Of Firelizards and Dolphins

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

If the weather is nice there is a good bet plenty of people will be down on the beach, much like how this day is turning out. There are a few found out on the sandy beaches, it is a warm afternoon and many have taken the time for a dip in the water, one of those being Idrissa as well. For the moment she is sitting on a beach towel, she is working on giving her hair a good drying as it is still dripping wet. Clothing wise she has on a bluegreen bikini top, and a pair of shorts upon her lower have, a bag rests next to her with a few items within it like sandals and perhaps a snack or two. Her firelizards are there, Willow and Ripley both poking their heads into her bag looking to find the snacks that are hidden within. The only other thing that may be caught sight of are the scars across Rissa's right forearm and left shoulder, both look like a bite of some type, other scars rest across her back and sides that was perhaps done by rather sharp claws. They have long since healed but are easily spotted if anyone is close enough to her with what she has on at the moment.

Shirt less, shoe less, Mikal's clothing of choice for the beach today is just an old pair of shorts that reach to his knees. Per usual he shuffles along the water line, eyes on the ground as he searches for rocks and shell. So because of this he doesn't spy anyone else on the beach. Elsie dive bombs into the water, her green hide soaked now and a darker green for her efforts.

SNACKS. Like seagulls of old, brown Pinion and Talon are sharp-eyed and just intelligent enough to tell from afar that when fellow firelizards are investigating a bag, there's a good chance there's something to share. The dastardly duo wing do the ground not far from Idrissa's towel, chirping towards the girl's green and blue. Hey. HEY. Anything good they can share? Or, you know… miiiiine. "Back off, you dumb flits." A girl just hitting that stage of awkward youthfulness sidles over from her mother's towel, shooing the brown beggars down towards the water, where they cheep curiously for Elsie's diving antics. Seilistraye mutters to herself and keeps walking, perhaps to save Mikal and his flit if the duo decide to bug him next. "My bad," calls the older woman, waving apology if Idrissa is paying attention. O'rly is much more dressed than most people, in a tank top and long shorts, but she seems comfortable, leaning on the hide of a lifemate who was decidedly /not/ built for beach tanning, if her stiff posture is anything to judge by. Sanldoth. Not a fan of crowded beaches.

Willow and Ripley chirps and chitters out at the sudden approaching firelizards. Ripley doesn't take to kindly to the approaching ones, the scared of blue letting out a deep hiss and snapping of his jaws. He is saying all this is /his/ can't you see? Idrissa blinks and peers over at her green and blue eyeing the blue a moment before waves at the browns that are waved off. "Not a problem." This said while she calls back, she did hear them it would seem. Willow catches sight of Elsie over there diving in the water, and with the attention span of a goldfish the little green zips off to join in with diving game.

Elsie soars up high into the sky then diiiiives down into the water. The game? See how big of a splash you can make. Mikal's head jerks up as he hears a voice and looks around. It takes him a moment to realize he's not being spoken too. Meanwhile Elsie chirps sweetly to the pair of new fire lizards as well as Willow as if to invite them all to her game.

O'rly chuckles for the blue's hissing, reaching up into her dragon's satchel for a piece of dried meat. She then rolls to her feet, surprisingly spry for someone whose short, dark hair is shot through with steely grey. "Is it okay if I give him a peace offering?," the greenrider asks as she ambles over, displaying the piece of jerky for Idrissa to see. "Those two are something else, after all." She glances after the browns, who are only too happy to join in Elsie's game. They squee and promptly execute kamikaze dives into the water. Splash. O'rly rolls her eyes, spying Mikal in the process. The boy is offered a wave and an apologetic look. "If they get too crazy, I can call 'em off."

Idrissa eyes Ripley a few moments and pokes at his side a few times. "Just be nice, there gone, see?" She turns her attention to O'rly at the talk of a peace offering. "Well, it is a try. Ripley just tends to be a very grumpy firelizard." Though if one was looking at him he would seem to have plenty reason to be. The blue lizard's right wing is badly scared up, and tucked close to his side. His bright gaze settles upon the talk of food, head tilting to the side with a faint croon escaping him. Rissa smirks at the antics of her lizard. "I think his rather interested in the treat, I would just hate for him to bite you." Which he has done before! Willow trills out at the other green and browns before she dives into the water, a splash sent up into the air before a wave rolls over the spot where she went into the water at.

Dive, splash, roll…leap. So many parts of this game! Elsie seems pleased to have so many others playing her game. Mikal watches for a moment then turns to join the others. "Naw, I'm sure they'll be fine." he says towards O'rly. "Pretty day for playing in the water."

