Burnt Hand and Broken Spirit

Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road

This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

The late afternoon and early evening has Kezi roaming the beach just off from the coastal road. From time to time she looks over at a lighthouse weyr that watches over the water and then looks away again. She's limping a little as she walks and a loose covering over her hand can be seen. She seems to be lost deep in thought and pensive ones at that.

Lighthouse weyr? Now that'd be another nice option for places that Daoi would love to steal away to. Probably occupied though, less optimal. The girl's wandering along, looking a little dishevled at this point and perhaps a little amused at that. There's a half smirk on her face as she wanders along and kicks the sand with each step. After a few steps she quickly drops into a crouch to remove those pesky sandals and continues on with them in hand.

Definatly occupied, though occupent is in the infirmary, and maybe even his mate. She finds a bit of drift wood that she sits down upon that gives her a good view of not only the lake, but also of the lighthouse. She looks a little disheavled herself, her clothes rumbled and unwashed. As if she hasn't changed in a day. Which she hasn't, which would account for ale and other drink stains and maybe some food.

Daoi luckily /has/ changed. Because changing means no longer stained with blood. Blood that isn't hers. Oh wait. Perhaps she should have changed pants as well. New shirt per day, but pants are totally recyclable. Especially if one doesn't pay too close attention in the apprentice dorms and doesn't notice the faint bloody handprint smeears on the back to side of the right theigh. It's dried now though, hardly overly noticable and distinguishable. Dishevled state is noticed before the person is paid much mind, allowing a called out "Rough night?"

Keziah blinks a little as she looks up and then she spots Daoi. She looks the girl over, but misses noting the blood. "I guess you could say that." she notes "Rough day, rough night last night." she sighs a little "Sore, but shards if I'm going to the infirmary." she states and then frowns a little closer at the girl. "You're that girl in the trees that wasn't wanting to work, aren't ya"

Daoi shoves one hand into her pants pocket, the other still holding onto her sandals which swing at her side. "Well, if you go you could always say hi to Derin. Dropped him off there last night. Bar brawl?" There's a questioning look along with that statement, one eyebrow quirked as she eyes the other. Perhaps suspicion that she was also involved in the incident? "Um… not wanting to work isn't /exactly/ the summary I'd take. Being annoyed that something takes so much effort when I'm used to something I /thought/ was similar coming naturally." Oh yes, she remembers all that.

Keziah hrms a little "Yeah, got caught up in that. Was just trying to go over some supply lists and next thing I know some fool is forcing himself on me, and then I get carried off, burned my hand on a skillet I picked up, knocked the guy out and then so much more." she sighs a little "I should go to the infirmary. Lan's in there. And I put him there. Shards. My own wingsecond." she shakes her head a little "I think about going though and I just go cold. I can't do it."

Daoi looks confused as soon as the mention of getting supply lists done is mentioned. "At the /bar/?" Yes, she'll be a bit well, not quite incredulous there. Just doesn't seem exactly like the place to be productive. She'll wince at the right moments though in the story at least. "So…. nobody's looked at any of it?"

Keziah eyes Daoi, as bad as Lan "Yes. At the bar. I was tired of being stuck in a windowless office! I used to be a closet for Faranths' sake. Is it so wrong? It's not even wing work." She hmmphs. "Looked at what? The bar? Thea is seeing to it I'm sure. Standard proceedure, I'll lose some marks for sure, same as everyone else. Or Lan? He's in the infirmary and I assume they're looking after him. Laera's is mate after all."

Daoi eyes the other for a moment, head tilted to one side. And finally, she just giggles like the mature teenager she is. "Guess I'm not the only one who asked you that. I just thought it seemed silly, is all." Not really condusive to work. "And… I meant the injuries. Though, really healers are no fun at all." Easier to drag someone there than go yourself. "So… it was all over people making moves on eachother? Seems like an awful lot of damage for that."

Keziah sniffs a bit. Injuries? What injuries "Lan's getting his injuries seen too." she notes after a moment "And yeah, Lam made mention of the same fact." Hmmph "As if I wasn't the only working there. The Weyrwoman will too." She notes "Well, basically I guess it was. Mating flight fallout."

Daoi finally flops onto the sand to sit for this conversation. After all, there's only so many times you can kick the sand before it gets old. "Oh." is the response to the mention of mating flights Well, apparently that might make sense. Maybe.

Keziah chuckles "Aye, It's been a busy time for greens and some get a little worse than others and when some lose more than once in a matter of days, well I guess it just builds." she waves her right hand a little and then winces and carefully puts it down. "It happens. Ain't the first bar brawl. First I've actually been in the middle of though."

