Your Move

Fort Weyr Region
A wayward Inn somewhere in the northern ranges of Fort's forest territory.

NOTE: Some suggestive and/or mature material within!

J'kor waits patiently for Kiena before saluting Kimmila and pulling on his coat, buttoning it up against the evening cold. It's getting to be dark…and they're going to look at fences? Odd. "Fencing," he confirms with a smile. "Not too far. Faster to between, if your blue wouldn't mind taking an image from my Giverath."

Lots could happen! Kiena could make a fool of herself or she'll discover nothing of interest in J'kor aside from him just being another pretty face. Maybe things will hit off but she'll have a change of heart and what then? All those and more roll about in her head, but she's not about to just take off running from the greenrider. Not on his territory and not with so many eyes on them. Bundling up as well against the cold weather, once they're heading for the door she casts one last look over her shoulder to Kimmila and she looks nervous and unsure before her eyes narrow and she mouths 'I'll get you back for this!' Then there's nothing to be done but to follow J'kor and attempt to calm herself. So far, he's been nothing but kind! "Ujinath won't mind, though he may wish to meet Giverath face to face first. He's… set in his ways." Odd. He's odd, is what her cryptic speech is implying.

J'kor seems to have none of the same thoughts as Kiena does as he waits for her and then pushes the door open to allow her to go through first. "Fair enough," he says with a chuckle. "Shall we walk back to the weyr then? She's resting in the bowl by the tunnel, if that suits."

"Walking back is fine and that suits." Kiena murmurs, glancing sidelong to J'kor. Another glimpse, lingering this time since it won't be so odd if she makes eye contact with him as they walk slowly to the tunnel. Ujinath has caught on to his rider's request and the nimble and lean cerulean blue comes to land on the other end of the bowl from Giverath. His approach to the green will be slow, wary and cautious and silent. Just the minimal amount of mental touch to herald a greeting before he's lowering his head to peer and even sniff at the strange female and yet not encroach on her personal space as some males might do. Whether she's aware or not of her lifemate's peculiar behavior, Kiena doesn't show it and instead attempts to draw J'kor into casual conversation. Which is… not her forte either. "Kimmila mentioned your work. Is it only the cotholds and holds you go to?" Who are you?

J'kor glances back at her and smiles. In the bowl, Giverath is a sweet but quiet green, resting on her belly and watching as Ujinath approaches. Nothing more, nothing less, the floral scent of her mind drifting out to meet his touch. As they walk, J'kor chuckles. "I'm officially in Haast wing, but I've been in Kimmila's cothold wing since back when it started." There's a small grimace for the memory of /why/ it started, then he gives his head a bit of a shake. "So I'm always flying around making deliveries and helping out wherever I'm needed. Think it's a good thing, what we do for the cotholds. Just because someone doesn't live in Fort Hold don't mean they're not important enough for dragonrider assistance."

Ujinath relaxes bit by bit by Giverath's sweet and quiet behavior, allowing the floral scent of her mind to drift into his and adding to the already present smell of sun baked earth, grass, clean air and the hint of forest beyond the acrid smell of a metal and aged, electrified fence. Guarded, but perhaps with weak points. The blue completes one circular pass of the Giverath before settling down beside her to wait on his rider, still at a respectful distance but not so aloof. As they walk, Kiena's curiosity grows the more J'kor speaks. She's heard of Haast or at least the work that her brother had done. Riders talk in the caverns and taverns, whether or not they're aware of a non Fortian rider among their ranks. She's unaware of the full details, but she knows that Haast was not always a Wing. "So her wing isn't official? You… choose to volunteer for it?" Kiena asks, gently prying a little more from the greenrider. There's a crooked smile, half smirk, for his last comment. "I agree and I bet that many of the cotholds have responded well to the aid?"

