The Stargazers Gala

XAW- Observatory
The main potion of this enormous building consists of the domed central structure which houses the enormous telescope. At dusk, the dome parts and scrolls back to allow the scope to extend towards the heavens. The computer console with all the knobs and buttons controls focus and position as well as projecting onto the extra large screen placed high enough for all to clearly see it. Around the perimeter are seats for onlookers to join the nightly sessions.

The long day full of preparations has finally faded away, the lazy afternoon giving way to a dusty dusk that will eventually succumb to a clear night sky. This fine autumn afternoon evaded many clouds, a few puffy flecks of white dappling the sky as the sandy mire kicked up by seasonal winds make play of Rukbat's last fading rays. The sky is colored in pastels of oranges and reds, fading to pinks and yellows that eventually clash with the grasp of the star studded night taking hold. Purples and blues begin to sweep across the area, and the view from the Observatory is absolute perfection. Speaking of the observatory, the purity of this Starcrafter's delight has been altered a bit, where lights become nearly non existent, a subtle glow warms congregating areas with a soft, dim light; where walls were once plain a few glow in the dark replicas of nearby planets have been painted. There are white and blue streamers that have been carefully twirled so as to add a nice touch without obstructing the view and with decoration assistance accredited to Soriana's keen eye of prettification.

A dance floor with a stage for harper's performances is set off to one side, and near it a large buffet table with a wide array of delicious treats ala Master Denna and Lorelai, as well as tasty beverages compliments of Istan and Benden resources. Wines will pour freely and the post clutching celebration feasting will continue. The whole place has been decked out with galaxy projecting lasers on the dance floor and hanging mobiles of various solar systems made from oh so fancy styrofoam, wire, paint, glue gun and glitter, compliments of Zahleizjah herself with detailed information and history cards affixed nearby from Mikal's inquisitive diligence and compilation skills learned from his craft. All things Starcraft themed are here, cosmic cosmos, martinis with olives carved like planets, Belior bellinis and Timor Tom Collins'. The food dishes are commonly in shapes of stars or moons made in ways that utilize the ingredients to make an impressive array of galactic treats. Near the main entertainment area, Idrissa has set up a 'Bobbing for starfruit' tank with various prizes to be won.

The dome is, of course, open and Zahl stands at the entrance greeting arrivals as they start pouring in, all thanks to the runner drawn carriage driven by Garait as a ferry to and from the Weyr (though a promise of juggling herdbeasts was made earlier). When the sky darkens, the food has been nibbled and the drinks have been downed, intermittent cascades of 'shooting stars' will start to streak across the blackness looming above, it will start off slow, just a few here and there as a little glimpse in to what's to come. Lights will be dimmed and the Stargazer's Gala will begin, a sweet serenade *somewhat like Willie Nelson's Stardust* will reverberate across the observatory as the mingling and Gather commences.

Well, keen Soriana's eye may be, but her artistic sense… fortunately, she just stuck to classic 'space' colors with the streamers and didn't try to get creative. Also, she may have had some advice. She knows her weaknesses! When it comes to tacking things up, though… that part, she could definitely manage, though the fancier parts of the decor were rather beyond her. Still, here she is now, with a star-shaped cookie to nibble on as she stands near the rail to watch the sunset for a moment before things get into their full swing.

Thea has come quietly and without fanfare, slipping in early to greet Zahleizjah and admire the decorations, ooh-ing and ah-ing over them before the crowds began arriving. Having complimented the Weyrleader's daughter on her set-up, she's gotten a snack and stepped well back from the door idly watching to see how she does with her guests.

Maeve slips in not long behind Thea. She's been dropped off by Mahlia, along with a few others from Eastern, having gotten a note inviting her. She looks around, smiling as she takes in the decorations, not to mention the observatory itself.

Now really, what kind of starcrafter would K'irye be if he wasn't at the gala? Especially at the gala thrown by a friend. The bluerider from Ista arrives, for once not in a pair of beach shorts and tanktop. Instead, the man is wearing a white button down shirt, rather stylish looking leather jacket, and dark colored pants. The starcrafter's eyes form into small half-moons behind wire frames as he grins in his usual goofy sort of way. Spotting Zahleizjah, K'irye pulls up to greet her, letting out a soft whistle and throwing the girl a wink. "Who said starcrafters don't know how to throw a party? It looks amazing, Lei."

Idrissa is there next to the tank that has a good amount of starfruit just floating along in the clear water, at the bottom of the tank there is dark sand, almost black like with smaller pebbles and shells that sort of glow among the black sands, almost like stars do up in the dark night sky. There are towels folded nearby for one to use after they go bobbing for the fruit, and there are also some covered baskets that hold the prizes. "So what you do is just bend over the tank, hangs behind your arms and try to pluck one of the fruits out. There is a number on the bottom and whichever number you get is the basket you get to pick a prize from." Rissa is explaining the game idea to a 8 turn or so year old looking kid whom is eyeing the tank with an unsure look. "It's easy, promise." This said while she offers a warm smile.

Muir is here too, dressed in nice enough clothes, Kenpo perched on his shoulder and the bronze properly scolded into behaving. So long as no one throws food or a punch, things should be just fine. And, like any teen boy, he heads first for the food, barely giving his mother a little grin and nod. Hey.

Kaga arrives not long after Maeve. In fact, she's practically hiding behind the Easterner. Her eyes dart all around the gather, staring at just how many people there are about. Clearly, she is not one accustomed to large crowds. She stays close to Maeve, silent for the moment.

Having enjoyed the research he did on the history cards for people to read, Mikal lingers around. Naturally he enjoys snacks and lingers here and there as people enjoy themselves. He finds himself near Soriana and offers a compliment. *gasp* "The decorations look good."

