Sipping Soon to Be Freedom

Wandering Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered, in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company. Behind it are drinks for those not inclined toward ale, as well as a door leading to the small kitchen where snacks are made and a back room that probably holds yet more ale.

There are plenty of milestones when you're a new dragonrider. There's the time that your lifemate throws up for the first time, the time that you learn how to shovel fumets, the time when you finally don't have to do that anymore, and then the more exciting milestones like flight and hunting and then… then there's between. Though the fire of firestone month proved the very real dangers present throughout weyrlinghood, there's something a little special about those first handful of times that a weyrling tests their visual by going somewhere. That milestone has been passed in recent days and they're all still alive!! How thrilling! There's another milestone coming, imminently, and that is the end of all the camping along the forest's edge and the move into weyrs of their very own. That deserves a drink. Or three. For F'yr, it's just one. A small one. But then, F'yr hasn't drank any alcohol whatsoever in over a turn (unless one counts that one rule-breaking moment after the Haunted House, but no one needs to go there right now). F'yr has also procured for his fellow weyrlings a variety of drinks and brought them to the table that's been claimed by a large portion of Ilyscaeth's offspring's lifemates. "Cheers," F'yr offers as he resettles and lifts his glass. His smile is less subdued than it's been in the past six months, even less than it's been in the past three or four weeks. This is a night to live in the moment and here he is, doing that.

So many milestones, indeed and likely a few more to follow! Not that Ru'ien is putting much thought into the future (as he's ought to do), beyond the day's accomplishments. They're all here and not dead and there are drinks — what more could he ask for? Grinning crookedly and a touch smug, he's taken residence in one of the empty seats; comfortably slouched and all the image of relaxed. It hardly changes, save for him reaching for his share of the drinks brought oh-so helpfully by F'yr. Poison of choice selected, the glass is similarly tipped in a toast. "Cheers! Here's to the next big step!"

V'ro is here to look at butts and get wasted, and he's all out of butts to look at when F'yr comes back with drinks. He reaches for one of them and lifts it up, "Sweet Faranth, I can finally jerk it without even worrying about any of you bastards catching me soon. Cheers to that." Did he start drinking before this? Who knows! But he seems to be in awfully good spirits.

Not thinking about the future is one of Rhodelia's favorite things to do! She's actually had to say that outloud more than a few times in the past couple months given her lifemate's love of listing favorite things! Like most of her fellow weyrlings, it's been a long while since Rhody's stepped foot in the Wherry, but as soon as she does, she takes a big ol' sniff of that familiar air. Mmmmmm… possibly mysteriously always slightly sticky floor and the even more always present smell of beer. She's grabbed a beer of her own and was about to lift it to cheers, but stops to snort out some liquid from her nose at V'ro's addition. "Not set for a life of exhibitionism, then?"

Say one thing about weyrlinghood, it has not been boring. They've slept near each other for at least a turn, longer if you count the months spent in the candidate barracks. Evi arrives a moment after the drinks are placed on the table, having changed from her riding pants to a straight white skirt with bright purple and blue flowers embroidered all over it. With a deep breath, she settles herself in a chair, straight as a board, and an overly formal in manners. A fruity drink is procured, and she raises it up, "Yes, cheers. No more outdoors." Holding up the glass with a twitch of a smile. Turning to Ru'ien, F'yr, she asks, "Do you guys have designs yet? Color schemes? Have you chosen your curtains? Your bed linens? Any of that?" V'ro's comment gets a blush, and she says, "We are all thankful for that; one day, it'll be a distant memory. I'll have to remind myself it ever happened at all." Rhodelia's comment gets a second blush, head now ducked in towards her chest and eyes averted. Not that it's ever been hard to make Evi blush.

