Xanadu Obstacle Games

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on two sides. Toward the southwest, a spire stretches up to high above where the ever-present watchdragon sits on a lonely peak with Xanadu's Starstones. A massive rocky spur extends to the north, curved slightly to hold the clearing and pocked with doors and windows.
The hatching arena and Dragonhealers' Annex sit to the southeast, built together into a single complex that takes up a large portion of the perimeter beneath its domed roof. To the southwest, wide steps lead up to the caverns, and almost directly south is the entrance to the Infirmary. Nestled between the infirmary and the main caverns there's a human-sized archway with frequent traffic - it leads to the Wanderin' Wherry Tavern.
Tucked near the arch, just off to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Wildflower Boutique'. Windows have been cut along the cliff in various places along the cliff. Those of the administrative offices are placed to have the best view of Xanadu's airspace - to the southwest, over the entrance to the caverns and the infirmary. Others mark the dormitories and those of lucky residents, while toward the northern edge of that spur cluster the windows and entrances to the crafters' complex.
The rest of the Weyr lies to the north and east - a broad road that leads through the meadow and the trees of the forest beyond. At the far northern edge of the clearing, just inside the perimeter kept clear of trees, a clock tower sits and proudly displays the hour.

Late summer is always nice at Xanadu. The heat has been slowly decreasing but is warm enough to keep sweaters away until the late evening. But for now, the freshness of sunset is not what's keeping people busy. The clearing has been decorated for the occasion. Colored banners have been placed almost everywhere possible (Starstones, Clock Tower, Cavern entrance?)

But what's attracting the look more than all the floating banners with all the six Weyrs badges hanging, is the course that has been set. On obstacle course obviously. Two sturdy wooden posts mark the start. But oddly enough, there are piles of rolled up ropes just inches before the starting line. E'tan is here, hanging against one of the posts, a large smile splitting his face in two as he watches people gathering.

Kera is one of those people gather. Her duties done for the time being and dressed for the occasion, which is probably gonna be a muddy messy one, she moves through the crowd, stopping a couple of times to speak with someone before moving on. Her feet take her towards the post, eyeing the coils of rope curiously before spotting the Weyrleader. A slight shake of her head, still getting used to that recent change in events, Kera sends him a wave "G'day Weyrleader." Stretching on her toes trying to eye the course "Hope there are no serious injuries today."

C'rus is just arriving on the scene, having made time in his day to attend the event. Especially since he knows his weyrmate will be competing as well. It is something that you don't skip out on. He hears her voice and sees her making her way toward the place where Tani is standing and also makes his way toward that place as well, "Afternoon." he says to him with a smile. He grins over to Kera, "Afternoon to you too." he says as he tries to reach an arm around her, "How are you both doing?" he asks. He too is dressed for the occasion, certainly more appropriately dressed than he was during the impromptu mud wrestling that took place at Fort last festival.

Monaco seems to be making an appearance today, and unfortunately for Xanadu it's their youngest Junior that arrives. Fuerioth gives a bugle of greeting as she arrives, though it's more out of obligation than anything. The gold has been in a terrible mood of late, so once Reya has been dropped off she wings up to a more secluded spot. The junior herself seems to be in a fairy chipper mood for now. She isn't drunk, which is a plus. But at the sight of the small group she moves over and raises a hand to wave. "Hey!"

Obviously not large enough to obscure the view on the course, Tani tries his best to attract attention on him, fighting back a chuckle. Forgetting the recent additional weigth on his right shoulder he seems to be seventeen again. And to be totally honest those days are not that far for him. "Good day everyone!" He manages to call, voluntarily raising his voice. "Kera." he adds nodding and again at C'rus as he appears. Reya gets a touch wider smile. "Welcome to Xanadu on that fine day. As you've heard the Weyr games have begun and now is the time to suff…err….to have fun. As you may have already noticed there are piles of ropes here." With a single step aside he points at those with one extended arm. Catching some worried glances he can't help but chuckle now. "The race will be a team race! Each team made of two people minimum and tied together at the waist." Does he cackle now?

Kera 's gaze drifts over the growing crowds, watching a group of young weyrbrats moving quickly away from the living caverns with their stolen sweet treats. Grinning at their antics C'rus spotted and she returns the hug when he gets close enough. "Ah, didn't expect to see you here yet, thought you had duties at Fort still." Giving her weyrmate another hug, she turns at Reya voice and dips her head politely towards the visiting Weyrwoman. "Welcome to Xanadu's games Weyrwoman ." Then Tani speaks up again and she's eyeing the ropes. "How many are allowed in a team?"

C'rus couldn't be happier getting hugs! After all who doesn't like hugs? "Nahh. I was able to move things around. It's pretty quiet over there these days. People are behaving themselves." he explains before he breaks the hug and offers a greeting to the woman that he had met the other evening. Well…at least sorta kinda met. He offers her a salute, "Ma'am." After greeting the woman properly he is able to turn his attention back toward Tani who will likely be providing the answer to Kera's very good question.

"Ah, you guys can just call me Reya." Monaco's Junior quickly waves off the formalities from the group. She's certainly not providing any to E'tan, poor guy! Instead she looks at the ropes and picks on up. It's tossed between both hands before a wicked sort of gleam comes into her eyes. That never bodes well, never. "Tied together at the waist, not the legs? What's the course like?" The rider cranes her head, glancing around. She may not have a partner yet, but it's certain that she'll forcefully drag some poor soul into it if she has to!

"Two minimun, Kera…" E'tan starts to reply, mischief glittering in his blue eyes. "…and no maximum. But as it's a Weyr game, each team will have to choose for what Weyr they want to race." He's now eyeing the couple, still grinning toothily. "I don't see any problem for you two to team up but it'll be fort Fort or Xanadu. Not both." Now Reya's question almost makes him burst out laughing. Raising a finger upward, he begins. "Oh but you will soon real…."

"…that you will need your legs you old lady." a particularly bold weyrbrat cuts the Weyrleader's speech with a snort. Benraam moves fast and grabs the other end of Reya's rope and starts to wrap it around his waist. "Done that before. Ayup." Looks like it's not a day to remember formalities, but then, no one seems to care. Not Tani tho.

Kera barely refrains from sticking her tongue out at Tani cheeky quip, just snorting in amusement instead and nodding. Reya is quickly claimed by the Benraam the Bold, Kera chuckling as he wraps the visiting queenrider's rope around his own waist. Taking up the rope, she darts glances around to the other forming teams, then to Benraam and other young weyrbrats. Finally she nudges C'rus with her elbow and points to the trio of kids nibbling on stolen sweets. Thankfully, the one she recognizes from the group is the least stickiest. "Hey Daved, wanna be on our team?" Looking back to C'rus. "We can tie the middle bit around him, then the ends to us."