O'rly dimples, mouth quirking up at both sides. "Aww, that's alright. Not everyone's gotta be a charmer," she says, crouching down slowly enough as to not give the blue a startlement. The meat is then offered, displayed on an open hand. The scarring is eyed, on Ripley and Idrissa both, but the woman bites back her curiosity and offers a shrug of one shoulder. "Wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last." Mikal is given a slight grin. "Well, if you're sure. There're days where, without their bands, you could reckon those two were wild. I'll keep half an eye out just in case." She's mostly teasing though, her voice sarcastic, her smile too friendly to mean the firelizards were dangerous. They were just incredibly energetic, as evidenced by their enthusiastic participation in Elsie's game. "It is awful nice out," she says with a nod, flickering a glance back at her lifemate. "Too bad we all can't enjoy it." Sanldoth lifts one eyelid, just enough to cast an unamused glance their way.

"He never was much of a charmer. He use to bite me before Willow put him into his place." Idrissa says while eyeing the blue, as if ot make sure he will at least behave. Ripley is eyeing that hand that with the jerky and is soon creeping forward slowly on his paws, head lowered with a faint trill escaping him. When he is close enough his head snaps out and snags hold of the jerky where he promptly settles back to his haunches to chew on the treat, at least he is cooing out now to show he is happy. "It is nice out, great beach weather." She catches the glance from rider to dragon and peers curiously towards Sanldoth, there is a moment of pondering and she smiles. "She's beautiful. Though, not to thrilled with the beach? I bet it's because of the sand, it gets all over the place after all." Willow continues to dive into the waves, she'll make the biggest splash yet if given the chance!

Mikal doesn't seem overly concerned over energetic fire lizards. After all isn't that the norm for fire lizards? Evidently she didn't hear about the fire lizard band formed the other day. At the flickered glance and comment on enjoying the day Mikal too looks towards the unamused Green. "Would have thought she'd want to be in the water." he remarks. "Naw, I bet dragons like the sand all over their hide. Helps with itching." or so he seems to assume.

A warm and sunny afternoon finds a plethora of weyrfolk on the beach, Mikal, Idrissa, and O'rly amongst them. The trio is gathered loosely on the sand, with green Sanldoth nearby, while a quartet of firelizards play a diving game in the water. O'rly chuckles and nods. "Mmmhmm, been there. My first flit was the same way until he had others around. Maybe that's a thing," she says, pondering that for a second before aiming a grin down at Ripley. Her hand remains still throughout the firelizard's stalking, only withdrawn after he's settled back and chewing away. "There we go. That's some good meat, there. Fresh from home." The happy noises seem to amuse her, hazel eyes warm when they raise back to Idrissa. "We both thank you. She is quite lovely. And she hates it when sand messes up her pretty little hide," she says by way of explanation to Idrissa and Mikal both. "Dragons do indeed get the sand in all their nooks and crannies, and she's… well, 'obsessive about cleanliness' may be putting it politely. She suffers through it, though." Almost thirty turns later? She'd have to. The dragon seems appeased by Idrissa's compliment though, scornful eye shutting with a whuff.

If there's one thing that eases up shy boys, it's firelizards, so it's a bit of a relief to Qirin that there's some playing at the beach, like his last visit to the sandy area. Speaking of the boogers, there's a plump little green one on Qirin's shoulder. Well, firelizard, not a literal booger, because that would be gross. Allegra sleeps peacefully in her young, food-gorged state, even as he approaches the group around the firelizards. "Hey," he greets, perhaps quieter than most would, and settles down near the group to watch the activity whilst careful not to butt in.

This summer's afternoon Tazemi is actually not tied to any piece of furniture, electronic, pipe, or other thing that doesn't need a full craftsman to repair. Could it possibly be that the teenage boy has a day off?! Either he does, or the young man is playing hookey as he strides onto the beach in… swimtrunks. There's a large towel tied around his neck and shoulders like a cape, but that's just for the protection from talons of his still-young brown, clinging to his shoulder through the towel, looking fed and relatively content. And as Taz his the sand in his sandal-clad feet, he pauses. "It's busy…" He says, really more to himself, but easy to be overheard. Well. So much for floating in peace?

Idrissa leans over to give Ripley a soft little pet across his back, which makes him croon out softly at the attention. The little blue is even licking his paws once his done eating that treat, seems he did really enjoy it! "I think Willow has helped mellow him out some. Though there are days where he is very moody." She'll just leave it at that, yes. Rissa smile and nods to O'rly. "Thank you for giving him he treat." Her gaze turns back to the dragon and she keeps her smile. "You're both welcome. I sort of figured it had something to do with the sad." She glances over to the voice of another, a smile is seen and she nods to Qirin. "Hello there."

"I've only had Elsie and she's loved everyone since she was hatched I think." Mikal remarks. "And she loves to get dirty. Which evidently your much larger green hates." a crooked grin crosses his expression as he looks to the green. "Quite lovely." he compliments too. See? He can be nice. "Well if she gets too much sand in her nooks and crannies I bet we could help clean her!" Qirin is waved too. "Heya!" And then there's Tazemi. Quite the growing crowd at the beach.

