Rezso is Searched

Tannercraft Hall - Courtyard

The main courtyard of the MasterTannerHall has a thriving jostling atmosphere. Doors opening onto the central area are constantly been flung opening, issuing forth crafters of all ranks. From here you can make out the the large bronze doors that lead into the main entrance of the crafthall, as well as the covered awning to the separate dining hall and kitchen complex. All about the courtyard itself are various storerooms and other workareas not in the main run of things. To one end of the yard is a fine stable for housing runners, and this lies upwind of the prevailing Igen breezes.

Lerta emerges from the crafthall with her arm around a younger woman's shoulders, whispering in the lass' ear before they both burst into giggling laughter. Louder, Lerta says, "Thanks again for your help. I'll make sure that journeyman knows who did the fine work." She pats the lass on the back and sends her on her way, turning toward the pale green dragon who is lurking in the courtyard. The cold winter breeze stirs her hair and the rider sighs. "I can't wait to get home. It's too sharding cold up here."

Another door bangs open, what seems like another innocent pair of voices entering the space that is the courtyard. "Ey, ey, that weren't too bad, now," comes the gravely voice of a curly-headed lad and his friend, with the broad shoulders, claps him strikingly on the shoulder with a hearty laugh. "Yea, that's nothing new. Make sure you're spreading the truth when you're gossiping with the hens." To which the first boy feigns pain in his chest, stopping with a sudden, "ouch, yea." Rezso aims a kick as his friend's shin before waving him off, his own long strides bringing him into the heart of the yard. Everything's as he likes it - many voices, a hodgepodge of people, and oh, a green dragon.. what? His blue eyes light up as he comes to a shuffling stop. "I'll be," he utters under his breath, looking around for the other half of the beast.

Lerta begins crossing the busy courtyard toward her lifemate, who brings her head out from hiding under her wing to croon to Lerta. "I know Adanaith, we'll be going shortly. We just have to wait for them to bring out the crate and then we can take it home," the young rider says as she comes abreast of her dragon, resting a hand tenderly upon the dragon's nose. "Besides, it's much colder *between*, so soak up the sun while you can." Then Lerta is looking around the courtyard, her impatience clear on her face and in her movements. "Now where is that crate? They should be headed out here by now."

There. Rezso spots her, there. "Shells," he mumbles with a quickly-growing grin that threatens to crack his face in half. He starts shouldering his way towards the pair, garnering funny looks for himself. "What a rude boy!" "Hey, ain't that Rezzie?" "Watch where yer goin', boy!" All of which are ignored - selective hearing as they call it - in favor of focusing on the green dragon and her rider. "Hey! Hello there!" he shouts when he just a half a dragon's length away, waving his hands wildly. When he does stop, just a few feet from Lerta, he's out of breath but smiling, holding out a hand. "Name's Rez, Rezso, but it's easier if you call me Rez. Can't help but notice.. yea.. looked out of place here. Where you from? Sorry, we don't.. just don't see many dragonriders out in these parts."

Lerta starts at the shouting, turning from her glaring at the doors to look around wildly until her eyes fall on Rezso-of-the-waving-hands. Surprise replaces the frustration at the apprentice's behavior. "Ah, hello," she replies slowly, blinking at him for several long moments. "I'm from Tel-" she stops herself, blushing. "Sorry, I'm from Xanadu. Lerta, and this is Adanaith. I'm surprised you don't see many riders. This is a major crafthall - I would think the other Weyrs would have riders in and out to pick up shipments of leatherwork instead of waiting for delivery," she responds, taking a step back to be closer to her dragon. "Did you need something, apprentice?" she asks, stroking Adanaith's jaw soothingly, though which of the pair is being soothed is anyone's guess.

Unabashed, undeterred, Rezso sets his stance and settles his callused hands on his waistband. "Xanadu is a nice place. Last time I was there, there was a bad brawl in the bar. Almost got the Weyrwoman's head bashed in. Not a nice night - mostly crafters too." He frowns, spacing out, before he snaps to and literally snaps his fingers as he gives Lerta an apologetic grin. "Occasionally, but I don't usually get to see them. They got us apprentices in all them lessons all the time. Inside ain't like outside, I'm afraid. And you can't see anything through the walls, though I've sure enough tried too many times to count on hands." He rolls his fingers, rocking back on his heels. "No. Just wanted to say.. hi.. hey. Sorry. Still surprised whenever I see dragons. From around Lemos's way, way back in the forests, and really there ain't any dragonriders out there." Add another, goofy-giddy grin is supplied as he eyes Lerta's pale green.

Lerta nods slowly as she listens to Rezso's rather erratic train of speech, backing away another step and bumping into Adanaith in the process. The green whuffles her rider reassuringly, then stretches her nose out to give the apprentice the same treatment. That large, awkward head looms closer to the apprentice, the nose pausing inches from his face as the green peers at him. She gives a single hard snort, blowing air right into Rezso's face, before she pulls back and nudges her rider forward. Lerta makes a pained sound, glaring at her dragon. "You have to be kidding me. Him?" she exclaims, scowling from dragon to apprentice.

"Oy, oy, hey," Rezso acts all criminal-caught-on-camera, putting his arms up with palms out and his legs spread. He doesn't know what to do; he's never been this close to a dragon. Especially one that seems so keen on him. "Uh, hey, to you too." Looking from Adanaith to Lerta, he swallows hard. "Him, what? Does she want to take me for a ride or something? Please say that. Please, please, please." Really, Rez? Yeah, he went there. But he's steadily staring the green in the face, even if his little heart /is/ racing a mile a minute.

Adanaith gives her rider a quelling look, which elicits a snort from Lerta. "Alright, you are supposed to know best, so I'll take your word for it." Shaking her head, the rider turns her gaze to Rezso. A long-suffering sigh is expelled, and Lerta says, "Yes and no. Adanaith would like you to come with us to Xanadu Weyr, Tannercraft apprentice Rezso. She asks that you come with us and remain at Xanadu as a candidate for the clutches on our sands. Adanaith thinks you have what it takes to be a rider." The unspoken here is that Lerta is less sure of the energetic apprentice. "What do you say, Rezso? Would you like to Stand at Xanadu Weyr?"

"Erm." The tanner seems unsure, confused, as he looks between the two still. "I.." Rezso's brow knits as he tries focusing on the dragon in front of him. "..guess, if she thinks I'm fit, then who'm I to argue?" And he wouldn't argue with something that big (compared to himself) anyhow. "Can't think of anything I'd rather do," he says, trying to sound enthusiastic for the green; really, he's happy, but he's also nervous, all of which displays quite prominently across his tanned face. "Xanadu, it is."

Lerta nods firmly as Rezso agrees to stand, giving him a warm, if thin, smile. "Good. Then I recommend you go tell whomever you report to that I need to have a word with them. I have to let someone know where you're going, after all." As she pauses, the doors to the hall she exited earlier swing back open, and a pair of burly journeymen exit, carrying a large crate between them. "Oh, perfect timing. I'll get this crate arranged while you gather your belongings, alright?" Without waiting for a response from the newly-Searched apprentice, Lerta moves toward the journeymen to start giving them directions on how to attach the crate to Adanaith's harness. The green whuffles gently in Rezso's direction, trying to be reassuring.

We had to stop there, but the deed is done! Welcome to Xanadu Weyr, Rezso!

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