Table Fortress Fixing

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

As the world turns, summer turns into autumn, and Xanadu is no except to the rules of the seasons. It's the lull between breakfast and lunch and the caverns are relatively empty at this time. Outside there's a chill wind and dark clouds on the horizon, but for the mean time, it's still sunny. Tazemi can be found in the caverns this mid-morning encased in a circle of tables, all of which are resting on their sides. The look the bottom of these tables are getting? Not so pleasant from the generally quiet and well mannered teen.

Natalya makes her way slowly into the living cavern shivering a bit from the cold. She glances about as she walks in she runs her fingers though her obviously wet hair and sighs as she approaches the serving table.

Tazemi isn't really paying attention to people deciding to walk into the caverns today, being as he's surrounded by at 4 overturned tables, glaring at the bottom of said tables. For a few minutes Taz disappears behind one of the tables (look, it's a table fortress!) and after a few moments, the table top clatters to the floor noisily, making the handyman wince. That was loud.

Natalya blinks and looks up and says softly, "Everything ok over there?" the young dolphineer peers over to the handyman questioningly frowning a bit at the up ended tables.

Tazemi is sort of visible now, with the tabletop laying flat on the floor, and the supporting frame still on its side in front of him. "Uh. Yeah." Taz stutters out after a moment. Apparently he must've thought everyone had left, due to the deer-in-headlights look on his face. "Just fixin' stuff." As per the norm. "There should, uh… still be some tables that don't wobble. Over there." And there's a vague hand-gesture over the tops of the other table in the direction of where - indeed - other tables are still in normal positions.

A table fortress against the forces of entropy is an excellent, if ultimately doomed, pursuit. However, the ultimate doom of it does not remove the utility of it in the near term, so when Jethaniel enters the caverns to see it, he is unsurprised. Or, perhaps, he's unsurprised because some report or other about those wobbly tables passed in front of his desk. Regardless, he leaves Tazemi to his task, instead crossing the caverns to obtain a piece of fruit to go with the mug of klah already in his hand.

While it may be a lull between meal time for most people Idrissa is making her way on into the cavern to finally get a bite to eat, perhaps a late breakfast, or perhaps an early lunch who knows really. Upon her shoulder rests a little brown firelizard, whom is curled up and half covering the white candidate knot that is resting upon her shoulder. A yawn escapes her while she pauses at the table to get herself a mug of klah, which takes a few moments as she peers around for a mug. With the mug found she gets it nice and full with the hot drink and then snags a plate to pick up some foodie bits.

Tazemi actually seems to be de-constructing his table fortress. The next tabletop, however he's actually straddling as he twists and bends over to remove the securing screws. Maybe this time the tabletop won't go crashing to the floor. Maybe. But… no. After the screws are taken out, the top still starts to tip and Tazemi yelps, hopping back out of the way as the top tries to take his shins out. "Shells, that smarts." And now there's other people in the caverns? Tazemi finally takes a moment to look at them, only offering Idrissa a finger-waggle if she ends up looking his way.

Working for entropy does demonstrate a practical knowledge of the winning side. Jethaniel can appreciate that. The crash-bang, however, is less to be appreciated and more to be responded to. His mug and fruit are set down on the serving table, since it's the nearest available surface, and he heads over to inspect the situation. Tables, screws loose, Tazemi. "Do you require assistance?"

Idrissa is making her way on over to a table when there is the table falling and then Tazemi yelping out, she blinks and looks over to him before setting her mug and plate down. "Hey Tazemi, you alright?" Oh yep she caught the wave and offers one back to him as she moves on closer to where he happens to be. She looks up to Jethaniel, a slight wave is sent to the techie.

Uh oh. Tazemi has attention. Not good. Or… yes good. Taz looks at the new-made Steward first, and then at Idrissa. "The tables are just trying to skin my shins. I'm sure it's fine." He's assuring her, before that muddy-green gaze turns back to the steward. "Help me flip these the rest of the way over, so I only have to attempt to move the base?" After all, pure wood can be a rather heavy thing, espeically when it comes to larger tables.

Anthropomorphization is at work here. "Technically," Jethaniel interjects, "It's gravity that's attempting you harm." That said, he gives Idrissa a nod of acknowledgement, then nods to Tazemi's request, moving to the opposite end of one of the tables and getting a suitable grip.