J'kor grins, reaching up to tap a patch on his shoulder. It's simple, and beneath his regular, more ornate Haast patch. The patch for Kimmila's wing is a Fortian mountain in pale blue with a cothold's outline in black resting at the base of it. "Her wing is official. It's just's like a part time job, sort of. We get paid now, too, which is nice, but there isn't a name to it. We just call it Kimm's Wing or the Cothold Wing. It's a specialist wing, like some weyrs have special water rescue groups as part of their main rescue wing. And she asked me if I'd do it, back after Stonehaven. I said yes." Then he smiles, nodding. "Most of them have, yeah. A few don't want us meddling. So we don't."

Kiena's eyes drift to that pale blue patch and linger there for as long as it takes her to commit it to memory. Given she's a Weyrsecond, even if for another Weyr, these things are good to know! As J'kor explains, she nods her head and her gaze drifts forwards as they pass through the tunnel and out into the bowl. Seeing Ujinath resting by Giverath has her shoulders lowering as some of the tension in them eases. Good. This is good! He's not completely refused her company. Not yet, anyways. Smiling, she murmurs. "I see what you mean now. It's a smart system." A needed one. Her brows knit together at the mention of Stonehaven. She knows of that, at least. "And important. Is that all you do? Your duties to Haast and Kimm's Wing? Or are you Crafter too?"

J'kor shakes his head as they move through the tunnel, nodding a greeting to the guards posted there. "Never became a crafter, no. I impressed at twelve, so. Didn't have much time to choose a craft. Thought about Seacraft but then…" His smile is undeniably fond at the sight of his lifemate, and she perks up as well - a subtle shift and lifting of her muzzle as they approach. "So what's your interest in these fences?" he asks, as Giverath reaches out gently to Ujinath, showing a picture of a darkened cothold. The fences…are nice?

Kiena lifts her brows in surprise. "Twelve?" So young! And here she thought adjusting at sixteen was hard! She gives J'kor another curious look. How old is he now? She dare not ask but attempts to solve it out for herself. In his twenties, like her? Older? Still young? Her mouth quirks up at one corner at the mention of Seacraft but rather than some biting sarcastic remark she keeps her tone civil. "Not a bad Craft, that one. I had just started trainin' in Smithcraft before being Searched. Still am." And she's proud of it, even if she never progresses beyond Sr. Apprentice. "Ahh, well…" Right. The fences. Kiena can't think of a lie and so aims for the truth instead. The awkward, awkward truth. "That — was Kimmila's doing. I've no interests in the fences, though I'm sure your work is fine." The interest is in the rider and that much her eyes imply to him when she gives him a rather frank and level look. He's not the clueless type, is he?

Likely mid twenties. He's got a boyish face but carries himself with confidence - rather than bravado and false swagger. "Smiths, huh?" he asks, turning to give her an impressed look. "They let you do Smith work still?" he asks, tipping his head towards her knot. And when the truth comes out he grins, a bit crooked, reaching up to meet his green's muzzle with his hand. "Ah. I thought it might be as much. She's a bit…odd at times so I just went along with it, but I suspected. It's night time." Who would look at fences at night? "So. Dinner?" he asks, grinning at her with just a hint of hope in his eyes.

It's probably in J'kor's favour that he doesn't carry himself with bravado and a false swagger. Kiena's dealt with that attitude before and she'd not be interested in a repeat. "Mhm." she confirms, confident and proud in her own right. She'll see him indicate her knot and that has her smirking. "They do. It was part of the terms I negotiated with our Weyrleader. If he wanted me to be his Weyrsecond, I had to be able to have some free time to pursue my Craft. Not that I always do and I don't shirk my duties." Tricky thing, that balance but Kiena seems to have managed it alright so far. "Odd? That's… putting it lightly." Kiena jokes on behalf of Kimmila's behaviour, though she's equally as amused that J'kor never quite fell for it. No one would look at fences at night! She's prepared to tell him thank you anyways, only… he's offering dinner? And there's the hope too! Kiena's brows knit together and she hesitates, only to be interrupted by her stomach rumbling. Sheepishly, she grins. "Looks like that's a yes?" she drawls.