O'rly glances up at Qirin's approach, fingers waggling a welcome. Quick hazel eyes find and latch on to the little green on the boy's shoulder, and, well… her son and daughter didn't pick up their habit of bringing home strays from their father. Her eyes go all round and doe-ish, and she perhaps utters a soft 'awh' for the snoozing flit. And ohmygoodness, there is another one over there, a brown on the shoulder of that be-toweled boy! "Was there a clutch recently?" Her gaze switches back to Idrissa with a nod. "Of course. I don't mind sharing. And yeah, you guessed right. It makes for interesting times, being at a beach weyr and all." A smirk is aimed at Mikal. "She does indeed hate it, which is great sometimes. Could you imagine all of that washing you do for Elsie, only that sized?" Ugh. The mere thought makes her a little twitchy, perhaps byproduct of being with the obsessive-compusive green too long.

Shy smiles are sent Idrissa's and Mikal's way in response to their greetings. "Yeah," Qirin answers O'rly with a small smile. "My cousin gave me an egg right as it was about to hatch, shortly after the Clutching, and out she came." A small little rub is given the little green, gripping onto his shoulder with needle-thin claws whilst still so very peacefully asleep. She only lets out a brief yawn and curls up again. Of course, there is a small pack at his belt, holding what might be potentially the small firelizard's lunch should she arouse with a hole in her bottomless stomach.

Tazemi still seems to be wondering if he should retrace his steps or not, retreating from the apparently busy beach. But at least two people have seen him, and retreating from the beach in dry swimming trunks (with a towel tied cape-style) would just be ridiculous, even for the socially awkward boy. And then O'rly is speaking, and Taz just seems to get pulled in. "Idrissa was kind enough to find where her little lady laid a clutch and gave me one of the eggs…" He interjects his own bit, a bit on the softer side.

Idrissa ohs softly as she looks to the sight of the other firelizards, she smiles. "I remember when Willow and Ripley was that small." Ripley tilts his head and croons out. "So you got a brown from it Tazemi? That's great." She brushes off her hands and is up moving on over to Tazemi to take a peek of Willow's little kid. "His so cute." Though know Rissa she most likely calls plenty of animals, dragons, firelizards and wher's cute. She hears O'rly's comment about her dragon and the sand and looks back. "I bet it can be rather troublesome at times." Her hair is still wet proving she went swimming not that long ago, she has on a bluegreen bikini top and pair of shorts which are mostly dryish. Her scared up right forearm and left shoulder is easy to see as well.

Mikal merely offers a crooked grin. "I can't even imagine. For all that she likes to play in the dirt she loves a good bath in the hot springs as well. For her to be /that/ size and needing all those baths…" too much to think of clearly! For one she wouldn't fit in the hot springs. That's for sure. " tired of standing he plops down into the sand, scooping up sand around him into a wall of sand in a beginning of a sand sculpture. Speaking of Elsie the soaking wet green tires of playing her little game in the water and soars over to her pet with full intention of landing on his shoulder. A squeak of dismay is given from Mikal as he avoids the talons on bare skin. She misses and lands straight into the sand. Which immediately sticks to her wet hide and draws a groan from Mikal. "She's a cutie. I remember when Elsie was that young!" Mikal compliments Qirin's young sleeping green.

O'rly really does 'aww' this time, admiring Qirin's flit from afar. "That's awful sweet. She looks adorable," she compliments, tearing her eyes away from the little yawn before she goes off in search of a clutch of her own or something. Too bad the subject just switches to Tazemi's wee ickle brown. "Equally sweet. Enjoy them while they are tiny. They grow up fast, like all small things." There. That is her motherly injection for the day. When talk turns back to her dragon, she mmmhmm's in her throat, eyes rolling ever-so-slightly. "We've got a system down, how-many-turn's-later I can't even tell you, but salt water won't do. We have to find a lake with no beach." An honest laugh is given for the idea of the dragon being in the hot springs. "Oh, Faranth, no. The idea, though…" She giggles, also dropping onto her bottom in the sand, calves tired of crouching, making sure not to land on sand-sculpture-Elsie in the process!

