New Arrivals

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Continued from Summer Storms

Muir strides in from outside, pushing rain soaked hair away from his forehead. Ignoring (or forgetting) his muddy shoes, he doesn't stop to wipe them off but instead just breezes right in, shifting the bronze firelizard on his shoulder as the creature shivers and shakes, spreading his wings to let the droplets run off his gleaming hide. Tucked behind one of the teen's ears is a drooping bloom, and he whistles softly through pursed lips. On tune, surprisingly enough.

"More like who discovered what I think." Mikal replies to Idrissa after a moment. "I think inventions is for like creating things. Not really medicine." again a drink is taken and he is drawn back into the next chapter.

Idrissa ahs and nods while smiling to Mikal. "I see. Well then it really isn't to bad of a read. At least it gives you something to read that is sort of interesting. Not say like the different types of grass and hay runners can eat during certain times of the year."

Hotaru has arrived at Xanadu just this morning and has been getting settled into her new… cot area. She's heard of the rains at Xanadu, but really as compared to the snow falling at Fort it was something of a nice day here. Next stop of course is to get familiar with the weyr, though the rain doesn't allow for that so much. After figuring out where the living caverns are, she makes a bolt there, nearly plowing into Muir on the way in. At least her coat has a hood so her hair isn't too wet, and two tiny eyes peek out where her own bronze is curled around her neck. "Oops, sorry." She says to Muir, heading for the food tables. She seems to peer over them for a long while before assembling a giant sandwich loaded with all sorts of things, from meat to fried tubers. A cup of klah is grabbed as she looks around for a place to sit.

"Suppose you could invent something. Like… someone must have invented candling, right? It's not all… herbs and stuff. There's technique." And then Soriana notices that Mikal's engrossed in his book again, and just hehs. "Guess it's not all that boring," she notes to Idrissa, and leans back before glancing to the near-miss at the entrance. She waves slightly to the new arrivals.

Muir jumps a little, turning his head to look down at Hotaru in surprise. "Oh, hi. No problem." Motioning for her to go first, he follows after, giving Idrissa, Soriana and Mikal a little grin and wave. "Hey. Staying dry?"

Idrissa glances to Soriana and nods to the bit on candling, and well the herbs, yes that is all good things! "Gras, grass is more boring than this. Do you know there are different types of /hay/ that is better during certain times of the year? Then grain that you should give expecting runners only." At the waves she looks over to the ones that have come in while she was talking about, grass of all things and she waves back to them with a smile.

Hotaru nods a bit to Muir. "Thanks!" Once's she's set with food, Hotaru invites herself to sit down near Soriana and Idrissa. Mostly because Soriana waved, secondly because they looked to be about her age and she doesn't want to be stuck sitting next to some creepy old rider. Last time that happened she ended up with D'ani. She gives a wave to everyone at the table, adding a "Hi" when there's a break in the conversation. She doesn't know much about grass, so there's not much to add to the conversation there.

"Uh, well… I used to play in the haybarn sometimes," says Soriana. That's like knowing about hay, right? Ok, maybe not. She grins, then shrugs to Muir. "Nah. But getting dry again, that I'm doing." She glances to the little bronze on his shoulder, and huhs. "Nice 'lizard," she says, then looks back to Hotaru and gives a smile and nod. "Heya." Time for the 'have I met you before?' look.

Muir gathers up his own massive plate of food and plops down with the others, pulling the flower from behind his ear and offering it to Hotaru with a flourish. His firelizard stays perched on his shoulder, watching things around him warily and with a narrowed suspicion. There's a conspiracy here, he just knows it. "Grass? It matters for lots of things, especially the taste of milk."

As of late, a certain Journeyman Woodcrafter has been missing in action for a sevenday. Datsun finally makes his reappearance, and he doesn't appear to have been doing very well for that past sevenday. His clothes are wet, covered with woodchips, and his hair's been slicked back with circles under his eyes. The teen takes no notice of his state or anyone else at the moment, walking through the Caverns towards the serving table.

Mikal shifts a bit on his seat, eyes moving slowly as he reads. Without looking still he reaches for the mug, lifts it then blinks in surprise as he finds it empty.

Idrissa offers a smile and waves to Hotaru. "Hello there." There is a pause and she ponders, has see seen this person before? Ponderponder. "I'm Idrissa, ah you're new to Xanadu? Right?" Of course she could have missed meting her at some point too. She looks to Muir and nods with a smile. "Yes that is right. See.. Not everyone believes me when I say that."

Hotaru grins to Soriana. "Are we sharing hay rolling stories? I don't really have any." There's a bit of a blink as Muir hands her a flower. She looks a little sheepish for a second. "Er… thanks!" The flower is twirled between her fingers a few times before it's set down. "I'm Hotaru, by the way." It's a general introduction, really. She nods to Idrissa. "I was searched by E'gin out at Fort. I got here this morning." Hopefully that answers Soriana's questioning look.

Mikal looks up at he hears a familiar voice. "Hotaru? Hey..when did you get Searched" clearly he didn't pay attention to the rest of her sentence.

A rainy lunchtime, and Soriana laughs to Hotaru. "No? You should try it sometime." Beat. "Just leap off the balcony, tuck, and roll." She grins teasingly, the expression growing a little wider as she sees Muir handing out flowers, then wiggles her fingers. "I'm Soriana. Welcome to Xanadu." She lifts up her mug to take another sip of klah, then notices Datsun coming by over the rim of it and hmms, her gaze following him curiously.

Muir glances up at the entrance of another, eyes following Datsun as the teen moves. He doesn't say anything just yet, but his interest is clear, if not the reason for it. Looking back to Idrissa, the teen nods. "Yeah. You can tell. It tastes different, when you get it different places, depending on what the beast eats." How'd he learn that? "Muir," he says, tossing his name into the mix. "Oh yeah?" He eyes Hotaru thoughtfully for a long moment and then nods. "Congrats."

There are some things you don't want your mother to walk in on. At least handing a pretty girl a flower isn't as bad as some others? The Weyrwoman has slipped into the caverns from the administration hallway and silently noted Muir and Hotaru, the corners of her lips curling despite her attempt to bite back a smile at what she sees. Wisely, however, she says nothing but goes about her errand, seeking out Idrissa and stopping before her. "Hi. Here," she says without preamble and offers her something that she has cupped in both hands.

Aaaaand They're OFF! Egg
Dust clouds the surface of this pale egg, cloaking nebulous forms that might be blurred by speed if only they could be seen. Where is everyone going in such a hurry? And why are they moving in circles? The answers are not on the shell. It's just an egg, after all.