C'rus has never been one to worry about formalities anyway, "Nice to see you again then Reya." he says as he watches one of the younger folks 'claim' her as a team member. He just nods his head and smiles, "Ok. That's works." he says before looking to Tani as he explains that they have to race for either Fort or Xanadu. This causes him to look at his weyrmate, "We'll figure it out." he says in regards to that issue. When she indicates one of the less sticky children nods in agreement once more, "That should work just fine."

"Old lady?" Reya rounds on the weyrbrat, a wicked grin splitting her feature. She leans over, giving the boy's ears a playful tug. "We'll just see who's old. 2 marks says that I find this obstacle course easier than you do." Reya: The Junior that makes bets with children. She's a shining example for children everywhere. She's more than happy to have Benraam on her team and soon part of the rope is quickly being tied about her waist.

They're late! They're late, for a very important… event? Better late than never, but Kiena will arrive looking a touch flustered with two girls roughly nine Turns of age (and just freshly so too!). The bluerider is dressed in her lighter but rougher clothing, some of her Ierne style meant for tromping through jungle and her hair is trussed into a tight but messy bun. Some of the braids, still sporting their carved beads, have escaped and frame the side of her face. "Looks like we just made it in time," she exhales with a reassuring grin to her daughters. Ezzie looks excited — too excited and that may be why Kiena is keeping a firm hold on the girl's shoulder despite the muttered complaints. Ellie is excited too but a bit more reserved than her sister. "It's a team race?" she speaks up, "I think so." Kiena answers distractedly as she lifts a hand up to wave to those she recognizes. "We too late?" she calls out.

There's more than one late bluerider arrival, apparently. Praela is the second, and the young woman appears to be aiming dark glares over her shoulder as she stalks in from the direction of the meadow. And what are those poisonous looks aimed at? Why, none other than Xanadu's Weyrwoman, who follows after with a lazy saunter looking smugly pleased with herself. "But I'll get dirty," is her shrill complaint, to which the Weyrwoman just shrugs. With a 'friendly' pat on the back that's more like a shove, Innes sends the bluerider to join those near the starting line and wanders her way over to E'tan. Oh yes, she's pleased with herself today.

E'tan is still resting against the post, arms crossed over his chest. Unlike the others, he's wearing a fine green shirt with firelizards embroidery. Maybe that explains the stupidly large smile he keeps displaying since the gathering. Oh well, since he woke up to be more precise. "No, not at all late, Kiena." he calls, now waving a hand at the bluerider and her daughters. "You….are…..just….in…..time….." he very slowly adds, his attention now on Praela and Innes, his head turning to focus his gaze on their arrival. "I think we can call it ready to start, Ma'am." And that's adressed to the approaching Innes. It would really contrast with the cheerful atmosphere if he wouldn't use that teasing tone.

Benraam snorts again, the youngster tugging at the rope as Reya tugs on his ear. "If you wanna lose your money…I'm game. But try not to slow me." he adds, lifting a brow at the Monaco junior. Benraam the Bold and maybe the boldest!

~~ OBSTACLE #1 ~~
Once set and ready to race, the course itself is slowly revealed. First, beams has been placed in parallels lines. The height is ridiculously low but the voluntarily sodden ground underneath should make things interesting….and sloppy!

Kera crouches down and works to tie the rope around young Daved, sending waves to people still arriving as she works. "Since we're on Daved's team, we should sign up under the Xanadu banner." YEA!" the young weyrbrats seconds her words. It's impossible to miss the screechy tones that proceed Praela, causing the greeny to stand and peer around. Just in time to see Innes 'helping' the annoying woman to the starting line. She couldn't keep the smile from her face if she tried and quickly sends two thumbs up to her Weyrwoman. "Oh, this is gonna be more fun than I thought." Flashing a wicked grin, she looks to C'rus "I'm glad I wore my mud kickers for this." Chuckling not so innocently, she coruches back down and starts plot…er whispering with young Daved, pointing towards Prissy Praela a few times.

Mur'dah meanders slowly along a few minutes behind Kiena. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to make it, what with Kalsuoth still healing from his wing injury, but it seems like now he's here and he drifts over towards his weyrmate and her girls. "Hey."

Never let it be said that C'rus was unable to compromise! "Alright. We will race for Xanadu then." he leans a bit closer to Kera, "But you owe me a favor then!" he says with a wide grin on his face. Not that he probably will ever make use of it. He too has his attention drawn to the woman that appears to be here unwillingly. He looks from Praela, to Innes, and back to Kera. He's heard the Praela stories, but it seems today will be the moment when he gets to put a face to a name, "Well. Yeah…" he says, "Sure." he says to her. It seems Kera has plans for this event that he is not in the loop with.

Kiena looks relieved both for E'tan's answer and the arrival of Mur'dah. Wonderful! "Hey, we made it! You going to race? Jays, Ezzie — wait, will you?" she grumbles at her daughter when the girl pulls impatiently at her arm. Hurry up already! With a long suffering sigh, the blue rider's next look is almost pleading. "You wanna take Eliana? Or you want the spitfire here?" Meaning Ezzie, who is glowering at them both and pouting. "Come on. We better go find some rope." Oh joy? Maybe Kiena's tempted to go tie her unruly daughter to a tree somewhere… but currently there are too many witnesses. Praela's screeching is met with a grimace and wince, but she'll use that time to murmur low to Mur'dah. "Holding up okay?"

Reya is not exactly the most well-mannered Junior, so when more riders arrive and Innes as well…the Monaco Junior lifts a hand to wave in a rather friendly manner. She'll even tip an invisible cap. Fi can yell at her later! For now, she'll smirk down at the weyrbrat who has forced himself onto her team. "We'll see who slows down who! And no complaining along the way either, last thing we need is a whiner!"

Mur'dah looks surprised. "What, me, race? Uh…" Well there /are/ two girls there and only one of Kiena. "Sure…I can race…" But he doesn't look like he's going to be all that good at it.

Praela wanders among those at the starting line, sulking and scowling and shooting glares in Innes' direction… right up until she stumbles into the path of Xha'il. Then it's all simpering smiles and batted eyelashes for the benefit of the brownrider. The poor man appears overwhelmed (and woefully uneducated in Praela's ways), and shortly agrees to be tied to the preening bluerider. Although she complains loudly that, "It's so scratchy!" the rope is soon tied around her, securing her to Xha'il. Maybe he'll be a dashing hero and carry her across that nasty stuff beneath those beams. Ick!

Innes' smug smile doesn't fade as she takes her place next to E'tan, arching a brow in greeting. This one moment, this chance to watch Praela get a face-full of mud, might make that entire fancy knot thing worth it. She's not one to stand much on ceremony, so when Reya merely waves she returns the gesture. Mur'dah's arrival is noted with particular interest, and a muttered reminder to herself to catch him later. "You'd all better do Xanadu proud," she calls out to the riders gathered on their behalf, "or else."