Zahleizjah smiles and sends all of the evening's collaborators a snack and beverage of their choosing. "Everything looks wonderful Sori.. great choice on colors.." she says to the fellow Candidate before bowing deeply to the Weyrwoman. A beaming smile is displayed across pouty lips that curl at the corners. She remembers when greeting her JUST "Thea.. so good to see you this starry eve. Thank you again for your support in making this happen.." She'll offer a hug before the WW departs turning to greet Maeve "Hello dear.. it's been a long time, so glad you made it.."

And the crowd gets bigger and bigger, that smile remains, no more teary eyes for this Candie… well not right now at least! "K'irye!" She's excited and wants to jump on her long lost friend but instead throws her arms around the fellow Starcrafter for a hug "Good to see you again love..please help yourself to refreshments." A wink is send Idrissa's way, thoroughly enjoying watching as people line up to dunk themselves and try their luck at catching the floaty starfruits. A smile, bow or wave is send to Muir and Kaga, eyes meeting everyone at the party when possible and greetings shared left and right.

More than one kid, in fact — two others, a girl of around ten and her much smaller brother who might be about four, are bounding up to Idrissa's booth, having detached themselves from a tall, dark-haired man with an ornate cane and bounded over toward the games. Ph'rys, now devoid of children, does his best to look as if he fits in; parties are not exactly his thing, even if he did come in a suit, and every time he comes to visit family at Xanadu and ends up in a crowd, something on the absurd end of bad happens. At least in this instance the music is pretty; he might actually even be able to /enjoy/ himself walking through the Observatory. For five minutes.

Word of mouth led a certain Iernian bronzer to Xanadu today. Partay! M'ta is tallish and lanky with long orange-red hair, androgynous enough that the only definite indicator of his gender being the bronze strand in his rider's knot. His long black flight coat stands out in the crowd, but he doesn't really know anyone here. Yet. For the moment he stands back, observing and waiting for an opportune moment.

Soriana finishes her cookie. Now what? Oh, hey, there's Mikal. She gives him a nod of greeting, then grins. "Thanks. They'll probably be torn down by the end of the night." Is that her eyes resting on Kenpo for a moment? Nah, surely not. The grin turns a bit lopsided as Zahleizjah comments - hopefully the starcrafter didn't hear the comment about things getting torn down! - but she repeats her thanks. "They said to me, they said… stars, they said." With that, Zah is sweeping away like the busy hostess she is, and Sori looks back to Mikal. "Lotta people tonight."

Garait enters in after dropping a few people from the weyr off, escorting Lorelai's little daughter Lanai into the observatory, he's dressed nicely, but simply, but is making sure the little girl sees her mom and then heads over to Idrissa. "Hello there Idrissa. Lorelai somehow talked me into bringing her daughter here and helping me keep an eye on her." He smiles at the girl, and waits to see if he can be of any help for a few minutes there.

Zahleizjah had, of course, been given a hug and a congratulations on her knot as the Weyrwoman passed her, though it may not be clear yet to her just HOW she got it. But she'll probably ask her later about that turnday gift her father had handed her the other day in the office they share. Thea smiles at Muir, lifting her chin in an across-the-room greeting, not even trying to intercept him for the moment. Never get between a hungry son and his food! Drifting through the crowd with her plate, she finds herself neat the tank Idrissa's manning and just watches with amusement writ on her face to see who will brave their gather best with drips.

K'irye smiles, eyes turning into half-moon shapes and giving Zahl a squeeze. "I think that's exactly what I'll do. You go be a social little thing." There's a final wink for fellow starcrafter before the bluerider slips away to the refreshments table. Food is skipped for now, though K'irye does pour himself a glass of juice. There's quite a bit of balancing that goes on as he weaves his way to the crowd and off to the edge of the room. But by the way he's eyeing the dance floor, it's just a matter of time before the starcrafter gets his groove on.

"See like this." Idrissa goes through the motions about half way to show the kid before he tries it, seems he just had to be shown what to do. A soft chuckle escapes her while the boy works hard to grab a fruit but it manages to escape him every time. "Tricky little things huh?" She picks up a little glowing shell though and offers it to him along with a towel to dry off. "Prize for giving it a try, come back later and I'll give you another go at it." There are two more children bouncing up to the tank and she waves too them both. "Hello! You two want to give it a go?" She hears her name and peers up waving over at Garait. "Hey Garait."

Muir grabs a plate and begins to shove the food into his mouth, occasionally offering some bits for Kenpo, who gobbles them down just like his partner. A nod for Zahleizjah, a nod for others, and he's drifting towards Idrissa.

Mikal bobs his head a couple time, letting his gaze sweep the crowd. "Bunches of people is good. Hope it doesn't make her too nervous though." he gestures towards Zahleizjah a moment. "More candidates around now too." remarks Mikal before his attention is caught and he drifts towards where Idrissa's drawing a small crowd.

Maeve grins and returns Zahl's hug. "I wasn't about to miss it, dear." As the starcrafter rushes off to be a good host, she turns, and smiles at the rather shy girl behind her. "Thanks for coming with me, Kaga. It's nice to have someone else I know here, especially since Mahlia couldn't stay."

Kaga hangs back for a moment while Maeve and Zahl catch up, giving the unfamiliar woman a little shy smile and a tiny wave. When Maeve smiles at her she seems to relax just a little bit, and she nods in return. Her reply comes in a quiet voice, barely heard over the bustle of the gather. "You're very welcome. I've never been to… anything like this." She admits. "You go to these often?"