Upon reaching the serving table, Datsun picks up a plate to pause for a moment to consider which food items to put on his plate. Choosing a meatroll, tubers, and something green that's unidentifable, the Woodcrafter almost prepares a glass of juice but then decides against the drink and goes for a glass of wine instead. Only after he's made his selections, does he finally turn to the Caverns general and begins to walk along the tables, presumably searching for a spot to sit.

Idrissa ohs and nods with a smile to Hotaru. "Well, congrats for you. Welcome to Xanadu. I bet your lucky to be over here, it's winter back in Fort right?" There is a pause as she thinks about that. "Well I think it is winter over there." Maybe she is wrong, she has been staying over in the stables a lot lately so who know? Her gaze turns back to Muir and she nods once more. Hearing Thea she peers up and seems a bit worried. Oh dear if there is a knot involved she will pass out on the spot. When she hears the 'here' she ahs a moment and slowly lifts her hands, cringing a moment. No knot, pleaseplease no crazy knot!

Mikal is still peering at Hotaru curiously as if trying to figure out if she was here before. Certainly he doesn't recall seeing her. The presence of the Weyrwomen sidetracks him and she is peered towards as he notes something in both hands. Elsie pops in from between with a pleasant croon as she swoops past Thea to perch somewhere, eyes on the item in Thea's hands.

Hotaru blinks at Mikal. "Yesterday… why do you ask?" She laughs a bit to Soriana. "Dually noted. I guess a roll in the hay has multiple meanings." Hotaru picks up her flower and offers it to Sori. Technically it's regifting, but Hotaru doesn't have a spot for it in the barracks that she can think of. "Hi Muir, polite man with the flowers. Thanks. This'll be my second time around standing, so we'll see how it goes." Hotaru blinks a bit as the weyrwoman hands something to Idrissa. Huh, weyrlady delivery service? She mostly follows Sori's gaze towards Datsun for a moment before Idrissa addresses her. "Ah, thanks. It is winter! It's a lot warmer here, though I'm a tad bummed because I plans to sled since it had just snowed." Not enough to make her turn down a chance at candidacy though. Hotaru hasn't been to Xanadu recently. At least not to her knowledge.

Getting food, however, is boring, and Soriana's attention leaves Datsun to go back to the others at her table. She has herself another sip of klah and says, "Yeah, but summer's almost over." A frown. "We should have a beach party or something, before it's too late." She laughs at Hotaru's offered flower, and accepts it - with a grin sent in Muir's direction - before saying, "But I've already got one from him, so…" She turns toward Idrissa, starting to extend the flower… but a Thea approaches. Soriana gives the Weyrwoman a nod of greeting before looking curiously for what's being given.

Muir turns his head sharply at his mother's arrival, but a knowing smile curves his lips at her 'here'. "Still trying to get rid of them all?" he asks, amused, while Kenpo begins to hum softly from his shoulder. He watches the path of the flower with a little grin. And then his attention returns to Datsun. "So what happened with Ash?"

It's an egg that the Weyrwoman has handed over to Idrissa, quite warm and…moving! "Oh! You'll need this too." A paper-wrapped packet is then fished out of her woven grass bag and offered over to the young beastcrafter. "Raw meat strips," the Weyrwoman explains in an almost absent fashion as she sweeps the cavern, she spies Datsun. "Oh you bet I am!" she smirks towards Muir as she heads over towards the woodcrafter.

Aaaaand They're OFF! Egg wobbles precariously in Idrissa's palms, then the shell neatly splits, revealing a tiny brown hatchling. With a cheep of panic he leaps and flutters off of her hands to the floor.

Aaaaand They're OFF! Egg hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

Take a Flying Leap Brown Hatchling
A thin blaze of white - a streak from forehead to nose - marks the delicate muzzle of this trim brown firelizard. The gleaming chestnut hide nature has seen fit to give him sweeps down his proud meck, across his flanks and body, gleaming almost redgold as his powerful muscles ripple underneath. His only other distinguishing marks are where sable shadows at fore and hindlegs fade into ebony paws as if he'd run though a field of soot.

"Oh. Well welcome. I didn't see ya before this. Thought maybe I missed you." Mikal replies to Hotaru. Then the brown comes out of the egg and he oohs softly, attention caught for a moment. Elsie is crooning her green little head off, pleased to see the young green.
brown. Not green.

Idrissa swallows and peers at the egg, which is indeed moving. "Oh… Oh thank goodness it's not knot." Well after that night with Kale and… Ya enough of thinking back to then. The egg moving gets her attentions, and then she has a packet of meat getting shoved at her. "Shards" She half squeaks as the egg hatches and then flutters about and falls? Another half eep escapes her while she scrambles to see where about the little brown goes and gets that packet of meat open to offer a few strips to the brown. Wigglewiggle, hopfully he'll go for the meat and not her fingers. "Here little one, looky!" Yes she is already talking to it.

Datsun pauses as he hears a question addressed to him, since it includes his gryphhawk's name, turning to see Muir. His brows furrow slightly at the other boy but Thea approaches him before he has a chance to answer. His eyebrows furrow deeper before carefully schooling his expression into a formal one, "Weyrwoman Thea. How can I help you?" The Weyrwoman's used as an excuse to not answer Muir's question, still holding his plate and drink. The new firelizard gets a look but soon enough his attention's back to Thea.

Take a Flying Leap Brown Hatchling lands on the floor with a tucked-roll and hops nimbly to his feet, peering around wildly at all the faces. This is too much! He squawks and begins running in circles flapping his damp wings.

Hotaru nods to Soriana. "True I suppose. I heard it doesn't get as cold here as it does at Fort even in the winter, though. I didn't bring anything to hold a flower in. Seems a shame to let it just shrivel up." Hotaru is curious about what Thea's handing to Idrissa as well, kneeling up on her chair to get a good look. "Ooh. A firelizard egg. Oop, there it goes!" Idrissa has lost her poor egg (though no one has sneezed). She giggles when the brown pops free, but thankfully Idrissa is closest and he's not accidentally getting attached to someone else. Hotaru grins and nods to Mikal. "Unless you've been to Fort? Or maybe Igen? I don't think I've seen you before… Ack!" The last bit is for the poor little brown who is flailing about on the floor. Hotaru's bronze climbs up from his hood-hammock and snarls at it.

"It's true," Soriana says to Hotaru. "Mostly, anyway." The weather loves to make exceptions. Once it's clear what Thea just handed over, Soriana grins wide, leaning back and watching as the egg in Idrissa's hands quivers. Her own brown pops out in midair, perching atop Sori's head and joining in the hum just as the egg breaks and the new baby brown emerges. Soriana laughs. "Settle down and eat, silly!" she informs him, still keeping herself well out of the way and watching as Rissa tries to tempt him with meat.