Idrissa watches Tazemi to make sure that he is indeed alright it seems, a slight nod soon seen while she steps back to not be in the way but at least close enough to lend a hand if she needs to. She peers up at Jethaniel at the 'gravity' comments and for lack of unsure on what to say she keeps quiet for the moment.

Tazemi goes to take his own grip on the third table, and nods to Jethaniel. "On three. One, two, three." The table tips over easily enough to start it's downward fall to rest upside down, but the thing is to keep it from crashing the rest of the way down. "Gravity doesn't have an edge to it." Taz replies to the steward around a soft grunt. "So, that mare ever give birth yet, Idrissa?"

A force having been applied to the table, inertia wishes it to continue. Gravity also wishes it to continue. For it to come to rest, an equal and opposite force must be applied, either in the form of a normal force when it impacts the ground and a disappation of the energy in the form of clattering, or - and this is what the two of them manage this time - by the extertion of their muscles to provide a gradual braking. The grunts of effort are not actually related to the kinetic energy of the table, they just feel that way. As the table is carefully set to the ground, Jethaniel nods to Tazemi. "Hence, gravity's use of a weapon in this case. To wit, a table."

Idrissa smiles a moment and nods, a soft cough escaping her while she shifts, seeming a bit nervous standing there why they both lift the table. "I'd have to agree with Tazemi on the gravity without the edge bit." She offers with an amused tone. At the question about the runner she nods with a smile. "Yes last night on Ren's watch. Cut little ash gray foal. I was able to help a journeyman give him a once over this morning, seems to be a healthy little guy."

Tazemi is greatful enough for the extra muscle that Jethaniel is offering, but at the same time, the handyman just gives the older man a look. It's not exactly a sour look, but it certainly is bordering on it, his lips pressed together and thin. "One more." Taz says tersely, pointing at one last table behind the steward, and moving to the opposite side, so they can also up-end that one. Seems like someone isn't a fan of older men. "Alright… go." Comes the cue this time for flipping over the table. The terseness seems to drop off readily enough when he speaks with Rissa, though. "That's good. What'll you get to do, now the mare's not pregnant?"

Gravity is important enough for Jethaniel to comment on. Unhappy looks, evidently, are not, for he makes no mention of Tazemi's as he turns and reaches for the table. The Steward's expression is a vague and pleasant one as he waits for the signal, most likely because his mind is already off on other matters. Once the table is set out on its back, he nods. "Very good." A glance around at the flipped tables, and then he glances to Idrissa again with a hmm for her mention of this new foal.

Sure gravity is a very very important thing! But right now the table is a bit more important as it can smash tootsies under it and so forth. Idrissa makes sure to keep back while the two are working at the table. "I'll get to have a new project to work on. Maybe working with the foal, make sure it gets plenty to eat and stays healthy and so forth. Just have to wait and see.

"Thank you." Tazemi says after the last table is flipped upside down. For some reason the younger man still doesn't look to thrilled with the older one, but usually Taz doesn't get quite so… surly. The gravity comments really shouldn't be enough to stick him in this sort of mood, though maybe it was trigger. With all of the tables either already disassembled or flipped over, Taz sniffs and picks up his tools again, loosing the other frames from the tops. "So what're you hoping they assign you to?"

Jethaniel nods to Tazemi. "You are welcome. I shall look forward to seeing things in better order." He nods to the handyman, and though his gaze lingers there for a moment, he has other things to do, and so he turns away and heads over to get some klah - a fresh new mug, never mind the one he left on the serving table - before heading back toward the admin hallway and yet another pile of paperwork.

Idrissa shifts over to pick up her mug and sip as it while the klah is still somewhat warm, though she is still near Tazemi for the talking thing. She glances to Jeth and offers him a smile and wave as he is on his way out before her attention is back to Tazemi. "Well, I dono. I'm just glad to get back into lessons. I've managed to catch up well enough. Though I got lucky with that seeing how the things that I'd missed I knew about to start with so that helped." She points to the table that he is working on. "Can I lend you a hand with anything?"

