Lesson Plans (Soriana is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

The latest summer storm that swept through Xanadu was a fairly mild one, mostly rain instead of wind, so there's little damage left after its passing. What it did seem to leave behind was a touch of chill on the breezes, a reminder that the summer this Weyr has been enjoying is not going to last forever. Soriana is still dressed in her summer clothing as she emerges from the dragonhealer's annex, a short-sleeved tunic and light pants, and she stretches just outside the building before glancing up to the midafternoon sun. "Huh. Early today," she mutters, and after a glance to the craft complex, she instead starts off across the clearing toward the meadow, picking up a few stray sticks as she goes.

Mild or wicked ones, it's not so much the storms themselves that concern one greenriding pair but the chill that comes on the breeze later. Usually about the Weyrling barracks at this hour, Anoryn is instead venturing down from the pathways leading to the forest and where her private quarters are tucked up and hidden away. She walks with a bit of stiffness to her steps, dressed in some casual clothes of a simple short sleeved tunic and a pair of cargo pants and muttering to herself about the inconvenience of storms. The assistant Weyrlingmaster must be off duty this afternoon or the Weyrlings are currently not needing her presence. Rysith makes her arrival in a low, circling glide that has her settling nearby and the aged green takes her time in folding her wings. Anoryn's path begins to intersect with Soriana's and curiosity draws her from her thoughts, "You're bound to be up to that all day at this rate," she muses dryly as she observes the other in her task.

The comings and goings of dragons are a common occurence around here, and Rysith's glide is subtler than most. No gust of wind. So, Soriana doesn't pay dragon or rider much mind, just a glance and then another stick picked up. At the words, she looks up at Anoryn, and laughs. "I would. Lucky for me, I get to stop before the job's done. All I'm trying to get is something for the kindling bucket in exchange for one of my sweaters. I've got this funny feeling like I'm going to want it later tonight." She glances up at the sky as the sun edges past one of the small clouds left behind, then back down with a crooked grin.

Rysith does prefer to be subtle indeed and the aged green does not so much as even warble or make much known of her presence beyond settling as close to the trees as she can and at an angle that she can best observe the coming and goings in what sun there may be. Anoryn's smile broadens, her manner easy going as Soriana laughs. "An exchange, eh?" she says in a voice a bit gruffer than most would expect for a woman, "And no doubt about the need for sweaters once the sun is gone. So stick gathering is not your main task to-do, then? Pity. I'd have hired you to clear around my weyr. Downside to being located in the heart of the woods. Sticks everywhere and plenty of tree-needles to go with it." With a smirk, she attempts to sneak a glance then at the other girl's knot as she looks up at the sky but if she's caught sneaking that peek, Anoryn won't seem abashed about it.

Not that Soriana couldn't just waltz in and take the sweater without the slightest bit of exchange, but somewhere or other, she's picked up the habit of being useful. Besides, the warm fire that kindling will make once it dries is also something she can appreciate. She gives her her head a shake about that stick-gathering, and her knot shows what her main task must be, for it's that of a junior dragonhealer. "I'm helping the Harpers tonight, so I'll likely be late," she says as her attention returns to Anoryn. And there's her secondary task, so stick gathering must be tertiary at best. "Ooh, out in the woods? You'd want an entire wing's worth of helpers to get that done."

Nothing wrong with that habit at all and likely a desirable trait! Anoryn's eyes haven't failed her yet in her age and she recognizes the knot that Soriana wears and recognizes it well. "So what does a junior dragonhealer have to help with the Harpers? If you don't mind a nosey greenrider asking?" she drawls with a dry chuckle. Humor her perhaps? It seems to be the hint, in any case for the odd conversation at hand. Perhaps she is curious for all these tasks upon tasks the girl seems to have set for herself. Quirking a brow for her comment, Anoryn then laughs, gruff and brief for it. "Good suggestion! Maybe I'll put those Weyrling's to some use. Somehow claim it educational to their benefit…" She frowns thoughtfully then, only to shrug her shoulders and spread her hands out in an almost dismissive gesture to that thought. "But that is only asking for more trouble, no doubt. So best do it simple and do it myself, I suppose."

What, indeed? Soriana winces a little at the question, and then one corner of her mouth quirks up. "Whatever they tell me to," she says. There's a bit of a wry grin now, and she moves on to an actual explanation. "They let us use their practice hall for a firelizard class. Things got a little out of hand. So… since I was the one teaching the class, I'm the one doing chores for them this sevenday." She shrugs, as if the whole thing's not really worth spending more thought than necessary on, then hehs. "Well… I'm supposed to teach another firelizard class. I could try showing them how to fetch sticks." A pause. Didn't she just finish saying how firelizards can get out of hand? "…but maybe it'd be safer doing it yourself, yeah."