Muir arches a brow curiously at Datsun's non-reply, and the way he's speaking so formally to his mother. So Muir goes to investigate, standing up and (gasp) abandoning his food to approach the pair of Datsun and Thea. Well. He turns back to grab a hunk of bread. /Then/ he goes to Datsun and Thea, chewing happily.

Thea is a woman on a mission and thus nearly misses Soriana's nod to her. She catches it, but barely, returning the greeting with a smile and a nod, but her hands are busy digging into her grass bag as she is negotiating the path towards Datsun. How can he help her? "By taking this," she answers and her cupped hands do the same as she did with Idrissa. She waits until he reaches, and then he too, is given a warm firelizard egg. It is rocking too and perhaps her haste is thus explained. Another meat packet is produced and she works it open for the woodcrafter.

Please Send Me a Ship Egg
The aged parchment shell, darkened on one end, appears water-stained and the whole thing looks crinkly as if it has recently been unrolled after lying curled for an indefinite time. Are those smudged and faded stains ink writing? Indecipherable is what they are, so the answer is not forth-coming. It's just an egg, after all.

"Seen ya at Fort Weyr. We both Stood at the last clutch." Mikal replies distractedly to Hotaru. He's busy watching the brown and Idrissa briefly. For now he's forgetting about the mostly read book before him. As Thea hands out a second egg his interest peaks up slightly more and he now closes the forgotten book. Curious he waits to see if /that/ egg is close to hatching as well.

Oh dear, running target! Or well newly hatched firelizard. Idrissa kneels down on the floor and tries to block the little guy before he goes hidding under a table, or well who knows what else he might do. "Hey! Wait really… Come here. Looky here's some food, stuffs!" She wiggles the meat bits around in front of the brown hoping no one steps on him, or some other firelizard come diving down at it as she did hear that snarl from some lizard.

Take a Flying Leap Brown Hatchling tires of his racing and so skids to a stop, side heaving as he breathes. It might also have something to do with Idrissa's voice. There MUST be something something he's supposed to be doing? He catches a whiff of a certain scent and it draws him, irresistibly towards her, snapping at the dangling meat.

Take a Flying Leap Brown Hatchling looks into Idrissa's eyes. Impression!

Hotaru will take the remnants of summer over a cold snowy winter any day. Or at least most days. She nods to Mikal. "Ah. That's it then. Sorry, it's been quite a while since then. I think the weyrlings are due to graduate soon." Hotaru giggles as Idrissa tries to distract the little brown. "Just pick him up before he runs out the door!" And then finally he's stopped to take the meat from her. There's a sigh of relief from Hotaru, and she sinks back into her seat. And her bronze sinks back into his hood-hole.

Datsun blinks as he's forced to put down his plate and drink on a close by table, which happens to be the one the others are sitting at. Taking the egg, a small frown escapes his face but this time he doesn't change it. "Pardon me, Weyrwoman, but why are you giving me a firelizard after you sent Ash away?" The Woodcrafter's tone is confused, looking down at the rocking egg in his hands, unsure if he actually wants this thing or not.

Soriana reaches up to nudge Toral down to her shoulder, because she doesn't need a firelizard hat. He keeps humming from his new position, turning his head to look back at the other egg as well. Soriana's eyes are still on the leaping brown, and she grins as she watches him finally settle down to his meal before glancing back to see… oh, hey, there's an egg for Datsun as well. She grins, though the expression is put on pause when she hears what he says, turning into a questioning head-tilt.

Muir stops beside his mother at Datsun, and then takes a little step back when the Woodcrafter is given the egg. "Sent Ash away?" he asks, looking up at his mother, brows furrowed. You didn't.

Thea pulls out a seat for Datsun, places a hand on his shoulder and gently pushes him to sit down. "Because," she says simply, pretty much ignoring the issue of Ash's new home, "This will keep you company." And she doesn't want to impress it! "And this can accompany you inside." She pushes a few plates aside, clearing the table's surface to give him and the egg some room. Muir's question elicits a sharp look and a faint frown. Not now.

Idrissa lets a soft breath escape her once the little brown is paying attention to her. "There you go." She offers softly and wiggles the meaty strips around a bit. "Ow.." Ya there went a bite to her finger, and then another one. "Not my fingers, the meat." This said with a soft tone once the little brown is there starting to snap hold of the meat. Bits and pieces from the conversation from around her is picked up but her attention is fully on the newly hatched firelizard.

Please Send Me a Ship Egg wobbles on the ripples of a dreamtide all its own until more energetic motions bring it into contact with something on the table - probably the rim of someone's plate - and it shatters.

Please Send Me a Ship Egg hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

Whatever Floats Your Boat Brown Hatchling
The hide of this sleek brown firelizard gleams in bright wooden hues akin to the hull of a finely-sanded and lovingly-finished watercraft. Oak rippled by darker hues of walnut sweep from the tip of his muzzle down a streamlined form that, though not metallic seems to sport a polished sheen nonetheless. He's a study fellow despite his graceful proportions but he's quite average in size, his wingsails, stained with morning's rosy blush, are ready and well able to carry him to shores unknown.

Firelizards were so last Turn, or… was that twenty turns ago, when he might've cared. Dark eyes observe the fuss following the Weyrwoman, a fuss that is far too fickle for him to measure important enough to stick his nose in. A'dmar is here for some nourishment and not to get in the middle of firelizard hatchings. He's blissfully firelizard free. Keeping at a safe distance from the group, more or less, the Weyrwoman herself, he finds ample refreshments and choice selections of food laid out, requesting from the kitchen a little extra, something with a bit more spice to it.

Mikal murmurs a question towards Idrissa. "Who's Ash?" he asks.
Hotaru doesn't know who Ash is. And by the way you can cut the tension in the room in that area, she's not sure she wants to know. Instead she just glances around and goes back to her lunch. She just lifts her shoulders at Mikal.

It seems Datsun doesn't have much choice but to follow what Thea tells him to do. Sitting down while still holding the egg and resting his hands in the space Thea clears, the Crafter answers, "But Weyrwoman, I…" The sudden arrival of a brown hatchling firelizard interrupts him, quickly pulling his hands away and dropping the flit onto the table. The little firelizard has his full attention for the moment, falling quiet and observing the brown's colors.

Another shell, another firelizard, but this time, Soriana's too busy looking considering to grin… even if her firelizard keeps humming warmly. Well, one of her firelizards. The gold's nowhere to be seen, despite how intent Toral is on welcoming the new arrivals. This is probably for the best, all things considered. She doesn't say anything about it directly, but when she hears Mikal asking Idrissa, she leans back to intercept. Rissa's busy with her new lizard, so Sori says quietly, "Ash… was-" though she's still not sure how or why the past tense "-his gryphhawk."

