Talk Between two Blueriders

Fort Weyr - Entrance Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr dominate your view amongst the small cotholds that dot the landscape. The path is well-worn and well tended, bushes and tall pine trees running right up against the road, keeping it well shaded in summer, and protected in winter.
Next to the tunnel entrance is a small Tavern, sounds of merriment facilitated by alcohol pouring out the doorway each time some one opens it.

Kimmila might not be able to go between to places, but that only means she gets to rediscover her beloved Fort. Moving through the path from the forest and back into the entrance square, Kimmila stomps her boots and shivers, shaking snow from her coat and pushing her hood back. Empty quiver on her back, her gloved hand holds her bow as she stops to rest, eying the entrance to the tavern thoughtfully.

The tavern is on more minds that just Kimmila's this wintry night and Kiena comes walking out from the tunnel with her eyes fixed on the familiar location. Probably one of the few known locations to the bluerider! Ujinath has settled himself on a ledge within the Weyr and Kiena had gone off to see if she could speak with her brother, only to discover that he was, at the moment, occupied with Weyrleader business. So that leaves her one of two options: turn back home or linger for a bit and perhaps warm up with some food and drink. She opts for the second choice and spotting movement towards the forest paths, Kiena pauses. Interest perks up at the sight of a bow and then doubly so when recognition hits. "Kimmila?" she calls, sounding pleased but surprised to find her out here. "What're you up to out here at this hour? Hunting?"

Kimmila startles a bit at the call, taking a moment to place the voice before she smiles, though still retains that surprised look. "Kiena? Shards. What are /you/ doing here? I was just getting out for a bit, stretching my legs." Her head tips to the tavern door as she pushes hair away from her cheek where it's decided to stick. "Like to go inside?"

Kiena just smirks and points to her shoulder where her Weyrsecond knot is pinned. "Not really duty related but somewhat? Figured I'd come to see Th'ero… on a whim. And I expected to find you with him." she admits. Surprise, surprise? There's a low chuckle. "Stretching your legs, huh? Can understand that. Though what's with the bow?" she murmurs and glances back towards the tavern. "Why not? Drinks can be on me." Grinning crookedly, Kiena begins to walk slowly towards the Gemstone Tavern.

Kimmila chuckles, her smile crooked. "We're not /always/ together." But from her teasing tone…she recognizes just how often they /are/ together and doesn't mind that assumption. It's a correct one. "Felt like practicing, and you never know when you'll use it. Didn't use it on anything but branches and random targets." As for drinks on her, Kimmila smiles and follows Kiena in. "Just some hot cider would be great. No alcohol."

Kiena just makes a sound of agreement that is as equally teasing as Kimmila's tone in regard to the Fortian bluerider always being with Th'ero. "Got a good point there. Probably good you didn't have to use it on anything BUT branches and whatnot." she murmurs again with another one of her smirks. As the wind picks up, she grimaces and shivers. "Shards, I forgot how cold your weather here is. Xanadu gets snow 'n all but it's warmer still than this!" Mutter. Grumble. "No alcohol? Night shift?" Kiena asks as they step inside the tavern and she peers curiously at her while unfastening her riding jacket. "Or have you sworn off alcohol for whatever reason?" Glancing about the room and noting it's packed state, her mouth draws into a thin line. Ugh. Wonderful! "Where's a good seat in this place?"

Kimmila looks around as she enters, pushing back the hood of her coat. Eyes glance their way, and though they're neutral and curious about Kiena, Kimmila at least has a few men in the back motioning to her as they get to their feet. "Here, Kimmila," one of them calls, "we were just leaving." The bluerider grins. "Thanks, Jackson, appreciate it." She winks at Kiena and tips her head. There's their spot! As for alcohol…"Don't feel like any booze right now. Just something warm."

Kiena is glad that most of the looks sent their way or directly to her are neutral and curious. She's not in the mood to be ogled and likewise is not interested in scoping out the local male (or female) populace. There is a curious look cast between Kimmila and this 'Jackson' fellow, but the Xanadian Weyrsecond looks grateful all the same and promptly heads over to the now vacated seat. Sweet! There is a bit of reluctant admiration for the way Kimmila handled that so neatly! "Where do you know him?" she asks in a low voice as she slips her jacket over the back of her chair and then flops down with the least amount of lady-like grace. There's another long look to Kimmila, suspicious but she won't push. "Alright. Fair enough." And she promptly flags the nearest server and puts in the order for their drinks and for some 'light snacks'. Whatever those may be!