J'kor grins. "Smart woman." Then he laughs, shaking his head. "She's a breed of her own, that woman." There's a crooked grin, which blooms into something much wider when she agrees. "Excellent! Loud or quiet?"

"That she is," Kiena agrees about Kimmila, chuckling. "And so am I." She can't help but grin back at J'kor when he so openly shows how pleased he is on her acceptance to his offer. "Quiet. I've had my fill of loud and crowded." Fewer eyes to stare their way, the better! Because what better gossip to be had than a greenrider having dinner with the Xanadian Weyrsecond? "Lead on, I'll follow." she murmurs, gesturing for him to move ahead. Yet before either of them can so much as take a single step, Ujinath has pushed himself to his feet and lower his head down to peer at J'kor. It's intimidating and while the blue is very careful not to touch the greenrider, it's clear that he's sizing the young man up. Is he as honestly friendly and good intentioned as Kimmila vouched for or is he a threat? Ujinath, of course, views everyone as a potential threat in varying degrees. Kiena, however, is embarrassed by her blue's behaviour and is in no mood for his overprotectiveness. "Quit it, Uji!" she hisses through her teeth at her blue and Ujinath eases back a bit but with an uncertain sounding rumble.

Ahh, but it's far better to be lost in a crowd than the focus of a few people's undivided attention. J'kor nods, turning towards his green…only to be stared at by Ujinath. Startled, he takes a small step back, pressed against his green's neck as she lowers her head and snakes it around so her face is beside him and peering at the blue with a low rumble of warning. "Have I done something wrong?" J'kor asks very quietly, his eyes watching Ujinath but his head tilted so he's clearly speaking to Kiena.

Ujinath snorts when Giverath rumbles low at him and then whuffles, edging back a little further. « I had no intentions of harming him. » he intones flatly to the green but though his mental voice is as guarded as his mind, she'll be able to sense his sincerity in that. « He has nothing to fear of me or mine, either. » And satisfied, he settles back on his belly but rests with his head held up. Sentinel stance! Does the blue ever relax? Probably not while they're abroad. Kiena sighs heavily and just looks downright mortified when J'kor retreats to his green's side. So much for appearing attractive? "You've done nothing wrong," she reassures him. "And I'm sorry he startled you. If anything it's my fault for not warning you." Well, she did say Ujinath was odd? "He can be… protective. Too protective." She shoots her blue a (fond, but annoyed!) narrowed sideways look that has the dragon huffing, indignant and unmoved. He does it for the better good! Shaking her head, Kiena chews at her bottom lip. So… "Dinner still stands?" Or is he totally spooked off of her now?

J'kor gently rubs Giverath's muzzle, the green relaxing. Her floral scents drift out to Ujinath again, soft and gentle. « Nor from me or mine, » she reassures. The greenrider looks to Kiena then, nodding slightly with a small smile. "Protective. Ah, alright." That explains it? "Dinner still stands, if he'll allow it."

Ujinath accepts those floral scents of her mind again, a little more readily than before. He understands and the blue will no longer pose a problem. Unless, of course, his rider becomes overly upset. Kiena grimaces, trying not to look too ashamed. "We're working on it," she mumbles and then a look of relief crosses her features. "Everything's fine," she states, trying to smile reassuringly to J'kor and gesturing for him to take the lead. "Let's get to dinner and out of this cold." Wherever that may be!

J'kor nods with a smile. "I know just the place," he says, nimbly mounting up and buckling in. Giverath reaches out to Ujinath, painting a picture of a remote little tavern set in the crossroads at the foot of some northern Fortian mountains. A gathering place for many cotholds and trader caravans - a wayward inn, of sorts.

Kiena quirks a brow and is surprised again when J'kor mounts up. She had assumed it would be within Fort's walls but she does not protest and swiftly climbs up Ujinath's straps. The blue rumbles again, eager and pleased to be spreading his wings. Which he does, once he has the room to do so. The image is accepted with silent thanks from Giverath and an equally silent understanding that she will take the lead. A wayward inn is right up Kiena's alley and her curiosity is piqued. Her reservations of spending time and a night with a random young man are dissolving. This isn't so bad? « We're ready. » Ujinath informs Giverath and he will launch up into the skies after her, preparing for the cue to jump Between.