Tact is not in Anoryn's vocabulary it seems this mid-afternoon. "I suppose that would be a wise course of action," she muses again with just enough sarcasm not to be overly rude about it and followed by another chuckle and such a broad smile to take the edge away. "Ahh, I see! A firelizard class, eh? Rather brave to tackle such a project. Not surprised if it got a bit out of hand… young firelizards or untrained? Or a combination?" She asks, while giving Soriana a curious look for the shrug. Seems the greenrider is intrigued enough! At the idea put forth for the next class, Anoryn's smile turns a little more serious, though still quite bemused. "Oh, I'd not discount that so fast. A lesson on teaching them to do a basic task like that could be useful. Not so much for fetching sticks but fetching… anything, really! Provided none are taught to be any more a thief than some of them can be." Okay, so maybe /not/ so good an idea. "What had you come up with the idea of the classes to start?" Anoryn asks instead, abrupt or awkward though it may be.

"A combination," Soriana says, then the corner of her mouth twists back as she adds, "And just plain willful ones." Oh, firelizards. "The class was supposed to just be on how to take care of them." Which probably made it worse, because the firelizards had a chance to get bored. Lesson (hopefully) learned. "If they're fetching sticks for their humans, though… people wanted hunting lessons, and fetching'd be a start. It'd teach the humans to focus on an object clear enough for the firelizard to tell. And then maybe a ball to pounce on, like you do with the weyrlings." She inclines her head toward Anoryn, then shrugs. "It wasn't really my idea. Someone was complaining about firelizards not being cared for, I guess, and C'per said there should be a class… but then everyone else at the Annex was too busy, so I did it." A pause. "And then people wanted hunting lessons, and my brown's a good hunter, so… I volunteered." She has a slightly rueful expression.

Anoryn gives a knowing snort for Soriana's remark on 'plain willful ones'. Oh firelizards, indeed! She nods her head thoughtfully though as she willingly goes on to explain, mouth quirking again into another slight smirk as a few more ideas are tossed forth. "The care is pretty basic, really. Didn't think we had so many here so gung-ho to have a hunting firelizard. But if it's being sought and you've agreed to teach well… I'd start with your idea for fetching. Build a bond." she explains and as she does she casually bends down to pick up a small stick but only to idly play with it between her fingers. "Then move on to pouncing," she agrees with an emphasizing point of the stick and a crooked grin. "Just like the Weyrlings, yes." At her rueful expression, Anoryn only gives her another long look that borders on studious. "Even if not your idea, at least you had the heart to volunteer. It's no easy thing to lead a class. Especially one with the students being untrained or bored firelizards." she points out with a chuckle. Rysith has been lounging quietly all this time, but with the talk venturing to hunting and youth, the green has now begun to look their way, intrigued though silent about it.

Soriana gives a nod of agreement about the care. So basic, in fact, that a grade one dragonhealer was considered sufficiently qualified to teach it. Her attention is firmly on Anoryn as the AWLM critiques her lesson plan, because while Soriana may be acquiring theoretical knowledge, Anoryn has a great deal of practical knowledge, at least when it comes to firelizards' larger cousins. She nods, then gives a little laugh along with Anoryn's chuckle. "Well… one of the troublemakers was mine, too," she admits. "My gold. She's… willful." Also a number of other adjectives, not all of them complimentary. "Teaching was… I wasn't ready for it. But it seemed to go okay… trouble aside." Soriana frowns briefly, then hehs. "They asked for more, anyhow, so it must've been okay." Engaged in conversation, she doesn't notice Rysith.

Anoryn does have a great deal of practical knowledge, from her stints as an assistant Weyrlingmaster and her work as a Beastcrafter when not occupied with the first duty. Though her understandings lie more with runners, one doesn't live almost forty seven Turns with dragons and firelizards not to pick up something (or a dozen more) along the way. Not that she'll toot her own horn, but Soriana's kicked up the teacher-side of the greenrider. Her critiquing comes almost of unconcsious habit. "Mhm, golds can be willful and a lot of things. One thing to watch is to never assume the stereotypes to colors. Same applies to the dragons, really." she remarks off handedly, before giving her a look that seems almost sympathetic and understanding. "A lot comes in life that catches you off guard. Teaching is tricky, but with folk seeking more I'd say you must have done something right amidst all the trouble…" Anoryn muses, grinning as she more or less agrees with Soriana's final comment. Rysith does not mind going unnoticed. In fact, it suits the green just splendidly as she quietly stretches and prowls forwards, just enough to extend her foreleg until the talons "pin" Soriana's shadow if there is one to pin. If not, she will settle for simply sneaking up behind as much as a green dragon can sneak. /Now/ she'll rumble, low and much like the sound of gravel being rolled about. Anoryn's gaze suddenly drifts from Soriana to gaze behind her, eyes unfocused and yet not but no explanation comes right away.