"He's a Woodcrafter in the weyr," Kimmila answers with a shrug, as if she's BFFs with all the weyr's crafters. No big deal, right? She sits down with a touch more grace (but just a touch) and sets her bow and quiver aside, shrugs out of her jacket, and slouches with a stifled yawn. "Didn't realize how tired I was," she admits, shaking her head a bit. "Thanks for the drinks," she adds. "So…just decided to come visit?" Or is something wrong?

No big deal, but once Kiena's curiosity is aroused it's hard for her to leave it be. Unlike Th'ero, she doesn't have the same filter when in a "relaxed" state and so she just fixes Kimmila with an expectant look. And? When nothing more comes, she purses her lips a bit. "Alright, so he's a Woodcrafter?" Annnd? Why does she consort with Woodcrafters? Tilting her head, she smirks. "Long day? Maybe you need klah, rather than some cider. Want me to flag the girl servin' us?" she drawls, only to slouch a little deeper into her chair with a yawn and stretch of her own. Hey, she's not on "duty" right now, right? She doesn't have to be a proper Weyrsecond! "No problem. My treat!" For once. Kiena's come a long way since the first few times she and Kimmila crossed paths. "Mhm. Suppose you could say that. Duty had me come north but I came here on a whim. Th'ero's busy, but figured I'd not waste the trip and came out here for food 'n drink. Found you instead." Pause and then she looks a touch sheepish. "Which is great! Company is good." Which is BIG, coming from her! "How've you been? Didn't see either of you after the Gather in Xanadu …"

And…what? Kimmila just nods. "Yeah, a woodcrafter." Annnnnd, what? "Yeah, long day. And no, I need to relax. The cider is fine, thank you." There's a faint smile for that. "So Weyrsecond huh? How's that going? Like it?" There's a nod, and a returned smile. "Company /is/ good," she agrees. "Oh, we didn't stay long after the explosions. What happened, anyway?"

Kiena snorts and has to keep from rolling her eyes a bit. "Why'd you know a Woodcrafter on such terms?" she finally asks, her tone teasing and not with any suspicion or sarcastic edge. There's a smirk. "Glad I can help with the relaxin' bit. At least for a bit of chatter anyways. Anything else, well… that's Th'ero's territory, hmm?" Laughing briskly, it's clear she's in a "mood" this night but a good one. For now. Shrugging her shoulders, she leans casually against the side of her chair and flips a hand in a slightly dismissive manner. "Eh, it is what it is? Not glorious but not downright awful, neither. I'm learning but there are some days where I just… have to walk out of that office and away 'fore I DO go mad." And she gives Kimmila a look then. She understands, doesn't she? There is a moment of silence and Kiena's mood sobers a tad but she can only shake her head. "Can't say. Sorry. Has nothing to do with you but… just…" Details. They're sticky? Or unknown still even to her and Kiena is trying to save face. "No one was injured though and damages are only to that one area."

Kimmila shrugs, grinning crookedly at Kiena. "Why wouldn't I know the weyr's woodcrafters?" Is she just as cryptic as Th'ero now? She nods, giving the bluerider an understanding smile. "There's a reason I don't really hold rank," she says quietly. "I'd spend far more time out of my office than in it. Wouldn't be very effective." And she knows that. Thus, she avoids such positions. "Ah. Huh. Well, I'm glad no one was hurt…"

Kiena shrugs her shoulders in return to Kimmila's cryptic reply. "Just doesn't seem like you would know Woodcrafters." she states honestly and then sobers again. Her expression grows a touch distant and thoughtful and she snorts, "There are times I wonder why I did it. Shells, I often wonder if I wasn't entirely mad, letting Ka'el convince me. So you get it then? The whole… needin' to escape for a bit? And, well — you find a balance. Kind of." There's a pause and Kiena tilts her head. "Have you ever thought of tryin' it at least?" As though it's just so simple to take rank and give it back! It's not like trying on a dress or anything. "Mhm. We were lucky in that respect." Glancing up as their server returns, Kiena pays her after they've received their drinks and a small dish of assorted sliced fruits, cheeses and bread. Light snacks! Which the Xanadian Weyrsecond helps herself to almost immediately.