J'kor grins, lifting his arm as his green surges swiftly aloft, her speed earning a laugh and a yell from her rider. Up they go, and then vanish between. Reappearing, the air here is markedly colder, and Giverath wastes no time in landing on the outskirts of the inn's land. J'kor dismounts and sends his lifemate aloft to rest in a cave on the slopes above, out of the wind, and waits for Kiena.

Ujinath isn't about to be left in the dust and he'll surge right after Giverath, causing Kiena to yelp a bit in surprise and then hastily grab the straps and take a better position for such fast flight. Once out of Between, Ujinath will hover just long enough to familiarize themselves both with the lay of the land and then he's rapidly descending to allow his rider to dismount. Craning his head, he tries to find another suitable spot to curl up and seeing Giverath go to the slopes above, he too heads in that direction, half expecting to find another nook in which to settle. Kiena will hunch her shoulders against the cold, trying not to let her teeth chatter as she steps to J'kor's side. "Looks cozy." she drawls, meaning the wayward inn ahead of them. "Good food?"

J'kor stomps his feet in the snow, reaching out to offer Kiena his hand or his arm as they wade through the thick snow. Above, Giverath croons a soft welcome to Ujinath - plenty of room on the ledge for them both, if he wishes. "Good food, very cozy." And rooms for rent on the second floor. Cough. Just in case! Never hurts to think ahead. Smoke drifts up from the chimney and a few runners snort in the stable, a few wagons outside suggesting there is a small crowd within.

Kiena will take J'kor's arm, not about to leave him hanging even if it makes her a touch uncomfortable. Hopefully once indoors, she'll thaw out a bit. Literally and figuratively! She has no idea about the rooms for rent and even if she did, she'd probably laugh and tease him about 'wishful thinking'. Not that he's not entirely out of luck! "Perfect!" she murmurs to him but as they pass the runners in the stables, she begins to slow and then looks over to him. "Hold on." Slowing her steps to a stop, she'll release his arm so that she can unpin her knot and stuff it into a pocket. Before he can ask or protest, she grins at him. "Off duty." she informs him which is a half-truth. The whole gist of it is that she doesn't want to be seen as an outsider. "Lead on." Taking his arm again, she grins. Above, Ujinath is clinging precariously to the slope as he eyes the ledge and Giverath. Plenty of room and he quietly joins her, rumbling his thanks as he settles in close. Pleased too that it offers him a vantage point of the inn below.

J'kor slows his steps when she does, and he grins when she removes her knot. "Just a rider from Western," he agrees with a tip of his head in a nod. Pushing open the heavy wooden door, he ushers her into the main room. Stone flagged, the hearth burns comfortably warm and there are about 15 people within, seated at tables chatting quietly, playing games, eating, and generally relaxing after a long, hard day in the cotholds. They all glance up at the arrival of another, dipping their heads in silent greeting to J'kor, who is clearly familiar to them, and then go back to what they were doing. "Table over there okay?" the greenrider asks with a little nod to one against the wall. Furthest from the fire, but it's also more isolated. Quiet, just as she requested. "I'll get us some food. Ale? Something stronger? No alcohol?"

"Xanadu. From Xanadu," Kiena corrects gently and her eyes take a slightly darkened look. She doesn't want to be associated with Western! Then she's grinning and following him inside and casting a curious look about the cozy establishment. Those nods are returned and she breathes a sigh of relief when no one seems to be too nosy. "That'll be fine," Kiena agrees to J'kor's choice, already slipping off her riding gloves and loosening her scarf as she unfastens her jacket. "Food also sounds great. And ale, please or whatever is strongest." Bring it! Kiena can handle her alcohol and with a parting grin and a murmur of thanks, she heads over to their table to settle in.

