A Run-in With... Trouble? (Mikal is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow(#9290RJL)
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

In the meadow a figure is running. Well actually it's more like jogging slowly along with no particular course in mind. He's well enough aways from any of the buildings that are settled into the meadow. Mikal is clad is baggy shorts that he occasionally hitches upwards as the movement from his running tugs them down some.

Izzuth's weyr isn't, exactly, a building… With one of the weyrs on the edge of the meadow, and an underground lair, the big brown needs to come out into the meadow in order to sun himself. That's just what he's doing. The dappled brown is sprawled half on his side, one wing stretched out across Mikal's path, from all appearances, sound asleep. Leaning back against his lifemate's stomach, the other wing shading him from the sun, If'an has his legs stretched out in front of him, half dozing as he watches the world pass by.

Paying more attention to his feet slapping the ground as he runs, Mikal's head is down so therefor he doesn't see the brown sprawled in his path in advance like he would have if he had been looking up. As it is it's nearly the last minute that the wing is seen and he gives a yelp as he pulls himself to a sudden stop, nearly straining his back from the effort to stop. "Fardles!" exclaims the youth, for the moment not even noting the half dozing rider.

It's only when his precious dragon is almost stepped on that If'an opens his eyes, glaring at the boy, "Oi. Watch war yur goin'." Izzuth lifts his head, rumbling at the teenager and shuffling to roll upright and tuck his wings against his back.

The voice and the glare from the rider brings Mikal's full attention towards him with a sudden step back at the same time. "Fardles!" he says again in a surprise tinged voice. "I'm sorry Brownie!" is quickly said to the brown as he rolls upright. This prompts two more steps backwards to ensure the brown has room to move without bumping into him. Unfortunatly his bright orange laces are undone on one boot so it trips him up and he ends up on his rump with a surprise 'oomf'.

Izzuth rumbles in amusement when called 'Brownie' and the big dragon pulls all four legs in tight, tucking his feet under his chest and stomach as he looks down at the small teenager, "Brownie, eh…" Even If'an sounds amused. The rider stands, leaning against his dragon's side with his arms folded over his chest. When the boy falls, the blond rider straightens and takes a couple of steps forward, "Ya a'right?" He steps closer and offering a hand to help the youngster up.

A chagrined expression crosses Mikal's face as he takes the hand to pull himself up with a small bounce to his feet. "Sorry!" he repeats again though leaves off the nickname of brownie this time. "Didn't see your brown there. Not that um…he's hard to miss. Cause he's not." stammers the teen a bit. "I'm Mikal. I didn't mean to disturb ya. Just trying to get back into the habit of jogging. Clearly he's no worse for wear from the fall to his rump.

If'an chuckles and shakes his head, moving to lean against his brown again once he's made sure that the teenager isn't hurt, "Dunno how ya could miss 'im." The brown warbles as quietly as a dragon his size can, lowering his head to look more closely at Mikal. The rider offers a small nod, "Well met, Mikal. I'm If'an and this big lump is Izzuth." The big brown rumbles his own greeting, whuffling at the jogger for a moment.

Mikal scuffs his feet across the ground with a faint smile tugging at his mouth. "Don't see how I could I suppose." says he of the large brown. "Good ta meetcha If'an and Izzuth. Cool sounding name…Izz for short?" he asks.

Izzuth snorts and pulls his head back, eyes whirling in surprise at the nickname. He shakes his head and huffs a breath out on the boy. If'an laughs at the dragon's reaction and shakes his head, "He don't like that v'ry much." He steps away from the brown and leans in to stage whisper 'privately' to the teenager, "I called 'im Izzy when we was weyrlings." That earns a low growl from the dragon who stands and slinks off a short distance, for all appearances, sulking.

Mikal covers a snicker quickly so that the brown doesn't see it. "Oooh!" says Mikal though he can't hide the grin forming. "I never met a dragon that liked his first nickname. He whispers back. The sulking dragon gets a sort of 'Awe..didn't mean to hurt your feelings!' look. "Too bad he's not smaller. I carry treats in my pouch for my fire lizard to munch on. That always cheers her up. Though I suppose anything I can carry in my pouch won't be much of a snack for him." he lets his gaze wander a bit. "Is your Weyr near here? I've never paid too much attention to where the dragon's weyrs are at but out here would be a nice place I bet."

Izzuth snorts again and flops down, tucking his feet back in and curling his tail around himself, his back on the two people talking. If'an shakes his head, chuckling softly, "He'll get over it." He folds his arms over his chest, watching the dragon for a moment before turning away from him. The question gets a nod and the tall rider gestures in the direction of the rocks leading up to the ridge, "We got a nice place right up that a way." Really nice for a hole in the ground, "Izzuth's got a lair, 'n I got a few rooms." He smirks, looking very smug, "Includin' a private bath."

Mikal looks amused as the brown turns back to them and curls his tail around himself. "Tell him I /am/ sorry." repeats Mikal before his attention is completely grabbed by If'an talking of a private bath. "A private bath!" exclaims the youth. "Oh wow…" he glances in the general direction the rider pointed. "Always thought those kinda weyrs would be rare to get." deciding that perhaps he better retie that lace before resuming his run, Mikal goes down to one knee and works on the bright orange laces which some how managed to get tangled up into a decent sized knot. "Did Izzy watch the clutching the other day?" he asks to make conversation as he works on the stubborn laces. "Seems like the whole weyr was in in the galleries watching."