Muir frowns a bit at his mother, but with a little shrug he turns and walks back to his plate, sitting down to quietly stuff himself. For the moment, at any rate, looking troubled.

Well that clears up nothing for Mikal. "A gryphawk?"

"Feed him!" says his Weyrwoman, who is meanwhile backing a step or two away only then leans back to nudge the open packet of meat close to Datsun's hand. "Offer it one piece at a time," she says, nudging his elbow and then leaning back to a safe distance. She peers over towards Idrissa to see how she's doing and smiles approvingly.

Whatever Floats Your Boat Brown Hatchling is eager, appearing to dance on waves as he dips and hops forward. He's been marooned in that shell too long to even look back to see where he's been. No, there are wonderful scents luring him onward. He glides towards Datsun's hand. Cheeeeeep?

Idrissa hears the question but yes her mind is sort elsewhere while she is busy feeding that little brown. Once she is sure he has his full attention she slowly scoops him up and moves over to settle down upon her chair once more. The little brown trills out and pecks, nips and tumps his paws against Rissa wanting move food, which she goes about picking up the meat strips and offers him more. "It's well, a large bird of prey." She offers with a soft murmur once hearing the question from Mikal.

Hotaru's bronze certainly isn't as pleased with the new arrivals. Which probably explains why she's only got the one firelizard and no others. The red-head tilts her head at Soriana and blinks a bit. It's not really her place to ask a bunch of questions about someone she doesn't know. Instead she looks from side to side, then flicks a piece of fried tuber at Muir. Who said he could be quiet?

Datsun looks up at Thea, unsure what to do. He's seen firelizard hatchings before, but has never actually been part of one. At her words, his fingers automatically pull a strip of meat out of the packet, offering it to the brown though a bit hestiantly. The young Journeyman actually smiles a little one at the cheep, "Hello, Oak."

Whatever Floats Your Boat Brown Hatchling sails onward, wings unfurled and held aloft as he glides closer and closer to that bit of meat. Sniff! Oooh! He approves of the scent and streches out his neck to nip it from Datsun's fingers. The meat bit is tossed in the air and caught neatly, disappearing in one gulp. He promptly sits and peers up at him, clearly wanting more if that open maw is any indication.

Soriana reaches up and pets her fingers along her brown's side. The followup question from Mikal makes her frown a little, but Idrissa's there to answer it, and so Sori remains quiet on that account, just taking a look at Datsun's expression and at the little brown cheeping up at him. It just seems weird to be talking about this behind his back in front of him. So. After a moment, she looks away, first to Hotaru with a slight smile for her grumpy bronze. "Should introduce him to Ripley sometime," she murmurs, and then her gaze wanders back to Idrissa again as she feeds the hatchling.

Muir gets hit with a tuber, but before he can even react his bronze is lunging at Hotaru with a war cry screech, talons outstretched as he aims for her chest.

Whatever Floats Your Boat Brown Hatchling looks into Datsun's eyes. Impression!

"That's right," Thea encourages the woodcrafter with a smile and a nod. "Just leep feeding him and-" The screech has her whirling to see what is going on and her eyes widen. There's a roar from outside and every firelizard in Xanadu will clearly catch the heavy pressure to cease and desist coming from the gold, along with soothing comfort given right afterwards to calm down. Owners might feel it via their lizards and know that Seryth is working with the Weyrwoman to prevent chaos in the dining area. Too bad the already-launched bronze is under the force of his own momentum. "Duck!" is Thea's advice to Hotaru even while she's stepping that way.

Having named the little brown and accepted the firelizard, Datsun begins to feed him another meat strip then another, as many as the hatchling can eat. "Weyrwoman, I apologize for my behavior." This is said before Thea's bronze erupts into chaos, causing him to blink. Reaching out to grab his new little brown, Datsun hugs the firelizard to him, confused by his new link with the firelizard. "What's going on?"

Poor green Elsie wasn't doing anything but at the heavy pressure felt she gives an apologetic squeak and quickly soars to land on Mikal's shoulder, trying to bury her head into his neck. Quickly Mikal reaches a hand up to offer comfort for the green. He seems quiet uncertain what's going on, having missed Hotaru's flicking of the tuber bits on Muir but he certainly catches sight of the bronze fire lizard's claw forward flight towards Hotaru.

Hotaru chuckles at Soriana. "Volendrung's always sort of been a stick in the mud. He doesn't like me even being near firelizard eggs, and he won't share. Joke will be on him if I ever impress." Hotaru's just about to pick up her sandwich when the bronze bent on mauling her in the chest is dive-bombing her. She ducks down, hoping to avoid it without giving it a smack. Her own bronze is popping free of his chamber and squawking and snarling at the other bronze. "Call him off! It was just a tuber!" She calls with her head half under the table.

Soriana hehs to Hotaru. "Has he ever won a flight?" She's just curious. Nooooo reason. Nope. But, no time to pursue that now, because…. attacklizard! At the draconic command, Toral's eyes flick worried orange for a moment, hunching down against Soriana's shoulder. Her own eyes widen slightly, and Sori glances back toward Thea at the sound of the voice before she suddenly has her golden firelizard in her lap, alternately whining and complaining. She didn't do anything whatwhynuuu! go Haruhi's thoughts, and Soriana reaches down to stroke fingers firmly along her back while looking into her whirling eyes and reiterating that calm, to her gold and brown lizard both.

Muir presses a hand to his temple as he lunges after his bronze, knocking his mug over in the process and sending water spilling across the table. He grabs for Kenpo's tail but the bronze is already too far gone. However, he overshoots his target and sails over Hotaru, barely managing to get his wings unfurled before he crashes into the floor. "Sorry sorry sorry," pours from Muir's mouth as he scrambles to get his wayward 'lizard, scooping him up and holding him close. "Don't flick stuff at me," he adds with a frown, before a crooked grin crosses his features. "You're lucky my sister wasn't here, she'd've done worse than Kenpo."

Idrissa hums softly, half peering up at Soriana as she hears Ripley;s name, speaking of which where is that little trouble maker of hers? "Who do you want Ripley to" She just pauses and eyes the bronze wideyed as it goes lunging out for Hotaru. "No Ripley cannot and will not meet him." The brown in her lap cheeps out, the commotion from the bronze is at least missed as his just too short and get see over the table edge. Though the link she has with the little brown she peers around while hugging the little one to her. "It's alright." Is murmured softly. While she works on calming the brown down, Willow appears from between and trills out before fluttering down and clings to Rissa's head.

