You're Mad Man

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern(#8821RJM)
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

The late afternoon is hot and overcast, threatening rain but … not quite ever raining. Kale has just finished dinner and has stopped by the Tavern for a drink. He sits at a table with a half empty mug of frothy ale in front of him. He's alone, though seems not to mind that fact. There's a notebook on the table, but it's closed and is being ignored at the moment as he nurses his drink.

Slowly making his way in after already eaten, Garait sighs a bit and goes to the bar to get some ale. Once that is taken care of, he turns to look to see who's here and upon seeing Kale, he moves towards that table, "Mind if I join you? Or are you busy?"

Kale lifts his mug just as Garait arrives at his table. He pauses, his mug a few inches from his mouth. He looks up to the newly arrived and grins a bit. "Just busy drinkin'." He gestures to the chair across from him in invitation. "Feel free. Could use a bit've company anyway. S'always better to drink with a friend, huh?"

Taking a seat across from Kale, Garait nods and smiles, "Definitely. Busy day today?" He glances at the notebook and then back to Kale before taking a sip of his ale.

"Always," agrees Kale, tapping a finger to his notebook. "But not too bad. People still talkin' about the eggs. I'm still lookin' to make a wager." He grins a bit, pausing to take another drink. "I meant to ask you. Are you alright?"

Garait sighs a little bit as he sips his ale, "Wager? heh I'm not sure if I'd do that." He pauses then and shrugs, "Well, I just have a lot on my mind with the hatching and stuff. There planning on rounding some herdbeasts up, and I just hope it'll be enough." Another pause and a slight smile, "And there's Zah…" The Beastcrafter doesn't finish the statement, but a slight blush touches his cheeks.

"Of course you wouldn't," replies Kale with a dismissive sort of wave. "No one seems too keen on it. I don't understand. Does no one have a sense of adventure anymore?" He smirks, eyes shiting to the bar. "Not going to discount the weyr just yet. M'sure there are a few men out there who aren't afraid to take a chance." His eyes return to him, fingers idly drumming against the cold side of his mug. "Herdbeast. Are you truly worried? There've been clutches within the turn that haven't had issue with food." But hey, he's not a beastcrafter, so what does he know. He pauses then, eyes vaguely narrowing as he mentions Zahleizjah before he chuckles humoredly. "You know, you've got to stop that."

Smirking, Garait looks at Kale, "The only thing I might wager on is that there will be no Golds." He chuckles then, but his mind is elsewhere. "Well, there hasn't been an issue because some of the more experienced riders and dragons are hunting some of the wild herdbeasts. We just need more here and focus on the breeding and then it should be okay in a couple of Turns. Or at least he hopes. The Beastcrafter blinks at Kale then before sipping his ale, "Stop what?" He looks a bit innocent there, but seems to know what Kale meant.

"You'd bet that?" he asks, brows lifting. "Even with gold and bronze pair?" Kale grins, sitting back. "You'd have a lot of takers against you, y'know. And if by slim chance, you were right, you'd be the richest apprentice Xanadu had ever seen." The thought has him snickering a little, though he quiets to hear the herdbeast explanation. Sort of explanation. Ah,this must be how others feel when he talks about metals. He doesn't question him and only nods in reply. The beastcrafters have it handled, and that's all that matters. "You know what," he says, snorting. "The blushing. Girls blush. Women blush. Boys blush. Men don't."

Garait just nods, "Yeah, I'd bet that, even with the pairing. We already have several golds here, as do the other weyrs, so I doubt if there'd be another right now. He raises one eyebrow then, "The blushing is that obvious?" Well, of course it s, but he was hoping people wouldn't notice, "It'd help if I knew what she thought of me." That said, he takes anotherr sip of ale and shrugs a little.

"As obvious as a steel rod in an iron rack," remarks Kale. One could assume that that is … something obvious. To a smith, anyway. He smirks at him and rests an elbow upon the table top, propping his head on his hand. "It's ridiculous, to tell you the truth. Wasn' gonna say anything in front've her but, as a friend, y'needed to know." He eyes his drink, then flits his attention back to him. "Only way to know that is if you ask her. Y'do know she's like … twenty or somethin' turns, right? I tell you that because experience shows girls tend to like men who're older than them. You're .. what, fifteen? If you're hoping for a chance, you'll have to not act like one."

Seeming to consider this, Garait nods at Kale, "I think she's just nineteen, but I see your point. But asking her is….harder than it sounds. She got flustered and about took off when I mentoned dinner or talking once…." Of course, they've hd dinner since then, even rode on a runner together since then. "I'm fifteen, yes, but she also the weyrleader's daughter. He's addressed rumors with me already, can you imagine what he'll do when he finds out I find his daughter attractive and nice to talk to? Well, that hasn't stopped the Beastcrafter yet.

Kale quirks a brow. "He's talked to you, and yet now you're after his daughter?" He snickers and shakes his head. "You're mad man, y'know that?" he says, shaking his head with a laugh. "Absolutely daft, but I'm not here to judge. I'm here to help." He grins while lifting his head from his hands, cupping them both around his mug instead. "Some girls get flustered with everything. Idrissa was. Still is, with some things. But …" he quirks a brow at him at the running away from dinner comment, "it doesn't seem like she's runnin' off anymore, is she? That has to be a good thing."