E'tan seems more and more pleased and it's obvious that he'd have loved to join the others behind that starting line. Nodding his approval to Innes's words he doesn't add anything. He wouldn't have said it in a better way. "Okay everyone…." and he raises one arm high above his head. "At your marks….ready…..GO!" Oooops! That may have been yelled a little too loud considering the closeness of thet Weyrwoman's ears but then another scream echoes and Benraam literally leaps, tensing the rope between him and Reya as if he wanted to make it break. And here he is, walking on a beam with both arms extended. "C'mon you old lady!"

"Good." Kiena's reply is half dry and half genuinely relieved as she hands Ezzie over to Mur'dah. Enjoy? She'll be a handful. There will be just enough time for her to toss some rope to Mur'dah and grab another for herself and Ellie and tie it around them before the call is made to get ready. "… feel like we've already raced before the actual race!" she mutters, flashing Mur'dah and the other competitors a quick grin, Reya included who's given a bit more of a bob of the head before the shout goes out and Benraam is leaping ahead. "Good luck!" Kiena calls with a laugh and is promptly dragged forwards by her daughters sudden enthusiasm.

Kera stands again and passes one rope end to C'rus while working the other end about herself "Fair enough as long as I don't have to try cooking." She flashes C'rus an amused wink then peers down to the youngest part of their team. "Who's ready to get muddy?" Grins pass around the group as they move to get ready. Kera waves to more people she spots "Good luck everyone." Innes gives the win or else speech and Kera tugs on the rope ends, trying to get C'rus and young Daved to move closer to Praela's team, murmuring to C'rus softly "Good thing we're tying the rope around the waist, else that poor man would probably be chewing his own leg off by now." They get in place just in time to hear GO yelled.

Mur'dah looks down at Ezzie and holds out the rope to her. Here, you figure this out. He'll just stand there and wait until they, too, are moving towards the starting line at an awkward hobble.

"Good lu—" Reya's attempting to wish luck to Kiena, C'rus, Kera and the rest of the racers but her words are cut short as Benraam surges forward. There's a small yelp that escapes her lips before it turns into an engaged yell, "I will have your EARS after this, you little brat!" But despite the threatening nature of her words, Monaco's youngest Junior is laughing. It doesn't seem to phase her one bit and soon the Junior is one the beam, hands held out to either side and eyes glued to her feet. "Don't fall, Benraam!"

Mur'dah and Ezzie are clearly last, right now, since they didn't even hear 'Go'.

Praela is standing there studying her nails, and while she hears E'tan's cry to take off she's hardly in a rush. Xha'il, however, seems to have at least some ambition toward winning (maybe it was the Weyrwoman's 'or else' that has him so eager) and immediately takes off. He's fairly large and of sturdy build, so when he yanks against the rope that's bound to Praela's waist, the slender woman stumbles. Completely off balance, she misses the beam entirely and steps directly into… whatever is is down there on the ground. She's seconds away from tumbling face first into the mess when Xha'il yanks her up by the arm and saves her. "Owe!" the bluerider screeches with a ferocious glare. "I'm delicate, I'll bruise. And it's on my shoes, do you see, they're ruined forever!" She places a hand over her heart in an exaggerated woe-is-me gesture. Xha'il lays an awkwardly placating hand on her shoulder, even as he's already edging his way down the beam.

C'rus has already experienced some of Kera's cooking. He wouldn't ask her to do that again. Not unless her mother was supervising…then it would be ok. He shuffles along with the group. This certainly is going to be one heck of a race. He surveys the crowd of people gathered: Reya and her young partner, Kiena and her daughter, Mur'dah and another one of the daughters. Praela and the poor sap…he feels mildly bad for the guy but this isn't the time to tell him, "I'd rather not have to do a field amputation right now. It's not sterile and I don't have my saw." he says in the most deadpan manner he can. Kera will probably figure out he's joking, but he certainly isn't known for his humor. If they had more time to plan they could have charted a clear course, but with three people its extra hard. C'rus darts off in one direction that the others seem to have not chosen. Tangled!

"Don't /make/ me!" is yelled back at Reya. Benraam is short, that's a fact. And even shorter than ones of his age, but he also knows how to use it as his advantage. He's so fast that the rope is tensed between him and the Junior behind him. Quick glances are sent over his shoulder and he allows himself to snickers. "You may not be that slow after all…." he admits, nearly reaching the end of the beam.

Kiena isn't afraid of no mud but at this rate she's going to trip over her own feet from trying not to laugh out loud at Praela's antics or the comments being tossed between Reya and Benraam. After another stumble and a protest from Ellie, the bluerider chortles under her breath. "Alright, alright… I'm focusing! You do the same." Less they end up down for the count. "Come on, you two!" She calls back over her shoulder to Mur'dah and Ezzie and grins as the joking taunt has the desired effect. Last? They won't be last for long if Ezzie has any say!

"Good choice of words, the wrong ones and I would've yanked you into the puddle myself!" Reya smirks right back at Benraam. Anyone who knows her wouldn't put it past her to do so, even if it meant Monaco lost the obstacle course race! Still, the junior continues to stare at her feet, placing each step carefully. Her only distraction comes when someone hits the mud and then there's a bright laugh from the goldrider. It looks kind of fun really!

Mur'dah struggles to keep up with Ezzie, even as he's laughing while they navigate the course. Maybe she should have chosen a partner more determined to WIN.

If there's one thing Praela actually has in her favor, it's nimble feet. In spite of her early tumble and the trauma of her soiled shoes, when she recovers enough to move forward into Xha'il's awaiting arms, it doesn't take the pair long to make it across the beam. Sigh, swoon. She clings to him as they approach the end, forcing him into an awkward half-shuffle with an expression of bewilderment upon his face. Meanwhile, Praela just looks up at him adoringly. He's her hero again, here to save her from the torturous mud and whatever threats the Weyrwoman may have made to get her on this course in the first place.

Kera doesn't have time to respond to C'rus's joke, trying to dart forward but stumbling when the rope to Daved trips her up. With a little arm waving, she manages to keep her feet under her and moving the right direction. A beam is approached in a rush by the trio, "Alright, calm and smooth across now. C'rus you, then Daved." She grips the rope to the young weyrbrat, taking most of the slack up in case the boy slips, better chance of keeping him from the pit. Too bad she's concentrating on her own task, totally missing Praela ruining her precious shows. C'rus steps up and makes a couple of steps across before pausing and giving Daved some help. Then Kera starts out, sidestepping her way across. She only teetered a couple of times but so far hasn't ended up in the muck. But this is only the start, and probably the easiest of the obstacles.

Benraam doesn't even bother to look at the slipping bluerider, he's here to WIN! With a final leap he jumps off the beam, giving the rope another tug. Luckily Reya was close enough to the edge so she deosn't fall. Of course the weyrbrat did it on purpose, grinning evilly. "You sound as you like mud." he snorts. "It looks like it's your lucky day. C'mon! Mom keeps saying it's good for old women…." BUWHAHAHAHA!