Daoi plants hands back into the sand and stares up for a bit at the other before shaking her head. "Well, hopefully the last too? Doesn't seem like it's worth the trouble. Or the healers." Because one /knows/ that Kezi is going to be hunted down at some point.

They have to catch her first. Though hopefully before anything gets infected. "I certainly don't plan on any more. Been busted up enough and Alo too with her flight. She got a nasty clawing. Faranth take Zhaoth for that." Course the poor brown isn't doing too hot with eating a tavern.

Daoi is quickly getting out of her knowledge base with all this dragon flight stuff. "Right… so you and dragon both need to heal up?" That's what she /thinks/ she gleaned from that. "Never figured the weyr could get so violent. Always hear about them as strange havens."

Keziah chuckles "Not everyone gets all hurt. Flights can be interesting things though. And this is the first That Alosynth has really been hurt. All jobs have their hazards and such. Search and REscue can see any number of injuries, as can transport. A Weyr is no safer than anywhere else for any special reason. It just pays to be careful. Brawls are dumb. A person dies and a dragon is gone." She goes quiet as she looks back towards the lighthouse "I could killed Lan."

That eyebrow creeps back up at the mention of 'interesting'. "been told to stay far away from riders involved when they happen." By who is anyone's guess really. Parents, other apprentices… apprentice master… lots of options. "Fighting in general is pretty stupid. Doesn't mean people don't." Like her. She does, lots.'

Keziah nods a little "True that. It's dumb. But riders know better than to risk their dragon. Least they should." she notes quietly "But yeah, flights aren't things to get involved with, least one as young as you. Riders that have lost, well many be lookin for a.. a release of built up tensions you could say." Awkward, the girls about the age of her own.

"Should and following it really aren't the same thing" is stated with a grin. "Sometimes even following your own advice is hard." Such wisdom. But… she's one of those who ignores her voice of reason more often than not most likely. "Not that I'm /that/ young" is said rather defensively. "And I can take care of myself."

Keziah hmms "Well, small enough that flight related sex may not be the most comfortable thing at all." she states quite bluntly. "And a flight crazed rider, especially one who's been drinkin' ain't an easy one to discourage without serious injury to one party or the other if not both."

Daoi is not old enough that the mention of sex doesn't cause nose wrinkling and perhaps a bit of a blush. Right then, Keziah quickly moved into the TMI zone, even if those were realities already placed in the girl's mind. "Um… right then." There's a cough. "Guess carrying a blade /just/ in case not a bad plan, huh."

Keziah just sighs a little and nods "Not in general, but at least please don't go for the kill." she notes quietly "Head shots aren't the best either." She coughs a bit. At least the look on the girls face has her convinced that what she said got through. "And trust me, if you ever get involved with someone, do it before a flight. First time during? Not a good thing."

Daoi blinks again and shrugs her shoulders. "I'd probably go for the goods…. not with the knife though." Ahem. There's no reason to /kill/ someone working on hormonal instinct, right? "Or maiming, that works, right?" There's a little bit of a cheeky grin in there, she'll try to lighten to mood in a morbid way. "Doubt I'll ever get involved with a rider. Dad'd have a heart attack or something."

Keziah laughs, simply laughs "Oh dear, you are a girl after me own heart. One word of advice though Go for more than just the goods. Sometimes, it just pisses them off. But it is exciting to watch them fall. Knee caps and shin bones as well as insteps are good. Sternums another place, just don't aim to low, can break off part of it and then the piece just floats until it pierces something vital. "Maiming, well, Try ta stay away from that too. We want them to continue workin' after."

Daoi may look a little suprised at the laughter she gets in reaction to what she thought might end up being button pushing. "Scraping down the leg to stomp on the foot works well… if they're not wearing boots. Sadly, riders got the steel toe thing usually." Which ruins /that/ plan of approach. "what happens if a rider /does/… I mean. They'd get in trouble right? Drunk and flight really wouldn't make it excusable, right?"

Keziah gives a nod "They ain't supposed to force the issue. There are plenty of willing women in the caverns and out and around. You can have them taken before the Weyr council. Depending upon teh severity of the crime will determine the punishment once they decide upon a sentence." she notes "Usually, at the very lest they are stripped of rank or command. Some get removed from their wings. Other's get banished."

Daoi contemplates that for a moment, peeking at the other. "Okay. And… what if you /do/ end up maiming someone who makes advances? If it's deemed an appropriate reaction." As in, would you get horridly in trouble for fighting back. This is important research after all.

Keziah hmms a little "I suppose it would depend upon the circumstances and such and if it was deemed appropriate action or excessive. I've not sat in on any trial except for one. So I couldn't really tell you what would be decided."