Thea leaves a pat on Datsun's shoulder as she steps away. "Of course," she says easily, "We can talk about that later though." Like not in front of an audience. She strides closer but it's clear there's nothing she can do because she's not going to reach Hotaru before Muir's bronze does. Seryth continues to project calm to the firelizard population of Xanadu and she can only watch the situation play out as Muir deals with it. "Nice catch," she says dryly, leveling a look at Muir that clearly says 'we'll talk about this later'. There's a cracking sound coming from the woven grass bag she's got on her shoulder and she peers down into it in some alarm. "Shards! Gotta go!" And she's off at a run for the admin hall. Some lucky someone back there is going to be in for a surprise.

Hotaru blinks and peers back at the crazy bronze. "Shards and shells! Over a tuber? Faranth help me if I even need to slap you." She laughs. "What does your sister care if I flick stuff at you?" She slowly straightens back up. "Is he okay?" Hotaru turns her attention back to Soriana. "He hasn't sired a clutch yet, no." Then she repeats the question to Idrissa. "Who is Ripley? And why can't he meet him?" The firelizards! They are raining from the sky! Volendrung stays emerged for the time being, trying to look menacing on his person's shoulder.

Datsun looks down at Oak in his arms, setting him back on the table once the trouble appears to be over. The little brown's already devoured all of the meat, his belly swelling up from the amount he ate. Once he's back on the table, Oak settles himself to take a nice nap after the big meal he had. After being distracted by the Weyrwoman and Oak, Datsun seems surprised to find himself sitting with the others. "Hello."

"No, the other one," says Soriana to Idrissa without looking away from the gold in her lap. Haruhi cheeeps plaintively, but the projected calm takes effect, and after another moment, Haruhi gives herself a shake and spreads her wings to hop up onto the table and stretch out. Nothing is wrong here. She is here. She trills sweetly, arching herself up to croon (belatedly) to the new hatchlings.

But, but…Hotaru started it! With a frown and a sigh, Muir goes to fetch some towels to mop up the mess his water glass left across the table. "Why would you need to slap me?" he asks Hotaru, a little baffled. "You're a violent one…" Kenpo just looks pleased with himself, perched on the back of a chair and preening. He protected his own. That's important.

Idrissa ehs softly as she hears Hotaru. "Ripley is my blue firelizard. He is rather grumpy." Well that is a way to put it. The little brown is curled up asleep within her lap now at least. As for Willow she tilts her head and smirks. "This is my green Willow." She glances over to Muir and his bronze, looking just a bit amused it seems. "Ya, hopefully he won't get to bad." As if lunging at a person isn't bad enough.

Hotaru wiggles her fingers at Datsun. "Hello!" He seemed to be a little depressed, even after impressing a new hatchling, so maybe being upbeat will help out. "Sheesh, lots of firelizards. You gold there is cute, Soriana. What's her name?" Hotaru peers at Muir. "I dunno. I have my reasons. I had to slap the rider that searched me. He told me he 'wanted to take me back to Xanadu and work on me becoming a mother' or some such thing." What else was she to do? She laughs. "I'm not violent! Just don't give me a reason to slap you and I won't." The red-head nods to Rissa. "They can sit together and be bumps on a log."

Datsun looks down at his brown again before reaching for his forgotten plate and wine, starting into it. A few bites later, the Woodcrafter glances up at Idrissa and Soriana, "So… Soriana, 'Rissa. I defer to you. I know about Gryphhawks, but I have no idea how to take care of a firelizard. Any friendly advice for me?" Now that he's closer, it's clear that he did have a rough last few days, the circles more apparent under his eyes but he does seem a bit happier than he was moments ago. Hotaru gets a nod, introducing himself to the new face, "I'm Datsun, Journeyman Woodcrafter."

Mikal doesn't have much to offer to the general atmosphere so he mostly watches and continues to comfort Elsie who's sitting pretty on his shoulder still trembling.

Soriana tugs at Haruhi's tail, and the gold squeaks, spinning back to glare at Soriana, who smirks at her. "Haruhi," she answers Hotaru, and the gold looks up at Hotaru and preens at the compliment. Or maybe just because preening. Soriana grins at the story of the rider getting slapped. "…you said it was E'gin, right?" She chuckles, and shakes her head. "He's… weird. Harmless," she adds quickly. "But, weird." Her attention goes to Datsun then, and she gives him another looking-over, considering. No questions right now, though - just answering his. "Well, feed him, for one. He'll let you know when he's hungry." She grins slightly. "Wash and oil him every day, like you would leather. That's the important parts, feeding and oiling."

Muir glances up at Hotaru, and his frown deepens. "Who Searched you? You're too young to be a mother anyway." But if she were older that comment would've been okay? "E'gin," he says, repeating the name softly to himself. With the water spill cleaned, he goes off to deposit the towels, and then returns to finally finish the remains of his meal.

Idrissa ohs and nods to Hotaru while offering a smile at the bit on who searched her. "Ya, so I've been told. Haven't really persay met him though. As for Ripley, his always been a grumpy firelizard, Got worse after the feline attack." Well there was that time when Kale and the lot were given knots and she just cam wandering along. She then looks to Datsun and smiles to him. "Good for you! Ah yup, just like what Soriana says. Make sure to feed him and keep him warm, oiled and the whole bit."

Hotaru nods to Datsun. "Nice to meet you, Datsun. I'm Hotaru, weyrbrat and now candidate. Fort's duties to you. What sort of woodcraft do you do, Journeyman Datsun?" Hotaru reaches down to give a little scritch to the gold. She looks friendly enough. Though it causes her bronze to flop onto her shoulder in a defeated and grumpy posture. "You can say that again," she agrees about E'gin. "I don't know why he didn't just ask me to come stand like normal. When he put it like that I thought he was hitting on me." She wrinkles her nose at Muir, then sticks her tongue out at him. "How do you know?" Other than the sticking out of her tongue? "You were attacked by a feline?" She blinks at Idrissa.

"How do I train him? Like taking letters or going and getting me small stuff? Can he do that?" Datsun asks curiously of the others, including the rest since they also have firelizards. "Yeah, I got that part." He smiles at the feeding bit, "That was really weird. To feel something else's feelings and not my own." For Hotaru, there's another nod, "I can do a bit of everything, really, since my whole family's Woodcrafters. But my speciality is detailwork and furniture."

Oh, Haruhi is plenty nice when it comes to recieving the attention which is her due. The gold chirps sweetly, arching herself against Hotaru's fingers. Back on Soriana's shoulder, the brown rustles his wings and settles down in a firelizard approximation of a sigh, and Sori reaches up to pet at his side as she nods to Datsun. "Yeah, you can train him. It's sorta… like how you know he's hungry, in reverse. Think what you want at him. Pictures, feelings, that sort of thing. So like… give him a letter and picture where you want it to go. …though you probably don't want to start with anything important. He might decide to chew it instead until he gets the idea."

