Up on the Star Stones

Xanadu Weyr - Star Stones
Looming up above the weyr stand the spindly spires called the Starstones. Jagged grays and brown are stately, if a bit dull and uniform. These rocks have stood for as long as records stretch, being used by millions of dragons across time and space to come home, or to herald the coming of Thread by the circular hole drilled there by the first people of Pern. As the Red Star creeps across the sky, an enemy still very real, if perhaps just a memory now, to line up with the circle and sing of the Pass' beginning.
There is room here for a few dragons to land although there is no shelter for man or beast. It is a magnificent prospect out over the weyr and across the lake, the sky often occupied by dragons and firelizards, many flitting in and out of *between*.

The sun sits low on the horizon as day prepares to give way to night. From up here, the view of Xanadu could be considered breathtaking. It truly is a beautiful Weyr in any season, but fall seems keen on stealing the show. Far below, the leaves of the vast forest have begun to shift in hue, stripping away green to allow colors of more magnificence to show through. Red. Orange. Yellow. It's like a sea of fire that sways with each gust of wind. Lazy streams of smoke rises from the chimneys of scattered cottages. It's chilly enough for some to see cause to get a fire going within their homes. Ka'el sits watching all of this. The smoke. The swaying of the trees. The glitter of Rukbat's lightupon the surface of the lake. It's all very picturesque. He watches in silence, his face a mask that lacks emotion. He merely stares, as if unmoved by it all although inside he feels quite differently. Kanekith is nowhere to be seen, which may raise the question of how the heck he got up here if anyone is unfamiliar with the staircase that leads here. He does have Alloy with him though, the firelizard sitting loyally at his feet while the Weyrleader stands, hands in the pocket of his jacket and black beanie pulled down over his ears.

When is autumn not keen on stealing the show? And what a show it is! At this time of the season, despite the chill in the air, it is worth finding the higher vantage points to admire the beauty of the forest below. It only lasts for such a short span of time, after all. Kiena has ventured up that very staircase for that purpose. The Weyrsecond is looking for quiet again and why not seek it there? Stepping out onto the ledge on silent feet, it's not hard at all for the bluerider to spot Ka'el, given there is no shelter here. It does take her a moment to confirm that it is, in fact, the Weyrleader standing there and with a faint smirk she approaches. "A mark for your thoughts?" Kiena drawls, well aware that she could have snuck up on him. Which… may be part of her plan!

Attentive, Ka'el is not. His attention is on a plethora of things, all wide andspread apart. And so the sound of a voice has all of those thoughts coming back together with a jolt, and he blinks before turning his head. Slow blink… Oh, it's a Kiena! His brain is slow to get back up to speed from its wandering ways, but it does, and when it does, he offers a slight smile to her. "My thoughts are worth so much more than that," he counters before looking back at the expanse of Weyr. He inhales a breath and exhales slowly through his nose. Alloy chirps up inquisitively at the Weyrsecond, though doesn't relinquish his spot at Ka'el's side. Luckily for the Weyrleader, he has two sides, and he knows how to share. "Inkfoot died the other day," he says. "Soriana's been in a way ever since. I don't know if it's a good way or a bad way. She's just … quiet. And I understand that. But .. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing to be nothin' but quiet when things like this happen." He pauses, then glances at her, saying as an afterthought, "Inkfoot was her tunnelcat. A pet. M'not sure if you ever saw him."

Kiena is in no rush and simply stares straight ahead while Ka'el sluggishly gathers his thoughts. There's a slight broadening of her smile for his counter as she comes to stand by his other side that is not guarded by a protective Alloy. She knows better than to cross a firelizard! "How much would you think they're worth then?" she drawls, only to fall silent again, shoulders hunched against the chill air. Her jacket is warm, but not meant for too cold a temperature and she is quick to stuff her hands into her pockets as well. At the news shared, Kiena's features settle to a sobered and serious edge and she turns her head just enough to glance sidelong to Ka'el. Comprehension dawns as he explains who 'Inkfoot' is… or was… in relation to Soriana. "Don't think I ever saw Inkfoot. Don't think I ever knew she had a pet, but I am sorry to hear about the loss. As for her being in a way…" She pauses and looks out over the fiery forests below, frowning in thought. "All deal with death differently. Her silence could be just how she copes and when she feels ready, she will either talk or be herself again."

