckles, grinning at the mention of her other flights.

Myra shakes her head, glancing at the stew, before finally taking the plunge, and taking a mouthful of it. It's not nearly as bad as she was making it out to be. "It's nothing, really." she murmurs, shaking off L'ton's question. "You're, well, not like my weyrmate, is all." Is that good, or bad? She doesn't clarify. Though, she does have to smile, "Ah, you followed me home, invited yourself in, shouldn't you be the one cooking, to apologise?" she asks, though it's with good humour.

"That Ah ain't.. Ah hope ya didn't mind ta much. Hope 'e dun mind ta much, either ya know." L'ton says after a moment, having done some serious damage to his hot bowl of stew - he's certainly enjoying it. "Ah prolly should be, but if'n that was the case, Ah think ya'd be lucky ta get some of' em meatrolls from the caverns heated back up. And ta have yer place still standing."

Myra chuckles, feeling a little more herself after eating half a bowl of stew. "Well, perhaps." she does have to admit. "Not everyone has the knack for cooking… Maybe you aren't so different from Trian after all." she notes, with a smirk. Yes, he's a horrible cook. Not that Myra minds, she likes to cook. And Trian likes to eat. Everyone wins!

"Maybe if'n it happens again, Ah'll risk it, and try ta make ya something?" He ventures after a moment, his own bowl not only empty but scraped clean, and now he's licking the spoon with gusto. "Course, then Ah might not get any more of this stew.." He says ponderously, before L'ton's looking up at Myra with a bit of a smile. "Ah.." And then he realizes he doesn't have anything to say, and is snapping his mouth shut again.

Myra snickers. "Maybe." she says, not ruling out the posssibility, however unlikely. "Your dragon, Dhonzayth? might even catch, one of these times…" She recognises him, she's seen him at several of her flights before, at least three others. But there's not really much more to say. Stew: Eaten. Klah: Gone. Flight: Over. "Suppose you've got things to do, meetings to go to. Don't let me keep you… Probably ought to chase up my weyrmate, let him know the coast is clear." she shrugs, though there's an impatient element to it.

"We'll see what happens, we will." He grins, says, finishing off his klah, looking around for a moment before depositing his dishes by the sink. After a moment of hesitation, he's leaning to kiss her in the middle of the forehead - at least that's his intention - before he's straightening. "Thanks fer having me, Myra, and fer he stew… Ah.. Ah hope yer weyrmate ain't ta put out." He smiles a bit, before he's mentally checking to make sure he has everything he came in yet, and he's seeing himself out, with a backwards glance and a waggle of fingers at the greenrider.

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