Kimmila looks a bit surprised, her brows lifting. "Why not? I spend enough time in the woods, hiking and hunting and riding…" Then she's quiet and she listens, before nodding firmly. "Of course I understand it. I ran away for /turns/. I get it." She really does. "Trying? Nah. I mean, not beyond what I do now, which is run my little cothold wing. That's enough, I think. Plenty. And it's useful. No stupid paperwork." Only /functional/ paperwork. There's a difference.

Kiena nibbles on a piece of sliced red fruit and then brandishes it in the air as she gestures vaguely with a hand while trying to think of a reply to Kimmila's 'why not' prompt. Because it's a very good point. Why not? "Dunno. Figured you'd be more… to the huntin' types or whatnot. Given what you just said." About being in the woods! There's a frown that follows. For Turns? Kiena has never ran off for long, even with all her talk of escape. She grimaces, "At least you didn't skip time? I'd not recommend it." she states dryly and grimly. "How's the cider?" Lighter topics! Gesturing with her still half eaten slice of fruit to the mug, she'll pop the rest of her snack into her mouth and chew thoughtfully. "Cothold Wing? Ahh. Sounds… specific. And I hear ya loud and clear on the paperwork. At least we have THAT in common." That brings a chuckle from the bluerider.

Kimmila winces at that, shaking her head. "No, I've never skipped time. Intentionally or unintentionally. Cider is great, thanks. It always is out here. Get the apples flown in from Nabol." Then she nods. "Specific, functional. There's always /real/ work to be done. No useless drills." Which is what got her kicked out of Western, more or less.

Kiena's eyes take on a troubled look but it's brief in passing as she reaches for her drink and takes a sip. Fortified, her eyes clear and she's back to smirking. "Like I said, I'd not recommend it. And why Nabol? Seems an… unusual location to import from. Though I suppose you get trade from South and further, hmm?" There's another chuckle, lower and more genuinely amused. "Now THAT sounds like a perk if I ever heard one! Always something to do and different?" Sign her up! Kiena looks wistful at that thought and helps herself to some more of the food before waving her hand to indicate she can help herself too. "So is that what you've been up to of late? Seems like you and my brother have been enjoying a quiet spell…" Way to jinx it, Kiena?

Kimmila smiles. "They have the best apples." End of story. Best product! Fort wants the best. "Shards, yes. I mean, sometimes the cotholders can get a bit uppity, but really, we only work with the ones that want our help, so it's a pretty gratifying job." Very gratifying. "Us? Not much, actually. It /has/ been quiet, but we've enjoyed it, truth be told…"

Kiena laughs softly. "Is that it?" she teases Kimmila. Really, that's the end of the story? She can get the 'Fort wants the best' part, but she's wanting to know WHY Nabol is so special! "What of the one's that don't want help and need it?" she asks, quirking a brow while stacking some fruit and cheese onto some bread and managing to devour it all in just a few quick bites. Hungry bluerider is hungry? "You know what they say about it being quiet, don't you?" she murmurs and then clears her throat slightly. "Not… that I am saying anything bad will happen or that I hope it would…"

Kimmila laughs. "Yes that's it. Nabol has the best apples. Everyone knows that." Right? As for /that/ question, she shrugs. "We'll intervene if lives are in danger, but…if they're that stubborn, we'll just let them fail." Harsh, but why risk weyr resources? "What, that it's temporary? I'm sure it is. Fort is never quiet for long and we're probably overdue for something…"

Kiena smirks and shoots Kimmila a look. She didn't know that! Now she does and now… she's probably going to pay Nabol a visit and check on this 'claim'. And if it's a false one, well… the bluerider will hear of it. "That's pretty harsh. How do you keep 'em from turning on you if that comes to pass? So they don't come and storm your door claimin' you failed your duty as a Weyr?" She can understand the risk of Weyr resources, but she's curious about the other fallouts too. There's a low chuckle. "Hopefully that 'something' is no more than a few storms and the usual drama." Can they toast to that? Glancing about the tavern, Kiena exhales softly. "Any talk of festivals here for Turnover?"