"She is," Qirin says in response to her 'cute' complements with a proud grin, and then looks over at the other ones. "She's my little Allegra. Yours are all adorable, too. Tazemi's can't be a day older than Allegra?" He looks over at him and the little brown. "Sharding cute." But that's more talking than he normally does, leaving him to clamp his mouth shut and get a little pink in his nose. He does chuckle softly at Mikal's and O'rly's commentary about bathing winged things of various sizes. And he peers over at his little green briefly, imagining her to be a thousand times her current size and trying to clean every inch of her. Oy…

"But once they grow up, we can stop feeding them so often. Right?" There's a bit of hope to Tazemi's voice there. After all. A young man shouldn't have to feed something more often than he feeds himself. Mikal's squeak earns a start from Taz, and the little brown's talons sink in with reaction to the quick jerks of his perch which in turn draws a hiss from Taz. Idrissa is by no means ignored, especially in a bikini top. "He is a handsome little fellow. His name is Trevor." And that's all the introduction that Idrissa will get for and from the brown, since the little fellow is still blissfully asleep. "I think he might eat more than I do." Especially if you were to compare weight ratios. And even as the brown naps, with Rissa so close, he fiddles with the knot on the towel, feeling a bit dorkish for how he's wearing it. Not socially awkward at all.

Idrissa doesn't even think on such things of getting looked at because of what she is wearing. She smiles and nods to Taz while looking at the brown. "Hello Trevor." This said with a soft whisper not wanting to wake the little fellow up. "Oh I bet he does. Kale's bronze Alloy keep him up for a while that first night. Willow I think was just a stomach with wings when she was hatched. It was amusing." She looks to O'rly and nods with a slight smile. "That's true. But there still cute even when they're bigger." Yes even Ripley!

Elsie plays happily in the sand, heedless of the sand sticking to her hide to make her look more sandy colored rather than green. Quite used to it, Mikal merely ignores that and keeps working on piling up sand. Once the green rider drops to her bottom then Elsie walks over and nudges O'rly's hand with her head clearly asking for a scratch. She loves attention from anyone!

"Allegra. That's a nice name," O'rly comments, dimples appearing again. One hand ruffles her short salt-and-pepper hair, gaze thoughtfully turning towards Tazemi. "Mmm, perhaps. Some of them are flying stomachs well into adulthood," she says with a nod towards Idrissa for making a similar reference, "but they can at least fend for themselves if you make them. So there's that." She shrugs as if to say 'what can you do'. Taz's towel-fiddling is noted with a smirk, but her eyes slide back to the beastcrafting girl. "True, true. Perhaps because they are still small, but someti—" And before she can even finish what was likely to be a contrasting thought on grown-up firelizards, her own leonine brown zips through the small crowd and thuds wetly against her face in a less-than-graceful landing. "Ugh." The thought is seconded by the green dragon behind her, who can only shudder at the sand-encrusted firelizard nudging her rider's hand. O'rly doesn't seem to mind, offering Elsie pets with one hand, the other wiping salty water off her cheek, but anyone paying attention to Sanldoth will see the dragon shudder. Eugh.

"It's slightly less amusing when he's making racket directly into my eardrum." Tazemi remarks fondly, giving Trevor's head a little nudge with a finger, which still doesn't wake the brown. "I'm really hoping he'll grow out of it." O'rly's comment is given a little bit of thought. "How do you encourage them t-" The other brown smackinto into his human's face makes Taz falter for a moment. "-to hunt on their own?"

Qirin blushes a bit back to O'rly at the naming complement. "Thanks." But, alas, the position of the sun in the sky reminds him of the time. To the group, his mouth curls up in a nervous lopsided smile and he states, "Hey… I, um, have to meet someone back at the Caverns, but I'll see you around." And off he goes, without much wait for the little awkward teen, disappearing back towards the meadow.

Idrissa ahs softly as she hears Tazemi. "Well, I'm sure he'll grow out of it in time. Ripley was sort of loud Well he still can be rather loud actually." She sends a faint glance towards the blue that is curled up on her towel, and seems to be actually sleeping. She is about to say something before she glances over to O'rly and just blinks as she catches sight of her dragon smacking into her all covered in sand. "They do silly things like that too." Speaking of silly things where is Willow This is what Rissa is thinking as she glances around and suddenly there is a *pop* as Willow lands upon her head, all nice and wet along with being covered in sand. The little green trills out!

O'rly thinks about that for a second, scooping Talon into her lap to keep him from dripping cold water all over her shoulder. "Mmm, well, I started playing fetch with their food, upgrading eventually from scraps to things they'd actually prey on. They sort of instinctually caught on after that, with a little mental prodding," she says. Qirin is waved to as he bustles away. "Silly indeed," O'rly says, grin growing as the antics abound, eyeing Willow as she lands on Idrissa's head. She giggles, then winces for splashes of water flying everywhere as Talon flaps his wings and trills back.

Tazemi just looks at the fair of firelizards, most of them up to some sort of silly antics. To this, Trevor finally lifts his head up from his nap, and blinks eyes that swirl a sleepy annoyed sort of color. Apparently Trevor isn't going to join in (to Taz's relief) as the brown flips his wings, and hides his head under one of them to resume his nap. "I think I'm going to start trying that. Not that I don't like feeding him. But feeding him every single time he gets hungry is a bit much." Taz winces along with O'rly as Talon starts spraying water about, not that any of it is likely reaching him. "But they can be handfuls, can't they?" Well, at least it seems like he's talking a little bit, and prying his boyish mind away from bikini-clad girls.