Ka'el bobs his head in agreement with her as she speaks, brows furrowed in thought as he considers the fiery trees in the distance. His shoulders vaguely hunch at a gust of chilly wind, colder up here because of the height. "I figure she'll be alright, eventually. She's … sad. I Think I am too, but in a different sort of way than her." He pausrs to look over at her now. "I never really thought've death. I mean .. not really." Blue eyes shift again, this time turning down to Alloy, who has busied himself chewing on a hindfoot. Gnawgnawgnaw gotta get that itch! He smirks faintly, then turns questioning eyes to her. "Like, what happens when firelizards die? How long do they live for, and how will it effect me? Seein' Soriana mourn Inkfoot makes me wonder how will I mourn Alloy? We're mindlinked. I know it isn't as drastic as with a dragon, but there's still something there, you know?"

Kiena nods her head slowly and steps back a bit while turning to face him. No more peering sidelong or over her shoulder. "Give her time. Be there for her. Sometimes just… being able to continue on with routine or whatnot helps." she murmurs softly and then her brows lift in slight surprise. "You haven't?" It's a gently asked question, cautious even and she leaves it to him to decide how much or little he desires to elaborate on it. Compared to him, Kiena has dealt with death before and has faced death. That thought alone sends a chill down her spine that isn't related to the autumn cold. Alloy earns a brief and thoughtful look from the Weyrsecond and then Kiena is meeting Ka'el's questioning eyes. "If… I've got my scattered knowledge of 'em right, firelizards die with us or they outlive us. They don't age as we do and I think so long as Alloy is not mortally wounded or sickened… he will be fine. As for how it would feel — I don't know. I don't think I want to know." She can only shake her head and grimace. "It'd probably be… very hard. Not life-ending but no walk in the park neither."

Outlive? Ka'el looks at his foot-gnawing companion and nearly bursts out laughing. "He'll last longer than me, eh? Maybe I should start adoptin' some of his mannarisms. Maybe I'll last a bit longer if I start bitin my feet and chasin' after everything that moves. Eat a few trundlebugs." Ka'el the firelizard! He sobers a little, giving the bronze at his side a little nudge with his booted foot. "You heard that? Don't mortally get wounded or make yourself sick somehow. You'll probably put me in some sort've … morbidly depressed state've being." Alloy's head twists and he chirps out questioning. did someone say something about food? Chuckling, Ka'el's hands ball into fists within his pockets to conserve warmth as he leans over to brush and nudge his shoulder against Kiena's, gently pushing her. "Now that I'm done contemplating death…" a smirk, "how are you? How're the girls?

"He might? Don't quote me on it. Probably best to ask a Beastcrafter or check records or somethin'… Wonder if they just go wild or what. Though you know what they say about us riders too, that we tend to live longer." Kiena points out in a quiet tone. Semi-immortality? Sweet deal? Maybe not (and improbable). Riders die, dragons die… it stands to reason the firelizards would too by various means but perhaps they do not age in the same concept as a human. "Eh, I think if you'd start behavin' like that, Ka'el folks would think you've gone way over the edge with your sanity." Kiena teases him, only to chuckle at Alloy's questioning chirp to his bonded's prodding. She rocks slightly from that gentle push and promptly returns it, smirking up at the Weyrleader. "… and if I didn't know you better and came to find you here contemplating death, I'd be very worried." Because they're up high on a ledge with only two ways down. Her humour may be morbid, but she is joking and just a little serious. Maybe she is concerned that he seemed so troubled by the loss of Inkfoot. "I've been well. Still… keeping that balance. Tryin' to keep up on my smithing too. And the girls are well. Growin' like weeds and I've promised 'em something special for their Turnday once I can shardin' think of it. What do you do for five Turn old girls?" That won't drive her mad! "Aside from that, I can't complain? How've you been?"

"So you mean I'll keep my dashing good looks for decades upon decades?" Ka'el says in a mock show of vanity. "I'll be an eighty turn old that looks not a day over thirty?" He turns his head to a profile and stroke his chin slowly, just barely able to contain a grin that threatens to ruin his act. "I had a feeling there was omething different about me. I haven't changed a bit since Impressing." Yeah, because it's been so long, right? He lowers his hand, and now he does grin. The looks stays in place at her quip, and he peers towards the edge of the cliff. IT is a looooong way down, isn't it? "What, you'd think I'd give up this gig?" he says, scoffing. "The marks? The power? The best office chair in the Weyr?" He laughs, though soon the laughter diesand makes room for more serious notes in his voice. "Even at my worst, I've never felt that desperate. Plus … life's good, you know? I've got good things going for me." And bad things looming ahead, but doesn't everyone? The small smile on his lips is evidence enough that he's dwelling on the good cards that he's been dealt. There have been quite a few. "Five?" he says of the twins. "Huh … don't look at me. I've no clue about children. Don't they like … uh, parties? Maybe you should throw'm a turnday party. Buy them new…dolls?" Girls like dolls, right? "Spoke with Idrissa for the first time in.. feels like turns."

