Dragon Tempers! (Lorelai is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road
This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

Just heading back to their weyr after lunch, Lorelai walks hand in hand with little Lanai, the girl dragging her toy dragon along the ground behind her by the tail, "You'll tear him up if you keep dragging him like that, baby." The warning from her mother is denied with a quick shake of her head, the little girl's light brown curls bobbing, "Nuh uh! Zhao's walkin'." Backwards, apparently. The petite baker shakes her head in amusement, "Wouldn't he fly instead?" There's another emphatic head shake from the little girl, but she doesn't comment further, instead just half trotting to keep up with her mother.

There's a break in the weather system that's been putting the rain to the Weyr. Streams of sunlight poke through the clouds, drying up the rain, leaving only slight puddles here and there scattered in the low lying areas where rock prevents it from saturating into the ground. Zhaoth is outside the weyr, stretched out on his belly, maw open as he sleeps, sunning with his wings fanned to catch the radiance of the heat. Ers'lan is outside too, looking to have finished oiling the large brown, counting his blessings that the dragon wasn't any larger, something he continues to mutter about every time he goes to oil up the dragon - which isn't as often as it once was, thankfully. Bucket of oil, rags, and rinsing water, all sits to the side, Ers'lan himself, plunked down before Zhao, legs spread, resting his feet on his heels, pitched forward into knees, bandana on his brow, shirt off, sweating. It's not a simple chore to bathe and oil a dragon. Zhao is the first one to notice the girls returning, snorting with some thrill behind it, a greeting to the pair, to little Lanai, one of his favourite little climbers, as the brown calls them. Lan lifts his head up, peering off toward the way, smiling quietly at their approach, watching their antics from where his butt leaves groove marks in the sand just outside the weyr.

"Daddy!" Lanai pulls away from her mother when she sees her father sitting in the sand with her favorite jungle gym and runs as fast as her little legs can carry her. Lorelai giggles softly at the little girl, watching the stuffed dragon bouncing on the ground as she runs to throw herself at 'Lan, though the baker follows at a more sedate pace, "Hi." She looks up at the brown grinning, "You're looking handsome today, Zhaoth." She leans down to try to offer her weyrmate a quick kiss, "You know you could have waited if you wanted a little help bathing him." She doesn't have any problem with helping care for his, or the other's, dragons. Especially since he's got the largest of all three.

"Ahoy cutie pie," Lan grins, opening his arms to catch the little girl as she flings herself at him. Really, he doesn't have enough time for the girls and sorely knows it. At least he comes home every night and tends to take meals in when he can, or play with them, as it would happen to be. Lan growls a little as his thick arms curl around his daughter, giving her a bear hug of a squeeze. "How be me little munchkin?" He kisses her on the cheek, eyes wandering up to the mother of his child, though it's Zhaoth who first greets, her, shifting to put his well oiled muzzle at her chest or any other area he can bump. "Oy!" Lan checks in his brown with a flip of his hand to ward off the grease giving, "Narh when ya be oiled ya beastie of a brown." He scolds the dragon who merely draws his wing forward enough to thawp Lan in the head. Antics, they never stop between these two. Lan youches and scowls at Zhaoth, "Ye be a bit of a brute aye. Dun make me swat ya." Of course, all this while he's handling Lanai, pointing to her stuffie, "Yer stuffie is on the ground thar. He needs a bit of cleanin up himself." A beat, then a look up at Lorelai, "Tis fine. I be likin ta do it sometimes, fer old times sake." A bond of a rider and his dragon, restablished with every scrub of the oiling rag!
Ooop oop. And there's a kiss in there too, when it's at all possible between the jostling of rider and dragon!

Lorelai will admit to feeling a little left out when she gets to see the others interacting with their lifemates, but she's got her two firelizards to care for, herself… No it's not the same, but it's the closest she's got, and she loves her little 'lizards. She laughs and reaches out to try and give that well greased brown muzzle an affectionate rub. Lanai throws her arms around her daddy's neck to give him a tight squeeze in return and holds up her toy, gravely looking at the dirty fabric and nodding, "Zhao needs a bath…" Zhaoth is the only brown dragon she has any real contact with, so it's probably not surprising that she named the stuffed dragon her grandmother gave her after her father's dragon. Lorelai giggles softly at the and shakes her head at the antics of rider and dragon, "Well… You know I'm willing to help if you, or Laera or Keziah, need it." Washing a dragon isn't that much different than washing a firelizard or a baby, after all, right?