Muir finishes eating and rises, making sure Kenpo is secure on his shoulder. "Guess I don't," is his reply to Hotaru, with a wry grin. "See you all later." With a tossed up wave, the boy is out the door, back into the rain

Willow soon hops down too settle upon Idrissa's shoulder, the little green chirps and trills down at the brown that is upon her person's lap, curious about the new little lizard in her fair it seems. Rissa glances to Hotaru, oh she did say that loud didn't she? "Well Yes I was attack by a feline, out in the swaps. Ripley took the brunt of it to his right wing, and my runner got some of it along with me too." She looks after Muir and waves after him. "Later!"

Finished with reading for now and apparently finished with listening to any conversations, Mikal also stands and moves out of the caverns.

Hotaru nods to Datsun. "Ah, cool. Detailing… does that mean you could make me a nameplate for my cot?" She's just met the woodcraft and already asking him for favors! There's a nod about Soriana's explanation. "It's best if you start off small. Like… take this piece of paper across the room or something. When they're little they're usually pretty eager to please and sometimes food motivated, so that can help, too." Hotaru haves to Muir and Mikal as they head off in turn. She blinks at Rissa then. "Shards. I hope everyone is alright. Those felines can be nasty creatures."

"So… think at him." repeats Datsun, wondering at the concept, looking at the sleeping hatchling. "Yeah, probably not. I hope he's not one who likes to chew wood…" Then he's back to asking questions, "How do I recall him when he's somewhere else? Do I just think at him to come?" Pause, "I heard there were firelizard classes." Muir's departure gets a glance, watching the boy disappear. "Hotaru, I can make you an entire cot with dragon heads at the posts with flowers wrapping around the beams, if you'd like. If you have the marks. Or favors to trade for."

Soriana nods agreement back to Hotaru. "Fetch is a good game, too. Or hide and seek." Playing, training, same difference. "If he tries, just think unhappy at him, and he'll probably stop. He's going to want to make you happy." As do …most… firelizards, the occasional troublemaker aside. "Yeah. Picture him with you, and he should get the idea." And then, he mentions the firelizard class, and… she winces, before putting on a ragged, rueful grin as she waves to Muir and Mikal. "A class. There was a class… well… so far…" She sighs. "I guess I'm going to do another one." She glances to Idrissa. "Or we are. On training firelizards how to hunt."

Idrissa nods slightly as she hears Hotaru, a soft ah escapes her and she doesn't go to touch the scars on her arm for once, mostly because of the new little lizard still asleep on her lap. "Just some scars is all." Could have been worse than some scars and she knows that. "Well you could have more classes." She points out an grins a bit to Soriana. "Hunting classes would be good. Especially with everyone seemingly getting a firelizard now."

Hotaru rubs her chin. "I don't think they're known for chewing wood. At least I can't recall any of them doing that." She chuckles to Datsun. "Are you propositioning me, woodcrafter? Do I need to go into the story about slapping E'gin again? Anyways, I have some marks I won playing pool at Fort. I just really want a name tag. I can pay you for that for sure." Hotaru blinks at Idrissa. "Well, it's good everyone is okay. You'll have to show me your scars sometime! I should head back though to figure out what chores I need to be doing. I'll see you all around!" Hotaru gets up and heads back out into the rain and such.

Judging from Soriana's wince, Datsun gets a hint: "Are you the teacher? So do you like… train the firelizards themselves or the owners?" It would seem the Woodcrafter has endless questions about them, but the mention of hunting has his smile faltering. Taking the final bite of his meatroll and downing the last of his wine, the Woodcrafter nods, "That… that would be nice." Blinking at Hotaru's question, he's back to smiling again. "No, Candidate. A nameplate you'll have, then." A wave is sent after the new arrival departing.

Ooh, and there's the 'my and my big mouth' wince from Soriana as she sees Datsun's reaction to the mention of hunting. She tries to move on. "Uh, yeah, I was the one teaching it. None of the other dragonhealers had time." Aka inclination. "Well… the first one was mostly on caring for them. So, that was for the owners. Hunting…" he did ask. "-would be more about training them." She smirks again at Hotaru's mention of E'gin, then waves. "See you! Good luck!" she calls, then reaches down to give Haruhi another pet, the gold draping herself out on her side and curling her tail in around herself. "And outside. The hunting class would be outside." That part makes her halfway grin.

Idrissa blinks as she peers after Hotaru and sends a glance back to Soriana. "Since when did people get interested in seen scars all of a sudden?" Or maybe she just never had them before to worry about showing off. Her gaze turns to Datsun and then she looks back to Soriana. "I thought you did well at it personally. I bet a hunting one would go over well too."

Datsun pushes his empty plate and glass away towards the center of the table before crossing both arms on top of the table and settling his chin on top of them to watch Oak sleeping. "Is there anything I shouldn't try with him until he's older?" His eyes glance over at Soriana, "And how would you train someone else's firelizards without training the owners too? Since I'm guessing you can't have the… link, I guess, with their firelizards?"

"They're your proof of adventure?" suggests Soriana about Idrissa's scars, then shrugs, grinning to her. "Ah, thanks," she admits about the class. "I'm half done making it up to the Harpers, too." She looks back to Datsun, and hmms. "Don't rush going between. He can do it now, but if you try to push, you might confuse him about it and that'd be bad." She has on serious face for that, and then she hehs at the other question. "Well, by getting a dragon to do it, like what happened when there was almost the fight. Or by getting Haruhi to do it. Firelizards are all kinda linked together like you are to that little guy." She grins. "It's a lot easier to just get the humans to do it, though."

Idrissa looks amused at the whole 'adventure' bit. "Maybe, but I'd rather just ignore them." She offers with a soft murmur at the thought and she shakes her head. At the bit on the harpers she ohs and peers at her friend. "That bad huh?" A soft tsk escaping her at the thought. "Anything I can do to help with that?" Not that she knows anything to make the harpers happy, but she can at least try! She nods while listening in on what is being said, agreeing with what Soriana says.

Wandering into the Caverns from the kitchens for a bit of a snack for himself, and avoiding the weather outside the protective walls like the plague, Qirin starts over towards the buffet of delights. On a plate, he stacks a couple meatrolls and a cloth napkin, then meanders over towards the seating tables. A shy boy, he does keep his distance from the crowd, but sits close enough to feel like he's with other people. Besides, overhearing the talk of the firelizards piques his interest, and his green Allegra takes to the sky upon him seating. A little packet of her meaty food is left on the table beside his dish.