J'kor coughs. "Xanadu. Sorry." He knew that. Just a slip of the tongue no doubt. Seeing her settled, he goes up to the bar to greet the owner, returning a few moments later with two wooden pints. "This is their house brew," he says as he slides into his chair across from her. "Strong stuff, but delicious. Nutty. If you don't like it I can get you something else though," he says, lifting the mug in a toast. "To fences."

Kiena waves her hand in a dismissive manner to J'kor's apology. Slip of the tongue! It happens and she can forgive him for it. Comfortable and warm, she'll grin broadly when he returns with the two pints and accepts hers as she catches it before it has a chance to slide too far. "To fences!" she toasts back, chuckling and then tilts the pint to her lips. Swallowing slowly, she makes an appreciative sound. "Eh, not bad! Nutty flavour is… different but I like it. Good choice!" she tells him. "This'll be just fine. So what's on the menu for food?"

J'kor grins, impressed when she takes the drink - and likes it. Excellent. "It's strong," he admits with a soft cough, taking another sip of his. "Not much of a menu, but we're in luck. They killed a bovine yesterday so there's plenty of meat in the winter stew. Fresh bread, vegetables. Not sure what's for dessert." It's a 'take what you get' kind of place, but the food is always good and hearty. "So how are things in Xanadu?"

Kiena loves her ales and strong drinks almost as much of her brother. "It is, which is how I like it." she says and can't help but snicker a bit for the possible double entendre. She'll nurse another small sip and then makes a soft appreciative sound again. Fresh bovine? Count her in! "That sounds delicious!" And she's starving and her eyes light up in the hopes of something like fresh bread and stew. Dessert… may be sweets or a certain greenrider. "How'd you come to find a place like this? The folk here seem to know you." And trust him. "This… part of the perk of being in this Wing of yours?" Kiena smiles, "Can't complain. We've hit a quiet spell. Had the runner races awhile back." With an explosive end! "Now it's just another stretch before Turnover."

J'kor lifts his brows at Kiena, a small twist to his lips. "Do you now? Well," and he leans back a bit, idly flexing his arm…to point. "Some strong men over there." And there are. Working men with short sleeves despite the chill outside, muscles speaking of turns spent toiling. Dessert…how about both? J'kor smiles at her again. "This place is well known by the cothold wing. We're here a lot. After a long day of work, sometimes it's nice to drop in, relax, get some good food. It's a local spot. I've worked with almost everyone in here. Guess you could call it a perk, but really…s'just knowing the area and the people in it. Doing anything good for turnover over there?"

Kiena tilts her head and then has to bite her lip from laughing outright as J'kor idly flexes his arm and her eyes will drift from him to the group of strong men over there. Playing along, she'll pretend to consider those strong, muscular men but in the end she'll just wrinkle her nose and dismiss them. Nope, not to her taste. Her eyes slide back to J'kor, unaware of how that may come across. She is, despite her reservations, starting to warm up to this greenrider. So dessert may be both! "Sounds nice. It'd be… I'd like to have a place like this to go to. Somewhere quiet but accepting that isn't the Weyr." Where everyone knows your name but doesn't care much beyond it! She shakes her head, nursing her drink as she leans back casually in her chair. "Not sure yet. Usually we do. Just a small festival of sorts. What about you? I've heard of past festivals here in Fort. I was considering seeing if I couldn't drift this way this time. Let my girls visit with their cousin." And be out of her hair. "But my brother was wrapped up in some meeting or another. Th'ero or any of the Leadership let word slip?" Does J'kor even know he's currently entertaining his Weyrleader's sister?

J'kor is grinning, his green eyes twinkling with amused mirth at her look and her nose wrinkle. "You don't have anywhere like that in Xanadu? And I'm not sure what's going on yet. I know there are lots of private parties, but as for the weyr as a whole…not sure what's going on yet, haven't heard word. Oh, you have kids?" He looks surprised. "Who is your brother?" No. No, he doesn't.