Ers'lan may not understand the feeling that Lorelai endures, having only stood once himself, the fateful day that Zhaoth sprung out of the egg and pounced toward him. Though he's never really given too much thought to her feelings, knowing that Zhaoth, Laera's Kereth, and Keziah's green Alosynth were all particularly involved as constants in their lives, Zhaoth more than the others because after all, it was his weyr everyone was housed in. Still, with constant dragonic company, pets, and kids running around, he never dwelled on how much Lorelai could be missing, at least, not until now. His eyes lift toward her, just before the killer squeeze of his little Lanai nearly sucks out all the air from his windpipe. "Narh too hard sweets," he pries at her little arms, carefully to set her back into a more comfortable and less clingy hug. Of course, he's laughing a little at her imitation of the little Zhao needing a bath, "Aye, reckon he does. Best ya soak him a little in the water. Be still clean in thar bucket, aye." He points her to the rinsing bucket, which, is a little sooty, but not terrible, good enough for a stuffed toy. Zhaoth flops his tail hard, to make an audible noise to crack attention his way, his maw opening as he flails his head up and down like a runner would, nudging this time toward Lanai and Ers'lan. "Oy ye reckon ye back off ye greasy swine!" Zhaoth snorts, making Lan roll his eyes, "Nay, Lore be narh washin ye again. The little ye, reckon so." A turn up toward Lorelai, "I be knowin sugar buns," oh yes, baker play names are the best, "jus be needin some time. He be actin strange fer the last few days."

The suggestion that she soak her toy in some water, and there being some water so conveniently near at hand, has Lanai giggling in delight and scrambling out of Ers'lan's lap to go plunge her miniature Zhao into the bucket, holding it under the water so that it soaks it up and gets nice and sopping. Lorelai jumps a little at the thump of the real Zhaoth's tail and looks up at him, chuckling softly and shaking her head, "I thought you were just bathed, though?" It wouldn't do to spoil the brown with washing him too frequently, right? She settles down to the sand next to her weyrmate, shaking her head at the strange antics of his dragon, "Well, maybe Alosynth is about to be proddy?" It's an idea, anyway…

Lan watches with wry amusement showing on his face as Lanai happily dips the mini-Zhao in the bath, knowing what kind of mess a sopping wet stuffie is going to make if not squeezed out prior to going into the weyr proper. But for now, he lets that be. Water can be cleaned up, a little girl's tears weren't as easily wiped dry. Oh he's such a sucker and wrapped around Lanai's little finger. Lan looks confounded though at his lifemate's frustrations, "Aye, dun give in ta him," he notes with a frown up at the ansty beast, pondering the possibility of Lorelai's suggestion, "Reckon tha may be it. Tis been a while since he be catchin 'er. Tis a time since she be flyin." A grumbling noise from the brown causes Lan to peer back over his shoulder, briefly, before his arm wraps over Lorelai's. "Reckon tis somethin more complex 'n tha…" he shrugs briefly, as if not knowing completely the cause. Not that Zhao will let that stand. His big old muzzle descends down above both Lan and Lore's head, his hot breath panting down on them, his neck shadow covering Lanai's playful dunks of her stuffie.

Lanai is quite happy to lift the now sopping toy out of the water and watch it pour back down into the bucket, and in a big puddle on the ground around it. With a bright laugh, the little girl drops the stuffed dragon back in the water with a splash, getting water all over the front of her shirt. Lorelai groans in dismay and shakes her head, but can't resist laughing a little, herself, "Sweetie, you're going to get all wet…" Oh well… At least it's just water. She spares a glance up at the big brown when he looms over them, "I wonder what is wrong, if it's not Alosynth…" She easily curls against her weyrmate's side, but does reach up to hold one hand out towards the big brown muzzle, offering a scritch if he wants it, since she won't give him another bath.

The girl's antics while funny, are seemingly lost on Ers'lan as he's arguing internally, with the dragon behind him as if the glaze in his eyes gave any indication to it. He's getting a trifle mad, considering the tension growing in his neck and shoulders, even his hand, squeezes a little too much pressure onto Lorelai's shoulder. Yet, the dragon insists, all but hammering the edge of his muzzle into Lan's face, as if to say, ignore me will you?! Lan has to duck the movement, less he get bowled off his arse. "Blood 'n ashes Zhao!" Lan finally says and whacks his hand at the intrusion of Zhao's muzzle, smacking the brown, sometimes it has to be done this way, like a stubborn mule. But Zhao is no mule. He only shows his teeth and further puts his head between the two, parting them, nudging Lorelai away and then Lan the other way, careful not to harm Lanai whose dangerously close to the brown's legs which are shifting to draw him upwards to get more leverage on breaking them apart.

The tenseness in Ers'lan's shoulders and neck, and the almost too tight way he's holding onto her, has Lorelai getting a little worried, "What's wrong?" The comes the dragon's head pushing them apart, and dragon feet precariously close to her little girl, and the baker scrambles to her feet to snatch up her daughter, wet toy and all, before she gets stepped on accidentally, "Zhaoth, what's gotten into you?!" She holds the child close, Lanai not understanding why she's been snatched from her game of 'bathing' her dragon and starting to complain and demand to be put back down, "'Lan..?" She looks to the rider for an explanation.