Daoi gives a little bit of a nod and grins slightly. 'Not that it's likely to happen anyhow. But, kinda good to know." Right? I mean really, there's always the possibility. "And.. what about the brawl? Whose gonna be in trouble for that/"

Keziah coughs a bit "Oh, just about everyone involved. We're all gonna have to cough up a fee to fix the tavern. Now, if there's any serious injuries, that's done on a case by case basis." she notes quietly.

Daoi tilts her head back to the other side. "So. Potentially you're in trouble. But… least you put up a good fight right?" There's some silver lining right? "That one reason you don't wanna go to the healers?" Evidence and all.

Keziah hmms "I suppose I did at that. I don't take kindly to being mauled or forced against my will." she says softly and then she blinks at the last question "What do you mean? I just don't like healers."

Daoi nods quickly in agreement. Anyone's nightmare after all. Well, feesibly at least. "Fair enough" is decided at the not liking healers. "Which ones do you avoid here? there's /always/ healers you avoid."

Keziah umms "All of them? Well Shellie's the most tenacious. She'll make weyr calls." she shudders a little "I'll see Laera if I have too." she notes, but there unsureness in her voice. "Course, dunno if she'll see me."

Daoi giggles rather gleefully there. Oh dear. "Point taken." is stated with a nod. "Laera…" and confusion once more. "Why wouldn't she? Isn't that her job?" Apparently she and Keziah /can/ get along. And that the older woman is a bit of a fountain of knowledge.

You just have to catch her on a good day? Kezi sighs a little "Laera is Ers'lans mate." she notes quietly "The one who I beamed in the face with a cast iron skillet." she notes quietly. "And I couldn't manage to get him out of the tavern.

"Ah" is stated in response and realization doesn't take more than a second to set in. Nope. "I can see where that might get interesting. But… if he was coming on to you can she /really/ blame you? I mean… wouldn't she have wanted to do it herself?"

Daoi is not practiced in this whole relationship thing.

Keziah blinks and then she groans a little "No, he wasn't coming on to me. Shards he ain't tried to be foreceful with me since I kneed him when he was a Weyrling. Nah, he had someone trying to choke him and I tried to hit the guy and Lan turned and I hit him instead."

Daoi has the decency to look embarressed for Keziah… or is it mortified? "Oh." Right. Ahem. "But… then it was totally a honest um… mistake." She didn't /mean/ to hit him at least.

Keziah shakes her head a little "Doesn't change the fact that I endangered not only my wingmate, or even his dragon. But others as well. Shards his dragon tore himself up trying to get into the tavern." she notes.

Daoi picks at the fabric of her pants for a moment there and finally shrugs. "Accidentally. Which is more than a lot of them can say, right?" You're talking to a young teen about bar brawls, you'rea /bit/ over her head.

Keziah hehs a little "Still doesn't excuse what I did." she notes quietly "And if he dies, it's on my head." she notes softly.

Okay. Now /that/ takes it a little further. There's a definite stare for a moment. "Wait… it's that bad?" Apparently she didn't quite realize that earlier, I mean… pan to the face. Wait she /did/ say it was a hot pan. Hrm. Seriousness often lost on the youth.

Keziah is quiet "He hadn't come too when the fight broke up." she notes quietly. And well, she's been scared to check on him, so any recent news on how is doing she doesn't know.

Daoi eyes the other for a moment and promptly hops to her feet though her sandals are left behind. "Can you watch those for me?" And with that she's scuttling off down the beach towards the meadow. Really, you don't want to know. Likely.

Keziah blinks a moment as sandals are dropped and the girl runs off. "Well." she notes after a moment and looks back at the sandals. "Just you and me now I guess."

It only takes about ten to fifteen minutes before the girl comes scampering back at a run. Perhaps a little winded so she has to flop down onto the sand in a skid. Who needs wings to stir up clouds of the stuff? "Well, you didn't kill him, ruled that one out easily."

Keziah hasn't really moved since Daoi left, and neither have the slippers. She looks up as Daoi speaks "Well. That is good to know. But he is still in there, is he not?" she asks quietly.

Daoi nods a little at the still being in there but waves a hand through the air. "But so was Derin. Apparently they always keep head hits at least a day for observation." See? She's optimistic. Brow furrows though as she has to concentrate for a moment. Mainly broken nose, and something about a cuspid whatever that means… and his jaws a bit off but not bad. He was complaining well enough."

Keziah blinks "A cuspid? That's a tooth." she notes quietly "Well, I suppose that's par for the course, he did get it in the face." she notes "Jaw. Hmm. Well he's always complain' so I guess I didn't give a personality shift."