If'an chuckles again and waves a hand vaguely, "He knows ya ain't meanin' nothin' by it." The tip of Izzuth's tail twitches and the big brown turns to look at them over one dappled shoulder, yawning as though thoroughly bored at the conversation. The rider is very smug at having his own bath and nods, "Dunno how rare t'is t' have one, but I lucked out with my weyr. Fresh outta th' barracks an' Izzuth 'n me got a weyr full a' all kinds a' nice stuff…" He shakes his head at the mention of the clutching, "We weren't there. We was out on sweeps, makin' sure there weren't nobody needin' help."

Mikal bahs and sits down fully on his rear to pull off his boot. Still working at the laces he nods at If'an's words. "Good good…" something makes him reply the last words and he looks up with a sudden look of awe in his eyes. "You guys in Search and Rescue?" he blurts out.

If'an nods, "Tha' we are." Izzuth puffs up a little with importance at that announcement, and rises to circle around the pair for a moment, rumbling softly. The rider watches him for a moment, a scowl slowly pulling his brows together, "Would ya settle, ya big ol' thief!" There's another huff and a rumble from the brown, but he does settle, half curled around them as he watches his 'mate and the boy talk.

Mikal looks quite impressed indeed. "Now that is cool. I'm a healer apprentice. I'd love to go out with Search and Rescue sometime once I learn more." he spins slowly in a circle as Izzuth raises and moves about them. "He a thief?" he asks, curious. "Whats he steal?"

"Thar's a few healer 'prentices that got tapped int' th' wing." If'an nods, "M'be ya c'n come 'long sometime when we ain't got a 'mergency goin' on." The questioning about him having called the brown a thief earns a sigh and another scowl towards the dragon, "Socks when he was small. Anythin' else he thinks is worth somethin' now…" And it gets the rider in trouble more often than not. Izzuth croons and cocks his head as he looks down at the boy, earning a deep frown from his rider, "No, ya can't have 'im!"

Deep green eyes light up with excitement at the possibility of of joining the search and rescue team. "Really? Oh wow! That would be so awesome!" Mikal exclaims excitedly. "Socks?" he snickers. "I've heard people complaining about fire lizards stealing socks but not dragons…" he grins up at Izzuth though at the thought of the younger brown stealing. If'an's deep frown and words draw a puzzled look. "Huh?"

If'an chuckles and nods, "Don' see why ya couldn'." He rolls his eyes and sighs, "Shardin' ate 'em if I tried t' give 'em back." And wasn't that fun to have to clean up… The frown remains in place, but it shifts from irritated to mildly confused for a moment, the rider's eyes unfocusing for a moment in the unmistakable look of a rider talking to their dragon. After half a minute, the blond man blinks and shakes his head, looking bemused, "Mikal, Izzuth thinks ya should get a closer look at th' eggs." He pauses for a moment, "Ya interested?"

Mikal snickers a bit at the idea of the dragon /eating/ the socks. As he spies that look he knows fairly well enough when a dragon and rider are speaking he falls silent to let those two converse. However he's completely shocked when If'an's next words out loud are to him. "Oh?…Oh!" he says quickly then offers a lopsided grin. "I sure am!" he's all smiles now, grinning at the large brown.

Izzuth rumbles in amusement at the boy's reaction and settles down lower to the ground, the tip of his tail twitching. The dragon's amusement is echoed by the rider's and If'an offers a hand, "Got some rules ya gotta follow if yu'r gonna do it. No gettin' drunk, no gettin' nobody pregnant, no leavin' th' Weyr without a rider, an' no fightin'." He pauses to let that sink in, "Think ya c'n handle that?" The brown croons encouragement to the boy, watching intently.

Mikal snickers a bit, taking the offered hand. "Not been in a fight since I was kid!" he boasts. "And I don't drink." he says nothing about getting pregnant! "Think I can handle that." agrees the lad, still all smiles for brown rider and his dragon. For certain he's way excited.

"Ya gotta be r'spectful, too, a' course." If'an takes the hand and tries to pull the boy close enough to drape an arm over his shoulders, the rider, apparently, not worrying about small niceties like personal space. He rolls his eyes in response to a pointed rumble from Izzuth and glares at the dragon, "No, he don't have t' bathe ya whenever ya call." He tries to lead the boy in the direction of the clearing, "Let's get ya settled, then." He pauses for a moment, frowning, "Ya gotta talk t' yur journeyman, 'r somethin'?"

There's no objections to personal space. After all he's been in weyrs for most of his young life. "I kin bath him!" he promptly agrees. He's lead towards the direction of the clearing. "Oh sure I'll let the journeyman know but they did tell us we have blanket permission for search 'long as we let know! Aint got much stuff really. Just a few things in the residents dorms.

If'an nods, chuckling and shaking his head, "Ya ain't gotta scrub him. Yeah, help ain't amiss, but ya ain't gotta." He shoots the brown a dirty look as they leave Izzuth behind, "We just gotta make sure we don't cause bad feelin's with th' crafts." Especially not healers!

Mikal bobs his head a couple time. "Got to stand before the eggs at Fort. They didn't mind then. 'Course I came back." he spares a quick glance back to the brown they leave behind but then front again quickly. "And I got to watch the eggs being clutched." he just remembers.

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