Kimmila shrugs, "I sleep with the Weyrleader?" It's so calmly drawled, maybe that's truly how any of those issues might be handled. Then she shrugs. "We'd let the Harpers sort it out, most likely, if something like that ever did happen." She shrugs again. "Not sure. Maybe the last leg of the races in Keroon. How about you guys?"

Kiena was luckily not sipping on her drink when Kimmila so calmly drawls that reply but it doesn't keep her from choking and scoffing. Um, eew? That Weyrleader is her brother! "So is that how politics are solved these days? Well… damn, I'm screwed. No pun intended there, either!" Snort. "Mhm. Right. Hold-Weyr intervention issue, right?" One can't interfere with the other or so she remembers. "Wonder if they're plannin' to have the two together. Keroon, I mean and Turnover. And for Xanadu? No idea. We usually have our own festivals but… considering how the last Gather went I'm not sure how, uh… eager, some are?" Kiena shakes her head and grimaces. "Regardless, I guess you can say I'm 'shopping' about. Seeing if I can't bring my girls somewhere, just in case no festival is held or… just treat 'em to something different. They're five now, not long ago. I still owe 'em for that." Some mother she is?

Kimmila smirks, and then she laughs. "Of course not. But it certainly doesn't hurt to have someone you trust in a ranking position, now does it?" Quiet as she listens, the bluerider nods. "Well I'll send word if we're doing something. Or you can just bring them. I'm sure we can all get together and do /something/, even if it's just a party in the weyr with Kyzen. And his new kitten."

Kiena nods her head in agreement. "No, it doesn't hurt to trust those in rank. Suppose you've got a point there." She'll just bite her tongue on her opinion on Weyrleaders — or specific ones. Granted, she's on better terms with Th'ero now and hasn't yet dug herself into a hole with Ka'el. "I'd appreciate that. The girls wouldn't mind playing with Kyzen again. They were good, the trio, at Ruatha when we ah… 'borrowed' Kyzen for the day." She had help that day too, which was a blessing. Brows lift up in surprise. "A kitten? How'd that come to pass?" Kiena asks, only to sigh. "Oh shards, if I let my girls see him with a kitten, they'll probably beg me mercilessly for one too." Or maybe she'll just give them kittens for their Turnday gift. Problem solved! "Was it a gift?"

Kimmila shakes her head. "No, it wasn't a gift. Well. A gift to himself. He found it in the snow, poor thing, runt and half dead. He brought it home so…I've been taking care of it. It's actually a pretty sweet kitten, once it starts to get used to you." Is her smile /fond/?

Kiena picks up on that fondness and can't help but grin faintly. Which also means she has to tease her on it too. "Sounds like it's more your kitten than his! Eh, you've a kind heart to take it in. I don't know many who would…" Herself included? No, she's not that cruel hearted but she probably would have brought it to the Beastcrafters and left it to them to deal with. "Never really had the time for a 'pet'. Granted, I've my hands full. Maybe if life were different…" But it isn't.

Kimmila shrugs a bit, her smile almost sheepish. "I'm a bit fond of the thing," she admits. "I never had pets either, so…I kind of like having one. Other than your brother." Wink.

"And does 'that thing' have a name?" Kiena muses and plucks a few more pieces of fruit and cheese from the platter and washes it all down with half of her drink. She coughs, grinning faintly and then finishes swallowing before replying. "Have him properly tamed, do you?" she teases the bluerider, giving her a level look.

Kimmila chuckles, nodding her head. "Aye. He named her Boo, because he thought she would be big and scary when she got bigger. Like a /real/ wild feline." She rolls her eyes at the child's logic, but she is still smiling at least. "Tamed? Eh, maybe? Time will tell, but right now she seems sweet enough. She'll cuddle with us, but she's still recovering and all."

Kiena laughs as well. "Hope he won't be disappointed when the thing stays wee and tiny. 'Boo' is fitting though!" Still chuckling under her breath, she gives Kimmila another look and nods in understanding but her mouth draws up at one corner in amusement. "I wasn't speakin' of the kitten being tamed. I meant my brother." she drawls and finishes the last of her drink.