Mikal keeps one ear on the conversation as he builds up walls. ELsie croons softly in response to O'rly's petting upon her head. He doesn't have much to add to the conversation so he simply listens.

Idrissa sighs and lifts her hands to take hold of Willow, whom is eyed a few moments. The green just chirps and trills out while swinging back and forth within her person's grasp, it's all a game to this green it seems. "You silly thing." This said with an amused tone before she lets the lizard go. "Willow and Toral can also help with getting him to hunt. Lessons and all. Toral actually taught Willow and Alloy how to hunt, worked out rather nicely."

O'rly nods up at Tazemi. "I don't blame you. It's important for that first while, but then it becomes rather tedious. It's always a relief when they can do the majority of it on their own - big or little." She adds with a faint glance back at Sanldoth. The mention of hunting has the normally statuesqe dragon rustling, perhaps inspired by the thought. "But yes, handfuls they certainly are. Useful, but handfuls." A sigh is issued. "Though speaking of handfuls, I am being informed that it is time that we dine. And by we, I mean she," the greenrider says, giving Elsie a last pat before rolling to her feet. "It was very nice meeting all of you. I hope we come across one another again in the future." She offers them all a casual wave and the strolls back to pack her towel away, mount her dragon, and, after finding enough space as to not kick up a mountain of sand onto the weyrfolk, launch into the sky and off towards the feeding grounds.

There's a long moment where Tazemi just watches the rider and dragon first walk off a respectful way, and then take off for the dragon's lunch, followed by a soft but somewhat wistful sigh. "Well, next time he decides he wants to eat, I'll see if you're available, or just start doing what that rider suggested." Yeah. He totally never caught O'rly's name. And now it's him, Mikal and Idrissa. But Mikal's still been a bit quiet, building up that sand structure. "So. What brought you to the beach today?" He asks, turning his head just slightly towards Rissa.

Mikal gives a wave to the departing rider. "Food sounds good." agrees the youth as he stands. "C'mon Elsie..I'll see you guys around." and he goes!

Idrissa watches the rider and dragon pair as they move off, she waves after them before she looks to Tazemi. "Sure, no problem." She offers softly while she moves back towards where her beach towel and bag happen to be. "I tend to spend a lot of time at the beach, just seemed like a good day to come. Weather is nice and so forth." She looks to Mikal and waves after him while she settles down on the towel. Her gaze turns back to Tazemi. "What about yourself?"

"Well, it's my day off." Tazemi starts out. Okay, so it's not that nothing needs fixing. It's that his boss said 'Get out.' And he's following Rissa back over to her towel and bag, before he makes a circular indentation in the warm sand, and pries the brown off his shoulder to place in the indent. He was planning on giving Trevor a bath later anyhow. With that done, Taz finally unties the towel from around his shoulders and places it down on the sand. "I figured I haven't really gone swimming recently, so…" So there you go.

Idrissa nods as she hears that, her gaze turning to Trevor once he is all curled up in the warm sands. "Well sounds like you picked a good day for it. The water is nice, not to cold or warm and the sun isn't beating down on anyone anymore." Her firelizards have settled down to rest it seems, and she scratches at the scar on her right forearm a few times.

Tazemi rubs at the back of his neck, once again aware that Idrissa is a girl. And in a bikini and shorts. Sigh, right. Boyish minds. But the fact that she's rubbing at her scar on her forearm doesn't go unnoticed. Sitting down on his towel instead of going into the water right away, Taz just starts staring up at the blue sky, seeming to enjoy soaking up the warm sun that isn't browbeating anyone anymore today. "Not… like it's any of my business…" He starts off, as usual, awkwardly. "But you put some sort of lotion on that right? T'help keep it from itching…?" Yeah. So none of his business.

Idrissa is rather clueless to some degree when it comes to certain things, like say boys and what might be wandering through their minds over certain things. She hums and blinks while glancing over to him, pondering before looking at her arm. "Ah, well. No I didn't even think about it." Though this seems to spur her into pulling her shirt out from her bag and she pulls it on to cover up at least the scars on her shoulder and sides. "Does that help or something?"

Tazemi and Idrissa are seated down on the beach, each on their respective towels. However, Taz is laying down, almost pointedly staring at the sky. The young man is in bathing trunks, with a tiny little brown firelizard napping in the sand by his head. "Subconscious motion, the itching?" He asks then. And at her question, he turns his head and blinks. "Y'don't have to cover up. I mean… the scar doesn't bother me." Yeah, that all comes out stumbling over himself, and at the end of jumble he sighs, berating himself. "It's a warm day. Enjoy the sun." And maybe in the back of his mind, he enjoys looking at bikini'd women.