~~ OBSTACLE #2 ~~
Reaching the next step is when the fun clearly begins as a large puddle of mud (what was beneath the beams was really anecdotic!), if not a pond, now blocks the passage. And it wouldn't be perfect if the only to get across wasn't crawling! Yes. Time to get a good soaking. It's known to be excellent for the skin.

And that's probably why Kiena gave Ezzie to Mur'dah to teach the girl a lesson… or something. Kiena's not really in it to race either but more for the fun of it and the change of pace and routine. Ellie tackles those beams with… wariness. Speed is not her forte but she manages to gain her confidence and soon it's Kiena who has to keep up again or risk losing her footing when the rope tugs at her. "… oh, what'd I'd sign up for?" She can be heard muttering with another chortled laugh as they approach the next obstacle. Here Ellie balks and it'll take a lot of convincing to get the girl going again. Ezzie? Will just dive for it and woe to anyone in her way who may get a bit of backsplash. Whee!

"Again, calling me an old woman!" Reya grins wickedly first at the weyrbrat and then at the mud puddle. Who knows what the Junior is planning! She doesn't have any problem at all falling to her hands and knees and working through it. She /attempts/ to crawl not exactly behind Benraam but just a little to the side so he isn't constantly splashing mud on her. As it is, the Junior is getting quite a bit in her mouth.

Mur'dah will be a gentleman and let Ezzie go first following after without much concern for the mud. His thoughts are elsewhere, until he gets mud in his eye. Then he's back to the here and the now.

Oh no. No no no no no. Praela's eyes go wide and she stops short as they come up to the next obstacle and watches others go diving right into that mud. "I'm not doing that," she announces, looking to Xha'il to back her up. This is insanity! It's mud and they're expected to crawl through it. What rational human being would possibly agree to such a thing? The brownrider stands there, hesitating. It's not until there's a loud cry of "Push her in!" from the Weyrwoman's direction that he's driven to motion. With a muttered apology he does just that, and the two of them go tumbling to land with a splash in the mess. When Praela pulls her face from the mud, all that she can manage is a long, agonized shriek. Betrayed!

It may be just a puddle it's beginning to be quite deep for the poor Benraam. Yes, the poor one! While his height has proven to be a certain advantage, in that current case it's a curse. But then he's prone to react quickly. As fast as he can he reaches Reya's side to finally climb on her back, nearly strangling her by wrapping one arm around her throat. "Faster! Faster! They're on our tail!!!"

Team Daved-C'rus-Kera dart towards the next obstacle. Yep, it only gets muddier and muddier. And now she has to scrabble around on her belly in the mud. A quick glance over her shoulder and a grin comes easily as she looks back to her team "Time to get dirty." With that, she jumps in, splashing mud a bit in the process. Keeping an eye on Daved, which is pointless since his little self is squirming ahead of both C'rus and herself. She sinks down and tries to hurry, but a quick tug n the rope makes her hand slip and down she goes. She turns her head quickly, but there is mud everywhere.

"I. Am. Not…a…Runner!" Reya slap at Benraam's hands, still managing to choke out those words. She can still breathe, but oh is he going to get it. It's now that Monaco falls out of the race because Reya is suddenly dragging poor Benraam back to the shallower end of the mud puddle before pushing him off her back and right into it. Yes, Monaco's group did just devolve into mud wrestling.

Kiena crawls and pulls herself across that mud without so much a batted eye (though she's squinting when some mud is flung backwards accidentally by other contestants!). "I think I prefer mud wrestling…" she admits and will have to slow her pace to allow her still-reluctant daughter to catch up. This is one part Ellie will be glad to see done! Ezzie on the other hand is getting her work cut out for her as Mur'dah proves to be quite the stick in the mud. "You gotta help me!" she protests as she crawls and tugs on the rope. "Pleeease?" Pleading works right? It was her Turnday just four days ago…!

T'revs has been around, watching the games though for honestly him getting in the race would most likely leave him with aa busted bone or two knowing his luck. So for the moment he is of to the side talking to a few people that his ran into. The Monaco Weyrleader is dressed nice, good flight leathers and the like so perhaps another reason to keep him from crawling around through the mud. Draukaith has found himself a spot and is curiously watching this 'race' through the mud as he attempts to follow it.

Team Praela-Xha'il has stopped. Spectacularly. The bluerider is sitting in the mud, shrieking her dismay and splashing mud in her poor teammate's direction amidst slaps to his arms and back. The sludge-covered brownrider seems not to know what to do with this development, and just… takes it.

Benraam's concern grows as they go steadily more off-course. "What are you-" Then there's a yelp and a splash as the boy lands in the mud. "Hey!" Not only are they losing, but his own teammate pushed him into the mud. When he gains his feet again, he lunges for Reya. "You're going down, old woman!"

Mur'dah grunts, wiping his face kind of on his sleeve. "I am helping," he protests back, in a whining tone of voice, and winks. "Show me what to do…" And he'll do it.

"Try your BEST!" Reya lets out an almost canine-like howl and takes on the lunging boy with a blob of mud that's smashed into his hair. No, it seems like the pair really won't be continuing the race. It's right about then that Reya spots Monaco's Weyrleader out on the sidelines. This…well, it honestly isn't a good thing for T'revs, not the way that Reya is suddenly eyeing him. It isn't good at all!

C'rus has persisted along with the rest of his team to continue to crawl forward through the mud. Honestly there are things that as you near the lovely age of 30 turns you probably should do less of. There is a reason that the youngest of the pair is doing better than the two *ahem* older *ahem* members of the team are doing. Still…he committed himself to doing this and he must persevere. Even if he ends up winning the event for Xanadu and not Fort. He looks over to his very muddy weyrmate and chuckles, "The look works for you." he says in jest.

~~OBSTACLE #3 ~~
Still able to run after that? For those (apparently few) teams who do eventually make it through the pit, mud heavy clothes must not make things easy and luckily, freedom time is here! Many wooden stumps have been placed in a line. Each stump is spaced far enough from the others to grant easy access. Near each one is a pair of small axes. Thats right. While still a team effort, each teammate will have to cut the rope, using those axes. But then, it wont be easy as the blades are… blunt and dull. Watch your fingers!

Benraam is brave. And tough. And not afraid of anything… except maybe howling goldriders. At least that seems to be the case, judging from his wide eyes when Reya comes back at him with her mud-blob. But that fear is quickly diminished when mud is smushed into his hair and he has cause again for revenge. He lobs a handful of mud at the goldrider. But wait. What's this? She's not even looking at him. "What're you looking at, old lady?" More mud is thrown at her to get her attention. If they're not going to win, he at least wants in on this.