Kimmila laughs with a sudden understanding. "Oh! Him? Yeah, I've had him tamed pretty much from day one," she says, both fond and amused at the same time as she smiles. "He's alright, your brother. Didn't need much /taming/, but…proper handling is important. As it was with me, so. We were even in that respect I think. Both had our issues to bring to the table."

Kiena snickers under her breath. "Discovered pretty fast that he's all masks and bluffin', huh?" she teases gently, also fond and amused but mostly for the latter. There's a shrug of her shoulders in agreement to her brother being "alright". Alright is just about what she has settled on in her mind for now. "Makes for a strong bond, to have that understanding. Anyone who can tolerate an Irondell for so long is a pretty rare sort too…" That last being said with laugh, is meant to be more of a joke with just a hint of truth to it. "Speakin' of my brother though. What's got his hands tied today? Wonderin' if I should keep sticking around or just be on my way. Maybe stop in at the forges here and see if they've anything worth tradin' among Smiths. Turnover is soon and aside from my girls I've… other gifts to consider." And she is no where near as good as Th'ero is with this.

Kimmila chuckles, shaking her head. "Not all masks and bluffing, but…yeah. Lot of masks. Just have to know how to get past them. Or, rather," she corrects herself, "have to earn his trust so he puts them away." Then there's a smile, gently loving. "Worth it. Irondell might have been…what it was." Awful. "But it made him - and you - into the people you are today, so there is something to be said for it. Hardship breeds strong people." Or it kills them. Then she shrugs. "Meetings? I'm really not sure what he's up to today. We could head back into the weyr and see if we could find him though?" Then she grins. "Other gifts?" Wink wink nudge nudge?

Kiena's smile slowly turns into a grin and she lifts a finger up to point it at Kimmila. You got it! "That's the trick! Trust. Funny how some people are so daft and blind when it comes to that. Ah well." She's a little flustered by the blue riders comment of being stronger for her past and she waves it off as nonchalantly as she can but still takes it to heart. "Th'ero has changed a lot and I can see that now. I can see that you two are good, very good, for each other." And that she was so wrong to attack both of them, back when she first crossed paths with them again. "Eh, I vote we stay here where it's warm? If he's done with whatever it is that's so bloody important he'll hunt us down. Or hunt you down, anyways. I don't think Ujinath bespoke Velokraeth. Those two are like oil and fire, I swear…" Kiena can only lift her hands up in a helpless gesture as she shrugs. What's there to do? There's a blush and she coughs, grinning crookedly. "Not those sort've gifts. Don't… have no one like that to share 'em. Just gifts for… good friends?" Pausing, she frowns. "That's acceptable, isn't it? Or is… is it viewed as tryin' to court something more? Even if I'm the girl giving the gift?"

Kimmila nods. "Trust," she agrees with a smile. Then she glances down, clearing her throat gently with a small blush on her cheeks. "That's nice of you to say, thank you." Then she grins, nodding. "I'm sure Varmiroth will let him know where we are. Oh? They don't get along? Varmiroth likes Ujinath fine…I think they're alike in their oddness." Then she grins. "Giving gifts is never a bad thing, I say. It shows you care, in whatever level you care."

"Welcome. Thought it was a bit overdue…" Kiena drawls and then grimaces in the next instance. "I think Ujinath doesn't get Velokraeth's humour and so is defensive, which only prompts him to push all the more. As for Varmiroth, Ujinath has never had issue with him." Never since the first time they played Real, Not Real! Back to the topic of gifts, Kiena seems to relax and exhale heavily. "Oh. Good. I thought I was breakin' some taboo code or whatever. Bad enough I have to remember 'em all for politics but jays if just being social doesn't have it's pitfalls. Don't do this, don't give that. Give this if you want to mean that… Bunch of nonsense if you ask me."

Kimmila ahhs, nodding her head. "Yes, I can see how those two wouldn't mix then," she agrees. "Velokraeth…is difficult for Varmiroth to understand at times too, but he doesn't get defensive. He just gets confused." She shakes her head. "No, not at all. Gifts are gifts. If you're thinking of someone and think they'll like something, why not get it for them?"