"Don't rush between. Don't rush between." Datsun repeats to himself, ingraining that bit to his memory so he won't do it. "I never gave much thought to firelizards before. There weren't many at Far Cry Hold and I didn't pay them much attention besides pet them or use them as messengers when I went to Lemos, the Hall, and on my travels. Funny how that all changes in one moment." Maybe the Woodcrafter's being slowly converted to the Weyr side? "So there are three ways to do it. When's your next class? Can I bring Oak? And get lessons from one of you on the side, maybe?" Qirin's arrival gets a curious glance.

Soriana shakes her head to Idrissa. "Nah, it's not so bad. They make me sit and polish instruments or sweep while an old Harper lectures me. Not even like scolding lectures, at this point, just like… talking about Harper stuff." She grins. "I think it's just supposed to make me more respectful or something." A shrug, and she turns her gaze back to Datsun. One moment, indeed, and she smiles… for a moment. Then… "Uh. I dunno. I haven't scheduled it yet. Of course you can come, though." Whenever it is. "Uhm… maybe next week sometime? Over lunch break, so… everyone… can come." She glances away, then looks over to give Qirin a slight wave.

Idrissa hums and nods at the part on the what is going on over at the Harper halls. "Well I'm glad they're not making you to too much about it then. That would be sorta silly. None of the instruments got damaged did they?" She questions curiously. At the talk of when the next lesson is to be. "Sounds like a plan to me. I bet we're have plenty of people to come to it now." It should be amusing to say the least.

Being waved at. Well, Qirin must include himself now. He scoots himself and his dish, and firelizard meal, closer to the group, although still keeping at least a couple seats difference. "Hey," he greets Soriana first, being the one to wave his direction. And then to the others. "Did someone say 'Harper stuff'?" His voice cracks just slightly as the question is raised, a clear indication of where he is in his youth. Allegra decides to warble a quick tune, then do her impression of a hummingbird as she investigates each of the attendees at eye-level, clearly more innately social than the young teen.

Datsun blinks, "You had to get lessons from the Harpers? For what?" Now Datsun's curiousity is piqued, wondering what Soriana could have done to get that kind of punishment. "Great, then I'll come. Let me know when. It'd be nice if Oak and Ash could hunt together…" There's a tinge in his voice but he doesn't try to let it affect him too much, nodding in agreement with Idrissa. Qirin's cracking regains his attention again and the new arrival is scruntized more. "Hello."

"Not much, anyhow," Soriana says to Idrissa. Allegra's greeting gets a trill from the gold firelizard on the table in front of Soriana, and a chirp from the brown on her shoulder. Firelizard introductions are made! Meanwhile, Soriana hehs to Qirin. "Yeah, I did. 'm not a Harper, though. Just helping out there. Building positive relations." That is, in fact, the phrase Fallian used when laying down this assignment. She glances back to Datsun, and… sigh. "The first firelizard class was in their practice hall. Some of the firelizards got a little carried away and scratched the instruments. So… I'm making apologies there." She shrugs one shoulder, her brown draped on the other, and tilts her head at the mention of Ash again. Her curiosity is piqued, but… oh, but now there's Qirin here, and she smiles to him and his young green.

Idrissa looks over to Qirin and smiles. "Hello." She offers with a wave. "Have a seat." She offers to one of the many free seats around the three that other people have left. She glances over to Datsun, a soft ah escaping her. "I'm sorry about Ash by the way." Willow shifts on her spot upon her person's shoulder, the little green trilling out towards the other green that is here. While the newly hatched brown firelizard in her lap is starting to wake up, a soft trill escaping him and he yawns, a squeaky sound escaping him at the moment. "Well, at least it wasn't to bad.. I'm sorry about that Soriana. Didn't think Ripley would join in things." It was a bit amusing there for a few moments.

"Oh shells, they must have been mad," Qirin comments, his mouth twitching up in a half-smile. Picking up his items, he takes one of the offered seats Soriana points out, although remains slightly hunched over his meatrolls. "I'm not a Harper, either, but my parents are. Mom's at the Hall, helping teach." Here's to hoping she was involved, being a natural mediator. And then his eyes focus on the plate before him, picking at a bit before little Allegra moves to the table, bouncing about her packaged meal as though she's high on klah.

Datsun listens to Soriana's explanation, raising both of his eyebrows at the thought of trying to teach firelizards music. "You tried to teach them how to play music? I have to ask, though, what made you decide to try that?" Then the mention of Ripley causing the mischeif has him understanding why things went awry. "Ah, apparently the Weyrwoman… had bad experiences with 'Hawks in the past, from what I've been able to gather. The Cook complained about me feeding him in here, but I had already promised Lorelai I wouldn't bring him. The Weyrwoman came to tell me to stop and… I didn't handle it well. Ash is back at the Beastcraft Hall for a bit. I'm hoping I can convince the Weyrwoman to let me bring him back but I don't know…" And there's part of the story. Qirin gets a thoughtful look before deciding to introduce himself, "I'm Datsun, Journeyman Woodcrafter."

Soriana shrugs to Idrissa. "Ah, don't worry about it," she says. "Next time, I'm definitely not holding it there, though. Or anywhere indoors." She looks to Datsun, and rolls her eyes. "No, I did not. I tried to teach their humans how to take care of them, and the practice hall has high ceilings and is available for giving lectures. The firelizards decided to teach themselves music." She gives her head a shake, then tilts her head curiously as Datsun reveals some of the story around Ash. "Ah," she says, then turns her gaze to Qirin, and hehs. "Just a bit. I got the full lecture the first day." In the lecturiest of senses! "Fortunately, it was just practice instruments and nothing was actually broken, so I've just got to do some chores for them." Oh yeah, and introductions! "I'm Soriana."

Idrissa looks a bit amused as she hears Soriana's explain what happened. "The firelizards took it upon themselves to do that. As for Ripley he joined in after it was started." Which was a surprise to say the least, a soft chuckle escapes her. "I'm Idrissa, nice to meet you." Willow hops down o the table, wings a flutter while she chirps out; she soon turns to peer down at the little brown hatchling within her person's lap to watch him. "Willow met your Ah new little brother?" There's a pause. "Hidalgo." An thus the little brown is named.

"Qirin," the boy of the same name introduces himself to Datsun, Soriana and Idrissa, idly pressing a finger into the tiny crown of the green firelizard, causing the little one to stop the bouncing around and enjoy the attention. "Nice to meet you guys… and gals… too." His mouth twitches into another awkward smile. "I'm here… visiting family. And, it looks like I'll get to see my first Hatching, at least that I remember… before I head back."