Zahleizjah takes note as unfamiliar faces trickle in here and there, making certain to try and catch them when she can to say hello and see if she can assist them in enjoying gather festivities in any way. Muir looks busy, and Ph'rys seems like a moment is needed for him to just be.. him. She did hear Soriana's prediction and doesn't even respond as its half expected that Zahl & the cleaning crew will have quite the mess to tend to.. especially with all that alcohol over there! A wave is sent to Garait as he comes in from a ferry round and a wink towards K'irye as he heads for a drink and some shakin'. She seems to be handling it well, though Mikal's astute observation skills are picking up on the internal battle for the Starcrafter to freak and disappear. A few glances are shared with the WW as she moves to greet Datsun with a smile "Datsun!" so much for slipping in quietly " Good t'see ya n'lookin good.." seems like words of encouragement from her mindhealing friend might just be influencing the former recluse turned party planner. She'll come back around to talk with Maeve again asking "How are things back at Eastern.. and who's your friend?" in reference to Kaga.

"Ah, she looks okay," says Soriana after watching Zahleizjah consideringly for a moment. "I think there's some of her… starcraft people." She shrugs a little, following Mikal's gaze to Idrissa and the bobbing-bowl. "Heh. You thinking of trying? Some of the prizes look pretty decent." Not that she actually moves herself in that direction. Nope. Let the little kids have their fun!

Waiting and watching to see how this works, Garait waits until Lanai is distracted by the 'game' there, Garait asks Idrissa, "How easy is this for a three turn old?" He seems a little concerned for the child and wants to make sure she can do it and gets something.

That's Ph'rys for you. Hovering. Watching. Taking in literally everything around him — though his focus is at least halfway on his kids. The older one, ten-turn-old Pia, gives Idrissa a big smile. "Could we? Phai's a little bit shy but he probably wants to play too." Indeed, the little boy doesn't open his mouth but watches, eyes wide. Ph'rys smiles mostly to himself and looks away, instead looking for the nearest place to snag /food/.

M'ta spots a familiar Eastern face in the skittish Kaga, but he catches his glance on K'irye instead, another wallflower in the mix, and sidles that way, clearing his throat before he murmurs, "Quite a gathering they've managed, isn't it?"

Let it never be said that the Weyrwoman oogles men, but oddly she is eyeing Ph'rys over there closely. She edges over his way after a few minutes of intense scrutiny and smile as him, offering her hand. "I know this must sound like a pick up, but, have we met?" Her smile is a quirky, full of wry humor as she adds, "I swear I know you from somewhere." Now Muir, don't get any ideas!

Maeve grins. "Pretty good actually, although we're having some interesting times." She motions to the younger girl. "This is a new friend of mine, Kaga. Kaga, this is Zhal, a friend of mine in the starcraft here." Her eyes land on Zahl's knot. "And, apparently a candidate as well. Should I congratulate you or commiserate?"

Idrissa smiles and nods to the question. "Of course you can. It is a lot of fun, promise!" She offers while pointing to the tank. "What you do is bend over the tank, arms behind you and then try to grab the fruit with your mouth. There is a number on the bottom and whatever number you get you can pick a prize from a basket." She grins now. "There really nice prizes." Three firelizards are settled on the prize baskets, totally guarding them. The little brown one looks very much asleep though. Speaking of people with candidate knots she does have one on her shoulder. At the voice from Garait she as pondering. "I can get a smaller bucket and they try? Don't want them falling into the tank after all." That would be scary!

K'irye's brown eyes slide down at the sound of a voice, falling on M'ta and prompting a slow smile. "Food, drinks, a hoarde of people, and stars. It's practically my paradise on Pern." He pushes up wire-frame glasses before offering a hand to the Iernian bronzer. "The name's K'irye, blue Haneutath's." Said blue has likely found his own perch somewhere outside to watch the star show.

Skittish is a good word to describe Kaga. But not so skittish that she won't at least make her way out from behind Maeve when the time comes for introductions. She gives Zahl a shy little smile. "It's very nice to meet you, Zahl." She says quietly, with a glance at that white knot.

Datsun smiles when he's approached by Zah, tilting his chin to indicate the Observatory in general, "Thank you. And you did quite a nice job with the Observatory. Looks like your party is a success." He answers the Starcrafter, looking around to see who else is here when Zah returns to Maeve. Suddenly, a yawn breaks out so he has to turn his head against his shoulder to yawn discreetly. A moment later after he's done, he's walking along the displays, smiling when he sees Idrissa, "Looks like they roped you into working, 'Rissa." His eyes drift over to the prize baskets, "What are the prizes?"

Mikal is simply wandering over to watch, he doesn't show any indication of wanting to participate in the bobbing game. Eventually he moves to mingle and ends up right behind Zah. "Good turnout." he murmurs to her when she's not being directly spoken too.

M'ta takes the hand and gives it a firm shake, emerald eyes sparkling in the odd light, "M'ta, bronze Rielth's. I heard party and came, didn't really listen to what kind. Kind of hard to concentrate on the stars with all these people, at least for me. Are you a starcrafter?"

Zahleizjah is doing a great job at hiding the adrenaline fueled panic that's running wild inside right now, and for all of her shortcomings is doing pretty alright at hostessing the Gather. She flutters about, bouncing from group to group, making the rounds, refilling drinks and replenishing spent dishes. The focus has been on the party mostly, but the skies above will not refrain a second longer. Vibrant and luminous streaks of shooting stars with long tails start to pick up the pace and demand attention. "Oh look! Here come the Geminids.." the Starcrafter points towards the dazzling show that sparkles above. "We should see this for a good time now, a peak being reached and then they will settle down to just a few per minute as opposed to multiple per second."
She converses with Maeve and Kaga, smiling and nodding with a "Well met.." for the greeting. She overlooks the question asked by Maeve next.. pretending like she doesn't hear it as M'ta approaches. "Why thank you Sir.. compliments of Xanadu's Starcraft and me personally.. m'names Zahleizjah.." a hand extends to the swishy haired redhead before a "Thank you Datsun I really appreciate you coming" is responded with a giggle and nod to Mikal with a "Seems like it.. glad you're here.."