Kiena grins back, relaxed and at ease. It's warm, the drinks are good and once that food arrives, she's no doubt that'll be just as good. Simple, hearty food. Perfect to go with a simple dinner and chat. Which could escalate, but the bluerider is biding her time. "Funny how it seems everywhere is waiting till the last minute to inform the populace?" she muses and then her smile turns a touch fond but sheepish too. Does it bother the greenrider that she's a mother? "Twin girls. Had them young." Too young. "They just turned five. Double the trouble." Lifting her mug, she looks up at J'kor and waits to observe his reaction. "Th'ero is my brother." she murmurs and then lifts her drink to her lips to hide the grimace. Now he knows!

J'kor shrugs. "Maybe they've got some big surprise in the works. Or maybe they haven't figured it out yet." Both are equally possible? He nods behind his ale. "Ah. I was going to say, you don't look old enough to be a mother. Twins? Shards. Good for you." Then he blinks, coughs, and sits up a bit more straight. "Well then. I'll be on my best behavior…"

"Could be." Kiena agrees. Both are equally possible! She blushes a bit then and looks down at her mug, now held between her hands. "Flatterer," she quips at him playfully and then snickers. "Thanks? Tell me about it though. I think I gave that poor Healer an earful and told him to triple check." When he's suddenly sitting up straighter, Kiena all but curses herself for letting it slip that her brother is his Weyrleader. Damn it! Disappointed, she'll set her pint down on the table and look up at J'kor. "Don't," she asks him, not exactly pleading with him but just being openly honest. Which means she slips into her usual accent and sarcastic laced voice. "Please? It's not like I'm made of glass or whatever and he'd care less of what I do here, so long as I don't go breeching any laws or causing havoc and mayhem on his territory, y'know? And I'm my own person and even if he did have issue with it or who I spend my time with, then he can shove it!" And she has rank to say so! Kiena eases up though, smiling crookedly to take some of the edge off her little rant. "Just… relax, alright?" Be himself!

J'kor watches her as he listens, and when she's finished their food arrives, which gives him more time to think. Steaming bowls of stew, an entire loaf of fresh bread, steaming, butter, omg I'm hungry. Once the server is gone, J'kor nods. "Makes sense," he finally says. "You're your own woman. He just…well I've seen him around Kimmila. He strikes me as the protective type."

Kiena is relieved at the sight of the food for the same reasons. She's starving and she wants something to distract her while J'kor collects himself. She's still regretting ever mentioning her brother's name, but she won't let that ruin her appetite. Digging in, she'll chuckle low in her throat and give the greenrider another frank look while she swallows. "He is protective of those he loves, yes. But not to the point of rash action. Not that he will ever find out about this." And she gestures between them, meaning their little dinner together. Only way Th'ero would know is if Kimmila mentioned anything about it. "Don't concern yourself over him. Honest." Kiena goes on to add. Please? Why, oh why, did she mention it?

J'kor lifts his brows, and then chuckles. "There, now see, I'm not sure how to take that. Are you wanting to hide that I took you to dinner?" Besides, he's pretty sure Kimmila is going to tell Th'ero. Almost positive. "I won't, though, as long as you say it's good." And if he gets booted from Fort, he can always go to Xanadu? "What do you think?" he asks, slicing the bread and giving her the first real piece (the heel doesn't count as bread). "They make a good stew, no?"

"Not in the slightest bit!" Kiena drawls, giving him a look and a wry smirk that is almost challenging. "You're the one who got all on edge once you knew who my brother was. I'm trying to reassure you that if you don't want the word to spread to his ears, then I'll shush up the only one who WOULD know, aside from us." She means Kimmila, though it's doubtful she'd succeed. In fact, it's probably already too late! And since Th'ero hasn't kicked in the door yet… J'kor is safe. "It's good. You're good!" she assures him and then in a quieter tone, adds. "I'm enjoying this. Your company, I mean. I'd rather not have it ruined before I can even enjoy it because I happen to share a bloodline to the Weyrleader." So it's good? Taking the offered piece of bread, she'll smile her thanks and tuck into the stew. From the quiet sounds she makes, that'd be a 'yes'. "Mhm! This is perfect. Been a long, long time since I've had a stew like this. Good call!"