Did someone say something about surviving this week in order to get a weyr? F'yr may not because he chokes on his drink at V'ro's words. He manages, only just, not to spray the sip on anyone when he does that; Rhody has herself covered. And yet, that choking cough turns in to helpless laughter, eyes crinkling up when the laughter reaches them. He tips his glass in cheers to that, and tries again. "I think we'd all know it by now if any of us were particularly given to displays. You know, dragons not included." Since plenty of them probably wouldn't give a wherry fart if they had similarly horny inclinations - with the evidence of flights to point to. His brows lift a little at the question from Evi, glancing over to his frequent partner in crime first, and then on to Rhody and V'ro before coming back to Neifeth's rider, squinting a little. "Are… we supposed to?" Did studious F'yr miss a memo? The horror.

"Nope!" Ru'ien's answer is half scoffed over the rim of his glass to Evi's many questions on textiles and color schemes. His grin becomes more of a mischievous smirk, as though he's got a little secret brewing, though his elaboration is delayed by a belated response of snickering directed to V'ro and Rhodelia. "What she said!" he quips, with a quirk of a brow and shameless look towards said young man. Should he be nursing that drink? Nah. "Not that I'd complain." That grin returns, on the cusp of F'yr's laughter but he'll similarly peer at everyone else once it's evident he was sought for for an answer. "Uh, well… no? I figured we're just gonna do the 'to each their own'. I'm the freak who actually doesn't mind the camping so — I'm gonna build from ground up, I think. Perks of Craft and, y'know, connections…" A pause, as his expression morphs to something a little more fox-like. "And favors." Favors.

"Not for free," is V'ro's answer to Rhodelia's comment, like it goes without saying, but he's saying it anyway. He doesn't even apologize for beer coming out of her nose, or F'yr choking on his drink. He does smile, though, to hear the bronzerider laugh. "Too right. I'm a little disappointed in some of you, honestly," is added with a quick glance and a quirked grin Ru'ien-wards. As for weyr stuff, "I'll just be happy to have the space to call my own. At least until I can save up for an amazing bed." Sleep is very important, after all. Or something.

Rhodelia is too busy scrambling for a napkin to resolve the whole beer-snorting situation to think up a witty retort for V'ro, but napkin is acquired and business is done in time for her to raise an eyebrow at Evi's list of questions before just giving a shrug of her shoulders. "I figured we'd just take a pick from whatever's in the stores? Actually buying things would cost marks…" And if there was a stipend for weyrlings, she's been missing that memo. The idea of an amazing bed get a wistful sigh as she sips her beer. "Mmmmm… a bed. An actual bed. Where you can streeeeeetch out!" She might be shorter than any of the guys present, but the rather cramped camping accommodations can make anybody dream for a mattress.

As beer comes out of F'yrs nose Evi giggles, emitting a tiny unladylike squeak and covering her mouth in apology. "My family is going to give me a couch, and a bed, I figure it's a longterm beautification project for Nei and I." Never ever has anyone been this excited about interior decorating. The word favors catches Evi's increasingly reddening ears, head twerking to the side a Ru'ien. "Nei is willing to help with your color scheme, she's pretty sure you-." Abruptly tightening her lips, catching her rude lifemates thoughts before they become her words and smiling, "We will help." Once F'yr has recovered, there's a shrug, "It's never to early to plan." Evi's industrious need to plan everything out, down to the very finest details, only appeared with Neifeth. "A bed is nice, but not having to hear or smell other people at night will be bliss." Ah yes, the sweaty smell of people with different bathing habits than her was a frequent Neifeth complaint. Daily really.

Did F'yr know about Ru's plans for a ground-up build? Maybe, but here's the window to ask more questions, like, "Are you going to use any of your craft connections and good will for the rest of us, Ru'ien?" Look at that sweet puppy face blinking the big bronzerider throws in in case a little convincing is necessary. "Is Koth excited about getting a space of her own?" She, presumably, does not especially care about V'ro's plans for an amazing bed, and the same question might be offered around. Since the Weyr isn't led by BARBARIANS (IS IT?), F'yr small stipend has probably been saved, and yet, he seems quite in line with Rhodelia's ideas. "Do we have a means of resolving disagreements or is it just going to be whoever beats whoever to the punch? In which case, I might need some allies." This might be a joke as his blue eyes sweep the faces of the class he's spent so much time with. It isn't a joke when he flashes Evi a small smile and acknowledges, "Kind of your family to help," though that leaves him looking briefly… well, something less than totally in the moment. The drink is, perhaps understandably, longer this time.