Tazemi looks at the table he's standing next to, hunkering down to undo the screws. "Not really." He says, offering Idrissa a little bit of a smile, ignoring Jeth after the older man finishes helping. "It'll be a little bit of a one man operation until I need to stand the things up again." And the screws are pocketed, minus for one, which he uses to … slide in and out of the holes with minimal wiggling. Yeah. Screws aren't supposed to do that. "Holes are stripped… Actually, there is a box you could hand me? On the table near you. It's slightly heavy." As tool boxes tend to be.

Idrissa watches curiously and ohs before nodding as she settles upon a seat, well she'll just sit over here and watch then! "Alright, well I can help you get the table back up then for sure." A slight nod is seen while she picks at a meat roll that she had on her plate. She looks around for the box and nods while she stands to get the box of tools. "Sure thing." The box is picked up, slowly as she figures out how heavy it is and soon carries it on over to where Tazemi is and sets it down on the floor.

Natalya returns to the cavern looking about moving to collect a mug of klah, she glances about and wanders over to idrissa ant Tazemi looking curiously at what they are up to.

Tazemi is still with his tables, though now all 4 are flipped over completely. And Taz is kneeling on one, reaching for that box Rissa just dropped off. "Thanks." And then he's twisting the frame of the table so it's no longer lined up with its previous holes, making indentations with an awl so he can make some new holes. Given, making the indents makes quite a bit of noise as he pounds the awl in with a hammer. "Glad you're all caught up with your lessons now, though." He says around the pounding.

"I am to, was worried it was going to take forever for me to get caught up in everything." Idrissa offers while she soon sits down cross legged on the floor and watches while Tazemi works on fixing the table. She seems curious more than anything. Hidalgo slowly wakes up, a soft cheep escaping the little brown as his head lifts off his person's shoulder, his eyes blinking a few times and his head shake to try and get the sleep out of his eyes.

Tazemi looks up, somehow hearing Hidalgo's little cheep, though Trevor is not to be found this mid-morning. Taz is sitting on the bottom-side of a table not. No, he didn't break gravity, he just flipped the table. And three others. With the new indents made, Taz is taking out a manual drill to help make the actual holes. "And so now you're back to taking regular lessons and classes." Seems like Tazemi is in handyman mode, though he's also talking to Idrissa, who's cross-legged on the floor near him.

Esiae tumbles into the caverns with a marked lack of grace. Her arms are filled to brimming with paperwork that she has apparently let go, if the angry late-notice colors protruding here and there are anything to judge by. She doesn't look overly thrilled with having to do the work, and is even less thrilled when she discovers her favorite table is upside down and really rather quite occupied. "Fardles," she mutters aloud, drawing up just short of the table Tazemi is fixing. She lurks the awkward lurk of someone who has been displaced from their usual spot, and then takes a seat on a nearby bench. Papers and tablets and clipboards galore are settled to one side of her, rifled through, and then selectively placed on her lap so she can chip away at it. Golden-brown eyes flick up, eye Tazemi, eye Idrissa (because she's nearby, and why not), return to the paperwork. Rinse. Repeat. Someone is trying very hard not to be distracted, and doing a rather poor job of it.

Idrissa hums softly and nods while she leans over to peer curiously at the work that Tazemi is doing on the table. She shifts and tilts her head. "Yup, bad to normal finally. Bout time for such things that's for sure." Hidalgo hops down from his person's shoulder and settles onto her lap, also curiously watching Tazemi, and perhaps wondering where Trevor is to be found. "Her gaze turns up to the sound of move movement and she smiles while waving to Esiae. "Hello."

It's not his fault these four tables were reported as wobbly! When the junior comes to stand more or less in front of Tazemi with that pile of paperwork, he looks up and gives her a bit of a sheepish grin as she keeps looking back his way. "Sorry if it's an incovenience. I tried to pick slowest time of the day." And go figure that this is when people like to do paperwork. Hidalgo gets a brief grin before Taz is going back to drilling those holes, cranking the drill around. "Trevor's off where he won't get hurt, little buddy. You stay off the table for your own good."