J'kor smiles, lifting his mug in a silent toast. "Then I won't worry about it." Much. At least he'll hide it. He does relax again, settling back in his chair and smiling. "I'm glad you like it. I find there's little better than their stew after a long day's work. And I'm enjoying myself as well. Don't usually come out here when I'm not on duty, so it's a nice change to the routine."

Kiena lifts her mug in a silent toast in return. Good! So long as he keeps it hidden, she'll be oblivious and she is all too happy to let the topic slide. Back to relaxing now and to keep things that way. "I can see why! And… I'm glad." Very pleased, given her reputation for not being the best of company. "Sometimes it's nice to switch things up, hmm?" There's a pause and she adds. "So are you from Fort or outside of it? Did you Impress here?" Innocent enough questions and all serving as a way for Kiena to piece more of what kind of man J'kor is, aside from what she already knows and can see. She'll sneak a few more glimpses of him between bites of food or while she sips her drink and he's distracted (or so she hopes!) and she's beginning to like what she sees. Maybe Kimmila hadn't been entirely wrong…

J'kor eats, polite but…it's clear he's not tense or uptight. He just eats without much concern for manners. He's not a slob, but…he's eating. He's a man. "Oh yes, I like switching things up." Grin. "I'm from a cothold on the coast." Another reason he's part of the cothold wing, no doubt. "Impressed at Fort, yes, some…15 turns ago now, I'd think? Something like that. Did you impress in Xanadu?" Of course Kimmila wasn't wrong!

Kiena quirks a brow again for that grin and she chuckles under her breath. Oh really? His eating habits don't put her off, she's hardly the neat eater herself or any dainty, prissy woman. Hopefully J'kor wasn't hoping for a delicate woman? "Cothold bred?" Bonus. It would make sense and she nods her head. "So this has always been your home then. Fort, I mean, as a whole." Which she finds attractive, apparently? Odd one, this one is. "No, I transferred to Xanadu. I was born in a small fishing cothold on the northern tip of the Emerald Isles. Searched and Impressed in Western and then transferred out to Xanadu and have been there since." she murmurs as she mops up the last of the stew with her bread. Satisfied now for that hunger, Kiena stretches out in her chair and allows her legs to stretch out too beneath the table. If her boot happens to find J'kor's, well… maybe it's accidental. Maybe it's accidental too that he can feel her slowly running the toe of her boot along the back or side of his. It must be, since Kiena is feigning innocence and has her eyes turned down to focus on her ale again.

J'kor smiles fondly, nodding. "Yup, cothold bred. You too?" Bonus indeed! "Yeah. I've traveled of course but this is home, no doubt about it. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else." His head tilts curiously. "Why the switch to Xanadu, if you don't mind me prying a bit?" he asks between bites. When she stretches he watches, unabashed, and his head tilts slightly when he feels her boot against his. A brow lifts. Ahh. Dessert indeed. He'll owe Kimmila drinks for this one. His foot shifts, extending towards hers as well before he daringly tries to pin her foot to the floor. Testing?

"I am," Kiena says though not with the same fondness as J'kor. At least she's still smiling and not spitting on her family's name? "Fort is a remarkable Weyr. Old, a lot of history here." she murmurs and then gives him a long look as she considers her answer, fingers tapping idly against the rim of her pint. "Wasn't happy in Western." she ventures to say, which is a half-truth but a good chunk of it. "Ujinath and I are doing much better in Xanadu. It was for the best." Kiena doesn't mind in the least that J'kor watched her stretch but her surprise comes for his move in pinning her foot. Tilting her head a bit, she smiles wryly and ups the stakes by trying to pry her foot loose while the other sneaks up. Up and up and gently pushes up against his inner leg and thigh. Her chin lowers a bit, expression coy and challenging. "Your move." she murmurs in a low voice, almost whispered.