Derin has followed Daoi out, albeit the battered and bruised miner has followed her at nearly a snail's pace. "C'ncussion watch." Rin offers in explanation to holding head trauma patients. Hey, look, a shirtless miner has followed the tech apprentice to a greenrider hideout?

Daoi blinks right back at the explination. "oh." Yeah, she'd never have guessed that one. "/And/" Sometimes that one singular word needs a lot of emphasis mind you. "If he's complaining, the jaw can't be /too/ bad, right?" See? The world isn't ending after all. And then… there's a male voice from behind her and she rotates in the sand to peer. "What're you doing out? You look horrible." Maybe it's just the lack of shirt.

Keziah hmms alittle "Well, I hope so." she murmurs Then there's Derin. She blinks as she looks him over "You're not looking so hot." Missing shirt or not. "You sure you should be wondering around?"

Derin isn't all sexylike shirtless? Darn. Or is it just the lovely purple and black marbling of bruises scattered over him that makes him look horrible? "Shardin wasn't gonna stay in there anymore, it smells so..so clean." Or something like that. "And they won't leave you alone when you're in there. Wake ya up just ta give ya fellis or some other equally nasty medicine to make ya sleep." He wrinkles his nose, but the wrinkling doesn't go far, ow. "an' thanks fer the vote of conf'dence, y'two." That's his response to both telling him he looks horrible.

Or maybe it's the nice stab wound on the side? That's bandaged at least. And actually the source of the bloody handprint remnant on the back of her pants. "You're welcome" is said cheekily and she simply pats the sand to have him join.

Keziah doesn't admit to anyone being sexy. Least not out loud "You're welcome." she says simply to Derin. Wow. He gets it from both of them. "I can understand not wanting to be in there."

Derin would be insulted, if he didn't know it were true. "Least they let me clean up a lil bit." He mumbles, moving forward towards the sand being patted. "So what're y'all doin' out here anyway?" Settling down in the sand, he sits as comfortably as he can. "Who else got hurt in that brawl?" Cause, you know, he kinda missed half of it when he passed out.

Daoi missed /all/ of the brawl so she wins! But it also means she has no response for the question and simple shrugs her shoulder. Well, that and nod her head towards Kezi as either a referral for her for answers or… maybe the fact that she definitly got hurt as well. "Hanging out. Which you're doing now too."

Keziah Hmms a little "I suppose the question would be more like who didn't" she notes quietly. "Matrin got it in the face." she notes after a moment. "And for now. I'm just sitting here." she states quietly "I was enjoying a quiet night." Well, maybe not enjoying but hey, they don't need to know that.

Enjoying a quiet night and hanging out until the uninvited miner showed up huh? Derin ahs, nodding. "I didna mean fer all that ta happen." He admits, a frown curving over his lips. "But he d'served it, he did." Cough, yeah.

Daoi is admittedly looking a bit more relaxed and hanging out mood now that Derin is here oddly enough. Perhaps it's the fact he's much closer to her age than the other company. "Doesn't sound like anyone meant for anything to happen." Guess she shoudl avoid the alochol as well as the flight fallout. Things she's learning today!

Quiet night before nozy tech showed up too. "Did he now?" Keziah asks. "Was it all worth it? Was the marks that are going to be coming out of everyone's hide worth it?" She looks at Daoi "Sure, maybe not. But that doesn't change the damage that was done now, does it?"

Derin winces, whether from injury or guilt is left up for debate. The normally talkative miner? Yeah, he just kind of hangs his head there, he doesn't have any excuses or comebacks for once, amazing no? "They kin take all m'salary 'til 'tis paid fer." He doesn't need marks anyways, really. That quiet statement is all that escapes miner's lips for the moment, what else can he say?

Daoi eyedarts between the two for a moment. Hrm. "Well, we already had the serious sorta talk… so I'm gonna leave you two to it." And suddenly there's a bit of a blush on her cheeks. Hoping up she has to crouch down onc emore to grab her sandals before headin off. "Hope you both feel better!"

Keziah hmmphs a bit "I'm perfectly fine" YEs, and that's why she limps and had bruised and a nicely burned hand. Right… "Thea makes sure it comes out of everyone pay.l You didn't twist no one's arms."

Derin blinks as Daoi gets to her feet, wait, she's gonna leave him with a scary frying pan wielding woman? "Ya don't hafta go really, do ya?" Don't abandon him, please? Puppydawg eyes.