An excuse for distraction! Quick! Grab it! "Hi there," Esiae trills, eagerly putting down the pen that she had just raised against her paperwork. "How's it going?" The question is as much for Idrissa as it is Tazemi, eyes twitching back to the table the handyman is working on. "It's no problem, really," she says with a lopsided shrug. "Was getting rather wobbly, after all, and no one table is comfier or nicer than another. It's just one of those peculiar things, you know. Creatures of habit, always wanting to go to the same place." She flicks a grin just to make sure he knows it's fine. Her gaze inevitably moves back to Idrissa, however, marking Hidalgo's hop from the girl's shoulder to her lap. "Got yourself a new-found friend, I see," the junior observes, taking a moment to admire the little brown.

Idrissa ahs softly and nods before she peers around all the lovely few tables and then looks back to Esiae. "Nothing wrong with being a creature of habit." She has her own space that she likes to sit when in the cavern as well after all. Hidalgo tilts his head, little eyes a swirl of color while he watches Taz, a soft sad little chirp escapes him. Aww, sad firelizard! "I think he misses Trevor. He doesn't get to play with Ripley and Willow is off doing her thing most of the time. So, maybe we can give them play dates or something?" Yes totally setting up a play date for firelizards, nothing wrong with that right? Hearing Esiae she nods and smiles while giving the little brown a soft pet across his head. "Yes, actually Weyrwoman Thea gave me his egg the other day just before he was going to hatch. His very cute." As for her free shoulder that white candidate knot is clearly seen without the lizard draped over it now.

It only takes Tazemi a matter of minutes to get new holes drilled for the screws to go into before he's re-aligning the base to those new holes, and tightening the screws only halfway at first to make sure he has the fit right. "Well, some of the tables are nicer than others, weyrwoman." Taz comments with a faint grin. It's true, some tables are heavily scratched up, while others almost look new. As Rissa mentions play dates, the handyman just looks up at the beastcraft girl and blinks. "Play… dates?" Apparently it might be a somewhat foreign concept to his brain. At least until he thinks about it. "Oh. Right." And there's another pause. "I suppose we could. He's usually pretty active around lunch time." Considering that's when he gets hungry again. And now that there isn't a brown on her shoulder, he can see that knot. "Candidate? Since when?"

"I suppose not," Esiae admits with a laugh. "Works against you when people have beaten you to it, though." Which perhaps explains why she's here at such a random hour. "Or it's under repair." With this, her gaze tilts back to Tazemi, issuing a sharp laugh of amusement. "True, true. One tries not to judge a book by it's cover, but some of them have seen better days," she admits, knocking the bench beneath her. "It adds… character…" Riiight. Esiae's eyes sparkle at the idea of a firelizard playdate, looking at the little brown with renewed consideration. Hmm. Maybe one day… She shakes the thought away when Idrissa speaks. "Ah, yes, the weyrwoman. Always so thoughtful when it comes to giving away firelizard eggs," she says in droll tones, eyes scrunched up with a smile. "Still, he's quite cute." When Tazemi draws attention to it, Esi spies that knot, lips twisting off to one side. "Ah, I see you've been searched. You're enjoying your time as a candidate so far, I hope?" She has no clue as to when everyone has been searched - the last sevenday has probably been characterized by a rapid influx in the candidate-barracks section of the weyr from her point of view.

Idrissa peers at Tazemi, was it really that strange of a request? Perhaps it was and she peers down at the little lizards feeling a bit silly not that she well said that. Though she peers back to Taz once he goes on saying it would be a possibility. A slight smile seen and she nods. "Well, it's just an idea. I figure they could keep one another company. They are sort of close to the same age." She blinks and ohs as he catches sight of knot. "Well Ah.. Since the other day. Laera and her blue Kereth sort of found me in the stables. He wouldn't take no for a answer, not that I would have said no to getting asked to stand again." She nods hearing Esiae and looks back to the junior with a smile. "Yes I am." When it comes to works, chores, lessons Rissa tends to not have a problem with any of that, she'll gladly take on the learning aspect of things.

Tazemi is a guy. And a somewhat recluse one at that. "Character. And lumps, dents, scratches, and a case of the wobbles." Occasionally it takes a few moments for ideas to click in that head of his. "Trevor could use… someone else to help spend all that energy of his. I certainly don't have enough to keep up with him." Comes the amused response from the young man. At least he's not seeming too socially awkward today, minus that bit with the steward. "Never been asked to stand, myself." He comments, rubbing at the side of his nose before he tightens the screws down fully, and gives the base a firm wiggle to see how well it's attached. And then tightens the screws again. "Good luck with it though. What do you really end up doing?" Oh sure he's seen candidates around, but remember. Recluse.