Idrissa ahs softly while she shrugs and eyes her nail a moment. "Suppose so, they itch at times. Healer says as long they don't hurt there isn't much he can suggest for me to do. It's alright; figure I got enough sun on the rest anyway." For those just coming in she is wearing a simple shirt over a still mostly wet bikini top, also a pair of shorts, so no she is not sitting here in the buff or anything like that. As Tazemi goes on, she can't help but to blush a moment and peers off. "So did you get to see any of the clutching?" Subject change!

Soriana heads down for the shore, dressed in light summery clothes but not quite to the level of swimwear. At least, not just yet. Loose blue shirt and a pair of brown shorts will do just fine. She makes her way along until she sees Tazemi and Idrissa, and offers a wave to the pair she she turns aside to join them. "Hey."

Cue sullen boy at Idrissa's last question, almost managing to ignore the girl's blush. "No." And if THAT didn't sound like a moping teenage boy, nothing will. "There was a minor break in some plumbing we had to fix." So not only did he miss the clutching, and the sight of a blue wher helping to bury the eggs, but he was likely getting drenched at the same time in a not so pleasant manner. And yes, today the beach is a busy place as Soriana now joins the two of them in their particular part of the beach. "Hey." He returns to the other woman. Yes. So suave. "Did you get to see the clutching? Either of you?"

Idrissa ohs and frowns. "I'm sorry about that." This said with a soft tone, feeling a bit bad for bringing it up. "I well, I saw a little of it." She glances over to Soriana and smiles waving to her. "Hey Soriana."

A nice summer day, and the beach is busy? That never happens! Soriana grins cheerfully and flops herself down crosslegged on the sand. She has no need for towels! "Yeah, I saw it. I was in the Annex, and soon's the humming started, they sent us up to watch." She smiles, though it's a bit questioning as she sees Tazemi's sullen. "Thirteen eggs. S'good clutch."

"I usually like to go watch when a clutch is going to be laid." Tazemi says, still sounding a bit sullen, but trying to explain it at the same time. And who knows what the facination is with watching a clutching, but nonetheless, he usually likes to be in the stands. "This is one of the handful of times I haven't been able to watch." There's a scratch to the side of his nose as he looks between the two ladies. "I hear there was something odd about this clutch? Something about a wher?" Oh come on. Being a handyman, he has to hear some of the weyr's gossip.

Idrissa nods as she hears Tazemi. "Yes, Derins wher was there. There rather close friend the wher and gold so I suppose that may be why it was allowed. It was an interesting sight to say the least." She gives Tazemi's arm a slight friendly pat. "Soriana can tell you all about it; she did get to see it all." Yes she did just put Sori on the spot!

Soriana nods at the mention of the wher. "Dersk, yeah. He was following after, burying the eggs after Sahazyth laid them." She grins, not seeming to mind terribly being on the spot here. "Orionth didn't look too happy about it, but what's he gonna do, argue with Sahazyth over it?" She laughs a little, leaning back and burying her hands in the warm sand.

Tazemi actually seems to give it a little bit of thought. "I mean, I know dragons are by and large relatively peaceful beings, but I'm surprised Orionth didn't force the wher off the sands." Faranth knows they've probably thought about swatting candidates off the sands a time or two. "Even with that sort of… relationship sway."

"Maybe he was thinking about it, I dunno." Soriana hehs. "Certainly looked like it crossed his mind. Might've been, his rider or one of the other golds was holding him back." She considers for a moment. "He's from Eastern, I think. I don't really know much about him."

Tazemi pauses for just a moment or two longer before he lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "I don't know much about him either." He doesn't know much about some people who've spent their entire life in Xanadu, as he has. Silly singular boy. Taz stretches out on his towel a little bit, that nice warm sun finally starting to soak in. "Maybe I'll go to the stands after I finish out here. See the eggs then." And speaking of being out here, his head turns to Sori. "Out enjoying the sun?" Since she doesn't look dressed for swimming.

Idrissa hums and shrugs a moment. "I dono anything about him." Soriana was the one she figured /would/ know something, anything about him and so forth. A glance is sent over to Tazemi and she nods with a smile. "It was really neat to see I have to say. First one I got to see actually. The others I was busy an couldn't escape." Which isn't a hard surprise seeing how she is late for everything. At the question to Soriana she glances over to her friend.

"Check and make sure Sahazyth's okay with it first," warns Soriana. Not that Tazemi doesn't probably already know that, what with having grown up around here, but… it never hurts to make sure. Grumpy golds make everyone sad. At the question, she shrugs. "I guess. Mostly, I figured I'd check and see if there are any good tidepools or such." She grins crookedly. "If I'm going to be teaching firelizard hunting, it'd be nice to actually have something for them to chase."