Kiena just gives Ka'el a flat, blank look for his act of vanity. Really? She scoffs, unable to hide her grin and not bothering to. "Don't be so certain about that!" she scoffs, edging a bit closer as though to peer at him closer. "Could've sworn I just saw a few grey hairs!" Because twenty Turns is so old. Her being twenty three makes her positively ancient! Kiena steps back again, laughing softly while the moment is light and humorous. "Good to know that I've not to have that concern. Not that I ever had it to begin with! Figured you were content with things. Even with the highs and lows." Of course everyone has a bit of bad with the good. Kiena would know that well enough! "Mhm. Five as of… eight days ago? They've been so patient, though that won't last much longer. And — I guess? Never celebrated my Turndays as a child." Surprise, surprise there? Shouldn't be. Kiena frowns, considering. "Maybe the dolls. Or maybe I'll just take 'em somewhere again and that'll be the gift." Vacation time! For a day. Sobering fast, she blinks and tilts her head, a faint smile curving her lips. "You did? How… did it go?" And if that wasn't odd enough for her to ask, the next question may be! "How is she?"

Gray hairs? "Puh, they wouldn't dare." Ka'el smirks though, moving on to other topics. Like the twins! Who are already five … and have been five for days now. He makes a slight wincing face. "Feels like I should've known and done something for you … for them. Like, given you the day off." With a free turnday cake (no, two!) included in that day off! He rubs the back of his neck guiltily. "Shards, sorry. You should've said somethin' to me then. I would've let you take it off." He's not even sure if she was working eight days ago or not. It could've been a rest day for her! He's not sure. He has a difficult enough time keeping his own schedule straight! "Where'd you take'm last time? I bet they'd like a day with you. When I was little, on my Turnday…well, all of our turndays, our da would spend the day with us, special. Just him and you. That sort've thing hardly ever happened at home, what with the work and there bein' six of us. Was damn near impossible to have anything to yourself." A pause, then a snap of his fingers. "That's what you should do. Spend time with'm separately for a time, if they'll have it. Not sure if they'll like that, bein' twins but…just an idea." He shrugs, and at the question of Idrissa…he shrugs again. "I don't know. It was… weird havin' her around. Was the three of us, as it used to be, but…not how it used to be at all. I felt like I had to search for things to say to her, just to break the silence.. She seemed alright, I guess. Thinking of quitting Comet and becoming a craftrider, she said. Told her to speak to her Wingleader if she was serious."

Kiena's eyes widen slightly as she fixes him with another look. Uncertain and surprised, she quickly waves off his apology or any of the guilt there. "Nah, it's not a big deal, really… Well, I mean — no, I didn't mean it to sound like I didn't care about their Turnday, I do! It's just that they know I'm busy. It's always been that way. I said nothing cause I already spoke with 'em about it before the day and they didn't fuss. Foster family did a special dinner." So that solves all, right? Not quite. Kiena chuckles, "I took 'em, with a friend to help since I had my nephew too, Th'ero's whel— son, Kyzenviro. Somehow survived that adventure!" Barely. Shaking her head, she then chews at her lower lip thoughtfully. "Huh. You know? They may go for that. They're twins but that doesn't mean they're the same and they may actually enjoy doing something solo for once." Grinning, she aims to give Ka'el's shoulder another nudge. Thanks, for that! It was an idea but that's all she needed! Something to work with and now she has it! Then it's back to sobering topics again and Kiena exhales heavily, blue eyes drifting out to stare over the forests and the Weyr below. "Guess it would be odd, after so long, to try to pick up from there. And… really? Huh. I remember her mentioning that to me on the few times that I spoke with her." None of which ended well. At all. Usually with tears (mostly Kiena's) and a good heaping of guilt. She shrugs. "Right thing to say and hopefully she'll go for it, if that'll make her happy."