At least Lanai is scooped out of harms way. Zhaoth would've never meant to harm the little climber, but he's in such a mood right now, with his eyes whirling to show his anger, that he could've bowled over top of her and hurt her before he stopped. Lan is suddenly hot under the gills, face red and flushed, fists knuckled, his eyes narrowed, standing in complete challenge of his dragon who continues to try and distance Lorelai with Lanai in her arms, shooing his head at them, while Lan growls some curses up at the brown. "No, ye ain't doin tha! NO. She be mine!" Zhaoth snorts back at Lan and for once in his dragonic life, he breaks communication with his rider and goes direct to the source, holding Lan back with a suddenly flared out wing. Rivers of quicksilver splash into Lorelai's mind, while behind in the thrum of all that's happening, Lan's cursing and being felled to his feet by a sweep of tail and wing, keeping him pinned with a back talon as Zhaoth has stood now, facing Lorelai, head pointed toward her, almost backing her into a corner as it were. The warmth of the quicksilver wraps Lorelai's mind in silken washes of calming waters, « You must stand. He would not ask you for me. You must stand, for the eggs. You must. » And that's where Lan sags, fighting no longer against the weight of his lifemate's back foot and talons.

Lorelai backs away from the suddenly angry brown, her eyes wide as she clutches the little girl to her chest. For the first time in her life, she's actually frightened of a dragon. Ers'lan's words, only have her looking more afraid as Lanai starts to whimper in her mother's arms, clinging tightly. Neither of them are sure what's going on other than that Zhaoth seems to be going insane. Then she's hearing the dragon, actually being spoken to directly, and the baker stumbles a little, "I… Zhoa, but-" She looks desperately towards Lan, not knowing how to answer. She tries to get past the brown to run back to her weyrmate, "Give me a moment to breathe. I need to think, okay?" And preferably talk to a certain wingleader about it; she doesn't want to hurt her weyrmate, but she does want to stand. The chance, again, to maybe have her own dragon… Shards!

Zhaoth seems to be completely calm the moment that he's broken through that communication barrier and reached out to a person not his own rider, defeating Ers'lan's attempts to keep his dragon's request silent. The brown calmly stretches and lets Lan up, curling up his limbs underneath himself yet again and croong gently toward Lanai. Sorry baby! That croon almost says. Lan rolls around in the sand as he pushes himself up. Hair is disarrayed, sand clings to his sweaty chest, and he looks a little out of sorts with Zhao taking it upon himself to break the chain of command there. His eyes dart to Lorelai, then back to Zhaoth, then back to Lorelai, "Reckon I be goin ta ask ya… jus… narh today.." On his own time! Which Zhaoth obviously didn't like! The whole thing caused the anger outbreak from the brown, who looks abruptly relaxed now that his request has been issued.

"That's what was bothering him, I take it?" Lorelai doesn't sound like she's upset that he didn't want to tell her. She looks a lot more worried, honestly, that things went like they did… Keeping a wary eye on the brown, the baker makes her way over to her weyrmate, Lanai lunging for her father the moment he's in reach, trying to hide in the arms of her bigger parent from the big scary dragon. Truthfully, Lore feels like doing the same thing, right about now! "I don't doubt that you would have…" She glances up at the brown, "I…" She shifts her attention to the rider, her brows furrowed, "It's for the eggs, right?" She reaches for him, "It's only until the eggs hatch. I'm just going to be a warm body out there, and it's not like I'm going to be in another Weyr, so I can still see you everyday." She might even be able to stay at home with him instead of sleeping with the other candidates! "I love you, 'Lan, and I love our family. I just… It's my duty to do it for the Weyr if Zhaoth says I need to."

"Aye…" Lan slowly admits at what was bugging Zhaoth as if he had a thorn pricked in his foot pad, rubbing the back of his neck, "He ain't never let me do it on me own terms. Jus pushin 'n pushin…" Though it's likely Lan didn't want to give the bitter sweet news to his one Weyrmate who wasn't preoccupied with rider duties and a dragon heart to contend with. Lorelai, was, his, really! He didn't have to contest with another yearning heart and another … life force! "Be selfish of me, I be knowin it… jus, wanted a bit more time with ya… ye… would've 'ad to the day of hatchin ta be auhm… searched.." His arms reach out to pull little Lanai too him, kissing her brow, "Dun worry sweetie, he be a little upset tha daddy nevar told mommy somethin important. He would narh be hurtin ya ever, promise sweets." He hugs her and then extends an arm for Lorelai as well, "Sorry me honey." He wants to kiss her as well, sighin, "Aye aye.. fer the eggs…" He gives her a quiet smile and nods, "Reckon ya should be standin again. Ye can be stayin home though, dun.. have ta stay with 'em others." Although the candidate barracks was the one place to actually get to know other candidates and to stay in the loop, he knows it and won't deny her that opportunity either. "Love ya two dear one," this to Lorelai, his blue eyes studious of her, "Aye, he be sayin ya need ta. Nothin be stoppin him from it apparently."

Lorelai nods, gratefully fitting herself into the circle of his arm and putting her arms around both him and their daughter as the little girl hides her face in his shoulder, the toy dripping down his back, "It's not going to change anything about how much I love you, you know…" She'll stand, and probably be left on the sands, again, and then everything will go back to normal. Just like last time! "There's nothing to forgive, you know. I'm still your weyrmate, no matter what else." She shakes her head and looks over at the brown, "I never thought he'd talk to me, though…" She sounds a little awed that he did, "You're right, though; you didn't have to tell me right now." They could have had a few more sevendays, at least, without the fact that she might end up with a dragon of her own soon facing them.

At least this way, they have a little more time to get used to the idea, though?

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