J'kor lifts his brows at her move, shifting a bit in his chair. His move indeed. And his move is to…push back his chair and stand. He winks at her though, so he's /probably/ not bolting for the exit? No, he's not as he walks back to the bar. A murmured conversation, a nod, and J'kor returns to the table, standing beside it. With his back to the rest of the room he opens his fist to let a key dangle from its leather strap, held over a slightly crooked finger. Her move.

Kiena might have a brief flicker of concern that she pushed too far when J'kor rises but is put at ease when he winks. Now she's just curious but she'll knock back the rest of her ale while watching him move to the bar and not at all shy about a bit of leering. His back is turned, it doesn't hurt, right? Then he's returning and she looks down at those keys. For a moment she inwardly freezes. Should she? Shouldn't she? Pros and cons, rights and wrongs. It all boils down to one thing: does she want it? Yes. Yes she does. It's been some time that she's had companionship at this level and J'kor has been nothing but kind to her. No pressure, no cheesy lines or overdone attempts to "woo" her. That and he's downright good looking! Sliding off her chair, she'll snag her jacket with one hand and then slip closer to his side while deftly hooking the keys from his fingers. Though there is plenty of room for her to maneuver, she'll purposely turn and let her hips brush against his as she glances at him over her shoulder with a coy, inviting glance. "Shall we?" He'll have to guide her to which room! She's… not paying attention enough to read anything that may be on the leather strap or the key itself.

J'kor grins wide and pleased when she takes the key. Score! "Up the stairs," he murmurs, reaching out to lightly touch her side. Light and fleeting as he grabs his jacket. As she moves ahead of him, he earns a few glances from the other patrons. The older just notice and ignore, the younger grin. J'kor just smiles as he follows her up the stairs. "Second door on the right," he says quietly.

Kiena does not withdraw from his touch but the look she gives him tells that she felt it and liked it. Reservations be damned! She has needs, why not enjoy them with a willing partner? She won't pay attention to the looks or the grins, keeping her chin up as she leads J'kor (or does he lead her?) to the stairs. Up she climbs and then turns to the right, her steps gradually slowing until she stops by the correct door. The key is slipped into the lock and as she turns the knob she beckons to him and waiting for him to step closer she will gently hook her fingers into his belt and draw him inside with her as she steps through the door. Kiena won't even pause to spare a look at the room. She's concerned in closing that door, locking it again and setting the key somewhere safe. Oh, and making sure to teasingly press her body close to J'kor's while she's at it!

The room is small and cozy. A window overlooks the moonlit snow, thick glass to keep in the warmth. A small hearth gives flickering firelight across the large bed. The bathroom is down the hall - the only other piece of furniture is a small table with two chairs. Not even a dresser. Folks don't usually spend more than one night here. Or less. With the door locked and Kiena so close, J'kor chuckles, low and throaty. "Eager, are we?" he teases softly, slipping his arms around her and pulling her firmly against his body as he leans back against the door and pulls her with him, seeking her lips for a kiss. Outside and above, Giverath shifts a bit with a contented croon, glancing to the protective Ujinath to see how he's reacting - and if she needs to warn her rider.

A perfect room for the basic of needs, be it sleep or otherwise. Normally Kiena would be wary and suspicious and have investigated the room. Not now. Her mind is on J'kor and of how close he is. Oh, he thinks she's eager now? He's in for a treat then. "Very." she purrs to his teasing, grinning wryly as she leans into his arm and allows herself to be pulled against him. She'll even grind her hips, slow and firm, against him to tease in another way just as their lips connect. She groans soft and low in her throat as her hands slip around to his back and grip against his tunic and she'll gradually deepen the kiss as they move back towards the bed. Outside and on the ledge, Ujinath's watching the inn with an intent look, his body stiff save for the twitching tip of his tail. The green won't have to warn her rider though, as the blue then relaxes with a low sigh. Giverath becomes his focus then, not the inn and slowly, cautiously, he swings his head around and close to her. He'll attempt to nuzzle her first and provided she is accepting to it, he'll begin to preen along her ridges. Why should their riders have all the fun?

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