Soriana nods about stereotypes, though there's a little quirk of her lips. One of the things about lessons is that sometimes, they cover the same ground more than once. Especially when some of the teachings are impromptu and so the teachers don't actually coordinate with each other. "There were plenty in that class that had the same color but different reactions," she says, her tone respectful - though an experienced teacher will likely also hear the 'I already know that' part of it. Still, that's only a small part, because it was only a small repeat. Not nearly long enough for her to look away and notice Rysith sneaking up behind her. The midafternoon sun has emerged from clouds to make a fairly good shadow, easily pounced… if perhaps not so easily kept. Soriana smiles as Anoryn agrees with her, and nods a little. "Next time maybe nothing will go wrong." She considers a moment, then hehs. "Or at least something different." Let's not be overly optimistic here. As Rysith rumbles, Soriana turns to look up at her, blinking as she finds the green suddenly rather closer. That's about all the surprise she shows before nodding politely to the green. "Hullo."

Anoryn picks up that little undertone in Soriana's reply, but holds her tongue. She's not here to be overly corrective on the girl, especially since it appears to the greenrider that she was given these classes rather abrupt and sudden. Mistakes will happen and ironically even teachers have to learn and grow too. "Expect anything," Anoryn offers as one last piece of advice to the junior dragonhealer turned firelizard instructor of-sorts. "And then there may not be so many nasty surprises." Rysith is there then, with the shadow-Soriana pinned under her talons when the sun is strong enough to show it, but the aged green does not crowd further on them. Once Anoryn has met her lifemate's whirling eyes, there is a quiet understanding and the aged green only tilts her head silently to Soriana's greeting and with a low huff, lumbers back to her spot. "Don't mind her. She's a little, ah — brisk." Anoryn admits with a lopsided smile and a bit of a sheepish shrug of her shoulders. "And once more she leaves me entirely as messenger," she adds in a quieter cryptic remark. With a shake of her head, she reaches into one of her pockets and pulls out a neatly folded white knot, which is then held out with little fanfare or hesitation. But it's there — as abrupt and sudden as their conversation begun. "Seems your talk of lessons and teaching, among other things has Rysith and I in agreement… The offer, of course, is if you'd wish to Stand as a Candidate for Sahazyth and Orionth's clutch." And she hasn't even asked the poor girl her name yet!

Oh, is that all it takes? Expect anything, and then you won't be surprised? Soriana smiles slightly as she nods. "Well, I'll try." Having grown up around dragons and then turned dragonhealer, the girl's not one to be concerned by having one looming… nor surprised that the green wanders off again. Sori's greetings are there to be polite, not because she actually expects them to be answered, so she simply smiles and nods to Anoryn's comment on the brusqueness, then tilts her head at the puzzling comment that follows. She's obviously curious, but doesn't actually ask. Her gaze drops to the offered knot, and raised among dragons, she certainly knows what it means. There's a smile, and she looks up to Anoryn's face once more as the greenrider speaks, then reaches to take the knot with just as little hesitation. "I would," she says as the smile creeps toward outright grin. "And I'll be sure to pay attention to how candidate lessons are taught. Maybe that'll help when it comes to teaching mine."

In a nutshell! Anoryn keeps her broad smile in place and if she's impressed or surprised by Soriana's lack of hesitation, it doesn't show. The greenrider does look rather amused and pleased though, allowing the knot to pass from her hand to the dragonhealer's without protest. "Couldn't hurt!" she says with a low laugh, "And there will be plenty of lessons to come then. Not all planned, either. Keep that in mind as well and take this as the learning and growing experience it is. No matter the outcome." Satisfied, she then cocks her head a bit to the side and her gaze focuses again on Soriana for a few heartbeats only for her to then clear her throat. "Well, now… I went and did a few things backwards. What's your name? Suppose I should have asked that long ago, so pardon my lack of manners or common sense." she drawls, "And any questions now that you've accepted your place in Candidacy? There's the rules too." All the fun fine print that comes with that little white knot!