Kera slows down and tries swipes mug off of her face, huffing at C'rus and flinging some mud his way. "Oh ha ha." That doesn't stop her from grinning and trying to peer around to see what Praela is whining about now. Though that only has young Daved tugging impatiently on the rope. Crawling through the squishy mud, Kera drags herself out after Daved is already to his feet. Looking back to where others are still struggling, Kera can't help but chuckle at Praela and her poor partner. "C'rus, remind me to buy that rider a nice bottle of something later." She seems to be enjoying herself, rather than trying to win, much to Daved rope tugging irritation. "Come Oooonnn. We're falling beHYYYind."

Xha'il finally seems to decide that he's had enough of Praela's shrieking abuse, and starts to move. Mud may not be the easiest thing to crawl through, but it does make it far easier for Praela to just slide along behind him, kicking and screaming all the way. "I have mud," kick, "where a woman should never have mud," slap, "and it's all your fault!"

Kiena will breath a sigh of relief when they near the end, though Ellie still proves to be quite reluctant and more-so when Reya starts howling and Praela pitches her fit. What sort of madness is this? Covered in mud they'll take a moment to regroup on the edge of that pit, Kiena grinning foolishly. Seems she's enjoying it more! While Ellie scrubs at her muddied skin and clothes, Kiena will spy the next obstacle and blanch a little. "…oh really now…" she exhales, only to choke on her laughter when Ellie promptly inquires 'where it is a woman should not have mud'. THANK you, Praela! Meanwhile, Ezzie will give Mur'dah a complete rundown of what to do (hey, he asked for it!) and maybe fling some mud at him too for good measure. Hey, if Benraam is doing it, so can she? "Are those axes?" she exclaims loudly as she glimpses a quick peek of the next challenge. COOL! Now she's scrambling to get there, unless Mur'dah hauls her back.

Mur'dah doesn't haul her back, but he will take the axe from her. "I'm doing this." No questions, no arguing, as he lays their rope across the stump. That's how this is supposed to work, right? Cutting the cord, so to speak? Swinging the axe expertly, he goes to work, not looking around at other teams because focus is important while swinging an axe.

Reya gets smacked right in the face with that glob of mud and starts spitting it out. "AGH! Little brat!" She coughs and makes faces and is…generally unladylike. The next second though, she's slinging an arm around Benraam's shoulders and using her other to point over at T'revs. "See him? That's Monaco's Weyrleader and I think the clothes he's wearing today are /far/ too nice. There's no fun if we don't have a bit of a mess, right?" Her eyes sparkle with mischief when she looks to the boy again, and soon she's tugging him over to the edge of the mud pool. "When he's looking the other way, we tackle him with a battle cry!" The battle cry is optional, but she's so using it. "And grab some mud, we can shove it down his jacket."

T'revs hasn't picked up that there is a certain gold rider from his next of the woods that is giving him the evil eye. To bad he doesn't have some crazy sense that would ring and alert in his ears. Though onwards now with conversation. He will look up to follow the trek through the mud, and is glad he is staying out from it right now.

C'rus finally emerges from the pool of mud, "That took a considerable amount of effort." he more comments to himself than anyone else. Some things you really never train for and he can only be thankful that Kera likes to jog and that he goes with her sometimes. He gets himself to his feet and looks back at Praela and the poor brown rider. Oh dear! "I don't think he's gonna make it. If he does you can get him something…" Then he once more turns his attention back to the course and the activity of cutting the ropes. Oh boy. The healers might be needed here.

Benraam eyes their target up and down with his highly critical eye, before giving Reya a conspiratorial nod. "Everyone's gotta get dirty, even grumpy old men." The conclusion that T'revs is grumpy of course goes hand in hand with his fancy clothes. Obviously they're one and the same. He follows Reya toward the edge of the pool, before tugging back at the rope sharply. "Like this," he instructs with all his young wisdom, before bending down to scoop out some of the denser mud that's at the bottom of the pool. He turns his over in his hands, flattening it into some kind of pancake. "Mud pie." Grin. Now he's ready.

While Innes has been watching most of the proceedings with delight, it's not until things start dissolving into chaos (especially on Praela's end) that the Weyrwoman looks particularly pleased with things. She's probably meant to be enforcing some kind of order, but she'll leave that business to E'tan. Instead, she wanders her way around the course, moving to an angle where she can better view Praela's progress in the pit… and what appears to be T'revs' impending doom. "Go Xanadu!" she hollers, whooping loudly.

See that? That's Ezzie pouting as Mur'dah denies her the use of that axe. What? They're dull! Which means he'll be at it for awhile and the girl isn't helping matters by pulling on the rope as she twists back around to watch what's going on back in the pit. "What're they doing?" she exclaims with a giggle but it's hard to pinpoint just who she's speaking of. Kiena eventually coaxes Ellie to moving again, though she too seems enthralled by the activities and chaos the others are stirring. "First you couldn't wait to get out of there," she sighs. "Now you look like you want back in." Make up your mind, child! Tug, tug. "Come on!" Unlike her sister, Ellie is eying the axe her mother is reaching for with uncertainty.

Kera may take a few seconds longer to try swiping mud off, all the while enjoying Praela's prissy antics, as well as other mud flinging young ones. Hopefully, Beraam the Bold will be able to find a hiding spot later. Another tug on the rope has her attention going back to the next task. Hurry along, post, axes and cast a frown to C'rus "How're your wood chopping skills?" Finally noticing the dullness of the blades, and darting glances to the other teams, she shakes her head and looks to the youngest team member "Stay back and keeps your heads out of the way Daved." Taking up one of the axes, and setting a section of the rope she giving a half hearted whack, more like a test shot and it bounces right off the wet muddy rope. "This may take a while."

Mur'dah sticks his tongue out at Ezzie and keeps working away at that rope

C'rus considers the dullness of the provided axes, "I can't honestly remember the last time I chopped anything with an ax." he confesses. Definitely not a daily activity. He takes one of the axes and looks to make sure the youngest member of the team is safely out of the way. Can't have any accidents with axes..even dull ones, and once he is out of the way he too begins to whack away at the damp rope. It becomes quickly obvious that cutting something that is wet with a blade that is dull is an act that is very nearly approaching futility. Still…he keeps going. Dang it…he's in it to win it.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Xha'il and Praela make their way through the mud. Her kicking and flailing gradually subsides, even though her shouted protests continue. "You can't do this to me, you're supposed to be a gentleman and you're a cad!" There's one more kick at him for good measure and then a yelp as her backside hits something that feels like a rock almost at the end of the pool. "I'm going to be bruised on my backside, that's my best feature!" Woe, woe is her.

Mur'dah hollers back towards the others. "Kiena! Hurry up here! Do you know what we do next?" Now that they're cut apart and he holds up his end of the rope triumphantly. Now what.

~~ OBSTACLE #4 ~~
Worn out and itchy from all the drying mud, a final effort is yet to be done. That is, if the teams are ever able to free themselves from their bonds. Upon successfully cutting that rope, the teammates are guided toward a huge wooden arch from which hang a good number of clay pitchers. At the foot of that arch, piles of metallic… ladles. They're short and heavy and perfect for destroying those pitchers, with a bit of a leap. First team to break four of the pitchers will be declared the winner.