Ru'ien merely shrugs helplessly at V'ro's glance. "What was I supposed to do? Break the rules?" he teases, with a smirk that is anything but apologetic in nature. "Do what Rhody mentioned and scour whatever they've got in storage. Won't be fancy but it'll be yours and comfortable until you can splurge a little…" He wiggles his one hand from side to side, as though that may be negotiable. Drawing another shallow sip from his drink, he'll side-eye Evi with a look, bemused, as he knows damn well that it was censored. "Appreciate it, but I might already have help on that. Won't mind some additional suggestions though?" Because what could possibly go wrong from that? Just like how F'yr's sweet puppy face act has Ru'ien going right for the bait, wolfish grin and all. "Oh, I could, y'know… for the right favor!" He suggests, taking a page from Kihatsuth's book on treading the line between one suggestive tone and another. There's a low chuckle from him, speaking up again while F'yr takes a little longer at his drink. Coincidence? Probably not wholly. "I'd hope we're not just cut loose into some melee free-for-all! Or made to draw lots or whatever. Xanadu's got land, we should be fine!"

"She says she's always made her own space," V'ro shares for his lifemate's benefit, and it certainly does sound like something the green would say. "She is looking forward to it, though." He takes another drink, bright green eyes focused on his fellow curly-haired greenrider. "Just one favor? Don't be shy, man. Take him for all he's worth." Look, it's basically a compliment. F'yr is worth a lot in V'ro's world. "You don't make bed frames, Ru'ien, do you? Big? Sturdy?" No reason.

"Just don't have disagreements," Rhodelia's going to offer that as official policy. Just don't have problems, guys. It'll make her future life a lot easier (even if we all know that will NEVER happen). The corners of her mouth curl up in a grin before she continues. "Or else, hope all those compliments and cookies you gave the headwoman during candidacy are remembered." FAVORS, GUYS. REMEMBER ALL THE FAVORS. The grin fades a little bit at the reminder of dragons also getting their own space. "I think Ina is going to be heartbroken for a while. She was so upset the other night when she couldn't find anybody to cuddle." Upset enough to almost declare they would be sleeping in the meadow cause who needs a stinking wallow without cuddles?

Evi has never seemed to care that she's censoring Nei's thoughts because the censoring is for everyone else's benefit, not hers. "We have lots of ideas and would love to help you." Love seems a big word, the pair often speaking in 'we' as if they are one entity and not separate. "I wouldn't dare try and build my own weyr." A gasp of recognition as she catches Ru's plan. "No, plenty of people who can be," uh hmm, throat clearing daintily. Too sweet, too proper, trouble. "COnvinced. I've already picked a weyr, I had WeyrWoman Risali giving me transfer lists since we started flying." All the night time discussions, drawing, and overall plotting between the little weaver and her dragon makes sense. F'yr gets confused twerk of the greenrider's head before V'ro has all of her attention. "Sturdy is good, then you can jump on the bed." One day they'll all miss how naive she is, sweet and innocent still. "You need pillows, you could have pillow fights." Rhodelia's suggestion not to fight gets a full out, LOUD laugh. "Poor ina, Nei would give anything to never cuddle anyone again. AT least, today. It seems like that's gotten worse." A bulge of her eyes, both eyebrows going up to push the point.