Learning and growing… check! Soriana nods, not bothering to try to hide her grin. She's already reaching for her shoulder to change out knots when the question makes her fingers pause, and she laughs. "Oh. I'm Soriana." The hand lifts to give a salute that'd be acceptably formal if she weren't also grinning. That's another of the things you pick up around a Weyr. She nods at the mention of rules. "No drinking, no fighting, no pregnancy, no leaving without a rider escort," she recites, then pauses. "Right?" They might've changed since she was a candidate for Yumeth's ill-fated clutch, after all. "Oh! Are we allowed to do craft work for chores?" She seems to recall something like that, but… last time, it wasn't relevant.

Anoryn respectfully dips her head to Soriana's acceptably formal salute. Grin or not, the gesture still stands! "Well met then, if belated. Anoryn and rider of green Rysith and pleasure to cross paths with you." The greenrider then quirks a brow as she lists off the rules and after pinning her with a lingering look she breaks into a wide grin and she chuckles heartily, "Well, aren't you just a constant source of surprises! So. Not your first Candidacy then, Soriana?" Obviously, but Anoryn does seem relieved that the girl knows the rules and better yet /remembers/ them. No mention of the clutch she stood for, but the greenrider likely did some hasty math and could make a few assumptions. "You listed them all correctly, yes. Since you're a dragonhealer too, best stick to any of the rules imposed by that as well. You can stick to your craft work too. Only thing frowned upon is idleness. Keep busy and you won't be pinned for chores and that's about it. All common sense, really." Easy peasy!

"Well met," Soriana agrees, though she'd probably claim to have gotten the better side of this meeting. After all, she's the one who got both advice on her lessons plans and a new knot! Anoryn just got… well, to be a messenger of her dragon? Something like that, anyhow. "No ma'am," she agrees, though she still doesn't name the clutch. It's all there in the record books if Anoryn chooses to go look, and perhaps not much of a surprise that Soriana was asked to stand when it was her mother's dragon on the sands. She nods to the confirmation about the rules, then hehs. "Keeping busy shouldn't be a problem." There's dragonhealing, chores ith the Harpers (though those will be done soon), teaching firelizard classes, picking up sticks… and now, Candidacy on top of it. "I'll tell Fallian. Hopefully the schedule still works." If not, the Annex schedule will have to be adjusted again, and Fallian probably won't be happy. Not that the thought is enough to make the young dragonhealer stop grinning.

Anoryn got to fulfill an age old tradition too! She's been a rider many Turns and a Searchrider just as long for too many clutches to count. But it never grows dull and she's always curious to see what the dragons haul in, her own Rysith among them and so far Soriana has her quite intrigued. "I didn't think so," she muses over the girl's reassurances for keeping busy. She's already proven to be a master multi-tasker to the assistant Weyrlingmaster. "Oh, things always do find a way to work themselves out. So I suppose then I won't have to guide you to the barracks and all, seeing as you should know the way. I best be going to check on those Weyrlings and being sure they haven't overwhelmed the other assistants. Congrats to you, Soriana and perhaps we'll cross paths again." Anoryn straightens then, the stick from earlier still held in hand and her easy going smile back in place as she gives another nod to the newly-knotted Candidate. "Anything more you need?" she asks again, lingering to be certain nothing was overlooked.

"Oh, yes, I know the way," says Soriana with a laugh. And, hey, now she'll be conveniently close to her primary job! Maybe that'll help make it up to Fallian if the schedule has to be adjusted. Anytime when an extra hand is needed, Soriana will be right there, ready to boil syringes or make more klah. How… convenient. As for the two of them meetings again… "Perhaps so!" says Soriana with undeniable hope, then shakes her head. "No, I don't think so. Thank you!" She grins, and then she's ready to head off again and pick up… well, rather more than just a sweater. She's got moving-in to do!

Anoryn chuckles deeply and heartily again and dips her head again to Soriana's thanks, "You're welcome!" she offers back, that easy going smile slipping more to a grin. No doubt the greenrider will be about the Weyr, but for now she has her duties and she'll leave the girl to her moving-in. As she turns to walk away, the greenrider turns her head just enough to call over her shoulder and lift a hand in a half-wave of farewell. "Take care and good luck with the lessons and all to come ahead!" With that she is gone, her pace brisk despite the lingering stiffness in her stride. Rysith will remain in the clearing, but the aged green has long drifted off to a light sleep where she's chosen to settle.

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