Ph'rys' expression is somewhat deadpan at first, then morphing into utterly bewildered and back to Generic Diplomatic. "Er," he says, offering Thea the cane-free hand in a firm shake, "Yes, ma'am, we've spoken before." There's a shade of amusement in his eyes, as if he isn't quite sure if this is meant to be funny or not and isn't positive whether he should let on to what really happened, either. His children, on the other hand: well, Phairen at age almost-four could probably use the smaller bucket, but Pia looks delighted. "Oh, that's thrilling," she chirps. "And we don't have to pay, I can just try it?"

Ideas? Ideas about what? Muir isn't watching his mom. He's watching the ladies. The ones his age. That aren't related to him.

That's good, Muir you keep right on tuning out your mother because if Ph'rys does explain then Thea won't want you overhearing. "I knew it!" crows the Weyrwoman looking vastly relieved. Oh but then she asks the million-mark question. "Where?" Her bewilderment is genuine as she adds, "I'm so sorry I can't remember better than that your face looks quite familiar."

Garait listen and shakes his head at Idrissa, "No need to go to much trouble. If she wants something, I guess I can try for her in a little bit." He watches the interaction between the Weyrwoman and Ph'rys and just shrugs. As Datsun approaches, he decides to distract Lanai with some of the food and a quick visit with her mom.

K'irye is not, in fact, wearing his knot. He considers it a bit of a nuisance. So that wide grin on his face might really be M'ta's only clue that he's in the starcraft. And that he put the words stars in his little bit of paradise. "I am, is it that easy to tell?" The bluerider's gaze suddenly averts to the skies, watching as the first of the show begins, but it isn't long before it's back on the bronzer. "I'll guess that you are…/not/ a starcrafter. But besides that, can't seem to pin down your line of work."

Idrissa hears Datsun's voice and smiles. "Naw, I offered to do it actually." Yes, she actually offered to be social. Somewhere something is freezing over for /sure/. "Depends on the basket number, can't show you unless you get the number." She will not give up the secret of the prizes! Her gaze turns to Pia and she smiles. "Nope, everyone can have a turn. Or two." This said with a grin. "Let me get that bucket, its right over here." Look she brought it just in case, and now she will need it for sure! She is quick to get water in it, five of the smallest starfruits are put into the bucket and she goes about setting it up for the smaller children that want a turn. "Too late, it's already made Garait." She says with an amused tone as she points to the bucket.

M'ta's gaze jerks to Zahleizjah and his face splits into a broad grin, "Well met, Zahleizjah. I'm M'ta, bronze Rielth's, recently of Ierne." He gives her hand a firm shake, "You've put on quite a gathering here, I'm glad to have been able to come." He turns the same grin on K'irye and nods slightly, "I usually ride search and rescue, but Rielth and I had a bit of a run in and the dragonhealers are keeping us on transport for a few months. Only a starcrafter would emphasize the stars when mentioning their personal happy place."

Continuing in her delight, Pia pushes her hair from her face and pins her arms behind her back to give it a try — she fails the first time, somewhat clumsily, and her brother laughs at her, but her second effort (since the nice Candidate did say two!) proves more, literally, fruitful. Ph'rys smiles more gently, though it's impossible to hide at this point that he's keeping back a laugh. At least it's at the situation, and doesn't appear to actually be at Thea. "It's all right! You were a bit — indisposed, it was your Seryth's flight I was last here." Deliberately, since after that fiasco he avoided the place completely.

Datsun turns to watch the Geminids, though the Woodcrafter hasn't the faintest clue what those are but he can still appreciate the dazzling show though he can't resist asking, "Zah, what are geminids? Well, I wad personally invited by you, so how could I not come?" When the social butterfly flits off to yet someone else, Datsun shakes his head a bit at the hostess, "It's a lot of work being a hostess." He remarks to Idrissa before turning to Idrissa, " You did, eh? Well, that's good for you." Again his eyes flit to the prize baskets, choosing to watch someone else do the game instead of himself.

Kaga was doing so well for a moment. But now that all the unfamiliar faces close in she shrinks right back, shutting off a little and returning to her half-hiding state behind Maeve. At least M'ta she recognizes, and can muster up a little smile for.

Yeah, Muir did end up hearing that. And the reaction is immediate. The boy sets his plate aside and turns, his body bending over slightly. Is he going to be ill? But no, he seems to master himself just fine, but then he does what most teen boys will do when confronted with flight talk concerning your MOTHER. He leaves. Abandons his food (gasp) and makes a run for it.

Mikal keeps hovering near Zah a bit though really she seems outwardly fine so he mostly watches the show that the stars are naturally displaying. Every once in a while he does an 'ooh' 'agh' at a particular one.

K'irye smirks as he glances over to M'ta and takes a sip from his juice. "I guess that's true, gotta keep the stars close to my heart, man." Though for a moment the smirk falters at the talk of dragonhealers. "Just a few months, so nothing too serious I hope? Can't have a handsome bronze pair all banged up and doing transport all the time."

Oh, but it's good food! Muir may be leaving his behind, but Soriana's snagging a bit more before she looks a quiet spot to lean back against the wall and watch the stars! Hey, it's not her mother. She find herself passing by Maeve and Kaga, and gives them a friendly nod. "Hullo." Overhearing Maeve's comment, she adds, "Food's great."

Zahleizjah doesn't overextend herself on any conversations for too long, making sure to wander about and tend to things. The greeting being exchanged between M'ta and K'irye is coupled with their own and she graciously takes the compliments with a blush and a smile. Her head bows in thanks and she says "Same here M'ta, m'sure I'll see y'round Pern some time." AND THEN!! The Stars start pouring out of the skies with great intensity and brilliant flashes, everyone's faces are so beautifully illuminated by the falling meteors. What's even better is the night of the question is asked. "Well I'm so glad you asked Datsun.." maybe she's just in her element or something but she shares so openly and freely in this moment.