"I try to be as unobtrusive as possible." Tazemi responds. Him? Unobtrusive? NEVER. Though either way, he's also nodding. "I do tend to check, and if she's napping I'm just /really/ quiet." Sneak theif and the like. Minus the thiefing. Just sneaking. At Soriana's next comment he gives a short chuckle. "We were just talking about starting to train Trevor how to hunt. So I would have to keep up with /every/single one of his feedings." Bottomless pit that the growing brown is.

Idrissa nods to the bit on checking to make sure everything is ok, cause if not angrey gold would be a scarey thing to face she does imagen! She tilts her head and smiles to Soriana. "The water was great, Willow found some little fish and tryed to go after them." It wa amusing to say the least. "I thought maybe Toral and Willow could get Trevor a few lessons?"

Soriana chuckles slightly to Tazemi, and nods. Unobtrusive powers, go! Form of… oh, huh, never mind, it's not worth mentioning. She nods to Rissa about the water. "Maybe I'll go for a swim later," she says, then hehs about the firelizards. "S'amazing how much food they can shove in their faces." Her own are elsewhere for the moment, but they'll no doubt show up again. Probably hungry. "Sure, Toral will probably be glad to. Though I'll warn you, even the good hunters still beg for the easy stuff."

It's weird, shrugging from a laying down position, but Tazemi still does it, scrunching his towel up a bit underneath his shoulders. "I'm fine with a little begging as long as he realizes that when I'm busy, I can't exactly always drop what I'm doing to go feed him." Sometimes he's holding - or fixing - other, more important things. And to anyone entering the area, it's a summer's afternoon still in summer, and the beach is one bustling place, with Taz, Rissa and Sori in one section, the first two on towels, while Sori is just seated in the sand. All of the just appearing to be talking. "I'd wake Trevor up to introduce him to your own firelizards, but when he's asleep, he's /asleep/."

Along the path across the beach, Natalya walks slowly along pushing a rather large heavy looking cart in the dirrections of the dock, stoping to catch her breath near to the small crowd she gives a slight nods in greating but doesn't speak up.

"She's right. Willow will go hunt and then still come and beg for omething off my plate. Ripley, well he doesn't hunt very well anymore." Idrissa offers with a slight shake of her head at the thought. She glances towards the water a few moments. "I'd be up for another swim if you wanted to go Soriana." Willow and Ripley are curled up next to her enjoying the warm sands. "Oh that's alright, let him sleep. No reason to wake him now."

"Past the first few days, they can learn to wait, yeah," says Soriana. "Usually, if you feed them first thing in the morning, they'll be good until lunch or dinner." Usually. And, of course, babies can get hungry at all hours, day and night! Whenever they aren't sleeping, that is, and Soriana chuckles as she looks at the little brown. "Nah, don't worry about it," she says of the introductions. There's a brief distant look as she checks in on hers. "Haruhi's napping herself, and Toral and Inkfoot are busy playing. Another time." She nods to Idrissa. "I'll keep it in mind," she says, but for now, she's comfy where she is, though she does look up at Natalya and offer a wave to the younger girl.

Tazemi looks up, pushing himself into a sitting position on his towel as the sounds of a cart come closer to the beach. Natalya is spotted and he takes a look at the cart and the girl. "Do you… need some help with that?" Taz might not be a ripped young man, or a muscle builder, but he does have some muscle thanks to his job. It's just not entirely obvious. Both Sori and Rissa get a nod from him though. "I'm sure they'll all be awake at the same time some time. Right?" Ha, lookit. He made a minor funny. Very minor.

Natalya smiles shyly over to Tazemi and says softly, "I just need to get these tanks over onto the dock…Thanks for the offer.."

So minor a funny, it almost escapes notice entirely! Almost. Not quite. Soriana laughs. "And during those five seconds…" she replies to Tazemi, watching as he goes to offer help to Natalya. While the other's already resting near here, she says, "How're things going with… Echo, was it? The two of you still… getting along?" Or whatever it is they're supposed to be doing.

"So… is that a yes, you do? Or… a no, you don't?" Tazemi asks after a moment, all set to boost himself up to the standing position if the answer is yes. This is just Taz being his normal helpful self. Doesn't know what the tanks are for or nothing.

Natalya smiles brightly to Soriana and nods, "We are, he is just the greatest, We have been spending alot of time tryining together." she blushes at Tazemi and says, "I could, the airtanks are pretty heavy."

"Nice," Soriana says to Natalya. "Glad to hear things are working out!" She grins, continuing her sitting in the sand as ever-helpful Tazemi bounds up. "I'll have to come meet him sometime. When'd be a good time for that, y'think?"

Tazemi at least hadn't taken off his sandals yet. So with a push and a grunt, he's standing and heading over to Natalya. "Just point me in the right direction, miss." And while air tanks might indeed be heavy, heavy isn't anything new to Taz. "I'll leave them where you want them." No supervision required, honest.