"I'm not sure about grumpy or old, but….he /does/ need some mud." Reya grins, though she'll lift her eyebrows at the appearance of the mud pie. It seems that the former trader /can/ learn a thing or two from the weyrbrat. She laughs, leaning down to scoop up some dense mud of her own and flatten it into a pie. "Ready…and….go!" With that, Reya is letting out yet another of her canine howls before charging at T'revs with full force, Benraam in tow! She doesn't /hop/ onto the Weyrleader's back really, she and her muddy clothes wrap around him before she's reaching with one hand to shove the mud down his jacket.

T'revs is lost in thought and talk, after all who would 'attack' him of all people here? He is sipping at his drink when that howl is heard and he blinks a few times before he is left looking around to see what he might have missed. That is when he is grabbed and hugged, yes HUGGED oh the horror.. He sputters and his dink is dropped while he scrambles a bit trying to escape but, no he is caught and thus mud is getting shoved into his nice flight jacket.

Old woman though she may be, Benraam the Bold is beginning to reconsider his position on Reya… that is, until she cries for battle and any kind of reconsidering is forgotten in favor of the charge. Using his most intimidating battle cry, he races for T'revs at Reya's side. His mud pie is lobbed in the general direction of the Weyrleader's face - although it's hard to say if his aim is any good, given his breakneck pace. As Reya goes for the hugging approach, he attempts to tether himself around the man's legs. Now he'll never escape!

Kiena brandishes her dull axe threateningly (and no where near) Mur'dah for his hollering. "What's it look like I'm doing? Blades are dull, makes it a bit difficult!" she mutters. Doesn't help she's attached to an easily distracted nine Turn old! "Hold still, Ellie!" Thunk! Another swing of the axe and it barely bites through the rope and thankfully she's not gone for a second swing when Reya and Benraam go on the attack on T'revs. Kiena just gapes and then laughs, while Ellie looks confused and Ezzie looks ready to join in if she's not stopped. That looks like FUN! "Dunno what's next," Kiena chortles distractedly to Mur'dah before jutting her chin towards the arch. "But that might be the start of it. Get 'im!" That last is hollered for Reya and Benraam's benefit before the bluerider focuses back on the task at hand. Ahem.

Mur'dah grabs for Ezzie before the girl can go after Reya and Benraam, steering her towards the arch. "Here, take a ladle. And…swing? Shards, don't hurt yourself, this looks kind of dangerous…" But he'll let her do it, with a 'this is okay, right?' glance to Kiena. She's the mom after all. "I wonder if they're full of something you have to catch in the ladle." Otherwise…why ladles?

Kera is only succeeding in bouncing the axe off the rope, but keeps at it. By the time her shoulder is aching, she stops to examine her progresses "Oh look, I dented this side of the rope." With a rueful little smirk she leans her axe against the post and grab the rope, her hands a few inches apart, and start rubbing it against the edge of the post vigorously. Pausing when Daved gives her a strange look, she peer to her teammates. "What, it's working. The post edge is sharper than the axe." And so she keeps at it, dragging the wet rope back and forth and is actually making some progress.
Why not ladles? Pern abounds in mysteries.

Praela finally decides to start moving when they reach the edge of the pool, crawling from the mud like a half-drowned sailor finally reaching dry land. And there, she collapses. Xha'il moves to get to his feet, but his partner has gone entirely dead weight. The bluerider lies there, bemoaning the state of affairs, apparently so traumatized that she doesn't even notice that she's still laying in dirt.

Yes, HUGGED! It's a very muddy hug too! Kiena's encouragement doesn't fall on deaf ears. In fact, it renews the gold rider's assault and she laughs happily as Monaco's poor Weyrleader is assaulted. "There is no escape! Fear the wrath of Monaco!" He /is/ from Monaco, but that's a different question altogether. While Benraam goes for the legs, she keeps a hold of his middle, snaking her head under his arm to look up at him….and then, perhaps most horrifying of all, use her muddy hand to get said substance into THE STACHE!

T'revs isn't able to escape, even though he attempts it, moving a few steps and then his legs are grabbed. Then there is a hand moving, trying to grab his stache.. "Reya.. don't you dare…" This is said before he is trying to move and there is a slight erk before he is falling… Luckly on his face and not one of the two that is grabbing and getting mud all over him..

C'rus had continued to bang on the rope with no luck. So when he he sees Kera trying a different approach he grins, "Nice job…" he says and then proceeds to begin to try to saw with the dull blade of his axe. At least the friction begins to make a dent in his side of the rope, "This was a good idea." he says. This is something that he is more used too. The cutting motion is easier than the swinging of an axe.

Innes laughs loudly as first T'revs is tackled-hugged and then Praela goes into some kind of shock. Perhaps she shouldn't find such amusement in the misery of others, but… that's what Xanadu's Weyrwoman is here for! And to cheer Mur'dah and Ezzie and the rest of the Xanadu teams on toward victory.

Ezzie is given a ladle and for a moment she looks to it, then to the commotion around T'revs with Reya and Benraam but luckily Mur'dah steers her in the right direction and towards 'destruction'. Grinning a wee bit too wildly, Ezzie goes straight to work! Kind of. Having to leap to reach her target certainly helps and not a thought crosses her mind as to the why's or perhaps more importantly what is in those clay pitchers. "I won't hurt myself!" she declares which is likely to jinx herself. Kiena just shrugs her shoulders to Mur'dah's look and then makes a shooing gesture. "You break those clay things then!" she tells him, while Ellie seems content to wait where she is and simply watch as Kiena works on that rope, as Praelia is proving to be a great source of entertainment again. With a whooped cry and laugh, the bluerider finally cuts through and setting the axe aside, grabs her daughters hand. "Next challenge!"

Uh-oh, Weyrleader down! Weyrleader down! Reya does at least have the sense to hit the floor and try to roll T'revs onto his back. She might be a little panicked because if T'revs broke his nose….well, that certainly won't go down well. "T'revs! T'revs! Is your face ok?" The fact that she's probably smearing mud all over his clothes and head at the moment is likely not easily missed, but it's one of the few times that Reya might actually seem just a slight bit panicked.

Benraam has none of his teammates compunctions about injuring the Weyrleader. In fact, once the man is down the kid is quick to try to climb up and sit atop him in victory. They've won! He looks to Reya with a frown. "Don't be such a baby," he tells her with a roll of her eyes. Old lady-baby.

Xha'il looks around helplessly, searching for someone - likely a healer - to help him out of this mess. With his teammate a rocking heap on the side of the pool, two of the appointed healers step from the crowd and make their way over to the muddy bluerider. It's only when gentle hands are laid upon her to check on her health that Praela snaps to attention, letting out an enraged shriek of, "Don't touch me!!" She gets to her feet, shoving them out of the way and storming toward freedom… but that rope is still around her waist, and when the slack runs out the bluerider finds herself tumbling backward and landing right on her best feature. Ouch.