Oh yay! He helped with birthday ideas. Ka'el smiles, then snickers at the nudge he receives. "Hopefully that idea doesn't blow up in your face. If it does…it was your idea all along, not mine." He laughs a little as both hands slide back into his pocket, and his eyes return to the vast view of the Weyr. "It was mostly for Sori, to be honest," he says. "I know she misses her at times. When we were on Paradise River a while back, we sort've spoke of it. I told her I'd .. try. Try to keep my mouth shut. Opinions to myself. Try to be civil." A snerk. "She said it wasn't really me, and I had a feeling it wasn't only me that's keepin' us… apart from her. We're just different people than we were before. She's…"he wrinkles his nose a little, "I dunno. I don't really enjoy her company. Her thing with Zi'on changed my perspective of who she was, and I still have that perspective. But, for Soriana, I'll keep my mouth shut. Be civil. So they can at least have a chance to make things work, or whatever." The things a person does for love! "I doubt she goes through with the change. From what I remember, she's more talk than .. action."

"I see how it is!" Kiena fires back, mouth twisting into a teasing smirk. "It's all fine and great if it works and is your idea, but the moment it fails, it's suddenly mine? Well played." She laughs and then points a finger at him in a mock threatening manner. "And I'll remember that too for the times we're required to play the politics game!" No sneaking that trick on her! Not that she thinks Ka'el would, but can't hurt to be prepared for anything, right? Back to the discussion of Idrissa, Kiena is silent and thoughtful while he explains and nods her head in understanding. "People change. It's… possible to be civil and all. And it wasn't only you?" she asks, only to grimace and even flinch a bit. Right, Zi'on. He and Idrissa had been seeing each other. "So they're trying to rebuild too? Soriana and Idrissa?" So many questions! Kiena shakes her head a little and crosses her arms loosely over her chest. "I kind of got that feeling about her too. The whole talk over action… bit. I don't know her as well as you and Soriana do or may have. The few times I've crossed paths with her have been — all awkward. The whole affair with the flight, her coming to talk to me later. Once to convince me to speak to Zi'on and then again after everything fell apart. For both of us. She seemed… sad." Duh? Kiena snorts then and seems to shake herself out of those memories.

Ka'el nods. "I think they are, at least. I believe Sori's wanted to, but Idrissa's never given any hint that she does. Soriana's not the type to pursue something that doesn't want to be pursued, you know?" He rolls his head a little, slowly cracking his neck. "Even now, I really doubt we'll have Idrissa knockin' at our door anytime soon. Haven't seen hide or hair've her since." He shrugs once, inhaling and exhaling a breath. "I think she's always been sad. Even when we were .. together, she was always unsure've herself. Rarely had confidence in anything other than her craft. Even when we broke up, she figured it was because she was a greenrider and Sori a gold that I did it. Probably still believes that to this day even though I told her that had nothin' to do with it." His head is given a little shake at that, and he turns his eyes towards her. "There's a lot to women I don't think I'll ever understand. Idrissa's probably the biggest puzzle of you all because I doubt she even understands herself. The whole thing with him was stupid and everyone knew it, including her. The only surprise is that she didn't come out of it luggin' behind a child or two as it seems to be the way he does things." A snort, then pause as he seems to realize the harshness of his words. " .. Shardit, I'm sorry."

Kiena grimaces and nods. "I know." There's a slight wrinkling of her nose when Ka'el cracks his neck but her features are quick to smooth out again as she exhales softly, looking down at the trees below. "Could be she's just takin' it slow but who knows. Can't rush it, can't force it, right?" she drawls, tilting her head a bit while she listens. "That's… shells, really? An odd reason to have. As if it matters at all." But she's preaching to the wrong person and so promptly bites her tongue with a brief apologetic look to Ka'el. For women being confusing and unsolvable puzzles, Kiena chuckles low in her throat and would have replied then if he hadn't continued on. Harsh, yes. But the truth! It doesn't keep her from lifting her head though and her eyes snap with a surge of anger. That stung a bit but just as swift she realizes Ka'el didn't intend to pinpoint her and even if he did… well, it's still the truth. And he apologized! Shoulder's dropping, her posture relaxes and her eyes clear though some of that hardness is still lurking beneath. "It was cruel what happened to her, even if it's her own shardin' fault. I pity her, to be honest and it infuriates me to no end how she was… used as a proxy to get to me. She wanted me to tell him to move on and I did and he dropped her too." Her eyes slide away then, only this time they drift skywards. "Don't be. It's the truth, isn't it? He's the ilk of the Shipton line. You know how the jokes go. I had a choice and I chose to keep the pregnancy, despite my misgivings." There's a small smile, a touch bitter. "It wasn't the worst of my mistakes." Ouch?