Garait chuckles and most certainly must be mad or daft if he's taking relationship advice from Kale, "Well, I can't help whom I'm attracted to, you know? If she wasn't the Weyrleader's daughter it would e simpler." He shrugs then since there's no point in discussing things you can't change. He thinks over what Kale said then, "Well, no, she's not running away now and we've had dinner since then too." He sips his ale then and looks at Kale, "That is a good sign, right?"

Kale does have two girlfriends, both of whom seem a bit fond of him. Perhaps advice from him is not such a mad idea? Not that Kale considers himself a dating guru. Lady luck may not favor him in the betting world, but with the dating pool, she certainly has shown some bias. He snickers at the mention of it possibly being easier. "No it wouldn't. Girls are never easy, no matter who they are," he says knowingly before taking a slow swallow from his mug, listening to him. He nods in agreement as the cool drink slides down his thraot. "Yup. Willing to spend time with you is a good thing," he confirms. "But, you've got to make some…" he trails off, thinking for the right word. "You've got to make a move," he says, changing the phrase altogether. "It's good to sort've feel things out. Get to know each other. Make sure you actually like her an' not just like the way she looks. But, wait too long to let her know you fancy her an' some other guy is gonna do it before you," he says with a knowing frown. Been there. Done that.

Garait does listen and nods to what Kale says, "Well, making a move isn't easy since I don't want to scare her away either, but I know I shouldn't wait too long. Zah is pretty and all, but she also is smart, which is why I want to spend more time with her." He raises an eyebrow at Kale then before he sips his ale, "Do you think there are other guys interested in her?"

Kale grins a bit. "At this point I wouldn't be worried about 'scaring' her, Garait. You're fifteen. There's hardly anything scary about anyone whose just of age to do anything," he says amiably. Been there, done that too! "She's a grown woman. She'll tell you if you're doin' or sayin' something she isn't looking for with you." He pauses to think. "If you want my advice, I'd ask sooner an' not too much later how she's feeling about you. It isn't worth getting your hopes up for something for too long if all she's lookin' for is a friend, you know? You're doin' an all right job of it so far. Just be more … sure of yourself. Confident. Women like confidence." His question has him laughing a bit. "Uh, yes," he answers bluntly. "You said it yourself. She's pretty an' not daft."

Listening to Kale, Garait blinks a few times, "So, ask er soon, hmmm. It should probably be before the gather she's helping to plan, right?" Well, maybe. He wrinkles his nose then, "More confindent? Easier said than done right now, but I'll try." He makes no further omments about guys being interested in her, since it's obvious he's thinking about his next move with her. Then he looks at Kale, "If she turns me down, meet me here for a drink or two?"

"That's in a sevenday or so, huh?" muses Kale, brows knitting. "Mmm…maybe not before. She's probably busy with it an' plannin' a gather can be a lot've work and stressful. Especially when you're new to the weyr. Help her with it," he advises. "Ask her if she needs anything to be done. And uh, maybe after is when you could, you know, ask. Or show, if you're really brave." He drains the rest of his ale, and when the mug is set down, he turns it around and around in his hands. "If she turns you down, I'll buy you a drink or two, how's that?"

Garait smiles and nods, "Well, after wold be better, then she wouldn't be distracted by tha gather. I could help her with it for sure ssince I was raised here." He thinks for a moment, "I think I'll ask. Do't want to scare her too much since she seems shy when is omes to that stuff." Even more than him, if it's possible. He drinks a bit of his ale and nods at Kale, "That will be a plan then. Hopefully you won't be buying though."

Kale nods in reply and agreement to all that he says. Sounds like a plan to him. "Good luck," he offers. "The gather should be fun. Sounds fun, anyway. I've never much thought about stars until last turn. Got closer to 'em than I thought anyone ever could. If I've ever seen a meteor shower, I don't remember it. It should be neat to see, especially with those viewing lenses she was talking about. Hopefully she gets'm all done." He pulls a fourth mark from his pocket to pay for his drink, making a mental note to stop spending what little money he has on drinks and such. -.-; "Gotta go. It's my turn to restock the coals tonight." Joy of joys… He rises. "Last bit of advice? Whenever it happens, don't overthink it. Just .. say what you mean to say. Your tongue will unknot itself, don't worry." A grin.

Grinning, Garait nods, "Well thank you for the talk, and hopefully you won't have to work too much. Garait nods at the advice, smirking. Him? Overthink? Oh no, never! :P "I'll be sure to keep that in mind! Thamks again."

Kale lifts his hand to wave at him as he starts off, heading for the door. Oh, Garait will be fine! If he just remembers not to blush and take the reins of control, while acting something older than fifteen turns, yet still remaining endearingly innocent, (yet manly!) and not to push but still show confidence and a bit of alphaism … it'll all be fine! … When it comes to wooing girls, nothing is easier. -.-

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