"..The Geminids are a very unique meteor shower as the only major stellar occurrence that does not originate from a comet. Instead it is caused by the object 3200 Phaethon, which is thought to be a Palladian asteroid with a "rock comet" orbit. This would make the Geminids, together with the Quadrantids, one of the slower moving showers possible.. they hail from the Gemini constellation.. hence Geminid.."

"Not too serious, no," M'ta tucks some of his rampant hair behind his ears before it starts acting up of its own volition, "Just serious enough to have my Weyrleader decide we should convalesce in Ierne. Frustrating as cracked eggs." He tilts his head back to watch the meteor shower with abject curiosity, "The stars are beautiful, I just know them more as a means of navigation than for their own value."

Kaga relaxes just a little more with Maeve providing some buffering between her and the crowd. "Well, sure. That sounds lovely. I am a little…" Then there's that flash of light. Her eyes go wide with amazement, staring up.

It takes Ph'rys' implication a few startled moments to sink in and then ohhh when it does the Weyrwoman's cheeks flame. She's just taken a bite of something nice and dry - a cracker or something. Coughing because it's stuck in her throat, she sips her drink. Thank you, Zahleizjah, it's something nice and strong albeit the kick is hidden in fruity-ness. Ice green eyes watery with her coughing, all the can manage is a strangled sort of, "I… I see. I hope I didn't do anything… untoward?" Come on, she's a grownup, she can take it! Lay it on her. Muir's abrupt departure gets a blink. Now what has come over him?

Maeve grins, and goes over to the buffet table for a few minutes while her friend is staring up at the meteor shower. Coming back with a couple of plates of food, she looks up herself, and begins to admire it just as much as everyone else.

Soriana finds herself that quiet spot, leaning against the wall (oops, there goes one of the streamers) to watch the skies explode with light. She catches a bit of Zahleizjah's explanation, but the rest is lost in the murmur of oohs, ahs, and conversation. No worry, she'll get the rest of the details later, she's sure!

K'irye has to grin to himself as he overhears Zahl's explanation, his gaze moving to her for just a brief second before the stars are commanding his attention once more. The shower brings a sort of glow to the starcrafter's face, and he lets his head fall back against the wall for support. Oh wait, he's in the middle of a conversation. K'irye looks slightly apologetic when he speaks again. "I can bet, Haneutath would go crazy doing transport. As for the stars…good for navigation, good to look at…each one's unique, got it's own story." A pause. "And seriously, shut me up if I start going off about them too long."

Most of Zah's explanation of what Geminids are goes right over Datsun's head but he manages to understand the gist. "You must've chosen the party to match with those slow moving showers." The Woodcrafter observes as the bright lights show up, turning his head up to watch better. As Idrissa gets wrapped up in her volunteering and the game, Datsun drifts over to Soriana, turning and leaning against the wall beside her and joining in on the quiet star-watching.

Idrissa chuckles and nods to Pia as she goes for another try. "Good job!" This said while she offers the girl a towel and takes hold of the fruit. "Number two!" A soft trill escapes Willow, a green firelizard seeing on the number two basket. The green hops up on the edge of the basket and Rissa points to the basket while she pulls back the blanket covering in. medium sized shells are found within, different colors, more bright blues with swirls, some with spots that look like stars, sand dollars that have a 'star' across the front, and there are at least five of the glowing shells like is in the tank. "Pick any shell you like." She hears the talk about the sky and is able to look up at it now and then. "Oh whoa.. Look at the sky guys." This is said to the children that are over at the game.

After getting some snacks for himself and the child he's babysitting, Garait scoots to a quiet corner near Idrissa just in time to see the meteor shower. He watches it as he snacks, finding it very beautiful. He does glance over to see where Zah is, but that's just a quick glance which most people would overlook.
Soriana glances briefly over when she gets that sense of a shape looming to one side of her, and gives a nod to Datsun before returning her gaze to the skies. That's what this party is about, right? "S'pretty cool, isn't it?" she says to him with her gaze still on the heavens.

"Rielth thinks it's fantastic." M'ta rolls his eyes, "He'd rather we weren't in danger and he likes meeting new people." His fingers flap dismissively as he leans more against the wall, "It's nice to hear other people's interests. Drowns out Rielth's commentary."

Zahleizjah continues on briefly with "You can see 120-160 meteors per hour out here during the peak of the show tonight.. thanks for being here everyone.." A general sentiment is shared as she raises the glass of the extremely weak drink she holds, a still tasty fruit juice mix with a quarter splash of rum. She can't tell if the Weyrwoman needs rescuing or privacy, but she waves to Muir as he departs and makes sure to send another drink Thea's way when she's done. She and K'irye could probably ramble on about the stars forever, one of these nights they'll have to nerd out again. She'll join Maeve briefly at the buffet table and help bring the food and refreshments over to Kaga. A nod is given to Datsun while gaze together briefly, then she'll head over to Idrissa to say thanks again and "Good turn out eh? The booth is a hit!!" Soriana won't be able to wallflower alone for long, Zahl taking a moment to have a deep breath and a chat with her friend. "It really turned out lovely tonight.. couldn't have done it without you.." all of you! That peak is reached and fireworks of stars continue floating across the clear night sky. Journeymen and Masters assist with telescope viewing.

"Certainly not, ma'am," Ph'rys offers in as comforting a tone as possible, smile genial, "unless you count trying to make me Weyrsecond as untoward. While I would've been honored, of course, we'd never actually spoken of my qualifications and I don't live here." His children, unlike hers, are still distracted; Pia squealing in delight and thanking Idrissa enthusiastically, then distracted by the meteors and looping her attention /back/ to the pretty shells until she picks one she likes. Phairen is still watching the meteors, temporarily forgetting the game.