Mur'dah winks at Kiena, shaking her head. "Nope, she's having too much fun doing it on her own." What kid wouldn't like smashing things with a heavy ladle? Mur'dah will stand back and watch, leaning over to mutter something to Kiena as he does so.

T'revs isn't moving, at least his breathing? A faint grunt is heard once Benraam is actually sitting on him? Honestly. The bronzer slowly shifts and is pushing himself upwards and a few sneezes escapes him, is that blood? No, not yet at least just seems like mud is sticking to his nose. "Reya… Honestly… If you wanted to annoy me I could think of less messy ways." There is a pause while his hand lifts to rub a bit of mud from his face and there is a faint bit of blood, hello nose bleed! "Can your friend now get off of me?"

Kera keeps at the rope, slowly making progress. It's not fast enough for Daved, as he can only stand by and watch other groups move ahead of them one by one. After what seems like turns for the young boy, Kera shouts "Got it!" And holds up her ragged rope end up triumphantly, young Daved mimicking her gesture with his own portion of rope and looking to C'rus. When all ends of the rope are raggedly split, Kera is moving not real quick to the next obstacle. She greenhealer is rubbing her aching arms as she eyes the dangling pots, then the other teams, wincing at the antics of some. "He's gonna feel that in the morning." Looking to C'rus she shakes it off,. there's still a race in play, get moving! "Grab a ladle C'rus. You're the tallest of our team, get to jumping and smashing." She takes a ladle as well, but hands it to the young boy before crouching down so he can climb onto her shoulders to take a few whacks.

"I'm not being a baby!" Reya wrinkles her nose at Benraam. She would be so much more amused at his victory throne if T'revs did not suddenly have a nosebleed! Now it's /Benraam/ that she's grabbing by the waist and trying to haul off the Monaco Weyrleader. Wrestling match part 2? Or will he willingly alight? Who knows! "I wasn't actually /trying/ to break your nose, but you know…the messier, the better?" This is Reya's defense of their mud antics, though it's not exactly apologetic. "Sorry," there, the apology! "Is uh…how's the nose? Broken?"

Ezzie of course is greatly enjoying destroying things! Even more so because she has 'permission' to do so. Maybe she'd get through those pitchers quicker if she didn't have to leap AND swing! But she's bound and determined and so she leaps and swings and sometimes makes contact with the clay pitcher… or a few of them. So her aim sucks! Ellie will soon dart forwards to do same, though she seems content to help her sister rather than stick to her own 'team'. Kiena is left to grab a ladle and promptly… uses it on Mur'dah — just a gentle smack to his leg as she mutters something back at him, followed by a broad, almost wolfish grin. "You probably should help Ezzie before she ends up knocking someone's head with that thing." Kiena chortles and promptly takes her own swing at a pitcher.

They will probably all be feeling this in the morning, "I think I want to take tomorrow off…you should take tomorrow off too." he says to Kera as he is finally able to make it through his portion of the rope. He lifts up the end and moves off toward the ladles and the things that they are going to smash. This should be a bit easier, "Thank goodness for being tall…" Not that his weyrmate or the young man is short, but yeah…being tall here helps. He gives it a good swing and smashes one of the topmost jugs, which promptly smashes. One down!

Benraam yelps and scrabbles against Reya's grip, but he's not so much fighting against his removal as he is against her in general. You dare to lay hands upon Benraam the Bold? He attempts to climb upon her back instead with another war cry. It's triage, right? Administering medical care in the heat of battle. "You said he's the Weyrleader, can't he take a broken nose? I could." Because he's braver than a bronzerider, see?

Mur'dah grins back at Kiena. "Nah, she's fine." He'd rather sling his arm over her shoulders.

It's a close one, that's for sure. As the final showdown pits weyrmate against weyrmate and friends against friends in a bloody battle to the… well, the pitchers are meeting a tragic end, at least. But a victor must emerge, and it's the team of Kiena and Ellie that comes out on top!

T'revs smirks as he hears Benraam. "Yes I am a Weyrleader…" Just incase he didn't believe Reya. There is a moment while he gathers up a bit of mud and sends it flying back towards Reya once she has asked about his nose. "It hurts but I'll live." This said with a half laugh escaping him. "Of course I can deal with a busted nose, if it was that." It hurts but really this is something he can deal with it seems.

Reya lets Benraam scramble onto his back, but then she hooks her arms under both of his legs and stands up to start spinning around in circles. She dares! His own battle cry earns a howl from her in response. Don't worry folks, the Monaco Junior is not half canine! "You're a brat, important people won't be looking at your broken-nosed face!" Implying any number of things. However, her revenge is thwarted not by Benraam but by /T'revs/. The mud smacks her right in the face and has the goldrider stumbling back a few steps to fall unceremoniously on her butt. "AGH!" Somewhere in the back of her mind she registers the winning team and there's a cheer for them! Not that she can really see through the mud blocking her eyes.

Kera eases her way back up to standing with Daved on her shoulders, brandishing his own pot smashing ladle. His swings are enthusiastic, trying to put his weight behind the swings, which makes Kera teeter and totter to keep her balance. "Careful Daved, don't make us both crash." She tries standing on her toes to give a little extra height to the young boys swings. C'rus smashes a pot "Yay, only three more to go." Daved gives another swhack to a swinging pot, making contact. "I think ya cracked it, does that count?" Two down two to go, right?

Benraam screams in fear at first when Reya begins spinning him around, but Benraam the Bold never stays afraid for long. And besides, it's kind of fun, once he realizes the old woman isn't going to drop him. He lets out his battle cry again, before shouting back, "Broken noses make you look even scarier!" See, T'revs? They did you a favor. As Reya goes tumbling, so does Benraam, and he lands half-atop her with a thud.

Out of the corner of his eye C'rus sees that Kiena and Ellie might have just won the thing, but he is too far into this to stop now. With the last burst of energy that he has left in him lifts up the ladle once more and smashes another, and then another. He exhales and lets the ladle drop to the ground. Ok…even over for this team. They might now have won, but they did a respectable job. Certainly a good showing. He moves over toward the other members of the team and pats Daved on the back and Kera gets a pat on the back as well, "We did good guys. We should be proud."

T'revs shakes his head slowly while standing up once Reya and Benraam are dealing with one another. "Honestly." Is said while working on getting some more mud off of his face. He watches the pair and is soon laughing. "Scary… Why per say would a broken nose make me look scarier?" WEll he is curious, but really doesn't expect a answer.