Natalya thinks for a moment, "I might be able to get in to come in towards shore a bit as soon as I am done here if you like?" lshe blinks and looks to Tazemi and says, "Just up on the dolphineers dock, she points the dirrections.

"Well, I wouldn't want to cause you any trouble," says Soriana, though she does smile. "But, if he does want to come in and say hello, I'd be glad to meet him!" She grins crookedly as she looks to Tazemi, ready to move heavy objects, and gives him a vague sort of salute. You're a good man, Tazemi.

"I'll be back." Tazemi responds in a non-terminator voice, leaving his towel and sleeping brown behind. The first push meets with a little more resistance than expected, and then Taz is pushing with honest effort to get the cart where it needs to be. Okay ladies, we all know it's okay to stare at young men in swim trunks pushing heavy carts.

Natalya smiles and says softly, "It really wouldn't get me in trouble…" she looks out into the water, "Let me see if I can get him to come in a bit. you all would have to swim out a ways with me though.."

Shell yeah it's okay! And Soriana is certainly not one to miss out on the sight of young manly effort, watching Taz be all muscley and - this is important - walking away from her. Walking away from her means she gets to check out his butt. She does so, entirely unabashedly. "Mm?" Oh yeah, Natalya was saying something. Soriana drags her attention (mostly) back. "Oh, sure, I can do that. I've got my swimsuit on under this. Figured the odds were good I'd end up swimming today."

Natalya smiles brightly and nods, "alright then." as she moves next to where the group was set up, and beings to strip her dress off, under is a dolphineer blue one piece can be scene. Looking out to the water she scan for a moment before saying, "Give me just s couple of minutes ok.." before she runs out into the water.

Soriana nods to Natalya, and waits where she is for a few, slowly taking off her shirt and shorts to reveal the green swimsuit underneath. She glances to Idrissa, and grins. "Looks like I'm gonna take that swim with you after all."

Natalya darks out into the water swimming a goodly distance out, it appears she is much more confident in the water then she appears out of it, a short while later she can be seen swimming into slightly swallower waters accompanied by a large almost blue hued dolphin.

Soriana rises up again as she sees Natalya coming back with a dolphin, and she splashes out into the water, wading to chest height and then swimming out. She's nothing like a dolphineer, but she's still a pretty decent swimmer.

Natalya smiels and starts to tread water and waves Soriana out to her, as she approaches Echo pops his head out near Soriana and Squeeke at her playfully.

Soriana swims for Natalya, and then Echo bursts out near her and she blinks with surprise and then laughs. "Oh, hello!" she says. "Uh, you must be Echo!" She looks over the dolphin curiously as she starts to tread water, since this is the first time she's seen one so close.

Idrissa was here the whole time, well no not really. She went off to get snacks and has returned with a bag of jerky and two glasses of cold klah. She looks over the area, moving on towards where Soriana was, the items set down on the towel while she curiously watches as the two are in the water.

Natalya giggles as Echo pops up next to Soriana and calls out, "now be good Echo.." the young dolphin rolls onto his sit and waves one of his fins at her. "He likes to have his belly rubbed.

Soriana laughs. Sure, why not? seems to be her perspective, and she reaches out to brush one hand along Echo's belly, petting him curiously as her legs keep moving to keep her afloat.

Idrissa ohs softly as she watches the dolphin out in the water with both Soriana and Natalya. She shifts a bit, wiggling and nervous like a little child might when meeting someone they have always wanted to meet. Its a /dolphin/… Rissa has always wanted to meet one and there is one right over there.

Natalya smiles as Echo chitter and rights himself and looks to Soriana, "Why don't you grab his dorsal fin, he will pull you out around a bit, he enjoys it." noticing Idrissa on the shore doing the little nervous dance she waves at the other young girl trying to indicate she should join them.

Soriana gives Echo's side another pet, feeling the smoothness of delphinic hide, then glances to Natalya and grins. "Sure, okay…." she says, putting her hand around Echo's fin and hanging on for… well, she's not quite sure what, but it's bound to be interesting.

Idrissa waves out to the pair and smiles. "Hey guys." At the wave she can come join in she's off and entering the water. She makes her way on out through the waves to join up with them.

Tazemi may be coming back from the dock area, after finding the correct place to stow Natalya's cart, but instead of joining the trio in the water, Taz is collecting his towel and (still amazingly) asleep firelizard before he's giving the girls a wave good-bye if they're looking, and trotting back off towards the weyr proper for some reason or another.

As soon as Soriana has hold Echo is off, pulling her and a pretty good pace in a wide circle around Natalya. "Thats great, just keep a hold, It is something I am working with him on, for helping pull victims to safety…" she smiles to Idrissa as she arrive, "Hi."

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