Esiae smirks at Tazemi's additions, an expression that deepens with each word. "Don't forget splinters, nicks, dings, and chunks that've gone mysteriously missing on particularly boisterous nights," she adds in a gamely fashion. "Keeps you busy, I'm sure." Idrissa is eyed for her tale about Laera and Kereth. Then she chuckles under her breath and bobs her head in a pleased nod. "Good, good, always glad to hear someone enjoys what they get drug into. I recall liking my time as one, too, though shards does that seem like forever ago." She says that as though it had been decades, rather than a mere four turns. "Standing itself's damn scary, though." She shudders an overdramatic shudder. "Lights went out in the middle of the hatching I stood for, with dragonets on the sand. Someone could'a been eviscerated, or worse," she recalls, as if to say, 'the horror!' Sigh. Once a harper, always a harper.

Idrissa looks curious at the talk of the tables, with the nicks, bangs, notches and other things which makes her amused as she didn't think of it like that until now hearing it all out on the table so to speak. She glances to Esiae, her eyes widen a moment at the possibility of someone getting eviscerated on the sands. For a moment she is quiet, very quiet and soon clears her throat. "They, well Told us about that, but with only the two eggs that time I suppose they didn't think something would happen." So many around during that clutch anyone could hide behind someone else and possible escape. At the question from Tazemi about what she does a soft oh escapes her. "Well there are lessons one what to do and what not to do, like if we are lucky enough to impress. Then there are chores that we must do around the Weyr. I do chores and work at the stables as I'm in a craft. So just depends on what day it is and where I'm at on the list of things to do."

Tazemi gives the table's base another wiggle. This time as no sounds are made he slides himself off of the table and nods to Idrissa. "This one should be good. We can give the weyrwoman her table back." Being from the beastcraft he doesn't exactly feel the need to tell her how to lift the table, getting into position himself. Apparently Taz's imagination isn't up to a harper's snuff, since when Esiae describes her hatching, all he can do is press his lips together. "Dangerous, that." Well, at least he's not stupid. Rissa's explanation for a candidate's duties just make the lad nod. "So basically, just tack on more chores on top of what a person does normally…?"

Esiae's eyes light up in hope at the mention of her table being fixed, gathering all of her untouched paperwork up into her arms in hope. The idea of, you know, /helping/ is a bit lost on her. The junior chuckles quietly when Idrissa goes silent, head shaking since she can't make any other reassuring gesture. "Sorry, I didn't mean to make that sound so— well, yes, I did. Bad habit. I used to be a harper," she says in explanation. "I'm quite positive we were as safe as possible, what with the parents there, and weyrlingmasters and dragonhealers nearby, but it makes for a good story." And if that isn't half the craft sometimes, then I don't know what is. Tazemi's summary of a candidate's duties elicit a snicker. "Perhaps, except now they're doing it /for the weyr/, and the weyr is always watching." She nods a nod that is so solemn, she can't be serious.

Idrissa looks to the table and nods while she pushes Hidalgo back up onto her shoulders before standing up. She brushes her pants off and then moves over to get hold of the table, and thus help Tazemi get the table back into an upwards position when he says 'read'. "Pretty much, but it gets one ready for taking care of a dragon. There not easy work after all. I image sort of something close to taking care of a few dozen runners at the same time to some degree." Of course she would put that spin on it. Her gaze turns to Esiae, a soft little smile seen and she nods. "No, your fine really. It is the truth after all. No one knows what will happen on the sands so it's a chance everyone has to take."

Out of sheer force of habit, after they finish righting the table, Tazemi brushes his hands on the back of his pants… before going and kneeling on another table to do the same thing he just did to the last one. "But if a craftsperson is posted here, aren't they still doing it for the weyr?" He asks, sounding only mildly confused. "And someone like me has always done what they're doing for the weyr." For a moment, Taz pauses in his hole-making, just seeming to be lost in thought. Maybe speculation or daydreaming. But then he's giving his head a shake, and Rissa a smile. "I can't even imagine what taking care of a dragon would be like. Trevor can be enough of a handful."