Kaga forgets about her hunger for the moment, clearly captivated by the show in the night sky above. She still sticks close to Maeve for a little feeling of security. Crowds aren't her thing, but beautiful sights above keep her attention away.

K'irye snickers, "Maybe Rielth should teach Haneutath a few things. Took me ages to get him to agree to stay in the craft wing. He's more Search and rescue type. Me?" The starcrafter pauses, throwing a wink at M'ta. "I'm more the laze around the beach dreaming about stars type." He really could go on about the stars all night, and one of these days he'll catch Lei again so he can babble without feeling guilty. K'irye shifts slightly, turning so that he's angled slightly towards the bronzer. "Seems like your bronze is a talker, eh? At least he's not sharing his comments with everyone else."

Hey, it's not wallflowering when it's a meteor-viewing party as she's viewing meteors, right? Toootally. Soriana grins to Zahl as she comes by, and waves a hand dismissively. "Sure you could have. Nobody looked at the decorations beyond the first five minutes anyhow, not when there's a show like that up in the sky. But I'm glad it's going well…" Her grin widens as she adds, "And I'll even stick around to help you clean up." Now that's friendship! “-if I get a share of the leftovers as part of the deal." …or something.

Datsun glances over when Soriana comments to him, nodding, "Sure is. Another reason why I came, I figured they were bound to put on a good show." His attention turns to Zah and Soriana from the stars, raising an eyebrow to give a glance around the Observatory, "You did a nice job." He agrees with Zah to Soriana, looking over at the unknown people to watch them for a change of pace. Catching Garait for a moment, a nod of acknowledgement is given to the Beastcrafter.

Maeve grins to Zahl, thanking her wordlessly for the help, and gently presses one of the plates into Kaga's hands. "Here you go, sweetie," she says to the shy girl. "I hope you enjoy it."

Weyrsecond. She did?! Eyeing the man's shoulder as though checking for the knot, missing it perhaps she just looks perplexed. And then ohhhh man. She grins, starts chortling and then her merry laughter rings out. But she's got D'had's old knot in her desk? He must have slipped it back. "I'm Thea," she says unnecessarily, perhaps waiting to get his name, tilting her head and eyeing him shrewdly when he does give it. "Well Ph'rys, the offer still stands," she says firmly. "You can get me the qualifications later while you think of whether you'd like to relocate to Xanadu and take a salary." She names a sum that is generous and then dips her head gracefully excusing herself to go make out an order for a new Weyrsecond knot. The Weyrleader will have a surprise if he tries to knot himself a Weyrsecond, won't he? Smirksmirksmirk.

M'ta bobs a slow nod, "A big talker to me and a few others he's close to, pretty mum outside of flights otherwise. Not as social as he likes to pretend he is. Every dragon compliments their rider, I needed help opening up and enjoying life. I'm betting you need to be a little more adventurous. You done a tour on the Yoko?"

Kaga is jarred back to reality when she finds a plate in her hands, courtesy of Maeve. She looks back at the food, then over at Maeve. "Thank you very much… you're very nice to me." She nibbles a little, then looks back up at the sky. "… S'good."

Zahleizjah chooses to associate Sori's leaning with her own stifled desire to give in to her retractable nature, not that it's projected directly on to her dragonhealing turned Candie friend. "Well it sure wouldn't have been as fun.." at the offer she asks "Really?" Responding quickly before Sori can take it back "Deal!" She'll stand there, huddled near Soriana, Datsun, Maeve and Kaga her smoldering amber colored eyes sparkling as stars twinkle above. The talk of Yoko catches her ear briefly as M'ta and K'irye chat nearby. The food starts dwindling as do the meteors after a mind blowing show.. well for the Starcrafters at least, though Zahl is so stoked everyone made it and is having a good time. A few kids tear across the observatory, leaving a trail of muck and torn down decorations in their wake. The hostess is quick to get on their trail, cleaning things up and circumventing them from terrorizing any more by catching up to them and threatening to tell the Weyrnannies.

Garait smiles at Zah as she talks to Idrissa, but stays closer to the corner, not wanting to interrupt anything. He returns the nod to Datsun, but that's it. He's here to support Zah and that's about it since he seems to have his father's social skills when it comes to large groups, meaning that he speaks to a few people, but otherwise hides in plain sight.

K'irye smirks, "Probably, can't say I've done much adventuring in my life. Spent most of my life either staring at star charts or dealing with some family things before Haneu showed up." The bluerider knocks back the rest of his remaining juice, but doesn't make a move to push off the wall. "Spent a few sevendays up there, but I might head up again later…if I can tear myself away from beaches. Nothing like people in jumpsuits to make you miss seeing bathing suits. Though I'd takes stars over sand any day."

Maeve nods, as she looks up at the sky, taking a bite of a meatroll from her own plate. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" she says, then turns to briefly smile at her friend.

"I — what?" Ph'rys, whose children have both decided Idrissa is the coolest person ever and are completely wowed by the stars and thus not actually needing their dad, looks completely gobsmacked at the entire concept. And this is a man who does not get his gob smacked very easily at all. He, and not his bronzeriding father who still lives at Xanadu, is the one getting this offer? On the other hand, his father is well into his sixties. But back to the first hand: really? Did that really happen again? She's gone before he can forcibly clarify whether or not Xanadu really wants someone who hasn't ever even been a Wingleader as Weyrsecond. At least he was born there?

Kaga continues nibbling her own meatroll, smiling between bites as she looks up at the sky with most of the rest of the attendees. She glances over at Maeve just long enough to return the smile. "It really, really is." She agrees.

"Take some time and explore. Ista, Western, Igen, Telgar, wherever your wings take you. It will probably help him-" Outside, there's a brassy bronze bellow, "help him mellow." M'ta pushes up off the wall, "I'm sorry, I've got to go. A friend's green is going to rise soon. It was good meeting you, hopefully we'll see each other again and pass my renewed appreciation onto the host." He passes a quick salute, then darts off as fast as his feet can carry him.