Kiena chuckles dryly. "Well that is a comfort to know that Ujinath isn't the only one who understands Velokraeth's humour all the time…" she murmurs, leaning back in her chair as she stretches her legs out underneath the table. She considers Kimmila's words thoughtfully and then shrugs her shoulders again. "Dunno? Never… really considered gifts." Never had a reason to, is what she is getting at! "I feel like it's the greatest and the stupidest idea at the same time." Another pause and her eyes drift out over the crowds and for a moment the blue rider's gaze seems to settle on another rider. Really linger. Hey, is she craning her head a bit? Yes, she totally is, until she remembers she's with company. Ahem! Blinking, she smirks as she looks sidelong to Kimmila. "What'd you give very good, close friends as a gift?"

Kimmila is silent, watching in dry amusement as Kiena leans back to stare at someone. "Like him?" she asks, only half teasing. Half ready to call him over here and make introductions. Maybe make up some random errand they need to go on together. "Eh, depends on them and their interests? I'm…not great at gifts, really. You should ask Th'ero, he's good at them. But for me…anything that I think they'd like, or makes me think of them. Something practical usually, in line with their interests."

Kiena scoffs and looks sheepish for having being caught "browsing" some of Fortian's riders. If Kimmila calls that rider over, it'd probably not go over very well. Namely, it'd be awkward as anything. Kiena tends to look (a lot) but rarely ever goes through with seeking out company and for various reasons. "No. For all I know, he's eye candy but nothing up here." She taps her fingers to her head and smirks. "Made that mistake once already." Ouch! Was that a burn to a certain bronzerider? "Looks like we have another thing in common then!" Kiena drawls and glances about the room again. "Shard it, where's the servers?" she grumbles under her breath and then sighs. "Suppose your right. Can't be too hard to figure out what they like…" Right?

Kimmila shrugs, "Why not find out? Who was it? I can tell you if he's worth pursuing or not," the bluerider offers, ever the good hostess. Right? This is totally what a good hostess does. Then she almost chokes, a hand pressed to her lips but her eyes /dancing/ with mirth. "Oh…Faranth…" she chokes out, shaking her head. "/OUCH/. But. Damn. Good one." She lifts her mug in a silent toast. Wow. Buuuurn. "Servers?" She peers around and then waves one over. "Naw, what do they talk about all the time?"

A good hostess sets up her guests with hot one-night stands? Awesome. Kiena should have visited earlier! Maybe then she wouldn't be such a grouch all the time. "I've no idea what his name is." Kiena admits, a touch flustered and begins to fidget. Hair is tucked back behind her ears, clothes are plucked and brushed at… you name it, she probably does it. "And he was that brown haired fellow over there." she adds in a low near whisper, followed by a slight tilt of her head. "Y'see him? Leaning against the bar with two others? Has his jacket half undone?" And she's totally not looking that way either. Nope. Her grin turns wicked and wry when Kimmila almost chokes. "Thanks" And she'll lift her (empty) mug to that toast. Here's to that awesome burn! "Yeah. Servers." Her mug is jiggled a bit. She's thirsty! "What do… they talk about?" Oh crud. "Uh. Well. One is a transport rider or was… IS going to be again… He helps me a lot with the girls. I've already given him a knife, so that's out. Dunno what else to give to a guy who already seems to have it all… y'know? And I ain't about to give him jewelry." That'd just be wrong? "As for the other, well. He's a Smith like me but his duties don't allow him much of that any longer. So I could give him tools but when would he use 'em? However, I could give him a dagger… One that isn't decorative."

Kimmila glances around casually, when in reality her eyes are zeroing in on the brown haired fellow, jacket half undone…and she smiles. "His name is J'kor. Greenrider, but…masculine. Knows how to talk to a lady. He's a nice guy, want me to introduce you?" The 'sounds like you need to get laid' is implied. The server hastens over and offers refills before bustling off again. "Hmm. Well, transport riders always need nice things, right? Representing the weyr and all that? New gloves, maybe? Or a satchel? Leather for straps? Those ones are the hardest - the ones that already have it all." Then she grins. "See," she says, patting her own blue handled dagger, "to me - and probably /only/ to me - weapons are romantic gifts."