Furious now after bruising her… dignity, Praela sets about to untying the knot that binds her to that useless brownrider. But her hands are shaking with pent-up rage, and after a moment of fumbling with the slippery rope she lets out an almighty scream of frustration. The healers take over at this point, using clean hands to free her while she sits there and glares at everyone within range. The Weyrwoman gets a particularly nasty look, when Praela finally finds her. Once freed, the bluerider struggles to her feet and shakes off any attempts at assistance with another snappy, "Don't touch me!!" Then she half-limps, half-stalks her sore body over to the pitchers, picks up a ladle, and begins smashing indiscriminately with a shriek of rage each time a crazed blow lands. Three are pulverized before the bluerider whirls on everyone, shouting, "You don't treat a lady like this!" And then she's off, limp-stalking into the distance.

Xha'il, meanwhile, just looks relieved to be free, and meanders his way to the sidelines in the hopes of finding a very, very stiff drink.

All that time in the forges must've paid off as Kiena's swinging clears through those pitchers and she'll let out a breathless chuckle when she and Ellie are called out as the winners. Grinning to her startled daughter (who was distracted again), she'll drop the ladle and sling a still muddied arm around her shoulders and hug her close. "Good job!" she praises, then allows her to be pretty much tackled and squeeze-hugged by her exuberant sister. Their celebration isn't interrupted even with Praela's dramatic exit, though it certainly draws Kiena's attention and the bluerider makes a mental note not to cross that one's path anytime soon. "Good work you two," Or is it three? Kiena's grinning to C'rus and Kera now, though she's soon going to hunt Mur'dah down and put him on task in shepherding the twins home to their foster families shortly.

"Owwwww, get off me!" Reya swats at Benraam's head, rubbing her knuckles into his hair while she's at it. Noogie attack. "He's right you know!" This for T'revs benefit. Hey, now that he's proven himself to be alright she doesn't have to be in apologetic mode. "Makes it look like you get into fights and beat people up. Could come in handy with all that diplomacy stuff, just scare them into saying yes." The goldrider props herself up on both elbows, still trying to shove the weyrbrat off.

Heeey, noogie attacks are no fair! Benraam swings wildly at Reya's arms, trying to get her off of his hair. Don't touch the hair, lady. He rolls off her and lands at her side with an 'oof', still attempting to smack at her. "Yeah," he agrees amidst all this, "Makes you look tough! Like you're gonna take them out if they mess with you." Definitely good for diplomacy.

Innes cheers loudly as Xanadu claims the victory, jumping up and down on the side lines. And oohhh, Praela is mad, which just makes this victory even sweeter. "Bluerider, we'll need to speak about your behavior," she yells at the woman's disappearing back. Yes, today went just perfectly. "Congratulations, Kiena and Ellie, you did Xanadu proud. You all did!" The latter goes out to the rest of the teams who missed it by just a hair.

Kera cheers C'rus and Daved on, giving short little hops when she can to help the young boys arm reach. Enough pots are finally smashed and she happily lowers the boy back to the ground. He was starting to get heavy. Nodding agreeably to C'rus, "Yea, we wouldn't have done half as well if it wasn't for Daved here." Grinning as the weyrbrat beams and stands a little taller, Kera turns her attention towards the other teams. She is distracted by one bluerider's total meltdown and dramatic exit, which just sends Kera into a fit of laughter. "Oh, …that was worth….the ruined boots." she manages to wheeze out between laughing breaths.

T'revs glances to his jacket, his nice flight jacket that he so loved and is now covered in mud. Though it could be worse really. He is soon chuckling as he hears Reya and Benraam. "Gee, thanks for the help at making me look tough." Because he was so lacking in that area it seemed. A bit of mud is sent flicking off his jacket before he glances to Reya. "I'll see you back at home I suppose. Try not to have to much fun now." This said with an amused tone before he is heading on over to Draukaith, the large brown is ever so amused and a faint rumble escapes him. Soon enough the two will head back to home, though first T'revs needs to deal with his mud covered jacket.

C'rus doesn't have the experience that others seem to have with Praela to really /appreciate/ this situation in the same way as those with experience seem too, but the display is something to behold. He's impressed. And thats saying something because C'rus knows all about making an impression. He catches Kiena's smile and gives her a sort of half nod in greeting even if he doesn't really say anything, "Yes. Absolutely right. Daved definitely added a great deal to the team." he concurs, "There's a story there that you are going to have to tell me…" Some other time. After they are clean again, and have gotten to rest. Because they will be so sore later.

It started as mud wrestling and has…now devolved to a flailing limb fight on the ground! Yes, this is the glory that is Benraam and Reya. She's hardly got a chance to wave goodbye to Monaco's Weyrleader before she's flailing at him again. Reya will go for the hair if she has to! "C'mon stop! We have to go congratulate the winners!" Or something. She's not exactly giving up the fight at this point.

Kiena will give Innes a bit of a half bow and curtsy for the congratulations, her grin crooked and amused. "Happy to have obliged. Seems only fair, what with the way we've returned." she murmurs and with a shake of her head, she'll start to wipe off some of the mud from her clothes. No small task that and then it's off to herd the girls to Mur'dah, sending them and the brownrider on their way. Kiena, however, will linger a little longer. Uncomfortable from drying mud and clothes or not, she'll mingle and converse for a little longer until she can't ignore her muddied state and hastily excuse herself. High time for a bath!

Kera gets her humor under control, marginally as a few snickers linger. "Nice job Ellie, Kiena!" Giving her friend a wave, she turns her attention to Daved and C'rus "I think we should all march to the beach and get a start at getting some mud out of our clothes."

They may not have won the race, but at least they've won… most likely to devolve into wrestling? Surely there's some kind of prize for that. Benraam sort of waves a leg in farewell to T'revs (or maybe he's just trying to kick Reya in the shins) before he's back to trying to win this pointless battle. "Congratulations!" He yells, as though that ought to do it. Battle to the death, this one.

"That's hardly enough!" Reya isn't going easy on him just because he's a kid apparently. She's not biting though! That's a point her favor. The goldrider is still lashing out at him with her elbows though. "C'mon!" But whether the wrestling ends there or not, only time will. Eventually, a very muddy Reya will make it back to Monaco! Eventually!

"I'm totally game for that." C'rus response to Kera's urging, "The sooner we work on getting it off the easier it will be to get off and the more likelihood it will be that we can get them really clean again." Not that he really cares all that much about anything he wore. He knew what he was getting into when he signed on for this. It does seem that everyone else is beginning to fade away. He'll wave to the departing goldrider and to Nessi. Kiena will get sort of a general nod in her direction, "I don't think anyone will recognize us like this."

With the winners having won and the last of the contestants off the course, Innes surveys the damage and destruction wrought by their portion of the games with a satisfied smile. Not bad, not bad at all. She offers a wave and a nod to all of those departing, grinning in Kera's direction when she spots what… might be her friend. It's hard to tell under all that mud. Workers have already descended to begin to dismantle what remains of the course. She turns to E'tan with a grin, slipping her arm through his. "Not bad for a first big event, yeah?" And with that, Xanadu's leaders depart, officially calling an end to the first of the Weyr Games.

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