Thea has indeed disappeared into the crowd and is there, mingling and watching that meteor shower with a cat-got-the-cream expression on her face. What's she thinking? Anyone's guess.

Zahleizjah will finally have a chance to make it back around to Garait.. she definitely hasn't been trying to avoid him or anything, but making rounds has kept her busy. "Catch any starfruits?" She'll ask the Beastcrafter, blushing slightly as she stands there in front of him, eyes shifting when they catch his gaze down to the floor for a moment and then back up to catch glimpses of his sharp features as they talk. A sidebar to Idrissa leads to two random comments "You're good with children and archery? When can we go over the basics? I'm certain I can find a way to compensate you for sharing your valuable wisdom." She'll turn to Maeve and put her arm around her friend briefly, leaning in to her and Kaga with a cheers to them both. A wave is sent towards M'ta as he departs and the Starcrafter will wander up to Thea at some point to talk about her 'turnday present' and other things.

Datsun turns back to Soriana and Zah, chuckling as the offer of help is taken up so quickly, "You might regret making that offer, Soriana. Could end up stuck here until lunch tomorrow cleaning up." A remembered thought strikes Datsun, "Oh, yeah, have you set a date for the next firelizard class yet?"

K'irye waves after M'ta before settling back against the wall to watch the stars up above. Even if they aren't falling, the starcrafter can stay like that for hours. And he probably will.
Idrissa chuckles at the children and smiles before shrugging. "Have fun you two." She glances over to catch sight of Zahle and waves to her. "So it would seem that I am good with the kids." There like little runnes, right? She ahs softly at the archery bit and coughs a moment. "Well, just let me know when and where Zahle and we're figure something out. How's that?" She'll get back into the archery bit if she needs to, and needing to teach someone is a good reason.

Idrissa chuckles at the children and smiles before shrugging. "Have fun you two." She glances over to catch sight of Zahle and waves to her. "So it would seem that I am good with the kids." There like little runners, right? She ahs softly at the archery bit and coughs a moment. "Well, just let me know when and where Zahle and we'll figure something out. How's that?" She'll get back into the archery bit if she needs to, and needing to teach someone is a good reason.

Soriana nods her agreement to that deal. Surely it can't be all that bad? So she thinks, until she sees those kids go running by. There's a brief wince, but she's in for it now! Still, that doesn't mean she has to clean up just yet, so she keeps on watching the show in the sky… with occasional glances down to her actual surroundings. "I just might," she agrees to Datsun. "But at least I'll have a tasty breakfast while I do!" …unless those kids eat it all. As for the question, she ohs. "Yeah, I was thinking… end of this week, over lunchbreak. We'll do it out at the Firelizard Theatre."

Maeve nods. "I'm glad you came with me, Kaga. It's nice to have a friend close to my age who's life isn't completely taken up with a hatchling, or their craft…" She can't help a bit of a sad expression at that last part.

I don't have any of those things." Kaga replies to Maeve, her expression shifting to something more thoughtful as she looks up at the sky. "… I'm glad I came, too. Even if it is a little… odd being around so many people." She notices Maeve's expression and looks back, concerned. "Are you okay?"

Datsun nods at Soriana's answer to his question, "I'll clear that day off my schedule, then. Stick some Apprentice with some more work that day." He responds, raising an eyebrow, "The Firelizard Theatre, eh? Expecting a show to be put on by the firelizards?" Looking over at the food and seeing the selections there, "Unless those kids eat it all up. Say, do you know any of those people?" He tilts his head towards the visitors.

Garait shakes his head at Zahl, "No, I haven't, but I really haven't been trying either." He's been trying to keep himself busy and avoid large groups after all. "This is nice Zahl, and a big turn out too." He does seem happy for her, but theres just a hint of something else in his voice that's different too.

Soriana raises one eyebrow to Datsun. "It's not going to be all day. Just something quick over lunch, and then people will go back to whatever it is they usually do with their afternoons." At least, she hopes it isn't going to be that day. As for the show, she smirks. "With that many firelizards? There's bound to be a show. The only question is how much they're going to follow the script." She just shakes her head at the mention of those kids - stay outta her snacks! - then hmms. "Nah. Or… wait, I think I might have met her once." She indicates Maeve.

Maeve shakes her head. "No… I'm all right. I'll tell you later." She manages to smile again. "But you're wrong. You DO have a friend, dear. Why else do you think I try to spend time with you?"

The only thing breaking Ph'rys' giant spell of 'what' is his kids, and they are in fact forcing him to Pay Attention to the Sky, Look Dad, and so he does — until, instead, they're talking about Pia's pretty shell, and how Phairen was too scared to try it or something, and /that/ is the point where they finally get some food. His kids, at least, are not eating it all? Just a tiny little bit!

Kaga grins a little more at Maeve. "Thank you. I'm… very glad to have you as my friend. You've been very nice to me." That simple sentiment offered, she finishes her meatroll and sets her plate aside on the nearest surface, staring up at the sky again.

Datsun shrugs at Soriana, "That's okay, it's a good excuse for me, anyway. I'll tell my Apprentices that it's good character building." He smiles at that, "Sounds like it's going to be entertaining at least. It's out of the way too, so I doubt the firelizards'll get into any serious trouble." Back to the subject of the visitors, "Yeah? Did you notice how they're all sticking together and Xanadu folk are sticking together? Except for the Leaders and the hostess."