Can he see the small amount of venom that lingers in her eyes? Maybe. Maybe that is why Ka'el continues to look apologetic and silently curses himself for allowing his mouth to run away from him. His tongue needs to be held in check more often than not, and he's failed to censor himself. So, for now he says nothing. Listening more than he speaks, his head faintly canting to one side at a point. "I aim to meet with him at some point," he informs her, remembering now that he hasn't. "I spoke with Thea about his visits here and his conduct .. not just with you, but with others in the past as well. She's agreed that I speak with him about certain things. I've already spoken to the watchdragon to make sure that if Zi'on is announcing his arrival here that the watchdragon pass the word along like he's expected to. Through the turns, things kind've have gotten .. slack with that, I think. But I aim to fix it." He pulls his hands from his pockets. "I haven't sent word with him yet. I've heard that their Queen has risen and recently clutched and didn't want to intrude on all that. But … now that the eggs are on the sands, I may send notice with him that I wish to have meeting. Weyrleader to Weyrleader." He pauses there, watching her carefully. "I hope your worst mistakes haven't anything to do with your position here. And if they are..well. They say mistakes are to be learned from, right?" A smirk.

Kiena had to learn to curb her tongue too. It's possible but slip ups are an occasional thing and perhaps for that reason too she goes easy on Ka'el. His continued apologetic look probably helps too and eventually her whole posture is back to being relaxed and at ease — or as much as it can be under the topics they discuss and the chill wind. From her eyes, he'll see too that his silent apology has been accepted and that harsh comment all but brushed aside now. What has her focus is Ka'el admitting to meeting Zi'on and of the talk he had with Thea. Brows lift and her mouth draws back into a thin line. She's uncertain, if not a bit on edge. Meeting one on one? Alone? Not that she has any doubts that Ka'el can't handle himself, it still makes her nervous. "I always assumed he DID make his presence known, even if I just wrote to him. Mhm," There's a nod to the mention of the Queen rising. "Iris' Shadavarth. And… perhaps best if you meet him one on one. Just…" She falters, frowning as she struggles to put her thoughts into words and separate her emotions from them. "…expect anything. Especially from him. He'll either be defensive or turn coward or… dunno. He's unpredictable and though he comes off as an vapid idiot half the time, he isn't. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he barbed you under the guise of "joking" just to force you into making the first move. The wrong one, so he has right to use it back against you." Grimacing, she shrugs her shoulders again and lifts a hand up to rub it against her forehead. "Or I'm paranoid and he'll just accept it all and it'll be fine." Sunshine and rainbows! … not quiet. Sensing the pause, Kiena lowers her hand and lifts her eyes to Ka'el's. No venom there and no masks either. Just warmth and something akin to happiness. She chuckles low in her throat. "I have no regrets with my position or my time here. My worst mistakes are my past, but one of them wasn't my transfer here… or my decision to step up as your Weyrsecond."

Ka'el bobs his head in a slow answer to her, thoughtful. "I'll go with the expectation that it'll be a quick and civil thing, though I understand where you're comin' from. Thea was a bit the same. She wasn't one hundred percent convinced at first. And she was right when she told me that he may take my comin' to him with this as .. interference between you and him. But .. " A faint smirk, "He'll have to get over it, eventually. I hadn't thought of what I'd do if he refuses a meeting with me. I can't very well force him. I'll figure something out." He grins a little after that though, at something that she's said. "I've five brothers," he reminds, "and of all've them, I'm the youngest. If there's one thing I've learned in my turns of being their brother is when to know when I'm bein' goaded to do something that could be turned against me!" He laughs, waving a hand dismissively. "No worries, I'll be alert and aware, just in case. The last thing I aim to do is cause bad feelings between Xanadu and Western. I'm .. almost excited to go." Key word being almost! "It'll be my first chance doing something on my own, and hopefully..if things go the way I'm hoping, it'll make things better for you and your twins." He smiles warmly at her. All of this really is being done for her, whether he admits that or not. "I'm glad you've no regrets about Xanadu. And .. you know, if you ever do start having them, about anything..Weyrsecond things or anything else, you can come to me about it, right?"