Daoi can't help but doubletake at the 'perfectly fine' and gives her a dubious look. But not as bad of a look as Derin gets for the puppy dog eyes. Actually… she almost looks melty for a moment. That's just not /fair/. "Sorta? Might be good to make it to lights out once this week."

Keziah hmmphs at Derin. There's then a look at Daoi, daring her perhaps to say something about it. "Well, always good to stay in your crafts good graces." she notes after a moment and then just goes back to eyeing Daoi, and those looks he's giving to such a young girl.

Derin is probably gonna be hmmp'd at by a lot of people in the near future, so he might as well get used to it, right? "Aye, guess y'dunna need t'get yerself in trouble." He says to his apprentice friend, almost looking hopeful at the almost melty look from the girl. But alas, those puppydawg eyes don't work like he was hoping. And now there's Kezi eyeing him again, and the big miner seems to shrink a little. Meep?

Daoi nods quickly at the 'good graces' thing. Best to agree there. "Yeah, I get in trouble enough as is. Luckily my journeyman doesn't really seem to notice." Beam. And with that, she's scampering off with a wave tossed behind.

"She's a little young for you." she states as Daoi runs off and then eyes the young man a little closer "And don't be gettin her in trouble with her craft." She hmmphs. Again. She's good at it. She's made it a life long practice. And who needs a skillet anyways? When she decides to take a man down. She takes him down.

Derin watches Daoi scamper off and frowns. And then he just blinks at the wingleader's words. "It doesna matter of she's younger'n me, she's my friend." Emphasis on friend. "Y'think I was tryin' ta hit on her dincha?" Now it's his turn to hrmph at the greenrider. "And i certainly don't get her in trouble with her craft, I even tried to get her out of the tavern so she wouldn't get in trouble." So there, nyah!

Keziah snorts a bit "I saw you making eyes at her, and her making eyes at you. She's young. Impressionable." Barely older than her daughter even. "So I don't want to hear any word of you taking advantage of her." There's a pause and then a gleam "And iffen yer her friend, and you being a much older and stronger man. I expect ya to keep her safe and make sure no one else takes advantage of her." Unreasonable of her? Maybe… ;)

Derin crosses his arms over his chest, pushing back winces as the motion stretches the stitches on his side. "Iff'n I wanted t'take advantage of her. I'd've had all sorts of opportunities b'fore." Like all those times up in the ruined towere, ahem, every time in which he has kept his hands to himself. "Shards, I ain't that desp'rate fer a female's 'ttentions. Lived this long without 'em." He eyes the wingleader with his non-swollen eye. "And I am her friend and I will try m'damndest t'keep 'er safe." Really, does Keziah really think that badly of him, he's hurt, sniff.

It's not just Derin, Kezi tends to think the worse of everyone. Least she's not hit him, so that's something. She does continue to eye him and then she nods "See that it stays that way." she notes. Then there's a thoughful look "For a female's attentions?" she asks. "Interesting phrasing." she notes thoughtfully "Does that mean you prefer the attentions of men?"

Derin growls, boy she's jusy pushing buttons tonight isn;t she? "No, I ain't inta men either. I dunna need anyone. I got Dersk, he's all I need." Probably not really but the miner has to keep some semblance of pride. "Dunna need men, dunna need w'men.." Grumble. And miner will glare out at the water..or something else equally glareable.

Keziah whistles softly "Well, I say I hit a tender point there." she notes "Remember what I said though." she notes as she eyes him. There are worse things than skillets after all.

"I ain't gonna hurt Daoi, ain't gonna hurt nobody like that." Derin mutters quietly, not even looking back at the wingleader, she's broken him, the poor guy. And he feels about as crumpled as he did a few nights ago in the tavern. "Jus'..jus' dunna worry 'bout it none."

Keziah watches him a moment and then nods "Glad to hear that." she notes as she casts a glance over towards the lighthouse and then sighs. Looks like Laera's stayin out late or stayin' in the infirmary with Ers'lan.

Derin is starting to realy dislike Keziah and her eyeing, it's really discomforting. And he refuses to make eye contact with her ever again. "Guess I shouldna've come after Daoi, least iff'n I went home I wouldna b gettin 'cused of plottin' some unexcusable act 'gainst m'best friend." And with that, he's hefting himself to his feet. There's that fleeing extinct kicking in. No one will likely see him for days once he goes back to his hole, err, den.

If Kezi's feeling any guilt. She's not about to admit it. To stubborn, or too prideful perhaps. Still. She doesn't say anything more, so maybe that's something? Not much though. She watches him go and then shakes her head a little and lets out a deep breath. Or maybe it's just relief that she's being left to hide away again? Or sadness. One may never find out.

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