Zahleizjah giggles nervously talking to Garait, one foot smooshing absolutely nothing as a nervous habit. "Well m'really glad you could make it.. Still have time for that dance?" The entertainment has made many crescendos and decrescendos all sorts of wonderful musical acts, spoken word and a variety of talent. If the time is there, she'll definitely dance, even with the looming fear of how awkward it will most likely be. There are a lot of distractions that call for Zahl's attention, things start running out, the shooting stars are more and more sparse, once the song is over she must depart. "Another lesson at the theater this time would be awesome!" is agreed with Datsun as she thoroughly enjoys Soriana-knowledge sharing time! She'll approach Maeve and Kaga again and ask "How is your evening lovely ladies?" with a sly unusual smile for Zah.

Soriana nods to Zahleizjah with a bit of a smile, but then she frowns slightly as Datsun talks about building that apprentice character, remaining silent on it. The out of the way-ness of the location was the primary selling point for her, so she gives a fractional nod to that part, though her silence continues though to when he's talking about the strangers once more. "Are they? Didn't seem like it to me." She shrugs slightly, and raises her gaze to the stars once more.

Maeve looks down from skygazing, and turns to Zahl. "Well, I can't speak for Kaga, but I'm having a wonderful time, although I admit I feel more than a little out of place. You and Kaga are the only ones I know…" She glances at Kaga again, then back to their hostess. "I guess I really should get around, and mingle…get to know some of the others here."

Garait nods at Zah then, smiling, "If you want to dance, we'll dance, but I know you're busy tonight." And quickly she off doing things again, and he settles where he is again, eating a few more bites.
Kaga gives Zahl a little smile, shyness returning. "The meteors were really lovely… I'm sorry, I'm just… not used to being around so many people." She admits, just a touch embarrassed. Maeve's suggestion earns a little nod. "You go ahead. I think I'd like to… get out of the crowd for a little bit. Come find me after, okay?" She asks, shrinking back with an apologetic smile.

Datsun looks over at Soriana at her silence, "Did I say something to offend you?" The Woodcrafter waits for an answer from the Candidate, a puzzled expression on his face. Deciding that maybe it's best to leave her alone, the Woodcrafter steps away from the wall, heading over in Maeve's direction. Upon reaching her, he presents himself, "Hello there, I'm Datsun, Journeyman Woodcrafter of Xanadu."
Idrissa lets someone else take over the bobbing for starfruit game for a bit and is off to find some food and drink of her own, and perhaps just perhaps get into a conversation. A mug of cider is picked up and she soon moves on to where Soriana and the ones she is talking to happen to bed. "Hey guys." She offers while sipping at that mug of cider.

Xanadu is such a wonderful place and as the night slips away the beautiful void of cloudless skies sparkles with starlight and the late rising moons that finally make their appearance, full, as the encore to the show. Zahl is starting to wrap things up where she can, clearing cleaning, reorganizing etc, etc.. the process is at least beginning. She doesn't catch any of Soriana and Datsun's convo as she chats with Maeve and Kaga. She will confess to them quietly "Me neither.. in fact this is my first time ever doing something like this." Group settings are definitely not Zahl's thing. Eventually she will approach Ph'rys with a smile, maybe slightly aloof, and it's definitely not a pick up line but she will say "Welcome to Xanadu and thanks for attending.." knowing he's busy doing the responsible parent thing.

Maeve nods, and hugs her friend, then turns to Dastun. "It's nice to meet you, Sir. I'm Maeve, Dolphincraft Senior Apprentice from Eastern. Thank you, and everyone here at Xanadu for inviting us to join you…"

"They're your apprentices, not your servants," Soriana says to Datsun, and then she turns away too as he heads to greet Maeve, nodding to Idrissa along the way. "Hey. Seems like the game was a big hit," she says with a tilt of her head back toward it, and then she slips away from the wall to start doing some of that picking up as well. The more she does now, the less she'll have to do later, right? Right. And, hey, she can say hello to people as she does it, too.

Datsun shakes his head, "I didn't have anything to do with any of this, it was all Zah's, Idrissa's and Soriana's work." He answers Maeve with a smile. Soriana gets a look before deciding not to start anything with her, instead turning back to Maeve. "Dolphincraft? I just met a dolphin myself for the first time a couple of days ago. It was an interesting experience. I didn't realize they were so playful and intelligent."

Zahleizjah bobbles about with Soriana picking up streamers and confetti, cups and plates, garbage, gum and other random finds alike. There might be some treasures floating about, which Zahl will take to every person she crosses to see if they've lost any of their belongings. She'll stop and chat with Datsun and Maeve reassuring "Datsun.. and Maeve.. all of you were such an essential part of this star-struck night. Thank you for coming it wouldn't have been the same without you.." and a bummer of party was maybe what the closet pessimist expected ".. the harpers have a few more sets and you're welcome to stay until the alcohol is dry." Things will wrap up with as much whirlwind fanfare as there was leading up to it. All in all, the Gala was a great success drawing a fantastic bunch of people together from various corners across Pern.

It won't be long before the Starcrafter is making rounds, doing some more sweeps and getting ready to retire, knowing event management will take care of the stragglers and that she'll have a whole extra round of cleaning to do earrrrlllyyy in the morning before craft duties and chores… This will probably happen after hiding underneath her blankets, in that cot in the back by Soriana, quietly attempting to refrain from sobbing her depleted introvert self to sleep.. again. Zahl also gives Idrissa a big hug on the way out and sees if she can do anything to help before she goes.

Datsun glances around when Maeve seems distracted. "Well, it was nice to meet you anyway." As Zah comes by, there's a nod and smile for the Starcrafter, "Sure, you did a great job, by the way." When she's gone off again, the Woodcrafter turns, heading towards the exit. He's had a long day at the Woodcraft Shop and he's ready to hit the cot and his pillow, disappearing into the darkness outside

Garait moves to leave as well, and return his young charge home, "If you need help cleaning, let me know and I'll return shortly."

Maeve is actually one of the last ones left, and stays to help Zahl and Soriana with the cleanup. No one can ever accuse the dolphincrafter girl of not being helpful…

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