"Well, you see these?" Oh yes, F'yr will flex his impressive arms, his shoulders, all visible in the light grey shirt suited to Xanadoan summer after he's set his glass on the table. "For the right favor, the labor of these," another flex, "can be yours." The way that his brightening again blue eyes sweep the group does imply that F'yr is willing to use his hard-earned physique in service to all the weyrlings about to be in need of help moving large and awkwardly shaped furniture into their new domiciles. Unlike everyone else, though, the big blonde keeps his tone salesman and not purveyor of flesh. Maybe certain greenriders just haven't rubbed off on him enough to put his mind squarely in the gutters, or maybe he's just trying to keep it classy. He lifts his glass again, giving Rhodelia a look of apology over it, "Sorry. Glori… they never would have actually gotten to sleep." He was in a violent mood (BUT, LIKE, WHEN IS HE NOT? EVER??? Okay, almost ever), and Inasyth is always one of his favorite tussling partners. The bronzerider listens to Evi as he sips, though he seems little to add on the fronts she offers, averting his eyes to the tabletop briefly before they come up to find V'ro, lips pressed together in a semi-contained smile.

Hold on, V'ro. Ru'ien will get right back to you, after he's done just shamelessly "observing" F'yr's display of flexing muscle. With his drink safely on the table, his hand is free to tap-tap a few fingers (not-so) idly against his lower lip. Wait… what're they talking about again? Laughing low, he'll bring himself back into the fray of things. "… how could I say no to that?" Snickering almost under control, he'll tip a wink before sobering (somewhat). "Seriously though, I just might." Take him up on it! Who else needs muscle? Ru'ien's got nothing on F'yr but he's TALL! "Mhm, I don't make bed frames unless you're meaning the bits 'n bobs for some." What? He flicks a look to V'ro, as though he should get it when really it's probably nothing. "But…" Sly smirk. "I do know a woodcrafter?" A brow quirks, in a silent 'so what you say/' manner that is ruined in the next breath as he laughs for Evi's remarks; he even tips his almost empty glass in toast to that. "You're not wrong!" Oh sweet naive child! Blinking, he'll lean ever-more into his seat, while glancing to Rhody. "I'd say that Inasyth could get Kihatsuth to cuddle. All she has to do is convince her it'll give her some form of power…" Okay, not so easy but HE TRIED!

No doubt V'ro is enjoying F'yr's little show right along with Ru'ien, but the other greenrider's answer makes him bite his lower lip and wiggle his brows between him and F'yr. "Suppose wood would be easier to manage. More sturdy for less coin. I do plan on jumping a lot on the bed." Just in case anyone was curious. V'ro finishes off his drink, and starts to rise. "Anyone want anything?" He'll take suggestions before he goes to fetch more, but there's a decent chance he's going to get distracted by that cute harper when he actually gets to the bar, so who knows if the greenrider will be back!

Guys, not fair. Rhodelia's eyes are bulged as she valiantly attempts to not snort up her beer again, glancing between all her fellow clutchmates. Only salvation is actually gulping down the beer. "I'll take one of the pink drinks! They'll know the one!" She sure hopes they know the one. She actually wrote that recipe down after one night of INSPIRATION and rum. It's mostly rum. As for F'yr's suggestion about favors, she waggles her eyebrows or tries to. "Never-ending friendship counts as a favor, right?" Or a curse, depending. For Ru, she's got a grin. "Maybe she can convince Kihatsuth that she'll get power through osmosis…" Napping on a gold would be a small price to pay for power, right?

The show of muscle receives a minor eye roll, her WHATEVER facial expression in full display before she packs it away and straightens her lips doing her best not smile and look stern, she's not mastered this look yet. The half-smile half-scowl doesn't work out. When Ru'ien seems to get her drift about the bed, she bounces and holds up her half-full drink, "Yay, to pillow fights, and bed jumping and silence. Faranath, think of all the silence." As V'ro goes for more drinks, she babbles, "Get me whatever um, Rhodelia is having. Yes." Settling back, she sips at her drink, unaware of her own naivety. "Z'tan got me a bedframe, I'm not sure how we will get it into the weyr. Um, if I helped you with cleaning, or decorating, maybe you could help move it in?" Looking from F'yr to Ru'ien, she's young and sweet, she's gotta use it while she has it. "I bet i could get some of my stronger relatives to help you too, I have relatives everywhere, and they're usually very nice." You see, she might not help you, but she knows a guy you see.