Well, that was cleared up even further for Datsun, "Ahhh, so they took it upon themselves. Nice way to torture Harpers, I'd imagine." replies Datsun, shrugging, "It's character building for you. Soriana." There's a little bit of the usual Datsun, teasing. "Hidalgo? Nice name. I used to know a runner named that." Then now it's the boy's turn, "In that case, welcome to Xanadu Weyr and I hope you'll enjoy your visit here. Who's your family here?"

Soriana smirks at Datsun's comment about building character. "Fallian would agree. At least she's not actually mad, she just wants the Harpers happy." If she was actually mad, Soriana would be building so very much character. "That's another thing firelizards do, is take things on themselves. And once one of them gets an idea, it spreads like plague. You'll want to watch for that." She grins to the newly-firelizarded woodcrafter, then looks back to Qirin and nods. "Nice to meet you!" she chimes in.

"I did too, actually. My uncle had a handsome brown runner that sort of looked like this fella here. His name was the same so I figured I'd named him the same." Idrissa says while smiling and gives the little brown's head a soft pet. Hidalgo croons out and leans into the attention before peering up at Willow, he leans up to sniffsniff at the green. "Aww, looky, they're cute. His nice Unlike a certain grumpy blue of mine." Who is still missing. She looks to Qirin and nods. "So where abouts are you from then?"

Now that's a question Qirin should have expected, the number of times he's been asked so far about his family. Still a bit timid about the subject, not wanting to draw attention to himself, he mumbles out with a quick, "Weyrwoman Thea, my cousin." That's out of the way, he follows up a bit more clear, and with a tad more volume, bringing it more to conversation level, "My parents are journeyman harpers, so I was born and raised at the Harper Hall, where my mother teaches… What about you guys?" He takes this moment to move a meatroll to his mouth, indicating that he's done with his part for the moment.

Datsun chuckles, "That's what I tell my Apprentices when they complain. It's a good thing nobody's really mad about it." At her words about firelizards' actions, there's a marked look at Oak, "They do? Shells, what have I gotten into?" Fear. Idrissa gets another smile, "Just goes to show you picked a great name." He agrees, blinking at Qirin. "Cousin? Ahh…" Suddenly he feels awkward about what he had said earlier, "Far Cry Hold. It's close to Lemos Hold and the Woodcraft Hall in the North." He answers Qirin's question just as an Apprentice comes by and discovers Datsun, motioning with his hand to the Journeyman. Sighing, "Looks like I gotta go back. Corel's always needing me." The Woodcrafter rises from his seat and almost departs without his firelizard until he seems to remember it. "This will take getting used to." He remarks to all as he collects his newly hatched brown Oak, who chirrups at being woken and picked up by Datsun, nodding to all before turning and departing.

Soriana just smirks. Datsun will find out what he's gotten into soon enough! Sori takes the announcement of Qirin's relative in stride, simply nodding. A moment later, her nonchalance may be explained as she says, "My mother's Sorrin. One of the Junior Weyrwomen here." She smiles. "I'm a dragonhealer. Grade one." Toral, the brown firelizard on her shoulder, slides off to greet Willow and young Hidalgo with chirps and little nosings. Soriana leaves them to it, waving to Datsun as he heads off. "Don't-" oh, good, he didn't forget Oak. "He'll likely be hungry again in a couple hours!" she calls after. "Send one of your 'pprentices for meat if you can't get away, the cooks keep scraps ready!"

Idrissa waves after Datsun and smiles seing that he does pick up Oak. "Take care Datsun, if you have any questions just let us know." She offers with a friendly tone. A soft ah escapes her while she looks over to Qirin. "Well I'm a Beastcraft Apprentice. From a colt hold near Irene weyr where my uncle raises Runners."

Qirin waves after Datsun, giving a bit of an awkward smile back towards him. "Have a good one, and I'll have to check out Far Cry Hold sometime," he replies to the journeyman before he departs. Back to the group, he raises a surprised eyebrow, feeling a bit more relaxed about his upper-echelon connection as he looks over at Soriana. Of course, he declines to comment on her mother for much the same reason. "A Dragonhealer? Must be exciting." Allegra scoots her little youngster self back over the direction of the other flying ones, still as hyper as can be as she chirps a brief song towards them. Towards Idrissa, he adds, "And Beastcraft. Do you guys, uh… compare notes?" He's bright enough to know that general answer, but it blurted out anyhow. He scratches his head in awkwardness.

"Yeah, it's fun," Soriana agrees about her dragonhealing. "Lots of studying, though. How about you, have you decided on a craft of your own yet?" Toral, after he finishes greeting Willow and Hidalgo, chirps to Allegra in turn, projecting a friendly greeting and lowering his head for a sniff of the baby. Haruhi continues to recline, watching this more-or-less graciously. Soriana hehs. "Well, on some things, but dragons are pretty different. Past the basics, we'd just kinda confuse each other."

Idrissa nods to the boy on lots of studying. "Sorta goes across the range for studying." She chuckles and nods. "We talk about some things, but mostly it's very different. Sort of amusing some of the conversation we can get into." Speaking of studying, and lessons, and so forth. "I need to get going, actually. Have a lesson dealing with runners and their teeth again. Nice to meet you, Qirin, come by the stables if you ever want a lesson." She waves while standing up and Willow hops up onto the table settling down close to Toral, Hidalgo though is going with her and Jarse will just have to deal with it. "See you later Soriana." Hidalgo cheeps out while he cuddles up against his person getting all nice and comfy for the ride

Qirin shakes his head, "No, no craft of my own yet, although following my parents footsteps has been a thought." Now, just to get over the introversion. "I suppose the same goes for Healercraft, too, eh? 'Numbweed does this… Fellis does that… Faranth, how do you splint a bronze dragon wing?!'" He grins, then kinda looks down at what's remaining on his plate as that fades: a few crumbs. Allegra chirps back to Toral, at the same note as the other firelizard. She's a natural born singer. Looking back at Idrissa, he comments, "Nice to meet you, too. Although on that note, uh… I should head out, myself. Allegra is due for an oiling." It'd seem like an excuse if it wasn't for a small patch of dry hide on the tiny knee. "I'll see you both around, I'm sure."

"Suppose it would be. No reason to rush, though," Soriana says of crafts, then raises one finger. "And that, right there, is one of the reasons you've got to be careful with sharing knowledge. You can't give a dragon fellis. It's poison to them." She grins briefly, then hehs at the question. "With a couple of logs, basically… and the bronze is probably never going to fly quite right again." Toral croons to Allegra, then sits back on his haunches to just snuggle with Willow. Soriana nods. "Yeah, see you around!" she says, waving to Qirin and Idrissa both.

The tiny green takes to flight, landing atop Qirin's head, and with a wave, and a snagging of the little meat pack, the pair are off towards the dorms.

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