Kiena blinks for a moment and then scoffs. "Interference between us? Hardly. He's done with me, Ka'el! If anything, he'll take offence thinking you're barring him from his children far more effectively than me ever tell him to shove off." Which she hasn't. She told Zi'on as much that he can still see the girls. That'd change, however, if he got himself barred from Xanadu. Which is doubtful, as she does not believe the Western Weyrleader to be that foolish to force Ka'el's hand. "You'll figure something out." Kiena agrees without any hesitation there, smirking crookedly and then smiling softly at his laughter. It's reassuring and soon she's chuckling again too. "Forgot that you come from a large family," she drawls, only to have her smile broaden a little more as she's able to read through the lines. "I think you'll have little trouble, if I really have to be honest with myself." Kiena admits and shifting her weight, she steps away from the edge of the ledge, turning her back on the forests below in favor of facing Ka'el and stepping marginally closer. Just enough that she can reach out and clasp his arm just below the elbow if he'll allow it and does not move out of her reach. Her grip is firm but gentle, easy enough to shrug off or slip away from. "Trust me. You'd be the first to know if I've had enough of Weyrsecond. I haven't. I don't plan to let it get to that point." she tells him and there's no denying the sincerity in her voice.

There's rarely been a time, if ever, that Ka'el has pulled away from her touch, or warranted it unwanted. Now isn't one of those times either, and as her hand is felt grasping his arm, he only grins with his eyes settled upon her. His expression softens at what she says, warm and friendly, and in response to leans towards her to press his shoulder to hers. "M'glad to hear it. I really do think you're the best fit for me for Weyrsecond. I can't think of anyone else in your spot. .. Wouldn't really want anyone else there, either," he adds. As for Zi'on, he'll cross that bridge when he gets to it. And he'll get to it, sooner rather than later, he supposes. If nothing else, Ka'el knows he has a strong support system in Kiena, Thea, and Soriana if things turn sour, which he truly hopes they don't. He'll keep himself in check, put a cap on his emotions and keep things professional, and he can only hope Zi'on will too! He'll get things straightened out one way or another, by himself. He needs to do this one on his own. Ka'el inhales a breath, then exhales slowly. "And I'm glad you're here because I need a favor of you…" he says, looking at her with faintly lifted brows. "I need to fire my secretary. Will you come with me for that? I've never had to fire anyone before, and I can guess it won't be the happiest of things to go through." So he might as well share the experience with her, right? Joy!

Kiena is still awkward in social situations. She's aware of the boundaries that anyone learns from a young age, it's everything in between that puzzles her. So she's inwardly relieved when Ka'el doesn't step away and she keeps her hand clasped to his arm while leaning forwards to press her shoulder to his in return. Her mouth quirks up into another crooked and sheepish smile. "Flatterer." she teases him. "But I don't think I'd have accepted from anyone else. Dunno if I'd even remain on if you don't remain as Weyrleader." Time will tell. Just as time will tell as to what the outcome will be between the meeting Ka'el is hoping to have with Zi'on. If things do turn sour, Kiena will have Ka'el's back and likely not just as his Weyrsecond, but as a good, close friend. "A favor?" Kiena drawls as she releases his arm and steps back, peering at him supiciously (but jokingly so!) and then it's all laid out! Laughing, she points an accusatory finger at him again. "I knew it couldn't be so simple! Can't be just a nice, calm evening, huh? And what'd your poor secretary do? Just not makin' the cut?" she asks. Oh the joy of this experience! But since he asked so nicely, Kiena bobs her head in acceptance. "Probably won't be all sunshine, no. Pick your words wisely, o'great Weyrleader and maybe you won't need me at all. Or have a mess to clean up…"

Ka'el makes an innocent face at her. "Heeey, isn't it your job to do my dirty work for me?" he teases. "Plus, you should be thanking me! I'm not asking you to fire her for me. Just be there in case she's one've the crazy sorts who… I dunno. Throws things or tries to put a curse on me or something." Those things happen, right? He laughs again, then heaves another breath. "I had high hopes for her. She did so well on the interview! But she's been more absent then present. Has every excuse in the world why she can't make it in on certain days. Has left work unfinished. And when she is here, she's more interested in chattin' with the riders than actually…doing her job." Imagine that! "I've tried givin' her time to adjust and fix her behavior but…" Another shrug, but at least he doesn't seem too broken up about it. "Back to the drawing board I guess. Though I think this time, if I look for another assistant, I'll go with someone I actually know. That's worked for me so far," he says with a pointed look at her. He turns now, away from the view of Xanadu and towards the entrance that leads down to the stairway. "Let's go. It's one of those random days that she's actually here. And after, we'll treat ourselves to dessert in the kitchens, alright? And you can tell me if my words were the right ones to say." With that, he heads off, moving with her, back inside.

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