If anyone needed the proof that F'yr is no longer the innocent from the farm that he once was, here it is: he's already starting to lose it with Ru'ien's words to V'ro, but when V'ro makes that face and doesn't miss a beat understanding the metal frame intended for V'ro's sturdy bed, he is losing his shit. Laughter shakes the big man's shoulders, and it's to Rhodelia's handy shoulder that he turns to put his head as he laughs and laughs. BYE, Y'ALL, SEE YOU WHENEVER F'YR PULLS HIMSELF TOGETHER ENOUGH TO STOP LAUGHING SO HARD HE HAS TO WRAP AN ARM ACROSS HIS GUTS BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE IT HURTS. Maybe he just hasn't laughed this hard in much too long and his abs are out of practice? At least for this particular motion, that might be true. Maybe F'yr wanted a drink when V'ro offered, or answer Evi's offer of exchanged favors, BUT THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW because y'all broke him, in one of the very best, most needed ways.

"Set me up with one of those drinks the ladies are having! I'm curious…" Ru'ien COULD be telling the truth on that, as he pitches in his request to V'ro! Why would he lie? There's a grin and a finger-point to Rhody, which suggests that he LIKES that idea and may implement it. Two avians, one stone! Happy gold, happy green and some peace for their riders, perhaps? "Maaaybe…" he drawls to Evi, but is distracted by F'yr's outburst. Which soon proves contagious, though lesser, as Ru'ien begins to laugh too behind that knowing smirk of his.

Even if V'ro doesn't come back with the drinks, the drinks do come. Pink drinks for everyone, even F'yr! V'ro walks out the front with that harper, though, and maybe he'll be back or maybe he won't. Maybe the harper knows a woodworker, too.

The sudden arrival of a F'yr on her shoulder causes Rhodelia to let out a whuff as she sets what's left of her beer (a very little) on the table and the other hand… it doesn't do anything comforting like patting him on the back. Nope, while F'yr's at his weakest and most defenseless laughing, Rhody is going to help by sticking her pointy finger at his side. And another poke and another. Side poking is clearly a case of self-defense. She's distracted from her fight to snicker at Evi. "None of those activities are quiet. Oooooh…. that's the drink!" She brightens up as a server arrives with a whole platter of the pink drinks. They're the right color at least. And even some festive fruit wedges added to the side.

As F'yr begins to laugh, Evi's eyes grow, furbeast in a head lamp as he continues to laugh and she turns stunned from person to person… "Was it that funny? Nei? " The entirety of one drink is swallowed down, and with the sudden onset of alcohol, there's a nervous snicker. Rhodelia gets the brightest, most confused smile ever; people are happy, so she's happy and also tipsy. "The jumping? NO! That's why you do them in your weyr." Only when V'ro is spotted leaving with the harper does it dawn on her, and a hand goes out to gently flap at F'yr, and then Ru'ien "All of you are horrible really? Really?" As he slips out the door she calls out, "Don't you dare take her to the tent, we have to sleep there." The bright crimson color on her cheeks is not all alcohol as she drinks faster, on her way to getting drunk, but she does giggle a bit. "Dirty." PSH. Scorn, but giggly scorn.