Kiena is still keeping her head down and feigning interest elsewhere, though occasionally her eyes will lift to Kimmila or dart to the side a bit. "Dunno. I trust your word but… pity his green wasn't proddy or something. And I ain't a typical lady, neither. Just…" she hesitates and then shrugs. It's obvious then that Kiena is craving company but cannot bring herself to go to a stranger or on a whim. One night stands both fascinate and frighten her. It's bad enough with the flights! The drinks couldn't have arrived at a better time and Kiena all but falls on her mug and drains a good quarter of it before surfacing for air. "Mhm, never thought of that!" she murmurs, brows knitting in thought. Satchels? Leather? She can manage that easily! Eyeing the dagger Kimmila pats, Kiena's brows lift again and silently she questions Kimmila. Th'ero's gift? "And y'see? That's what I'm worried about. Dagger is flashy. Even if it's in my skill to make one. Don't… want it perceived as romantic or… y'know."

Kimmila shakes her head. "Not what I meant. Just meant he's not an asshole. He's a nice guy." Who would totally be up for a one night stand. "I can totally ask him to take you to a cothold or something, if you can make up a reason why you'd need to go there. This time of day, almost guarantee he'd ask you to dinner afterwards." C'mooooon. She holds her dagger with a loving look. Yup. "Hmm. And you're worried a tool might just remind him of what he can't do anymore?"

Kiena snorts and almost laughs at that. "Glad you'd not set me up with an asshole." she fires back and then fidgets again, casting a quick glance over her shoulder again. A second glimpse, maybe, of J'kor or she's trying to eye where the exit is and if it's clear. "Well… does he know Nabol?" Apples. Apples will be her reason? Yet she still seems hesitant and almost flighty now and she laughs again, but it's a touch nervous. "Ah, perhaps another time? I'll have to be getting back to Xanadu…" Excuses, excuses. Kiena's focus goes to that dagger then and probably with a rather critical eye. Hey, she knows her blades? "That and I don't want it to seem like I am trying to garner favours from him. It was one thing to give a utility dagger to my close friend. But a dagger to this one… he's my boss too. Things can get… odd." Right?

Kimmila watches Kiena for a long moment before she lifts a hand to wave to J'kor, beckoning him over. And as he approaches, she grins at Kiena. "You're talking about Ka'ne? Fraid I can't help you there. I sleep with my boss." And on that note, J'kor meanders to their table and pulls out a chair at Kimm's gesture, nodding politely to Kiena. "How can I help you, Kimmila?" he asks, taking a sip from the pint he brought with him.

Kiena's eyes widen as Kimmila lifts her hand to beckon J'kor over. "What're you doing?" she hisses under her breath, suddenly tense in her chair as if readying to flee but it's too late. The greenrider comes over and she's not about to make a spectacle of herself. Not while she's a Weyrsecond, supposedly representing Xanadu. "Ka'el," she corrects with a smirk and then smooths out her expression as she dips her head in return to J'kor.

Kimmila glances at Kiena with a grin, and looks back to J'kor. "J'kor, this is Kiena, from Western. Would you mind taking her up to show her the work you and Giverath have been doing with the fencing in Vanior?" For that, the greenrider's brows lift and he glances to Kiena, then back to Kimmila. Then he grins, draining his mug and pushing to his feet. "Happy to show off our work."

Kiena shoots Kimmila one last look that is bordering on a glare. Ooh, she's going to get it the next time the bluerider finds her! Then it's all smiles and reasonable politeness as she turns her attention to J'kor again. "Weyrsecond of Xanadu and blue Ujinath's rider, if you want the formality but honest, I'm fine with just 'Kiena'." she drawls and then blinks. "Fencing?" As in actual fences or the fighting style? Realizing she's been cleverly maneuvered, Kiena rises to her feet as well and reaches for her jacket. "How far is Vanior from here?" she asks J'kor curiously, before turning to look back at Kimmila. Though she plays nice, it's clear from her eyes that she is not entirely pleased. "Was nice to see you again, Kimmila. If you see Th'ero, can you tell him I was here?"

Kimmila just grins. What's the worst that could happen? "I will," she promises.

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