Esiae is quick to dart over and dump her paperwork onto the table, grabbing a nearby chair and wheeling it over, even if she doesn't sit down immediately. Instead she focuses Idrissa with an appraising look, and then a nod. "Too true. Hopefully it will be utterly uneventful this time, however, with the exception of some impressions." It's a dear hope of hers, at least. "Less paperwork that way." A wink is given for the notion, followed quickly by a shrug for Tazemi. "Mmm, true. I was mostly teasing. Making candidates worry that we're putting the 'candid' in candidate by… watching over them and… stuff. I don't know where I was going with that," she admits, eyes going distant as she tries to unravel her words. Unfortunately, she's interrupted before she can find out. A firelizard pops out of *between* dropping a letter in front of her. Lips purse, and only purse harder as she reads it. Sigh. "So much for getting work done." Alas, she has to leave before she can utter dragon-caring stories! That's probably f
or the best for Tazemi and Idrissa, though - the junior could probably regale them all day, and perhaps all night, too. "Well, thank you for fixing my table. I will have to enjoy it another time. Good luck with your work, both of you," she says, picking up her work again and giving an awkward attempt at a bow. "I hope to see you both again." And then she's trotting for the door, going, going, and gone.

Idrissa pulls a rag out from her pocket and brushes off the top of the table before Esiae can set down at it. A soft ah escapes her and she nods a moment while glancing between the two. She sends a curious look to the firelizard that comes from *between*, it even gets Hidalgo's attention and the little brown trills out to it. "Have a good day!" She calls out after the leaving Junior. A soft chuckle escapes her and she nods. "I imagen it is a daunting task, and thought. Though… I have to admit I'd be up for the challenge of taking care of a dragon."

Tazemi offers Idrissa another smile as she brushes off the table for the junior, even as he's shifting the base of the new table he's at and punching in those indents. "I just said I couldn't imagine it." He says at first, just watching Hidalgo for a moment and thinking of the much more quiet Trevor. "I think I'd be up for the challenge, like you are." And then his shoulders lift in a half-defeated shrug. "But that would mean getting searched first." Doesn't seem like anyone has any ambition to him. Either that or he's been put down one too many times. Who knows which is the right answer.

Idrissa nods to Tazemi. "True, that you did." She pauses, pondering a smile seen. "Never know, there could be a dragon looking for you. Don't give up hope alright?" Hidalgo croons out from his shoulder perch, preening at his wing in a rather bird like fashion.

Tazemi pauses to ponder Rissa's sentiment for a few moments, straightening up from his bent over position, now drilling the holes. "Sometimes hope is a dangerous thing." He says quietly, though loud enough where his companion can still hear it. After all. If he didn't want her to hear it, he wouldn't have said it. Though Hidalgo's croon pulls a faint smile out of the handyman. "He's just a responsive little fellow, isn't he? Trevor is so quiet in comparison." Unless he's hungry. Then all bets are off on the amount of racket Trevor can cause.

Idrissa peers at Tazemi watching him a few moments. "Perhaps, but… Sometimes hope is all a person has." This said with a soft tone at the thought and she soon glances to Hidalgo and smiles. "His very talkative I suppose one could use that word for him. Not a flighty as Willow, and not pissed off and moody like Ripley."

Tazemi just seems to shrug off the talk of hopes, evasion seeming to be his favorite tactic when it comes to uncomfortable topics. In fact he seems to go quiet in general until his nose crinkles and he snarls just slightly. "Almost drilled that too deep." Finally the young man looks up and gives Rissa that half-smile-to-the-side, though his eyes aren't totally behind it. "Sorry, I should concentrate a little better on these tables. Get 'em done." Properly. And with that, he's turning back to his table underside, whether Rissa decides to stay around or not.

Idrissa watches him a few moments and ohs. "Sure.. Right I'm sorry for um keeping you from your work an all." A sheepish smile seen and she shifts to go gather up her things. "I'll see you later Tazemi." This said with a quick wave before she is slipping on out of the cavern, mug of lukewarm klah in hand and plate of cold meatrolls going with her. Hidalgo chitters and trills out before he is munching on one of those meatrolls to keep him content it would seem.

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