"AHAHAHAHAHhahahha, ow!" F'yr's laughter which really doesn't quite echo Glorioth's, but could bear some resmblance at this point through repeated exposure goes on, but he twists away from Rhodelia's pointy finger and that poking does seem to get him to quiet down at least. He grins widely at Ru'ien and then around at the others. His eyes are only drawn to where V'ro is exiting because of Evi's words, but then he's looking back to the youngest greenrider with a sympathetically wrinkled brow. "Evi, I don't think you have to worry about that with V'ro." Not with the harper being a she and one with distinguished red-hair, in fact. If V'ro were leaving with any other harper than Tejra, it would be a man. He glances briefly at Ru'ien to share his amusement before he looks at the pink drink and reaches slowly, like it might bite. "I probably shouldn't have this," he muses, and yet, there he goes, sipping at it cautiously.

"Does it have a name, Rhody?" Ru'ien's definitely curious now, though less hesitant on sampling the pink concoction brought to their table! He must be a fan of it, as he doesn't seem inclined to nurse this drink, either. He scoffs more laughter when F'yr reassures Evi on her concerns, flashing a look at the bronzerider before grinning broadly himself. "Not that I'd mind a Harper back at the camp, who was musically inclined." Ooh, was that a jab? Tejra can't here him, so~ (kidding, tho) As for being called horrible and dirty, he just beams at Evi. "Can't help it! It's just who I am," he states in faux-cheerfulness. On the cusp of that, he'll flick his fingers at F'yr. "Nah, you should have it! We're celebrating! And if someone's gotta be your crutch getting back to the camp…" He points at himself, with the obvious smirk of an unspoken 'it'll be me' air. That's IF Ru'ien doesn't end up more tipsy than the bronzerider because otherwise, well… use your imaginations! "Any of you guys getting hungry? I'm thinking of ordering some snacks…" Now it's his turn to get to his feet, plucking some of that fruit as a to-go nibble for his troubles. As the second of the greenriders of the group to go, will he return!? Oh, you bet he will! He'll continue being his usual self, though luckily not living up to his honorific's play on words. Not this time, anyhow!

Rhodelia has no remorse, only a smug grin to F'yr as it seems Operation Side-Poke was a success. There's a snort for Evi's concern about the fleeing greenrider, although she leaves F'yr to fill in the blanks. Rhody's got some booze fruit to nibble on. "I don't think I ever got to giving it a name…." Mostly because it packs a punch and after two or three well… names become less important. Even knowing that, she'll bat at F'yr's glass, encouraging. "You should have it. Ina says. Cause I won't let her drink one." Really, can you imagine a DRUNK Inasyth (not that one tiny human sized glass would make a dent)? "But only one."

All of the drinking seems to be settling into Evi, Rhodelia's warning is too slow, and she swallows all of the pink drink in less than a few minutes. That's when her boots on the floor make tiny happy taps, wiggling around in her seat and laughing a bit even when nothing is funny, every few moments she lets out a stream of throaty, girlish noises. "Food, yes." F'yr's comment gets a smile. The greenrider will get oddly quiet, giggling but not commenting. After her next drink, she'll surely be cut off, and Neifeth already has one of her many cousins coming to pick her up. "I think Ina should get one." This playful side of Evi is one F'yr has seen before, all side wiggles and loud laughter. At least they're fully clothed, and snacks are coming to sober her up. "Wish I had a bed to jump on tonight." The whistful sound in her voice makes it unclear if she means actual jumping or not. One may never know.

F'yr won't actually finish his drink, not quite, although he does drink more of it than just a few sips. It's enough to have him grinning without reservation, laughing when there's cause to laugh and sharing in these good moments with those from his class who are celebrating, commiserating and otherwise continuing to bond (with booze!). RIP Communal living - only some weyrlings will miss you.

Rhodelia won't judge all those lightweights who just can't GET ON HER LEVEL, just yet. She's got turns of experience in this very bar after all! Those turns mean she very well knows her own limits to and so that first pink drink is also her last pink drink, although she'll nab one of those uneaten fruit wedges from someone else's drink. And when it's time for everybody to wander back to their beds? At least she'll make sure nobody stumbles completely off the path although a little weaving is only to be expected.

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